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Sunday, October 28, 2007

7 random things

You've been tagged! (well not really, I took the tag from www.ofcatsandcardstock.blogspot.com)(tried a couple of times, can't get link to work)

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog -- we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I'll do step 3 like her,

and not " tag specific people, so if the spirit moves you, please consider yourself tagged! Post a comment here so we can zip over to your blog to read your 7 random and/or weird facts!"

cuz I don't think I know 7 bloggers...

1) I used to be afraid of dogs as a young child. My dad said he thought I was knocked over be a large dog as a toddler, I don't know about that, but I do remember throwing my lunches at dogs and jumping on ANYone's back whenever a dog approached us on the way to school. (this is back in the late 60's when those thermoses were glass inside)

2) After my parents divorced, on our weekends with Dad, we'd play Monopoly all night. I remember my dad would say, "That will cost you" whenever we landed on his property

3) I met my best friend Michele on the bus route to school. I had just moved to San Jose for my senior year of high school...had to walk a woundy bus route home and for a few days she would walk in front of or behind me..so one day, I turned around and introduced myself. We became inseperable that year. I LOVE her family...but her big sis did not like me, she thought I'd be a bad influence...cuz...

4) I was arrested for drug possession my Jr. year of high school. (now not as bad as it sounds) I was playing hookey and the apt I was in was the target of the bust, I just happened to be there. long story short, this is one of the reasons I got sent to live with my dad my senior year.

5) I LOVE mexican food, esp texmix. I think enchiladas are God's perfect food.

6) I homeschooled my son from 4th thru 9th grade. The reason I started homeschooling was bacause daughter was in Catholic school and during 2nd grade, they have first communion, so I thought it would be confusing for her..that the other girls get to wear white dresses...homeschooling J was an afterthought.
But she was too social, and did not do well in homeschooling but J did much better. He was never a trouble kid, but when I started with him, he could not add 8+3 without his fingers!! I guess teachers liked him so much, they did not notice he wasn't learning very much.

7) My house has 30 colors of paint. I even have colors on my ceilings. I LOVE IT!!
every room has a different character. IF it has a door, its all bets off.(some even have different floors) Now, adjoining rooms and halls, I went for similar,
for flow (but not same) An example, entry way is a dark gold that leads into the great room that is an Olive green w/Burlap ceilings...the halls off that are the same color as the ceiling (burlap) but the walls are Latte...the kitchen and nook(to the left) is a color called Great Green w/ the Latte ceilings and the dining room is painted Timeless Taupe w/ pink ceilings.. The great room's 'decor' is Ca Wine Country, the Kitchen and nook is retro (with a poster of Elvis) and the dining room is leaning toward a shabby chic..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

crops and Beatrice

from 2 peas:
Whats one thing you look for in a crop?

I ain't picky, I just wanna crop. But when I get there, I like plenty of space, good lighting and M&M's. Its always nice when basic die cut tools and such are provided. I've been to crops by myself and with friends. Thoug friends is nice, I'm good by myself also.

Its been a couple of days since blogging. Beatrice has not been feeling good the past couple of days. I even left work early, cuz I thought it was going to get ugly for a while. Oh, Beatrice is my tummy. Yes, I've named my tummy. Since she is such a BIG part of my life, I figured we may as well be friendly and gave her a name.
I know most women name their boobies...dd did at a young age...okay, C won't give you away...teehee.

Anyone watch Women's Murder Club on Friday nights, its a good show, I like it.
but the end, when the coroner seduces her husband was sooooo me. (okay, I am so bad with names, last night I just figured out the lead character is Lindsay)
ANYways, she was complaining to Lindsay that the s*x life has been nothing, since hubby is in a wheelchair,"able", but not motivated. So Lindsay said, "It's up to you." and gave her a cute little nighty...so she goes to her husband (who is watching tv in bed) and simply says, "I'm here to seduce you". He turns off the tv, "I'm interested"...she says how in her head she had planned a dance and all..but it was easier in her head....and that would be soooooo me! I could never dance around for dh! I'm embarrassed, when no one is home, and I catch myself dancing around the house! I think the cats are ROFL'ing.

oh well, I think I'm going to work today, to catch up on quarterly sales tax after a li'l housework...thrilling, huh

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


from 2 peas: Blog about something inspiring that you've heard/read lately.

Tough question, my thoughts are 'muddled' right now. I live in the Central Valley of CA...far from the fires...but this is what is on my mind right now.

I guess I am inspired by these evacuees who are behaving in such a civilized manner. They are not hurting each other, destroying the stadium they are in, its just such a different story than what happened during Katrina. but, why? why so different?
many of them have lost everything also...
The news report is saying that many of them become volunteers as they arrive, creating a sense of community instead of chaos.

Then the news reports of many businesses sending truck loads of groceries and supplies... then you think of the internet story of the Starbucks that charged big bucks for a case of water for 911 rescuers...

so, I guess they are my inspiration today.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

looking back..

from 2 peas..What were you doing 10 years ago around this time?
What were you doing 5 years ago around this time?
What are you doing right now?
What do you think you will be doing in the future?

10 years ago, was homeschooling my 13 year old son. and helping my 11 year old dd go thru the girl drama at Sacred Heart...OMG!! 6th grade drama, by the end of the year out of 9 girls, all but one (dd) was 'following' the Queen Bee. We did leave the school for 7th grade...a good move for us. ( A teacher aproached me a couple of years later, saying that they (the teachers) did not realize what a bi**h that girl was, till the next year...hmmm when 3 girls leave the school because of one...that's a hint!)

5 years ago, Son was graduating from MCRD and we were all going to his graduation and afterwards, dd and her friend and my mom took a tour of So Cal college campuses...Pepperdine, Westmont, Loyola, Vanguard, Chapman...just to name a few. Beautiful campuses, only one felt like 'home' and that is the one she went to.
(it was funny, as we waited in the reception area of one of the campuses, one of the most beautiful young men we had all ever seen walked thru..we called him a 'ringer' that the college has it set up for him to walk thru when young girls are in the reception area)

Today, I'm at work...pooey ... and a scrapaholic, at least that is fun.

Future, hope to be spoiling grandkids!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Here's a layout of the "Vespa" girls in France..using my Bad Girls kit...so proud of myself, I even used the little bad girls label that came identifying the kit!!

2 peas asked about fave fall activity...hmmm Thanksgiving and Christmas Shopping!

LOVE getting together w/family and eating great food and well, shopping is a given.
this will be an interesting holiday season, as dd is bringing a young man over to meet us...Michael found his Application for Permission to Date My Daughter.. he has been wanting to use. My poor baby girl, guess Michael is gonna put his shotgun over the fireplace mantle, too (better not give him any ideas). He has already said, he's gonna set up a sleeping bag and flashlight in the barn, so the young man will have a place to sleep...don't worry...Michael is sure the dogs will help keep him warm at night.

reminds me of one of my fave songs, by Little Big Town, called "Welcome to the Family"

Saturday, October 20, 2007

This is a pic of goodies from the swap where her package was a li'l delayed going out, something unexpected came up and she had to leave town.. I sure did appreciate the heads up.

But isn't this package wonderful!

First, as I cut into the tape, I could smell the Cherry Shower gel, yummmmm.
then I could see a big box of Toblerone...that is already in hiding from my dh.

The papers, I had put a bid on Ebay and did not win...but they are sooo perfect (I think) for pages about C's stop in Greece. I mentioned that I am doing a mini album for the Grandparents...so she sent me this Heidi Swap album.

and the goodies, I am addicted to Queen and Co, and this blue I did not have already.
the bling and travel doodads and rubons and nail polish (I only had brown and pale orange)...
Goodness, I've gotta get off this computer and PLAY!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

wanted to post a layout, I know this is plain as far as layouts go...but I loooove this pic of my dd.

2 peas topic: Kindness....wow, not something I think about...
Is Kindness the same as consideration, or is going out of your way to do something helpful to someone else. hmmmmm. is it kind not to lash out at someone who makes you angry? or is it kindness to not let small actions irritate you.

something to truly think about.It is a part of dh's fave verse, 2Peter 1:5-8...
"For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith, goodness; and to goodness, knowledge, and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance and to perseverance , godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love. For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ"

You know, I always looked at this verse as our steps in our growth as Christians, our first step is faith...we've gotta believe...then we start 'cleaning up', we are no longer attracted to the "bad", we seek to change for the "good". And we grow in knowledge, as we study the word and fellowship with other Christians. Then, we must practice self-control and perseverance, in order to live that Christian life.
Then we do reach out with brotherly kindness and love...cuz it reflects Jesus in us. And though I do not have the greek, but I'm betting that love in this verse is agape love...the love that is not based on how I feel or what you do, but a love that accepts.

Thanks for making me think about this.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

swap 1, the coordinator contacted my swap buddy, and she says she sent it a couple of weeks ago. I have not rec'd it, but she is probably thinking I'm the ungrateful one.

swap 2, I did get a pea mail from the recepient of my package!!
It was dated the 15th...so I feel sooooo much better and a little foolish about my little vent.

guess its like getting a package, once you give up it arrives...now if only the shoes my dd sent me from England on Aug 28 would get here.

and my missing swap package and my delayed one!!

oh well!!

an artiste? nah....prob not a swapper either.

from 2 peas....Share four things about yourself that make you the person you are today as a creator/artist

I don't consider myself a creator/artist...I just enjoy scrappin my family memories.
so those four things would be:

1) I am a nurturer...I love to mommy...now that my kids are grown and a li'l out of that picture (I do still try, a little) , I spoil my cat.

2) I am a busy-body...yes, I wanna know what is going on in my kid's lives, of course, it is altruistic...I just wanna scrap it for ya! ha!

3) I am a shopper...so I do have great stuff to pursue this hobby with.

4) I have time and space now...with kids grown and a scrap room...

I'm having some trouble with the last swaps I've been in.
One swap, nothing from the person who was supposed to send me a package, I sent hers early and really thought it out and packaged it in a fun way...used one of those Target Tinkerbell purses for the ribbon and such...and nothing.

The other swap, I don't get much of a thank you. I even 'angeled' a couple of ladies who were left out..., so in 2 swaps, I sent out 4 packages...one sent me a nice heartfelt email..and that was sooooo appreciated. One sent me a pea-mail and all it said was 'you are my angel' in the title line...so I guess that is an acknowledgement. The latest one...NADA...no acknowledgement...not even a note that she rec'd it.

I feel like I send out nice packages. I certainly spend more than asked for. Hers was Basic Grey 'Mellow' package set , prima flowers, brads, ribbon..stapler w/colored staples, cookies and a CD...

But maybe I'm all "wet" and I should stop swapping.

Oh, and I still have not rec'd my package from the person who is supposed to send to me, but I did receive a peamail letting me know what has come up to delay it...and I appreciate it.

oh well...such a tiny thing...but it does bother me.

Monday, October 15, 2007

rude comments

from 2 peas:
What do you think of ppl who leave hurtful anonymous comments?
Your thoughts?....

I find it cowardly and unacceptable. And sad, why lash out at someone, esp publically, who you don't even know? I try to keep my comments positive, or don't say anything. (I admit, sometimes, I don't post anything cuz I think what I have to say may sound stupid.)

Once when someone asked for a critique of a project and I did not think she made the best choice in photoshopping her picture, I sent a private message to let her know how I thought and why.

I'm also a little leery of those who create new id's to start 'something' on the boards, like last weeks HOF stuff...

oh, Michele, I'm on the phone with C right now, she said she loved Portugal, the people were friendly, the only observation is it was a little 'dirtier' than some other cities...dog poo left on the ground and all...she said that is in a lot of European cities..guess they don't have the laws and regulations that we do about disposing your pets' waste.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

5 things

wanted to do the challenge from 2peas, so I'm baaaaaaaack!!

Blog about 5 things you want to do before your time is up.
Could be anything.
Blog about those 5 things.

Be a grandma...I REALLY, REALLY want to be a GRANDMA!!!

Plan, okay, help plan my dd's wedding (a nice wedding) (cuz dh and I eloped and ds and dil went to the courthouse, so dd MUST have a wedding!!!)

Use up my scrap supplies, okay, that will keep me here a while.

Travel to Greece and Italy...been wanting to since I was 14 years old.

And, last but not least, grow some 'balls'
Yes, I want to be one of those brave women who says what she thinks
and just plain does not give a '______' what others think.
I want to be one of those persnikerty old women who wags her finger in your face and insults you with panache. or praises you when I like you...but the other will be more fun!!

My friend Michele came down, we met in Tracy, did our running around, but while at Youngplays, I got a call...the local crop is cancelled. The young mother hosting the crop had to take her daughter to the doctor Sat morn. Soooooo...Michele and I set up at my house, on the dining nook table and went at it. It was fun.

She is working on her grandson's book...a baby book!! insert sigh...and I'm working on my daughter's Europe trip.

Michele is a 'beginner' scrapper, one of the things we bought her in Tracy was her first rolling tote.. so my scrap room with all my stuff overwhelms her a little.

We had a great time, now Cassandra (the cat pictured above) was less than thrilled. We set up in 'her' spot....so by 9 pm, she settled herself on Michele's stack of papers, growling all the way.(top pic) When Michele tried to give her a pet, Cassandra snapped at her...so I moved grumpy Cassandra onto the couch.

Around 10:30 Michele and I went to bed, when we woke up this morning we found Cassandra happily curled up on the chair Michele was using! (bottom pic)

Friday, October 12, 2007

yoohoo! crop weekend and tips for travel in Italy

from 2 peas: Scrappin plans!!

Been waiting for this weekend!! Michele and I are gonna meet for breakfast, then shop at Youngplays!! then go to an all day crop with my local group.

BUT I haven't had time to prep for it, dh has rediscovered online video poker, so if he gets home before I do (which is all the time) I don't get the computer for the night. And I have a Kodak Easy Share printer set up to this computer, so I need to print some pics and pick some papers for tomorrows crop. Guess this will be after work tonight, as dh is out of town!!

Cierra called from Italy, yesterday. It was a brief call. But in that time, I did hear the squealling of car tires and honking of horns. (it was 10 am our time and 6pm her time) Which reminded me of what my co-worker has been telling me about Italian drivers:

1) Do not try to cross the road, unless you are with a nun. Because they WILL hit you. (not to injure you, but to nudge you out of the way)

2) When in Rome, find a corner cafe around 5pm, kick back and prepare to enjoy the show. since Italians talk with their hands, its chaos!!

3) You gotta ride in a taxicab at least once. It will be the ride of a life.

When I repeated this to C., her response was an emphatic..."I am NOT getting into one of THOSE cars!!" My co-worker's response..."chicken!!"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

out of the box?

from 2 peas: Are you a person who will go out of your norm to try something new at least once. Or stay with that your comfortable with?

the above layout is one that is outside of the box for me. My first use of Love, Elsie papers and paint like that. I think it was to a challenge from Scraptalk.
So, for me, when it comes to scrapping, yes, every now and then, but usually when I do a challenge. Probably why I like them so much.

In life, not so much. I'm pretty set in my ways and a li'l stubborn, too.

My one attempt at ski-ing is an example of that. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN.
I fully agree with the quote "If God had wanted Texans to ski, he would have made bullshit white".

so, its been a while since I've added a blog. In honor of my Love, Elsie layout, I bring you...Elsie's blog. For you seasoned scrappers, you probably have a link already. For you newbies and family who aren't in "the scrappin know", be prepared for a treat. Her layouts are stunning to say the least. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

monthly kits..and stinky room

from 2 peas: Do you get a monthly kit? If so what do you like about getting a monthly kit

yes!!, I get two now...I am a Scrapaholic and Bad Girls...and I love both
what I like is that someone who knows what they are doing chooses coordinating paper, embellishments for me...but does not pre-lay it out for me...and I can make great looking layouts! I have links to both on this blog.

and I love the websites and ideas the DT's have. They are non-snarky sites, too!

also, this month I picked up an Oct Jenni Bowlin kit, just too yummy to pass up!!

Yes, I have an extensive kit collection that I file together by kit.

A couple of days ago I complained about the drinking in dh's family,
how do you like this: (I paraphrased from an email to my dd)(its her room)

a couple of family members spent the night Saturday, and yesterday I walked into the room, cuz my friend Michele is coming over so I wanted to prepare the room for her, and...

the room smelled like stale alcohol and cigarettes!!
I am sooooo mad! DH says he doesn't think they were smoking and drinking in the house, so I guess this just emenated from his/her pores as he/she slept.

so, I've had windows open and been Febreezing the room
not only am I gonna wash sheets, I'm gonna wash the comforter too
(it is white taffetta, one of a kind, made of old gowns, from ebay, wish me luck)

Hell, I may just throw away the pillows on the bed

as you can tell, I am 'spitting' mad.


Monday, October 8, 2007

This was from an email sent to me, isn't that just a cool pic!

from 2 peas: Share with us one technique you find your self using on layouts over and over again....

I still like to ink and tear...so is that called distressing? would you believe I've just discovered double matting (over the summer) ...but I'm excused, I'm so new to this, right? scrap lifting is a fave technique, too!! ha!!

its Monday, and my back hurts and I am so tired. Barely got out the door before my deadline, (I commute w/dil) and she is a former Marine, who likes to be ON TIME!!

Longhorns lost to the Sooners, honestly, I'm not big on sports, but this game is important cuz one of dd's friends is a diehard Sooners fan...and I just want the Longhorns to whip 'em. Just so I can tease him. Oh well. I was thinking of inviting him for Thanksgiving, but not anymore!!!

I'm just counting down the days till my friend Michele comes down and we go cropping. My sis was at a crop down in Houston for the weekend, when I talked to her she said, " I'd be so proud of her, she's using all kinds of stuff on her pages and spending all kinds of money. and since she has so much stuff, she'll have to send some to me, cuz she'll never use it all!!" YAY!! I am proud of her! esp when she shares!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

alcohol ink tags, and alcoholics

here's a sampling of the alcohol ink tags I'm making for a goodie bag exchange with my scrap group next weekend. The Christmas ones are not quite done.

2 peas question about getting together w/fellow scrappers. I am lucky, to be part of a small local group. We get together at least once a month. But the next couple of months, have added a craft night...to prepare for the holidays.

Not much happening, the inlaws have been down, so, well you know.
We had the family over last night, Dh's parents, brothers, sig others and J and Nyki, a total of 10 for dinner. Dinner was nice, after...well, there are a lot of drinkers in this family...so not so great for me. I did sneak away to work out on the treadmill. Lets just say I've never been comfortable around people who drink like that, the 'sniping', loudness, ...nah, not interested. One person, won't say who, got so he/she was constantly repeating him/herself and could not stand.
I'm just not impressed by people who get this way.

Why do this? They think they are 'functioning' drunks, but NOT!

oh well, I'll get off my soap box. just letting ya'll know, I HATE IT!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

pumpkin patch and the art of the flirt

from 2 peas: Do you like to go to the Pumpkin patch to pic your own or do you just get time at the store? Share a fun photo

no, pumpkin patch...maybe when grandkids are in the pictures, but here is a 'fun' pic of the 'kids'...Jim, C, Keoni, Jason...the boys have been friends since 4, 5 years old, so, C considers all of them her big 'bros'. And, cuz she did not 'connect' with the girls in the neighborhood, she practically grew up with them.
One reason she is so comfortable with guys, and didn't act all 'stupid' around them in Jr. High...oh, the girl could/can flirt, but she never looked stupid doing it.

Actually, she has it down to an art, just ask her Macy's co-workers from her days at the men's fragrance counter. I went to pick her up one day, and saw her do the cutesy head tilt...think she got this from one of her stage roles, Karla Zeller from Oklahoma Rigs. Really, I was just waiting for her to giggle and walk her fingers up his arm.

Yesterday, was a tough day...the electricity went out right before my wake-up time at 7am..well, no electricity, no water (our water is off a pump), so I had to go to work without a shower. YUCK. THen, no access to my personal email all day.
Then, toward the end of workday, 2 peas goes kablooey...can only type titles, nothing else. But when I got home, at 7pm, I went directly to bed and did not regain conscienceness till 2 am. So, I feel great this morning!! Lots of sleep and according to Dh, I took a 30 min shower!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


2 peas, weekend plans...

boohoo, don't get me started.

my inlaws are down, they arrived Weds and will stay till Monday,
so, interrupts my tv schedule, no ANTM on Weds, 1/2 of CSI last night.
so, prob no scrap time this weekend. but I gotta do some tags, for a goodie bag exchange next weekend.

I make it sound worse than it is..I enjoy my in-laws...they are very nice and mil cooks great. And since we all work, she has made dinner for us.

I just miss, the li'l block of "me" time I've gotten so spoiled with. (frownie smiley here)

It's funny, dh LOVES to entertain, he is constantly looking and asking people to come over for dinner...me...not so much, wow, me..not ever. But I guess its cuz I feel like I have to clean the house and stop everything and it adds more work and all. Now, I don't cook, he does, so that is not an issue.

But I am having company next weekend, my BF from high school, (yes, high school)
(I am 46 yrs old) is coming down and we are going to Youngplay in Tracy, then an all day crop with my local group. NOW that is what I call entertaining a guest!! HA!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

inspiration and consequences

from 2 peas:When you are stuck and need some inspiration. Where do you turn?

it happened recently, I was working on some layouts for J's Marine Corp album, and it felt a li'l blah to me. So, I checked out the Pea gallery for some guy layouts.

Yes I do get a lot of inspiration from the 2 peas gallery and blogs.

I'm watching the news, so disgusting. Do you remember the line from Batman Begins,
" Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding."
(I know he turned out to be the badguy, cuz he wanted to destroy the entire city)
But I guess I am just a "law and order" girl, if someone is guilty of a crime, they should be punished. Simple. No, don't punish them all the same, like cutting off their hands, it should be according to scope and all. But there should be consequences EVERY time.

Like raising our kids, consequences for chosen behavior. That was my mantra.
When J brought home rocks from the church playground, I made him take them back,
cuz you know, the church had to pay for those rocks...and I hope I taught him to respect other people's property.

J was asked over the weekend if he considered border patrol, as he is looking into law enforcement for his career. He said, yes, but the 2 agents who were put in jail for shooting that drug runner in the butt, changed his mind. And I agree, why should he put his life on the line, for an agency that DOES not have his back!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

from 2 peas: Do you make Halloween cards? If so share some of your work.

No halloween cards, but did make some fall alcohol ink tags yesterday..will post pic

So, my car has been in the shop for the past 3 weeks or so, first it was new tires and alignment and then to ghe body shop to fix a dent in the door and total detailining. 3 weeks later and oh, 2k later it was a brand new car.

so, I took it out on Saturday, for my mad shopping spree, and, well, here is a pic of the very first parking job at Target. Hey, I'd been driving for over an hour and had to GO!!! Oh, well....