Friday, October 14, 2011

emotional week

I've had my pics from the last crop ready to post, but the week has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Started out great, got to see the dgd Monday and Tues. Tues, they were here for most of the day, as their carpets were being cleaned. BUT Tues I noticed our 18year old cat was throwing up and 'squirting' from her bottom, and not touching her food. Just like the cat we lost 2 years ago. Oh no. So, I took WEds off thinking I was going to have to put her down.

But, when I woke up Weds, she looked so 'lively' in her eyes...I took her to the vet, and since dh won't pay for full tests and looked bad. BUT I could not do it, not while she had so much life...and she was climbing all over me at the vets. So, we decided to treat the immediate symptoms.

Long story short, she is responding to the medications. No more vomiting, she is eating, and still diarreha but no longer squirting uncontrollably. She was even playing with her toy last night. Is this a long term fix? I don't know. But it is so good to see her back to her 'old self'.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sept was a blur...hopefully Oct will be good, also

Sept was a blur...dd was down for her bff's wedding. Dd was Matron of Honor, so that meant she was running around with the bride and I did not get to see her. The bride also had a Maid of Honor, Dd says that Bff has always said she wanted both girls next to her...and it worked out really well.

this past weekend was an all day crop put on by a was a fundraiser for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) It was from 8am Sat to 1am Sun...and I was there the whole time. She had it at the church I go to, and I was the church 'liason' so to speak. We don't normally allow our facilities to be used for nonchurch events, so there needs to be a church member 'in charge' of the facilities.

Anyways, it was great. The friend did a great job, she got great raffle prizes from around the community and scrapbook companies. There was also a silent raffle. Because there were about a dozen women there, many won multiple raffle prizes. I won 4...and that seemed to be the average...I got a 'foot detox' from a local salon; set of Bazzill shaped cardstock (which I'll split with my sis ); Fancy Pants 'Beach Bum' paper set (perfect as I'm going to Hawaii soon) and a $20 gift certificate for a local CM rep. And from the silent auction, I won a scentsy wall plug with 2 bars of fragrance...and a full sized basketball hoop (got that for my dil).

(okay, I have pics but my mouse is having issues...aye yi yi)

I got a LOT of pages done, finished Pompeii and Santorini (Greece) from my cruise 2 years ago. BUT at crops, I tend to get them down on paper, embellish very little, so I need to go thru and finish any journaling and embellishing.

I'll post pics, as soon as I solve the mouse issues. ha!