Saturday, May 31, 2008

A funny pic....

This is my 75 year old, li'l Japanese mom, attempting to eat her first Mexican-style soft taco. She took the 2nd corn tortilla, put it on top, and tried to eat it off the plate. Really, I tried to show her that she could roll it and eat it...but...

glad I keep my camera in my purse.

I've been working on my first project from Bad Girls...its a mini album made with tp
roll cores...cute!! I used some of dd's bachlorette party pics. Very fun!

I've been up since 5:30, dh woke me up with his loud yawning. Guess I'll try to sneak in a nap later today. We are trying a new financial system here. Where we talk to each other about bills and we each get a certain amount of cash each week for our individual shopping, no more credit cards and ATM sliding...right...week one actually went well...but let's see if we can maintain this. Though last night when he bought his beer, he tried to say it was from the 'savings total' on the grocery it did not have to come out of his envelope. Ummm, NO!!

Got to have a long talk with dd, she is loving married life, so far. Some adjustment to the financial/budget side. You know, can't just go buy that dress without talking to the hubby, first. (she's new, she'll figure out all the 'tricks' eventually) But doing good and is very content.

And ds had his 'pepper spray' event at the academy...when they spray pepper spray in the cadet's faces...he did well, in fact one of the trainers did not want to give him water because he felt ds was not showing enough pain. They also did some 'gas chamber' training..ds had done this with the Marine Corp, so he was able to use some of that training. He graduates the 25th of this month...yikes...sometimes I think, "Why can't my son want to be a florist!!" Why does he choose potentially dangerous careers? I really did not drop him on his head when he was a baby, okay, there was the one time he rolled off a changing table..

Ya'll have a good Saturday, today is going to be a rough, its the memorial service for Michelle. I still sit here in disbelief..

Friday, May 30, 2008

a moving quotation

From 2 peas: Find a quotation that moves you and write it down. Why does it move you?

by Jim Elliot (one of the missionaries killed by the Huaorani Indians in Ecuador)
"He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose"

When I read this years ago in his wife's book , Through Gates of Splendor, it really touched me...and just began the process of putting things in perspective for me. I was the typical young woman, new Christian, caught up in the 'trappings' of the world, though at the time we did not have designer purses and shoes to 'desire'...but other 'brandings' of what made one successful and content.
(note, I think we sure do our children a disservice when we give in and buy a 14 year old a "Coach" purse, for example)(I think that is something they should get when they save/earn for it...but that is another entry)

This quote, this book, stuck with me.

There is also the scripture Mark 8:36 from Jesus, "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul" And boy, do we see examples of this.
I think of celebrities like Elvis, Michael Jackson and currently Brittany Spears...materially they had/have everything anyone could want/dream of ...but their lives were/are tragic.

So, though I don't have the finances and the stuff. My life is filled with family, friends, faith and furbabies..and I am content.

It's Friday, I love Friday...
not that I sleep in or anything, but I do love not having to go to work.

Sunday, is the 25%off everything coupon at Michaels (but just for 4 hours) guess where I hope to be on Sunday...but we'll see.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

collections and my 'and then some'

from 2 peas: Share with us something you collect and what got you started collecting these items...

Oh, I am a collector. In the past it was pig figurines (early 90's), tins...I also collect a Porcelein Christmas doll and a nutcracker every Christmas. I am now actively collecting scrapbook supplies...but the collection I've maintained the longest and still love is my colored glass. I just love the way light shines thru colored glass. The pic above is my 'blue' glass collection in my laundry room.
I also have some pink, green and red. It started with a QVC show about Fenton Art Glass...I bought a cranberry carnival basket and 2 pink candlesticks...the addiction was started. I don't limit myself to Fenton, but any piece that catches my eye.
I love to find pieces at antique stores, or cheap stuff at Marshalls.

I am waiting for Kristen (she's the personal trainer)...she passed her accredation test, so its official. I so dread my workouts with her, but I know I need it.
I'm up to 30 pushups..and my dips are squats look like a professional!! HA!!! Oh well, the price I pay for letting myself 'go'.

But I have lost the 'and then some' that people tell you you are going to gain after a 'diet'...about 2 summers ago, I went on the Curve and exercise routine.
(the diet is a modified Atkins) I did lose 17 lbs, but was completely miserable.
What/When I could eat completely consumed me. For the first 2 weeks, eat 10 carbs a day and 6 meals every 2 hours. I finally decided 'this is no way to live', 'this can't be what life is about' and ate my first warm dinner roll and it was 'out the window', I regained my 17 and 14 more...ending at @205.

Though this weight loss has been WAY slower, I am less miserable. I hope that I am making the 'lifestyle' changes that mean I will maintain the loss. Though I still don't look forward to the exercise sessions and the treadmilling, I'm glad I do it when it is over. Food is still a problem, I've cut down, but am not showing the 'discipline' I need. Now that it's summer, I am going to LOVE Salads, right?

Oh, I just 'peeked' at the Bad Girls site (gotta link on the right), they are having 'summer classes' starting Friday afternoon. Some of them look pretty good.
Can you believe I'm looking forward to the first class about altering tp rolls?

hopefully, I can look at them during the weekend. We won't be home most of Saturday, but I'll see what I can do.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

heavy to light ponderings.

from 2 peas:
One thing you must accomplish today is...

I'm not sure, I have to go to work, finishing April's close will be extra nice...and getting ready to close May...and of course when I come home from work, I need to jump on that treadmill.

Yesterday, my childhood friend called. She said she was watching tennis and it reminded her of our tennis games in the driveway as kids. It was good hearing from her, and I hope we can continue to keep up. We've known each other since the age of 4, and were best friends...drifted away a little during high school years, as for a while I went a little 'wild'...but even then, she did not judge me and was there for me. Hers is the family that I credit for my Christianity. They were loving family who truly lived out their faith, not just "oh, we go to church" people.
Seeing their family, and the fact that they got 4 daughters thru the 70's without drugs, alcohol and sex, was very impressive and when I became a mom, exactly what I wanted for my family. (honestly, I can't claim the same record...but I came close!)

Sunday, I answered the alter call at church. To recommit my life. When you see things like what happened with Michelle, it sure does put a 'perspective' on your own life. During the sermon, the pastor spoke of another funeral he officiated at, and how nice it was, but empty, because there was no Jesus. You know, I felt the same way during my bridezilla/wedding marathon...the weddings were nice and beautiful, but the ones without Jesus are kinda empty. And I want my future funeral to be so full of the Lord. Like the one for Travis. People walked away changed from that memorial service, including my husband.

okay, enough heavy ponderings...

spent the weekend me it was a great weekend. In the mornings had stuff to take care of, places to go...BUT by the afternoon, the sweats were on, hair was up, bra was off..and I was in that room. Worked on the wedding album. And yes, it is hard. You want every page to be so what you produce, just doesn't measure up. (I struggle with posting pics) DD's wedding was blue and white, so even the choice of pp was a little hard. I did the ceremony in basic white/silver wedding papers, adding the blue...but after ceremony...I chose Le Jardin from Stampin Up. I like the 'french garden' feel and the colors highlight the blue.

I've noticed the trend toward yellow in dd's clothing catalogs. I've never been a fan of yellow, but a soft buttery yellow is appealing to me...don't think I'll ever like the 'chrome' yellow of buses and street signs. (Actually, my front room in my old house was blue, white and soft yellow. And I like the yellow of the house in Father of the Bride.) So is yellow the new black for spring?

take care all,
happy 'humpday'!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

thank you for your warm thoughts,

Michelle is gone. She passed away Saturday morning, we got the call first thing.
All I can hold onto is that it was peaceful for her and that she had no fear, only beauty in her last moments.

In many ways, this is the way I'd like to go when it is my time, you know.

Our biggest concern is my bil. We are afraid he will 'lose' himself in drink, or be vulnerable to his ex-wife, Lindabitch, as she was 'trying' to get back with him even before all this. Just the thought of LB living in Michelle's home makes all of us sick. So please continue to pray for Gordon.

I spent the day scrapping. Guess it is my therapy. I want to do a beautiful layout for Michelle featuring butterflies, as during her last speaking moments, she talked about chasing a butterfly.

I've also been working on dd's wedding album. Now I know why this is soooo hard, you want every page, every touch to be as beautiful as the wedding.

Love to all of ya'll, and remember to embrace every moment.

Friday, May 23, 2008

last I heard,

They expect Michelle to pass any time now.
My husband has been going to the hospital to be with his brother, Gordon.
Weds night, Gordon told dh that Michelle said she was 'chasing a butterfly, and it just landed on a puppy's nose" I am hopeful that all her thoughts are beautiful ones.

She was one of the 'good' ones. A kindhearted soul who brought so much to our family. We all will miss her.

Here's a pic of her from Christmas, she is wearing her 'light up' sweater.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the prognosis is not good,
Michelle is terminal. Apparently this has spread too much, too far.
It is now a matter of time.

We are all in shock.

day after birthday...

Well, its official I'm 47...spent most of the day thinking I was 46, till my wonderful ds did the math for me.

A regular day, worked out with Kristin...she took it easy on me, since I was sick last week and very weak...only 30 pushups to start.

Then took care of errands and went to work. After work went shopping at the W and returned the dress from the wedding (the one mil had).

and KFC for dinner!!

a mellow some great cards and a co-worker made me flan...YUMMMMMers.
dil gave me a 50%off coupon for Richards (the local craft store) and a cd of pics from the wedding!! Now, I can start scrappin'!

Today is her birthday. I got her 'salad hands', ha! was going to get her a nightgown, cuz she thinks its kinda odd for a mil to buy a nightgown...but did not do it.

No real news about Michelle, only that she was moved to Standford last night.
We are hoping the specialists will have a good prognosis. Here's to hoping.

Monday, May 19, 2008

a new week...

Today is my birthday, yay! Getting closer to 50.
And Today I work out with Kristin, its been 2 weeks! (Yup, missed last Monday because of the wedding)(I actually lost weight during the craziness)
Plus I was violently ill for a couple of days last week.
Nowdays, I just feel tired.
I haven't been in the scrap room, except to put things in.

But I don't think its going to be a good week. My bil's girlfriend, Michelle, is in the hospital. She has a very rare condition, something about a fungus that started out in her sinus cavity, has moved to her eye sockets (she will be blind) and possibly into her brain. Gordon was trying to explain it to us, that 97% of those that get this are diabetic (she is) but that this used to be 100% fatal, but she now has a 50/50 chance.

We visited her in the hospital yesterday, and she is a trooper, maintaining her sense of humor. (she is an excellent cook, and they were talking about how she is going to direct cooking with her smell) Yesterday's surgery was to remove part of her septum, she asked us if she now has a "cute button nose".

And she is a fighter...I am hoping for the best for her. And know, that whatever adjustments she needs to make, she can make them.

Today they are moving her to one of the University of CA hospitals, either San Francisco or Standford, where there are specialists.

She came down south for the graduation and wedding. She made it to the graduation, felt poorly, so did not come to the wedding. It was head cold, maybe pneumonia type symptoms...but by Tuesday, she was numb on one side of her face...and then lost sight in her right all happened so fast.

Just seems like so many things are happening to people we know, all fast and furious, when you feel like you've finally got a little semblence of control and can take a breath, something else happens.

It does put things in perspective, though. What is really important.
Thankfully, we do have someone who is in control, that we can rely on to weather the storm alongside us. I don't know where I'd be without faith in Jesus.
and yesterday, Michelle accepted that gift...and prayed with dh.

(I don't know how to end this entry, except to say thanks for giving me a place to write it out) and I appreciate any prayers ya'll can give us.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hope to have a slideshow soon


After the ceremony, I run to the kitchen to begin warming up the pot stickers, Cheryl and Glenda start putting out the food...then Chris arrives, uhmmm, there's a problem. DD is in the backroom in tears. She is feeling like the ceremony was a complete failure... so I go back there and reassure her, yes, it was chaotic, it had funny moments, but, Babe, it was beautiful where it really needed to be.

Chris is assuring her, she had her 'aww' moment with him... so she dries her tears, I tell her don't worry, that she had been crying will add 'extra sparkle' for the pictures.

(last clothing crisis) We go to move her train to a bustle and guess what, somehow, during either the cleaning or altering, the hook that keeps the bustle up is missing. We use a safety pin. But this does not work well, everytime she moves or is bumped into, the bustle comes down. Right after dd's first dance and daddy dance, we run into the back room, Jenn and I are using 5 safety pins, and Caroline is quickly sewing it on.

Now, at this time, the groomsmen are tearing down the wedding seating and putting down the dance floor and some tables for the reception. We have 3 big circle tables, but we have other seating areas for guests, also. So its not a formal meal, but works out very well.

The kids are ready, Chris's dad announce them, and they enter the reception greeting their guests...Tyler takes tons of pictures, it all looks good.

We don't have quite enough food, but I hope that we have enough that people aren't left hungry. We run out, first mom's CA rolls and then pot stickers..

The dance floor is like flat legos, on grass. Yes, it was not flat. We were all joking that nobody better get down and 'boogie'...or dance with heels, dh joked that the Oklahoma guests will think that its a CA earthquake. DD takes one look and has the groomsmen take it down.

The dances are beautiful. The music stops during their first dance, it was the Open Road...but still beutiful. The Daddy dance was to Tim Magraw's 'My Little Girl" but the music stops at the last refrain...disappointing, but okay.

The toasts by Dh, Chris's mom and then the maid of honor and best man are wonderful!
Jenn's was touching and funny and Tyler's (best man) had us all rolling.
Cake cutting went well, no nasty pushing into the faces, just a little smear.

So, I went to serve the guest cake, and as I walk behind the table, I knock over the unicorn statuette next to a potted plant. I go to the homeowners and they both have the same response, "Thank you!!"...they say it was the wedding gift they did not know what to do with. Yikes!!

Guests start leaving and we are down to time to clean up and put away and pack up the vehicles. I walk in to dd crying as a group of college friends are leaving,
"What's wrong?" "We are leaving" "Well, you can't leave if it makes my baby cry"
Then ds and dil walk in, and dd starts to bawl. They go in to the laundry room, ds helps her to put things in perspective. According to dil, they calm her down, until she sees Cheryl...and the tears start again. (don't worry by the next morning, dd is seeing the beauty in the day, its just at this moment, she is feeling like its all a failure, cuz she is seeing the crazy details of the past 4 days or so)

I go outside and one of the flower girls is playing with the water hose, next to the gift wet gifts, but mud soaked table cloth and flower girl baskets need cleaning.

Dd and sil (now official) leave , they did not have a chance to eat at the reception and are going to 'In n Out'.

Somehow we get it all done, and we are waiting, one of the groomsmen and his wife can not be, dh knows where they are, because when he went to make sure the casita was clean, he 'heard' them. But it is Chris's mom, Jeanne, who takes action.

Yes, they are in the casita, having an afternoon tryst.

Jeanne is livid, dh is amused and me, I just feel like it is the 'just figures' end to the craziest wedding EVER!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The moment...

So, its time to start, we all line up. Because its Mother's Day we start with my ds escorting me, then Chris escorted his mom...followed by bridesmaids.. then flowergirls and ring bearer. Now, a paper type runner had been laid to the alter, and with each person walking on it, it got more and more messed up...the flower girls did great...tripped a little at the beginning and went down at the very end.

Like 2 little bowling pins..plop, Chris bends down to pick them up...
and this is what dd sees when she steps out...chaos. She even says that was the moment someone walked in front of the door way. So she did not get her 'aww' moment,

Now those that I spoke to said she was breathtaking. And Chris says once he saw her, he did not see anything else. (he even asked dh if dh was there, cuz he says he does not remember seeing him)

The ceremony itself was beautiful, their personal vows brought tears to all of us,
the Chaplain gave us the perfect emphasis on faith and Christ, the unity sand was gorgeous, wonderful ceremony.

A funny moment, when asked about the rings, the ringbearer tried to give them the rings on the pillow (someone forgot to tell him these aren't the real rings) and you can see the perplexed look on his face when the actual ring was pulled from the best man's pocket.

When you look at the pictures, it is beautiful.
Like I tell dd, "We fooled the masses"...looking at the pics you don't see the sheer craziness leading up to this.
The flowers look like they were planned to be that way...
people would tell me, "It comes together" and it did!!

But we aren't done yet. We had a very interesting reception...

Wedding morning...

I am awakened at 5am by Jenn's cell phone alarm. She doesn't wake up, but I do.
I go to Jenn, and recommend that she simply tie the 'leftover' flowers with a ribbon and have the girls hold them 'Miss America' style. She gives me a blank look, so I don't think she likes the idea.

DH is sent to the airport to pick up Caroline, the bridesmaid who flew in from Sacramento. She had a show she choreographed the night before, that is why she could not arrive till the morning of the wedding.

We figure out which car is going straight to the site (ours) and which is making the last, last minute Walmart run (Jenn's). We need panty hose, a couple of pics for my Wedding Party book and...well, when dd went to pack her shoes, she found a big mud stain on the a bleach pen. We get it all packed...including the bucket w/ the 'leftover' flowers. My mom is in the back, with the dress draped across her lap...we warn her, "don't let anything happen to that dress...we'll deal with a lot, but if the dress gets ruined, we are cancelling"...don't worry nothing happened to the dress.

The car that is going straight (ours) carries all the food, bride's personal stuff,
we are traveling along and my mom says..."where is the veil?"..uhggghhh!!
Luckily, we are able to call dh, and since there is a spare key in the lock box, he and Caroline can pick it up, no problem.

We get to the site and start to I've mentioned before, this is a gorgeous former model home and my mom is 'starstruck'...she is walking thru it saying, "Whoa"...almost in a daze.

We get things unpacked and are in the kitchen moving the perishibles into the fridge, when we hear a large crash. My mom has walked through the 12' screen door.
Little old Japanese lady and screen door go crash. My dd with perfect aplomb, looks over and says, "and that is without drinking". My mom says she was so impressed and she was looking at the guest house, saw that there were people outside and thought the door was opened. Don't worry she wasn't hurt, but it took 3 Marines to put the door back up. (household casualty #1)

We realize we also left the bridal bouquet problem... another call to dh.

Now, this is a model home, designed to show off views not hide them, so those back rooms have window treatments, not blinds or curtains. The girls' room is the back suite, the guys are in the 'casita'...the guesthouse. We tape up sheets to the windows in the girls room, cuz dd has to be 'hidden' from sil for the morning, right?

I never even walked into the casita, so did not even think about it, lets just say that open bathroom window faced the yard all our guest would be in. And the guys got very creative for bathroom usage during the reception...either that or 'wave' to the crowd, right?

The bridal party and their spouses are asked to arrive around 8:30, to help with set up and prep and to have a quick rehearsal, without dd. By this time she is in the room hidden.

As people arrive, I assign them projects...guys empty vehicles, set up banquet area, and arch...gals decorate and food prep. We have a 9' arch, but the guys call me over asking if they can leave off the last section to keep it 6'...I told them as long as sil can stand there without hitting his head and they can get it secure in the ground...'don't worry, we'll take care of it". I assign the decorating to Nicole S. and Jamie (one of the groomsmen's wives)...they do a GORGEOUS job.

When the food arrives, I ask Jamie to make the pot stickers. She did it, all of it, what I think is the worst food job of the day. (she became my favorite gal of the morning...but wait till the after reception story...she figures prominantly in it) My mom is in the kitchen making a plate of her CA rolls. I tell her just make one plate, they were a 'hit', I should have had her make more.

I send dil and another groomsmen's wife to the store to get the edible creations fruit bouquet and some ice. I had printed a Mapquest map, guess it wasn't very helpful, dil said she went down 6 different streets to find it. Now, I ordered the largest bouquet, to the tune of over $118...this thing was small!! I kept the container, it is less than 12" long. The fruit was went fast!! But I can't help but feel I was 'gipped'..if the $118 arrangement is less than a foot long, what is the $70 arrangement? 3"!!!

All I can say, is I felt like a complete dragon lady...I do not like 'barking' orders. But these kids are fantastic, they worked hard. I may have had one kid from each group who did not really pull their weight, one bridesmaid, one groomsman...but for the most point, they really jumped in and got the job done.

Special mention goes to Robert, one of the bridesmaid's husbands, who ended up setting up the banquet area for me. And when Jenn's family arrives, they took over the setting up and prep... It was my weakest area, and they were life savers.
Now, Jenn's dad, is former career Navy, so of course he wears his dress whites to a wedding filled with Marines. But picture him making red punch in those whites...
(he did not spill a drop)(but, boy, those of us in the room were in a state of worry)

Unknown to me, thank God, dh and Caroline were almost in a car accident.
Guess they were in conversation and dh missed a red light, he says he slammed on the brake and spun out almost hitting a bus. All the ifs, if there had been people walking, if another car had come thru the light...but they make it.

I had just sent the girls to the garage to help Jenn make the bouquets, she was in there by herself. (she is one of those gentle souls who does not ask for help)

But it was good, cuz when Caroline arrived, I took her to the back room and told dd, "I brought you a present!! It's 5' tall and squeals". DD comes out of the bathroom, and they both squeal. With dd in So Cal and Caroline in Sacramento, they don't get to see each other, so it was good the room was cleared for their reunion.

But dd gets a disappointing call, Sara S, the bridesmaid lost in Las Vegas, made it to CA...but would be really late in arriving to the site. But the other girls pull through, they will take of dd's, Sara S. can do her makeup.

As you can imagine, rehearsal was chaos...the cutie pie flower girls were walking in a couple of directions...the line up was odd. I asked the kids to line up according to the program. The girls did it from the top, the guys from the when they were standing at the alter, it was set up so the tallest guy was escorting the shortest, guys, switch!!!

I take a couple of minutes to put the last 2 pictures into the "Bridal Party" book.
and put it out on the gift table. Finally get dressed in the laundry room..oh, the dress!! I end up wearing the shirt I wore at graduation with a skirt, as dd requested...when my mil arrives, I see she is wearing the exact same dress that dd did not like!! Hey, it looks good on mil!! We would have looked like 'bookends'!!

Sil's grandma takes over the guest sign in table and does a terrific job,
we have a photo mat for guests to sign and cards for them to write marriage advice or memory on...dd says the only people who did not fill one of these out, were me and her new mil (what can I say, we were busy)

Wedding was supposed to start at 11, chaplain arrives at 11:30, actually starts at 11:40. Now, the weather is beautiful...the rest of the week, has been cool and cloudy, today it is sunny with an occassional we have guests waiting for more than 40 minutes and some are starting to bake.

okay, almost ready for the ceremony....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

where is bridezilla?

So, as I am logging these events, I am amazed at the calm and determination and even sense of humor my dd is showing. I also am not exactly an even-tempered person, been called moody, before. Yet we are both not 'losing' it, at this point.

In fact my friend Michele, as she and Sandy left the cottage on Sunday, remarked to Sandy, that I am 'too calm'. (and all she saw was the pizza incident)

I think it was expected that I would be more emotional, as anyone who knows me, knows I am quite the 'smother mother'...I love my children deeply..and have always been very involved in their activities. (I think it will be harder for me when the new Mr. and Mrs. go to Fort Worth, Tx in December)

There were a couple of incidences along the way on Saturday.

When dd went to get her nails done, she told the manicurist she want French tips, but I guess there are a couple of the manicurist started doing the other type. When dd told her that is not what she wanted, the manicurist, said, well that will be an additional $10 to change it. At which point dd broke down and cried.
(manicurist changed her price to $5)

And there was my crying jag while driving to Costco...and then...

as we were entering the amphitheater for the commencement, something stupid happened, and I responded with a quiet..'yeah, yeah, f-bomb"

now where was I?

entering the amphitheater for the commencement of a private Christian University.
who was I surrounded by?
the family of young 20 somethings who felt it was worth paying @25k per year to send their children to a Christian University.

A gentleman did turn to face me and give me the 'dirtiest' look you can imagine,
I was embarrassed, it was inappropriate of me, and I just thought to myself 'you have no idea'

As I tell my tales to family and coworkers, I get the same response, "I would have lost it"..but I don't know, we were surrounded by terrific people and a quiet strength. Tues morning while going to work, dh had KLOVE (a Christian radio station) on...and the song posted on my blog came on...and we simply started worshipping in the car.

He got us through, and the biggest compliment we received that day was from the homeowners..when they said...they had never felt God's presence in their home before, the way they felt it that day. (and they are not Christians)

So, even though I have not started Sunday's events...and folks, it doesn't get any calmer...hold on to your does become more beautiful.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturday night...Aye Yi Yi!!!

We get to the cottage, luckily, I had a crock pot of chicken going, so those who had nothing to eat all day could have a li'l appetizer.

Ongoing flower incident
Jenn checks the flowers in the fridge, the white bridesmaid bouquets are ruined!
brown spots, wilting, so we toss them..and we know the maid of honor bouquet is not going to make it. So, we tried to figure out if we could go to a grocery store or Walmart real early and get some roses before we have to arrive at the site at 8am.
Remember this is mother's day...
As you can guess, the girls are heartbroken.

However, the bride bouquet is simply gorgeous, the deep blue hydrengeas, white roses, and iridescent sparkle picks...

The girls, Jenn and Nicole S, start baking a heart shaped cake for the wedding pictures. it is very cute. They used fresh strawberries and well, it did seep a little.

My dh, went to the store with his friends to get more ice and drinks, but left his cell phone in their, my dh without his phone is not a pretty picture..he felt naked.

We end up having about 20 people at the cottage, and we wait for the the last delivery is at 9pm. We wait and wait and wait (lost delivery person incident #2) I think the issue was really, with my calling it on a cell phone,
on the freeway, we both had a hard time hearing each other...and the wrong address number was written down.

After many phone calls and direction attempts...Chris finally gets in his truck and meets the young man at a landmark...and leads him in. I'm just thankful the fellow did not give up on fil pays for the 4 pizzas and a tip...a total of $90

oh, and it is close to 10pm before we get them.

and the pizzas are AWFUL!! Like our friend Mike F. says, he could not tell where the pizza ended and the cardboard box began. the sausage was like sausage chips!!
the half a veggie slice I had actually was not that bad, only cold.

So, our guests start to trickle out. DD and I are getting ready to make one more trip to her home, to grab the stuff we need for the wedding tomorrow, when she gets a phone call..

Travel incident #5

One of DD's bridesmaids, Sara S, had been celebrating her 21st birthday in Las Vegas.
But she was coming home early to be in the wedding. HOWEVER while in Vegas, her purse was either lost or stolen, everything, identification, credit cards, cash are gone. Now, as you all know, you need a driver's license to get on an airplane...


What do we do? Do we send someone up there to pick her up? How is this going to work out? Sara S. calls the airline and they told her to be at the airport extremely early..say 4 am...and they would see what they can do.

DD and I go to her home, grab her stuff and it is after 11:30 when we leave,
I tell dd...any later and we would have to cancel the whole thing, cuz I am serious about dd and sil not seeing each other the day of the wedding.

dd and I go to bed after midnight, completely exhausted not knowing if we can get more flowers, if Sara S is going to make was a long night, without any sleep.

sidenote: Unknown to me,thank God, Jenn and Nicole S., decide to go on a midnight stroll on the beach, they probably really needed the fresh air and space. However, dh was very concerned as his cell was not around and he had no way to communicate with the 2 girls if something should happen on an isolated beach in So. Cal...

Saturday Graduation...Magna Cum Laud!!!

Okay, Saturday @3pm, we head for the Amphitheater in Costa Mesa that dd's commencement is going to be starts at 5,so we arrive @4...and it is a good thing. That lot is swarming!! Looks like a grand opening to a major event.

So I call the other vehicles following us, how close are you? Not close, will you hold seats? We needed a total of 15 seats. Now, I HATE seat holders, but guess what I did...uh huh. Dh's brother Gordon took the lead and got us great seats in the shade...3/4 of the amphitheater is going to sit with the sun in their faces.
But slowly but surely our group arrives, I save just enough seats...but 2.
waaaahhhh, but Michele and Sandy arrive real late, and we all meet later.

Dh gets a call from dd and runs off to 'take care of something', he returns to tell me that her key got stuck in the ignition and she could not get it out. They ended up taking it off the fob, and locking it that way (car incident #___?, I'm losing track here)

The commencement was really good, the speaker was awesome, a little over 500 much fun to yell for the kids we know. 3 of the gals are in the bridal party, Sara B, Jenny F, and Jenn N. (are you seeing a pattern here?
dd's bridesmaids are..Sara M, Sara B, Sara S., Jenn, Jenny, Jenn N. and Caroline!!)
As mentioned in the title, she graduated Magna Cum Laud!! that's my baby!!

After the ceremony, we have dd's purse, I needed to do something with my own, not knowing what to do with dd's..I give it to Chris. We all laugh and tell him, he needs the practice. Dang, if that boy did not keep it and carry it all the way thru the amphitheater and parking lot to dd.

sidenote: my friend Michele and Sandy were in the parking lot, looking for us when she sees this tall, cute guy walk thru with a brown purse on his arm. She has never met Chris, but he does seem familiar from the invitation picture. She told Sandy, "I think that may be Chris"..and her first thought was, "Any guy who will carry her purse is A. O.K with me"...and of course, it was Chris.

It is after 7:30 and in order to have pizza delivered we need to order it before 8. So, we all get in our vehicles and head for the cottage.

I place the call on the road, and am told delivery would be 45min to an hour.


uhhhhm, no
don't hold your breath!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday afternoon...continued

so here is the tin label..

Where was I? ooooh the fridge situation, the other units at the cottage, an apt and 2 studios were unoccupied so I called Meredith, to ask if she could possibly rent one of the units to the group of kids coming from Turlock. As, the one whose uncle they were staying with, was not able to make the ride down. When she quoted me @$50 per person, (alot for young 20 somethings)I asked her if they do not take her up on it...cuz they are kids and can sleep on floors...could I use one of the fridges? She said, "I meant to tell you, I have a bigger fridge in the garage, and you can use it" WOW!! problem solved.

DH joins me at the Costco register line, and just took over for me. We got home and I went to move the trays into the fridge. I was hoping to catch the girls as they left to get their nails done, but I just missed them. so, boohoo moment, I did not get my nails done...just trimmed them down low for the wedding.

Back to ongoing dress situation, discovery that I had thrown away the eye and hook while cleaning the area. Now, I had given dh the grocery store list, so mom joins him in the hopes that the grocery store will have basic sewing supplies,
it does, but not what she needs...but they find white safety we've gotta make do...right?

sidenote: Sara M did not thank mom for the is quite simply pissed. My mom is 76 years old and the simple thank you is a requirement, people who do not say it are simply not forgiven.

DH comes back...and boy did he overbuy...he thought some of the list items were for
@80 turned out to be a good thing, cuz we used a lot of it)

While he is gone, Cheryl (Jenn's mom), and the kids arrive!! Yay!!
So we got to visit while waiting for the girls to return. What can I say, it was wonderful!! Cheryl, Wade and Glenda (Jenn's grandma) are simply some of my favorite people. Their presence was so important to me, I had them seated at the 2nd row.
They are afterall, dd's 'other family', as Cheryl says, "C is her daughter from another mother"

We are getting calls in the mean time from ds and dil, the 405 was closed. Their original plan was to go all the way to Vista and the hotel,... it then changed to arriving at our cottage, so they could change and clean finally became, we'll meet you there, in Costa Mesa. (travel incident 4)

but it was 3pm and time for dd to leave, so she can be at the amphitheater before
4pm... so, I will start there for the rest of the Saturday story...
you ain't gonna believe it but it gets worse,
we have another car mishap AND another lost delivery guy, just to give you a hint...
and a MAJOR travel incident. OMG!!

OMG!! Saturday..1st half

To set the stage, I have been going to bed after 11 and waking up around 5 really getting sleep deprived. My head starts making lists early, so I get up to write them down and get as much done as possible, Saturday is no exception.

We are to meet the boys at the Fallbrook home, to await delivery of the chairs, tables, linens, dance floor, speaker system. Now this is the morning after the bachelor party, but Chris does show up, with his best man, Tyler and his little brother Jackson.

sidenote: When Jackson and his grandparents flew in, the airlines lost their luggage, as of Saturday morning, they were still waiting for the luggage to be delivered. can we count this as another travel incident..#3?

Anyways, we soon get a call from the delivery guys, they are close but having a hard time finding the house, so Chris gave them directions...yay, they are close, we can be out of there early and move on to the other errands.

We wait, and wait and wait...they are really lost. (call this lost delivery guys incident #1)..Chris ends up driving down to the main road to meet them at a landmark and lead them to the house. When they do arrive, we start to unload, set up and hit the road, after 11:00

Greg and Laura, who opened their home to us are absolutely wonderful and gracious, top notch people...and they love my dd. Their home is stunning in the North County hills, overlooking a bird'll see in the pictures. They bought the model home, complete with all the upgrades and decorations and furniture and landscaping, so their home looks like, well, a designer model home.

So, I have a little time before Costco, so decide to go to Target and pick up last minute stuff..a small table for the unity stand...and stuff, including goo-gone cuz the serving pieces I bought at Ross on Thursday had super PERMANENT adhesive.

Now, dd and dh went to Margot's house, continuing flower incident, as Margot called that morning saying that with the next day being Mothers Day and since the flower market was picked over on Friday, she did not think the deep blue hydrengea stems would even be available....BUT...she has 6 heads of pink hydrengea and floral paint, so they could stop by and get some from her. YAY !! a solution, and a no cost one also.

As I was driving to Costco, I started crying, and called Cierra to bring hubby to Costco, not knowing how on earth I was going to even get all those trays to the car!!

Oh, fridge situation, ....

oops got to get of the computer, dh is back, time to load up car and leave.
to be continued,
same bat channel, same bat time...and all that.

OMG!! Friday!! (day 3)

(note, it is 2 am...but I have been up with my head 'spinning' for the last hour, so I gave up, and came back to this)

So, Friday,
mom and I get up early and go to Walmart..wanna get things like the big plastic tubs to put drinks in...we are so early, we practically own the store.

get a call from dd, they are done at the flower mart, could grandma come back to the cottage, so they can get started on the flowers? So, I drop off mom and the stuff, and go back out. I need to get my hair highlights softened, they were orange, and a new dress. Oh, the night before, C did not like my dress, I got it at Dress Barn, thought it was mom of the bride, kinda longish with a jacket, but she felt it was too old looking. So, went looking for a sweater to wear over it..we'll call this dress incident #1.

As I'm sweater hunting, get a call from dd, 'when can you come back?", before going back, You GALS KNOW I had to visit Ever After!!
after Ever After, I saw there was a Boston Market, so I went in and got their Market dinner with Tuscan Rotissere Chicken...called dd...well, there is 6 people at the house, 7 for lunch, if you count me...not quite I hit CJ's for a couple of chicken taco salads, also.

Arrive and the gang is on the patio working on the flower wrist corsages and buttanieres. We have lunch, and no one 'pigged', so we did have soon as corsages and buttanieres were done...people leave, Jenn and her dad to check in and take a nap (they traveled since midnight and were exhausted) and dd took her mil and sis in law, Sara M, to the house, as C needed to pack a bag, cuz she was coming back later to help Jenn with the rest of the bouquets. She is also going to spend the night, as this was bachelor party night.

Dh arrives during the afternoon. He rode in with his parents and they brought him to the cottage. he is focused on getting the wireless internet to work...which he does. as my 2 am typing/venting is evidence of. I'm exhausted, so he takes the car to be filled..nice guy, but the house and grounds are completely smoke free zones, so he uses the opportunity to smoke a cigar, in my car...yeah.

As soon as they leave, well, dress incident #2 begins.
Sara M, is also a bridesmaid, but the dress size she needs is on backorder, so the next size up is ordered. Now, my mom is an experienced sew-er so dd and I 'volunteer' her to take it in a know stitch up the sides a little?
UMMM, no, this dress, zips on one side, has pleats all down the is gorgeous...the pic is not the actual dress..but close to the pleat idea.

Well, my mom is steaming, we did bring the sewing machine and blue thread, but needed scissors, seam ripper, reg sewing needles, (so made a quick Michael's run for all that)..she begins to rip the zipper seam, and I lay down for a nap.
By the time I wake up, she is upset...why wasn't this done before now?
(the dress was in So Cal, Sara M was in school in Kansas)..why can't her own mom or grandparents do this? (I don't know) So, mom puts it down for the night and finishes it Saturday...grumbling, sighing, complaining all the way.
Now, somehow, the little eye hook gets thrown away, by helpful little me,trying to clean up..oh, this is a Saturday story...

Sidenote, don't think dd was resting, when she went home, she and sil were working on the programs. I had pretyped a li'l something...but...emailed it to them, as I use Printmaster Gold and could not figure out how to save it to the disc...well, without going into detail...the kids could not fully access the cover pic and font were missing, so had to make their own. They could not get their cover photo to fit in the pre-bought programs spot, so just went ahead and used blank paper.
I told them I would use the pre-bought programs for future baby announcements.
(we won't call this one an incident, just a gee- of course with our luck event)

Sidenote: kid's house guest number up to 7, as 3 more arrive from out of state

Cierra arrives, we put together favors while the movie 27 Dresses is on..we're not watching...but it is on.

The favors are so cute! We got mint tins, and dh's shop made labels that say "Cierra and Chris mint for each other"...I'll have to scan one when I get home,
so we put a mixture of mints in each little can.

Jenn and her dad arrive, so we start to put together bridesmaid bouquets...but what is this? the deep blue hydrengeas for the brides bouquet, did not survive,
they are wilting and falling apart! Those things cost $30 per stem...
but okay, we'll call Margot, go back to the flower mart and get some more, now flower mart only sells to licensed florists, which Margot is But she cannnot go on Sat even if we buy a plant retail..we are going to get new ones!! (That's how determined we are to make this work)(ongoing flower incident) As we finish, we put all flowers in the cottage fridge, and it is FULL! (now remember Sat noon, I'm picking up all the cakes and sandwiches)

Oh, during the evening, it was looking like Jenn's mom and grandma, may not make it for the weekend...something was going on with the car. Now, 5 kids were riding with them...these are high school friends, and dd really wanted them to be incident #2)..
BUT by the end of the evening, a friend looked at the car and told her it was fine to drive, so they made plans to leave 6am Sat morning...yay!! another stress handled!!

I'm already joking to dd that we are going to write a book...but..we have not even gotten to Saturday/Sunday yet!!! and it only gets better!!!

Sidenote: I did not know this till Monday morning (God is good) when I listened to my voice mails, but...our home alarm went off at 1:40 a message from the alarm company, police were dispatched to our home. Now the pet sitter did not call Sunday to tell us the house was smashed into and animals were we are hoping that means it was a false alarm.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

OMG!! It's over!!...Weds, Thurs

I simply don't know where to start!
was this the craziest, most horrible, most wonderful, most amazing, most everything past 5 days ever...??

We are surrounded by amazing, wonderful friends and family.

Name a wedding catagory, name a day, name an event..and I can tell you what went wrong, and what was beautiful.

We arrived in the wilds of Southern Ca last Weds afternoon, it was too early to check in to the cottage, so we stopped by dd's to drop off a couple of wedding gifts and then did some shopping... after getting lost from the Mapquest map, (the street was blocked off for construction) we finally get turned around and, following detour signs find the cottage. We are one block from the beach..and the decor/paint is fantastic. At first I use the lock box to get the key out and NO I try the door and the cleaning crew is still here. The house simply other word for it. So, horrible, Mapquest map no good and driving around Oceanside; beautiful, the cottage. (but I was able to warn all friends coming down here of the detour)

Went to dinner at Hana with the kids, a favorite restaurant while traveling down here.(feeling good..I'm just being lulled into thinking this could be a good trip, here)

Thursday, go to Riverside to meet with Jeanette (the swap diva on the boards)
using my good ole mapquest directions, some how I manage to get on hiway 60.. but luckily she calls before I am too far off the track, she cannot meet me at our original destination of Collective Journeys in Redlands. She was having car trouble with a recall and no parts at the I get off the next exit, go in a convenience store for a pepsi/snack break, get blocked in by the garbage truck, (though the neighborhood looked a little run-down, we laughed at my bad luck and treated it as a snack break)

Got turned around and went to meet her at Aunty Amy's stamp store...very cool place. I went nuts. my LSS, Youngplays, closed last I've been buying online, overbought, and loved it. (now she went to the old mission to meet me, but figured we miscommunicated the 'where' and found me at Aunty Amy's) you know, meeting someone you know online is a little iffy, but in person Jeanette is just as sweet and friendly as you can imagine.

She then took my mom and me on a tour of the old mission that has been turned into a hotel. Talk about breathtaking...just loved everything about it. Took LOTS of pics. The one above is one of the stained glass windows.
It was a very good break from what is going to turn out to be a crazy time.

But dd was waiting for us to make a Costco run. So, we head home, again the wrong hiway...but it worked out. We go to Costco, me, dd, mom, her new mil and Jamie, the wife of one of the groomsmen...even with 2 carts, ever try Costco with 5 women?
yeah, a li'l nuts...but so good to meet Jeanne, dd's new mil.
We order 3 sheet cakes, and 4 platters of croissant sandwiches for me to pick up Sat at noon...and buy a ton of stuff. Take it to dd's home....

get a phone call from the maid of honor, Jenn, (we'll call this travel situation 1)the hotel on base overbooked for the weekend, so Jenn and her dad would not be able to get a room till Friday afternoon instead of Thurs night.
Now they were supposed to meet dd and a friend, Margot, at the flower mart Friday morning at instead of driving down Thursday, to check in and sleep...they drove after midnight, met the girls at the flower mart, then came here all day Friday. not a crisis but manageable, right?

But had a wonderful dinner at the kids' house, Chris cooked, salmon, bbq steaks, mac and cheese, caesar salad...and he even served us at the table, as 4 of us were either stamping cards and envelopes or rolling napkins and tying them with ribbon.
There were 10 of us for dinner. As 4 were the first of the Oklahoma guests, who are staying with the kids till next Thursday. Luis, who will be the 'sound guy' on Sunday...set up his Xbox game, Rockband. So we watched the kids play for a while, then head home.

A productive but busy day.

Get home SUPER tired but under the impression that things are manageable, oh what a fool I was.....

to be continued...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

wedding time for me...

I leave Weds morn at this could be my last post till I come back next week.
(unless I get 'lucky' and get a li'l computer time)
Have a lot to do, as people ask me, "how are you doing?" I respond, "All the above"
I'm feeling all happy, sad, excited, frantic, worried...It will be good when it all comes together.

I leave ya'll with a pic of how he proposed, did I ever tell the story?
The jewelry store set up a window display at the mall, so he took her 'shopping'..

It was a fun surprise!

take care and if any of ya'll think about it, would sure appreciate any and all prayers.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy weekend...

Crazy, Busy weekend...
Saturday the crop was fun...worked on wedding 'stuff'...did the groomsmen half of the Meet the Wedding Party book...guy pages are such a challenge for me...I just don't know how to embellish.

and worked on some of the Europe trip pics...esp the pile of Italy.

Was chosen for the NSD challenge, so got a little prize package, some really cool papers from K & Co. with matching ribbon. I didn't think my layout was that good, cuz I used what I had on hand at the crop, instead of my 'full' stash at home.
I immediately used a couple for some layouts. (before she could change her mind) ha!!

But I think I'm going to challenge myself to do only Guy pages in the month of June.
(Could be hard, cuz I'll have all those wedding pictures). Okay, make that the month of July and August. My son's book is a little sparce, it does not help that he hardly takes pictures!!!!!

from 2 peas: List 10 things you want to accomplish before it's too late.
is this a 'bucket list'?

1) Lose weight and stop looking like a toad in family photos
2) Travel, around the U.S...but abroad also
3) Learn to make those beautiful cakes (but be strong enough not to eat them)
4) Go to massage school
5) Be a grandma, I want to be the "nana" grandma
(but thats not really my accomplishment, is it)
6) Scrap my kids' childhood (virtually untouched cuz I started after they were out
of the house)
7) Take our Golden Retriever to the groomers and then get professional photos of him
8) Take a course in Western Civilization and read the great classics
9) Buy a red silk bikini and get a belly button ring (see #1)
10) Grow strawberries and roses...would love a real slammin' rose garden,
filled with the oldfashioned roses.

Back to the grind...
Kristen stops by to exercise, then a li'l running around, followed by work.

Tomorrow is our last day home..then Weds morning we head for So.Cal!!
a little of 'aye yi yi" and "whoo hoo"!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

summa cum laud...or magna...

from 2 peas: You win a scholarship to go back to school for any four-year degree you want. What will you study?

That's funny, because back in my own Jr. College days, I used to plan to study accounting for a career, then go back and study psychology because it is interesting.
And that is what I would do. Though I'd also be interested in sociology and history.
I'd love to see the psychology behind the 'waves' of history, and why we as a society seem so 'doomed' to repeat it, as opposed to learn from it.

But the title is for my children...I got a call from dd yesterday, she told me that a couple of days ago, she got a note in her box. Asking her to attend Thurs morning chapel, as that will be an awards ceremony, and she has received one. Now, she works mornings, from 6:30 am to 10:30 am, and figured she would just stand with a crowd of kids who earned a certain GPA and the Dean's she did not ask for the time off. After classes, she went to the office and was told that she is one of 2 graduates the sociology dept is honoring this year. She will be on the website and her name will be engraved on a plaque in the dept office. She was blown away,
this year with the semester in Europe, and then this semester, with working, planning a wedding, living off campus, she has not been very involved on campus.
(like she was previous years) So, she really did not expect this.

AND, a little while ago, ds is also getting his name on a plaque at the police academy. For running a distance under a minute.

So, last night dh and I were talking about our 'award winning' children, and of course taking credit...

We did conclude that dd does take after me, I did graduate high school in the top 10% and in Jr. College was on the Dean's List and joined an academic fraternity, Phi Theta Kappa....and ds does take after him, as in Jr. High he ran track and won all his meets except county.

Also, dd is considering continuing with law school, specializing in family law.
So, ds is going to be a cop on the street and dd is going to be in the courtroom.
Hey, maybe that's an idea for a new reality show....ha!!

I've often thought about seeing them in the Amazing Race together. With their oil and vinegar personalities, it would be interesting tv!! But they would fight so much, they would probably be one of the first to go home!!

The pic is an example of that, this was taken after ds returned home from the Corps,
well, he was pointing his finger for the picture, dd slapped it away, ds pushed I took the picture!! Cuz that is what my kids are like.

have a terrific Friday...tommorrow is NSD!! got a crop!! yay, yay!!