Wednesday, December 31, 2008

time for the resolutions...

like I'm really going to do them! ha!!

1) lose weight......always resolve to do this. This year I have a plan, riiiiight, gotta have the discipline to do what I know I should do, but don't do. Keep the notebook Kristen started me on, treadmill every day, cut the pepsi all the stuff.

2) already have a list of 2009 scrappin' goals: projects to finish, no more stuff shopping! (except club kits and such that I am committed to.) I made the list to put on my scrap room, so hopefully I will use it, mark it off and motivate..right?

I'm tempted by the idea of the Project 365, but think I'm going to try 2 Peas Calendar Girls, though my calendar is a 2007...but I think that will be okay.
If not I'll lift from the other calendar girls!!

3) get the stuff in storage, OUT! We've lived here over 2 years, its time. Now, both dh and I have 'bum' backs, so this is going to have to be done a little at a time. So, even if I just grab a couple of boxes a week, right?

4) Work More, I committed myself to 4 days a week, 8 (?) hours. I'll take every Monday off to be my appt/errands/mom day. (after the 2008 close) We have 3 babies due in 2009 in our office,(including my grandbaby) so everyone is going to be needed to help and adjust to some new duties.

5) Read more, esp to study the Bible, watch less tv. time to make it treadmill tv, again. My one hour in the evening on treadmill. no more couch potato! HA (how long will THAT last?)

6) Cook more, while living in the trailer (while house was built)...(think camping trailer, not double wide)...I got totally out of the cooking/planning meals habit.
an icebox instead of a fridge will do that to you...double ha!!

okay, that's enough resolutions to break!!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful New Year's Eve, we actually have plans,old fogies that we are, we will be with our Bible Study group,a li'l potluck. We told them we usually celebrate New Years Eastern Standard Time, so we are in bed @ 9 pm here in CA...let's see if we make it!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Top 10 list

Janet over at Cards and Cardstocks posted her Scrapbooking Top 10, so I thought I'd continue the thought:

My must haves for scrapbooking:

1) Elmers Craft Bond Photo Stick ..I love this glue stick, its temporary until it dries, then it sticks. I can buy it in bulk from M's.

2) Cutter Bee scissors, always at hand

3) printed paper, I start with the printed paper then pick cardstock and embellishments

4) Printmaster Gold, my handwriting is very messy (sometimes I can't read it) so all journaling is done on the computer.

5) HP Photosmart A627, print all but a huge bulk of photos at home (like the wedding), can print up to a 5x7

6) Stampin Up's Creamy Caramel ink...most used ink ..the pad is starting to fray

7) BLING, I just love bling, esp Prima's swirls in the topaz color.

8) background stamps, the Stampin Up small ones, usually done in the same color as the cardstock to add a li'l dimension

9) Bazzill Bling...just love that touch of sheen

10) Prima's Essential flowers, I think I've collected every tube.

Wanted for 2009:
Distressed Stickles
Prima's 'The Robin's Nest' Dew Drops
Bazzill Tulle

and all kinds of BABY Girl supplies, for my first grandbaby!! (you know I've already been collecting!)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's been very mellow...

You know how much I LOVE pajama days, well, that was yesterday.
I worked on my Shimelle Journal (finished 2007) and am working on 2008.

Directed dh on the hanging up of a couple of pictures, and shelves in my scraproom.
The shadow box type, so no scrap stuff in it, but got some decor stuff off my shelves to make room for scrap stuff. teehee

A 2 peas thread had a link to Wordle, so I played with it.

Did a li'l online after Christmas sale shopping...Target, 2 peas, Current and The Cat's Pajamas (thanks, Toni at Moved to Mountains).

Overall, a nice, mellow day. So hopefully today will be more of the same, EXCEPT, I'm peeling off these pajamas and taking a shower...maybe I'll just put on another
pair. HA!

I guess I should take down Christmas decorations...nah, I'll do that next weekend, after the 1st...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cats and Christmas...

Percy aka Purrman

I wrapped my gifts last night, with being out of town for a couple of weeks, it got put off...but I did it last night.

But, I was awakend around 2 am by the sound of rustling paper...wha?....I get up and its my Percy pulling out the tissue from one of the gift bags. Okay, now Percy is 7 years old and outgrown this type of thing...right?

oh, and yesterday when I went to work, I got an ecard from Wrigley. He's the cat I sponsored at Best Friends Rescue...He has feline leukemia, so he probably won't be adopted. But I thought it was 'cool' to get an e-card.....

last but not least, yesterday morning I got an email from dd, asking me to call her cell. She could hear the 'text' beep but could not find her phone. So, I did...teehee. she found it in one of the gift bags under HER tree. While I was down in Fort Worth..we had put the tree up and all was fine. Little Colby might sit under it, might reach up and 'chew' on a branch, but he WAS leaving it alone. I guess, in the past week, he has discovered how much FUN Christmas trees are...and during one of the times dd had to wrestle him out of it, the phone fell into a gift...HA!!! What a fun grand-kitty I have!! teehee You KNOW what I said, 'take a picture'!!

this + this


'tons of fun' for dd and dsil!!! (good thing he's cute!!)

Ya'll have a great Christmas Eve!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Women...

okay, gotta start out by saying what a COOL Movie...there is soooo much in there, where do I begin.

1st of all, I want to thank Meg, Anette and Debra for having their wrinkles, it was so refreshing to see stars who are not tight faced and botoxed out. They were supposed to be middle aged women, and they looked it, still beautiful middle aged women, but without the botox.

I had to laugh, at the luncheon scene, when Meg's character asked her mom, "Do you think this is a 30's movie?"...ummm yah, think Norma Shearer's The Women.

The fight between Meg and Anette, was wonderful and classic. So next time I'm in a fight, I'll throw an ear of corn at my friend's head.

Oh, when the daughter is all make-up'd out...she reminded me of my teenage neice..eery. Now my neice's hair and clothes aren't like that...but her face...

And the advice Bette gave her, well, it has me thinking... as women spend so much time 'fulfilling' roles, do we ever really think about what it is we WANT out of our own lives?

I absolutely loved the 'I Want' bulletin board...
maybe, I could do one, or a layout, or a mini book.
What do ya'll think?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Chaos...

2008 Journal
2007 Journal

I got my jammie day...did not wrap gifts as I did not have certain needed supplies, but scrapped and scrapped and scrapped!~

Mil's gift - done...except 2 pages I don't have pics for, so I created a mat to insert pic on.

Shimelle Journal - 2007 - caught up to Dec 20

Shimelle Journal - 2008 - catching up on...up to Dec 9 or 10

The pics above are of the floor of my scrap room. Yeah, you can't walk there.
but a lot of fun, and I highly recommend the Shimelle Journals to anyone interested.

Okay, off to print a pic for dil, then we are going to watch "The Women" with Meg Ryan and gang.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

big scrappin, Christmas day...

since I've been gone for a couple of weeks,
catch up time!

finish mil's book (her Christmas gift)
catch up on Shimelle's journal your Christmas
wrap gifts

That is the goal for the day.
wouldn't it be great to stay in my jammies also?

okay, off to the races...

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm HOOOOME, whatta trip...

how do I start?
Yesterday, I got up @5 am. (Texas Time) ready to go, kids woke up and said goodbye and I headed for the DFW airport a little after 6am, in the fog. Now, my flight wasn't till 9:25, but I was giving myself plenty of time, to return the rental car, take a shuttle, check in (gotta give yourself a couple of hours during the holidays, right?).

So, do very well, till I get to the mega major airport and try to find the rental return if I had followed signs instead of my google directions, I would have been fine. As it was, it took me 2 U-turns, and as my sis Bre would say, "I needed a valium". Return the car, had to pay an extra $75 cuz I did not return it to the same place I rented it...but, okay, I knew that. Asked the young lady how to get to terminal, she instructed me to read the board, find out which terminal my flight is at, then take correct bus. Easy enough...go to the board...NO FLIGHTS to Sacramento, look at it closer...NO FLIGHTS by Southwest. WTH!! So, NOW I look at my ticket...wrong airport!!!

Run back to the Enterprise counter, to ask for a phone book. She told me go to any terminal and there will be take the next bus to leave and he takes me to the taxi bay. Get my taxi, $45, from airport to airport...but okay, I have my credit is during the ride, I noticed that the meter is not on. Now, this is a pleasant fellow, enjoyed talking and laughing with him. But when it is time to pay and I pull out my credit please. Luckily, I barely have enough. And run into the terminal.

All goes smoothly, I am there with plenty of time. Grab some snacks..cuz its Southwest and all they feed you are peanuts (which with the holes in my teeth, I cannot eat). and wait, and wait...Fog Delay.

But it is great, not a filled flight, so we own it! The first stop Tulsa.

All goes well, but it is a filled flight to Vegas...and in Vegas there is a delay, because the airport was closed in the morning...but not overwhelming, do-able.

Then a filled flight to Sacramento...are you getting the pattern...I am on a Southwest flight with 3 stops...a flight that does not FEED you! Luckily, I have my snacks...but when I do finally disembark, I have a major hunger headache.

We arrive at 3:30 CA time...the flight was supposed to land at 2pm...
LUCKILY, I don't run into traffic traveling thru Sacramento, Stockton and Tracy to get home. And I am home for me this is already a 14 hour day (add 2 for the time difference between Tx and CA)

I'm exhausted, but there is so much to do, eat, unpack, and there are 15 packages for me...I did some online shopping. I do go to bed at 8pm...without watching CSI.
and it is so nice to sleep with my Percy next to me.

Dh is in Reno, (see previous post) good thing I did not go. But, it is hard to stay asleep, cuz there is so much to be done around here. Errands.
I finally get up @1 am and bring a notebook to my bed to make a list. It works, I am able to fall back asleep. Yay!

so, here I am, posting to my blog...but let me leave ya'll with a couple of pictures:

Colby on meds while

and a Texas Snowman~!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

we're home from Houston...

Dd and I made it, big sigh, we are getting so sick of the car. But I'm glad we went. Spent time with my sister Bre and her daughters, then I had lunch with my sister Linda. (yes, it all had to be seperate, big family bru-ha-ha) It wasn't till last night that I realized I had not taken any pics!! (what kind of scrapbooker am I?) so, I got up at I could take a pic of the girls as they head out to school. Needless to say, this was not met with enthusiasm. Bre and dd refused to let me take pics, as they both did not have makeup. Oh Well!! I took pics of Bre's christmas tree and dog, they did not give me attitude!!

We went to Archivers last night, I don't have one in CA, so an Archivers and a Hobby Lobby stop are essential to me. But, why do I do it, every time I go, I spend over $100. Aye yi yi.

Tonight, we should be going to the Cracker Barrel for dinner, those chicken and dumplings are the BEST...(I don't have any of these in CA, either)

And tomorrow, home!! well, kind of. Got a call from dh last night, he wants to meet me at the airport, pick me up and take me to Reno for the evening, then on Friday go back to airport and I can pick up my car and go home. He's going to Reno for a Christmas dinner with some of the Reno's branch managers and such. They go to Stirlings at the Silver Legacy. Hmmmm, I've only brought comfy clothes and shoes for the Texas trip...and I am sooooo sick of cars...and I miss my kittycat...BUT, its important to him, so I'm going. He said we'll stop somewhere and buy me appropriate clothes and shoes. Plus the scrapbooker in me thinks this will be an interesting entry in my Shimelle Journal.

A journal I have not been working on as I cannot access my email...I can't find the right webpage, now I have done this in the past, I don't know what is different this time. Oh well.

Its going to be hard to leave dd and dsil, I love them both and will miss them so much. It is going to be hard not to have a Christmas with them. But I keep reminding myself, that this is the goal in raising our children, that they go out and make their own lives, be equipped to become productive members of society, to discover themselves, their own love and happiness
...whatever...blah, blah, blah...

I just want the grandbabies.

Monday, December 15, 2008

last night...

We arrived in Houston @6pm, went out to eat at Escalantes (the white cheese queso is wonderful) ...then went to see the movie Twilight. We owned the place, which was great. It was me, my dd, my sis and neice...we liked it. I have read the series, my neice is almost done with the first book and dd and sis have not read any of it. So as the book reader, I would say that it was not as good as the book...but how could any movie be.

All 4 of us thought Edward was cute...but also thought James, the bad vampire was too. And that Jasper looked like he had his finger in an electrical socket.

But I thought the baseball scene was well done.

Oh, and the biology scene made dd laugh. It was done stupidly, with the 'breck girl'moment and where Edward looks like he is going to puke. (remember she has not read the books, so couldn't put it in 'context')

And as soon as she saw the Indian teens at the beach, she whispered "They are werewolves, aren't they?"

Dd studied acting in college,a theater minor, so I asked what she thought of Bella.
(if she could break the performance down technically for us) for we all thought the girl playing Bella was...awful. But luckily not enough to ruin the movie, at least not for us.

Both dd and neice are definately on Team Edward...I'll have to see the next movie, where they really round out Jacob's character to decide.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the "O.C" girl in DFW...

Its been a little fun watching my dd, who has been living in Southern California make the transition to becoming a Texan..okay, THAT may never happen. But here are a couple of observations.

She used to work at South Coast Plaza, the very upscale mall in Costa Mesa. So, we went to a mall here in Fort Worth...hmmm, now this mall has a lot of great stores...but, the Victoria's Secret Cosmetics store, does not have the selection she is used to. She actually asked the cashier, and the cashier recommended a mall in Dallas as being more 'upscale', and may have the selection dd is looking for. BUT, no fears, we plan to visit Memorial Mall and possibly Galleria while in Houston.

Oh, the first night in Fort Worth, we were in a Waffle House in Euless (near our hotel)...and..when she saw a guy 'light up' a cigarette at the counter...uh oh. Now in CA, we have the laws where there is no smoking in public places...and that is what she is used to.

dd.."how rude!!"
me and dsil.."There are different laws here in Texas"
dd.."well, he wouldn't like it if I walked by him and tooted"
me and dsil.."He probably wouldn't react to that"
dd.."well, at least I'm not emitting toxins into the air!"
sidenote...kinda depends on what she ate for lunch, huh?

but we have since found out that Tx is changing their laws next year to be more like CA.

A Super Walmart, actually, she kinda likes these. While living in Orange County, we did not find any Walmarts near her, there was a Target. So, during the 4 years of college she went there.
After marrying the Marine, she had a Walmart right there in Oceanside, and had noted that her money went further at that Walmart than the Target. Now, the Super Walmart here in Fort Worth, was a first for both of us...and we like it. And the one Target we've driven by, on the 377, is a Super Target. So convenient and the pricing is helpful for these kids on a budget.
But, I have noted that I don't see many grocery stores around here, so far, maybe one Kroger and one Albertsons...

She is convinced the freeway system is more difficult than So. Cal and L.A...I think they are the same..okay, DFW has been worse.
I mean, they have the 35E and the 35W, 2 different freeways going North and South. Guess, 35E runs thru Fort Worth..while 35W runs thru Dallas...but why are both 35? Why not a different number? Sure confused us the first time we saw a 35E N sign...I mean what is it East or North?

AND the drivers here are equally aggressive and rude. You know, a turn signal means 'hurry up so the person cannot get in your lane', as opposed to allowing someone in. Which I still do.
(when I lived in Texas, 25 years ago, I remember drivers being more courteous) (but that could be the difference of the 25 years, huh)
I don't remember doing things like blocking parking lot entrances...but they sure do it here. You have to stick your nose in between cars to get out of a parking lot.

We've been telling dd she may need to gain a little weight. In the O.C..the goal is to be a size 0 or 2, 4 is getting heavy and what did they say in that movie (the Devil Wears Prada)? 6 is the new 16? (which I think is STUPID) Anyways, 6 to 8 and up looks like the norm out here (which I think is better and healthier) We have not seen very many pencil thin, skeletal looking gals out here. YAY!!

Overall, I think dd will adjust. The store clerks are friendlier, to get someone willing to help ya as opposed to growl at ya for disturbing them IS a different experience. AND we have noticed that.

Funny note, while at a kiosk in front of the Macy's, DD and I were looking at puzzles and games. I noticed a good looking young man, just kinda hanging out...trying to catch dd's eye. When she pulled out a Sooneropoly game (she is married to an Okie)..the young man told his friends, "she's an OU fan" and they walked away. teehee

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big City freeways..

So, this morning dd and I decide to try out the mall here.. North East Mall, so I google directions, which include:

Take exit 22 toward State Hwy 121/Fort Worth/N Richland Hills (okay)

Merge onto NE Loop 820 (not bad)

Sharp left at Airport Fwy/NE Loop 820/E Loop 820 N East/E Loop 820 N Service Rd E(what the HECK!)

Turn right at Cranford Ct (this I can understand)

all I can say, is this is going to be many freeways in that one line? 4?

oooh, the simple days of taking one exit off Interstate 5...but I will go home to my sanity on the 18th.

edited next morning: Well, took the wrong merge onto NE 820 or something, so did not make it to the sharp left. There was a split to choose either right or left..we chose left...BUT the good thing is we had to U turn on the 820, which made the mall to the right of the freeway, and easier to get to. Now, trying to come home, I chose the wrong freeway (the 820 was in front, so I got on the freeway in front...but NOOOOO that was the ANOTHER U-turn (luckily they have U turn lanes under the overpasses). I won't go into detail, but lets just say, I had a total of 3 U-turns this trip!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


The past week has been a whirlwind...and yesterday we finally got internet. A week without internet, now THAT is tough on your system.

Lets see, arrived in San Diego on Thursday...went to On the Border for lunch after the airport, then got to work, packing up.

Friday, some errand running...getting the car an oil change, a Walmart run, then finished packing and loading the Penske truck and were heading out by 4 pm. We drove (in the worst of San Diego commuter traffic) and stopped just past Yuma, AZ. Colby did very good, watching traffic and for a while, we thought we had a 'travel' cat...we were wrong. Stayed at a nice Microtel. Decided we were not going to set a schedule, and wake up when we wake up.

Saturday, woke up and headed out @9am. Colby started to show his colors and we gave up and gave him one of those 'settle' down pills, OH MY!! He got biting me and Cierra..grumpy. After the pill, he was able to was nice. And when he woke up in the evening...he was much more mellow. We are hauling a trailer with Chris's car, so we can only go about 50mph. So its a comfortable 'lolly lag' across AZ and New Mexico..but we stop after El Paso for the night. At a 8 hotel..I can't remember the rest of the name, but it was horrible. because we are travelling with a pet, they put is in a smoking room. DISGUSTING!!!

Sunday, head out toward Fort Worth! Because of our great experience at the previous Microtel, we change our reservations from Best Western to Microtel in Euless (near the airport) and it is customer service at the counter also. The drive with Colby is very much like can really tell he is getting sick of the car. Once we get to the hotel, he 'goes nuts', enjoys having space to run. I get my own room here, love the kids, but I need my own space also. The kids set up their laptops in the room...and start emailing realtors and responding to ads for home rentals.

Monday..I make some phone calls from the newspaper ads and set up a house viewing in Arlington. This will be the first of about 7 house we look at...hmmmmm.

Okay, ad says 1600 sq foot home, near lake and golf course...what we saw was..gross. No other word for it. the outside siding on the side of the house is rotting. The master bath was ugly and small and the kitchen had a dead cockroach in the middle of the floor. And the neighbors, literally had trash in their front yard and alongside the house. Right, we are going to put my little "Miss Orange County" dd in a house like that. We scooted out of there quickly. We drove by another house in Arlington, then cancelled the tour with the fellow. Just knew by the outside that it was not for them.

Actually, dd grew up in a 'hick' town in central CA...but spent 4 years in the OC for college and the past year in North San Diego married to her, she has So. Cal tastes.

We then headed North Fort Worth. and LOVED the first house... 2000 sq foot, 4 bedrooms, the layout is perfect the amenities, including a kitchen with an island...just loved it. And it set a standard for the other 4 houses... Only one house, that was similar came close, but it was for $200. So they were they LOVE for a little higher (that is not as 'clean') or the 2nd place..not loved as much, cleaner, for a little less. So, dd calls the owner of the LOVE house and asks for the key code so we can take a 2nd look and make sure it is LOVE and not relief after the 'gross' house...ya know. She tells him about the other house and that it is less...and that is tempting to the kids. To make a long story short (Ha!)...he brings the price down and it is love not relief, so we move in on Tuesday.

Now to put it in perspective, in San Diego, they were paying $15 less per month for a one bedroom they are getting a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 living room, laundry room, garage, backyard...huge kitchen with an island...they are very happy. And so is Colby, he has been going 'insane' with all the running he can do and the exploring.

So, Tuesday, we move in. Now it is just us 3. and with my back I am worthless to move heavy furniture. Luckily, there are only 3 or 4 pieces that I cannot help with. We do it in shifts..unload truck, put away stuff. So it actually goes pretty smooth. I do kitchen, dd does master closet (these kids are clothes collectors, so it is pretty full) then she does master bath. Chris sets up washer/dryer and sets up the office...

Weds and Thurs...SHOPPING, organizing and cleaning.

We got to Ikea, to pick up the stuff in my room. A twin bed and a desk area. I have my own little scrap corner in Fort Worth!!

At first, dd is not 'into' it.. but eventually even she starts calling it the scrap room!! Yay, Yay, Yay. And I worked on the project I brought.

So here we are, Friday morning, pretty much settled in. Yesterday we picked up a Christmas tree at we have the last of the furniture to build, (hey, Marine-income budget, so buildable furniture) and a tree to decorate. We are all looking forward to a
'home' day.

And on Sunday, I plan to leave for Houston to visit my sisters...
Hope I can do it, cuz yesterday, while driving on the 114...I had a mild anxiety attack. I'm sure not used to crazy freeway systems, yesterday alone we went to the 35W S to 820 E...then back over
820W to 35W N to 170E to 114E (where I had my li'l episode) (had to stop at a Michael's to settle down)...dd took over to the 121 N to get to an Ikea. Its been like that EVERYday! I'm used to one North to South freeway I5, merging to one East West Freeway 580...this was tooo much for me!!

And so is this long post...I'll come back later and do a shorter post about little miss OC adjusting to Texas...ha!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

time for my trip...

Here is Colby, I'll be traveling with him next week. in a car. oh what fun.

soooo cool, guess what button I found...I can now be a follower or a subscriber to other people's blogs...

not everyone has that button.. but I sure am enjoying it.

The subscribe button is cool also, whenever I sign on to my Yahoo I can see who has updated.

Well, I got all my stuff done. Preparing for a trip sure is hectic.
Ready to go! Soooo, I'll try to keep up but I may be without computer access for a while. Take Care all!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a slide show of photos

There was a thread on 2 peas, about our fave photographer and how that person has inspired us.

I responded about C's friend Tyler Coleman, and how he makes the mundane look like art. How he inspired me with his photos he took after a trip to San Francisco with dd and a group of friends. He creates art with his perspectives...that before I'd never think of looking at...and trying to capture.

And it got me thinking, about how my own phototaking has changed. So I thought I'd do this slideshow about some of the pics I have taken that I wouldn't have thought of taking before. You know, back when I everything was centered, posed and all.

So, I leave you with a link to pics he took of dd's wedding

Tyler's pics
of dd's wedding

Monday, December 1, 2008

getting ready...

There is just so much to be done!

As I prepare for this trip and try to think of what needs to be done so Christmas can go smoothly when I get back. So, on Saturday, dd and I worked on the tree..and I have been decorating (a little) around the house and for the past couple of days, setting up Christmas cards so I can mail them Weds. Then there are the layouts for the Circle Journals. I need to pick up a couple of things also.

Work is hectic, gotta squeeze what I usually take a couple of weeks to do into 3 days. Now it was helpful that I was able to do a lot of the stuff last month to 'prep' myself.

I ordered a bunch of stuff on Amazon today. Cyber Monday, right? Well, you know me, if there is any kind of shopping day... I'll participate. I gotta help with the economy.

Oh! you know how Victoria's Secret was giving those certificates on Black Friday. That could be worth from $10 to $500? Well, dd found out that hers is worth $100.
She made a $15 purchase and got $100. Kinda makes me wish I had bought something there.

I'm looking forward to this trip, a chance to go to Texas, see my sisters...and hang out with dd and dsil..but, oh, its going to be so hard. Part of me is excited for them...the other part is soooo sad. But we raise our kids, and equip them to leave the nest and make their own lives. That is the point. So, I am very proud.

Good thing I have a grandbaby on the way...someone to take my spoiling needs out on... dil is spreading the rumor (okay its true) that I have already bought Adrianna 15 outfits. teehee Since dd is leaving the state, I've even thought about buying some Tinkerbell decor to convert dd's room to Adrianna's room at grandmas. teehee.

off to bed...Heroes is intense...yikes!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

my Thanksgiving fun...

Well, an interesting Thanksgiving. We only had 9 people, but it was great!

For the first time in the 20 or so years I've been cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I set off the smoke alarm. It was the attempt to broil the layer of marshmallows over those sweet potatos. I don't broil much...came out with flames and the marshmallows were a layer of ash on top. DD and I scraped them off the best we could...and it wasn't quite a disaster.

THEN while serving the chocolate pudding pie, well, I managed to slide part of it out of the plate onto the counter. OH Well! still tasted pretty darn good.

I also went Black Friday shopping. We were up at 3am to be at Kohls at 4am.
My game plan, is not to have a game plan. I go with my dd, her bf and her mom and my ddil...I'm along for the 'ride'...what bargains I find..makes me happy.

The stores I went to, people were polite and cordial...and helping each other. And we were kinda shaking our heads at ourselves...wondering what we were doing. The lines are an opportunity to 1) shop some more (as we walk by stuff) and 2) meet people.

I met a woman, who just had her 7th grandchild!! (she looked at my stuff and asked 'First Grandchild'? teehee) Since Nyki was there, she tried to control my baby shopping...even steering me out of certain stores at the mall. teehee. But she mainly had a 'resigned' look on her face.

My favorite purchase, I got myself a small Harujuku Lovers tote for $17. Macy's has an incredible Black Friday sale of 50% off already clearance designer purses. NOT all of them...but this is where I got my Harujuku purse last year...this may be a yearly stop for me.

So, today is a day at home, decorating for Christmas and putting the cards together (I still do a yearly letter)...and on Thursday, I'm off to help the kids move to Tx.

Now that Michael has 'taken over' finances, I had to give him a Christmas budget. A first for me, I usually just shop and in January think "what have I done?". Actually, it wasn't too painful.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Did a little shopping today....

Here are my purchases today!

I have a granddaughter!
The kids are leaning toward Adrianna...its a compromise,
Nyki really wants Audrey and Jason comes up with 'fancier' names
like Caroline and Jacqueline...sooooooooo.
This is not final, and the middle name is still a point of serious discussion.

She wants Leigh, a family name (I like it too, as my dad is Max Lee)
He wants Marie, just cuz he thinks its a good middle name...a lot of gals he knew growing up have Marie (including his sister)

But I also threw out Zoey...Adrianna Zoey...then he could call her 'A to Z!!'

But, I'm having a granddaughter.. yay yay yay!!!!

see what a good girl I was...I did not go overboard on the pink!
Nyki is "allergic" to pink...teehee...

Today is the day!

Today is the day we find out whether I am having a granddaughter or grandson.

I was taking a poll at work and amongst the family, when I left work yesterday it was at a ties...11 votes boy, 11 votes girl..

Its funny what people based their votes on...

here are some of the funniest:

my mom: guess Japanese conventional wisdom is that when a woman is pregnant with a boy, her face looks mean...Nyki does not look 'mean' so, girl.

my son in law: most of the guys in the shop have girls, so he thinks there is something in the atmosphere that zaps the boy gene, since both J and Nyki worked in the cal lab...his vote, girl

co-worker Dan: - my husband's family are all boys (3 of them) of the 3 boys all had sons...but only 2 girls...boys outnumber his vote, boy.

daughter: Nyki has not gained weight in her face, and you cannot tell she is preggo from the back...her vote, boy

me: whenever I talk about my future grandchild, I keep saying 'he'...though I would love a granddaughter to buy all the pink froo-froo stuff for... my vote, boy

oh, Gordon had the one that made me laugh the most...when asked what J and Nyki are going to have, he said..."A Marine"! (they are both former Marines)
(his vote when I got him down to gender...a girl)

Its pretty even...but today we find out.

One thing I have changed my mind about...instead of shopping tomorrow..I'm going tonight!! Just one outfit!! or two, or three...

Monday, November 24, 2008

DH has just left..

for a 3 day trip to Pismo with his buddy...FREEEEEEDOMM!!!!

okay, first thing, NO MORE NEWS CHANNEL!! time for country music videos.

2nd thing...S H O P P I N G!!
though I went last night with my ddil..she took me to her church that was having a trade as one bazaar...very cool. Did find a few unique things for people on my list..and got myself a bracelet. ONe item is one of these is made of recycled magazine pages.

3rd thing...I don't have to leave for work till I'M GOOD AND READY!! No more, leaving at 7:15...AND I get to leave for home when I clock more waiting till after 5 or 5:30.

4th...Percy and I can HOG the bed!!

5th...Whatever I want to watch on tv!!

3 days is perfect, just enough time to enjoy my freedoms...but not too long, where I start to miss the stinker.

(note countdown to tomorrow, we find out if I'm having a granddaughter or grandson..but ya'll won't know till Weds!!)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

good day, bad night..

had a great day, CROPPED from noon till 10pm!! Now, that is a wonderful day.

We had a lasagna potluck. Yuuuuummm!

Got quite a bit done, some pages may need to be redone, and embellished.

Got home, got in bed, and dh tells me..oh, ds (who was visiting when I left) got a call, he is working tonight.

Ds JUST finished his Field Training, on Friday!! He was supposed to start his regular, patrol, in a car by himself on Monday morning...not on a Saturday night.

Needless to say, I did not get much sleep. Kept waking up, "please God, watch over him...make it a boring night..." "Hi God, its me again, I know I can trust in you, but watch over my J" Every 2 to 3 hours. I woke up at one point, it was a little after 4am.."Oh good, if his shift ended at 2...we're clear, cuz there have been no phone calls saying, could you meet us at the hospital? oh, wait, what if his shift ends at 6?"

Here is my dream conversation:
me: Hi Mr. Police Chief, this is Karen M, Jason M's mom.

mpc: Hello, Karen M...what can I do for you.

me: I just wanted to point out how wonderful, intellegent my son is and he is soooo much better suited for a nice desk job. He knows how to type and is even pretty good at math... And his mom worries everytime he goes to work, the gray hairs are popping out as I speak.

mpc: Oh, silly us, why would we put such an outstanding man on our streets where he has to deal with sh__theads with guns!! You are right, a young man such as this belongs in an office where his greatest danger is a papercut! I will transfer him right away.

me: Thank you, your box of Godiva Chocolates is on its way.

even better:

me: J, have you considered the exciting world of floral arranging?

J: You know mom, I've already been looking. Here is my practice bouquet filled with pretty daisies.

of course, I'll be worried about him getting a staph infection from a rose thorn...

I'll be taking a nap this afternoon.

Friday, November 21, 2008

next week....I can't wait

I scrapped a little. Not much, just finished some pages for the 'family album'.

Tomorrow is a crop, so the question is 'which project'?

Feels like so much is going on... dd and husband are coming down for Thanksgiving, just can't wait. On the 25th we find out if the grandbaby is a boy or girl...really can't wait!!!

Ooooh, Fox News is talking to Joe the Plumber...geee, what our government has become!!
Makes me think of the phrase, "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

okay, off the side note.

I got my auction giclee print!! I bought it on the cruise, it's called "Venetian Window" by Bressanello...of course it is on the floor right now. Could be a while before it is put up on the wall! AND dh told me I could get my other watercolors from Italy framed. Soooo, I've got to make a trip to Michael's.

We are actually starting to decorate the master bedroom. Why is that the last room done? Guess cuz people will see the other rooms, and most won't see your bedroom.

Monday, November 17, 2008

a step...

Thought I'd write a note about my quote in my header.

At church, we are going through a series based on the book "If You Want to Walk on Water, You've got to Get Out of the Boat" by John Ortberg. This weeks message was "Good News for Cave Dwellers - Hope". Concentrating on the time David was living in caves while being hunted by Saul. Anyways, we all have our cave dwelling times...and how God is there for us and gives us hope.

Our pastor told the story of little Kiera, a 6 year old classmate of his daughter, who passed away a couple of weekends ago. Friday, she was healthy, Saturday, she was sick, Sunday, she was gone. They still don't know what happened. (if you think about it, please pray for this little girl's family)

But during a conversation while she was going thru this, this is what she told her aunt. "Tell everyone I believe in God"...and this just touches my heart beyond measure.

My biggest fear as a Christian, is telling people my beliefs. I don't know why, I'm afraid of being mocked, of 'doing' it wrong, being judged by an unbeliever's standards...but here is the crux of what my life should be about...stepping out of that boat, and TELLING everyone that I believe in God.

I'm not perfect, but I am forgiven. I don't have all the answers, but I do know who to turn to. I love the lyrics by Rich Mullins in Creed:

Link to Creed Lyrics

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I finally scrapped!

feels pretty good.

Yesterday started out with cat boxes, and some puttering around, then dh asked me to help him in the garage. We moved in 2 1/2 years ago, but still have a lot in storage. So, mom and I went out there...we ended up cleaning up and bringing in some storage furniture. DH's grandma's hutch and 2 towers to finish up mom's tv area. Anyways, I decided to put some finished scrapbooks out on the hutch.
(oh my, they are out in public, now) (yikes!)

which created room in my scraproom, which meant, I ended up spending time doing some putting away and organizing in that room, also. (yes, my back is feeeeeeling it).

I've been wanting to do a 2-page layout about my son-in-law. I have one family book that has a 'survey' by each family member...but he says his favorite color is orange, and I just couldn't think of any papers w/orange that I wanted in the book.
While organizing I found my stack of Sassafrass Lass, with the edges. Cool combos of orange...I had my paper! SO, yay!! got page one of his layout done!!

so, what can I say, my scraproom is calling me...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

my head is 'spinning'

hmmmmm, so much going on in my 'noodle', I'm not sure how to or if I should share this.

I have been reading the Twilight series. When I saw the commercials for the movie, I thought it looked so 'thrilling', so I got the book. And the book was EXCELLANT. The (sex free) passion, love and commitment...The angst of a consuming love...wowza.

So, I got book 2, and it got me thinking, what is Edward's appeal? Is he the Rhett Butler of today? So, I thought, it is because he is so committed to Bella, that he gives up his own 'appetites' to be with her, to protect her, to love her. Contrast that with the young men of today. And maybe that is what appeals.

(though I have my own theories as to why our young men are the way they are)
something about how they are getting sex so early, sometimes by Jr. High, so why should they commit to a relationship?

[side note, my sis sent me an article about a book about 'Trophy Kids' and the workplace...but it is interesting how this article points out we have a whole generation who feel 'entitled' and its our (the parents') fault]

Book 2, was difficult to read, Book 3, was okay...pulls somethings together well.
Then Book 4...haven't finished it, but when it switches from Bella's narrative to Jacob' lost something. So, I read the end and put it down. (That's what I do when I read the ending. It usually means I won't finish the book)

Anyways, it started a whole new train of thought...

bear with me...or not..

many years ago, when dd was in grade school, a series of books came out, called Goosebumps. I hated it then, I hated how it gave kids a little, harmless taste of the occult. I hated hearing parents say, "well, at least my kids are reading". I even went to the principal and asked they take it off their shelves (its a Catholic school, I did not see any issue with them making a stand against the occult). Which they did not do.

Then, Harry Potter came on the scene. And commercialized the occult. I refused to read them, have anything to do with them. Became a cutural phenomenom...which I ignored. Did not sweep my kids, so why worry.

Now we have all types of ghost hunter shows on the tube. Okay, change the channel.

Now, we have Twilight. Twilight is not bad, the writing is good, the story compelling. Though it deals with vampires and warewolves, it is not gory or violent. Though it deals with passion, it is not pornographic. BUT, I'm thinking it would leave an appetite for this type of fiction for our preteens and young...and not all of these types of books are as tasteful So, when they finish these 4 books, where will they turn...and how hardcore will these books be?

And I think back to my teen years, and the cultural phenom of Star Wars. Do you remember how stupid kids got, even starting to "believe" in the force.

So, with Twilight, is being 'goth' going mainstream? I guess, in many ways it has.
touches of it in fashion, home design, and even scrapbooking.

I have a 12 year old neice, who is reading the is she going to change? Right now, she is one of the sweetest, most giving young ladies you could ever want to know. But as she enters her teen years, will she go 'goth'? will she go 'emo'? Cuz its the fashion? Cuz 'everyone' else is?

And as we have gone from Goosebumps to Harry Potter to Twilight...what is next?
(oh came to me...but I can't write the words)

I don't really know where I am going with this; but these are the concerns, thoughts that have been raised in my mind and heart.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

still adjusting..

I'm having a tough time adjusting my schedule. During the summer, I could come home @6pm...slam some dinner...then work out on the treadmill @8 while watching tv.

Now, when we get home, it is pitch dark..sometimes we skip a dinner,(can you say, bowl of ceeal) and then I dvr my shows, so I can go to bed.

DH suggested that since I get up earlier, I should switch my treadmill time to the morning. But even getting up at 6am...we leave for work at 7:15..and I don't see the time to eat a li'l something and treadmill and shower it is he is usually waiting for me.

BUT I do have a solution. Since, I clock out at work at 4 (thats when the brain runs dry)..and spend the rest of the hour to hour and a half waiting for dh...(we commute together)..we can bring my treadmill to the office! and I'll do it then! PERFECTO!!

I took the day off from work. Got a list of errands to do. I seriously don't see how women who work full time also manage their households. Esp young mothers. There are so many things that have to be done during the day, during work hours. At least in our town, bank and post office close before I get home.

(We also have a 45 minute commute each way, and that is why we ride together.)

so on my to-do list: workout w/Kristen, bank, post office, Terry's, grocery store (we are on empty), lunch w/mom...and a little shopping (?). )(We have to drive about 30 minutes for that. Our town only has a Savemart and a Longs) (but a taco bell opened recently, we are getting so metropolitan) But no mall, or Walmart or M's or J's or anything like that, yet.

better get started!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

an idea,

so, as I was thinking about those circle journals, esp with topics like as the Woman You've become and Introduce Yourself...I thought these questions that are used at the end of The Actor's Studio might be a good start. If you are in the mood to do these, let me know, so I can see your answers.

What is your favorite word?
dream, what a cool gift God has given us, whether it is fantasy type to escape, or a goal to achieve

What is your least favorite word? budget, goes against my basic rebellious spirit to be restrained.

What turns you on? pajama days, when I can just chill at home with a book or movie or scrappin

What turns you off? lies and deception and theives and cheaters

What is your favorite curse word? hate cursing, think it shows lack of class and education, but the word that slips from me, SH__

What sound or noise do you love? the sound of running water, a fountain or brook. When dd was in the hospital, they had a running brook in their cafeteria area, it brought me a lot of peace. I really want a water feature at home

What sound or noise do you hate? rap music and Alan Colmes' voice, doesn't matter what he says, its his voice, I can't watch the show for that reason.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? interior design or professional shopper

What profession would you not like to attempt? anything to do with sales

What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "Welcome Home, would you like to decorate your kids' mansions, too?"


This is an interesting map, it was in the Wall Street Journal the day after the election. Red are the counties won by McCain, Blue by Obama.

The strategy is either ingenious or deceptive ...depending on who you wanted to win!! You don't have to win the American People...just the big cities.
(of course, when I went online, I could not find this map again...that's why the scan)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

circle journals...

I'm in a couple of circle journals at I'm in one, where we send out scheduled layouts, one a month...but in another, where it is being sent randomly. They are both fun. Mine for November is going out this Thursday.

Sometimes, the topics are tough. One I've done is "Hope Happens". Wow.
the next, I'm working on is "Celebrating the Woman You've Become" Wowza.

We are also planning a circle journal for the local group. This will be your 5 favorite songs, we plan to make a cd of all the songs. This should be fun.
I'm thinking of something chronological.. my first fave song as an 11 yr old was Partridge Family, "I think I love you"...then as a teenager...then as a young woman/mother...then recent fave today.

Gee its kinda hard to limit to 5.

Side note, if you have a Stampin Up demonstrator handy, get that Parisian Summer is gorgeous!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I broke down...

and read Twilight over the weekend, and LOVE it, what does that say about me?
Yeah, its a teen love story that is very predictable...but, man I got lost in the world of Bella and Edward.

I can't wait for the movie.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Country Life is fun!

Yesterday @5pm, our electricity went out. I was in the middle of journaling for a circle journal I'm involved in.

Right about that time, dh was taking the garbage out. This has to be done by tractor. Anyways, apparently 2 power poles (oops correction, the line between 2 poles) in the field across from us...fell.
He did not see them fall, but he heard the crackling as small parts of the field caught fire. He called T.I.D, our electric company, and head out there to put some dirt on the fire...and redirect traffic till T.I.D was able to send a truck.

You know the fence fire we had last month, this was directly across the street from that area.

So, we walked around the house with our flashlights, had pb&j for dinner and finally went to bed around 5:30pm. Couldn't do anything else...

Its just one adventure after another for us!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm back, what a wonderful vacation. What a wonderful place, Italy, Greece...we also had stops in Monaco; Nice; France, Kusudasi, was a great trip.

If you get a chance to cruise with Princess, I highly recommend it. Talk about being spoiled 24-7.

So much is going on in my head. I've taken about 680 pictures. I do just love these places. But I am glad to be home, and still believe America is the greatest country on earth...and I am lucky to be an American. Yeah, I see the news and see that we have problems, (and so do they, watch BBC), but still the best.

Favorite Places... Rome, Venice, Florence, love the Greek Islands, was surprised by Kusudasi.

Least Favorite, though the French Riviera is a beautiful setting...Nice, France and Monaco/Monte Carlo. The M's are way too status driven for my taste, the guide mentioned that the 'workers' are bussed in...cuz it is too costly to live there. Nice, France...too socialist..the government is too intrusive for my pointed out 3 multimillion dollar homes that were seized by the govt...(but its okay, they were owned by Russians and Arabs)..anyways...I was least impressed by those places. THOUGH the scenery was a 'little bit of heaven on earth'.

Also, less than impressive was the general treatment of the Gypsies. I'd sure like to do a study on the history of these people and why they are so looked down upon as a race.

I like Italian food much more than Greek food. LOVE the history, architecture, SHOPPING!! Though I could not find Pepsi..only 2 places, a cart near the Colossium in Rome and a cart near the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

We took excursions at every port we stopped at. And had great guides, who spoke good English and were very knowledgeable...though it did occur to me, that they could be making stuff up and we'd never know it.

So, Okay, that's a general help me remember, I think I'll do a blog of each stop during the next week or so... this way, I can share my travel journal with Michele, also.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


got a couple of minutes!
Florence was absolutely gorgeous!

but we were there on a Sunday, so could not see the inside of the cathedrals. But the outsides were stunning.

We went to the Academia, and saw the David. No cameras allowed...but it was gorgeous! And to the Ponte Vecchio, the gold bridge, and though crowded it was great.

I took lots of pics of people, seriously, I felt like I was in the middle of Europe Vogue...gotta do a "fashion" page for the scrapbook. I got a simply gorgeous pic of a couple kissing...they looked so 'cosmopolitin'. Also got pics of gypsys and the black market this day was spent, not only looking up at the buildings, but trying to capture people.

So, Monday, is Sorrento and Pompeii...the Napoli Coastline.
Am expecting some wonderful pictures today.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Roma is Bella!!

Well, I absolutely LOVE Rome! Yes, it is busy and chaotic...but oh!! I love the archeticture and history. The little things! Our hotel was near the "Fontina de Trevi"..and overlooked one of the busy Piazza's. Sat morning, Michele and I woke up @4am..and had the lit fountain to ourselves!! It was great.+

We walked, and walked and walked. There is so much we could not do in one day, and I definately want to go back.

Today was Nice, France, Monaco, and Monte Carlo! the French Riviera!!
Talk about a beautiful place, the scenery is beyond words. But honestly, not a place I want to come back to...I just found it a bit too pretentious. ( a sprite cost 5 euros!!) (I was real thirsty!)

I've already taken over 100 pictures, good thing I got a 4mb card!! But the ship does offer putting your pictures on disc...I may use that one!

Tomorrow, is Florence!
Good Night!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is it...

Today is my last day home, I don't actually get on an airplane till Thurs morning, but am heading to Michele's for the afternoon/night. Getting very excited. But a lot to do (still not packed) YIKES!!

So, Bon Voyage ya'll!!

Here is a link to the Grand Princess Bridge Cam

Monday, October 13, 2008

am I forgetting anything?

despite the lists Michele has given me, I can't get rid of the feeling that I am going to forget something.

I want to bring books, knowing we have long travel days, but I don't want to take up space in my carry on. What if? What if? aye yi yi. What am I going to forget?

I've even had the thought, What if there is a flood while I'm gone...will dh save my scrap room?

Anyone else do this before a long trip? What is wrong with me? Don't get me wrong, there is excitement also...but........yikes!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My new computer system, area is up and running..and it is so cool!

There is so much I should be doing to prepare for the trip. Why can't I get in there? Guess I can pack tom night/ Tues morning. Instead I am sitting here, blogging.

I rented "The other Boleyn Girl", so guess I'll watch that tonight.

Chris, Jason and Nicole were here yesterday...Betsy and her dh, Francisco were here for the morning. Us girls put together the baby shower invites and the boys rebuilt the fence! Francisco was a 'sport' and worked out there, also.

Chris just left, to go back down south. He and C 'just missed each other too much' for him to stay the extra day. Thats so cool, to be newlyweds and in love. Like Betsy said, "give them a year, then she'll be telling him to go"..teehee.

Poor Chris, OU lost...Lucky me!! UT won!! I got a lunch out of it this afternoon.

gonna go look for a pic from Italy for my banner.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sat morning before my trip!

Here is the 1st draft of the card for Ana's shower. DDil is coming over today so we can make the 'elements' for 40 cards. There are a couple of adjustments, but this is the basic card.

Dsil is here to switch me to a new computer!! Here's hoping everything goes smoothly. Here is hoping for a smooth transition!!

OU and UT are playing today! (Texas won!!) so we are having a great time teasing him. esp, my mom!! So, I'd better go easy on him.

The guys are out there fixing our fence, right now. Us gals are going to make a Walmart run...still have some things for the trip and supplies for the invites.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Me and Mommy fight fires...well, kinda

Here is a pic of the fire damage in our corner,
When mom and I went out to take the pics, we noticed a spot that was still smoking.

So, we packed our buckets and a shovel into the car (hey, buckets filled with water are heavy) and went out there and took care of it. (I tell you, I smell like smoke right now) While out there, we noticed a pile of Whiskey bottles (on the other side of the fence) I took a pic of that too.
Our property used to be the teen party spot before we built. But all the bottles were the same brand, so I don't think this is the leftovers from those days.

That is the bad thing about living out in the country. People dump stuff. garbage, goat parts (barilla), tires, appliances, pets, both dead and alive. DH has even broken up a fight in that corner.

Okay, gotta shower, the smell is getting to me.

a li'l excitement...

Yesterday afternoon, dh got a call from a friend of his. "I hear there is a fire on your property"...wha??????? So, dh calls our neighbor, he saw it all.

We live on a corner property, where one road curves into another. Apparently, someone took that curve too fast and crashed and rolled his truck. It caught on fire, and the idiot and his passenger took off running. Luckily, my neighbor and his son were returning from a hunting trip, and saw it all. So he was able to call the police and fire dept. Geeee, anyways, the police caught the guys and the fire dept put the fire out before it could spread and endanger our home.

But just think, with those idiots running away, if the neighbor hadn't seen it the damage would have been even worse.

Was it a stolen truck? Kids joyroyding? Hopefully, we'll find out more when the newspaper comes out over the weekend.

So, we come home and see the damage. (I'll take pics when the sun comes out and post them) Got home and asked mom..."So there was a little excitement around here?"
"What?"...she did not see a thing. HA!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tues night, for Weds morn

So, its Tuesday night and I don't want to watch the debate. I've actually got Predator 2 on. Oh well. A young Bill Paxton, whatever happened to him.

Last night, I cheated. I took a Tylenol PM. I figured no matter what, mosquitos, cows giving birth..whatever...I was going to SLEEP!! Actually, felt a little groggy when I first woke up, but good through the rest of the day.

Got my shoes, I was lucky, the store was having 20%off on Keens Sandals. So I got 2.

So far, work is going well. Looks like I'm going to finish what I need to get done. (knock on wood).

Dsil is coming down this weekend...he is going to put together my new computer system. So glad dd married a computer geek. They are good to have around, right?

My pop was a computer geek, he was an IBM programmer. He got in during the early
60's and watched IBM grow. He worked on Nasa's lunar landing program, and on developing a 'thinking' programmers could use our language instead of the -0- and -1- vocabulary those computers had. As a child growing up, I would try to please him, to be 'daddy's girl' by getting good grades. I miss my dad, and wish I could talk to him now, with an adult's perspective... I didn't have the chance to fully appreciate him.

My ds takes after him in some ways. DS is very analytical and smart, but typically male, he did not push himself academically in school. Yet when it is important to him, like during the Corps and the police academy, he earns top spots in the class.

As other parents know, it is frustrating when your kids do not work to 'potential'. But ds is happy with what he is doing, married to a great young lady, and is going to make me a 'its all good'!!

okay, time to hit that treadmill. boy, I'd really like some rocky road icecream right about now.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

I'm feeling as blah as Wall Street this morning. Blah, tired and almost downright depressed.

Not much sleep, mosquitos, a cow 'lowing' all night, was stupid enough to watch part of "I am Legend" with Will Smith, so bad dreams (when I could sleep). Not a good morning. Didn't fall asleep till afer 1am, anyways.

But can't call in at work, down to my last week and a half, before the trip and have too much to get done.

Did do some shopping for the trip over the weekend. Even that was hard, as I am 'bigger than I wish" and having troubles with style choice. I want to be comfortable, but not frumpy AND so much out there is stretchy and has low necklines.
And just seems to be styled for 20 year olds...
BUT love the new colors for fall, the plum, teal, chocolates...

Then Sunday after church was a baptism and bbq...but after the bbq, I had the 'runs'. Now, dh wasn't affected, so I don't know if it was the bbq. Oh to add more pain, started my monthly. (good to have it out of the way for the trip? right?)

So, anything good? Did scrapbook a couple of circle journal commitments. Will mail them out today. So, its taken care of before my trip.

Did buy my 4mb camera card. It did not work in my I put it in DH's and it I'll take his with me.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I get to plan baby shower cards...

since I'll be gone in a couple of weeks, I won't be around to produce them.
Betsy and Nyki will have to do that...

Well, gave me an excuse to shop at Richards Tues afternoon. Guess I should get off the computer and 'play'...

I had typed more, but it got "lost", work has been good. I have 2 weeks to do my monthly and quarterly stuff. So far, I seem to be on track. Here's hoping nothing unexpected 'pops' up.

I have to wear mosquito repellant to bed these days. Its cool in the mornings but hot in the still have mosquitos. I am the household mosquito 'feast', must be because I am so darn sweet. But let me tell you, I am one big itch..from head to sparkly blue toes.

Monday, September 29, 2008

sleeeeeeep, I want sleep!

Monday morning is so much fun!!

Heard a great quote over the weekend from Barry Goldwater, Jr. (my quote may not be exact) "Never trust a dog with your dinner, Never trust Congress with your money". LOVE IT!!

I can't believe Sept is ending, I can't believe I'm only a couple of weeks from my cruise. I still have not bought comfy travel shoes. Been told to get "Keens", have ya'll heard of them? I should have shopped this weekend, but did that happen? ummm, no.

Wish I had some more fantabulous news, but after the last one, nothing seems exciting.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My news I've been wating to tell...

I think Gina and Sarah C have guessed based on my earlier questionnaire...but, yes, this young couple is making me a grandma!! FINALLY!!

The funny thing is, when J retired from the Corps in June of 2007, I told them I wanted my grandbaby in April of 2008. This baby is due in April 2009, so the kids are only a year late.!!

I finally get to look in the baby section of the JC Penney catalog!!

I need some jumping up and down smilies!!!

My family has a history of twins, my mom's mom is a twin, and my sisters are twins, so I was hoping. But they aren't having twins, we have an ultrasound to prove it,, its up to dd !!(okay, when she is ready) teehee!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

been thinking about my Christamas tree..

I joined the Christmas Swap on 2Peas, so I've been thinking about what type of ornament to request from my future swapper. Hmmmmm, I like to do a theme in my main tree. I've done 'pink' victorian; red,white and blue (when ds and ddil were in Iraq); 'kiddy' ornaments; red with white and I've been trying to figure out my tree for this year.

I thought, since I'm going on my cruise, maybe something "Italian", very 'boroque'...golds and plums. But that seems 'done'. How about "Texas"...bring out my chili pepper lights and cowboy ornaments...or "woodland"...lots of natural textures and birds and deer... hmmmm Candyland, lots of candy type ornaments.

Then it hit me, maybe, I'll do a scrapbook tree. Turn some of my stash into ornaments. Now do it in a way that I can still use the stash....tie ribbons to them or something...then dh can't complain that it just sits there in my room.

I dunno.

Since I'll be traveling the first week of December, helping dd and dsil move to Fort Worth (he's had a change of duty station), I will probably be putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving. Since he is an Okie, maybe the Texas tree, with lots of UT stuff would be fun!!! Esp if he is here to 'help' me put it up!!

There's been a lot of drama at work. Luckily, I'm an observer, not in the middle (knock on wood). Just seems to be a big shakeup happening in one of the departments. Yikes. I'm soooooo glad I work with numbers. With numbers, they do what they are supposed to personalities, no guesses. If something is off, it is easy to fix.

Just waiting for my workout with Kristen. My first in 2 1/2 weeks!! Ever since the tooth started acting up. YIKES!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

super quick video

Got this from my dd's sophomore year. The campus was having a 'So You Think You Can Dance' competition and this is from the final night's opening number. DD is the one in the long white t-shirt and khaki knee pants. Its very short, but gives you an idea of what a stunning dancer she is. Well, until the guy next to her moves in front of her. Even as a child, she danced with her whole body all the way to the top of her head. By the way, she and her partner won.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My blue toenails..too bad ya'll can't see the sparkle. They remind me of my first car, a 1971 Chevy Camaro...deep blue...

Yahoo! I found a site that has the Prima Essential Tubes..a good supply!! If ya'll know of one that has plenty of the Say it in Crystals in stock, let me know.

I did not scrap yesterday, after church I took a nap, then got caught up in the CSI shows on Spike TV, then a couple of movies. A lazy Sunday.

Anybody else, just plain sick of the political ads. Here is a non-partison place to check the accuracy of the
Whichever side your on, it is interesting to see how both sides Stretch the truth.
But I am sooooo ready for this to be done. Since I am on my cruise till Nov 1st, and we are absentee ballot only, and I won't be able to send it till after my cruise, I know my vote will probably not be counted. Don't get me wrong, I will still vote. But it is a li'l disappointing to know that in all reality, it won't be counted.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting to Know Your Friends


Playing along with my blogging friend, Janet , in this 2008 Edition of Getting to Know Your Friends...

Welcome to the 2008 edition of getting to know your Friends. Copy and paste this in a new blog post, then change all the answers so they apply to you! Leave a comment for me if you do this!

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little things about your friends that you might not have known!

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:18 am

2. Diamonds or pearls? diamonds

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Momma Mia

4. What is your favorite TV show? CSI, NCIS, the Closer

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? fruit and cream oatmeal

6. What is your middle name? Sue

7. What food do you dislike? green peppers

8. What is your favorite CD at moment? Jordin Sparks

9. What kind of car do you drive? Ford Taurus (chosen by dh)

10.Favorite sandwich? Safeway's Plymouth Rock...dinner roast turkey w/cranberry, havarti cheese
11.What characteristic do you despise? dishonesty

12.Favorite item of clothing? my Texas Longhorns tshirt

13.If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? I'm going next month, Greece and Italy

14.Favorite brand of clothing? I’m not brand sensitive!

15.Where would you retire to? have dreamed of a 2nd home in Lake Tahoe

16.What was your most recent memorable birthday? don't really celebrate

17.Favorite sport to watch? when dd was a cheerleader, highschool football and bball, now, none

18.Farthermost place you are sending this? n/a, since this is a blog post

19.Person you expect to send it back first? n/a, since this is a blog post, but I hope some blogging friends will play along!

20.When is your birthday? May 19

21.Are you a morning person or a night person? afternoon

22.What is your shoe size? 9

23.Pets? 3 cats, Cassandra, Marshall, Percy..2 dogs, Rocky and Kema and 1 horse, Sox

24.Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us? umm...yeah, but I don't have permission, yet..

25.What did you want to be when you were little? a stripper, like Gypsy Rose Lee

26.How are you today? some pain in my jaw, but other than that, well

27.What is your favorite candy? toblerone

28.What is your favorite flower? sweet pea

29.What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? Oct 15 (cruise)

30.What are you listening to right now? CSI on t.v.

31.What was the last thing you ate? rice pudding

32.Do you wish on stars? No, but a dream is a wish your heart makes! jk

33.If you were a crayon, what color would you be? green

34.How is the weather right now? cool and sunny

35.The first person you spoke to on the phone today? my mom

36.Favorite soft drink? Pepsi

37.Favorite restaurant? Las Gaviotas

38.Real hair color? dark brown

39.What was your favorite toy as a child? my dad would bring home computer paper from IBM..the long ones with green shading

40.Summer or winter? summer

41.Hugs or kisses? hugs

42.Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate

43.Coffee or tea? tea, Irish Breakfast w/milk and sugar

44.Do you want your friends to email you back? Please post on your blogs

45.When was the last time you cried? dd's wedding

46.What is under your bed? boxes of stuff

47.What did you do last night? was at a crop

48.What are you afraid of? windy 2 lane roads, I panic whether driving or not
(I'm the one doing 20mph)

49.Salty or sweet? sweet

50.How many keys on your key ring? 3 or 4

51.How many years at your current job? too many, want to get firerd

52.Favorite day of the week? Saturday (no work!)

53.How many towns have you lived in? 4

54.Do you make friends easily? No, I'm pretty shy
Something is going on...I can't upload a pic. (I'll try later)
I wanted to show ya'll my new blue toenails...but I guess another time.

I went to the crop yesterday, got a few of my son's graduation pics done. I just love Basic Grey's Boxer paper. But I struggle with 'guy' pages. I just don't feel as creative, like I can't do the 'shtuff' to them. So, if ya'll have found ways to just make the guy pages your own, please share your method...or share your pages. A recent Making Memories magazine had a guy section, but most of those used arrows..I like arrows... but I can't do them all in arrows..

Okay, my assignment is to take one of the Love Elsie's recipe cards and adapt it to a guys page.
And I'm going to take one of the pages and 'bad girl' it..cluster and flow embellies..

Ashley also showed us how to fold file folders to create a mini book. So I'm going to work on that also. She's using hers as a Christmas planner, and that sounds like a great idea.

So, guess what I want to do after church!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just saw a commercial for Ore Ida's steam and mash. Oh dear, aren't our kids going to know any of the joys of cooking? What? don't have to peel potatoes anymore? and we can get bagged salad, precut fruit...just no fun. In the interest of progress, guess I'll have to 'force' myself to try it out.

But isn't it funny, I think I read somewhere that young women are taking up sewing. DD says its because of shows like Project Runway. I don't sew, but the last time I was in a fabric store, I remember patterns and fabric as being quite pricey.

Scrap shopping has been a bit frustrating lately...I just LOVE Prima Marketing flower tubes and bling swirls and robin's nest pebbles...but I can't find a place that has it in stock!! I'd hit put in cart...and get 'sold out'...pooey!!

Now, dh's business has a resale #...think I can get him to open a ScrapStuff branch and then I can order direct? The only problem, is I'd have to try to sell it, right?

DH hurt his back yesterday, he bent over to feed the dogs and "pow". He went to the doctor, and he said its going to take a while. Gave him some back exercises and offered him some meds (which he refused) So, you can imagine what its like around here. Dh's back pain, my head feels like its going to pulse right off my neck. We are a fun bunch.

But today is a local crop and I am going, I have no idea what I'm going to work on...but I am going.

so, I guess I better get off the computer and pack.
Ya'll have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

after the tooth pull.

well, pretty much feel like ickypoo. Walking around the house with ice wrapped in a dishtowel against my cheek. But it will be worth it, right? That is what I've got to hold on to.

I've been watching Project Runway, this week I agree with the top 3 and bottom 3 choices. and Jerrel's win. Kenley really starting to get on my nerves. Though Joe has been one of my faves, I gotta agree the suit and fit was wrong. As a plus sized gal...oh the fit...would have made me miserable.

Okay, time for Top Design.!! on this one its Andrea who gets on my last nerve.

and when do I get to scrap again...?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

well, I tried...

Tried to go to work yesterday. Figured as long as dh is driving, I can maintain the pain with vicadin and work. Um, no, did not work out as I planned. Luckily, (luckily?), dh was not feeling well, so we left early, around 2:30...when we got home, I passed out. So today, I am staying home.

I even got my scrap kits in the mail yesterday, I still haven't opened the boxes.

Miserable night, we have a mosquito in the house, so I woke up itching!!

Okay, something good and fun....
I've lost a little bit of weight! 2 lbs. But sick weight loss is fake weight loss. It comes back once you start to eat again.

Got in touch with my family in Texas. Still no electricity at the home, but my sis and her husband went to work this morning. School is out. So kids are at home, hot (no ac) and bored.
Mom says the kids sleep all day. Stay up all night. Can't really blame them.

Monday, September 15, 2008

the weekend..

On 2 peas was a challenge to post a pic of our scraprooms as they truly look. So here is mine on Sunday morning. Hey, the floors are clean!! But a couple of started projects are on the work desk.

The weekend was good, but busy. And when my head started to pound..I took a vicadin.
Yesterday was the fondue party. The ladies showed up and did it all, I just cut veggies and showed them where to find bowls. It was very nice. They are a great group of people. Only needed one Vicadin, in the evening.

One of the couples brought their 2 year old daughter, Reagan. She is such a li'l 'cutie'... so fun! She would take a sponge and clean around our island sink, well as much as she could reach. Oh, and she was a li'l obsessive about washing her hands. (she gets this from her mom, a self confessed clean freak)

I loved 'hanging out' with her, she 'fixed' my hair for a little while. She's got wise soul eyes. Does that make sense? There is something there, that says, "You aren't fooling me". She's not the type of toddler, you would 'baby talk' down to. Someday, I'll have a grandbaby...can't wait.

Next couple of Saturdays, there will be crop opportunities. Can't wait, my tooth comes out on Weds, so I should be okay by Saturday, right?

Maybe I'll have to forgo the m&m's...but I'll be there!

I signed up for another un-circle circle journal on This is one in which we make pages to send instead of sending a book out.

Have ya'll taken a peek at the Bad Girls' Top Designer class gallery? Oh MY!! I wish I could scrap like that. I just love the look. Cool thing is, the dt's are giving online classes, giving us 'mortals' their tips. teehee.

Bad News for me about Elsie. Yes, I had noticed that the lines are the same design concept, different colors. But I have enjoyed her papers. And have quite the collection in my stash. Guess I'll keep collecting.

Speaking of papers, I picked up Stampin' Up's Parisian Summer...gorgeous!! I just may need a couple more packs. It's funny, while Michele was here, after we went through the clothes...I showed her the papers I've been collecting. Little Yellow Bicycle, 3 gypsies. and of course, MM Passport.

Friday, September 12, 2008

home today,

but not for a good reason. The tooth infection has 'caught' up to me. Yesterday, my head felt like a balloon on string...just felt too heavy for my neck and the pain in my jaw!! yikes!! So, yesterday I called my dentist and she gave me prescriptions for penicillin and pain killers. Now, we've known I have an infection for a couple of weeks, sooooooo, why did I not get penicllin before? I don't know, its a mystery to me.

Today, I don't have the balloon feeling. But I do feel like someone is in my jaw shooting fire balls toward my ear. And forget any sudden head turns...yikes!

So, I am staying home from working, hoping a day of penicillin, hot tea, soup and pudding will get me better for the weekend. I've got to get through till next Weds. when I am scheduled to get this tooth pulled.

Sat, Michele is supposed to come over, so we can plan our clothes for the cruise.
hope I'm up for it. I think its going to depend on my 'pain level'.

Then Sun, dh has invited 5 couples over for a fondue party....he is taking care of all of it. There is a little drama...but not about the party, about one of the potential guests. Not wanting to go into it, I'll just say ' ex-sister in law".

My family is in Houston, not in any of the evacuation zones, but Oh My Goodness!

okay, getting to be time to crawl back into bed. Right now, I'm not even tempted by the scrap, that is bad.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 memorial

this is the Pentagon Memorial.

The picture is from the LA Times online.

As I watch the dedication, I am amazed at every detail.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my first crush..uh huh...

After the serious book, the Vanishing of Esme Lennox, I decided to read this one. and so far it has been very enjoyable. I am really enjoying the behind the scenes, as dd used to be in theater...its fun to read about the personalities behind the performance.

And we haven't even gotten to Captain Kirk. (as I revealed a while ago on this blog) Kirk was my first crush. Well, actually it just might be Elvis, I do remember growing up watching those movies with my mom. Nah, Kirk was the first who defined what kind of man I was looking for. You know, a take charge 'hero'. And I did pretty good in that department.

Went to T's this afternoon, there is a lot of stuff on sale, I broke down and got another paper stack. I love the papers, but the dumb thing is I buy it thinking it would fit my dd's taste. Now, my dd doesn't scrap, YET, but I am hopeful.!!

And I am prepared, as soon as she shows interest!! I've got stuff for her.

Its funny, I've done the same with my ddil...she does scrap, a little. But recently I bought her a Basic Grey package (wish I could remember where I bought it) because we all know, BG is a staple. She did seem to like it, even though I used one of the Phoebe papers before giving it to her...teehee

5 weeks till my cruise! YIKES! I am so excited, but sure don't feel ready.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Interesting weekend, really brought out the difference between me and dh.
I've been in pain, not the excrutiating,'give me vicadin' type of pain, but a steady pain on both sides of my jaw. (esp after eating or yawning) Well, dh had invited C and K over for Saturday, okay, we are close enough, that I was able to not 'entertain', they even encouraged me to take a nap (which I did). But on Sunday afternoon, he went to an after church get together with our Bible Study group. Big Mexican Food potluck, my favorite food. I chose not to go. He understood, but was disappointed. Then he 'volunteered' our home for next week's get together, on Saturday. Michele and I already have plans to prepare for the cruise, but I don't know, sometimes, I just need down time.

You know, down time, time to spend in my home, without a bra, in trashy sweats, watching tv, or reading or scrapping. He is very social, I think this was a great weekend for him, from social event to social event.

I always thought of our differences as 'balancing' each other. But this morning, I'm a little irritated.

Soooo, while I was not at the pot luck, I watched the movie "Enchanted". Wasn't it soooo stupid in the beginning, but it sure does pull you in!! I ended up loving it!

I'm looking forward to tonight's season premiere of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
How are they going to 'fix' Cameron after she was blown up? should be interesting!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

oh my goodness...

Last night I stayed up late and watched Dogtown...oh 'everything', sad, hopeful, ugly, beautiful. It was about the saving/rehabilitating of the Pit Bulls used by Michael Vick and his dogfighting ring. I fell in love with all of them...Cherry, Georgia, Denzel, Meryl. I wish I could bring one home, but with our 2 dogs, esp w/Rocky, being such an 'alpha', we would probably not be a good fit.

I wanted to see if I could help and this morning I went to the bestfriends website, , and 'adopted' Wrigley (above) for only $25.
So hard to pick one to adopt, so I just went to the back of the alphabet, figuring most people start at the beginning.

Well, physically, I feel like crap. My tooth cannot be saved, there is a crack down the root, so he only did a temporary filling, till we can get me an appt with an oral surgeon to pull it out. But now that the 'local' has worn off...ugh!!
And I've got to decide, leave it with a hole, bridge or implant. Now, I have a hole on the other side of my mouth...I'm thinking, will it help me lose weight? I'd have to eat slower... right now, all I want is pudding!!!

I had a great dream last night! It involved 2 newborn baby boys!! siiiiiigh....

Friday, September 5, 2008

books...and stuff

Just finished this book this morning, it is actually very good, though I'm not sure of the ending. But lately, no matter what book I read...I'm a little 'eh' at the ending. (its at Barnes & Nobles for $3.98, if you are interested) This book only took me 2 days to read. Okay, one night and one morning.

I've got a whole pile of books to read...I'm so bad, its kinda like the scrap habit, buy a lot...but don't necessarily use up. Guess I'm a book hoarder as well as scrap supply hoarder. In this area, I am my daddy's girl. One day, my senior year of high school, Michele and I counted the number of books in my dad's collection. He had several shelves in the front room...we stopped around 1000. We got tired.

So guess who inherited those shelves and most of the books...and has been adding to it. Now, my sisters and I took most of the technical books to 2nd hand stores...anyways...I love books. I still have his 1976 Encyclopedia Brittanica set, you know the red/white/and blue bindings...with the micro, macro pedias? Can you imagine any of our kids looking something up in one of those? Now days 'encyclopedia' is spelled 'google'!!

Okay, Karen, don't go there...but do you remember we actually had to do our algebra and geometry in our heads...without calculators!! I was such a mean homeschooling mom, I made my son do his math without calculators. (I homeschooled my son from 4th grade till 9th)(after that he went to Turlock Christian) Interesting, when I got him in the 4th grade, he was still using his fingers to add...and tested at @30 percentile, by the 8th grade he was testing at 80 percentile (the C.A.T) LOVE Saxon Math!!! He used the calculator only in the upper algebra classes, but he had to write out each step. But he had to have those basics down first.

AND (uh oh, here come's the brag) maybe that is why he graduated 1st in his calibrations class in Biloxi for the Marine Corps, even though he went into the class with the least amount of highschool math. He was against kids who had the fancy maths...and graduated #1!!! He said even his superiors were surprised and asked "Are you sure you're from California?" Sad, the reputation CA public schools have...truly, sad.

That is one thing, if dd and dsil decide to stay in Texas...the schools there are supposed to be very the top of the nation, right?
Plus my grandkids will learn to talk right and have that incredible, perfect accent...I used to tease my husband, that I was going to send the kids to Texas so they'd learn how to talk right, not like Californian's. I mean, really, "dude and you guys"? geeeeeeeeeeeee, at least dd picked up "ya'll" from me.