Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sept siiiiiighs

Sept has been.....a hectic month, with not much time at home to pursue Scrapbooking.  I did work on this giraffe attempt at distress inking for the background...not much success with the technique.  Sorry pic does not show detail

 Started a new Sub, from Fun Stamper's Journey.  This is actually the August box.  Very masculine, but gotta say looking forward to Sept's box... Just learned that Oct 1 is cardmaking day.  HOPEFULLY ...I will have time that Saturday.  
 Went a little crazy on a facebook thread, and purchased these paper piecings...and 2 more not pictured.   The turkeys are just sooooooooo cute.   I have 5 grandbabies, need 3 more!  ha!
 and this is Gossamer Blue for this month....I do like the colors, though 'mustard' is not a fave.

ooooooh, to spend time in the craft room.   what a dream that would be.   But I knew Sept was going to be booked going in. But October is looking a little more free.  

This weekend is me and Dh's anniversary trip.  Though it went from 2 nights to 1...and that is okay, with the puppies, we do need to spend more time with them and the boys.   Our boys are not ...hmmmm, let's just say, Kema and Rocky are not 'nurturing' to the pups.  They seem completely annoyed by them.

Then next weekend includes the National Cemetary ceremonies for my father in law.  It is actually on Friday, his cremains will be interned with honors.   My brother in law has been in charge of these arrangements, so I don't know what is planned afterwards, if there will be a gathering or anything.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Introducing...pretty and pretty!!!

 Over the weekend, we did get 2 new family members.  This was during a Rescues' big adoption weekend...and we already had an application in, before our losses.  With our 2 'ranch dogs' getting older and the squirrel and rabbit population exploding, we had decided to get a couple of ranch dogs to help out.   I wanted young adults as we do live on 10 acres.  But dh wanted pups, he wants to develop a bond with them like he has with our Kema.   He won.  and here are the 'girls'.

Dh wanted to name them pooper and poopsie...but I won!! so here is Bonny (a nod to dh's Scottish roots)
 And Bella, so pretty and pretty....
And of course Winston is very curious.  Watch out pups, he is not called the "velociraptor' for nothing!  Ha!  No, pups are not allowed inside (though I want them to) they are 'ranch dogs'.  They are sleeping in  a crate and kept in the crate when no one is home during the day(right now)...for their safety.

 Kema, has been very patient, but is not that sure about this 'invasion'.  Both dogs no longer sleep on the porch (where the kennel is), dh says it is because of the girls.  siiiiiigh
 And here they are all tuckered out after a visit from dgd.   (pictured above with Bella at the pet store when we picked them out)   Dgd #2, who is 2 years old, was interested but did not 'play' with the girls, in fact, when they tried to climb on her, she announced that 'it is time for puppies to go back'
But as the family left, she also said the puppies 'need to live at her house'.

The Rescue had a good weekend.  Think it was 48 pups, dogs, cats, kittens adopted that first day and an additional 11 the next.   We actually were looking at one of their sisters, a tan pup with black markings on her face and tail...she was a bit fluffier also.  BUT another couple were also interested in though we expressed interest first, we backed off...better for 3 dogs to find homes than just 2.  Plus fluffy fur and ranch...not always a good match.  Just ask Kema.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Tough night for the family

We lost 2 beloved family members,  Gunny our son's family's dog.  He was a Great Dane, 7 years and 7 months old...he grew up with my dgd#1...He was the best family dog you can imagine.  Soooo Patient with the 3 small kids, always a 'character' ...such a good boy.   With his bark, though the kids lived in a neighborhood in which most of the houses were burglarized, no one came into their home.  I've seen delivery people run from his bark.   He will be missed.

There was an incident in which there was a police chase, the perps ran from the car and one ran into the kid's backyard.   I am convinced Gunny's bark kept him from coming inside, as the sliding glass door was open at the time.  The perp ended up jumping the fence to the neighbor's yard.   I know this because son in law was working from the home at the time and witnessed it from the 2nd Story window.   Though according to sil, Gunny was a big chicken and never left the stair is okay, his bark was enough.   

When he would come to visit us, he would run the property with his long horse like legs...and stand at the door whining and drooling all over it to be let in.  (sorry no dogs in our house, we are 'run' by cats)

And last night I also lost my Percy.  For 18 years he was my 'baby'.  I had no clue, one moment he is on the bed purring next to me and the next he is struggling, my husband sent me to the garage to get him towels and he was gone (thank you dh for sparing me that)....

Percy was my 'empty nest' therapy cat, as the kids left me, I was able to pour all my nurture needs onto him.  We called him 'Momma's boy".   It took him 7 years to let dh pet him.  We loved him so much.  He slept next to me just about every night, massaging me with his purrs. and making biscuits on the pillow next to me.   When I get to take naps, he was next to me.  

A night of horrible loss.  They certainly leave empty spots in our hearts, don't they?

Monday, September 5, 2016

crafting! but...

I am crafting this weekend, but, it is a project...not scrapbook pages or something.  Y'all know the difference.  Always fun to craft, but sure would like to get to my scrapbooks also.

I am making 18 of these for our church's women's retreat in a couple of weekends.  They are small legal pad holders.  This is the first half.  I am trying to make each one unique.

I volunteered to help out with the planning...and last weekend I was telling my former Marine kid and kid in laws..I am now NAVY...Never Again Volunteer Yourself!  ha!  I'm sure when it is over and done with I will look back and call it a wonderful experience.    The 'kids' in my young adult class helped by coloring the birds.  
 And of course when you are 'project-ing' this is what your room and desk look like...right??

And of course I now cannot find my phone.  siiiiiiigh.  But a holiday spent crafting is better than not, right???