Sunday, April 15, 2018

packing craaaaziness....

I am down to my last 3 days of packing.  Movers come on Thursday.   Wow, I had about 18 days to dedicate, as I am no longer 'working' as of April 1.   Wow, and I can say that backwards...WOW.  You know how you go along, and think you are doing very well.  Then crunch time comes, and, man, there is still a ton left?   Yeah, that is where I am at.  The 'plan' was to have everything done, then only have the master bedroom...and closet the last 3 days.  Yeah, no.   GOOD News, we don't have to be completely vacated ... so can come down and do any follow up...finish up....


So many things I wish I can take.   Like my 'deco lav' sink in the guest bathroom.  My mason jar lights in the back master bath suite with it's grey celtic tiles and purple laser tiles, my laundry room cabinets (new house does not have them) wall colors (dh says I cannot paint this one up like the we only plan to stay 5 years or so...till we can retire, hopefully, in Idaho)
My irises are starting to bloom....just makes me miss this home more.   Oh well, I will be moving to the 'high desert' so not sure what I can grow out there.  The previous owners left there enclosed garden...get the feeling anything needs to be enclosed...anyone know why???  I have some irises in containers I can take, but not sure where I can plant.  Would love to have them by the front entry by the stairs....???  guess I need to do some research.  

Wow, good news on the scraproom front...
We have a large basement, and dh and I are splitting it...part for my scraproom, the rest for his 'man cave'.  The previous owners also left a pool table and a stunning built in.  I told dh I needed the scraproom to be separated from his man cave.  You scrappers know how non-scrappers react to a nicely stocked scraproom.  And I just do not want to hear it.   I even told him, I could get a row of bookcases and face the backs to his area to create a seperation.  But, he said he would build me a wall with door.   Cool!

  Well, homes and construction are HOT in Reno right now, so finding a contractor who could do it before our move date was impossible.  BUT dh spoke to the contractor who did the expansion at his shop...and...he is available!  waiting on weather and permits.  So hoooray, gonna have the wall done before the move!! yeah, right...

The built in is on the wrong side of the wall, and needs to be moved.  So the 'cabinet guy' is the first step of the process.  Trouble is, he cannot be found.  (hope he is on vacation and is okay).  So Contractor called and said, it won't be done before move.    Lucky for us, we have a good friend in CA who does cabinets.  He came in to remove my scraproom ones and we had him scheduled for May 11 to come to Reno and install them for me.  Due to the cabinet crises...he and dh rescheduled and they are going to Reno this, this built in will be moved , so wall construction can start...and I will have scraproom cabinets set up....and I can start setting up that part of the scraproom!!  Yay!! 

 My view from the back door, now...well a couple of years ago.  siiiiiigh

 I truly feel like I am going to need my crafting for 'therapy'.   It is hard to think of leaving the life we have built here in California,   the friends and family we cannot take with us.  Kinda feel like I might get the blues once we are settled out there. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

BIG life changes out here...

Where do I start?  Last January, my dh had the idea that it was time to move.  At first, we were thinking our retirement home in Idaho.  And sure did enjoy looking at the homes in Zillow and dreaming a bit.  Then he had a meet with his business partner who told him the company is not quite ready for dh to retire or, dh changed the plan to go to Reno, Nv instead.   As one of the companies (aka 'the shop') is out there.   Soooooooo, we spent a couple of weekends in Feb touring houses out there.   He was soooooo picky, I felt I could work with most of them.  My requirements were least 1100 square foot scraproom and no steep intense stairs.  (as I figured my scraproom would be a basement).    I LOVED this old 70's was disgusting, and would have had to be completely redone....I mean, I think the original toilets were still in there...BUT to me it had such 'fixer upper' potential. 

But dh had seen a house on Zillow that he could not stop wishing for.  When he first showed me the picture, I  did a little scream.  I was thinking something cottagy, traditional...for retirement!   When we started actual house hunting our realtor (Meghan) contacted them but they said it was off market, as they had accepted an offer.  So, is what it is....  But dh could not stop thinking of this, his 'dream' home.  And after a couple of weeks he asked Meghan to ask again...even if they would accept a backup offer.   And they said yes.

Because he was 'pickier' than me...I was okay that he went for a walk thru on a Weds while I was working...then put in his backup offer on a, not gonna happen, right?

By Saturday and Sunday there were counter offers and then an acceptance of our offer, with one caveat (sp?).....close in 20 days.  Long story, lots of 'can this happen?' moments, but thanks to the team at Bank of the West...the impossible happened and we bought a house in Reno.  aaaaaahhh whaaaa???

I kept telling family that if this house happens, I will consider this God's will...He had to open those doors, right?

So, I went to the kids and told them that IF we get the house, our move date would be mid April and I should stop babysitting April 1 to get ready for it.

They thought long and hard, and decided that since California was never their dream, they came out after dsil left the Corps so  he could get his MBA, and she could get 'real world' experience in human resources...Texas is...that they would go ahead and move back to Texas.   Then doors started opening, they are in a position to work from home for their present companies....and now they are moving back to Texas!!!  Son in law and furniture and pets leave on Friday in a Penske,  Daughter and Boys leave on Sunday in an airplane!   Whaaaaaaa??!!!!!!!

So, in a blink of an eye, EVERYTHING is changing!   My son's family will still be in California, so they are a 4 hour drive....but TEXAS!   so sad.   I have been babysitting/ nanny ing those boys since dd went back to work after birth! 

It is with mixed emotions I face this move.

Oh!  And I finally did see the house.  We met with the owners the day before we signed.  It is a nice house, full of cool 'touches'.   She collects stained glass transoms...and the house is filled with them and a couple of empty nooks for them.  Every light fixture is unique and antique...well, except the ceiling fans.    BUT

there is no scraproom and the stairs are steep and narrow to get to the basement.

(Dh is having a wall built so I can have a scraproom, we are going to move my present cabinets set it up...) 

And there is very little storage.   I now have a pantry...nope.  I now have a coat closet....nope.  I now have my own sink and closet in the master...nope.

   Very small master bathroom (you can stand in it and with your hand extended touch the shower, toilet, sink and walls and window) with one pedastal sink to share.   One closet to share.   AND the master bedroom is the first door after the entry.  Luckily the family room in front of it, can be the readingroom/parlour so the hanging out can be done in the back room instead of in front of the master.  So, I do get a readingroom/parlour and I plan to make it extra feminine.   Because shared in the basement, after my wall is built will be dh's pool room (previous owners left theirs) and man cave.     

Sooo, I guess for a while this will be a moving/ decorating blog...till I can scrapbook again.

As far as the 'depression' that can set in because of missing daughter has challenged me to 'live intentionally'...a phrase I've been hearing all over the place.  So, I sat down and made goals and wrote down my 'steps' to get there.  We'll see how that works out.  But as I said, I do feel like God's hand is in this...too many things coming together to make this happen.  And ultimately, I will trust in Him.  Though I may cry some...I know all will come together for the good of those who love Him.  And there is something here I need to learn to grow.   Chazak!   (I learned that word in my Tree of Life Bible)

Saturday, January 6, 2018


What we eat has been on my mind lately.  Not because I want it to be.  ha!  But my son has embarked on the "Plantstrong' eating plan...Engine 2 diet.  And has felt and  seen good results.  So, he has been nagging us, his parents.  And he admits he is nagging...because he loves us and wants us to be healthier.   On New Year's day, I did listen to a podcast he sent me...and it all is very interesting.  Though I did feel there was a strong emphasis on selling.

He and daughter in law  have cooked a couple of the meals for us, quinoa and kale, tempeh bacon...and they were very good...not nasty.   I liked them enough to get the recipe.

On the other side, my daughter and son in law have been making changes also.  Right now it is concentrated on finding healthier snacks for the boys.  Sweet potato crackers instead of Ritz.  Less carbs more veggies.  (fruits are not a problem).

Of course, hubby and I would like to add more veggies to our diet.

BUT, gotta say...

In my 56 years on this planet, I have seen so many diets.  and tried a few...that I am wary of something like Plantstrong...Keto...all that stuff.  Anything that declares one food group or the other is the 'enemy'.   They both have their studies, their testimonials...I am just not willing to jump in.

My own 'history'.  ha!

I was always the skinny kid growing mom used to try to 'fatten' us up.  Gave us cereal before bed, pie for breakfast...she used to call me toko-noko-pom-pom (my phonetic spelling) ...Japanese for bamboo shoot, cuz she said my legs looked like bamboo.   Growing up we ate a primarily Japanese diet (like the Okinawa diet)..rice and fish and tofu...were the staples.  With some homemade American taught to my mom by my Indiana grandmother.  We rarely had fast food or went out.

then I discovered pizza and chocolate and cheese cake and soda and Taco Bell as a teen.

then I had babies.  And I have not seen skinny since.  

Right after having babies, I did the Slim Fast plan, to fit into a dress for hubby's  10 year reunion.  I did fit into the dress, but ended up in the hospital ER with IBS.

Got diagnosed with high very easily gave up fried foods.

@2004, I remember doing a modified Atkins, and did lose @13 lbs...did this through Curves...but the first time I allowed myself a warm roll..that was all over.  I remember thinking how odd, on this plan a bag of potato chips was the same as a banana.

@2009, I did Sparkpeople and actually had success.  It took me a year and a half...but lost @40 lbs.  This concentrates on lifestyle change...not on any fad diet.  Counting calories, watching nutrients, exercising.... I liked it.  And it got me off a 4 to 5 can of Pepsi per day habit.  Now, I might have an occasional Pepsi, but cannot finish it.

@2011, because I was going to have a hysterectomy, decided to do Jenny's.   I had a fear that I was going to regain the weight after the hysterectomy.   When I was faithful to Jenny's, did see a loss...@ 13 lbs. But did not stay faithful...and  got so sick of the processed food.  (ever read the ingredients?)

then just got sick of living a life of planning and counting and obsessing about what I can and cannot eat.  Just did not feel like LIVING.     And now, beginning of 2018, find myself within 10 lbs of my highest weight in 2009...siiiiigh.

So, I have got to revisit this again.

I had a friend on Phen Phen, I've seen friends try the hormone shot that was popular a year or so know, the pregnancy hormone, then you ate like 500 calories....No fat diets, Eat for Your Blood Type...Overeaters Anonymous..Gluten free...they would have results...but nothing lasting.  Except Art, he did Atkins as his jump off...and has maintained for years.

 I just am not willing to jump on this newest....plan?  fad?

When it comes to Plantstrong, son has also been trying to appeal to the know, before the fall Adam and Eve only ate that is what we were designed for.   Yeah, but after the fall, before the flood people lived to 900, 1000 years old.

My goal is find the balance between all food groups.   Sparkpeople had that, and I liked the emphasis on lifestyle change.    My long term successes after Sparkpeople is that I do rarely drink a soda...or eat fried foods.  I don't want to go back to those... So, I'm not saying Everything is good or equal.

For Christmas hubby got a juicer.  (though I don't think that is the answer, cuz our bodies need the fiber in fruits and veggies as well.)  Side note,  green apple, kiwi, carrot and mango make a great though a little sour juice.

Right now what we are doing is each week we are printing and using the heart healthy diet from Sparkpeople.  We are not adhering completely, and logging calories, but we are using it to plan meals.   So far, pretty good.

And I know, need to add exercise to the equation.   Though doesn't chasing toddlers 5 days a week count?

Ugh, having to rethink food again....siiiiiiiigh.  

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A couple of weekends, scrapping! yeah

Finally got to actually scrapbook.  MJM was out of town last weekend, so I spent most of it in my pj's scrapping.  Finally started working on girls' books.  Last weekend started with Kyleigh, BUT, was out of my photo printer had a lot of 'holes' in the book.

Was planning the same thing for this weekend, MJM was supposed to be out of town again.  But by Tues he let me know he was not going...I told him..."ok, but I am not changing my plans, which is pj's and scrapbooking."

So, when I get home on Friday, he lets me know that he has made some plans...lunch with his business partner and wife Sat afternoon, and dinner with the whole family on Sun.  I looked at him and asked, "what part of pj's and scrapbooking equals making lunch and dinner plans?".  siiiiiiiigh.  So now it is a pj's and scrapping Monday...and doing what I can when I am home.

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I colored some images for cards.  The dragons/mermaid on the left was by Kyleigh..she would only use one color!   (she is 3) and the top dragon was mine...and the pretty mermaid was Adriana.  This was used on a birthday card for their Auntie C.C.

Here are a 3 layouts,  same pic for different books...
The first is for Adriana's book, it is the cover sheet for her 2016...Used my Minc, she helped me choose the blue foil on the cards and 'family'.

 This one is in Josh's book.  His first year  book goes from Oct 2015 thru Christmas 2016...I used my pennant cutter and Kiwi Lane
 And this is for Kyleigh's book, used a stencil with white was a first for me...

 Last night, or early morning @1:30, I could not I got up and did a little scraproom cleaning.  So, moved my carts to sweep the floor and took this pic...I call it "carts are like potato chips, you can't have just one"...ha!!

They are Bling, Buttons, Stamping Stuff

and these are Adriana's, Kyleigh's and Grammy's (which is mostly journaling cards and die cuts)
(and I don't know where the underline is coming from)

okay back to it.  And I don't know how to get rid of this underline...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

more scraproom pics

Ha!  I keep posting pics of my updated room...but rarely of layouts.  Am I a scrapbook organizer and hoarder with very little scrapbooking??? hmmmmm, actually.....

This is what you see when you enter the door.   My new worktable is forefront, I know I gave up some floor space...but I like it.  I gained some storage, can't really tell but there are cubby shelves in front...and doubled those tables for a 'cutting, embossing station"

ahhh, much better light.  The corner was a black desk, now more cubbies for embellie storage and the 'stamp station' desk.  That sweater has been waiting for a button for years.  Guess it is time to fold it away.  

These are the built in cabinets opposite the back corner.  Fairly clean.  The rolling cart holds my bling.  The surface is usually full of more scrapbooks in progess all opened up.  So, got the pic while it was fairly clean.

Kyleigh's new work area.  She has her own rolling cart, and most of the bottom shelf of a baker's rack.  She also gets to face our small tv.

and Adriana's.  Hers faces away from the tv.  She also has her own cart and the cabinets to her right are all hers.  

my Cuttlebug emboss, die cut center is still off in the small hallway to the left.  The cart is filled with Christmas embellies.  Michael finally put the door handles on for them.  Yeah, another story, I bought the cart off of Craigs List.  The seller said "we are keeping the handles'...uh huh, the holes were drilled so handles did not fit for easy installation.  Michael had to redrill.  Thanks!  but I do love the cart.  

That is one thing, I do love carts.  I find myself constantly checking out what is for sale, and trying to figure out how to add more to my home.  I even have 2 old microwave carts in the other room filled with my scrapbooking books and Iris cases filled with papers organized by brand.  There is another in the was not put together properly by the seller so a shelf is a bit wonky...but I have it holding some 'projects to be worked on' and the odds and ends type of embellies that don't really have another category.

And don't y'all just love back to school aisles at the stores ... I don't have kids, but find myself buying notebooks and pencil cases and ....stuff!!  Esp for organizing.  hmmmm.

I have an hour before an appt.  Afterwards I HOPE to spend some time actually crafting in that room.  I sure do miss it!  (you'd think with no kids in the house...there would be more time....hmmmmm)

Monday, July 31, 2017

Expo Crop and Shop

I got to go to Santa Clara Expo, ended up going by myself...but have found that scrappin' ladies are though I was a little 'bummed' ended up fine.  A couple of ladies shared my table and they were very nice and friendly and funny.

This is before, actually between 2 crops during the month of July....first time I left things unpacked, normally after a crop I unpack as soon as I get home.   I took this pic, cuz this cat aka velociraptor has an entire house to hang out and he chooses to squeeze into this small space.  

Did accomplish quite a few layouts.   Very plain, cuz I actually was able to make only one trip from the car!  Quite the accomplishment for me!   It usually takes me two to set up my space.

Shop!  Not that I needed anything.  But definitely did go through all the money I brought.  Let's just say coming home with $9 is pretty normal for me.

This is crop purchases...some vendors will set up tables to sell what they don't want to take back.  So, if you go to Expo, try to have some cash at night!  Though a few had their 'squares' so you could use your card (good thing for me)

Regular shopping, I did not include pic of papers...but you KNOW I bought a few.  Like Doodlebugs set with I call my youngest dgs my 'little dragon' as he makes a fun crinkle face right before he yells.    ALSO, the vendor that has bins of papers where the first 25 are .50 each...had really good lines...Bella Blvd, Websters...not just the lesser known lines.  So bought quite a few of these.  This is just the 'stuff'.   Queen and Co was a big one, they offered the cart for free with a $20 purchase and the box for free with 12 washi's.   

I was determined not to buy any stamps, but could not resist.  I have been buying so many stamps through a couple of Facebook groups.  Now, figuring out storage is my next step.  Yeah.  Help needed.  I absolutely need to stop buying stamps.  Stamp Freeze starts today.

It actually took me a couple of days to unpack from this crop.  Not just because of stuff, but because it was a busy weekend.  Lots to sort.  Right now, I have 'bling' out to sort out...going to go ROYGBP and Neutrals and Multi into containers.  It is time.  Also out for sorting are diecuts.  I like to keep collections together.  So need to figure out that storage. I have them in an Ikea Cart next to my desk.  Will keep them there, but need them organized.   

Still putting layouts away, slow progress, as I need to finish them.  Many are not really embellished yet.  For me, that is the hardest step...I don't feel like I do enough.  Need to figure out how to get to the next level in embellishing. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

finished unpacking my room...made some more changes

When we had flood scares earlier this year, I packed up and moved up my room.  DH declared us safe from potential flooding, so I have been unpacking and making some changes.  This is just half the room.

I have some of the changes in the previous blog post...

This is the 'stamping station'.  Just about all things stamping (except Stampin Up wood, they are still in the upper cabinets, other side of the room) .  including inks.  I need to figure out a way to 'inventory'.   Right now I have some together by brand.   Stampin Up, CTMH,  Fun Stamper's Journey, Unity, The Greeting Farm...and others by type..alphas, decorative, kids.  

This is my 'ah ha!".  I bought this 9" wide rolling rack from Amazon, and it is perfect for my Stampin Up Stamp collection.  They are organized by Neutral , R, O, Y, G, B, P and Pink.  My greatest 'concern' is when grandsons visit and they reorganize it for me.  But I can tuck it in behind the Ikea rolling cart.  So far so good.

More stamping supplies.  and my new Minc.  (used twice, but sure am collecting goodies for it)
Bottom rack is half stampin wheels and other half dgd #2's she now has her own space. 

Part of packing up for potential flood included putting stuff up off floor.  Well, I liked this table so much, I kept it and turned it into half dgd #2's space and the other a half, my current project space.  You know to lay out what I am working on.  That is what you see, been working on dgs #1's book. (I do have to move it when granddaughter is here)

and at the end of the table and shelf are  a couple of Ikea tables stacked on each other.  The larger (which was formerly my staging space)  has my Cricut and the smaller (pink one) has my new die cutter/embosser I purchased from a friend.
(I still have my cuttlebug but it has it's own space)

just a few pics of the changes.   Guess that is the 'fun' part of having to pack things up, when you unpack you can make changes and updating.  AND hopefully get rid of what you don't use...ha!  I made a funny!!

Right now, the room is a bit of a mess.  (I know, you mean those pics are not a mess?) 
As I am between crops.  I went to a crop in Madera earlier this month and then I am going to Expo at the end.  And did not unpack (first time ever) as for Expo I am going only for one day and will work on the same projects.