Friday, September 26, 2014

a new project....and news I've been waiting to say...

My poor room...this is what is is looking like at this moment.  I was traveling last week and took a project, so I need to finish unpacking and putting away.   I will be traveling again this week, so I need to pack up that project as well.   siiiiiiiigh

This is what dgd and I are 'working' on right now.  I am making a month book using Prima doll stamps, she likes faces on them, so I bought a Peachy Keen stampset while in Reno last week...Scrapbook Paradise!!   Honestly, when dh said we were moving to Reno ...not any time soon, the Scrapbook Paradise store was a big reason to be excited.  

Monday, dgd came over and choose some backgrounds ...this is the one she chose for is in progress....she chose a tiger stamp to be June's 'pet'..
 This is January, well, duh...she liked it, but said "I don't like the word"...I told her, We have to keep the word, that is what makes it 'educational'.   I am hoping to find  poems or something related to each month...or write something...
So, that is what is splayed all over my room right now...though the first pile in the corner is some of the project life album I am doing for dgd#2...Adriana's li'l sister.  So, guess I had better go in there and do some straightening...and playing.

oooooh, I can now make it dd and son in law just posted it on their social media sites...grandbaby #3 is on his/her way!!
Li'l peanut!!!  happy, happy, happy dance!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

attempt at project life

Been trying to do project life for dgd#2's baby scrapbook.  I did 3 albums for dgd #1's so I thought maybe pl would help me keep it to one book...get more pics per page type of thing.

I like it , but it is harder for me...just not used to thinking project life way...and because I am a li'l ocd, it still ends up being like a 2 page layout...  gotta coordinate somewhat.

this is my very first page of the baby shower, used a half page on the left...

Still you can see with the fairly blank row on the right side
 And this one, still have to think of what to do with the blank cards...
 And a couple are one side a regular scrapbook page the other side project life....this page took forever...trying to keep it themed and color coordintaed...somewhat.  Those 'chalkboard' cards were the 'tie' saver.
 The flip side of the previous page..still having blank pockets.  And did use touches of Kiwi Lane...
So I've been 'stalking' inspiration boards, blogs and youtube.   I'm excited to get back in there and try some things out.  (esp like the idea of turning a pocket into a 'shaker')

Of course, I've been 'shopping'   Amazon's sale is a bit too tempting.  Most of my cards have been from the FSOT board at the former 2 peas in a bucket.Where core kits are split...  Last week, I bought my first core kit, holy moly...there are a LOT of cards in a core kit.

Gotta get ready for Sunday School, after a 6 week break we are back to class.  Today, I'm taking it easy...not a huge lesson...and a game.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

do you ever feel....


that is how I am feeling now.

I don't know why...things are going good in my life, but I feel ....hmmm, like I am not focusing on what I need to be doing.  Does that make sense?

I've been reading "Made to Crave" by Lysa TerKeaurst.  Very good book.  But it does make you think.

There has been a LOT of travel the past month or so...a 10 day trip to Texas, this past weekend in Oregon...and tomorrow I leave for  a couple of days in Reno with dh.  The 'good' thing about Reno is I do nothing while dh works.  So, that will give me a day to reflect.  And maybe lose some of this scattered feeling.

What has me unsettled?  The news is seems like things are just falling apart...on all levels

Should I be doing anything?  Should I get involved?  What? How?

Work is okay for me...but a lot going on...

The family is okay... I sure do love those grandkids.  I have no complaints.  Just read some stuff my 'crazy' sister put on FB...that probably has a lot to do with this feeling.  I just don't understand her and the accusations she makes and puts out in public.

Church is a li'l weird too.  We just took 6 weeks off from Sunday school...just no volunteers to keep it going.  Supposed to start up on Sunday.  I think I'm going to take it 'easy'...let the kids catch up on their art a game.  

I do miss the animals we 'rescued' over the summer.  6 kittens, all found homes.  and one small dog, Molly, and thank God she also has a new home.  But, boy do I miss them.  There is a sadness for me that I cannot be a part of their forever lives.  Though I do get to see pics of one of the kittens, thru facebook and of a coworker adopted her.

My health, got a fairly high fasting glucose trying to cut down the sugars/carbs and work out more.   It is hard.  I'm good in that I still don't have the obsessive thoughts about food.  And pretty much just eat when hungry.   Just wanna make sure I make the good choices.  So thankful I did the caffeine purge, as I did add a lot of sugar to my teas.

Well, looking forward to some time 'off' in Reno.  Am bringing a couple of projects, not scrapbooking, but tags for an exchange and my Prima doll stamps.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a few projects

Been a long time since I've posted anything crafty, but here are a few things I've been working on.

these cards from the Prima Paper Dolls...I just LOVE these, now the Octopus is not Prima, but is Kaisercraft.  I'm thinking of doing a book of months using my Prima know costumes kinda seasonal or something.

 A simple card, the hot air balloon is Lawn Fawn...
 Finally finished my book about our 2013 cruise to the Carribean...LOVE the li'l mermaid stamp I buy them at the Expo,  they are called Anya stamps, I have her and an angel, from the Greeting Farm
 This is simple but I am proud of this layout...only 2 of the towel animals are actual pics, I managed to use some of the stickers from the scrappin' pack I bought on the ship!  and the word paper, and top strip is from the excited on the ship to find a pack...then bring it home and eww.
 This is a fave color combo these days, teal and brown...also proud...I had no idea what to do esp with the sign on the was in Florida...then I thought well, make a 'sign'...and I had mom eat a couple of popsicles for the sticks (don't worry, I cut off the part that had food on it)
 More of the Prima mermaid and Octopus.   I think I've already made 3 projects with her.  Just LOVE her, and of course am pinning anything I can find with her.  Oh!  For this and the card, I used subtle pp for her hair...the darker came right out of the skin tone pack you can get with prima.
 I picked up this paperpack from Hobby Lobby in Houston, it is a DCWV...I think it is already becoming a fave...also used this on a lo about one of my dgd's.

I've also been working on some project life layouts.  Now those I find a bit hard.   Will post some later, If I am able to take pics without an annoying flash spot.  This weekend dgd and I will be working on Christmas tags for an exchange in my group.  

Yesterday, I learned that winkflash has closed,  I'm gonna need a new place to print my 'project' pics.  I have a home printer but that is not good for a huge group.  I guess I'll give our local CVS a try, think I just need to load a (oh, wow, the word escapes me) you know the li'l URL stick thingy.

  aye, yi, yi, time to shower 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

good news!!! well, for me...

During the month of August, I have been 'hovering' in the 192 thru 190's...gotta say it is still good that I don't have the obsessive self talk going in my head about food. (previous blog)  But just not enough changes to actually lose weight.  THEN, after my trip to Texas (to mom sit)...I went in for a fasting blood test.  Now, I am running late on that test by a few months, and when I arrived I was told the dr's order had expired (did not know they expire)...but the young lady at the desk said she could order a couple of tests as long as I was there..okay.

   Got the results and my glucose was 120 out of 125...and I'm thinking 'that sounds high".  So, I 'googled' it and yes, a fasting glucose of 120 is prediabetic.  Wha???
I let it stir in my head for a few days...and then I made changes.  

Restarted the 2 mile walk with my coworkers...I have been vigorously house cleaning (what is vigorous...doing the stuff that makes you sweat! floor scrubbing, dusting every knickknack)  Eating more salads (we are doing the mason jar salads you see on pinterest).  And avoiding sweets.  not 100% but the obvious sugary stuff...and tadaaaaa...did lose 3 lbs this week.  And that put me out of the 190's...finally.  

I am reading a book on Prediabetes.  Very interesting.  I LOVE soft white bread.  Did you know that during the digestive process it becomes sugar in your body?  Well, I did not.  There is one bread, Orowheat Italian that I can eat the whole loaf in a week's time. And I am the only one eating it.   So, guess I just cannot buy it any more.

Well, gonna keep researching and learning.  Went back to logging nutrition on Sparkpeople.  Little changes.

Well, I won't go into details about Texas, except to say it was tough.  And this time, mom did not like the vegetarian dishes I made for her.  She and my sis did  love the salmon and frittata.  (mom: 'what is that? it sounds mexican!') A  high spot, I bought some Hanafudu cards...its a Japanese card game, we played growing up.  AND she did enjoy that.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

so, a rant...guess this is a safe place

here is a facebook post by a young lady I know through church...

Dear neighbors,
I know it's after 2 a.m. and we are playing our music pretty loud. But we are celebrating my bro in laws 30th and in four hours my nephew who is in the army and has been in Afghanistan for ten months will return back to Afghanistan for a long time. Am I sorry? Not one bit. Thanks for understanding.

my response:..."wow, I could not disagree with this perspective more"

I hate and do not get involved in Facebook 'squabbles'...but this just burns my biscuits.

It is good that this family has something wonderful to celebrate.  BUT thinking this gives her the RIGHT to tell her neighbors "Am I sorry? Not one bit. Thanks for understanding" is just too immature and self centered for me.   What if the neighbor has a newborn?  What if the neighbor works a swing shift and that is his only time to sleep, What if the neighbor is a police officer who just came home from a 16 hour shift and has to wake up again in 4 hours to start a new one (and that has happened to my son). What if the neighbor has a mom with Altzheimers who loses it if she does not get to sleep by 7pm (and that has happened to me)

How dare this young woman think her celebration trumps the needs of her neighbors.   

Thankfully I do not live near her, cuz 'friend' or not, I would have called the police!

okay vent over.

Sunday is gonna prove to be a busy day...that is why I am up before 6.

Gotta set up the crockpot for dinner. then,

Church, I'm not teaching as a group of young men and women from Ambassador Soccer Camps will be doing our church services...and I did not want the 5th and 6th graders missing out.  

Switching cars with my son, as he is driving to Yosemite with a couple of the Soccer coaches.  He has been hosting Victor a young man from Brazil and Matt a young man from England.  My son drives a Hyundai commute car...I (recently) have something a li'l more comfortable for such a long trip.

Fremont, gonna drive to Fremont to deliver a kitty to an old friend of mine, Lori.  She is adopting one that, well, actually the above woman's husband posted on facebook....and Fremont is a little over an hour away...But it gives me an excuse to has been a good 20 years since I have seen Lori.  And, dgd, Adriana just may be going with me.

That means probably won't be home till early evening.

Still need to pack projects for Expo.  I leave on Thursday.  sooooooo excited.  I am actually working a booth!  I'm to work the Kiwi Lane booth on Friday...

Okay, get crockpot done, charge camera for the Yosemite group, worksheet for Sunday school, get off computer....and maybe squeeze in a bit of exercise before church.  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

update on a 'few thoughts'

That was a 'heavy' post for me, not comfortable putting so much 'out there'.  But this has been an amazing week and I really want to share it, though I may not have the right  'words'.

For some reason, I am not accessing comments on the blog...finally found one that someone told me 'disappeared'.  I'm not ignoring any comments...just haven't figured that out.

But thanks to those who have and on my facebook.  Your words and encouragement have meant sooooo much to me.

So after the rather heavy thoughts and reflections in the blog, and the comments by my sisters in Christ...I went to church with the kids on Saturday night.  The pastor did a sermon on Mary, mother of Jesus and concentrated on the announcement and her response.  So, at the end of the sermon he asked us to pray as she did "I am your servant, Lord.  May everything You say about me come true! Amen!"...and I could not do it.  I could not say those words out loud.  I was "I am your...mmmuumobmmmnnn?"

I came home and really thought about it, Why was I so uncomfortable about saying it.  I LOVE God, He is my Savior, I do think of Him as Lord...but why was submitting with words so uncomfortable?
Really examined my heart...and then started saying the prayer.  Wake up in the morning and saying mean it...and the first day was 'awkward'...but  there was a change.

My 'head' was quiet.  Gone were the obsessive conversations in there, esp about food.  I ate because I was hungry.  I mean I'd be going along with my day, then my tummy would growl, and I would think "oh, I'm hungry, time to eat"...Now for some of you, you'll be thinking, "so?  That is how it works", but not for me, not for a lot of years.

This week... Monday, there was a cake for sharing in the office...I walked by it without being even tempted for a slice...I had breakfast and just was not hungry for cake.  (the old me would have at least saved a slice for later)

Chris asked if I wanted to go to Togos for lunch one of the days I was off.  I said no, it just sounded like it was way too much.

Yesterday, we went to Rockhouse Grill in Livermore for lunch.  I let Cierra pick our burger and we shared was sooooo yummy.  When I finished I wished I had a full one...and then it happened...I started to feel full.  and was thankful I only had half.  Now, again some of you are thinking 'that is normal'  all I can say it hasn't been for me...noticing my body's cues about being full and satisfied has not happened for years.

I only exercised twice this week, been a busy after work schedule...but weighed this morning to 3lbs gone!

Are all temptations gone?  No, I was watching an episode of The Shift and when the guy was eating a donut...the old thoughts came back.  That donut looked soooooo goooood.  But I recognized what the thoughts were and was never tempted to go buy one.   AND Cierra reminded me of what Michael and I do with thoughts like that...we have a tradition of acting out physically taking 'arrows' out of our head and breaking them and giving them back to Satan.  (yeah, we look pretty silly, but it is effective for us)

Was every choice perfect?  Nooooooo, we had Chinese food Thursday night.  And I ate too many cream cheese wontons...but did not keep eating and stopped myself at 'full'.

I feel free, I don't know how else to put it...It isn't just pounds...but a tremendous weight is off me.  I do feel like a new person.  I've been a Christian for almost 30 years...and I am just now discovering this?  Did I need to come to this point in my walk to finally 'get it'...or am I just slow to understand?

Anyways, exciting week for me.   The 'prayer' works in other areas also.  But I won't go into that here.