Saturday, October 8, 2016

rest of September...yup, September

September was a heck of a month, every weekend booked, back to babysitting full crafting and housework fell behind.  

Actually October weekends are looking just about the same,  but I had this morning off.

So what do I spend the first 2 hours doing?  Cat litter, bathrooms, strip bed,  kitchen (cleaning countertops, scrubbing sinks)(good thing about this is you have to put things away as you go...amazing how much stuff gets piled on the kitchen counters), 2 loads laundry...and I wonder, how do the working moms do this?  How did I do this when I was a working mom?   I did not touch the dusting and floors and quite honestly, I AM time to go in my craft room for a bit.

So before I post anything Oct purchase are some Sept...

Stamps from the Facebook Swap and Sell group.  I've had the Harriet Hippo in my Etsy cart for a while, so was ecstatic to see these.

 Washi from Etsy...can never have enough washi??? right???
 my Fun Stampers Journey Bloom box for Sept...I'm pretty excited, these are cutie patooties
and Sept's Scrapbook Circle, love all the ombre...unfortunately I opened it in front of dgd so she called the one that looks like jewels.... I think I convinced her to 'share' it.

Okay off to my room. I participated in a swap and need to get that package out....

Monday, October 3, 2016

World Cardmaking Day

Dgd spent the night Friday and we did spend most of Saturday making cards....She completed 3 cards, birthday for her little sister, her little brother and a thinking of you card for her great grandmother.   Her cards are funny...the 2nd pic shows the inside...Happy Birthday, I love you even though you kick me... ha!!!

I concentrated on finishing all the card projects from about 2 years of make and takes from the Expo's it called a make and take crop?  You know the one done Thurs night???

Anyways, this is the basket I had been keeping them in...

Then worked on finishing a card I have had sitting around for a while now...I started this base...think I had a stamped image, but pulled it off for another project at one point
 replaced it with this Unity Stamp boot and flowers

this year's Christmas...not real happy, tried the distress ink background...I just don't 'have' it yet.

So by the end of the day, this is what my basket looked assortment of finished cards...

 And spent Sunday afternoon working on my Bloom Box from Fun Stampers Journey, took a couple of hours for 4 cards.  Not too bad.   Figure the cost of each card is $6.25 ... better if I reuse the stamp set, right???  ha!
 So, did have a productive card making weekend.    Someday soon will scrapbook again! ha!