Friday, March 25, 2011

week 2 Jenny Craig and ATC's

well, my scale says a loss of 1lb on Weds morn, at my appt today at Jenny's a li'l over 2, we now agree on the total of 6lbs...yay!

The food is good, won't go into the daily breakdown, but the only one I ran into that I won't do again is the breakfast sandwich. Had the chicken fajita tonight, and it was yummy. I did not use the entire seasoning package, but I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods.

A crop was scheduled for tomorrow, but, looks like the weather is going to be crummy and not many people are, gonna stay home. In preparation for it, I got myself an extra brownie and popcorn from Jennys...I may go ahead and indulge...ha!!

I've been working on my ATC cards for the Pick a Theme Swap...

this is the animal group...I admit I changed the penguins, their tummies turned out pink from the alcohol ink I re-stamped just the penguins on white, will color them and cut them out...

I really like how the mouse (he's flocked) with the cupcake turned out.

And here is the other set, misc techniques and styles...they were fun! I made the tye dye car from alcohol inks, just did the three colors with a li'l space between them, then applied with a circular motion.

I did end up changing the bird, I liked the shrink one, but he was just too small. So instead I layered a transparancy and added some flowers.

The vintage ad was fun, under the ad, I tied raffia thru a soda can's pop top.

fun and ready to send...I liked how each had a different theme/look...created a li'l challenge.

So, what's on for tomorrow...scrappin' at home! Which book? hmmmmmmmmm

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jenny Craig, Week 1

so far, the food is pretty good.

my day 7: Honey Oat Bar, a li'l dry, but okay
Cheesy Enchilada - I actually really liked this one. But, I'm an enchilda fiend anyways
Spaghetti - it was fine!!

so, so far, I'd say the food is good! Not gourmet, may favorite food ever, but good!

When I stepped on the scale Weds Morning, I was at 182.6...5 lbs in a week.
This morn, that is the one I posted. I don't normally weigh twice a week, but I go in this afternoon to the Jenny Craig center, so wanted to get a feel for the difference between our scales.

BUT I ain't unhappy...I'm below my 'obese' line! And hopefully have broken the plateau. Hope to see that scale continue down, down, down.

Now, I know the first week is always a greater loss. As your metabolism is still reacting to the changes. Soon it will re-adjust and I'll need to re-adjust the routine. Already thinking I may need a couple of 'increased calorie' days, like when I go to crops!! ha!!!

Had a chance to read the booklet they gave me. Went thru the section about eating styles. There is the Uniformed Eater, you want to eat well, but just don't know ...I don't feel I fall into this category, I used to...but after a year and a half here on Spark...I feel pretty informed

There is the Emotional Eater...we all know what that means...except for wanting a Pepsi and or a treat when stressed, I don't feel I fall into that category. Gotta come up with a plan about how else I can handle stress. For me, it is usually at taking a bubble bath or going for a walk is out. hmmmm, any ideas?

There is the Unconcious Eater...that may be know, not only eating in front of the tv and computer, but also eating out of 'routine'. For example, when I go shopping at Walmart, there is a Weinershnitzal, so its become habit to drive thru and get a couple of corn dogs and a soft serve cone. Not necessarily because I'm hungry, but because its part of the routine.

There is the Social Eater...feeling like you've got to eat while socializing to not hurt feelings or to take part in the function...not me! First of all, I'm not very social...and I'm okay with not taking part. Now, tomorrow, my dh is cooking for the Spaghetti Feed at the Church. My plan, continue the Jenny Craig, with eating every 2 hours, I'm simply not hungry and HOPE it won't be a problem. DH does make the best spaghetti sauce (he does add sugar)...nope, salad, salad, salad!!

And the Balanced Eater...yeah, not me...yet.

Monday, March 14, 2011

day 5, food review

day 5 - breakfast - Frosted Oats Cereal...ended up eating it 'dry' and sharing with Adriana as the hour change threw me off, and I ended up eating these at church.
tasted very good.

lunch - Turkey burger - not completely inedible, but not yummy either. I ended up 'dressing' it w/ a bit of 1000 Isle dressing and a couple of slices of avacado. probably a big no-no

dinner - Chicken Fettucine - eh...but I'm real picky about alfredo type sauces. LOVE the alfredo at Strings, those that come from frozen foods and jars ....neh.

day 6 will be a repeat of day 1, as I am 'on the road' and this seems the most portable, without a frozen meal for lunch.

I have 2 dr appts today, one at 9am with the surgeon and then 2pm with the dentist.
Can't decide if I'll come home between, maybe do a li'l shopping...other overweight people may understand that I have a bit of a problem with grease stains on my shirts...maybe go see a movie....I was interested in Red Riding Hood but the reviews are so bad, and its the same director as Twilight...and her work does not impress me.

I REALLY would rather come home and scrap...but both places are 45 minutes away from home, soooooo...this adds an additional hour and a half to drive...and with the cost of gas, its better to stay in the area...siiiiiigh... guess I'll HAVE to SHOP!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a couple more days of Jenny food ...

day 3:
Blueberry Pancakes and turkey sausage, don't even need syrup for the pancakes, having read the website, I did not microwave, used the oven and it was good!

Beef Chow Mein - very good

Mac and Cheese - was a li'l worried, cuz frozen Mac and cheese can be so hit and miss, but this was good.

day 4: Blueberry Mini Loaf - just thaw, but I cut mine into slices and toasted them in the oven, and it was good. Yes, I was tempted to lightly butter, but I didn't

Turkey Club Panini - this is an open faced sandwich..I did microwave it and it was very good!

Fish & Chips - again, very good. It comes with a vinagar malt, but I just used ketchup.

So, so far, good food! I do struggle with having to eat every two hours. And I mean you HAVE to eat every two hours, as the portions are such that you are HUNGRY every two hours.

I've also been maintaining my exercise schedule, daily yoga and nightly cardio. I'm tempted to step on the scale and see if there is any progress, but have not, best to wait for the weekly weigh in...riiiiight???

Its a yucky, cloudy day outside. Hope I can do some crafting...but... the in-laws are here for a visit, so I gotta take my 'cues' from them and dh.

Have been checking out the gallery, I've found a new favorite artist, (I linked her blog, just click on favorite artist) I am enjoying her layouts and various techniques.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Jenny Craig food, day2..and Biggest Loser

Breakfast -had the Sunrise Scramble - surprisingly good, I stay away from frozen eggs, but was real surprised

Lunch - Broccoli & Cheese Potato - eh, not a favorite, the potato part was starchy and the broccoli part was overboiled broccoli..I prefer mine, no thanks

Dinner - Chicken Parmasan - yummy! the broccoli was again overdone no flavor, but the chicken and pasta bows, very good

and after dinner snack - Walnut Brownie - oh my!!! it was previously frozen so it was a li'l messy toward the end, but I could eat one a day!!

Met with my consultant, today was a quick orientation type meeting and answered some I should not add peanut to my apple yesterday, it is considered a 'fat' ... pooh! I've really become dependant on p butter in my lifestyle change. So, she is encouraging me to stick with the menu, though I don't have to keep it in the same order...but not to be adding/substituting...siiiiiigh

I did a li'l crafting today! Worked on an ATC...lots of misting. When it dries, I'll post a pic.

And a lot of laundry, in fact there is a 'load' calling my name. Hopefully will get some Zumba in. Watched my dvr'd episode of Biggest Loser...I fast forward through a lot, I really don't like the 'speeches' everyone gives at the weigh in and during the vote..."I admire you so much, but I'm voting for you...blah, blah, blah."

Don't have any favorites this season. Also that way about Top Chef..I'd be happy to see any of the remaining ones win...hmmmm, I used to be so much more opinionated!

edited to add pic of dolphin ATC...prettier in irl cuz you can see the shimmer/glimmer of the mists. Oh, this is for the Pick a Theme PAT Swap on use more swappers...hint, hint

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jenny Craig day 1

since ya'll are curious, okay, I'd know I'd be curious...the food was pretty darn good!

It is 3 meals, and 3 can add fruits and veggies to enhance and there is a salad every day for lunch. You are given a chart to keep track and to make notes.

Morning I had the Cranberry/Almond Cereal, very yummy
Morning snack - I had a called for the anytime bar...but we know how I reacted to that! so, I substituted

Lunch - the chicken salad kit, a potted chicken salad (kinda reminded me of the chicken sandwich spread with the li'l devil trademark) and wheat crackers and applesauce. It was good! Also had my own garden salad with Jenny ranch dressing.

Lunch Snack - a bag of Jenny White Cheddar Popcorn...also very yummy

Dinner - a frozen dinner Salsbury steak - also yummy...I had boiled some carrots as my veggie side, I usually add butter/sugar to these to glaze them, but instead I put them in the container and used the salsbury gravy as my glaze, it was good!

Dinner Snack - shared a yogurt with Adriana. Translation, she ate most of it, I had a couple of spoonfulls.

I find it hard to eat every two hours, esp at break is at 10 am , lunch at 1pm, sooo I got VERRRY hungry in between. So, I think the mornings I'll need to 'tweak'...go for something more substantial.

You are also supposed to drink milk with every breakfast...siiiiigh. I don't like milk, so this morning (day 2) I had my Biggest Loser protein shake ... hopefully this also makes up for the protein I'm not getting by avoiding their bar.

I meet with the consultant (I think) tomorrow. We'll see!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

signed up for Jenny Craig

Decided I've had enough of this plateau..have not lost anything since June 2010..and since eating is my 'weak' point, thought it would be nice to follow a plan. So, went in today and will start tomorrow. I did the basic 10 week plan, since it will end May 17, around the time of my surgery. Will see how it goes, and then will reevaluate after.

Guess I should take a 'before' pic...ha!! though one was taken at the center. I'll be going in every Friday afternoon, to meet with my consultant and pick up the food for the coming week. My consutant is a gal named Sandy, apparently she was a client who was successful and is now working for them. I think that is pretty cool. I did not meet with her today, it was with the office manager. So...we'll see.

On the way home, I ate one of the 'anytime bars'...not bad tasting..BUT it did leave me shall I say this delicately...ummm..gassy. I got on the website's message boards, and apparently it can do that. A lot of the women substitute yogurt for the bar, which is what I'm going to do. Especially at work. I could not even stand, I was in so much distress, I was leaning on the couch arm eating raisins to try to alleviate it. siiiiiigh.

not a stellar start. But still hoping for the best!!

20 lbs in 10 weeks!! that would be so great!

I'll keep ya'll updated.

watch out for little miss!

dd, dsil and sweet pie right before they left for their meeting. Well, sweet pie stayed home with grandma.

Last night, we had a burger-fest at our house, the whole family and a couple of friends of dd and dsil's. Well, during the chaos right before serving...I was at the stove preparing sides, dd was at the counter cutting up lettuce, tomato, cheese, avacado..and ddil was going to start toasting the buns. We all took our eyes off the litte miss...dh comes in and says, "You know she has half a bun, don't ya?" Little Miss snagged a bun from the open package on the counter! This morning, dh and I woke up to a trail of bun crumbs throughout the living room and hallway!!

She is sooooo much fun! At the dinner table, she would laugh loudly along with the adults. Whatta little personality. She imitates everyone. She is 'learning' names, it was cool last night when she wanted to pet 'sssandra'...our cat, Cassandra. She is saying her own name with "annda" ...and I LOVE being ga'my!!

This is the kid's last night in town, they leave early tomorrow morning, dd has a class tomorrow night...boohoo. Hopefully, I'll get to see them most of today..I do have an appt in 'town'...Jenny Craig. Think I'm gonna sign up and try to get over this plateau. Since food is my weakness, dh is on board, soooo we'll see!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

my baby is here!

We went over last night for dinner, the 'kids' cooked, so had a nice evening just enjoying...

these are pics I took last night...

dd, grandpa and Adriana practicing the 'sign' for eagle, they were watching on of Adriana's baby sign language dvds.

dd and Adriana playing in her blowup pool filled with balls
yes, this is a very posed pic

Friday, March 4, 2011

loooong week, but a 'light at the end of the tunnel'


long, tiring week, I hate to admit, but there were a couple of nights I was in bed before 8pm. like last night. Is that a sign of old age?

Worked my 3 days, Monday was the dr scheduled surgery, yet. I only saw the ultrasound technician, but he was able to tell us that my blood tested negative for cancer and we were able to find my ovaries! He said the dr should call in about a week.

So, speaking of the surgery, any opinions about whether or not I should try to keep my ovaries and cervix? My regular dr suggests taking out the ovaries (since I'm 50 years old and they are probably gonna stop working within a couple of years anyways) and she said the cervix was up to me. I DON'T KNOW!

I kinda want to keep both. Ovaries cuz I don't want to go on hormone therapy and cervix cuz there aren't any problems with it. siiiiiiiiiiigh

I'm going to work tomorrow, Saturday...because on Sunday, I get to pick up my baby and her husband! They are coming for a quick visit...(my light). yay!yay!yay!
I get to see my baaaaaaaabbbyy!! I miss her sooooooo much, and her hubby too!
Let me tell you, it is HARD when your baby moves so far away. She's in Texas, we're in CA. So, I'll take Monday and Tuesday off. Not that I expect them to spend most of their time with me..but I'll be available!!

I also joined the Calorie Croppers group on 2 Peas...see if this helps...ha! I am sooo stuck on this plateau...the weeks I eat pretty good, I don't exercise...the weeks I exercise well, I eat poorly.... someday, I'll get it together!