Friday, May 6, 2016

a view of my 'office'

My job is 90% babysitting my grandson and 10% general ledger accounting for my husband's 2 companies.  Here is my work area.  A small nook area at my dd's home.  (the safe, shelf and containers by the swing are their's) (though I use the shelf cabinets)

I am spread out all over the place while working.  piles and piles of papers. 

Just learned that we need to furniture shop tomorrow.  I am set to babysit for my kids (dd) so they can go out for their anniversary dinner.  So, baby boy is going furniture shopping with me.  DH wants to replace the living room couches before we have @200 for his dad's services...

Whaaaaaaa????? @200, what happened to the simple service for family and close friends? 

But this is my dh, he can be  more into appearances than I am...he doesn't want his father's friends thinking we are 'less'  than.  Our furniture in the living room is 10+ years old and well, errr, loved (distressed)  by the cats.  It does not bother me...but it bothers him. 

If it were up to him, our house would be more of a showcase.   Me, I love old and me that is home.  We went to a house he loved, his friend's daughter ...everything hard, floors in polished concrete  and showcase furniture...the only comfortable spot was outside on their patio.  To me, it was so cold....  I have no interest in a home like that.  Okay, their bathroom sink was cool...concrete and rusted copper bowl.  He also has a friend who is a multi millionaire...he owns a very large tech company and he can buy a luxury car for cash...dh goes to his designer decorated home and is very impressed...I was not.  It just did not have the feel of a home, except the kitchen/adjoining room.  Since this was the one they spent the most time in, it had some personality and comfort in it.

Guess that is why I am his 'soulmate'...I offset and balance those tendencies...  Me?  I would decorate with Craigslist finds.  I don't need new and fancy. I would also have a dozen cats and run a pet rescue from my living room!!! so, he offsets that!!!

Though thinking about it, it is only with our home...he is not this way about his clothes and such.  He wears stuff from Western Stores...wrangler jeans and plaid shirts.  None of us are into designer stuff for clothing.  His friendships represent all social/economic circles.  White collar, blue collar, does not matter to him. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

a few of the layouts from crop weekend....

some of the layouts from the weekend...

You can tell my progression throughout the day.
these are for dgd#1's 2015 album

did not start till mid-morning, had some to finish from dgd #2's album first thing in the morning...

First lo for dgd#1...basic but a little more embellished...
next, this was fun.  Used Authentique pps...and even asked the girls "is it weird that I want to use the pp's label on this layout?".  They assured me that it worked. 
A close up of the shaker card embellie I made with my fuse.   Even used the saying on the paper's strip on top.  OOOOOh, wrangling those beads...wowza a li'l difficult. I was fighting static and gravity...took 2 tries, but got it done.
This is the layout later in the day, won't even show y'all the matching page, waaaaaaay tooooooo plain.  The brain is starting to get very basic and barely anything.
But here is a close up of the tag...used a Pink Paisley stamp for the background, used my Misti
Did it all while "Girls Night Out" was playing.
and the last for the night....very, very plain...needs a lot of detail work.  Another little shaker card...but used packaging not my fuse.  Think I need to figure out a 'framing' for it.

so, though I counted these last few... I don't consider them finished...
As I put it into the album, I will embellish...this weekend!  Yay for NSD!!

What are your plans for NSD and Mother's Day.  I get to babysit Sat late afternoon thru evening...and Sunday, I asked dh for a salmon dinner.  (so much better than trying to go out)...and that way I get to scrapbook!!!!  ha!  (I hope)


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5-3-16 On Top of my desk...

I am participating in 2 challenges at 2 Peas Refugees this month...let's see how it works out...
The Blog challenge, last month is was 21 posts for the month, for May it is 15

And the Tell Your Story  Challenge, as many layouts as you can with daily prompts and challenges....I am not able to scrap daily, but hoping with NSD this weekend, and the crop I am hosting on the 14th...I may be able to keep up...a bit.  (not a chance, several of the ladies are seasoned Calvinball'ers)

So, this is what is on top of my desk??.  While putting away layouts from the crop..I saw that I am slightly out of order,   Need to insert some Shasta Trip layouts in between what I already had.  The birthday to the left was in the, need to create a transition layout in between.. the unfinished layout on the right.  Lucky, I remembered that the cupcake paper was Bella Blvd, so I can have coordinating paper for the facing page.  I am ocd like that.  Actually found a sketch to help me do this layout.  Of course with my schedule, it will be Sat morning before I actually do it.

so this will be my first layout for May...

Monday, May 2, 2016

home from crop camp...

home from crop....

Let the unpacking rituals begin!!!  At least, unlike Expo, not a lot of shopping was done...only the little Owl bag represents a Joanne's run on Saturday morning.  Of course, I was the one who did not NEED anything...but the one who spent the most...can you say SALE!  ha!

One of the gals is a part of the design team for this group, Craftin Desert Divas  
She was working on a couple of if course, I had to buy a set of stamps that feature a mermaid this morning and some sequins.
of course.

There were 12 of us, 11 scrapbookers/ paper crafters  and 1 sew-er.  They are still there, I had to leave a day early, as I could not get today off.  I actually have tomorrow off, as I have a series of appointments throughout the day.  Including dr's for a blood test, just the regular fasting blood test for cholesterol...a pedicure (squeezed that one in) and dentist.

So, had to leave early, but got the chance to visit with Michele, my friend from high school days.  She lives just one exit away from the campgrounds.  Always so good to see her.  She is one of those friends that even if it is 6 months between seeing each other, we pick right up as though it was just yesterday.  Sure do love her and her family.

Of course, there was no getting good sleep hours at the crop.  The first night stayed up till 11, the next 10 (I am someone who goes to bed at 8, normally).  But of course, when you are my age, there is no sleeping in...up between 5 and 6...siiiiiiigh.  So came home exhausted!!!  Getting these out of the car was a huge accomplishment.  My stuff takes the back seat and the 'trunk'.  I could never drive with someone to one of these...well, maybe Michele, as she would just have one bag.  She is just not the collector that I am.  In fact, we are talking bout her coming out in June to scrapbook. (in my cave)

I did 29 layouts.  Though some I shouldn't count.  You know how it is, your first few are terrific, done and embellished...but toward the end of the night, you are lucky to get the papers chosen and the  pictures down.  PLUS, you just don't  pack the embellies you need (I  cannot anticipate them)...sooooo, toward the end of the night, those layouts need finishing touches.

I'll take pics and post as I get them unpacked.  Got a little done this morning before work...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

As April ends...

 Tough month, all the way around...even work has been tough.  But I can see a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak..and (knock on wood) will make my final deadlines.

This song has become especially meaningful to me right now...this, and Oceans by Hillsong.

Matt Redman You Never Let Go

As of this 'camerashot' I am going on my weekend crop.  Talked a little with Michael last night.  But I guess until I am in that car and driving, I am just going to keep 'fluid'...and let things happen.

I am also planning to work from the plant tomorrow morn...the kids are heading for a trip to Shasta...I have a stack of filing and some printing and archiving that needs to be taken care of.

Will be good to see Francine.  She is a good friend and coworker.  We have already planned lunch.

But I must be anxious, or something.  When I arrived at the kids' house this morning, baby is still sleeping, so I scrubbed their stove.  I only scrub when something is bothering me...I always say you can tell how happy I am by how dirty the bathtub is.  And with dh, these 32 years, my tub stays pretty unscrubbed. (won't call it dirty, cuz it is maintained, just not sparkling clean)   ha!!

Thank y'all for this month of blogging, Can't tell you how much looking at your creations has helped soothe me, especially this week....I'm off for more 'medicine'.  See y'all in May!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

a memory and a fave pic...

I was not a calm young mother, I was a bit of a perfectionist...and it took me a while to understand that you could not control children to have the picture perfect family.   This was one of the rough days, I don't remember if I called my fil or he called me...but when I let him know all was not well, he dropped everything and came straight from work.  And he did the most perfect things, he took my kids for a walk.  That is all. 

Glad I had a camera, and captured this.  

When dd requested this pic, I knew exactly where it was.  See, it is not in a book, but is one of the layouts that I will keep on a wall in my Scrap Suite...once we get the  Ikea curtain rod with hooks out of storage.

Mil brought boxes of pictures to the house, we started sorting last night.  Difficult, Beautiful, Meaningful... Dh is going to make a video presentation for the service...I am going to make a memorial scrapbook for mil.  ( will copy original pics as there are many who want copies)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2 dozen red roses...

This morning I had the privilege of ordering 2 dozen red roses for my mother in law.

Today is their 61st wedding anniversary.  And this was one of my father in law's last requests.

Yes, last.  Yesterday morning we learned that he passed.   Where we thought he was recovering, and with some physical therapy he would be was not to be for us.  Well, he went home, just not the home we were hoping for.

My father in law was a very complicated man.  Or a very simple man who made things complicated.
One of my fondest memories of him was a couple of years ago, when mil was in the emergency room...his asking the attending dr one question after another, after a while, fil told the dr...

  "I'm not trying to be difficult, I just am"

And that is how I would describe him.    He definitely made you think about what was important and why, because he asked the questions. And he could tell the stories.  His passing definitely leaves a hole in the family.  You may not have always 'liked' him, but you could love him and admire him.

Weds would have been his 83rd birthday.

My dh sent me a short bio asking me to write the obituary and one of the  eulogies for the upcoming service.

Mil is staying with us for now.  She is truly a woman you can admire.  I can see her love for him is genuine, her spirit is so giving.  I just hope we can be the support and give her the love she needs right now.

Taking care of her is the best way we can honor him.

4-27 edited to include pic...I started crying when I put in the order, and well, the florist gave us this....