Friday, August 5, 2016

First week of Aug...busy but will end with EXPO!

Busy month, am training the gal who will replace me at the have been working a (gasp) full week.   So commute and something going every evening.  I go to the home office each night to collect more files and email her spreadsheets.   Good part about that, is I get to see the babies each evening.  And it is difficult to not spend my day with them.  So I get to huggle them in the evening.

BUT how is that even when you don't have time to scrap, your scrap desk gets messy.  Esp if you are a 'shopper' like me....ha!!!

This is what the desk looked like on Weds, when I finally went into my room...well, to pack for Expo!  

I finally made a Unity Stamp purchase.  They did a great promo on facebook, 'comment and you and a friend can win" I followed the link and bought.   Sooo cute!!!

I joined a Facebook Scrapbook sale site, recommended on the Refugees site...and picked up these CTMH stamps.  And the gal is a Posh rep and sent me samples...I really like what I see.

Amazon purchase I had shipped to Texas while I was there last week.  Basics, wanted to start some slider sis's scrapbook stuff is 'unreachable'.  Her kids turned her room into a store room and it is packer.  Sis is not happy, but the good thing about grown eventually move out...riiiiiiiight?

Creative Memories reboot purchase, a friend became a going to give it a try.  This is actually packed for Expo.   I was never really a fan of CM...their tools are fantastic...but you know the whole almost 12x12 papers and concentration on stickers.   And the reputation some of their reps gave the line about 'acid free'.   So, we will see.

Speaking of CM tools a friend was selling her punches, all for $5...including these CM's.  So got these, the Martha Stewart was 70% off at the Texas Michaels.   Since I have gotten into making pockets with my fuse, I imagine I will also use the shape punches.   Plus, these are great for dgd to start her own collection.

So, off to Expo.  Instead of the usual cropping all 3 days, only doing one with my friend Michele.  I missed the $135 per night hotel block and the hotel rooms were over $300!!   So, we will be spending the night Fri and Sat with her mom who lives in San Jose...and only crop and shop one day.  

Looking forward to it...and I did something impossible...I really tried to pack so that it would be only one car trip...I usually make 2 for crop stuff...and I think I did it!!!   More to come. and hopefully some layouts and projects!   Whoot, whoooot!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Shopping!! one of my fave activities

Shopping, not creating this month.  A bright spot...siiiigh

Freckled Fawn...gave in and purchased a few things, did not get an oopsie that what they were called...but still soooooo cute!  I had been 'eyeballing' the cards since I first saw them

from Amazon, these stamps and dies...soooooooo cute!!!

Greeting Farm...again been eyeballing the mermaid stamps since I first saw them.

 Etsy purchase of some watercolor, gleamy washi
 Gossamer Blue kit for the month:

 Scrapbook Circle for the month....  I love the kit, and was a little scared to get it late in the month...thinking 'oh no my payment did not go through'...but finally read the newsletter and they were shipping late...

 and the flip side of the paper.  Does the paper seem a little 'B' side this month?  I could not tell which side was supposed to be primary.
Still to come, A Creative Memories (a friend is a new rep) and a Unity Stamp purchase.  Lots of stamps...

The month has been such there has been no time to play...but later this week I will go visit my mom and take some supplies to work on hopefully will get to play a little soon.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I WANNA Go in my Scraproom!!!

I WANNA!!!  (insert temper tantrum smilie)

Quite the month!  Working lots even on Saturdays and no time for crafting.  I am getting the 'shakes'.  Though of course I have been online shopping!!  ha!!

But the wonderful thing about the month...I have a new grandson...

Grandchild #5, grandson #3...Jax Parker....

I am one blessed grammy!!  But just realized, if the kids' plans are correct ...he is my last youngest grandchild.  Of course he won't grow up feeling that way, as the last 3 are boys 16 months apart, he is part of his own little 'mob'..   Jase, Josh and Jax.  HOLIDAYS are gonna be FUN!!  I'm already getting these names mixed up ...probably gonna be yelling "BOYS" instead of names!  ha! 

(they are gonna need very distinctive nicknames)

Since we are on the subject...tee hee...

These are my grandkids from my son and dil...Josh @9 months old, Adriana 7, and Kyleigh 2.  I call Adriana "Missy" and Kyleigh is "Sparkle" , oh of course, my dil Nyki...

And this is Jax's big brother, Jase, he is 16 months old.

So far my nicknames for him are Goofy McNugget, Goofers, and my son recently threw out BamBam which just may stick! 

This is the baby I've been NannyGrammy to...and when dd goes back to work...I will NannyGrammy the two boys!  I LOVE my job!  

The accounting job I do is getting crazy.  It is the end of 2nd Q and have been trying to close and do required tax forms. I've actually hired a teen to help "chase the Jase' to give me more time to finish ...but it still has been a crazy schedule.

   With the Nanny job responsibilities growing and nap times for Jase getting shorter, well, I am being replaced on the accounting job!   YAY!! However, it means it will be extra crazy as I train, create a step by step how to instruction manual...and prep to move stuff from my home office to the business.   

Hence, no time in scrap time to create...and the temper tantrum

I know it is temporary and once the new person is set up and trained...and dd's maternity leave is will be heaven for me.

Also, next week, I hope to sneak in a visit to Texas with my mom.  I have not seen her in 8 months.

So it is to work I go this morning to finish sales tax.  Let's see if I can get this knocked out!

Monday, July 4, 2016

missin' my scraproom

I have not been able to spend any 'quality' time in my scraproom.  It has been a busy month, and July is shaping up to get a li'l crazy also.   BUT I have been shopping.  I blame, I was doing pretty good on a spending freeze...then they got the lawn fawn slider cuts back in stock, and well it became 'open season'.  siiiiigh

This pic is actually A Cherry on Top...those nuvo dots are addicting.   I had to get some sparkly ones, right???

This was an Etsy purchase of some Anya stamps.   With 5 grandkids, these just make sense.

Here is the 'naughty' purchase.  Now I've gotta find some youtube videos to teach me hot to make slider cards.  

this Anya was on Amazon.

Target dollar spot, these are $3 each.   With the holes not real practical for small stuff...I ended up giving one to each of us ...I kept one for the heavy cardstock I use for stamping, DGD#1 got one, hers is empty right now and DGD#2's is on her table holding her coloring books and sticker book.

Another purchaes.  siiiiiiiigh

 Penny Black from Amazon...thinking the hedgehog in the car would be a good slider card
 one of the gals on the 2 Peas Refugees blog thread also sells Stampin Up...Kara, she had a BOGO sale.  Well with the purchase of the slider die cut, I now need good foam dots and foam line adhesive, so I put in an order....and these are my BOGO items.   On its way is the stamp set for the pennant punch.
 This is how I used the Karen bag (nice name) in the 2nd purchase, to store my stamps that I have coordinating die cuts for...This is a Newton's Nook set.  This holder is like the old fashioned magnetic photo albums, you stick the die cuts on this page and then...
right behind it put the stamp they are together and accessible.    And you can label them,

Karen bag at   here is a link if you are interested

Can't decide if I want to limit the bag to dies and coordinating stamps...I was thinking I would also like to use it for card projects.  Like Christmas coming up, Put the elements in the bag and keep it together for travel.

So, grandbaby #5 is on his way.  He is full term as of a couple of days ago...due date is the 22nd, but it could be anytime.   I pretty much left this month 'open' no plans every weekend, like most months.  But we got a rough start...Son in law's grandmother passed a couple of days ago, so he needs to head out to OK for the service.  DD cannot go, airlines would not let her this close...and it is difficult for her to deal with toddler this close.  You know, carrying him up and down stairs, putting him in his I am moving in for a couple of days.   

This morning I am trying to spend time in the scraproom.  And as y'all can imagine, if you have not been in there for a couple of weeks, but keep buying...yeah, the first hour was spent putting away, reorganizing and not creating.   

So time to get off the computer and into the room.  ha!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

free stuff and a purchase thanks to the Refupeas...ya enablers...

 A couple of weeks ago, on our local buy and sell...a friend of my dd and ddil put up some scrapbook stuff...thinking $20 each for the paper rolling rack and for the stack of inks and stamps..this is I responded immediately.  AND because of the family connection, she gave them to me! (I offered to pay at least some, cuz I know the value of these) (but she refused)

 She says her mom used to be a CTMH rep but her husband works for one of the online photo she now does all her scrapbooking online and just has no need for these things.  I told her if she ever gets the urge to create again, she knows where to come and visit.

I have not had the chance to go through the papers...but first glance tells me it is very organized.  She has 2 boys, so I am hoping lots of good boy papers...

Wow!  what gotta find their new homes.

This was a purchase from the closing sale by a fellow Refupea...A Walk Down Memory Lane...

 And there was a thread about storing 6x6 pads. So I bought one of the refrigerator organizers mentioned.    Previously I had these stacked...but I do like this better.
 And dh's father's day card made from the new stamps...I just blocked off the face of the rocket.  Used alcohol inks, stickles and washi tape.  Warning, if you stamp over alcohol ink (as I did for the rocket) WAIT to start cutting it out...the ink will smear.

So, not much time for actual scrapping the past two weeks.  I was on a bit of a spending freeze...think it lasted 2 weeks...siiiiigh, but the floodgates opened...and am in the process of organizing those purchases.  Darn that!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

exhausting...and something I've discovered

So, I kinda left this blog in a 'series'...a challenge from my pastor.  Was going to finish it up on Saturday, but discovered something about myself.  I don't spend much time on the computer weekends.  Esp this past weekend.  So hopefully I can finalize it...sometime...

Not today, I am too exhausted.  I've had 2 days of babysitting with grandson.  He is teething, all 4 molars...and he is very grumpy and at momnts  not a lot of fun.  I mean he is still adorable, but keeping up with him right now is exhausting.  He's also figured out a couple of new tricks.  Opening doors and getting past his barriers.  Today was a new one.  Won't go into detail, but thought of his MiMi (son in law's mom) and how she said she still has a nervous breakdown thinking about son in law as a baby/toddler.  Yeah, just gonna say this is definately his kid...and I cannot take my eyes off of him.

I mean as I type he is in his playpen within arm's reach.  Watching  Baby Einstein.  Time for ear plugs.  He is seriously such a love, but today and yesterday very exhausting.

But our fault, we threw his morning schedule off...yesterday by taking him to the by taking him to give mil a ride to the grocery store and to her home. So, there has not been a real naptime, just falling asleep a bit in the car.

She is now staying with us for part of the week.  Usually with us for weekends and the weekend family get togethers we may be having.  This weekend it was a father's day spaghetti fest (my dh makes the best spaghetti sauce)  Next weekend we are invited to a friend's home for Saturday night dinner.  Think he wants to bring out the smoker...

It works out well for all of us.  It has to be hard for her to be in her empty home. It has been difficult for me  to drop her off, I see his things and it just brings it home that he is gone.   She talked about how she has not even been able to take care of fil's clothing from his closet.  We discussed that she might give his sweatshirts and stuff (mostly Marine Corps related to the great grand kids).  I think that is something they will all enjoy and use as they hit their teens. 

I cannot imagine what she is going through. 

Okay, tonight I hope to prep some pics and get back to blogging my passion...grandkids and scrapbooking!  ha!

Scrapbook trivia, a while back I had the chance to watch most of The Visit by M. Night the beginning while the kids are traveling to see grandparents they had never met, did you catch what the brother said?   Something about "we don't know anything about them...what if they scrapbook??".... yeah, you could only be so lucky.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Scripture Challenge day 4

This past Sunday, our pastor issued the challenge to read the same 10 verses, twice a day for the week.  I have been looking at 1 Timothy 1:1-10...the reason is outlined in the post titled day 2...

Gotta admit, did not do the 2nd reading yesterday.  Thursday is my Bible Study night..

One funny note, this morning's scripture verse on my phone app was Romans 3:20...just interesting after yesterday.

so by reading my passage in the Message, this is what stood out to  me...

5-7 The whole point of what we’re urging is simply love—love uncontaminated by self-interest and counterfeit faith, a life open to God. Those who fail to keep to this point soon wander off into cul-de-sacs of gossip. They set themselves up as experts on religious issues, but haven’t the remotest idea of what they’re holding forth with such imposing eloquence.

then NIV and ESV says it like this...

The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. Certain persons, by swerving from these, have wandered away into vain discussion, desiring to be teachers of the law, without understanding either what they are saying or the things about which they make confident assertions.

(I am copying these from Bible Gateway...a favorite website for Bible reading, cuz you can see different translations on the same screen)

What do we know about Love...well, from the great theologians DC Talk, we know that "love is a verb'... also from the 1 Corinthians passage about ain't about the feeling it is about the action.

And Jesus himself said to Love the "Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind" and to "Love our neighbors as ourselves"... and when asked who is our neighbor He told the parable of the Good Samaritan.

But I have experienced the other half of this verse!!

My own, many years ago, gosh 15 or so...I became fascinated with the study of theology and apologetics.  While at a woman's retreat, while worshipping...I felt God tell me..."Karen, you are pursuing knowledge but you do not love".  Well, I stopped the pursuit of knowledge and worked on the love.   I think exercising love is took little steps, it took being focused on it.  Praying that I would begin to see people as He sees them.  Stopping myself and Catching myself when I did not and Reminding myself to see them as He does.  Finding women who had that Spirit of Love as my example to try to emulate (still not there).  Forgiving and following his command to pray for my enemies...Gotta say it was not in MY nature, but I do see the change.  (background, as I have mentioned I grew up half Japanese, in South Texas, during the late 60's and 70's...does that paint a picture of the childhood I had, school was horrible even the neighborhood was filled with it was very difficult to love and trust people)(but there has to come a point where you let that go...forgive, release, understand, and even see them as hurting people also)

Also, many years ago, one of Dh's friend and wife was into listening to one of the tv evangelists...I use the term lightly, as I find him to be a false teacher.  They were so into their 'knowledge' they were getting from a tv and had no connection with fellow Christians.   We were at a restaurant with them and they were talking their crazy stuff...sorry it was crazy...something about us being the fallen angels getting a 2nd chance at redemption by being born on this earth.  As they spoke, people at the tables near us would leave.  And they would say, "shine the light and the cockroaches will flee".     I finally had enough and told them, "this cockroach is also leaving" and walked out.  

Today, they are divorced and I don't know about her...but he is no longer a "Christian", he has rejected it all.

Our walk is certainly a balancing act...between Grace and Law...Love and Knowledge...good thing we don't have to do this on our own!! ha!!

Today I plan to read my verses using the 'big guns"...the John McArthur Study Bible...ha!!!