Sunday, February 23, 2014


remember that old saying?  WWJD, what would Jesus do?   In our Sunday school, the kids and I have been talking about God's love.  We started with an agape love, a story about John T Ferrier, who sacrificed his is in Night Light a devotion I am doing.   Then we talked about Loving your Neighbor as YOURSELF, loving your enemies, that love is a verb (1st Corinthians)...and last week talked a little bit about what loving our brothers and sisters in Christ. And it came up that...

"For a Christian, love is a person.  Love is Jesus of Nazareth.  If you want to know what love is, look at what Jesus did, what Jesus said, and what Jesus refused to do, and you'll know how love works and how it doesn't.  Take your life and set it u next to Jesus's life:  How does my life compare to the life of Jesus of Nazareth?  Do I get mad at the things Jesus got mad at?  Do I weep at the things Jesus wept over? If you want to know what love is, Jesus is it"  from The Jesus of Suburbia by Mike Erre...(as I read this section, I was thinking ...why am I not reading this book?.. My dd went to Mike's church and got this for me years ago)

So, I asked the kids to spend the week looking thru the book of John and noting what Jesus did and said.


And I sit here Sunday morning wondering what I am going to 'teach' ... wha,wha,wha....uhhhh (yes, that is the sound of a brain sputtering and overloading)

okay, let's break it down.

there were  a lot of miracles and healings and prophesies  that I don't think we can do.

but there was humility and serving...can you imagine my bringing foot washing stuff to class?

there was forgiving of sins and redeeming sinners...the story of the adulterous woman and the woman at the well...and speaking of woman at the well, how about talking to those who are looked down upon.

not only Samaritans, but children....

He always spoke the truth, even when it would 'cost' him.

obedience to the will of the Father, time taken in prayer...

can ya'll think of anything else??

Saturday, February 22, 2014

gotta make the changes

Just got back from a 2.5 day trip to Reno.  Came home a touch sick, intestinal disturbances...yikes.  I'm simply not healthy in that dept.   Go from one extreme to the other.   I just slept after getting home last night, and skipped dinner.

I know when I was on a healthy eating plan thru Sparkpeople, I did not have these issues and know that it is my body saying "What the Hell are you doing?".   But, I just wanna.  I just wanna eat the things I love and taste good to me.  I know, I know...

Did get to scrapbook in the hotel room one of the days.  Got quite a bit done of Adriana's 2013 book...but need to embellish.   Could not pack a lot, so quite a bit still needs to be done.

Sometimes, I kinda get ...hmmmm, not tired...but, uninspired.  Sometimes, I feel like all there is a vertical or horizontal layout of pics and papers.   Do you ever get that way?   Guess its time to spice things up and try something different.  

any ideas?

In the effort to get my lifestyle change going again, I am trying to spend more time on Sparkpeople.  I guess for a while, I'll need to give up my screen time on 2 Peas and go to Spark.   I joined a reading challenge on Sparkpeople's bookworms' group.  Plan out 12 books to read this year,  Never preplanned a book reading list...just usually grabbed what interested me as I went.  I have sooooooooo many books in my 'to be read' piles in my closet.  and the sad thing, I have even bought more this month.  siiiiiiiiiigh.

I did re-read Jesus Freaks by DC Talk and Voice of the Martyrs while traveling.   Wow.  Soooo inspirational, how bravely and with love and joy the martyrs met their deaths/torture for being Christians.  And it goes on today.   It really makes you think.

Okay, gotta unpack the scrap stuff, embellish those pages and put them in the book.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

siiigh, family...

Feb so far has been, well, same old same old and dull...pretty much the same daily routine.

 BUT a few things ... huge discussions about attending the wedding of a family member's stepdaughter.  Half the family is going, the other half not.  There is an interesting twist, that I cannot discuss online.  Some of the non attenders cannot deal with the twist and won't.  Some are going to be out of town, and some not interested in attending, twist or not.    The discussions aren't bad, angry or anything...and actually kind of good, as I believe that when you have to defend your point of view, it really makes you think about your point of view.  Esp in what is a controversial family issue.

FIL went in for surgery a couple of days ago, and recovery  is not as good as hoped for.  He is still at the hospital. (though progressing in a good manner) Another something that makes you 'think'...of potential loss and what is important in our lives.  What does it come down to?  This was esp hard on dh as he loves his parents, and though his mind knows goodbye is is still hard for him to accept.

Travel and trips are coming up and being planned.   If FIL recuperates in time, at the end of the month is a family reunion in Utah.  DH is planning to go.  I'm not, I get to go to the Endodentist to have my infection over my root canal taken care of...BUT there is a trip to Houston for me mid-March.

With my mom in the state she is in (Alzheimer's) , my sis is taking care of her...but I try to get down there and "relieve" her as much as possible.  So far, Mid-March, (her dds' spring break, so they can get away if possible)...Late May (her dd graduates)...just want to be available so sis does not have to miss out on these events.

Beginning May, DH is putting together a fisherman's retreat for the church guys at Hume Lake, then Mother's Day I am off for my own retreat (crop)...whoot whoot.  Wow, May is gonna be busy.

AND, dh and I are looking at a potential move for his business.  Dsil (son in law, here) is graduating from his Master's program in Nov...and going to move back to Texas quickly after. (siiigh, lucky kids, wish we were going to Tx)    2014 promises to be crazy.. busy... all the above.

Oh and over the weekend I did finish 2 books...nice, easy quick reads.

Now, IF only I could go into the craft room to do my scrapbooking, instead of only going in there to plan a Sunday School craft...siiiiigh.   Speaking of Sunday School, good news there.  With our potential move, we have been looking for a potential candidate to take the class.  Tweens are a tough age to find volunteers for, it takes a special person to work with them. I kinda think it has to be a grandparent, someone who has BTDT, you know, who understands this is a phase...  BUT we do have one ( a great guy) who is interested...and another who may like to move from the younger kids...  yay!!