Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was gone on a 'super secret mission' the past week. Feels good to be home, But in between my duties, I did get to scrapbook a li'l bit. And got to an Archivers. I used to be able to spend a couple hundred dollars there, but this visit...hmmmmm, they just did not have the selection/bargains that I remember. I was a li'l disappointed.

Worked on my Shimelle Christmas album, had access to my sis's supplies. Though, I tried to make sure I did not use anything that was consumable, unless she gave it to me. BUT this girl has quite the punch collection; she was going to give me one that a friend gave her, a fiskers round punch, until I used it and she saw how pretty it was...ha!! That is also how I lost the chance to get her quickcutz tool. oh well! from now on, when she is thinking of giving me something, I will not use it in front of her!! and teach her how to use it!! ha!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why am I up at 4 am?

Ugh, that's why. I need to get some things done, but here I am...rambling at the computer. I have not done my part 2 of lesson 2 on the camera, as I've had NO LIGHT (its been cloudy and rainy) and I've been working more days. End of December means end of month, quarter and year close. Which means Census forms and Taxes for both companies.

My weight loss is sloooow, I did step on the scale this morning, 2 more pounds! So, I'm almost at a grand total of 5...Exercise is the fun part. I got Gold's Gym Cardio for the Wii...boxing!! (Amazon was having a New Year, New You sale, and got it for @$12. BUT, the one I'm doing most frequently is Zumba. I look like Frankenstein's monster trying to do those moves...but it is fun, and I sweat!! As long as dh doesn't set up a hidden camera...I'm fine.

Watching my food is harder. I think I've only been within calorie range, one day!
I do pretty good, then that last choice...sends my numbers over. Gotta 'tweak' so the higher cals are earlier...then I'm not so hungry at the end of the day.

I joined a Biggest Loser challenge on Spark. Hopefully, that will keep me motivated.

Oh! if you are interested in the Photography Class at 2peas, they are re-starting it.
Here is the thread

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lesson 2 part 1: shutter speed

I was planning to scrap this morning, but my printer is out of ink, so, out comes my handy dandy binder with the 2 Peas photo class. Why not?

Today it is shutter speed, the higher the speed, the longer shutter speeds cause subject to blur, while faster speeds stop motion.

The lesson was to do running water in an indoor sink...BUT all my shutter speeds inside said 'subject too dark', so I had to go outside. Yes, outside where it is cold. My first round, I used a frog statue, that did not cause enough splash. 2nd round is the pig, but the 2 pipes in the background made the water flow difficult to see, so 3rd round is what I am posting. My camera and I may start sneezing from stepping outside so many times.

speed of 1/40 (auto mode goes to 1/60)

speed of 1/120 (125 is macro)

speed of 1/160

speed of 1/200 (as high as my S mode would let me go)

then I put the auto dial on Sports, got a speed of 1/500:

so, what do you think? can you see the action of the water being stopped?

think this is an important lesson for me, as my fave subject is a constantly moving toddler!!!

but the 2peas lesson 2 part 2 is about bringing balance between aperture and speed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Been looking at the 12 weeks to Better Photography at 2peas.

the first 'lesson' is on, went out and took these..these were taken at the same time, from the same angle, just different apertures. I did crop the white pot out of all but the 22 pic...
the higher the aperture #, the smaller the opening, therefore the less light.

the highest aperture setting on my camera is 22:

I experimented with 16, 12, 11...but the highest you can actually see something is 8:

and the class said to go for 5:

then I thought, this is a 'smart' camera, why not see the auto settings, you don't always have to 'reinvent the wheel' afterall. right?

'macro' 5.6:

"landscape" 6.3:

now, from what I understand, the lower the aperture, the more focused the opening, the more detail in your subject and the background fades. So, the lower my aperture, the more 'rust detail' you should see, the less of the weeds and the shed.

So, can you see the differences..?? Personally, I like the colors in the last the best.


though in many ways, 2011 looks kinda 'dire'. That's why I dislike watching the news. Can't understand dh's daily 'need' for it.

May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding fill you with a joy that transcends all circumstances. okay, my vesion of Phillipians...but you 'get' it.

On a personal note, the new year is always a time to create new perspective and yes, resolutions. I have never been able to keep any resolutions...but thru Sparkpeople, I have learned to set workable goals.


Long Term:
5k with dh in 2011
(a gal at church is starting up a Couch to 5k type program)

Health and Fitness:

Have more energy, Bring down my cholesterol
(the exercise, cutting fats from diet, and taking that Lipitor)

Friends, Family and Social Life:
Do More!!! I tend to be reclusive
(can start tonight with an Open House)

morning yoga, count calories on Spark, read/scrap/learn photog instead of tv sluggin'

fit into a sheath dress, wear a swimsuit

morning Bible Reading (been in the book of Matthew for months)
so, finish the Gospels and read a couple of books I have set aside
about 'spiritual' concentration will be to ask and answer
"Who is this man?" As Pastor Dusty challenged us to a few months ago.