Tuesday, May 24, 2016

some Layouts from Saturday.

I am participating in a couple of challenges at 2 Peas Refugees,  a blogging challenge, 15 blogs for the month of May Blog Challenge Thread  and  Tell Your Story  with various challenges to help us be creative...5-23 Tell Your Story thread.  I think my total layouts for the month of May is at 7 or 8...so not a big number, but still having fun.

Pics from Saturday, these are the ones that I did get on my 'big' camera...the D3000...a wonderful Christmas gift from the kids a couple of years ago.  I remember that Black Friday sale, dil, would not let me into Best Buy with her...we waited in that cold line for a long time.  But we parted ways at the door and I went shopping at Michaels...she did all that for me to have this wonderful camera.

It is my baby and usually only brought out for special occassions.  Sil was borrowing it for work, but when he needed to travel with it...I balked and he finally got the company to buy their own.  Sorry, 'my baby' does not go on planes without me.  I mean I hide it at home...I would be so heartbroken if anything ever happened to it.

Anyways, I digress...

Saturday layouts, this first one took me a couple of hours.  For the May challenge, I used a clock.  These are pics of my dgd#2 with my fil and mil.  I used the red white and blue as my fil was very patriotic.  These are actually pretty much the last photos we have of him.  Don't think many were taken as after this, he was in a scooter with an oxygen tank.
 This is a page for my dgs#1's book.  Can you guess his name is Jase?    for the challenge used washi tapes..and also 'something new', the diecuts are one of my newer purchases.  I need to learn something more for Washi tape...it is the one with numbers across the middle.  Thinking I need a 'washi' techniques month or something.  
 and this is for the challenge that said to use Project Life cards in a different way...not glued yet...but playing with layering them to create my pp background....

There were more layouts, one is being fixed...I did not like the proportions...the other not yet photographed.

On a previous blog was asked if I like my Scrap-n-easel.  In a word, YES, but I do not take it to crops...I have been seeing them a lot esp at the Expo crop.  And with small grandchildren, the magnets do worry me.  So I try to be extra careful and keep them in a container and  put them away after use.  But as far as using it to layout my pages before gluing and getting a good vertical view of them...yup, me like it a lot.  It seems I got a good deal on it also, a couple of years ago.  I really don't like to pay full price and avoid it as much as possible.(insert cheesy smilie face)

Monday, May 23, 2016

the weekend...

Sorry, no pics, my point and shoot decided to 'crap out'.  Which I am kind of used to, think this is my 3rd Nikon Coolpix in as many years.  I don't see them as a long term camera. 

Luckily I had the big camera on hand...but need to download pics. 

and Luckily, my mil gave me some money for my birthday, so I have a CANON on its way to me from Amazon.  Time to try something else.  We will see if it is any different. (probably not)

Birthday was great...pancakes in the morning from my son in law...lunch with dh, we went to Denny's so I can order off the senior menu...dd brought me a baskin robbins birthday cake ice cream and a balloon.  Dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant.  And Saturday night, movie with m&m popcorn and my favorite pie at son's house. My granddaughter sat next to me as we watched the last half of the 10 Commandments...she is such a joy.  7 years old and so full of 'quips' and questions.

 I love the month of May. 

Friday was the service for fil.  As a friend said, it was 'a healing time'.  Difficult, emotional, beautiful...all the above.  He lived a full life and was able to pass with no regrets.   And with people who loved and admired him.  

I don't know how y'all feel, but I did not take any pics.  It is not too late, as we have his memorial banner still up.  I don't know, just don't feel like this is a 'scrapbook' moment.  But there are great- grandkids who will not remember or meet him...maybe a pic of the banner would be appropriate.

Saturday was scrapbooking day.  Happy to report I was in my pj's till about 3pm.  Then dd and sil came over to make dinner for mil...and we got some because she is staying with us. (insert cheesy smiley face)

Sunday after church, was nap and being worthless day, for all 3 of us, mil is staying with us, guess we needed to be 'refueled' so to speak.

  Watched what I had recorded of Grimm including season finale.  Now that was a frustrating difficult show to watch.  Had my friend Janell on text blast the entire time.  siiiiiigh.

Was also sick until about Sunday morning.  Strange, odd symptoms.  But today all is fine.  So what was it???   I will call the dr and see if I need to be seen for any type of follow up.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy mail and birthday...ha!

Had a little happy mail yesterday...my stamps from Crafting Desert Divas...cannot wait to play.

And took a quick pic of my work desk last night.  As Weds is WOYWW over on lisadv's blog...soooo, I'm a day late.   On my desk, besides the basic tools...the cards from the crop still not put away, the card I am fixing...purchase from Crafting Desert Divas, also another Etsy purchase... from GlitterDustDesigns...project life cards.  Soooo pretty!!! And a mushroom shaped essential oil diffuser, completely an impulse purchase...now where to put???  I already have one in my bedroom next to my side of the bed....don't want in scraproom, where I keep papers...hmmmmm. 

As I walked out, I thought..."oh, should take a pic of the pile in front of the shelf...now THAT is embarrassing!!"  Piles of kits from the crop, cardstock and scraps.

Felt a little under the weather last night, let's just say I picked up some AZO this morning...so went to bed without dinner around 6pm.  Of course I did not sleep, I fast forwarded thru Game of Thrones...I skip the stuff dealing with the people I don't care about.   I will probably watch episodes in full with dd.

Today is my birthday!  I am now old enough for the Denny's senior menu!!  Dil's bday is tomorrow.
Makes it easy for the guys to remember!! ha!!

Tomorrow is a service for my fil, so we will probably get together with family on Saturday for birthdays.  I have requested dil's "Indiana" pie.  officially called a sugar cream pie. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

a 1 layout crop...but made some cards.

What I accomplished at crop...siiiigh.  Only one layout... there were 4 of us, and 3 out of 4 were 'newbies' so what I did was show them card techniques and let them take off and craft.  So, between that and food prep and running to get them supplies...I only had one layout.  BUT did almost 12k steps!!  so the day was not a 'bust' AND had a great time getting to know my guests. 

We also had a mac and cheese potluck...which we doubled so we could share for fellowship the next day.  One gal made hers with ground beef and 4 cheeses, I made mine in the crockpot and the young man...he is a future culinary student...so I gave him a 'chopped' style bag.   In it was spam, nopales, truffle oil, Dubliner cheese....his was my favorite...it came out with a sharp, smokey taste.

This was our first project...cricut cutting and embossing.   I am unhappy with my leaves, so that is being changed.  The young man actually already has a cricut ...for fondant cutting.  So he helped the others cut their images.    He spent the day figuring out the 3d flowers and boxes from my Art Philosophy cartridge.  He gave the after lunch 'lesson'...on how to roll the flowers!!!  It was great.

In the afternoon, we did stamping and coloring with gelatos.  The shark is from Newton's Nook.   I was the only one who did an ombre effect, the girls painted with the gelatos.  

Then we did alcohol ink...I did a plaid, 2 did the tie die effect and one did stripes...

So not a productive day for scrapbooking, but had other 'successes' and enjoyed it.   Still have my challenge list from 2 Peas Refugees...hopefully Saturday will be a good day for doing that.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Crop dreams...

Setting up for a crop today...have the 'essentials', I hope.  Transformed the dining room into a crop space.  Table seats 8, expecting 3...with a 4th...kinda in the air.
 work stations, is it sad I was able to come up with a cutter per person???  (the cutterpillar is mine)but guess what I discovered, no spare blades! yikes!  Also had a Smash pen per person.   A shared supply station in the middle, dark chocolates, assorted tools and pen/marker collection in the middle.
These are shared between 2...glue dots, ruler, foam dots, scissors and fabric scissors.  I had 2  sets of the rulers/scissors ...one set is for home the other for cropping.  (y'all do that too, don't you?)
 Tool station blocking entry to kitchen right behind dining room...
Cricut with some of my favorite carts and a stack of Recollections cardstock available.  They are my favorite for cutting, cuts clean.
 And the die cut/embosser with a selection of envelopes...my small ink collection and an idea book for those who are stumped.

My 2 confirmed guests are beginners, so I thought I would show them techniques on cards...to get them started.  Maybe a new technique every hour, at least at the beginning till they get comfortable and are  able to go on their own.  I will start with cutting a Cricut image, and embossing a background....

Okay, even if no one shows, I will be scrapping today!!   

Time to clean bathrooms, stock up fridge with water and go buy some fresh muffins!

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Been shopping, but that is okay...April and May are heavy birthday months...teehee

This is actually dgd#1's  ...for her birthday I bought her a nice set of watercolor markers...and HAD to find her something nice to put it in.  On Etsy I found this purple divided melamine bowl...just LOVE it.  Don't think I am going to tell her I bought it for her...will tell her it is for the scraproom.   The Dream stamp is her coloring...with her new markers.  

 this month's Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit, I have already been using the diecuts.  I love the colors this month.
 These are the embellies from this month's scrapbook circle...
 and the papers....again pretty vibrant colors.
my purchase from Scrapbook.com...Julie Nutting paper!!!  And the diecuts that Ellewood featured on her blog that I fell in love with Ellewood's post ...I did not know I had them on order, but so glad I did!
 These are actually 6x6 cards I found on Etsy...plan to use in my pocket pages. Esp the kitties
 And this from a link from another blog post, about All Scrapbook Steals...Journeyfan's blog post
lots of Doodlebug and buried a little bit of Fancy Pants and Echo Park.
so, it is my birthday next week , and I can shop if I want to...and shop I have been a doing.  Now comes the using them.  Keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Furniture fun...

new furniture...well, dh and I went last Saturday...here is the result.  His first choice as a set that came only in black...my first choice was much simpler, softer...here is the 'compromise'.  The ottoman is my stipulation, I have 4 grandkids in the 2 and under range (okay one is still in the womb) so for the next few years, we will have an ottoman for a coffee table.

So, the man now has 5 reclining spots in the living room.  And he has been trying out each spot before he claims his.  Couch and recliner (aka 'man chair') are covered with blankets...because...

dh was 'afraid' that the cats were eyeballing his new furniture.  (in this pic they do look black).  He should be scared, that is our 'velociraptor' cat next to the man chair.   Though last night, I proclaimed it the woman chair and told him it is MY new spot.
I put the old ottoman in the bedroom...and Percy has claimed it.  Funny thing, dh keeps bumping into it when he gets up during the night...last night he even fell across it.  He accused me of putting it there for that purpose, I told him it was just an added benefit. 
yup, too much fun.   For my birthday I ordered a new duvet and curtain set.  That old blue blanket I have had (and will have) for over 15 years.  It was brought to us by dd's friend's family as a gift when they made a trip to Mexico...it is my favorite and it comes out every winter.