Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Subs and Club

and my spending freeze is off!   But I need to get back month, next month...ha!

Club, last month for a while...Stampin Up, admit, I went a little crazy, but the Sale A Bration is still going pfffft.  love that corally color...

Jouney Bloom Box...this month it is about 'puns'.   Thinking it will be good cards for the guys, esp. DH

Gossamer Blue, the goodies 

and the cards...  Some on 2 Peas Refugees (there is a thread about G.B) don't like the pink...but I LOVE these colors.  And just love that even the goodies are original to  GB.   LOVE LOVE LOVE

Scrapbook Circle is extra fun this month.  

even love the 'b' side.  To me a very useable kit.

okay, also been shopping but don't have all the pics.   My scraproom is still a mess...but hoping to spend some time creating this weekend.   I get to babysit this Livermore, so hoping to do a bit of shopping...can we say Home Goods and Kohls this afternoon.   

We reconnected with old friends.  We had lost touch with, but not really.  (does that make sense?).   It has been years since we last sat down with them, but last night we had dinner together and it was like we had seen each other yesterday.  Facebook helps!  We have been keeping up through FB.  BUT so good to see them and talk with them again.  

I did get to do a bit of crafting for last weekend's birthday party for my grandson, Jase.

Dd and Ddil finished it off with the streamers and balloons.  

okay, toodles!! have a great weekend...I plan to!  ha!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

couldn't take it much longer...

I missed my scraproom sooooo much.  Then a couple of weekends ago, a friend and longtime resident of this town (he has been here over 50 years, grew up here), told us that our 'lake' could be out there till May or June.   May or June!   The river has been sitting at @49'.  Not rising...but not going down significantly either.

So, this week, I started bringing some of my scrap stuff, the stuff packed like I was going to a crop, back home.

So, here it is..semi set up.  We still may face a flood.  If the snow packs (which are at 170% of normal, does a fast melt).  So, it is still at a 'ready' to be packed up quickly.   The rest of the room is still 'up'.  It is sooooo difficult, I just want to unpack and get my room normal!

Yup, it is a mess.  But hopefully a workable mess. But to me, a beautiful mess.

I did work on a project on Sunday, some decor for dgs #1's birthday party.

I am liking the table that come out of the wall...and that may stay.  Or something similar. Wouldn't it be great to have a true island, that I can park the carts under.
(thinking cap)

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Yes, some people, even when their scraproom is packed up awaiting a potential flood, will still go to Expo.   This week the river is hanging at 49' (52 is flood) and though it has been dry and going the right direction...we will wait to see how the snow melts affect the river before we go back to 'normal'.

So, what does  said person do with all her purchases?  There is no where to put them in her room?  Why, she leaves them in the bag so she can take them to Crop Camp!  duh!

Though I usually go to crop..that did not work out this year. (still hoping for Santa Clara).   But, my dgd, Adriana went with me for a shopping morning.  LOVED it!  I can't wait till she is old enough to crop.  When we walked into the Expo, she told me, I love shopping like this!   Yup, me too!

  The cool thing about going with a 7 year old, is she did want to stop and do the make and takes.  I usually skip them, I'm too busy cropping and shopping.  But guess what, the vendors sure do know good tips about working with the tools.    I had given her some money to spend, as a thank you for helping us out with the sandbagging.  She is very frugal when it is her money.  ha!!  (Dave Ramsey principles in action).

Copic blending tips

This man was wonderful, she spent $4 for the make n take...I spent over $40 for the tools and glue, but I can now put crystals and tiny sequins on my crafts!!  Sparkle!!!

My haul, first time with the paper PhotoPlay...and I LOVE it!  Hope they are in Santa Clara.  Of Course, more Echo Park and Queen and Company..(dgd and I will share the flairs and blingy letters).  Not pictured, I bought a few items at Queen for my other dgd, who at age 3, was a little too young for a day at Expo.  And dgd's purchases.  

After 4 hours of shopping, we did take a french fry break halfway, my Missy was pooped.  We are at the Corner Bakery waiting for our pasta.   oooooh, that Pesto Cavatoppi !! she had a marinara linguine.  

I got to see most of my scrap buddies, except one, she was in classes.   Overall a fun exhausting day!  

Sunday, February 19, 2017

a flood prep blog...I guess

 so, for now, I guess I am not doing a scrapbooking blog, but a flood prep.  We live along the San Joaquin River in Central Ca...and the water is rising...  So, my scraproom is not workable.  THOUGH I do have some things at my dd's home, and maybe can continue scrapping.  DH just told me this is not a 'get through the weekend' thing...but could be a couple of months.  As the issue for us is not rain fall and flooding, but the dam releases, and later snow melts.   So, at this point we can only prep and hope that what we do is enough.  

here are final pics of the scraproom.   Took me about 3 evenings.   Phase one was removing what was irreplaceable to me, finished scrapbooks, Stampin Up stamps and inkpads (had quite the collection) and some punches, CTMH know, all my stamps.   A friend took those to store for me.

then I packed my current projects 'crop style', this is what is in my dd's garage.  That way, if a crop happens, I can still go!  Saved my cutterpillar paper cutter and cricut.  Not all the carts.  I still do it the old fashioned way, as my Gypsy went kaploooey.

then moved everything up.  If water is only inches, I am okay...if it is more than a couple of feet, well, don't want to go there.  

I think I will still 'bin' these them be a little more waterproof...just in case.

My Ikea carts are saved!  ha!  Dd has my blue ones (no longer manufactured) and with the help of my granddaughters my Son took the 2 beige ones yesterday.  DGD also took my old American Girl doll (okay dd's when she was growing up) with her clothes.  

We had a group of friends helping and sandbagging yesterday.  Dh concentrated on lifting up the garage contents, as well as creating a better sandbag wall.  I gotta say, we are surrounded by some terrific people.   Dh is hoping to do a 'surf and turf' thankyou dinner for all of them in the future.  

the view from our porch.   

a friend took this pic with his drone on Weds...yikes!

So, until we have to leave...we will get what we can done.  and know that it is all in God's hands.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

uh oh, the water is a risin'

and we are in flood prep mode.  Berms are being built, sandbagging starts tomorrow and the past couple of nights, I've been packing what I can from my scraproom.

A friend offered to store some of my things, so I packed 6 plastic bins with my completed scrapbooks, (not all are in there) and stampin up and CTMH stamps.  Figured those cannot be replaced.  Still not all...but most.  Here are the emptied shelves and cabinets.

I also packed up my current projects 'crop style'.  Well, the 5 grandkids books...and the papers related to those pages and some embellies and tools.  Well, I told my dd 'crop style', but gotta admit, went a little crazy.  So, the car is FULL!  I actually felt quite desperate while packing.  Included my cricut and the fave carts...and my cutterpillar paper cutter.   ooooooh, need to grab the small one also.

So, tomorrow, hope MJM will get me more bins and I will spend some time packing what is left in plastic bins and moving stuff up off the floors and hopefully if we don't get more than a foot or so of water in the house....will be okay. 

Yup, and I do have other rooms I should be doing also. ha!  

  Still hopeful  we won't get any water in the house, wouldn't that be the ultimate???  But the estimate is that by Thurs late morning, the river will be high enough...keeping fingers (and toes)  crossed...but preparing just in case.  

And we count ourselves very lucky we have a bit of time to prepare...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Subs and club for Feb...

ooooh, when I typed 'subs' it took me back to growing up in Texas and we would get 'subs' or 'po-boys'...ya'll remember those meaty, melty cheesy delights on a bun?   siiiiiiiiigh My mom would make hers with a touch of 1000 Island...then toast that critter till the bun and cheese were just right.

VERY happy mail day over here.  Except for MJM texting me on Thurs..."there are 4 packages here, did you fall off the wagon?"....siiiiigh.  NO not off the wagon, yet.  These are my 'obligations' made before the freeze.

Gossamer Blue, what I noticed as I pulled these embellies out..??? They are Gossamer Blue brand...not a mix of other embellies.  I have always LOVED the stamps...but having a set of washi, chipboard and diecuts also...happy dance

and as I pulled these out, LOVE the colors.  They are not 'wimpy'.  Yes, I scrapbook girls ...but sometimes it is good to have some saturated blues and pinks...

The butterfly is so beautiful..cannot wait to make these cards in my Journey kit.  Lots of glitter packs in the projects.  Gonna be fun!

Scrapbook Circle, so much fun.  yes Loved it too

My Feb Stampin Up club purchase, I tried to concentrate on the boys.  Won't the huggy monster make a great Valentine?   And it is Stampin Up's Sale A Bration

so this was my 'free' with $60 purchase set.

oooh to have time to play.  Going to work today, but it sounds like it could be my last Saturday...the team almost has the 2016 close and CPA binder done.  Just need to fine tune one more item....yay, yay, YAY!   

(though I will miss my after work Home Goods stop) 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Scrap Sunday!

did it!  After a Bible Study in the that looks like it will be excellant, I stayed in my pj's and scrapped the day away.   In Adriana's book finished the L.A. trip and did a Thanksgiving double page for Josh...At that point, decided to take a pics of my work space...ha!   I really spread out and am a messy scrapper.  I do try to straighten out after every layout...but this was different....

Fall papers lining the floor to the desk, and the shoe bins are filled with project life type cards for pocket pages. or journaling.  Also in this pic is Kyleigh's space...the small desk, white chair and rolling cart, we just set up for her.  The larger Ikea table is my 'project' desk, right now set up with baby supplies kept on hand.  Since the past 2 years I had 3 baby boys born...1, 2, 3...within months of each other.  She likes to put stickers in books and do a little 'drawing' with markers right now.  On her desk are stacks of my pics.  I recently revamped the frames around the house and those are the older pics taken out. (so it's a mess too)
My work area, with the layout in process...see that huge chipboard bird on a branch?  Y'all remember that collection?  It is very old...believe it was a Recollection or DCWV of woodland was one of the first 'collections' I had to have EVERY piece of...and oh, about 10 years later...I still have most of it!  

my work space to my left.  More pocket cards in back (Gossamer Blue sub) and in front are thanksgiving themed stamps. My rolling cart to the side, more pocket cards and die cuts.  and other misc stuff I cannot figure out a home for.

and to my right...I tend to pile more papers and the album  I am working on on Adriana's workspace (when she is not there)

I like having the album on hand to put the layouts in as I go.  But I don't tend to do that at crops, because of the limited space.   

So, thinking since I have Thanksgiving out, I should do all 4 kids (Jax hasn't been born yet) then I can do the same thing with Christmas.  

Thinking about it, I sure don't have very many fall collections...Maybe because living out here in CA we don't get the fall colors the east coast has?   Same with snowy winter papers and stuff...