Saturday, November 16, 2013


been wanting to post, you know, have been thinking blogs in my head, but none of it has 'made it' from thought to page.

It has been an interesting couple of months.

In Sept, I almost lost my Percy.  He came down with a bladder infection that went real bad real fast...some time at the vet, lots of medicine at home...and right now he is doing fine.   At the beginning of this month, I found more pink tinged pee droplets on the floor...took him in...they gave him some shots, but his urinalysis did not 'cultivate'.  So I take him back tomorrow for another one.   Dh was not 'into' the costs at the vet, but he said something while I was taking care of Percy.  He said, he once heard that if your cat loves you, he will wrap his tail around you...while he was watching me care for Percy, after giving him medication, I was carrying Percy and when I turned my back to dh..Percy's tail was wrapped around my waist and up my back.  DH said he'd never seen such pure love between human and pet before, and it brought him to tears.

At the end of  October, Kyleigh Savannah was born.   Grandbaby #2 for me.     and of course, she is perfect!!!  She looks so much like my ds, that holding her truly takes me back...ooooh, 29 years. ha!

Earlier this week I got to go to a crop retreat.  And actually, I am on my way to my scraproom to finish putting my projects away and take some pics.   It was from Sunday afternoon thru Weds morn.  and it was terrific.    BUT came home and on Thurs morning, I was sick.  Extreme dizziness, nausea and chills.  So Thursday was a 'lost' day...slept all but a couple of hours and only ate chicken noodle soup and sprite.   Friday, I did go to work, but was weak and lightheaded.   Very odd, we can't figure out if my equalibrium was thrown off by the trip down from the mountain (that's where the retreat was ) or if I picked up something.  As a couple of other people at work have had the same type of symptoms in the past couple of weeks.   Very odd, sooooo, I have not seen the grandbabies since my return.  BUT ddil has been sending me regular pics.      

sooooooo, I'm off to organize, take pics, prepare for the Sunday School class....and all that stuff that you have to do on a Saturday.   Did a couple more of the Julie Nutting paper plan to post them.  BUT I really want to learn how to layer elements...but I'll go into that in a later post.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

well, it has been a productive '5 day weekend'...ha!

Today is the last day of my '5 day weekend', cant say it was planned that way.  I ended up taking today off to await the dishwasher repair man.   Have I mentioned we've been without a dishwasher...and I've been having to hand wash my dishes.  I know, such a 'first world' problem...but gotta say, hand washing is pretty high on my list of really dislike doing.   In my mind, a handwash dish/utensil/cup can never be as clean and sanitary as machine washed..and it does a rough number on my delicate hands.  (But Leisa my pedicurist and friend told me to rub a bit of olive oil on my fingers after each session at the sink)

But I wanted to show off my scraproom reorganization project...a li'l more organized, can't say I've made any more room for more stuff...but I can find what I have!!! ha!!

this is ribbon area before...those open bowls...not good
 This is after, used the taller canning jars to hold ribbon by color...still have some by collection and added more rings of some American Crafts to the wall.  I never take things out of packaging cuz I am obsessed with keeping collections together.   So, this was a bit hard for me...but I did keep some collections together in th bins on the 2nd bin is Stampin Up and the other is Websters Pages...and the large bin (next to the preschool pic of C)  is a combo of collections.
 Then I knew buttons would have to be is before.

Here is after...Yesterday morning I went to World Market while  Nyki went to spice-y...
of course could not get rid of those plastic 'purses'....

 all my blooms and buttons (kept in collections) in the larger jars (bottom 2 shelves of rack)..and even found a use for the hotel room service ketchup bottles I've been collecting.
 and a better view of the spice rack and cute li'l jars....still kept in collections...

Other shelves were reorganized and cleaned and had stuff moved around...but these are the most changed.

now, I've gotta work on my desk...and paper kits...and.....stamps (just don't want to do the binders, I really need to see to use)

have ya'll seen the youtube videos by Lindababyus      love her, if you watch the video I linked, at 11:45 she talks about 'washi crack'...cannot agree more.. I LOVE how she says 'But I'm shoppin', I'm HAPPY and I love it"!!!    ha!!!

now I know,

it's been a long time since 'blogging' and though my life has been busy, can't say its been all that interesting...

Still doing the Sunday School with the 5th and 6th graders...last Sunday the director asked me if I would be continuing...and though my last Sunday (2 weeks ago)  was AWFUL...we have a kid who only comes once in a while, but he is a li'l out of control...but, I think I will continue.   (I had last Sunday 'off' as the youth group kids took over, and actually sat in church).  

We are finishing our art journals, and for September the pastor has asked us to do lessons based on the book, The Circle Maker.   UNFORtunately the kids curriculum was not what he, we are going to have to build from scratch.   One idea I had was to do ATC cards based on the armor of God...but wanted to use different armor than just ancient Rome.   Thought of medeival, samari, futuristic (was watching Avengers last night)...but we'll see if I can put THAT together.

Did go to the Expo earlier this month...soooo much fun.  Had an odd 'situation'.  There was an awful smell under my part of the table.  JUST could not figure it out. At one point I thought it that the cats pee'd in my stuff while I was packing.   But, there  was a small rolling cart of cardstock and misc paper...some of it embellished by glitter by the manufacturer.   Let's just say, that once I moved it to the other end of the table...the smell went away.  Instead of reaching down to get cardstock, had to consign myself to getting up for it.

The product I fell in love with this year was Kiwi Lane.   Every year I tell myself, "I'm not going to spend that much money"....HA!  My layouts are still 'unpacked' so I'll have pics later.

oooh, I also got the chance to work with my Prima Paper Doll stamp...

the paper piecing was time consuming...but this is very addicting.  Funny note, when I showed Adriana this card, she said, "she needs something on her legs".  I told her, 'next time we can give her stockings'

  which leads to my 2nd new addiction...a friend loaned me hers to do the pink headband and shoes...

Inka Gold Metallic Rub

now, my friend has every color...but I got gold, green and purple (mardi gras) pink, she said it was a special order.

Also have been re organizing my scraproom.  Redid my ribbon storage.  and today will tackle buttons.
So, I'd better get started.

Friday, July 12, 2013

weight loss reality check time

How goes the weight loss?   Well, I've taken a couple of months off. And have paid the price. Not a big regain...but maintaining the same rollercoaster of lose a li'l, regain it. Soooo, I'm back in the weight loss saddle again. 

During the month of June, went to Tx to visit my mom and sis...while there sis and I decided to challenge each other to lose 20 lbs by Thanksgiving. (she has had a gain this year, but she also has some thyroid issues and her gain could be related to that).. 

We are both under a stressful situation...something related to mom (she is 81, so it is only the beginning of mom issues) ...and I do have a habit of eating my stress. You know, you get that gnawing feeling in your tummy...and I was feeding it. 

Anyways, this is the first week since that challenge that I have seriously made an attempt. 

When I talked to my Jenny's consultant about it we came up with a something small every 2 hours...instead of listening to that cue. So, I am fueling my body, not using food to satisfy an  'empty' feeling. 

So it is back to eating something small every 2 hours...and far, I have exercised twice this week (why did I give that up for a couple of months? I enjoy it so much) 

And it does feel good. Can I say I've been totally successful? No, I've gone 'over' my calorie allowance...still need to tweak.

So, they short term goal is to lose that 20 lbs by Thanksgiving...I call it "Lose a turkey to have turkey"...gobble gobble! 

Guess I need more of these...(its a smoothie with kale)

And keep my mind on these...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

my baby boy is 29 today...

aye, do I feeeeel old!  29!!

But I could not be a prouder mom...I do love my son and the daughter in law he has given me...and of course, the grandbaby!  and soon to be grandbabies!!!  (#2 due end of October)

hey, his bday works with the lo's I was gonna post...from dgd's 3 year old album...well, cuz he is in one of them.
for these thanksgiving layouts I used Pink Paislee's Prairie Hill...LOVE it!  also modified a tag I picked up at Michaels.   My son is the guy in plaid, next to him is my dil, the teen is their foreign exchange student from Germany and of course my dgd.

for this Christmas page I used old Heidi Swap (love the girly 'Christmas' colors) ...and washi newest addiction, these are Queen and Company.
 While in Texas I did get the chance to scrap, I actually did these when I had everything all spread out on my mom's coffee table.   I really struggled with my Hawaii papers.  I think I've mentioned that when I bought them in Maui, oh, I thought they were gorgeous...then when I tried to work with them...oh, I felt like I was on an ugly pp challenge!  This is one of the ones I liked, I don't think you can tell but the plumeria paper is actually 3 diff colors, pink, a soft coral, and brown.

did do more pages at a crop at Archiver's with my sis (will post those pics later).  I ran out of page protectors in my as I 'book' them I'll take pics.   well, of the ones I kinda like.  Though I'll find one with really difficult pp to show ya'll what I mean by my struggle.  aye yi yi

oooh a couple more, our li'l local scrapbook group decided to do a color inspiration challenge...I got to pic the inspiration, so I chose this tote I got in the Bahamas....

and this is my card I created from the inspiration...used the beach chair die  I got for free at of those spend so much get a free die ... yeah, when I go to Archivers, no problem making any kind of minimum.  With only big box stores out here, when I go to a store that has actual scrapping brands...not just their stuff...yeah, I kinda go nuts.   ESP LOVED the new Jillibean Happy Camper Stew...
though we don't camp.   But figured its good for just about anything outdoorsy.

sooo, Happy Birthday to my J.J...Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

oh my, do I feel old, my son is almost 30...wowza

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My mommy's been visiting..

so no time for scrapping.

Did get a card done yesterday for son in law's grandfather's b-day... used this novel cover for color inspiration.....

And this was my card....I just LOVE that old man stamp, got it at the Pleasanton Expo, from booth...I think all the men in my life are getting a card with this stamp.   

Mom returns to Tejas on Monday.  We have enjoyed having her here.  She is 80 (next month she'll be 81) and a kick in the pants.   Tonight we are having a family dinner, hope to get pics of 4 generations tonight.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

got my camera back, more lo's from last month

These are inspired from the May Challenge thread on 2 just a couple of weekends able to get thru most of dgd's 2012 book...just need Oct - Dec.   Not bad!!

This one was a challenge not to use squares, except for pic matting.  so lots of circles and triangles,  I stamped the background using an itty bitty background stamp from Stampin Up.  and being the dork that I am, I counted.  to do one page it was 149 times for the main color...and another 9 of the secondary color.  The diecuts are from the Groovy Times cart by cricut

This one was the Cinco de Mayo challenge, 5 pp, 5 pics, 5 embellies...journaling talks about how at an early age dgd showed signs of preferring the outdoors with grandpa over the indoors...poor me, I'm such an indoor girl.

This is use something old (over a year) and new (less than a month) challenge.  Also inspired by the threads about Pink Paislee warehouse box thread.  the 'old' is from last year's Pink Paislee warehouse box...the new is the bg paper, a Recollections pack dd gave me for my birthday.

This is also Pink Paislee, just using the quieter flip side of the pp....the challenge was to do journaling you don't normally do...I normally don't type my journaling, just cuz its easier to grab a pen, then go to my computer and print.  Plus, I don't have a word program on my home as it is had to use Notepad to journal this.  

I'll end with the Father's Day card I designed for Sunday School this week...
This was the 3rd incarnation...oh myyyy...I was so frustrated...I started out with something more vintage, trying to use my Tim Holtz embossing ....and some washi tape...but ...nah.

Then switched to something more 'playful' and colorful..with sock monkeys,  noooooo, not right...

I wasted most of my morning,
By this time I am so frustrated...hollering "Why do we HAVE father's day, they don't do ANYthing!!!!"

Sooo, cleaned everything up, went to Walgreens with mom (she had errands)  and bought myself a pepsi and raw cookie dough...well, after the break sat down and came up with is first draft and will probably be fine tuned this week.

aye yi yi

Thursday, June 6, 2013

lesson 3

lesson 3 went very fast.

My goal was to have the kids lay on the ground in the sanctuary and draw what they saw.  I wanted them to have a 'limited' perspective so I could point out that while we have a limited perspective, God has an overall perspective.   Okay, I was the only one laying down.  And a couple of the boys finished theirs very quickly.

We adjourned to the kitchen, where we talked a li'l about the 3rd commandment.   A 'guest' knew all 10, so he recited them for us and was rewarded with a candy bar.

I gave them the trivia 'hint' and it was to find out about the Omni's of God.  One of the young men, even brought a list with the Omni's written out...he got his candy bar and we talked a bit about those Omni's.

Then we just talked, about everything and nothing.   I don't know how this started, but one of the young men pointed out that "down south you can say anything about someone as long as you say, 'bless his heart' afterward."  (so true)  So I asked him, a'have you ever lived down south?a'  then another young man said, "I did!!"..."really, where?"..."Camp Pendleton"...tee hee...well, guess that IS southern california...

Before we started I asked if they enjoyed staying for worship, all but one said yes. (he was a little extra onery that morning)...but they said they did not like having to stand up then down...up then down.

So, I am feeling my lack of teaching ability.  People say that is okay - its really about being there and giving them a chance to talk, to 'matter' to someone...but I sure wish I could be a better 'teacher'.

Next week, no children's church - we'll be joining the sanctuary for the missionaries.
 Then the following Sunday we will do something for Father's Day.
  And the following Sunday, Mandy will be teaching as I will be out of town.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

More scrapbooking!  Not as much as I would have liked over the (4 day) weekend..but a few things done
Still working on inspiration from the 31May Challenge on 2 peas.

This challenge was to set your timer (the chicken in the back corner) for 5 minutes and pick out everything you are going to use on the layout....

Here is the finished layout....the only thing I wish I had picked was a bit of green paper.  
My touches of green was ribbon in the ribbon pile I had picked out.

This is my all neutral layout, I figured there was enough color in the pics....but gotta admit during the embellishing period, sure would have liked to have grabbed some color.

and this is something old with something brand new...the papers and embellies are from last year's pink paisley warehouse box (my old) ...except the green buttons (bought at wally world last month) and the purple paper was a part of the pack I got for my birthday last month.  (new)

Started another page, also pink paisley stuff...but with softer colors... not quite done...

June is gonna be is visiting, then I'll be in Texas...but can take scrapstuff there...cuz my sis has an AMAZING scraproom!!  

Monday, May 27, 2013

been scrapbooking! oh whatta feeling...!!!

It has been soooooo long, or at least it feel like it.

I've been using the Maychallenge thread on 2 Peas as an inspiration...and been working on dgd's 2012 album.  The first challenge I did was their day 3...take time to try a new technique...well, I've been wanting to try tear bears, and this week got my light here is my first attempt...ha!!  next time, I'll reduce the pattern.   but gotta figure, cost of light pad, tear tools, mulberry paper, pattern cd...this is an $80 bear!!!
ha!! gotta admit, I've got more respect for the ladies who sell these on Ebay.
So based on their sketch for day 13, I started this was a one page sketch, that I made 2 pages.  This is it unglued...when dgd came over yesterday to do a 'trash the dress' photo session...I asked her, "do I need to add more red and green matts under the pictures?   her answer, "no, pink and purple" .  Of course, she is 4 years old and any color question is answered with 'pink and purple'...then she told me, " pink here, purple here, pink here, purple here...."    I decided, well it's a birtday can be a li'l colorful and went for it.

and here is the finished product.   A really fun birthday layout.   (If you are liking the birthday circle, gotta admit, its not mine, its an Ebay purchase)  

so, dgd and family came over yesterday for dinner.   so she 'helped' me with this lo. I told her "what color should I use with this pic?  Don't say pink".   Of course she said 'pink' ..then I thought of this raspberry pink we picked up at Joann's grand opening.    She decorated the butterfly, it was a gift tag...I gave her some pearly pink paint, stickles and sequins and she went to 'town'.  She also decorated the bottom corner of the multi pic box with pink 'dew drops' (I still love those things!)  Oh, and I can't claim credit for the pics, that was a JC Penney session.

At first she was hesitant about the gooey mess on the butterfly, but I told her, "that is what I keep wipes for" and she went to 'town'.   We also stamped a quick card (don't have a pic).  Her first stamping, a li'l wobbly, but she will learn not to 'rock' the stamp.   

Her mom says she is going to clean up her scrap space, since it looked like dgd was having a good time doing a li'l crafting.   oh, and I guess I just gotta post one of the trash the dress pics....this is after we slipped and slid in the muck to get to the 'back 40'

Sunday, May 26, 2013

lesson #2

first of all, thank God for Kristen and Sara, 2 young ladies who are helping us out.  We had 9 kids today.  But the ones who usually sit in service joined us because the pastor was talking about a sensitive subject.

This weekend there was a campout at the church.  So there were tents and tables and games set up in the yard.

After worship, we went outside, and I had the kids sketch out the grill work of cars that were facing the sidewalk.  (I love car grills, just think they are so cool looking and add personality to a car)...anyways, the kids did a good job.

We talked a li'l bit about the 2nd commandment, and how worshipping idols isn't just about bowing down to a statue, but that you can also turn other things into cars...or baseball.  When I asked the kids for something they could turn into an idol...they all shouted video games...  yup, anything that becomes more important to you than God.

@10:30 we sat in a circle on the lawn, and I presented the kids with their trivia question.  I led with  the cars are also like the church..that each part needs to function...and asked them what are the spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12?  I tried to encourage them that even though they are young...there are still things they can do to help out in the church.  I gave them a couple of the gifts and asked them to write down 3 more, but  noone knew them...we did have some guesses, so I let the girls (K & S) decide if the one was close enough...they said yes, so a prize (candy) was awarded.

I gave them a 'hint' about next week's I'd better get more candy!!

Then....we found out that the sermon was going a little long....and Janell told us we could play with the bean bag game set up.  Most of the boys did that, the girls sat  on the lawn.   Kristen really took charge of the girls; Sara, the boys playing with the bean bag toss.  And I kept an eye on the other 2.   They were getting 'antsy' and wanted to play the air hockey (they had also been a part of the campout, and did not understand why I did not give them full access to the stuff, one even asked to go to his tent..I said, no) ...I told them that it wasn't my game and I did not have the okay....(lucky) for me, the wind kicked up and blew over some of the bbq equipment that was behind the meeting tent.  I asked one of the boys to help pick up the bbq's and stuff...and he did!   I ended up giving him one of the candy bars because he exhibited the 'gift of service'.   ha!!

So, next week, we won't be outside...let's see how that goes!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

I LOVE May!!

May is by far my favorite month.  I get Mother's Day followed by my birthday...usually just about a week I get thoroughly spoiled during the month of May.

this year, Mother's Day was the Bday on the following Sunday the 19th.

Mother's Day, dh cooked one of my fave dinners...salmon, grilled steak, angel hair pasta and asparagus.
My mil  was still here, so it was for the all the gals.   Very nice.

Then the in laws left for the 'wilds of Oregon' be honest, central valley California is just not good for my fil's health.   Better for them to be up north, esp for the summer.

My Birthday started with my dsil (son in law) making me a breakfast smoothie, church, lunch of mac & cheese and tuna sandwiches (don't laugh, when you've been on Jennys as long as I have...mac and cheese and tuna are manna)...and for dinner dsil made me jambalaya and ddil brought me one of her Hoosier pies.

Then the kids took off for ddil's birthday...which meant I got to hang out with dgd for 2 days...including a sleepover.  I won't detail that, cuz as I told dgd as I left, "don't forget, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"...ha!!! (loved seeing her parents' faces over that)  Let's just say, that she did not go to Tae Kwon Do class Monday night  or school the next morning...and there was popcorn mixed with m&m's involved.  

And though I've been to work Weds and Thurs, honestly it still feels like my birthday week!! ha!!

Today, ds is taking me out to lunch and to see Star Trek...

and Tomorrow morning, dd and dsil leave for a 3 day trip to dh and I have the place all to ourselves.  I'm thinking pj's and scrapbooking for the weekend.

AND for my birthday, dh told me to get a few things off my Amazon wish list.  On its way is a cricut cart...and I've rec'd  an artbin Lighttracer.  I've been buying a few paper piecings on Ebay I hope to figure out how to make some of my own.  A while ago, I bought a dvd of patterns to make tear bears and maybe I'll play over the weekend.

AND the Joann's near my work had their grand opening celebration.  When dgd and I went to work to go to lunch with dd and Francine, we stopped by...spent $40 on stuff that was 40 to 50% off.  So, I have those new supplies to play with too.   Dgd picked out quite a few stickers and paper also.  I had to tell her, 'we can't go down the (sticker) aisle anymore, you go crazy".   So, gotta think of good 'projects' for her to do, to use them!!

So, what can I say...I LOVE May!!!!

(note, I think I used all the family abreviations in this post...ha!!)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

'inventing the wheel'.

Well, I've taken a pretty scary step.

Today was the start of a 12 week sunday school 'class' I am doing (with the help of my dd, ddil, and dear friend Janell)....but there is no curriculum...and so we are 'inventing the wheel'.

I've been helping out in the children's church.  And when I helped up in the upper grades, 3rd thru 6th grade, I could not help but notice that the older children simply were not engaged.  Not 'into' the music, the video lessons, the crafts.

So, I started thinking ... dangerous, I know.

When I homeschooled my kids @this age...we did art journals.  And sometimes the drawing of an object could lead to some pretty good discussions.

soooo....we started a sketch journal oriented the hopes that it would engage the kids a bit more and  prepare them for the jr high/ high school group.  We are treating it more like a Bible study discussion group than a Sunday school lesson.

and we are learning right along with them.

So, last week was our 'launch'.   We made a mother's day craft...kinda like this one, only smaller...

we asked them if they knew the 10 Commandments (as our trivia challenge) with the child who knew the most receiving a Baskin Robbins gift card....and then spent the rest of the time getting to know them, asking them questions about the things they like.  Candy was big on that list - ha!

Today, we joined the adult worship, had our own table and then went outside.  It was cool, our youth Pastor talked about worship and how God can be like a child who just wants you to pause and look at 'what He made'...but how we can get so wrapped up in our lives...our response is.."yeah, yeah"

It tied so perfectly to my first lesson...I wanted them to look at the ordinary in a different way.  So, I told them like Pastor Dusty said, let's try to look at things in a different way, instead of feeling 'yeah, yeah' .

So we set up sheets under a tree...and instead of pointing at the tree and telling them 'draw it'...I had them get underneath to get a different view of the tree...what do YOU see?  do you see a pattern of branches, the symmatry of leaves, the light coming thru the leaves, texture of the bark?  then take a few moments to sketch that.

The kids were hesitant, "I feel a rock" and other complaints......but they did get into it.   Now, only a couple of kids drew branches...tree like images...but that is okay...I told them it is their 'art' and they can draw any way they want.  (I will save their drawings and in August we will use my cinch to make books for them to take home)

While drawing we talked about how trees also reflect seasons and how they are in the 'spring' of their many possibilities...and how the little choices they make daily will help define who they are in their teen and adult years.  and their relationships they are developing with their parents...gave them the example of how I used to tell my kids at that age, "if you make it a habit to lie to me now, how am I going to believe you when you are a teen and want to borrow the car"....  We talked a li'l about how they are probably going to be in the position to make a choice about whether or not to have a facebook page.   And my 'trouble' with that, that at this age, they would have to lie to start one.  But that I am not out to judge their decision...but to remind them that they have their own relationship with God...and need to listen to the Holy Spirit about this type of choice.  Janell asked the great question, "How do you know the Holy Spirit is talking to you" we talked about that inner voice.

We also went over the 1st Commandment...I told them that we will review the commandments and at the end of the 12 week period,  I hope they make me poor buying all of them BR gift cards.  (I better start saving).   I have a secret hope for August, but I won't reveal it.  ha!!!!   I also found a corresponding NT verse talking about there being only one God.  Cuz we often hear the argument that the 10 Commandments are just so 'old testament' and not applicable today.

Then we had our new 'trivia challenge'...I asked them to write down the Golden Rule.  No one knew it, but one child came close with "Love your neighbor as yourself" he was able to choose a candy bar from my collection.

Overall, it seemed to go well, we were very relaxed...2 of the boys stayed and helped me clean up...the wind was blowing and the sheets were difficult to manage...THEN...they carried my 2 bags full of supplies into the church for me...YES, 2 California boys acting like Texas boys and being gentlemanly....ha!!

I told them to bring their beach towels next week, we'll be outside again.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crop Today!

yay, yay, yay.

Though I've done nothing with the pages from the Expo crop last month...siiiiigh.   Lately, the only time I scrapbook is at crops!

I'm working on Hawaii.  Gotta say when I did some pages at Expo...I was using my tropical papers that I got in Maui...and started to feel a li'l like I was doing an 'ugly paper challenge'.  I'm not against themed paper...but I was having trouble.   So, this morn, I went on some scrapbooking galleries and pinned some inspiration.  

One good thing I did was buy a book of Page Maps...Page Patterns Volume III...oh, I wish I had this book for the Europe cruise...instead of pages of just 3 or 4 pics...I could get up to 9 or 12!!  Really good for pages of the Luau and macros of the flowers around the resort.

Hopefully, this time, I'll feel more 'inspired' and get some pages I'm happy with.  Just so happy to get away and Crop till I drop!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the 'Laurel and Hardy' of ranch hands

A couple of mornings ago, both DH and Dsil (son in law) were out and the feeding of the horse was left for me and dd.  My fil took care of the cows.   The night before, dh showed us what to do.  IN the past, I simply had to walk across the pasture, and throw a flake into her pen.  BUT the fields were irrigated the day before, so the pasture is now a swamp.  It now requires driving the golf cart to the front gate, down the road a bit and going up the 2nd gate.  (fil gave us that golf cart a while back, and that thing has become a lifesaver).  Okay.  DD and I can do that.   Oooooo boy.

6:30, I get up a li'l late.  DD meets me in the kitchen and we decide to go feed the horse...while she is getting dressed I go to the garage to prep the bucket and get the golf cart.  Go to the garage door...and its locked.  FINE, just go get the key...minor irritation.   DD joins me and we are looking for the bucket.  where is it?  OH!  dh left it in the pen last night, and was supposed to go back and get it, guess he forgot, FINE, we find a shoe box to use.  Fill it up and get into the golf cart.  Tell dd she is driving...good thing, cuz dsil had parked his truck in the driveway behind it...okay...a few 'Austin Power's moves" and a lot of laughs and dd gets us going.

We get down to the front gate, and it's locked...'do you have the key?"  No key, so we back up to the house so I can grab the right key.

We finally get to the pen.  Now due to the flooding, cannot go around the corral but thru.  Now our horse is a bit of a snit...and she does not esp seem friendly to us girls.  (I call her the Diva) we are both not comfortable with her...but we give her a carrot and go in.  I head for the back fence, which I need to climb to get to the hay...and I hear dd quietly calling 'uh, mom'...the horse had zeroed in on the rest of the goodies in the box in dd's hand...I hollar, give her a carrot!  DD holds a carrot away from her, and then scoots to the bucket, where she dumps it into the feed bucket and skidaddles out of there.

The rest of this goes fairly smoothly, till we get in the house and I go to get into my room and Winston (the world's naughtiest cat) runs out and whoosh, there are dd's dogs.  Luckily she managed the dogs, while I chased Winston back into the room.  A few 'f-words' slipped during the process.

So, from now on, before I go out to feed the horse, I need 2 sets of keys.  Put Winston into the master bathroom so he cannot dart out...oh, and the original bucket left in the 4 pieces.

Monday, March 18, 2013

29 years!

Yesterday MJM and I celebrated 29 years of marriage, as MJM would say...209 looooooooong years.

This morning I was thinking, How DID WE make it to 29 years.  Those who know us, know that we got married, well, cuz we were pregnant...and had only known each other a few months when we did.  So, how did this work?

God - within a couple of years of our marriage, I experienced being 'born again'.  I had heard about God all my life, growing up next door to Southern Baptists who truly lived their faith, but never truly understood that it was about that personal relationship with Christ.   MJM's born again ah-hah moment came years later, but I've always said that it was Christ who built this family.    We were a couple of immature kids, who made what some would call a 'mistake', but God took that 'seed' and created a family.

Gossip - huh?  No, it was a deciding moment in my life that I would not gossip about my husband.  I used to be one of those clucking hen women who would sit around comparing and outdoing stories about whose husbands are the bigger a*hole.  When I made the decision to stop hanging out with these women, I may have lost a 'friendship" or 2...but it was a huge relief off my shoulders, like a freedom from a 'negativity' cloud.

D-word - MJM and I decided a long time ago, that the D-word (divorce) did not exist in our marriage.  Our feeling is that if we felt like that was an option, we would never truly try to work things out.

Never let the sun go down - When we had issues, we would stay up all night and into the wee morning hours to discuss it.  We truly believed the verse about "never let the sun go down on your anger, lest you give the devil a foothold'.   The couple of times we did go to bed angry and let it simmer was awful.  Things do not 'work out in the morning' just hangs over you...I attribute it to the 3 year period in which I was completely shut down to MJM.   (he says he had to buy me a Volkswagon New Beetle to bring me out of it) .  I say I finally had an ah-hah moment that that is what I did...Instead of working things out with him, I just thought, '3 more years, C graduates and I'm out of here" and went to bed with that thought.  Gave the ol' devil that foothold and lost 3 years.

Happiness comes from within - as long as we had the concept that MJM was supposed to MAKE me happy or that I was supposed to MAKE him happy, nobody was happy.   A few years ago, we came to the conclusion that that happiness comes from within ourselves...and that it is not the other person's job to MAKE the other happy.   I like how Pastor Dusty put it a li'l while ago, that "it is not his wife's job to make him happy, but to make him holy".   Maybe that is why God has a tendency to put us with our opposite, so we can complete each other and test each other.

Acceptance - another freeing moment was when I realized I couldn't change him...and I didn't really want to.  I'd say this was in the last 5 years or so... while still in San Jose, in the early years,  I had learned the concept of 'the holy gag'...instead of nagging and reacting to give it to God.  But within the past 5 years, I've also learned to see him as my bff.  Does he drive me crazy at times, sure!!  Do we fight about it?  sure!!   But I know deep down I can accept who he is.

So, is it perfect between us?  Heck it worth it?   Heck yes!!

I am one lucky girl.

Monday, March 4, 2013

having trouble with my google acct.

It's funny, got a g-mail acct for a special blog with a couple of friends, and since then signing in has been difficult.

I don't really want to use the g-mail for everyday and kinda want to keep the old one.  aye yi yi

so I'm home today.  Hopefully, I can get my 'list' of things to do done and go INTO that scraproom!!

I've been buying like crazy, esp on Ebay, but, hmmmmm gotta use it.  I got 3 new slice cards...I still like my slice, though I gotta admit I don't fully trust it.   Also got a couple of new Cricut carts.  

Just getting ready for the Expo in a couple of weeks, right?

Dh has been under the weather...its been odd and we can't figure out what is going on.  It started with bloating, and lots of #2...then some vomiting...but it never seemed stomach flu like.   Then slight fever and lots of sweating it out.  Even yesterday, he felt better all day, but he soaked thru 3 sets of clothes.  (I'm washing clothes and sheets  as I type)...So, we have no idea what this is.  He is planning to see the dr. (hopefully this afternoon).

So, I've been sleeping in the guest room.   I'm okay with it, but I do love our temprapedic mattress in the master bedroom.  BUT the good thing, for me, is I can read!!  I get to stay up and read...without the grumbling from dh.  I finished "The Book Thief"..(one of the better books I've read in a long time,btw) and will start "The Blind Side" (a coworker loaned it to me).   So, that is the 'bright spot' in the sleeping arrangements.  Oh, and not listening to his snoring...though he'd say the same thing about me. ha!!

okay, hopefully, next time I'm able to log on, I'll have pics of projects!! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 it a sign of being preggo?


I have been doing some serious organizing/nesting around here.   On Friday it was my closet

Here are the before pics, as you can see, it needed some serious clean up....I did it shelf by shelf but finally got to this:

I need to spend some time now, going thru and organizing my jewelry.  All costume, cuz after being burglarized, I no longer buy 'the good stuff'.    

Oh, see the books in the first pic?  yeah, that is my 'to read' pile...bought after I counted my books last year...I had over 1500 books already.  Yeah.  I have no explanation, it is such an addiction...maybe I'm preparing for the apocolypse.  You know, when there won't be tv or computers anymore...
found this pajama top during the clean up, and Ain't it the truth?  All gals need more closet space.

Then Saturday morning I cleaned out my desk area.  I told the kids that "I'm nesting, I may be pregnant"

So, today, I was supposed to go to work...but, as I was leaving I discovered that my car keys were already there.  I won't tell who the absent minded person was...but yeah, and it is the only known set of keys.  The car was dd's during college...and in Texas, so, it's a good 7 or 8 years in the family and where the 2nd set of keys went is ANYone's guess.

So, spent the morning, sweeping pet hair.  and hopefully, can make my way into my scraproom.  Wouldn't that be something?  I haven't had a chance since before Christmas.   of course, gonna need to do some organizing I've been putting things in there.

AND, hoorah, signed up for the Pleasanton Expo Crop next month!  So gotta pull together my stuff...cannot W A I T !

Monday, February 18, 2013

dizzy...what does THAT mean...

Saturday evening was great, we went to Henry's in Turlock and I had Moussaka...the entire Clan was there...after, the kids decided to go out for drinks, and asked me to 'hang out' with Missy for an hour or so...pffffffft, they don't need to ask.  But while hanging out with her, I kneeled down on the floor and got a sudden dizzy spell.  You know, where you just feel like, 'well, I did that too fast'...esp when you are older and overweight.

BUT I never fully recovered from it, and while the kids were driving me home...still felt 'groggy'.  By the time I closed my eyes for full twirling in my head.   I KNEW I wasn't moving but on the inside I felt like I was swirling around in circles.  BUT figured I would sleep it off.

Woke up Sunday morning and it was actually worse.  huh?   I used our bed post as a focal point, as I looked at it , it was as though the wall behind it would lift and twirl to the right.   Gotta say, I was getting scared.

So, I thought, maybe its like on the plane when you almost passed out.  So, I got up and ate some cereal and  half an better.  As I was walking I had to hang on to the walls to keep from falling.  It felt really strange.  So, I went on the could be ANYthing, from the start of a stroke or heart fluids in the ear.  

So, I talked to dh and ended up going back to bed...I was supposed to help at church, but asked him to cover for me.   BY the time dd left for church, the wall behind the bed post was no longer spinning, but I could not keep the bed post in focus.   So, went back to sleep, when I woke up at 11 am, again, this time no spinning and bed post was focused and I was hungry...hoooray.

Ate, and watched some of the North and South Marathon....but, after an hour or so, had a light headache, so took some tylenol (after eating, a lot!) and back came the lightheadedness.

So, spent the day on the couch.   Feeling like such a slug.   Did take a bath, early evening, used the stuff I bought on the cruise, you know, the miracle Algae/Seaweed bath soak that cost $69??/   Yeah, that one, (I can be such a sucker for upselling)...BUT gotta tell ya, I did feel better and even READ a couple of chapters of  The Book Thief.

DD made a wonderful Southwest Chicken Quinoa salad (such fresh tastes) and I am happy to say this morn is much better.  More 'normal' feeling.  

I know, I know, this is getting weird and as soon as I get my new insurance card I'll make an appt.  It is time for blood tests anyways for my high cholesterol.   BUT the insurance switch situation ....  so, I have not even had a prescription for my statins since November.  (the switch was officially in Dec).  

Today, I'm off work,  We have a new housekeeper starting this morn.  (that sounds better than it is, a friend's niece is going to do our heavy cleaning once a week for an hourly rate) (helps us with our schedules and 4 cats and 2 dogs in the house and helps her start up a business)  Funny thing, MJM spent the whole weekend cleaning (mostly putting things away) to prep for her...hmmmmmmm, if he is gonna do that, why hire someone?   ha!

Hey, I'm guilty too, I spent Friday afternoon organizing my closet.

So, while the gal is cleaning, I'll work on taxes.   Now talk about something that will make you dizzy.  ha!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

crazy month

Got the chance to travel, which I LOVE!

We went to Florida, for a couple of days to meet with our friends John and Lucy...they live on Merritt Island, and all I can say...I'm ready to retire there...

Then we went on a 4 day cruise on the Carnival Ecstacy to the Bahamas.  Now, I like cruising (MJM says he does not)...but this cruise was a li'l...hmmmmm.   The non dining room food was not that good.  Like cheap, low grade ingredients...and while being herded through for the first day's excursion, I heard coughing from a lady in an orange terry beach coverup...and yes, by the next day MJM was sick and then by the last cruise day, I was.   Its been 2 weeks today, and I'm still not 100%.     BUT I still love cruising.  I'll probably not cruise on Carnival again.  The Princess experience was sooooooooo different.  I'll stick to Princess.

The Bahamas were nice.   We stopped at Nassau...interesting story about the day.  Our Excursion was cancelled, but when we stepped out of the port...a gentleman named JoJo was there and offered to take us on a tour of the island, for $30 per person, in his stretch limo.   Okay, sounds good....He was fine, the info he gave us was fine...but the limo was falling apart.  And we breathed exhaust the whole time ... and the traffic in Nassau...and it is just so 'ghetto'.  Not a comfortable experience.  We called the tour off short, and then went to the main drag to shop (which we were gonna do) and that was much better.   I found shopping are supposed to barter.  Luckily, my bil's gf was there and she was much better at the bartering thing.     Then was the stop at Freeport (the pic is from Freeport)...much nicer environment.   We went on an excursion bus driven by Leon.   BUT took MJM shopping with me...he tends to spend more money, but got souvineers for the family.   I don't think the Freeport shops barter as much as the Nassau.   

Then, I got to spend 5 days in Texas with my mom.  My sis was working on a deadline, so she was working till midnight my first 3 days, I did not get to see that much of her.   BUT her pup, Rylee, became my bff.  Rylee really likes to be near a touching someone at all times, so she truly became my companion.   Mom is doing well, but let me tell you 80 year olds are not good housekeepers...I spent most of the morning cleaning...then sleeping the rest of the days (still recovering from the cold).  It was funny, the last time I visited, mom told me, "I'm not going anywhere, so don't make plans"...this time, around noon, she was always dressed and ready for me 'to take her out to lunch".   Because of the cold, I also got banished to the guest room (with Rylee).   Overall, a great vacation getaway.

Then of course, gotta go home.  Flew home on Monday.  Also interesting, as I passed out on the airplane.   Guess I did not eat enough...just a bowl of cereal in the morning and the cookies they give during the flight.   I went to the back to go to the restroom, was told I could not wait in the aisle, sat in an open seat on the back row...and the next thing I know, people are asking 'are you okay?"   An orange juice was placed in my hand...and as i drank it, I could feel the feeling come back in my body.  It was the oddest sensation, like a cold sensation crawling through my body from head to toe.  Well, as soon as I got off the plane, I bought a sandwich (did not want a repeat in luggage claim)....MJM picked me up, and when I got home, went straight to bed.    AND I've been working ever since, even on Saturday. 

  Today, Sunday, is a first day off.  But it isn't cuz gotta do the weekend chores.  siiiiiiiigh

So, vacations are great....but coming home to work that needs to be done, not so great.
just wondering when is the next one!! ha!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

a couple of tough days

had the worst sinus headache that I've had in a long while.

so instead of going to my monthly crop, I spent the day yesterday in bed with the top of my nose pinched between my 2 fingers.  Took a while, but started to feel human again @4pm.  One good thing about the day in bed, got to watch Star Trek (the new movie)...I really like that movie.  and the Black Ops semi marathon on the Military channel.

so, no time scrappin'...boohoo

Then today woke up with the same headache, but concentrated on the other side of my nose.  wow, thanks.
hopefully, tv is pretty good today also.  ha!!

We are supposed to go out for dinner with some friends, so hopefully, I will be better again.

then work tomorrow.

The weight loss has been rough also.  Of course, for the new year...focused on the resolution and did very well.  But already starting to lose that focus.  siiiiigh.  

okay, positivity, can I see this as positive...I've been pushing too hard and my body is saying 'time out, give me a rest'!  

Did get the last of the Christmas decorations taken down on Weds.  siiiigh, Weds.
I had a dmv appt...not bad...but, also decided to get Winston declawed.  So, I left the house at 7:30 am to take him to the vet, dropped him off....he weighs a li'l over 16 lbs so, we are looking at @$300 ...oookay.  Left for my 9:10 appt at the dmv...huge line out the door...but luckily with my appt able to walk in.

 Get a call from the vet, Winston was soooooo 'feisty', he would not allow them to even get him on the table for an exam...well, we are looking at a cost of $600 and up.  Cuz they would have to anesthize (know spelling is wrong)  him, twice.  before surgery and the next morning to remove stitches.  Well, decided not to do it.

When he is at the vet, he acts so feral.  But at home, he really is not that way.  With me, he is very cuddly (well, at naptime).  But he is rough...and with dd's cats here...we wanted to declaw him so he would interact with them.  He shows a lot of interest in playing, well, chasing them.  But dd does not want him to hurt them.
While playing one of her cats had once given the other one a lacerated eye.

All our cats are 100% indoor cats.  We live in the country, and between our 'ranch' dogs and the coyotes...there is no way any of them would survive being outdoors.  

Oh well, so Winston cannot interact with dd's pets ...and will have to stay sequestered.  The arrangement we have is her pets have the run of the house during the day, my cats at night.

So, anyways, had to go back to vet after the dmv to get Winston...spent a total of 3 hours in that car.  (as noted we live in the country...the dmv is @40 minutes from home to the east of us...and the vet is 40 minutes south of us)

he's a li'l sh*t, but I sure do love him.

So, hopefully, I can get all my monthly/quarterly/yearly stuff done at work...and take a couple of days off this week.  Michele and I have plans to get together this Thursday.  Originally, I was going to babysit dgd for a couple of days...but the kids changed their plans.   So, depending on the weather, I will go see Michele (she lives about an hour away to the northeast of us)...or she will come down here.  SOOOO looking forward to it!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


so much going on at home, work and all...but I am trying to keep a positive outlook on it all.  I've chosen a "One Little Word" for 2013...if you don't know what that is, there is a thread on 2Peas on the NSBR board.


I have the tendency to dwell in the negative, so I am trying to make it a point to shake myself out of that.  When I catch myself, to stop myself and learn to see things in a positive way.

Diana, my Jenny Craig consultant, has been encouraging me to do that for a while now.  Instead of putting up fat pics of myself to discourage me from overeating ... put up a pic of myself when I did have success, to positively remind myself that I can get there.  

Sparkpeople encourages it by encouraging a visual board of what you are working toward...not a visual board of what you do not want.  Instead of dwelling on my failures (oh, like eating 3 of the sees candy put out on the file cabinet yesterday) dwell on the successes (like when I was tempted to get a 4th, I closed the box instead)

and the Bible encourages it,  I think of the verse that says "Whatever is true, holy, righteous, think on these things" (my paraphrase)  and "be transformed by the renewing of your mind"

so, for 2013, that is what I am going to try to concentrate on.

not be a 'pollyanna' who does not see the reality of the situation, but to approach that situation with a different attitude.

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference"  Winston Churchill.