Friday, June 27, 2014

Caffeine detox and 2 Peas withdrawal.

Interesting week.   After a day of overdoing the caffeine, and thinking I was going to have a heart attack.  I decided to go on a 'detox'.  Yesterday was the day with NO caffeine - whoa... the headaches.  I could not decide if blood was going to spurt out of my head or if my skull was simply going to fall off my shoulders.  Then by evening, after a tiff with dh, I started to get TMJ, you know that head/body ache from clenching your jaw so you won't say what you are really thinking?  The nausea wasn't too bad, I felt it more this morning.

So day 2, for a week I am allowed to have half my regular amounts of caffeine, then that gets cut in half next week and by week 3, I should be off.

So, this morn I made myself a very weak cup of tea...with lots of milk...and did not even finish it.  Gotta say, even before the tea, I did feel better.  Headache this morn was limited to my right temple w/ a li'l of the tmj feeling.

AND 2 peas is closing, the boards were just shut down.  2 peas was my 'guilty pleasure'.  I was not real active, and yes, there were some 'mean girls' over there (I had put most of the name callers on ignore)...but I will miss the boards and gallery.

Their scrapbooking gallery was awesome...wonder if I can 'pin' some of my old favorites.  And the scrapbooking discussions really kept me 'on top' of what was new in the hobby.  I got my cutterpillar pro after it was discussed on the boards (and I still LOVE it)

But even the political threads could be 'enlightening'...those that could articulate without the name calling really helped me to see the perspective of the 'other side'.   And I think discussions like that help to de-polarize...helped us to see the humanity of those wrong headed others...I am going to miss that.  Even the religion threads were that way.  I just loved MoveableFeast and her ability to articulate the Christian Faith.

And despite the aisle you were politically, I could see genuine compassion for those who were hurting.

 And the discussions about fun shows, the weekly book thread (got lots of reading ideas from that), threads with puppies/kitties....  Yeah, I'm gonna miss that board.

But when shipping got astronomical, I was one who stopped shopping.  And you could see the lack of product, so kinda knew this was coming.

Hopefully with a decrease in headaches, I can get in my scraproom today.   Just a couple more layouts and finishing the cover I will be done with the Disney book....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

cards! and plans for my next visit to TX

I got to make some cards during the retreat,
and guess what, I actually used them!    The top left was a card I made my sis, the top right part of a 'swap', bottom left b-day card for ddil...and bottom right anniversary card for dd and dsil.  The prima doll card was sent to a gal who needs a li'l encouragement.  

Can I just say, I love these Prima dolls...I have quite a few, and yesterday I bought 3 more.  They are the only reason I started buying 6x6 the patterns would be good for their clothes.  

I started a new book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body" by Dr. Daniel Amen...don't see anything new about living a healthy lifestyle.  But gotta say it adds new motivation for just doing it.  Well, what is 'new' is his recommendations for supplements that target where your wrong thinking just may be.  I am one who does question the Dr's science...seems a little subjective...and the book does have a li'l bit of a selling focus.  BUT it is motivating me to keep/make/maintain the lifestyle changes that I KNOW work.  And to stop the slide back to the bad habits/foods/emotions that bring me down.

I took the day off from work.  Toward the end of the month, just not much for me to picks up at the first of the month.  BUT I am going to Tx to 'mom' sit, so that will throw the 'close' off.  (I do accounting) 

ANYways, inspired by this book, I've decided to take the days in Texas to concentrate on vegetarian meals.  Looks like that would be good for mom and her Altzheimer's also.   When I went in March, I made her smoothies every morning.  She hated them.  She told me, 'what is this ookey stuff!", we will see how she responds to vegetarian meals.     When I first started my lifestyle change in 2009, I went without meat for 2 weeks, and I do remember I felt great!  If it were up to me and dd, we probably would be primarily vegetarian or pescatarian...but, we married carnivores who are against it.

so, what shall I do with my day off?  Can play in my need to plan for Sunday School...orrrr, make a Hobby Lobby and Burlington run.  DH does want me to buy some new clothes...hmmmmmmmm

Will take pics of a some of the Disney layouts I did at the retreat.   Disney is such a fun book to do!

Ooooh, cuz this house is in 'kitten' mode, here is a pic I took last night.  sooo much fun, sooo hard to get a pic...soooo adorable!

Monday, May 26, 2014

a new priority...

For the past month, yes it was 4 weeks to this day, my life has been pretty much centered around...


While horseback riding, DH found these kittens which had been dumped right off our road.
We live off a one way road, so the side is often used so oncoming cars can pass, we consider it real lucky that these kittens were not smushed.  Also, we have packs of dogs, hawks, coyotes...they would not have made it.  Dh admits, he debated letting me know...but he did and I went back with a box and picked them up.  He knew, that I would LOVE nuturing them...but also knows that letting go will be real hard for me.   There were 6, but my neighbor took that leaves me 4.  They were @ 2 to 3 weeks old when dh found it did start out with bottle feedings.   And the first weekend was hard!  This is my first time bottle feeding kittens!   BUT we got through it, and we had flea baths that took over 4 hours on the 2nd day...thank God for dd...crazy. 

Up till last week I've had a kitten sitter while at work.  She has been she has done this before and can give me tips on the process.  They are now eating dry food, drinking some water...use their boxes and I am down to 2 feedings (no bottles) per day.  ALMOST at a 12 hour schedule, so they can stay home while I go to work...siiiiiiiiigh. 

4 weeks later and they are the most adorable kitties ever.  No, I'm not biased.   They are so playful, have their own fun personalities...and yes, I love them all.  I do have them signed up with a rescue, and in a couple more weeks they will be fixed and ready for adoption.   

I posted 4 pics cuz I wanted ya'll to see how HARD it is to get a group shot of these babies...omg...all those cartoons about people trying to herd kittens...yup.  

They have like 3 to 4 names each, yup, We started out with 6 we gave them Stark kids names from Game of Thrones.   Then down to 4...then found out we had a couple of genders, we chose a couple more Game of Thrones names.  BUT d-son in law, thinks the GOT names are stupid, so he gave them "Oklahoma" style cat names, names I call their 'Country Bumpkin' names...then dd decided we should do Hunger Game names...and I've given them names that I think fit their personalities...oh, and dgd has also chimed in...siiiigh....

This is our only girl...her original GOT name was Bran..but oops, she's a girl, so we changed it to Ygritte (after the wildling girl, cuz let's face it, this little girl is not one for tea and crumpets).  She is a very active little girl, but always the first to approach me when I enter the room for loves.  Her Country Bumpkin (CB) name is Scampy, Her Hunger Games (HG) name is Katniss...My name for her is Callie and dgd has chosen Lacey.
(of course I call her Callie)

This is our sealpoint boy, he is a little love...His original GOT name was Sansa, cuz he was so gentle during the bottle feedings.  but oops, he's a boy, so it got changed to Rheagar (the silver Targaryan with violet eyes)...CB name is Waffles, HG is Peeta, but I am calling him Oliver...and dgd calls him Tom-Tom

This is our big boy...He was the least affectionate, but I have made a point of giving him loves and now he does approach me and gives me 'motor' purrs.  He is a very active boy (even the kitten sitter called him 'the wild one')...GOT name is King Robb...when we first got them, he would pace the container we had them in...and 'make speeches'...very vocal.   CB name is Boo-Kitty, HG is Finnick...My name is Arnold (yes after Schwarzennegar...cuz when one of his brothers was misbehaving ...being possessive over a toy...Arnold leapt in and took care of business)  

This is my little cuddle bug, from the beginning when bottle feeding he would make eye contact and melt in my arms.  His GOT name is Rickon, CB is Bandana, HG is Haymitch...but mine is Arthur.  Because, I have a Winston and a Percy and IF I got to keep him, I think Arthur would fit right in.

BUT as of now, there is NO sign that DH is going to let me keep any of them.  To be honest, I love them all, and if he said okay to me keeping one, I would keep the one that does not get adopted.  

So, this has been my days for the past month.  I LOVE every moment of it, but it is driving dh a li'l crazy, he cannot wait till it is done and they have homes.  

I also got to go to a Crop Retreat on Mother's Day weekend. You should have seen the mad scramble to get kitten care...but with the help of a scrapbooking friend and her church, it happened.  But the retreat is for another post, another day.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fit to Win group, let's see if it helps any

Fit to Win is a group I am joining today.  This is their 2nd round, there is a $10 buy in...and if you gain weight during the time period...a $1 per lb pound.  The stakes are divided by the top 2 winners (loss of lbs by %) at the end.  This one will go till May 2nd.

I was a li'l nervous about joining.  AS I am traveling to Houston next week...and those trips don't tend to be good for weight loss (too many good restaurants I don't have out here in the CA boonies).   But perhaps this will provide an incentive not to eat my way thru Houston...ha!!

This week I kinda lost my 'eye of the tiger" I had last week.  Too many 'over-calorie' days ...siiiigh
But no gain.   hmmmmmmm.    

need a plan, need a plan, neeeeeeeeed a plan.  

I have been finding healthy foods here on Spark and putting them  into next week's tracker, then I hope to 'use the create a shopping list' feature. ...  and stick to it.  

I hope to find healthy foods good for my mom's diabetes...and that she will like, cuz my mom is soooooo small and skinny.   She needs a li'l weight, I need to lose.  So planning that balance has been a, well, difficult.

A friend, who was diagnosed with pre-diabetes told me NO STARCH!  But, my mom is starch, no rice?   YIKES!

my sis has a wii, so that will be exercise.  I can do short walks with my mom...but she is very old (81) and does not have much least for a brisk mile walk in Houston humidity.

aye.  yi. yi.

My sis is finding signs on the internet that she is being stalked by the awful family member.  Guess we all have one of those don't we, the one who circles like a vulture looking for any vulnerability she thinks she can profit from.  siiiiiiiigh.

oh well, today is not about family drama... I get to go to the kids' house and see the grandbabies.

But I did get a Winkflash order in so I will be scrapbooking .... and Saturday is Pleasanton Expo...and a couple of friends and I are going.  So far, we are riding together (we can split the parking fee)...sooooo looking forward to checking it out.   WISH I was cropping, but that is okay.  We have the crop in May...a cabin rental...with 12 crafting gals.  (happy dance, happy dance)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

had a good day yesterday...and some generational baby pics

Gotta admit, been getting discouraged with dgd #2 (4 months old)....she has not seemed to warm to me.  Usually when I hold her, she cries .... I just can't get her preferred 'football hold' correct.  I LOVE her, but the last time I had her for an hour, gotta admit, I did end up with earplugs.   (my ears were ringing...ringing, I tell ya)

So, when I was approached about spending yesterday, Fri morning with her, I was a li'l concerned.  Mom had volunteered to be a part of a police dept training (think she played 'hostage') and was up till 4am or so.
And we were hoping to give her a chance to sleep.

So, arrive 7 am...dgd #2 is still sleeping.   Take big sis to school, come back and dgd #2 (Kyleigh)....wakes up a li'l before feeds her and then gives her to me, "while she is still happy".   We pack up the stroller and go for a walk.  To Walmart, as Catching Fire is released...and then took the long way home.   All I can say, is we had such a good day.  I learned that she is ticklish and laughs when you give her belly zerbits...and we took a load of pics...and she fell asleep in my arms while we had P.S I Love You on.   (I think she likes Gerard Butler)

Anyways, I was a li'l sad when the morning was over.  But never sad to pick up her big sis from preschool.

 Oh!! here is a pic of Adriana @ the same age......
And here is their daddy.... a definite family resemblance...ha!!!

And here is Auntie C.C.....hey, at least I did not do barebottom blankie pics...ha!!!!!

wish I had pics of Nyki at this age...cuz she would not be 'safe'....

Sunday, February 23, 2014


remember that old saying?  WWJD, what would Jesus do?   In our Sunday school, the kids and I have been talking about God's love.  We started with an agape love, a story about John T Ferrier, who sacrificed his is in Night Light a devotion I am doing.   Then we talked about Loving your Neighbor as YOURSELF, loving your enemies, that love is a verb (1st Corinthians)...and last week talked a little bit about what loving our brothers and sisters in Christ. And it came up that...

"For a Christian, love is a person.  Love is Jesus of Nazareth.  If you want to know what love is, look at what Jesus did, what Jesus said, and what Jesus refused to do, and you'll know how love works and how it doesn't.  Take your life and set it u next to Jesus's life:  How does my life compare to the life of Jesus of Nazareth?  Do I get mad at the things Jesus got mad at?  Do I weep at the things Jesus wept over? If you want to know what love is, Jesus is it"  from The Jesus of Suburbia by Mike Erre...(as I read this section, I was thinking ...why am I not reading this book?.. My dd went to Mike's church and got this for me years ago)

So, I asked the kids to spend the week looking thru the book of John and noting what Jesus did and said.


And I sit here Sunday morning wondering what I am going to 'teach' ... wha,wha,wha....uhhhh (yes, that is the sound of a brain sputtering and overloading)

okay, let's break it down.

there were  a lot of miracles and healings and prophesies  that I don't think we can do.

but there was humility and serving...can you imagine my bringing foot washing stuff to class?

there was forgiving of sins and redeeming sinners...the story of the adulterous woman and the woman at the well...and speaking of woman at the well, how about talking to those who are looked down upon.

not only Samaritans, but children....

He always spoke the truth, even when it would 'cost' him.

obedience to the will of the Father, time taken in prayer...

can ya'll think of anything else??

Saturday, February 22, 2014

gotta make the changes

Just got back from a 2.5 day trip to Reno.  Came home a touch sick, intestinal disturbances...yikes.  I'm simply not healthy in that dept.   Go from one extreme to the other.   I just slept after getting home last night, and skipped dinner.

I know when I was on a healthy eating plan thru Sparkpeople, I did not have these issues and know that it is my body saying "What the Hell are you doing?".   But, I just wanna.  I just wanna eat the things I love and taste good to me.  I know, I know...

Did get to scrapbook in the hotel room one of the days.  Got quite a bit done of Adriana's 2013 book...but need to embellish.   Could not pack a lot, so quite a bit still needs to be done.

Sometimes, I kinda get ...hmmmm, not tired...but, uninspired.  Sometimes, I feel like all there is a vertical or horizontal layout of pics and papers.   Do you ever get that way?   Guess its time to spice things up and try something different.  

any ideas?

In the effort to get my lifestyle change going again, I am trying to spend more time on Sparkpeople.  I guess for a while, I'll need to give up my screen time on 2 Peas and go to Spark.   I joined a reading challenge on Sparkpeople's bookworms' group.  Plan out 12 books to read this year,  Never preplanned a book reading list...just usually grabbed what interested me as I went.  I have sooooooooo many books in my 'to be read' piles in my closet.  and the sad thing, I have even bought more this month.  siiiiiiiiiigh.

I did re-read Jesus Freaks by DC Talk and Voice of the Martyrs while traveling.   Wow.  Soooo inspirational, how bravely and with love and joy the martyrs met their deaths/torture for being Christians.  And it goes on today.   It really makes you think.

Okay, gotta unpack the scrap stuff, embellish those pages and put them in the book.