Tuesday, September 29, 2009

great shot...

well, it was, but she moved just as I 'clicked'.

I got my HSN splurge today, the 3 birds Va Va Velvet embellishment pack...gee, I'm such a sucker. Not that they aren't cute, just not sure if its worth @$30 (with shipping)...but we'll seeeeee....

NCIS!! NCIS!! Tonight is NCIS!!!

guess what, I had Heroes on last night, and kept flipping it to other channels...uh oh...is it me or has the show just gone downhill? Its not keeping me interested, that's for sure. and where is Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles..pleeeez tell me its not over!!

another one for cat lovers...Cassandra and Charlette 'helping' papa with his salmon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hey, Karen, where are you keeping Adriana's baby blanket?

Oh, On top of the Scrapbooks, so it won't get cat hair...

oh, yeah...good thinking!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

great Friday!

My favorite kind of day...did not have to go to work, spent a li'l more than an hour at church, no issues, went smoothly...then a phone call. "We'd like to go shopping, would you like to watch Adriana this afternoon?" "tell me what time!!" so, I got to spend the afternoon with my li'l cupcake. When the kids came home we picked up Mexican Food...so, I got to end the day with Chicken Enchilada Suizas..

basically, my dream day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

got my Thurs afternoon off..

left work early, got to spend my afternoon at home and actually got some scrapping done. Charlette is such a 'helping girl'. Everything, cardstock, glue dots, bling, she's into it all ...just such a helper.

I also finished watching The Duchess w/ Keira Knightley. Kinda thought the movie 'dragged'...but...I was crying at the very end. Nobody, not even the Duchess was especially likeable.

off to finish dinner!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

okay, NCIS was the BOMB last night..

I had to watch it late, cuz I went to a friend's daughter's Premiere Jewelry party...and had to watch it in mom's suite, as my dvr is presently not working...lets just say, I woke mom up with my cheering at the very end.

What a great show!

I finally feel healthy! Yesterday, was my first 'good' day since Weds..


I am so far behind with everything, my challenges, swap pages (well, got 1 down, 1 more to go) and P365 and Shimelle. I had a 4 day weekend, but with the headache, just could not sit down and start anything.

Hopefully this weekend will be more productive. Oh, and note, I hate not having access to personal email at work. Though I understand why everyone's was cut off (someone opened a virus that got in the system thru her personal email) but it is tough!!

And I am so glad I no longer bank at Bank of America. I'd be moving my account if I did.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Something I've learned...

when you buy a package of feathers from Michael's, do not leave the sack out on the kitchen table where a kitten may reach it.

I am hoping to use the feathers to mask a background for some swap pages I am working on. Want to use glimmer mist, but the feathers are very delicate...so wish me luck!

This is my first morning since Weds where I feel a little human...no major headache, just a teeny tiny one. So, hopefully, I'll actually get some things accomplished...besides imprinting my buttocks on the couch.

Friday, September 18, 2009

naughty little thing...

thats what my mom calls Charlette. Most cats learn to stay away, they actually run, when mom comes into the room. Well, Charlette hasn't, yet. She wants to play, and play is what she does, even when mom yells at her.

Charlette is so far the 3rd cat to show no fear at the presence of mom...Castor was the first. He was quite funny, when she first yelled at her, he looked at her, turned back and 'swatted at her'..it was like he was saying..."loud toy, but okay, I'll play"
she calls him "jason's naughty cat"

And the third cat is Colby...totally unflappable Colby...his attitude is "I'll do what I want, I don't care who is in my way".
What mom says about Colby..."he has a cute face, but I don't like him!"

I have not been feeling well the past couple of days. Started with a horrible sinus headache, centered on the right side of my head...but yesterday and today the pain is centered over my right eye...very weird.

Good news, my slice is home from the hospital! kinda funny, I sent it in a Stampin' Up box and this is how th box returned to me...

To show you how bad I feel, when I came home yesterday, I went to bed instead of 'playing with it'...hopefully, I'll get to play today after New Hope and my errands...

We are going to the kid's house tonight, mommachan is going to show Nyki how to make CA rolls....yummmy!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm home today...

but not for a good reason, because I have a massive sinus headache...its like someone is holding bricks on half my face. Since I'm so bored at work, I'm staying home today. I'll go to work tomorrow, my boss has a couple of projects for me and I'll have the labor distribution. so, today, its Tylenol Sinus, warm drinks and hopefully some scrap time.

I'm behind on all of it, Shimelle, P365, and a swap I'm in. Would like to spend the day working on them...when the Tylenol kicks in and I feel human again.

I got to see Adriana last night. She and Nyki came over for dinner...mom really enjoyed her also. She was doing her 'nonsense' talk and Adriana was laughing!! sooooo precious.

The news is so bad isn't it. Acorn, Cap and Trade, the incident on the school bus...so depressing...What have we come to?

So glad the 2 boys are facing criminal charges, but so should the ones who were cheering and the bus driver. That was the point of that Jodie Foster movie, the Accused, wasn't it??...that the people cheering the crime are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

Then you have Kanye West, proving what a douchebag he truly is. I am so proud of Taylor Swift and how she handled the whole thing and Beyonce showed she is one classy lady.

gotta change the channel, I am getting too upset.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the 'rube' in the city...

The seminar was actually very good and interesting. She, of course, had to make her obligatory 'digs' toward Arnold (our governator) but it was still very interesting.

After the lunch break, while waiting for the seminar to restart, some of us started discussing Quickbooks and I just thought, "what a bunch of nerds we are"

So, the 'rube' struck again. Some of you may remember what happened to me in downtown Sacramento a couple of years ago when I went to the Scrapbook Expo. I went the wrong way on a one way street and was actually driving on the tracks the mass transit cable car thingy goes on...yeah, a police officer actually pulled up to escort me to the correct direction...y e a h.

Well, today, I wasn't that bad. I actually stopped myself before making that wrong way turn. Though, I had to sit there with my car pointed in that direction...until the light turned. sooooo embarrassing. Then I found a deli, Beach Hut Deli (if you are ever in Stockton, stop by, it is soooooooo yummy) and parked in front of it. So, at the register, I asked the kid...can I park there? though the curb was white, there were no lines or meters. He said, 'actually, no. You are supposed to park in the garage across the street and I'll validate your ticket." Okay, so I left him my order and money, jumped in the car and parked in the garage...ran down 4 flights of stairs (got my cardio!!) and exited a door that did not face the street with the deli. Fine, I'll just go around this building till I find it. YAY!! got my change, my lunch (like I said YUMMY)...and head back to the EDD (seminar location). Got a li'l lost...but found my way back...so proud.

(Here's a pic of their surfboard table )

BUT the good news, found an LSS!! Scrapbook Dreams on March. It was just a couple of turns from the EDD. Nice lady, told her my sob story about how since Youngplay's went out of business, I've been LSS less. Picked up June Bug and Abbey Road...and the cutest frog paper you can imagine. also picked up their calendar...an hour away, but you never know.

And then proceeded to Michael's...SCORE!! the last letters of the Studio G alphabet stamps are now mine. I have the complete collection!! with a couple of extras, if anyone is looking for a T or a Y or a Z...let me know.

then the best part of all, a call from ds. Ddil will be babysitting for a friend, would I like to come over and help with Adriana. She got her shots today, so was not feeling great...so we tag teamed it. Even fussy, I love being around her. I mean, who needs eardrums...right?

Here she is later...

always adorable. I told her, 'great lungs!!'

kinda dreading today...

Today I go to the 'big city' for a seminar on payroll taxes, all day, from 9 to 3. hmmmmmm
It's about an hour away from my haven in the boondocks and a city I don't normally go to. (its Stockton)...yikes!! I have been told that downtown Stockton has been fixed up, at least a small section looks very 'park like'. Though a co-worker was saying that if I go outside of the 3 block area, I'll need to hire a bodyguard. ha!!
I know he's just playin' with the country 'rube'. right?

BUT I am excited, found a Michaels and an LSS on a couple of the main streets...I figure if I am within sight of hiway 5..I won't get lost.

So, wish the 'rube' luck...she's venturing out to the big city!! ha!!
But hopefully, she'll be returning with some scrappin goodies.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm not a hoarder.

Last night we watched Hoarders on A&E...and wow!! I am nowhere close to that.
Yes, I do have some selected 'collections' but ....
of course, dh then proceeded to go into my craft room to make his case. Of course his numbers are exaggerated. (I do not have 83 bottles of glitter, I do have the doodlebug collection) pbbbbbblttt!!

Yes, I do have stuff still in 'storage' in the garage..but I simply don't have the shelving to bring them into the house. hmmmmph!!

speaking of glitter. The organize your stuff challenge is about glitter, stickles and paint. My storage system is good for these items. yay!

glitter and all things shiny...

stickles and smoochies!!....(I do hope to someday have all the smooch colors)


Sunday, September 6, 2009

now, that's a Saturday!


In the morning, I met Susan at Starbucks. We sat for an hour or so just having fun conversation and, for me, an Iced Chai w/ 3 pumps chai, 3 pumps hazelnut, breve and coffee cake.

Came home and started scrappin'! Worked on the Shimelle book.
Am using my pp scraps, computer for the journaling and a handwritten quote about the topic of the day. So, a li'l more complicated than I originally planned. Because it has a few steps, I also prep'd a few 'blank pages'...used the cardstock and pp..so during the week I can add my pic, journaling and quote.

here's a couple with quotes I love: the first is from Ben Franklin..."If rascals knew the advantage of virtue, they would become honest" Got this from a book called Wisdom Made in America

and this one: "Older women are like aging strudels - the crust may not be so lovely, but the filling has come into its own" Robert Ferrer Capon. got this from the internet

Then the rest of the afternoon spent watching some of the Criminal Minds I have dvr'd and doing my P365 album. I'm still keeping it up! This is another 'simple formula' project. I don't know if I'll do it again next year. Maybe if I get the kit. But it is interesting to look back. There are days where the pic is a pile of dirty laundry or dishes...but there are interesting days also.

Then, dh cooked me dinner. Steak, mashed potatos, corn...yummmy!! but, our agreement, is whoever does not cook, does dishes. I had to clean...3 big pots, broiler pan, frying pan, 2 small saucepans and 2 covers. and dishes.
he's a great cook...but I do believe he uses every pot/pan in the kitchen!!

and I even did a li'l treadmill.

so, all in all, a really good way to spend a Saturday.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Learn Something New....

I joined this on Sept 1. So, I am behind. The concept is to be more observant during the course of our day...and find those learning moments. All I've done is take 'notes' each day...Have not started the book or layouts at all. Deciding what book to use, what format...do I create daily layouts? My handwriting is awful, I cannot even read it..so, I'll definately do computer journaling.

But I have a 4 day weekend (happy dance)...actually, hope to do this this afternoon...but feel a li'l 'dry' with ideas. THOUGH the gallery at Shimelle.com is amazing! those are some talented ladies.

Oh, one thing I learned that first day...I'm not very observant to life's lessons!!
ha! in fact, I'm pretty darn oblivious! I've even thought about using this as a format to discuss my views about some of the issues of the day...but that would be pretty scary! ha!!

So, last week I bought a damaged album from M's. They gave me a discount...but sure could use some ideas on how to salvage it. Of course it was the last one...it is 8x8 with an iradiscent lavender cover. I wanted to use it for my Mil's Christmas gift.

As you can see, there is an oily spot (it did clean off the plastic), but not the fabric in the corner of the inside cover...and a slight cut in the protective plastic sleeve.

ddil and I talked about a couple of ideas...just not sure how to implement them...

Hoping at least a couple of days will be 'pajama days' for me this weekend.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hmmmmp day!!


Mom seems to have settled down with the kids...I hope. teehee. I am so thankful to the kids for opening their home to my mom. It will give our li'l kitten a li'l more time to grow bigger and stronger. Cuz my mom does not like cats.

who could not love this li'l face!!

Organize your Stuff is on Inks this week. Yay! my inks storage works for me. The pads get one of the Ikea cabinet shelves and my smaller ones (mostly dew drops) get a plastic container in a drawer. So, what are your fave ink colors? Stampin Up's Creamy Caramel is one of mine and Dew Drops Cinnamon Copper is another one.

I joined the Shimelle's new class for September.

so, I'm off to do the first day's prompt...

should be interesting, I'll let ya'll know!