Thursday, July 29, 2010

long time...

this has been a busy month at work, lots of govt forms and stuff. But, one by one, was able to get through them. Was able to 'wipe off' the last one, the quarterly census, off the white board yesterday! F R E E D O M !!

AND TWO odd issues from 2007 to deal with. One a customer who realized their po's were wrong and so they ended up paying tax. So they want us to refund them and shortpay our present taxes to the State. UMMM, no, your mistake, you appeal to the State and I don't 'jerry rig' my returns. I am sure if you go to the State and say, "hey, my purchase orders were incorrect 3 years ago"...they would be more than happy to audit you. But I ain't lying on my forms!

AND the City of Vallejo informed us that because we sold $200 of product to them in 2007, we are required to file a business license with them! WHAT! The reg they cited has to do with contractors doing work in the city, but they are saying it also covers companies that ship! I've heard they are bankrupt and desperate, but YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!

So, I'm a little behind in prepping for the monthly close....I've usually got all my spreadsheets ready to just 'plug and go'...oh well!

And I'm off for the rest of the month, 2 days, an eye doctor appt this morning and my bookkeeping at the church on Friday.

What to do? since my eye dr appt is in Modesto, think I'll go SHOPPING!!

I've signed up for Fri/Sat all day crops at Santa Clara Expo, so need to start planning/packing. I ordered pics from the cruise, just the first 2 stops, Rome and Monaco...over 100 pics! So, guess I'll concentrate on those lo's.

And of course, there is plenty of housework to keep me busy. Been cleaning window sills and casings (fun, fun) half done, can finish the other half. AND been thinking about re organizing my kitchen cabinets. There is a thread on 2 Peas, called Branches, that is inspiring me. ahhhhh man!!

Over the past weekend, did reorganize a bit in my scrap room. Actually, moved more to mom's suite to make room. Pretty soon, that suite will be an extension of the craft room, one corner already is! ha!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

in Florence!!

so, we are spending the weekend in Florence, Florence Oregon, that is..the central coast visiting with Merritt and Carita (my inlaws)...very nice relaxed visit.

Oregon is beautiful, if you like coastal views, sand dunes, and bears and stuff...and a cool to cold breeze. However, for me...nah, I grew up in no cold for me. I SHOULD not be wearing a jacket to take a walk in JULY!! something about that just throws me off center! However, it is really pretty...and no mosquitos! But can you imagine the weather in winter! no way.

when I get home to upload, I'll have some pretty pictures ...and for us scrapbookers that is all that matters, right?

as you can guess the 'diet' is out the window! last night was dinner at Riley Steakhouse, YUMMMY!! clam chowder, garlic toast, hand trimmed NY steak, baked potato with cheddar cheese...yeah. Tonight, we are going to have another couple over (friends of the in laws) and dungeness crabs.

Today, while the boys hop on over to the nearby Indian Casino, Carita and I are going shopping in 'old town'. We drove thru yesterday, very nice seaside town.
Wonder what Adriana 'needs'...ha!!

Yesterday, they took me a scrapbook store in town...and it had a good selection! It really specializes in cards, stamps and such, and her samples were awesome! She actually let me take a picture of a set she was throwing out..for inspiration for a product I bought. I was expecting just 'old' product..but I picked up some good stuff. Can't wait to go home and play! If I lived here, I'd be going to her classes and crops, there is also a big quilt store and a bead store that offers classes. (guess I should reconsider wanting to live here) nah! still too cold!

I'm sure I can find these things in the DFW...where we are presently planning to retire...hey, where the grandkids are, that is where we are going. (DS talks about moving to FW)..and dd and dsil are already there!

Friday, July 9, 2010

will I finally 'do it'

I've had this sitting on my scrapdesk since the weekend..I pulled out a piece of the Webster's Pages I've been collecting. I think it is perfect with the pic...but oh, will I actually use it? these papers are so darn pretty!!

Feels like its been a looooooong week. So ready for today..though I have my church duty, and a guy is coming to fix our alarms. We've been having them go off in the garage...but the rest of the day...hmmmm. There is a slight possibility of going to see Eclipse. I plan to make enchiladas for dinner. My enchiladas are very plain, no spicy for me, so I figure they would be okay to take as leftovers and share with Adriana tomorrow. Yay!

Saturday will be an Adriana day, her parents are taking a friend to Yosemite! Gotta feeling I'll be exhausted...but I can't wait! I haven't seen her since Weds, for her dad's birthday...and I am having withdrawals...ha!!

I'll share one of my fave recent pics, I was sitting there taking her picture (again) when she came up and sat on my lap and gave me this look...what do you think she was 'saying'? teehee.

Monday, July 5, 2010

been making cards...

for the swap on are the last 3 sets I did:

these are the men's b-day cards, used the cricut Summer Vacation cart for the cars.

and here is the mess I made while working on the fall cards, I wanted to use my 'radiant rain' glimmer ink on the leaves. First I did a layer of gesso, cuz in the past when I used the ink on cardstock, it would soak in...the first layer of brown ink looked I used red and it poured out instead of daubered out...

my finger is still red from it. What I wanted was orange/brown leaves with a touch of red...what I got was red/purple leaves I ended up layering them with some tea dye crackle paint, glitter and glossy accents...what a mess! BUT I did use my slice for the frames and tags. My slice is acting up, cutting through the image, but what I am doing is when I see the blade go back to the start point, I am lifting my Slice off the paper. And it works for me. I really like my Slice, I don't like that it is acting up. siiiiiiiigh

last but not least, my women's bday card. Used the Bloom Cricut Lite cart from Walmart...bought it yesterday while shopping with ddil. I KNEW I loved those bird cages...ha! and the flower is a fabric technique the scrappin' group was taught during a crop last weekend.

I won't 'give it away'... but its pretty cool and simple.

but working with that black ink...aye yi yi...I had to restart a couple of times from ink smears.

So, today is my day off...making it pajama day..think I'll do some layouts next.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

well, it did not happen

I did not get the day off. When I called in, to 'make it official', I was told that the other accounting gal was out sick...2nd day in a row. So, being the end of the month, we can't have no invoicing and no deposits for 2 days. So, I went in to do her stuff. POO-EY. It's been a while (2 years) and a lot 'came back' to me, but I may have forgotten some of the 'details' and if anything has changed...well, too bad! ha!!

Stepped on the scale this morn...I'm finally under the 'obese' line. I am now officially, 'just overweight'. I have been lax with my food choices, like yesterday I had a soft serve cone...but been pretty good with exercising. So still losing, very sloooooooooooooowly.

A couple of kids and I are working on their scrap book Weds nights. My dh has a bible study that their father attends. Their mother is struggling with depression, so he brings them. Last night, I was SUPER exhausted, so we just finished a couple of pages making some cricut animals. The boy chose the alligator from Create a Critter, the girl chose the skunk from the new Live Simply Cricut Lite cart...soooo cute! and still 3 layers. Anyways, don't know if $39 is SUCH a great deal..but it is a cute cart! I may be picking up some more.