Sunday, June 16, 2013

My mommy's been visiting..

so no time for scrapping.

Did get a card done yesterday for son in law's grandfather's b-day... used this novel cover for color inspiration.....

And this was my card....I just LOVE that old man stamp, got it at the Pleasanton Expo, from booth...I think all the men in my life are getting a card with this stamp.   

Mom returns to Tejas on Monday.  We have enjoyed having her here.  She is 80 (next month she'll be 81) and a kick in the pants.   Tonight we are having a family dinner, hope to get pics of 4 generations tonight.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

got my camera back, more lo's from last month

These are inspired from the May Challenge thread on 2 just a couple of weekends able to get thru most of dgd's 2012 book...just need Oct - Dec.   Not bad!!

This one was a challenge not to use squares, except for pic matting.  so lots of circles and triangles,  I stamped the background using an itty bitty background stamp from Stampin Up.  and being the dork that I am, I counted.  to do one page it was 149 times for the main color...and another 9 of the secondary color.  The diecuts are from the Groovy Times cart by cricut

This one was the Cinco de Mayo challenge, 5 pp, 5 pics, 5 embellies...journaling talks about how at an early age dgd showed signs of preferring the outdoors with grandpa over the indoors...poor me, I'm such an indoor girl.

This is use something old (over a year) and new (less than a month) challenge.  Also inspired by the threads about Pink Paislee warehouse box thread.  the 'old' is from last year's Pink Paislee warehouse box...the new is the bg paper, a Recollections pack dd gave me for my birthday.

This is also Pink Paislee, just using the quieter flip side of the pp....the challenge was to do journaling you don't normally do...I normally don't type my journaling, just cuz its easier to grab a pen, then go to my computer and print.  Plus, I don't have a word program on my home as it is had to use Notepad to journal this.  

I'll end with the Father's Day card I designed for Sunday School this week...
This was the 3rd incarnation...oh myyyy...I was so frustrated...I started out with something more vintage, trying to use my Tim Holtz embossing ....and some washi tape...but ...nah.

Then switched to something more 'playful' and colorful..with sock monkeys,  noooooo, not right...

I wasted most of my morning,
By this time I am so frustrated...hollering "Why do we HAVE father's day, they don't do ANYthing!!!!"

Sooo, cleaned everything up, went to Walgreens with mom (she had errands)  and bought myself a pepsi and raw cookie dough...well, after the break sat down and came up with is first draft and will probably be fine tuned this week.

aye yi yi

Thursday, June 6, 2013

lesson 3

lesson 3 went very fast.

My goal was to have the kids lay on the ground in the sanctuary and draw what they saw.  I wanted them to have a 'limited' perspective so I could point out that while we have a limited perspective, God has an overall perspective.   Okay, I was the only one laying down.  And a couple of the boys finished theirs very quickly.

We adjourned to the kitchen, where we talked a li'l about the 3rd commandment.   A 'guest' knew all 10, so he recited them for us and was rewarded with a candy bar.

I gave them the trivia 'hint' and it was to find out about the Omni's of God.  One of the young men, even brought a list with the Omni's written out...he got his candy bar and we talked a bit about those Omni's.

Then we just talked, about everything and nothing.   I don't know how this started, but one of the young men pointed out that "down south you can say anything about someone as long as you say, 'bless his heart' afterward."  (so true)  So I asked him, a'have you ever lived down south?a'  then another young man said, "I did!!"..."really, where?"..."Camp Pendleton"...tee hee...well, guess that IS southern california...

Before we started I asked if they enjoyed staying for worship, all but one said yes. (he was a little extra onery that morning)...but they said they did not like having to stand up then down...up then down.

So, I am feeling my lack of teaching ability.  People say that is okay - its really about being there and giving them a chance to talk, to 'matter' to someone...but I sure wish I could be a better 'teacher'.

Next week, no children's church - we'll be joining the sanctuary for the missionaries.
 Then the following Sunday we will do something for Father's Day.
  And the following Sunday, Mandy will be teaching as I will be out of town.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

More scrapbooking!  Not as much as I would have liked over the (4 day) weekend..but a few things done
Still working on inspiration from the 31May Challenge on 2 peas.

This challenge was to set your timer (the chicken in the back corner) for 5 minutes and pick out everything you are going to use on the layout....

Here is the finished layout....the only thing I wish I had picked was a bit of green paper.  
My touches of green was ribbon in the ribbon pile I had picked out.

This is my all neutral layout, I figured there was enough color in the pics....but gotta admit during the embellishing period, sure would have liked to have grabbed some color.

and this is something old with something brand new...the papers and embellies are from last year's pink paisley warehouse box (my old) ...except the green buttons (bought at wally world last month) and the purple paper was a part of the pack I got for my birthday last month.  (new)

Started another page, also pink paisley stuff...but with softer colors... not quite done...

June is gonna be is visiting, then I'll be in Texas...but can take scrapstuff there...cuz my sis has an AMAZING scraproom!!