Friday, January 23, 2015

so far so good

So far, the month has been good as far as the weight loss goal.....we will see.  I do feel good with less bread, that has been a good change.

This morn, we are in Reno,  Will head out soon....lots to do in the next couple of days.  A workout, need to figure out an invitation for dad's baby shower.   Most have been invited thru facebook, but do have some non-facebookers.

Planning a baby shower, my dil is also involved.
But I cannot reveal anything here as we are trying to keep the "theme" a secret.   We will see how if we can pull this off.

Also working on a months  book for granddaughter....used Prima paper doll stamps.

And of course plan Sunday School lesson and craft.

And laundry......and tonight going to attempt my first creme brulee, wish me luck.

Friday, January 9, 2015

resolutions or goals

After so many broken resolutions, I have learned to make goals instead.  This year,in the hopes of finally losing weight, I will set a series of  manageable short term goals..  for these two weeks it is no bread, eat Jenny lunches and MOVE.   Have I been 100 percent? No, but it sure makes me more mindful.   Esp since at the end of the day I am logging my progress.  Something about writing it down makes you more accountable.  And tomorrow is weigh in, we'll see how it translates.

I've also set some personal goals.  Signed up to read 35 books this year with Goodreads.  Hoping to include 12 spiritual growth books this year.  Even piled them up as a visual reminder.  My "problem" they take longer, as I want to read a chapter at a time to really savor what I am reading.  This month I started "The Way of the Master" by Ray Comfort.  Wow, talk about a convicting read.  It's like he tears apart what we are taught about Christianity here in America...Esp the seeker sensitive movement and compromises made.

Also reading "The Doctor's Diet" by Travis Storm, MD.  I went in knowing I wasn't going to do a restrictive diet...but am enjoying the in depth reminders of basic lifestyle change principles that worked for me when I did lose 50 lbs.  Let's not go into my regain......Siiiiiiiiiiiigh

I am typing this on my kindle in a Reno hotel room.  The French hostage situation is over, now they are going over the details of the raid.  I dont know if that is a good idea... like giving the opposing team your playbook.

Sometimes I think these 24 hour news stations are a part of the problem, it gives the terrorists a platform,maybe  less air time would be better.  Just thinking out loud.

So, on a lighter note went to see Through the Woods last night an LOVED it.  When the Prince said "I was born to be charming not sincere"  I wanted to punch him as I was melting.  Yeah, Merle is not much of a vocalist...when she sang thought, man Indina or Kristen would have been better.  But, wow, Emily  can sing!!!  Liked Anna except a couple of her high notes got a li'll too nasally....and that Agony number by the boys, the highlight of  the movie.  But overall, the not so good did not overshadow the overall experience, so thumbs up from me.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, Japanese style, kinda

So, I spent yesterday doing the Japanese tradition of cleaning and prepping.   I'm sure I don't do it at the level my mom would do.  But the house is done, not spit and polish, but a nice start to the New Year.  Of course I wake up this morn seeing what I missed, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.
Because today is the day we Japanese even half Japanese don't do any work, or try not to,  (or shopping, if you are my mom).  Because the tradition is that what you do today, you will be doing all year.   So, I have set it apart for sleeping in (check), scrapbooking, reading, shopping (cuz I like it) and seeing the grandbabies.

We were supposed to have a surf and turf dinner here.  But, someone who has declared her hatred for us may/or may not be coming.  I have asked dh to not let this person come into our home.  (that tradition, I don't want to be entertaining enemies throughout the year). Any other day, I might be open to her attending...but not today.

 So we are working on a compromise.   If that person plans to come, we have the dinner elsewhere.   If she doesn't, we will have it here.

Another tradition I was taught was giving money on New Year's day, in a red envelope.  I've adjusted it for our family to giving a book for the New Year, wrapped in red paper.   So, each  family member gets a new book. Even Kyleigh.

One that we don't do is making sukiyaki.  Oh, that was a good NY tradition. But I don't know how.  Maybe a goal would be to learn, and to learn how to make sushi...ha!  I can already see the mess I'd make trying to roll sushi.

So, Happy New Year's ya'll..  Or as  the Japanese would say...Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu (I looked that up) ha!