Tuesday, December 28, 2010

what if...

During last week's 'female' appointment, my dr found a 'mass' in my pelvis/uterus/ovaries...(not sure which). So, today I go in for an ultrasound. Overall, I'm not too worried. Not liking the idea of having to drink 32 oz of water an hour before and holding it!

My sis has ovarian cysts, the dr said it could even be the hormonal imbalance caused by pre-menopause (i am at that age)...but, what if....

The song, Live Like You were Dying, by Tim McGraw has been going thru my mind.

What would be the 'important things', what would be my priorities?

Quite honestly, the 'lifestyle change' would probably be out the window. Think I'll be eating my chocolates, chicken and dumplings, mac & cheese, enchiladas with no guilt!! Savoring every bite. Guess I'll just need more pallbearers, ha!!

I would quit work, spending every spare moment with family.

I would finish those scrapbooks I started, cuz, that is the one thing my kids have said they would keep.

Maybe I would leave the Christmas trees up all year long. Since I love the 'lights' and dh has stated that Christmas decorating is 'not his thing'. That way, I'll feel like I'm leaving him something for next year. ha!!

hmmmm, What would be the important things?

And, I'm not looking at this as a 'downer'...but just reflecting...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

now that...

the frenzy of the holidays is over (unless you are one of those day after Christmas shoppers)...time to reflect.

I hope to start on my Shimelle's Journal your Christmas in the next couple of days.
I have not 'touched' it, except to look at her page and some of the layouts done by my fellow 'students'.

As we enter 2011, so many things... time for resolutions...where does one start?

My 'easiest' one is a resolution to finish my weight loss goal. My 2010 goal was 65lbs, but I stalled in June. I had lost 35...and I've been hovering ever since..BUT 35lbs was NOT the goal. AND I need to get back on track. Rediscover those disciplines that gave me success. I have been SUPERbad throughout December...so, I'm gonna have to step on that scale and face the damage!!

Another, 'easy' one is to learn more about photography. I got a Nikon for Christmas, so of course, I took over 100 pics of my sweet-pie during the family get together Christmas Eve. Lets just say, when I pulled out the camera Christmas morning...she was coming up to me and pulling the strap off of my neck. Guess she had HAD IT!

My in-laws gave me a check to buy some 'scrappin supplies', so I went on Amazon this morning and got me some filters and a back up battery for the camera...it counts!! And I got a book, Digital Photography Basics by Jeff Wignall to get me started.

Sooooo many books, I counted over 1500 over a month ago...so, that has to be another resolution, doesn't it. How about instead of slugging on the couch in front of reruns...this year, I dig into the to be read pile.

I got myself some books for Christmas also...the Digital Photography, The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, Secrets from the Southern Living's Test Kitchens... which leads to another 2011 goal

Becoming a good cook! I kinda 'fell' into that one in 2010, with the 'lifestyle change' of 2010; I had to step up. No more going out all the time, no more fast food, taking lunches to work...and since it is my special diet, I do more of the cooking these days. DH does special occasions, but for most of the years of our marriage, he did the cooking (I was good at opening cans and boxes)..HE is the better cook!!

But this year, we had a switch in roles, he took over finances, I took over cooking. Hey after 25+ years...its a good thing.

So, on that note, gotta go do my morning yoga...ya'll have a great 'in-between' week...time of organizing, reflecting and enjoying!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I got a DSLR for Christmas!!

soooo excited. DH and the kids went 'together' and got me a Nikon!

Now, I know its a little early, but with ds's schedule, we had our immediate family gift exchange last night. He will be working Thurs, Fri, Sat...so, last night was our Christmas.

When I got home, of course, I tore into it and read the manual. For the first time, I watched a battery charge (takes about 1 hour and 40 min) popped that thing in, formatted my card...and couldn't see a thing! What? all the settings are right? waaaahhhhh!!! Then the little girl who 'hangs out' with me while her dad is at bible study pointed out that I still had the lens cap on. Tell me that everyone makes that mistake. duh.

Then, after all the years of my point and shoot, I looked into the screen...still nothing...waaaaaahhhh...then I look thru the viewfinder...what? you look thru the little thing on top, not the display screen. Um, PLEASE tell me everyone makes that mistake!

But, I finally 'got it together' and took a few pics around the house.

Can't wait to play!!!! and learn!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

that's what I call a weekend!

I got to babysit all 3 days!

Friday eve, it was so Nyki could do a li'l shopping.

Sat morn, my usual so Nyki could coach basketball and J could sleep in (he's a police officer on swing)

Sun, from 4pm to 10 pm, so they could go to J's work Christmas party.

Had sooo much fun. Last night was .... well, here is my story. And I'm sticking to it.

I could tell she was getting tired @8:30 or so, so I took her up to brush her teeth and go to bed. We were watching Elmo videos on youtube...and the final one was Andrea Boccelli singing a lullaby to Elmo...perfect setup, right? Ummmm, no. She cried and screamed. And she has a new skill, called climbing out of the crib. So, after quite a while of this, grandma gave up. BUT I told her 'no more Elmo, you watch White Christmas with me"...as she was yelling "Elmo! Elmo!!"

Whenever she would walk to the computer, saying 'Elmo, Elmo', I'd tell her "no, Elmo is night-night" But she enjoyed the little bit of White Christmas we saw, esp that Choreography number (one of my least faves)...AND she did the biggest #2 you can imagine. (no wonder she did not want to go to bed, if she felt that in "the queue").

She got in her Gunny-couch. The kids' 100 lb great dane. (I call him '100 lbs of stupid'). Anyways, she likes to sit against him when he is curled up on the floor.
Like the following picture from last summer. He starts licking her face, arms, hands, feet and she is laughing hysterically...just having a great time. (I'd be disgusted) It is amazing how gentle he is with her. Now, if I could only get her to be more gentle with him!!

So, its getting closer to 10 pm...and I KNOW I'm gonna be in trouble. So, we practice fake sleeping...leaning against each other and snoring. AND in walks daddy...now, he is actually happy to see her, but we fake sleep anyways..and he asks all confused, 'you're pretending to be asleep?'. But it was over as soon as Adriana saw Mommy in the doorway...she actually pointed her finger at me and did her baby jabber. Being the mature grandma that I am, I pointed right back and said, "Uh uh, its HER fault!"

here is a pic of her from last night, she is so funny, during the family trip to Tahoe, whenever we took group pics we stood against a wall...now when I pull out my camera, she goes to stand against something for her 'picture'. Goofy girl!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

got back from Reno yesterday..

It was the annual meeting for dh's company that is out there. We usually stay/eat at the Silver Legacy, but this year they decided to go with the Grand Sierra.

Maybe we were there too early, but it did not seem esp 'Christmas' to me. The statue at the entry had a Christmas hat and some lights..but guess I was expecting a fabulous, bright oversized tree. ya know?

The trip was good, but could not scrapbook! We stayed in a 'Summit' room and it was soooooooo dark! Even walls were painted black..all of us said the first thing we all did was hit every switch in the room and STILL the room was too dark. We think its because 'high rollers' play all night and sleep all day? I dunno, but unless I was gonna set up in the conference room during the meeting, I could not scrapbook. darn. For this reason alone, I like the Silver Legacy better. (and the grandeur of the lobby tree.)

I got to babysit when I got home Friday evening and a little this morning. After not seeing each other for a week, me and Adriana had a great time. I kinda felt sorry for Nyki, she left me with a refreshed, just-napped toddler, with her hair pulled back in a perfect pony tail...and got back a sweaty little thing with her hair all wild...we had 'messed up' every room, toys, packaging paper, tupperware.. lots of fun. BUT, she had no problem getting Adriana to go to sleep!

Tomorrow, I get to babysit again...they are going to a Christmas party...all I can say is YAY!!

Then the rest of the week promises to be busy. But isn't that just the way it is in December? Any spare time is spent preparing. My schedule is way off, I don't have my Christmas cards out yet. I usually do a family letter, cuz I love receiving them, and had some problems with my printer. Oh well, don't sweat it, it will get done when it gets done. That's the advantage of almost being 50...you learn that the world does not end when you are off-schedule or things don't go the way you want.

We had dinner Friday night with a co-worker who just lost his father. He was saying how wonderful it was to have the opportunity to sit with his dad for hours and talk. And how his dad was saying, that the only 'important things are what you do with family'. His dad had the peaceful passing we all can only hope for. Talking to my coworker was so sad... and beautiful... and just...all the above. I lost my dad suddenly in a car accident, its been, wow, @18 years and there are days that there is just a hole in my heart. Luckily, my dad kept a journal, so my sisters and I got a little insight into his heart.

But the song by Reba McIntire, "The Greatest Man I never knew" is the most appropriate song for our relationship. Not saying my dad did not love us or care, but that he was of the workaholic, non involved generation.

So, this Christmas, hold your loved ones close and don't sweat the small stuff.