Sunday, February 28, 2016

rough week will be better

Well that cold I mentioned, yeah, it turned into something worse.  It was odd, took Monday off, felt pretty bad but felt a day of tea and rest would beat it.  Worked Tues and Weds, then Weds night it HIT, like  a  train.
Thurs and Fri just felt like I could barely breathe, my ears and throat inflamed and it was awful. Stayed home those days, drinking Apple Juice, 7-Up and tea.
 Turned the corner somewhat by Sat morn...actually went to work, but skipped Sat night plans with my girls.  siiiiigh, I have deadlines...I have plans, Sick is not part of it.  My son said I had the 'plague' and told my dgd to stay away from me yesterday. They came by the 'shop' to do inventory, of course, dgd and I hung out...just tried not to make contact and accidently drink her soda.  Really hope the contagious part of this is done.   Went to church this morning, sat in with the youth class...and they were all sick.  Whatever it hitting us all.  

One night, or morning I was up at 2am...not sleeping, so used the time to pack a little.  I had gotten this Making Memories bag on impulse, but I am thinking it is a perfect "Pocket Page" bag...

and today, I finally finished packing for the crop.  I really admire the women I see arriving with only on rolling case.  How do they do that?   I have 2 rolling cases, 1 rolling duffle and my wagon.  yes that is Winston's backside photo bombing my pic.  

and felt like I did a good job of paring down.   Maybe the key is to not bring embellishments.  I dunno, maybe this year I am going to ask some of these ladies how they do it.  I know some make page kits...I bring my subscription kits, a rolling case full ...but they don't come with cardstock so I need another  rolling case of cardstock.   siiiiiiiiigh

Confession, I've been a shopping...which does not make sense, since I am going to EXPO...
But here is the purchases.   I had been building the cart for a while and when free shipping was offered, hit buy.  Also, but not pictured were pocket pages that are 4 6x6 spaces...hmmmm, looking forward to playing with those.

these are washi's from Etsy that Winston is inspecting for me.  Such an addiction washi's are..I sure don't use them enough...but I love them.

a cartridge from was less then $20 what can I say.  But now that cricut is going wireless with the Air, there will be lots of these bargains.   

and the Basic Gray warehouse ya'll may have heard they are ending...siiiigh, one of my fave lines when I first started scrapbooking, though gotta admit, not so much lately.  I'm more into Echo Park and Bella Blvd...  Gotta say was a little disappointed by the box.  The chipboard album, kinda ugly chenille flowers...and these odd decorated wood sticks...

Expo, Expo, Expo in less than a week....hoooooray!!!!!  This will be my only Expo this year.  Not going to Santa Clara...with the stadium being built the hotel room is just getting too expensive.    So, no Santa least not spending the night and cropping anymore.

Good thing we have Crop Camp twice a year!!  End of April and First of November!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Expo is coming, Pleasanton here we come!!

Expo in 2 weeks, well 10 days..

And I have NOTHING packed.   Did decide which pictures, projects to do, so that is a step, right??
 Because I am going a shorter time, instead of Thurs thru Saturday like normal...I will go Fri after work and Saturday.  Going to limit myself to granddaughter  pages and tags for a Spring Tea.
so just have to pack girly stuff.   ha!!

so, it is basically turning this 'mess' into packed projects.   Now that I do pocket pages, I also like to bring the albums......hmmmmm......

I was home sick yesterday, did I go in my room?  NOOOOOO, I really did sleep all day and drink tea.  Celestial Seasonings Throat Tamer tea....I highly recommend it if you have a burning throat.  My throat feels better today, just have a dry cough and am using Sudafed everything seems to have 'settled' in my sinuses and ears.   Siiiiiiiiigh, my grandson was sick also, he also has an ear infection, so he is on antibiotics for 10 days.  Today, he seems better already, just real tired and an occassional cough.   (he got it first, I got it from him)  I am sooooooo tired, a nap would be super  nice right now.

He is watching Baby Einstein as I type, He sure does love the puppets...esp the elephant that does the peek a boo from a basket.   from First Moves.

Oh, over the weekend, my son in law gave me his small fridge, so now I can say my craftroom is truly 'set up'.  We have a fridge!   Dgd asked if we are going to have food in there also.  Gotta say no, we live on 10 acres, so we pretty much live in a sea of food is only stored/eaten in the kitchen bedrooms. or  craft room.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Superbowl Crop, and my plans for the Zombie Apocolypse...ha!!!

It has been a couple of weeks, but did manage to do some scrapbooking...Super Bowl weekend.  I did my own Online Superbowl Crop...and because the gals in my scrapping group were all busy, it was just me.  Well, one of the gals did post a pic on one of the challenges later.  Oh well, still got some scrapping done.

I have been shopping.  Kyleigh (dgd, aged 2 years old) has decided she like stickers.  So I made a couple of trips to Hobby Lobby to buy stickers for her, her sister Adriana (6 years old) and yes, me (54 years old)...

But here it is 2 weeks later and nothing...I have not even had time to open my subscription boxes.

Most of all my time is spent Nanny'ing my grandson, Jase.  This is a full time job!!!  Dad commutes, so I try to be here @the time he leaves @6:15 am...then sometimes don't leave till close to 6pm.  Mom sometimes works from home, sometimes she is on the road, so even if it is a morning Mom and baby sleep in till @7:30 that gives me time to take care of some of the General Ledger work I am still doing.  Though the past couple of Saturdays I have also been little guy is taking less naps and getting a wee bit grumpier (teething).  siiiiiiiiigh.

I've also 'dove' into a couple of Bible Studies...Both EXCELLENT...but takes some time.
One is with the church, the Bible study based on the movie The War Room.  I would even call this one life changing.  I can see how it is affecting my walk...and a friend has opened up to me that this is affecting her also.  Funny, she is a fairly new Christian, I've been one for 30 years...same teachings affect us a little differently...yet deepens our walk. 

And I am semi-leading one on the book of Acts.  I say semi, cuz it is just me and a couple of friends...We are using John McArthur's study as our guide.  We are also watching/listening to Francis Chan's series on the Holy Spirit on Youtube.

And in March.....will start leading a Sunday School for young adults.  You know the recent High School graduates...I am getting to know these kids (I am 54 and I can call them that)...and they are a great group.  I don't consider myself a teacher, but hoping I can be a trusted mentor as we navigate our Christian walk together.  Pastor asked me to use "Experiencing God" as my study guide, and says I can take a year doing it.  And that sounds great to me. 

The Board has asked us ministry 'leaders' to fill out a sheet that includes our goals and progress.  My mission statement or is it vision statement...(supposed to be bodacious)  is "Equipping the Young People with God's Word so They can start their own Churches during the Zombie Apocolypse"  ha!!!

The Sunday school I led before with the 4th-6th graders was very "Art "heavy...wonder if I can do that with the older kids.  Do plan to introduce them to Bible Art Journaling...I only do mine on Sunday mornings, using a devotion or Bible study quote that was esp inspiring throughout the week.

Sooooo....let's see how it all goes.