Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday for lunch, I had 3pm...I was running to the bathroom. something must have disagreed with me. So, last night was spent sick and went to bed early. yikes. I even caught a ride with a co-worker, so I wouldn't have to wait for dh (he doesn't get out of the shop till late)

But today is Saturday! I plan to scrap! got a circle journal to get out and P365 layouts and, and, and....

One good thing about getting home early and not feeling well, is you get to explore a fave website. Found on I am A Scrapaholic, are these CHA Preview threads, with pics!! Not that I should be shopping...but oh, I do love quite a few of the collections.

I spent the morning combing dd's facebook pictures and grabbing a few pics to scrapbook. so, hopefully, I am properly inspired to crop!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P365 update...

okay, on the messed up card, for Thurs the 22nd, a pic of Cassandra 'peeking' at me from the dining room table, half her face is hidden.

for Fri the 23th, a cooooool pic of the sunset on Fri evening, as we were heading west on hiway 41...after a rainstorm the last bits of light streaming thru a dark cloud.

for Sat the 24th, either pic from Solvang or the wedding. (I may have to 'borrow' one from Don...who also took pics that day)

this is Sunday the 25th, we had a weird weather day, sudden storm and hail. Here is the sky afterwards.

Monday the 26th, the ceiling at Cheesecake Factory. A friend, Lucy, is visiting from Florida and a group of us met her there. I should have had the waitress take a group shot, but she had already taken a couple and I was shy...

and today, Tues the 27th, this is one of the lion statues in front of our favorite Chinese restaraunt...we were coming home late, so we stopped by for takeout.
Poor dh, I even hopped out of the car as we were leaving to snap this.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Monday morning,
feeling much better! Maybe all the drugs I took zonked me out, so I slept well.

Mom is in a 'state'. She's been declaring, "how nice it was when dh and I were gone". oh and yelling "SonOfaB___" at Bloggo, the governor.. that's the fun of mom, grumble,grumble, mumble, mumble and her talking to the tv.

Something good happened yesterday, ds and dil started the paperwork to buy a house out here. It was a tough choice, with a list of pro's and con's. Nice house for less but longer commute.

But my camera card is still out. I'm going to take it to work's IT guy and see if he says there is anything to be done. sooooo...disappointed.

Off to work, I'm meeting Lucy, my friend from Florida for lunch today. Actually it sounds like a group of us are. Soooo...that could be very nice. I'll get pics, hopefully the new card won't implode, and I'll be able to keep them.


actually it was a very nice some nice pictures. We went down to Lompoc for the wedding, since Solvang was 30 min away, spent a nice morning there.
took some cool pics for P365...come home this morning...plug in my camera...and...'card read error'. huh? I was taking pics all weekend with this card, and now it won't read?

put it in my photo printer, same message.

change to a new card in my camera, no message. so the problem IS this old card. but how do you 'fix' that? are all my pics from the weekend gone? wha?????

Then to make matters a li'l worse, I have the worst sinus headache, EVER!! like my head is pulsating and ready to explode. Even tylenol sinus is not helping.

also, let me know if you fellow bloggers have run into this. When I came back this weekend had a half dozen random comments for my blog. Odd statements from people I don't know. So I rejected them, but is this a new troll or spam tactic?so, unless I recoginize ya from the 2 peas or personally, I ain't gonna accept your comments.

and I'm having 'mouse' issues, had to re-plug it in once already.
so, I'm calling it a good day to go back under the covers.

hope your Sunday is better!

Friday, January 23, 2009

my random letter.

Lee at Lemons to Lemonade posted a writing prompt she found at Slightly Off Centre. So, yesterday I asked to play along, she sent me my random letter....M....

The rules of the game are simple. Once assigned a letter, you are to post 10 things you love which begin with that letter. If you want to play, saying you want to play in my comment area, or at Lee's, (as I'll be out of town till Sunday), you'll be assigned a random letter...and on and on it goes.

So in no particular order are my M's:

1) Music - easy, huh. I love all kinds of music, except screaching metal and x-rated Hip Hop. I love Country, Pop, Rock, Christian and even the songs from Musicals. In my scraproom, today, I have the following cd's: Mandy Moore (pilfered from dd's collection when she went to college) Cristina Aguilera (I think Stripped, is one of the best cd's ever, with the exception of a couple of songs), Michael Buble, Daughtry, KT Tunstall, The Temptations, Toby Keith, Rich Mullins, Fergie, Joss Stone, the London cast production of Les Miserables...

2) Movies - who does not love movies. Actually for me, the movies I LOVE are the older ones. I passed on CSI last night, so I could watch Gregory Pecks' The Big Country...Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Charlton Heston, Burl Ives, Chuck can you beat that. I just love the old movies, from the 30's to the
50's. Classics...have you ever seen "This Land is Mine" with Charles Laughton. Or To Each His Own with Olivia De Havilland. Now, THAT is acting and stories worth telling. Not the crap we get today.

3) Musicals - again the old Rodgers and Hammerstein type. Oklahoma, Carousel, Sining in the Rain, I've always loved these. When dd studied theater, I was introduced to the Theatrical Musicals, like Les Mis (Eponine's "On my Own") and Phantom of the Opera, and .... How to Succeed in Business (only cuz dd was in that one)...anyways...Musicals... I hear Wicked is playing in San Fran...gotta talk the dh into it.

4) Mastercard or Visa? I am a shopaholic...period. Now that my kids are grown, its scrap stuff. In the past, it was clothes for dd (ds didn't like the stuff I picked)...she would get a new sack of stuff almost weekly in high school (in college, I'd send her at least 2 packages a month). Now that my first granddaughter is arriving soon...
I've always loved to shop, even as a child. I don't know, it must fulfill some emotional need.

5) Midnight Sun - the online Twilight book that tells the story from Edward's point of view. Oh my... When this gets in print.....I'll have to pre-order it. I don't know if one copy is going to be enough!!

6) Mexican Food - the enchilada is the perfect food. meat, cheese, can you beat this. Seriously, if I could, I would eat it every day. Even the smell of Mexican Food is unbeatable.

7) Mint gum - I drink Pepsi, without mint gum...yikes. I love the Dentyne, Eclipse and Orbit. Gotta have a supply. and while I'm at it, add Mint Ice Cream. If I ever go to Coldstones, its mint icecream with brownies...yummmmmmmm

8) Memorabelia - even before 'making it official' by becoming a scrapbooker, I was one to keep ticket stubs, printed napkins..leaflets..stuff. I have this stuff from High School (mine!!)

9) Mac and Cheese - make it Kraft - I could eat a box...but if Kraft is not available I will make do with Velveeta or homemade, but NEVER generic box stuff.
I used to get it at KFC, though it was the nastiest stuff ever, but I felt compelled every now and then to get it.

10) Maps - I like OLD maps...even collect old Atlas's...stored somewhere is one from the Revolutionary War era. I am one who will flip to the one in the Bible during study. I like the look of them, I don't know, even for me, this is kinda weird.

Okay, enough for this morning. DH and I are off till Sunday, we are going to our former pastor's daughter's wedding. (don't forget extra batteries)...a quick trip.

Should be back in time for Sunday's bible study and church. (there is a guest speaker, a former MLB player..Pettigrew(?)) Ya'll have a good weekend, and if you want to play, go over to Lee's at Lemon's to Lemonade, I'm sure she'll take care of ya.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

did you hear that 'thunk'

That was me, falling off the wagon, oh well, one resolution broken....I went scrap shopping...a lot, the pic for Monday the 19th are the scrap goodies I picked up at "Oh for the Memories". They are having a moving sale, with items either 35% or 75% off..Of Course, I picked the 35% off stuff. I also went to M's and picked up some "friendly forest"...thanks, Dana, for the enabling.

for the 20th, I took one of my bro-in-laws office, after tripping while delivering something. The crazy thing, HE KNOWS where everything is! He can tell you where a business card is over the phone! (2nd pile by the calculator 3rd card down) AMAZING

Then for today, the 21st a picture of my leftovers from Chevys. We have had issues with 'fridge theft' so this is what we have to do...mark things with our name. I added the scotch tape. very frustrating.

There is a lot going on, but I'm too tired to type. Still dealing with switching some of our genuine ACH's to the correct acct. time to eat, didn't get home till 6:30 pm... just wanna veg.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

project 365...

Saturday the 17th, because of the cats, my mom refuses to sit on my couch. But she decided to watch a li'l NCIS with she brought her own cushion and sat on the hearth....

Sunday, this is the coffee table after this morning's Bible Study. We are studying the book of Acts..and ended up reading chapter 7 twice, the first time in the KJV the 2nd in the NASB...

I've actually did a little scrapping this weekend. But I feel like I've been cleaning in there a little more. The kids (J and N) stopped by yesterday, Nyki gets her hair done out here ( Michelle no longer takes new clients, so Nyki needs to keep her spot) and we met at Yupphas for Pad Thai...Yummmmmmmmmmmm

Saturday, January 17, 2009

ain't he cute!

remember the thread on 2 peas about your computer background, here is the one I have at the work computer. This is my 'grandkitty' Colby Jack. Everytime I see it, I just think aaaah, he's so cute! But don't be fooled, he is one of the 'naughtiest' kitties you'd ever want to meet. Just about everytime I call my dd, she is saying "No! Colby....No!!" (last time he was eating a bug)

Friday, January 16, 2009

project 365 catchup

Weds 1-14, took a pic of dh's car seat warmer controls. What can I say, ahhhh, its the little things.

Thurs 1-15, the shop ran out of plastic my co-worker Eric has been using tongue depressors...says he gets extra 'fiber'.

Fri 1-16..birthday cake day at the shop...this is the table of birthday people.
The cake was extra good, with a banana and cream filling...

Work was tough again...glad the week is over. I've got Monday off, so that makes things a little better. I hope. I've got oven fried chicken and mac & cheese planned for dinner tonight...ummmmm mac & cheese...I could eat a whole box.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

well, now we are a statistic...

Today we had to do it, we closed out our account. Now we are one of the millions who have been hit with identity/bank fraud. We were lucky, we weren't cleaned out and it seems to be isolated ...we hope.

Could be worse.

Just hope it is all over.

So, we left work early, that is the only bright spot in this mess.
I'm home, but all I want to do is sleep. I should scrap. I should...clean my space, I a lot of things...but, it ain't gonna happen.

My brother in law is buying a house. For those who can, now is the time!

His mortgage is going to be less than his previous rent. He had a good deposit, so he got a great rate. Yay for him!

I'm off to not do the things I should be doing...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

whatta day!!

what can I say, just glad its almost over!

1st thing, we check our bank acct. Guess what, another fraudulent ACH...same company...the first time you hope its a transposed numbers...2nd time...umm no, I don't think so. So, we signed another affidavit, and when this money is returned, we will take the steps of closing the account. And both the bank and the company are going to investigate. (we did get the 1st amount back today)(I think, its a draft, as of this afternoon)

2nd, a co-worker forgot to shut down the Quickbooks program. So it did not backup yesterday's inputs and was corrupted, so it had to be shut down. But when it was rebooted, no entries from yesterday. So, I had to spend the morning re-inputting all my work from yesterday.

Now, did this happen on a day when I did not input very much? Oh no, it happened on the day I must have input over 30 journals...and some were in a different months. Oh Joy. I had visions of torture for this co-worker, luckily, he did not arrive till after noon...when I had calmed down. But there are others, whose re-entry were even more of a nightmare.(imagine a company inventory)
I'm glad I'm not Betsy, who left for a week vacation yesterday, and will return to learn that all she gone.

I finally told myself, "you know, you get paid by the hour." And when he did come in, very contrite, I told him to figure out the meal he makes better than anyone else...and that is what he owes us. (He's a very good cook)

Well, finally home, going to have some taco soup...then hit the couch. Hope something good is on...oh, isn't Top Chef on tonight?

Thought I'd post a couple of 365 pics:

for the 12th, Dh's annoying habits # 19 and #22, he leaves his hats on the back of my dining chairs and shoes in front of the door.

for the 13th, my sis sent me this red pitcher. Long story...hmmm, to make it short, when I went down to her house last month, I...ummmm "pilfered" a little blue teapot from her home. When I sent her a 'proof of life' photo of the little teapot among my collection, Bre noted that I collect teapots and pitchers. So, she sent me this red one for my collection, as she pointed out, I did not have 'room for it in my suitcase'. It's an ongoing family joke...

off to work! too much fun for me!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

my screensaver...

on 2 peas, there is a thread asking about

the pic on our screensaver.

Since I don't have a photobucket to host it, to put it in the thread, thought I'd post it here...

Monday morning

We are leaving later for work, on Sat morning, dh found an ACH on our bank account that we did not authorize. He went to the bank Sat morning, only to have the teller tell him we needed to contact the company and have them refund us. But in the meantime, you are out of this amount (@$1200). sooooooo, he calls the company first thing this morning, after being sent to "Escalation" twice, he was sent to "fraud" only to be told he needs to have the bank reverse the payment. So, we are off to the bank this morning, again...
I think he should ask for a manager, this time. We may end up having to close this account, which is a pain in the rear, as we do have some automatic payments coming out of it...our car insurance, his tractor payment, the Sallie Mae school loans..whatta pain as we will have to make changes.

I did work on my Proj 365 layout over the weekend. Kept it real simple, as I don't want to overwhelm myself and end up not doing it at all. Soooo glad I put the pics on the blog, as I actually forgot what I took a couple of the days!

The rest of the weekend was spent being lazy.

But J and Nyki stopped by yesterday afternoon, they were looking at houses. Found 3 they liked, one in a better city,(less a commute for J) smaller, cost more but meets their needs. 2 out here in our small town, cost less, meets their needs and wants, so we all discussed what we liked/did not like so they could decide which house to put an offer on. I really like the house they were leaning toward, but it does have an odd shaped kitchen and no pantry. (has cabinets in the dining area) which Nyki did not like...but the rest of the house was coooool. Little courtyard area when you walk in, wrought iron stairs, 3rd seperate we'll just have to see.

okay, Proj 365

Saturday morning, ice on our cars. Now, we live in the middle of CA, we dont' get snow, so this is as close as we get.

Sunday afternoon, Percy enjoying a little bit of sunshine. It's been so foggy and gloomy, this little bit of sunshine is such a relief. Still colder than heck out there, but ahhhhh....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

an interesting morning...

My mom and may cat are 'fighting'. How do you 'fight' with a cat, you ask?

My mom is not a cat person, in fact she won't sit on my couch because of the cathair.

The other morning, she caught Percy sitting in one of the dining room chairs, so she started to yell at him and move the chair so he would leave. He did leave, with a lot of growling and hissing. I told her, she should not have done that. (this is not their first encounter like this)I try to tell her that Percy is the boss of this house and he can sit wherever he likes.

This morning, I was in bed reading, with Percy cuddled next to me. Mom came into the room and started to tell me the Sports News. While talking about Oklahoma's loss, she got a little loud...well, Percy reacted. He started to growl, hiss and strike at her with his paw. She screamed and ran from the room...aye yi yi.

I told her its because she started to get loud and he remembers the other day. DH thinks he was 'protecting' me. She calls him a 'devil cat' (remember she's Japanese, and I think Japanese folklore is not real friendly about cats) because his face transforms, his eyes 'glow' and his back gets all "big" when he does that.

like a couple of kids, I tell ya. though I wish I had my camera for a picture!!

so, here is project 365 for yesterday:

Mom and I are the queens of leftovers, between the 2 of us, we actually do pretty good at eating them..but with dh out of town, we have quite a collection. I should probably clear it out a bit.

Today, finish putting up last of Christmas decorations. and Scrap, I hope to play with project 365 page, and work on the Christmas Journal...and...

Friday, January 9, 2009

a fun pic for the 8th...

This is one I've been wanting to take for a while. At work, we have 4 preggos, and I've been wanting to take a belly shot of the 4 of them...but trying to get them to agree, and together in one spot, has been difficult.

So, from left to right, according to due dates, we have:

Maria, having a boy, due in February
Ana, having a boy, due in March
Nyki, (my ddil), having a girl, due in April
and Betsy, we find out today if its a boy or girl, due in May

We may even put this picture up on the 'Company Safety Incident Board'...what do you think the title should say, "Don't drink the Water"...?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

back to the grind...

Yesterday was my first day back at work. siiiiiigh. so my project 365 pic for the 6th is my desk. Before I even got the chance to clock in, PROBLEMS, so the first part of the morning, I was a wee bit stressed. But things settled and I was able to accomplish my day 1 of the close process. Good news, I did have 7 boxes waiting for me. The 2 peas Christmas clearance, the spica markers from Cat's Pajamas, and I took part in I am a Scrapaholic's Warehouse sale, and got a box of stamps/inks...wonderful.

AND I've already got today's Project 365 pic...dh took down part of our fence this morning. He uses the tractor to take out the trash can, forgot he had discs attached, and... well, sheared off a section of fence! ahhhh, life on the 'ranch' or is it life with Mikey!!

So, guess now I've got to figure out how to scrap these. I think, I'm just going to keep it simple (for me) and use a couple of 12x12 scrapbooks. and my stash.

well, off to work. yeehaw..too much fun!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Its Monday, and guess what...

I'm not at work. I was going to go...but ended up making calls for my mom, about her insurance and the urgent care visit in July that they did not pay. Oh what the time I got off the phone, it was 9am, so it did not make sense to me to drive to work (45 min) to leave work at 1:30 to drive to my dentist appt (a little over 1 hour) to go home (another 40 minutes). I'd work about 3 hours, and drive at least that long. But I got stuff done, more phone calls for mom, post office, dentist. Oh, and a nice nap-py-pooh.

I spent yesterday reading, Midnight Sun, the telling of Twilight from Edward's point of view. Oooooo=weeeh! be still my beating heart. be warned though, its over 200 pages, so don't think its a quick read. I can't wait till this is in print, so I can have it in my collection. (to share with dd, of course..nah, she can get her own copy)

so here are my Project 365 pics:

day 3, Saturday, are the Christmas decorations waiting to be boxed. We started un-decorating. But did not finish all of it. ALL 3 of our backs were aching by the time we were done.

day 4, Sunday, I just took a picture of the spaghetti dh was making. He makes his own from scratch sauce and this was an extra yummy batch. He caught me taking the pic, and said, 'Hey, you didn't stir!!"

day 5, Monday, saw the silhouette of this tree while driving home from the dentist, it fit the mood of the afternoon....its been a cold foggy sprinkly day out here. this was taken at 3:30 this afternoon, but, hey, it is good 'Edward' weather!! (Oh, I am just losing it, ain't I)

Okay, guess I'll take me and my drooly mouth to another room. See if I can accomplish SOMETHING today. I'd scrap, but I am starting to feel headachy now that the numbing is wearing off. Don't you hate going to the dentist?, but then I was thinking all these fillings and missing teeth will make me easy to identify if needed. Man, I watch too many forensic crime shows don't I?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

a li'l disappointment yesterday

soo, I'm working on my Journal Your Christmas, and it's going pretty good, I get to day 19, and little hp photosmart has a message for me... 'ink cartridge failed. Please replace cartridge' Huh? this cartridge is less than a month old?

how could it fail?

Guess I'm going to WM's to buy another one, I hope that will correct the problem, but I'm not too optimistic. How does such a new cartridge fail? I haven't printed that many pics on it? I'm confused.

I also need to buy my bin for my bills...time to think about preparing for April 15th, yuck.

Well, here's my day 2 of project 365...this is Marshall, begging for a piece of my bbq chicken. While we were living in the trailer, dh made it a habit to feed Marshall our food. They would sit together in the dining booth and dh
would feed him. I told him, he was "teaching the cat bad habits". He would just respond, "Awww, we are buddies". But since moving into the house, Marshall has just gotten ruder and ruder, to the point where he is grabbing food off your plate whenever he can. I am sitting at the table, Marshall is standing to reach the table, and his paw is making its way to my plate...he is a pain. But we love him.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day was spent in the Japanese grand tradition of Laziness...

Well, except the first thing I did was clean/organize my scraproom a little.
moved some books to another room, moved stuff off the floor, reogranized, even did a page or 2, and prepped for a couple more pages. But as DH said, that was not work for me, that was play.

Then ds and ddil stopped by, we watched "The Family Stone". and that was it for me, once I got on that couch there was no getting up!...after the kids left, I watched an episode of the Closer on my dvr...then "It Happened One Night" with Clark Gable...then dh and I watched "Encino Man" (talk about stupid but fun!)(talk about a CUTE Brendan Frasier!) and finished it off with CSI.

So, I'm not officially doing project 365, but kinda 'lurking' the idea, but this pic was perfect! It's Kema and Rocky...dh slept in, so here are the boys, looking thru our back door, wondering what 'papa' is doing. 'Papa' was on the couch watching some of the UFC fights, then Lynard Skynard's Farm Aid performance... he's not usually a couch potato, so the pups and me were a little surprised.