Sunday, September 30, 2007

shopping fun

from 2 peas:
Share your fondest Halloween memory.

Last year, we now live in the country so it was a quiet night watching movies...I'm not that into halloween, so it was perfect for me.

Though the year Jason and Keoni dressed up like IRS men was pretty good, they had all kinds of reactions from slammed doors to extra candy to "bribe" them. It was good and funny...they wore suits and made ID tags and carried briefcases.

Yesterday I went shopping!! Went to the Original Rubber Stamp show in San Jose,
found the Cat's Pajamas (I went for) and got the next to the last acrylic set w/naughty or nice...whew..that was close. so, the stamps on the left of the package are Cat's Pajamas, on the right, the fan, clock and drama are from Leavenworth Jackson, and the glitter and Queen & Co (my present addiction) are from Miss Vickey's place.

and I was good, I had my envelope of cash and when I used the last 20...I left.

But, then came the Great Mall down the street. Think a 1 mile mall filled with outlet stores. (Oh, Cierra, H&M outlet is opening soon!!)

I had an assignment to get Queen size bedding for a friend's son's wedding gift. DONE! My nieces 12th b-day....I got her an Izod cable sweater for $20.00!! Baby Phat t-shirt for about the same and a BeBe sporty hoodie for a little more!! So if she is into preppy, urban or sporty...I've got her covered!!!

and of course had to stop by at Richards on the way home...stickles!!
and the local store to see my friend Dorlene...ribbon, punch and floss!!!

May have to work a little overtime....

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Titles and a movie

from 2 peas: When you are making layouts. Do you always put a title on your pages?

No, in fact I rarely have titles and I really should make it a point to...and add more journaling. Wonder if this could be a personal challenge.

Last night I watched the DVD "Music and Lyrics"...yes, stupid premise..BUT
so funny. If you loved Hugh Grant's dance moves in Love Actually, you will Love this! From the opening 80's style was fantabulous. and goofy.. but FUN!!

and I liked the lack of anorexic bodies in this movie also.

my sis and I have been in an 'email' discussion about tatoos.
she is adament that tatoos are T R A S H, well an overabundance of tats would be, but a couple of cute, discreet ones aren't so bad.

in fact if I ever get down to 120 lbs again,( HA!!), I plan to get one on my lower back. DIL told me those are called "tramp stamps"...I told her if I ever see 120 again, you know I'll be showing off that body!! and you jealous people can call me tramp! SNAP!!! (insert attitude smiley here)

the only thing is I am afraid of needles...could be a small problem...

Friday, September 28, 2007

bah humbug, just a li'l

from 2 peas: Have you started any of your holiday projects?

No, been thinking about the holidays. And did a little Avon shopping.
but because all kids are pretty much grown, It's probably going to be gift cards for everyone!! whoo hoo! I don't know, hard to get excited about buying/ exchanging gift it really takes away from the holidays for me.

Last year, we mixed it up a li'l, by having a white elephant w/a gift card exchange with the family. It did make it a li'l fun and hope we do it again.
This is the side of the family we usually pick names for adults and buy for kids.
but since the youngest kid is now 20...last year it was the exchange.

My side of the family, we just always bought for kids and didn't worry about adults, except mom. But now that the youngest is in double digits...11 or 12!! yikes
it will probably be gift they are in Tx...pooey.

The tradition with my kids has been to make their last, big gift a 'treasure hunt'
they'd receive a series of clues. Last year...I hid the gifts in the same place and so the last clue was a '3' parter (one line on each card) ..they had to work together, ha!! Well, Jason being Jason 'stole' the girl's clues....the girls being the girls...proceeded to lock him out of the house. It was fun!

I'll probably do it this year for the gift cards...well, at least gift cards are easy to hide!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kema and Murphy's law

from 2 peas: Share of a time when you have had a health scare from one of your pets..

that would be Kema...
lets see, when he was a puppy, he was hit by a car. luckily no major injuries, not broken anything, but limped a little bit. Michael took him to the vet, xrays and all. scary

Then, the closest call, he got parvo..get your puppies vaccinated for parvo...$1200 later and 2 days and nights at the vet, he made it.

Then, last winter he was gone for 10 days. The worst 10 days I can remember, its like the sunshine was gone during that period. But early one morning, we heard his signature bark (he sounds like an adolescent boy during the voice change). Michael went out toward that bark, even had a homeowner point a gun at him...cuz we do live in the country and when you enter someone's property at happens. But we got Kema back...sooooo happy.

I don't mind saying it, Kema is my favorite dog. He is so gentle and funny and sweet, but he has had some adventures.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

so as I was showering I was 'thinking' about it...cesspool is too strong.
but I guess I do picture a "criminal" in every corner laying in wait for these young American students.

esp my sweet angel.

from 2 peas: How often do you meet with friends to scrap? Do you wish it could be more?

Lucky enough to be part of a local group that gets together at least once a month.

heard from C yesterday,
they are in Spain.... had a bit of an adventure when one of the girls' purse was stolen while it was between her feet at a restarant. My friend at work keeps assuring me that Europe is not the 'cesspool' I think it is...but, lets see, so far, 13 kids' bank accounts were cleared out, possibly by the Eastern European Mafia in this...hmmmm...

Since I'm a 'natural worrier' about my kids....oh well... All I can do is pray everyday for her safety and be prepared to help her out if needed.

But I'm guessing, this is still a wonderful trip for oh man...hope I get thru it...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

from 2 peas: What do you do to calm yourself down when your very upset or stressed out?

I scrub the bathtub...really, you can tell how happy I am by how dirty the tub is. I'm pretty content these days...ha!!

I am taking 3 days off this week, I'm supposed to get started on cleaning the garage of the stuff stored there for oh, 18 months....but, I'm at the computer instead. so bad,
right now, we have our stuff stored in the garage (we moved in May of last year) and stuff in storage. My mom's stuff is in the front bedroom...cuz when she went back to Tx, she left me like a 'refugee', taking only a suitcase. And C's stuff in her bedroom, cuz she doesn't have a dorm while in Europe. AND Michael has invited his friend, John to come out and live with us for a while. So, I need to clear that front room...and C comes home from Europe mid - November, since she doesn't have a dorm till Jan....she'll prob live with us. YEAH! but I gotta go make some room!

I am having so much fun scrappin her Paris pics...even found some paper by Reminisce w/ black kitties and poodles....

Monday, September 24, 2007

any regrets?

from 2 peas: When looking back at your past blog posts. Do you wish you could change anything about your writing or blog?

Yeah, a little, I guess because of the 2peas atmosphere, I'm a li'l afraid to type about anything controversial. Afraid of being flamed....? gee, on 2peas, you can get it about how you spell.
pretty intimidating to really open up.

So, I will try to keep this light and about scrapping. Already talked to my sis about starting a joint private blog, so we can share layouts (she does not want her kids' pics on a public forum).

also, would love to figure out how to add a "time ticker" to the blog and a video.
Tried, but couldn't figure it out.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

from 2 peas: With the holidays being close. Do you have a scrapbooking wish list started? If so whats on it.

Been thinking about it, so far, would like some truly wonderful fonts, more stickles and BG's Figgy Pudding...and KI Memories alphabet soup acrylic letters.

here's a layout using some of those letters...I LOVE Them!! and I hope that is a pic of Dublin...

off to create some more layouts, if I can get away from Tequila Sunrise, young Mel Gibson AND young Kurt Russell....hmmmm eye candy.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

my first layout from my first Bad Girls kit.
the pic is matted with a transparancy swirled in alcohol inks.
one of the techniques from yesterday's class.

I gotta learn how to scan layouts...

Friday, September 21, 2007

here is a pic of some of the tags made in the Tim Holtz alcohol inks class.

sorry, in the reduction don't think you can see the cool details..from the metallic and marbeling and pearl (in the purple)...but you can see that he has some super cool stamps.

its the only class I took, but I think there was a total of 6 offered.

the 2 peas queston: With it being the first day of fall. Do you have fall decorations up?

no, all seasonal decorations are still in storage. I may have a small something for the dining room, but it has silk flowers and 2 of the cats like to chew on silk flowers.
so, guess since I didn't go to work, I'm in charge of dinner, and I gotta go play with my inks!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

card making in my future?

from 2 peas: making your own Christmas card?

no, last year I bought quite a few card packs from Current's after Christmas markdown...but...the gals in the local group are planning a craft night to make cards. So I thought I'd use that time to make set of an assortment of cards to give as gifts. Because in the past, whenever Terry would give me a pre-made assortment for my birthday...I LOVED them.

oh, I'm just waiting for my scraptalk that ketchup commercial..."anticipation, anticipation, is making me wait!!"
preordered daisy-d sewing rubon tape, and Tim Holz tools and, and..

tomorrow morning I am taking the Alcohol Inks class by Tim Holz at my lss...Youngplay! Oh, I can't wait!!

maybe I'll have some cool stuff to share after!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

on 2 peas...what color you have trouble scappin with.

EASY...that chrome yellow and bright halloween orange,
I just don't like won't find them in my house, my clothes...

though I like muted tones of these colors.

I might be taking a couple of days off from work next week, now that the weather is cooled down, I really should go thru all the stored stuff and boxes. lets see, we moved into the house April of last year...uh huh,
its time. I'll probably toss all clothes, the thought of mice in the boxes really creeps me out. Maybe, I'll be really good and borrow J's truck and actually move stuff out of storage! ha!!!

ps. C is in Switzerland this week...the kids are planning on skidiving, night sledding, hang the Alps, pray for her safety please...yikes!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

so, Monday's 2 peas asked for pics of you girlie space

and Tuesday asked if we ever applied for design team, ummm, no. I scrap very simple and basic, nothing design team worthy.

so, this morning Michael asked me if I could go on vacation anywhere in the continental 48 states and Hawaii and Alaska, where would I like to go?

After some discussion, we are thinking about driving from Boston to Charleston, and hitting Bed and Breakfast's along the way (guess I'd have to throw in some scrap stores)

I'm thinking next year, around Sept...maybe get some of the fall color but hopefully, it won't be too cold.

sounds good, huh?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend blog...ha!

Sat 2 peas, was What are your scrappin plans and post a pic of a lo

so yesterday I went to a crop with my local group...I was there from @1:30 to 11:30.

just love it. so worked a lot on C's Ireland here is one of them..the Journal square, says "Guess she doesn't read Gaelic! Cierra at Trinity College" If it is too small to see, the sign says both in English and Gaelic, "Stay off the lawns"..
Today's question is about trends...hmmmm I like them all...but then I'm so new into this, a little over a year, that I wouldn't really know what is trend and what I've just discovered. But I guess the one I've embraced the most is bold Love Elsie and BG's Obscure. But I think its okay, cuz my scrap style is so simple... having bold papers actually adds interest and the layout doesn't least I think so. C said something about going to a nightclub in Berlin, so I'm thinking Obscure would be great for that!
I also bought some owl stamps but haven't used them.....yet.

Friday, September 14, 2007

So here is the picture looking out from our home taken last year around this time of year.

as you can see, the pretty colors are from the sky...the ground is just brown, but the brown hills in the horizen actually look real nice...

from 2 peas: Today's Challenge~ how is the weather/ fall colors in your area? Take a picture of the colors if you are having any and share with the rest of us in the bloggin world.

I'm at work, but I may have a good pic on the computer at home..from Sept last is actually just a kind of tan/brown and dry looking out here. We only get nice green hills in the beginning of spring, the rest of the year they are brown.

I've been a little 'blue' so I've been shopping a lot..not sure why, I guess its because it seems like there is a lot going on, that I have no control over. But hey, that could be a good thing, cuz me in control doesn't necessarily mean I can fix it..right? But tomorrow, I have an all day crop...its always good for the soul to have a little time out with the I get to play with my new stuff!!

feeling better already. tee hee

no, seriously, I don't have my concordance with me, but what is the verse about Godliness with contentment is great gain...?
it always hit me that the Godliness comes first...ya know.

but somehow shopping sprees are my first sign that something is going on in this dept, like a sore throat signals a cold. I better pay attention, huh.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

from 2 peas: What is something you would like to do at a retreat or scrapbooking club?

Would like to do....hmmmm...I do like to learn different techniques and such. Our scrap book group recently had a session to work on canvases, we brought our own pics, canvas and materials, but one of the gals took the lead and showed us the how was optional and it was great.

I do like it when we do that, and have our own little 'challenges'..
last time was the same paper, great to see everyones take on the same to see the personalities that come out.

and its all optional, if you want to concentrate on your own work...don't worry about it.

Been having a hard time getting to the computer at home,
Michael and J have been hooked to their Scott Trade sites,
they both sit there, going thru the threads and watching their graphs.
It's great that they are learning something together and male bonding...but I'd sure like access to the computer. We have a total of 3 computers, 4 adults...and it isn't enough right sad is that?

guess it won't matter soon, when the new season starts for Heroes, CSI, NCIS, and all...then I'll be back to my tv schedule. ha!!

can't wait for Heroes, I hope they figure out a way for the brothers to survive...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

from 2 peas: Share something you miss having from when you were a young child growing up.

hmmmm, my mom's cooking, eating together as a family w/my dad next to me. My dad was a burper..after a meal he'd let out a big ole belch, said it was to let my mom he enjoyed her meal. but I found it disgusting, so I used to make a little partition between us, using the salad dressing bottles and a napkin....oh the memories, and oh, I miss my daddy.

He's been gone a little over 15 years now, and there are some days I feel the loss like it was yesterday. It is amazing, how much your dad shapes about you...what is important to you, your self image and all, all just by being themselves.

I don't want to paint a 'rosy' picture here...if you were to ask me my song for my daddy, it would be Reba McIntyre's "The Greatest Man I Never Knew"...if he ever said he loved me, I don't remember it...I know I tried hard to make him proud of me...He was one of those dads in the 60's and 70's who was so caught up in his career (IBM programmer) , that parenting 3 little girls must have been foreign to him. I don't hold it against him, but I do think my values came from him, values of being educated, of integrity...but also my tendency to not be open with my be a li'l guarded with people.

maybe that's why li'l things, like "burp walls" are such a good memory for me, cuz there just weren't that many...ya know?

Monday, September 10, 2007

from 2 peas: Share the most recent book you have read and think others would enjoy?

a co-worker buys James Patterson books and she shares them with me.

the most recently read one was "Quickie"...I know, the title made a couple of co-workers chuckle also...It was actually quite good, you think you know, but you don't really know...right? right.

other than that, I have a couple of books that I've started...and they are good, but I get distracted and don't finish...that actually would be a really good goal, finish some of the books I've started, huh?

not much to say here...was a slow, lazy, so perfect weekend for me...but did not scrap much...watched some movies and finished my dvd of the 2nd season of Tru Calling...oh, and got on the treadmill.

but did not do things I needed to do...oh, you know, like pay bills.

so, I guess that's whats left for tonight, and finish cat boxes.
like my li'l picture? sooo true, I have been so bad in this dept.
Ebay, Remember the Moments, Creative Imaginations, and QVC
(I completely blame the gals at 2 peas for the QVC, someone mentioned a collection of Heidi Swap acrylic stamps)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

hard part of scrappin...and a request for recommendations

from 2 peas: What is the type of thing you find the hardest to you on your layouts? And why do you have a hard time using it?

1st thought, embellishments..I have such a hard time deciding on placement and amount of embellishments. I don't want to go overboard, but I want it to look nice. So, I have a real tendency to be very sparing (and boring) with my embellishments.

Last night I got to watch a really 'dumb' old movie that I think is just a hoot!
The Canterville Ghost with Charles Laughton...I don't know why I like this so much...its really kind of stupid.
There is another Charles Laughton movie that I think is just one of the best,
called This is my Country... his final monologue is AMAZING!

I don't think I have it on DVD.. so its in storage.

I also watched Love Actually...J refused to sit down and watch it, but he kept coming in and asking, with all the li'l stories, you simply cannot walk in and out of this movie and try to follow along. J was driving me CRAZY!

so, Love Actually covers England...if I want to watch movies that represent C's travels... about A Circle of Friends for Ireland...what is good for France? (gee, seems like there would be a ton of movies set in France)

Germany? and Norway? any suggestions? Switzerland? Spain? now, Only You is great for Italy, but what about Greece?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

from 2 peas: With the fall right around the corner and another summer gone. What is one thing you hope to get finished before fall?

Goals? me? Goals? hmmmmmm... would really like to lose weight,
learn a li'l digi scrappin...and stop spending sooooo much money!!

Maybe I should list my scrap spending, to keep me accountable....uh, no!!

Its Saturday, almost noon, and I am still in my pj's!! woot!woot!

Just a li'l light cleaning this morn, cuz my back has been achey since yesterday, and I listen to my back. If it says, "hey, I'm a li'l hurting here", I DO NOT PUSH it! Back pain is the worst!!

C sent us all a li'l 2 line email this morn, she was at the train station heading for Norway, she wrote a line about "crazy Scandinavian adventure stories"...uh oh.
But at least she sounds like she is thanks to all who prayed/is praying for her and her group.

So, its been a while since I've uploaded a about Scrapjacked, it is one of my favorite the energy of the gals who put this site together.
And I love seeing what scrappers create, even when inspired by the same layout.
Take a peek, I'm sure you'll enjoy!

Friday, September 7, 2007

when Micheal is away...sure I play


its friday!!

lets see the 2peas question was a li'l difficult to understand...think it was along the lines of "if dh is gone, do you scrap longer?"

Sure, when Michael is out of town, its whatever I want time.
Watch sappy boo-hoo movies, eat chocolate and scrap/shop/computer time. Take over the bed and driveway...but it is only good for a couple of days..ok..maybe a week...cuz I start to miss him.

This weekend, I'd really like to see the new Russell Crowe/Christian Bale movie...but we have not been in a theater..since my bday in May.

Well, C is in Denmark and Norway this weekend. I just can't wait till her Europe semester is over, this is all just a memory and I'll have a TON of pictures. I miss her so, and worry about her. Goodness.

When J came home from Iraq, as soon as the bus pulled up, I started bawling like a little many emotions. Hope I can 'maintain' in the airport when C returns.

I tried to upload a video for this blog, we have a little icon. but had NO luck! The computer at home is getting hard to get to..Michael is spending a lot of time on his stock threads...he's really into it right now.
and we only have one that we 'share'...the other night, I put a Clint Eastwood movie on the tv, when he left to watch...I took the computer!!
teehee...after 23 years, you just know these little things.

This weekend, I hope to work on the weight loss challenge and lyrics challenge from 2 peas.
looking forward it it!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

kits or not and some worrisome thoughts about motherhood

from 2 peas..Are you the type of scrapper who likes to have a kit with everything included in it? Or a scrapper who likes to plan what goes on a layout together?

I like both! I love it when everything is pre worked out for me in a kit and I like to put my own together. Gotta admit, I do more of the second.

Now when I say kit, I usually mean something like "I am a Scapaholic", those kit clubs...rarely do I use something sold as a kit by the manufacturer, from Michaels... Like to mix those up a bit.

Usually start with the pp I want to use and go from there.

So, first thing this morning I turn on the computer and what do I see?
Arrests in Germany and a huge terror plot...ummmm...C is in Germany... I am such a worrier...should I be worried or was the plot stopped? Should I be, I mean yes, I am thankful...but is there any danger? I guess there will always be head is in such a 'scramble' right now.

We knew, when she left, the world is not a safe on a daily, no, hourly basis give her to God and pray for her safety. It's like when J joined the Marines, after 9-11, I have to realize that if it is their time, it can happen at home, also...but I cannot let my fears,concerns,worries keep them from living their lives to the fullest and fulfilling their dreams...

I just want to lock them up and keep them safe forever. But I cannot do that can I? I have to trust God..cuz ultimately He is in control...and He does a better job of it...tho, sometimes, well, I'd like least advise Him. yeah...then I think of the movie Bruce Almighty...and well, I think I'd mess things up even worse than Bruce did.!!

okay, think of something fun....I got my 2 peas order yesterday!!
got some of the new Fancy Pants and BG Obscure! Love the look of Obscure, but what kind of pictures will look good with it? hmmmmm.

It's hard being a mom...I was gonna the 21st Century, but then, I think its always been hard being a mom.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

back to work and a response to that thread on my mind

from 2 peas...tell us about your kids first day of school

well, my kids are grown, so we are out of those days.
but today is my first day back to work after the 3 day holiday.
and I am bummed.

I did enjoy my lazy weekend and got some scrappin done.
now, its back to the ol grindstone.

There is something on my mind, from the 2 peas board this weekend,
from the post about 'how you are not the stereotypical scrapbooker'
apparently, this pea's friend has it in her head that scrapbookers are 'overweight, Christian, SAHM's, undereducated women whos lives center around their children' and therefore does not want to get involved in the hobby. hmmm. so all these people are responding that they are not this stereotype...

my first reaction, why do we have to label people like this, I think it was mentioned in the thread by one responder...sure is high-school cliquish

2nd - what kind of person says I won't do something cuz the people who are into this hobby, falls into a certain category? Does she refuse to listen to rap music, cuz it's predominately African American? refuse to eat tacos, cuz its Mexican? or is it just 'overweight, Christian, SAHM'...." she doesn't want to be associated with?

3rd- why the many responses saying that 'I don't fall in that category"
and even some exclaiming how they hate that is a virtue?
like that is the cool thing?

4th-well, if she is going to let her prejudices keep her from scrappin' her life and her family, it is her loss...and if this is her "m-o" (see son was a Marine)...then I feel sorry for her. I don't feel sorry for the 'overweight, Christian, SAHM's'!!!!

5th- should I post my standing in this description....or let ya'll think whatever ya'll want to think...teehee.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday...and guy's pages

from 2 peas...Plans today?

None, been scrappin and thats what I plan to do. I haven't left the house in 2 days, and I don't want to break the record! ha! however...I may need to, we are kinda out of groceries. Had to order pizza delivery just to have something to eat!

worked a lot on J's marine corps more lo and I am done, I will be honest,

guys pages are harder..cuz you don't feel like you can use the froo-froo stuff.

so, C's books are "fuller" she has more pics...but now that J is home...

I'm always "bos"-ing imaginative guy pages at 2 try to get a li'l inspired. But I have to admit, I do feel the Corps album is rather plain. I used a lot of "Marine" paper, so I kinda let the papers and pics speak....ha!!
I love the pic of J and Nyki, above. It was taken at the Al Asad Airbase while they were serving in Iraq... It just has the "Marine" attitude!

Have a great Labor Day!! oooooh, Spike TV is having a CSI marathon...uh oh...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

turned out to be a deep question..

from 2 peas: Do you ever sit back and wonder what history from your family is not passed on? If you what are you trying to change to make sure that doesn't happen with your family?

I'm not sure I understand the 2nd half of the question. But the first half, yes, on Michael's side, they have buried the fact that his great-great grandmother came to America to escape the Russian pogram, well, they have buried the fact that she was a Jew. Now, when she came to America, she converted to Catholicism...I guess the burden of being a Jew was too much...but I find it interesting that only one of Michael's aunts is even interested in this, that the others in the family don't even want to know. I simply find this fascinating.

I also have American Indian in my bloodlines, but when I made inquiries to find out more...silence. Apparently my paternal grandmother was at least part American Indian...but they don't want to talk about it. Again, I find it fascinating.

well, time to get off the computer...flex your power day in Centeral, CA!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

long weekend, C's odd adventure..and Bad Girls,too

from 2 peas: Plans for the long weekend?

Yes, computer, tv, read, scrap...okay a li'l housecleaning and treadmill...but mostly staying in my air conditioned home..enjoying not HAVING to do anything.

Heaven to me!!

C had a bit of an adventure in France on Sat. An odd situation, with a man, who was talking to her and following her..she said right on her heels and talking (not in anger) over her, made her uncomfortable, he tried to go thru the turnstyle with her..and when he could not get on the same train, pounded on the window and flipped her off (at least that was international, huh). We still don't know what was up, but I have the solution for her time in Germany. I just sent her 2 phrases..."Ich verstache Sie nicht"..I don't understand and "Ich bin verheiratet"...I am married. ha!! (I crack myself up)

new site, Bad Girls Kits, after being on the waiting list, I finally got to join. I love their style!!
fun and eagerly awaiting my first kit. let's see if their influence can help jazz up my style.