Sunday, January 13, 2013

a couple of tough days

had the worst sinus headache that I've had in a long while.

so instead of going to my monthly crop, I spent the day yesterday in bed with the top of my nose pinched between my 2 fingers.  Took a while, but started to feel human again @4pm.  One good thing about the day in bed, got to watch Star Trek (the new movie)...I really like that movie.  and the Black Ops semi marathon on the Military channel.

so, no time scrappin'...boohoo

Then today woke up with the same headache, but concentrated on the other side of my nose.  wow, thanks.
hopefully, tv is pretty good today also.  ha!!

We are supposed to go out for dinner with some friends, so hopefully, I will be better again.

then work tomorrow.

The weight loss has been rough also.  Of course, for the new year...focused on the resolution and did very well.  But already starting to lose that focus.  siiiiigh.  

okay, positivity, can I see this as positive...I've been pushing too hard and my body is saying 'time out, give me a rest'!  

Did get the last of the Christmas decorations taken down on Weds.  siiiigh, Weds.
I had a dmv appt...not bad...but, also decided to get Winston declawed.  So, I left the house at 7:30 am to take him to the vet, dropped him off....he weighs a li'l over 16 lbs so, we are looking at @$300 ...oookay.  Left for my 9:10 appt at the dmv...huge line out the door...but luckily with my appt able to walk in.

 Get a call from the vet, Winston was soooooo 'feisty', he would not allow them to even get him on the table for an exam...well, we are looking at a cost of $600 and up.  Cuz they would have to anesthize (know spelling is wrong)  him, twice.  before surgery and the next morning to remove stitches.  Well, decided not to do it.

When he is at the vet, he acts so feral.  But at home, he really is not that way.  With me, he is very cuddly (well, at naptime).  But he is rough...and with dd's cats here...we wanted to declaw him so he would interact with them.  He shows a lot of interest in playing, well, chasing them.  But dd does not want him to hurt them.
While playing one of her cats had once given the other one a lacerated eye.

All our cats are 100% indoor cats.  We live in the country, and between our 'ranch' dogs and the coyotes...there is no way any of them would survive being outdoors.  

Oh well, so Winston cannot interact with dd's pets ...and will have to stay sequestered.  The arrangement we have is her pets have the run of the house during the day, my cats at night.

So, anyways, had to go back to vet after the dmv to get Winston...spent a total of 3 hours in that car.  (as noted we live in the country...the dmv is @40 minutes from home to the east of us...and the vet is 40 minutes south of us)

he's a li'l sh*t, but I sure do love him.

So, hopefully, I can get all my monthly/quarterly/yearly stuff done at work...and take a couple of days off this week.  Michele and I have plans to get together this Thursday.  Originally, I was going to babysit dgd for a couple of days...but the kids changed their plans.   So, depending on the weather, I will go see Michele (she lives about an hour away to the northeast of us)...or she will come down here.  SOOOO looking forward to it!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


so much going on at home, work and all...but I am trying to keep a positive outlook on it all.  I've chosen a "One Little Word" for 2013...if you don't know what that is, there is a thread on 2Peas on the NSBR board.


I have the tendency to dwell in the negative, so I am trying to make it a point to shake myself out of that.  When I catch myself, to stop myself and learn to see things in a positive way.

Diana, my Jenny Craig consultant, has been encouraging me to do that for a while now.  Instead of putting up fat pics of myself to discourage me from overeating ... put up a pic of myself when I did have success, to positively remind myself that I can get there.  

Sparkpeople encourages it by encouraging a visual board of what you are working toward...not a visual board of what you do not want.  Instead of dwelling on my failures (oh, like eating 3 of the sees candy put out on the file cabinet yesterday) dwell on the successes (like when I was tempted to get a 4th, I closed the box instead)

and the Bible encourages it,  I think of the verse that says "Whatever is true, holy, righteous, think on these things" (my paraphrase)  and "be transformed by the renewing of your mind"

so, for 2013, that is what I am going to try to concentrate on.

not be a 'pollyanna' who does not see the reality of the situation, but to approach that situation with a different attitude.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference"  Winston Churchill.