Thursday, April 28, 2016

As April ends...

 Tough month, all the way around...even work has been tough.  But I can see a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak..and (knock on wood) will make my final deadlines.

This song has become especially meaningful to me right now...this, and Oceans by Hillsong.

Matt Redman You Never Let Go

As of this 'camerashot' I am going on my weekend crop.  Talked a little with Michael last night.  But I guess until I am in that car and driving, I am just going to keep 'fluid'...and let things happen.

I am also planning to work from the plant tomorrow morn...the kids are heading for a trip to Shasta...I have a stack of filing and some printing and archiving that needs to be taken care of.

Will be good to see Francine.  She is a good friend and coworker.  We have already planned lunch.

But I must be anxious, or something.  When I arrived at the kids' house this morning, baby is still sleeping, so I scrubbed their stove.  I only scrub when something is bothering me...I always say you can tell how happy I am by how dirty the bathtub is.  And with dh, these 32 years, my tub stays pretty unscrubbed. (won't call it dirty, cuz it is maintained, just not sparkling clean)   ha!!

Thank y'all for this month of blogging, Can't tell you how much looking at your creations has helped soothe me, especially this week....I'm off for more 'medicine'.  See y'all in May!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

a memory and a fave pic...

I was not a calm young mother, I was a bit of a perfectionist...and it took me a while to understand that you could not control children to have the picture perfect family.   This was one of the rough days, I don't remember if I called my fil or he called me...but when I let him know all was not well, he dropped everything and came straight from work.  And he did the most perfect things, he took my kids for a walk.  That is all. 

Glad I had a camera, and captured this.  

When dd requested this pic, I knew exactly where it was.  See, it is not in a book, but is one of the layouts that I will keep on a wall in my Scrap Suite...once we get the  Ikea curtain rod with hooks out of storage.

Mil brought boxes of pictures to the house, we started sorting last night.  Difficult, Beautiful, Meaningful... Dh is going to make a video presentation for the service...I am going to make a memorial scrapbook for mil.  ( will copy original pics as there are many who want copies)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2 dozen red roses...

This morning I had the privilege of ordering 2 dozen red roses for my mother in law.

Today is their 61st wedding anniversary.  And this was one of my father in law's last requests.

Yes, last.  Yesterday morning we learned that he passed.   Where we thought he was recovering, and with some physical therapy he would be was not to be for us.  Well, he went home, just not the home we were hoping for.

My father in law was a very complicated man.  Or a very simple man who made things complicated.
One of my fondest memories of him was a couple of years ago, when mil was in the emergency room...his asking the attending dr one question after another, after a while, fil told the dr...

  "I'm not trying to be difficult, I just am"

And that is how I would describe him.    He definitely made you think about what was important and why, because he asked the questions. And he could tell the stories.  His passing definitely leaves a hole in the family.  You may not have always 'liked' him, but you could love him and admire him.

Weds would have been his 83rd birthday.

My dh sent me a short bio asking me to write the obituary and one of the  eulogies for the upcoming service.

Mil is staying with us for now.  She is truly a woman you can admire.  I can see her love for him is genuine, her spirit is so giving.  I just hope we can be the support and give her the love she needs right now.

Taking care of her is the best way we can honor him.

4-27 edited to include pic...I started crying when I put in the order, and well, the florist gave us this....

Monday, April 25, 2016

more grandbaby bragging.

Since I am 'bragging' on my grandbabies, here is Jase daughter's first baby (#2 is on his way)...I refer to him as dgs#1.  My first grandson.

He is a good natured baby boy...except when food is involved.  Then he becomes a German yelling little monster...ha!  He yells 'Ein!! Ein!!!".   (really it sounds like German)  He is simple adorable.  

This is the little guy I get to babysit everyday.  I am just too lucky, LOVE this job, I actually smile every day as I drive to work.  My nicknames for him are Stinkerdoodle and Mr. Goofington...and of course, Precious Baby and Silly Boy.

For a long time I kept thinking he looks like a cartoon baby, but could not place it...till we walked into Togos and the gal behind the counter said "Jack Jack".  That's it, he is Jack Jack from the Incredibles!!

Birthday Party time....

Oh, let me tell you, it was  good day...but they had it at a park that is also known for motor MILES into the canyon.  It was nice, but the drive, on a windy road...I got carsick and I was driving!

Good party, it is interesting when you become grandma at these is no longer you doing it, not in charge anymore!!  BUT opens you up to take pics and hold a baby or chase a, no complaints.

So here is the birthday girl, my dgd#1 Adriana.  7 years old on Weds...this is the only pic I have of her alone and looking at me.  I made her stop for it.  I have noticed that the past year or so, I only have 'action' pics or where she is looking at something else.   So, this is my Missy.  We used to be so close, like bff's....but now she has moved on...and I am chopped chicken liver.   Well, sometimes we get to 'hang out' and it is like old times.  siiiiiiiigh, she is also my Caramel...We decided on nicknames based on personality...she is Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramel...cuz sometimes she is sweet, sometimes she is salty.   You know, the 7 going on 14 thing.  siiiiiiigh
Here is my youngest grandchild, at least till July.  Joshua...I call him Josh-i-pooh.  He is such a good natured baby, his mom calls him her 'little angel'.   My son calls him 'my clone'.  Yes, he is the spitting image of my son.   So, this is the one I refer to as dgs#2 (#1 I will introduce y'all to tomorrow).  He is fast moving...seems to be developing the physical stuff quickly (like his dad) Guess with 2 big sisters he has to catch up.
Oh, the pinata.  When ds pulled this out of the car, I gave him a hard time.  He assured me that the birthday girl did pick it out.  They even used one of their light sabers to hit him with.  siiiiigh, but the kids did have a good time with it.
and this is my little sweetie pie.  Kyleigh, or as I call her Kyleighbear.  She is my little Sparkle, for she sparkles from the inside out.  She was a 'prickly' baby, real clingy to mom...but I told her, "I'm not worried, someday we will be best friends" and right now we are. (prob till she starts school and I become chopped chicken liver) (siiiiigh)

   Now, there are some members of the family who call her Cobra, for Cobra Ky..siiiigh, just because she is a bit feisty and "on her own program".  Feisty is good, my dd was a strong willed child and grew up to be a wonderful, strong woman.  

Sunday, April 24, 2016

scrap space peek

On 2 Peas is a thread about how our scrap space looks, well, here is mine.  I got the in-law suite.  I was in a small room but was 'spilling out' throughout the house.  After 10 years in the house, we are in the process of remodeling...and DH said I could have the suite, IF I stopped spilling out into the rest of the house.  So, I even have my own bathroom!!  ha!!

Here it is right after the reno., when it was just set up....and clean!!! ha!!!

The Table in the middle of the room, is where I set up the 'current' project.  Now, it has been my grandson's book since the beginning.  and the small table is my dgd #2's station...she is into stickers right now.  

This is where the actual crafting gets done...the station facing us is mine...the one with the scraponizer against the wall.   And the side one (next to the puppy) is dgd #1's..  She actually 'designed' our work space.  I was going to have the 2nd workstation against another wall...I know, who lets a (then) 5 year old design your space.  Grandmas do!!!

And this is my space this morning...I am packing for a crop...teehee...

Another busy day, dgd #1's birthday party is this afternoon...  Gotta remember to bring the camera..and get the pics for the 2016 book.  Think I can call her mom and ask her to make sure Adriana wears a certain color to go with my new Webster's Pages Celebration paper pack???


Saturday, April 23, 2016

packing for a!

I have a crop next weekend, looking so forward to it.  It is a group of gals, @12, we rent a 'cabin' from a Camp in Northern CA...and enjoy a weekend of cropping, visiting....and bras are optional.

So, this week I have been watching youtube videos about packing for crops.  Would love to get some hints to cut my packing down.  I, as you can imagine, take way too much.

I usually pick a theme, like this year it is I just bring kits, pads, embellies that go with the theme.   I even separate by day...what I will scrapbook Friday and Saturday, so part of it stays in the car...and I switch them out in the morning.  This works here as we are parked close by.

This is the view from the back of my car...not seen is another scrapbooking rolling case, a small rolling suitcase, my wagon and another of the gray holder on the bottom right.

I like to bring the tray table to hold my tools and cell phone while it is being charged within reach.  I don't usually take my cricut, but will take my slice for the occasional diecut, usually letters. Access to electricity is not a problem, I just bring an extension cord.

 Just a close up of the washi ring.   These stay on the ring, gives me a nice range of colors, just in case.

The 2 gray totes fit perfectly in my wagon..  I can use my wagon at Expo crops, it is my kinda under the side table catch all and storage...but it is not so good to sit at the cabin. takes too much room, so I take it back to the car after unloading.  

 I use this bag for my project life cards and kits and stamps.

So, this year I would love to make kits...then I won't need a seperate rolling tote for cardstock and pp.
This old black rolling case, was my cardstock case, but it leans...and is a pain in the "kiestah' so I bought a rolling crate...and hope to use this instead of the rolling suitcase for basic crop tools.  You know the shelf, crop cutter, extension cord, first aid kit, ott light.

One of the videos, the one linked on the 2 Peas Refugee thread that talks about packing for crops, by Inkie Quill, shows her packing up a Raskog cart.  That seems interesting...may have room for it where I usually put the tv tray...but how do you get a packed cart from the house to the car to the cabin?   

Okay, I guess instead of talking about it ,  I need to go in there and work on it.  I have a little over an hour before I need to go to work.   I know it is Saturday, but I work most Saturday mornings...not the Nanny part but the accounting part.  Little guy was not feeling well this week...a couple of days he took a good nap, but not yesterday...super fussy and did not want to be put down.  Soooo, gotta go in and finish one of the Company's reports.

Then, dh hired a young lady to help with the grout dust in the master suite and living room.  We will need to go from top to bottom...walls, every surface to clean that stuff off.   We do have dust masks.

So, gotta get to it.  right?

Friday, April 22, 2016

the spending freeze? weeellll, maybe next month.

what can I say?  I blame 2 Peas Refugees and Youtube...yeah.  This is my latest box from   And yes, I hit 'buy' yesterday...

Well, the Camper set is from 2Peas Refugees.  I would not have known about it, if not for a thread about favorite things...then someone talked about Peachy Cheap set..but it did not include 12x12...while looking for the Camper...saw the other 2 for a reasonable they jumped into my cart.

Then I saw this set more than half can I resist?  I am going to split this up....
this is from a Calvinball thread...there was talk about a Calvinball prep video...when I saw one of the prep video gals use this pad, I knew I had to have it. siiiiiiigh
This is how I usually buy project life sets, find someone on Ebay or Etsy who is splitting theirs.   The core kit is just way too much.  So while organizing my cards, I went on Ebay, wanting to find the collection names...and this one just 'called' to me. 

So, it is Friday, and I've decided to give both my commentors on my giveaway entry a set of Project Life.  One will get the one pictured (the name I draw) and the other will get a set from Dreamy.  Hopefully, I will have a space of time to divide it this weekend.  Will update and contact them for their address.  

so, it is Stefani for the mystery set pictured on the entry
Catherine for the set of Dreamy


Thursday, April 21, 2016

more tool fun but no fun with work on the house

got to play with my last 2 new tools...
my Envelope Board...watched a youtube video and it was easy peasy...hoping to spend more time with it...saw something about making 'library' card envelopes...and saw one on a layout. 

ANd used my Fuse to create a couple of shakers.  The Life is beautiful was used on a layout already.  Another took I am looking forward to using more and playing with.

It has been one heck of a busy week.  Since Monday, I have spent only one waking hour at home.  Not complaining, I get to spend more time with my son's family.   He is a detective and left Tues morning to bring a suspect/witness back to CA from one of the other states.  So, I have been going to his house and helpind dil put the 3 kids to bed...she has a 6 month old, a 2 year old and the soon to be 7 year old.  It is quite the routine.   I get to hold baby, read to toddler and last night just hang out with child while she got ready for bed.  Another set of hands, another set of eyes...SIL is one busy woman.  I keep telling her to start saying 'no'...but she did ask 'what do I say no to?"

Tonight, son comes home from his trip, goes to Berkeley for training direct from airport...dil will meet him in Berkeley for I am there tonight to watch kids.  (I will have a teenager helping to be the extra set of hands/eyes)

Then tomorrow, I babysit daughter's baby so she and her hubs can go out and celebrate his birthday.

So, Saturday will be the day to do house cleaning and laundry and stuff.   OH!  housecleaning.

I am coming home from helping dil Tues night,  I call dh to tell him on my way home, he is still at his board meeting.  He tells me that when the guys were taking the tile out of the shower...they got tile dust...ON EVERYTHING...everything in the master bathroom, bedroom, and into the living room.

What?????   It was 9:30 at night, my bedtime is 8!   Luckily dh did do some initial vacumming...and I have been wiping some areas....but all in all...the house still needs cleaning in those areas. 
 BUT I have not been home to do it.  

And I had to tell them 'cease and desist'  at least it was before they tore into the shower wall.  In that shower I have a 2 valve handle.  I worked hard to get it...even had to have a regulator installed to make it CA code.  They were going to install a one valve ...cuz that is all dh could find at Lowes.  Yeah, cuz it is California.  So, I need to go online and find a 2 valve .   UGH  

We won't go into the faucet dh bought for the tub....luckily I was easily able to find one that matches the sinks that he picked out.   UGH

(it will be worth it, it will be worth it, it will be worth it)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Misti, my friend, where have you been?

Got to play with my new is the does work really well.  I usually have a lot of trouble getting the black areas to look...done.  As you can see esp with the feather, it is filled in.
and this is with only one 'pass'...

 Dgd and I made these cards using the Misti...she is 6 (7 in 2 weeks) and she had no problems getting a nice image.  We both had problems with the end of our 'y' her 's' and had to rehit the word with the Misti...and no problem...looks good.  So, I am thinking I really like this little tool.

Got the month long layout done...and finally pulled out the magnets to use my Scrap 'n Easel...the 2nd page is not yet glued down, just seeing what pp's I might use.

So, using my's about time!  I also got to play with a couple more, but that is another entry for another day....

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spent some time in the scraproom, finished a couple of things

I have been taking part in a blogging challenge on 2 Peas Refugess blogging challenge

Finished the project life card organization.   yay!  I can see my floor in front of my shelf again.  It is sucha good feeling.  Of course a little organizing leads to more organizing.  So I removed my old journaling cards from my raskog cart and replaced them with my die cuts.     And I am thinking...these need a better system also. 

The white iris case under the green is actually EMPTY.   There is something about taking stuff out of packaging that really makes some room.  I do need to label.

I actually bought this basket for my kids' kitchen.  But they were using it in the garage to hold recyclables.   WELL, I I gave them an old Amazon box for that function and took this is fact I am searching for another one.
And here is a quick look of a set of cards in their Avery envelope (cards came from Hobby Lobby)
I just have a couple of the envelopes 25 per package, 2 packages...over 45 sets of cards!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April's Scrapbook Circle kit...happy dance as I took the pics

I am participating in a blog challenge at 2 Peas Refugees...2 Peas Refugees blogging challenge

Gotta admit, I was excited as I opened this month's Scrapbook Circle kit.

here are the embellies....

and the pp's, the pp you coud see were the clouds...and I liked them...but while digging thru the kit for the pic...a Websters pages pocket cards!!  (top)  Oooooooh so pretty!
and a corrugated sheet...
 If corrugated is making a comeback, I am ready!!

And here is where my kits 'rest' for a couple of months...handy for use to my scrappin' area.

I like to pack them whole for crops.  Then I have corresponding pp's and embellies on hand for doing my pages.  so EASY PEASY.
Gotta admit, the Scrapbook Circle kits seem better for girls than boys.  Since I have 2 granddaughters and there are lots of girls in our family, it isn't an issue for me.   I LOVE this sub. And have not been tempted to quit.

Been busy this weekend.  Yesterday was completely unbooked on Friday, so I was thinking 'pajama day!".   Ha...we even had family out for a bbq in the afternoon.  BUT early morning and evening, I did 'squeeze' in some time to organize and play in my scraproom.  But that is another entry.  ha!

Today, after church, going to see fil.  He has been moved to a rehab/home in Modesto.  Hoping this afternoon will be a good time to play with my fuse.  AND I may be going to a crop next need to pack for that.

Friday, April 15, 2016

halfway there for blog challenge, wanna share my loot

Halfway there....  I am participating in a Blog Challenge on 2 Peas Refugees  blogging challenge

the challenge is to up our blogging and to have a goal of 21 posts for the month of April

It has been fun, I am blogging more...also getting to know the ladies I've been 'threading' with for a while now.  I am challenged to be more organized, crafty and ...hmmmm, fulfill a commitment.

What I have been doing is prepping entry with the pic the night before,  hit save...then in the morning write the blog before clocking in for work.  Normally I have from @6:30 am to 7:30 am to do my own thing on the computer.   My day starts when my grandson wakes up...then I am Nanny Grammy.  A job I absolutely LOVE.  Like, when I get in the car @6 ish, I am happy, because I know I get to spend my day with him.

It is a long day, as I have to work my dd and dsil's hours plus commute.  There are days dd works from home, so we do not have is not one of those days.

so, quick blog.

One of this months projects has been to organize my project life/ pocket page cards.  While organizing on Saturday...I decided to seperate the below set.  Just had way too many.  I usually buy mine through Ebay or Etsy from people who are splitting their core kits...just way too many for me.  (but I do have a core kit that was half price on its way to me as I type)(so there may be another giveaway when I get it)

If anyone knows the name of this set...I would sure appreciate it.

And if anyone would like me to mail them this very set...please just leave me a comment on this post before next Friday, the 20th...and I will put the names in a jar...and send this out to you.  Due to mailing costs, please keep this in the USA.  Comment about scrapbooking ... your favorite pages to scrap, paper lines (since I recently did posts about mine)  .... oh, if you have a PL set you just love and find you use....and would recommend to a fellow collector, errr..user.  I have both granddaughters and, I am not limited to type.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

a Kit share, Gossamer Blue April

 I am participating in a blog challenge on 2 Peas Refugees...2 peas Refugees blog challenge.  On the thread a couple of the participants shared their kit club subs...and I thought, pretty cool, I will also share.

Here are links to their shares:

ojyma's top five from her Studio Calico

ellewood's Citrus Twist Pocket Life

I sub to 2 kits per month.  I live in the middle of CA and we simply do not have any LSS's out here, for me this is a necessity.  If I want more than 'box store' offerings....

The following is  this month's Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit

This is how it arrives
The embellishments, the washi tape is a series of colorful XO's, you always get a custom stamp set...which I always LOVE
Some of the cards...I posted a pic of them vertically, but flip them over, they are also horizontal
this is where they go on my desk...kit kept together for about 2 to 3 months.
Then moved into this newly organized clear shoe box.  When I go to crops, I just grab the shoe box and I have a ready assortment of cards and embellies for my pocket pages.
I've been subbing since August of last year, and can honestly say I have not been disappointed yet.

So, an update on my fil.  He has been in the hospital since the ER...Tuesday was 2 weeks.  They have run test after test...procedure after procedure...and after this he will have to go to a short term care facility for rehab.  Still looking at a couple of days before this can happen.   But, for the most part his spirits are up and he shows his fighting spirit. (former Marine and Korea War veteran)  And as long as he has that, he should do well.   His vital signs are stabilized.

A couple of days ago, there was a scare with mil.  While with dh in fil's room, she had a seizure.  So she had to be rushed to the ER.  (thankfully it happened there and not while she was driving)   She is stable now...thinking dehydration as she was probably not taking real good care of herself with fil in hospital.  So for a couple of days she is staying in our guest room...where dh can keep an eye on her. 

This morning he gets to wade through insurance, medicare, supplementals and pray for him to be strong as they figure out ..well, how to pay for fil's needs.  

And researching what we will need for our future our kids will have access to provide for us.  Long Term insurance has been and is definately on our radar.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I hope I am not the only one...

but I have sitting in my room, 3 unopened tools..I just have not had the space of time to 'learn' them

The fuse...oh, been watching youtube videos and this is something I WANT to play with.    (aka longing to play with)   Looking forward to making shaker cards...waterfalls...even bookmarks.

Misti, a friend offered me one of hers.  My dgd #1 is showing interest in stamping, so I am thinking esp for her, this could be a good way to get consistent images.   For her bday, I am buying her a set of watercolor markers from ACOT...time to 'graduate' from the grammy's  hodgepodge of odds and ends collection of markers to her own set.
The punch board, do you remember the RefuPea who was closing her online store.  She offered her items at half off then gave free stuff in the box?  Think is was called Mile High...???  Anyways, saw this, and for half off, thought it would be fun to play.
And another something I will need to learn IPhone.  Yesterday was an incident where my current phone froze.  Let's just say, it scared the family, as I was in Modesto to meet dd at the hospital to see my fil.   The hour or so that I could not be reached, I had baby....well, it had the family in arms. (they even called the sheriff)    I have fought the I Phone, I am the only hold out in the, the first thing dh said this morning is "I am stopping by  and getting you a new phone".  Okay, after yesterday...but someone is going to have to give me a lesson.  As when dh gives me his phone and says, "send so and so a message", I am completely lost.

Darn, just set up the fit bit...and am I gonna lose all my pics??  siiiiiigh

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The favorites, part 2

On 2 Peas Refugees, last month was a thread about our all time favorite paper lines, so, here are a few of mine....  Part One is here, if you missed the previous walk down memory lane favorite things, part 1

Favorite Spring, was a tough one, I had to go back to this one...American Crafts Polka Dot Party...those little scottie dogs and the butterflies...yup, a favorite

this does not have a catagory, but it is a stack I have simply used the 'heck out of"..DCWV Vintage Collector
Favorite Fall... an old Fancy Pants, Summer's End.  There is no Winter fave, as I live in the middle of CA and we don't really have a winter here.  But the family is planning a snow trip to Lake Tahoe this, I will be looking.
Favorite Baby, this is a new collection...Webster's Pages Hello World
And since this is a new unopened package, here is a page I used the cards on...then had to buy the paper cuz just LOVED the cards...
This is the first line, as a beginner, that I had to have the Collection for...Art Warehouse by Creative Imagination.  Now I don't know if it was sold in a collection pack..but what I did was special order it from an LSS, that was down near Costa Mesa, CA (where dd went to college).  I cannot remember the name of the store...but it was near a small airport.  It really was hidden away, but when I would go to SoCal to visit dd, I would stop by and visit that store.  It was a great store, She always had the latest and greatest lines...not a lot of themey stuff that most stores had @12 years ago.

Favorite Summer...MME Lime Twist,  Now this was I pretty much collect summer papers...and LOVE all the Echo Park.

here is a link if you want to revive that thread..
all time fave thread

At the present, because I mostly scrapbook my grandbabies...Echo Park is the line for me.

In the past, I used to collect Websters Pages (the classic looks) like this one classic Websters

 ...I say collect as that was a paper line I could not cut up and use...and Prima...

But looking around, I do still like Websters Pages, I do love the new know not as flourishy  vintage  (is that the right word) as before...
newer Websters

It does take me back to DCWV pp's that were the balloons and cake in the above link...but these are updated, softer,  modernized...and bokeh!!!!!...bokeh....

Okay, done ... this post is dangerous, I am refilling my cart. 
Oh and yesterday while I was using Ebay to label my PL collections, equally dangerous.  I ended up buying a new collection. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

making progress...kinda

I am participating in a blog challenge at 2 Peas is the link for the reading list.  It is for the month of, when I go to the list, I go to the last, click, click, till I get to one I have read already.   2 Peas Refugees blog challenge

So many piles in my life,  I have a stack of cassette tapes that I need to sort and organize.  I went through the first wave, of those that I am just going to toss.  But now have a pile that IF I am going to keep I need to sort.  These are the classical music cassette's my dad made, teaching tapes...that sort of thing.  The music ones, except for a couple, I figured if I have not gotten the cd version yet...I just was not that into it.

There is also the pile of sheets and blankets on the guest room bed...cleaned but not made, yet. 

unfinished, but at least started....the project life card redo.    I bought the Avery Elle Storage Pockets that were recommended on 2 Peas Refugees  for storing stamps.  Though they are not a perfect fit, I am able to keep collections together.  The easiest was the Gossamer Blue subscription.  I just looked on the website and was able to label them by month.  Some of the embellies, I did separate, as I felt I would use them interchangeably.   They have their own shoe box.

Then I sat down to tackle the actual project life collections.  After sitting for a minute, I took this pic.  Imagine me sitting in the middle of that...and just being lost.   And that was my progress, until after a nap.   I was overwhelmed.

After the nap, I did come back to it and at least put the collections together...the 4x6's with the 3x4's...into the Avery envelopes...and closed them with washi tape.  Some are marked with their name, most are not.  As they are older collections, I will probably go to Ebay to try to label them.  I chose the Blue bin as their home.   I had a collection that had way too many for me, so I separated them into 3...I think I am going to give away one of the sets...and set aside the other for...who knows? 

I do need to buy another set of Avery Envelopes.   Just in case you are interested...Avery Envelopes
I've already almost gone thru the 25...

Another unfinished but making progress project is my layout.  I've been playing with the pieces as I walk by....almost there.

AND I was able to install my VivoFit (fitbit band)  on Friday.  It actually was not too hard, once you install the software...there were step by step PICTURES!  So I was able to do it, not only on my computer, but also on my phone.  So far, so good, able to hit step goal.  (3 days in).

Saturday was super busy...non stop...included 3 hours of dusting with the young lady from youth group.  3 hours...and we are not done with my house!  So I would go up and down the step ladder and hand her the knickknack....I got over 7k steps in that day!! 

Food was not under control.  We went to my dd's and dsil's house for dinner on Saturday...and last night to a friend''s.  But I stepped on the scale this morning...and have lost a little over a pound.  In 3, feeling hopeful that I can do this.  IF I get the food under control.

So, unfinished...but making progress there also.

Oh!  I did compose a haiku to my Vivofit...

Vivofit, my friend
Show me the error of my way
I will make new paths