Sunday, November 28, 2010

starting to look a lot like Christmas...

well, just starting, I haven't finished. And I'm not sure if I'm gonna go 'all out', may just do a couple of trees and call it a day.

BUT my kitchen tree is done. my red lights were broken so used green this year.

don't know if you can tell, but the white lights are "s'mores"..I looove them!

and here is the 'big tree' in the living room.
as you can see, Winston made himself 'right at home', I'm happy he isn't climbing it.

so far, I just have the lights up. no ornaments. I usually do a 'theme' or a 'color story'...but this year, I'm not sure where I am going. Did use multicolor lights. I may even go 'vintage'..hunt down the old family ornaments. We'll see what I end up with.

But, I decorate with lots of lights...somehow the colors just make me 'happy'. Even our guest rooms have lights, the western room has red jalapenos and the princess room has these kinda aqua lights. I used to do another tree in the dining room, but we'll see...not sure this year.

So, how is your Christmas decorating going...???

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Books!!! Oh my goodness!!

the past couple of days, I've been organizing my books. I've had quite a few in boxes in the guest room for a while, bought a new shelf and decided it was 'time' to free up the room.

So, cuz I'm a little weird that way, I decided to count my books.

Just about every room has books. Even my pantry has cookbooks. by room

the guest room, I tried to keep to Literature and children's books...249 books

the 'princess' room, a few kids books and dd's old series and college stuff...78

the guest bath, a book of famous speeches...1

the hallway bookshelf #1....87

an old business series from dh's family...13

the office...22

borrowed from the Ingrams....1

the hall shelves (a wall of old Ethan Allen shelves from my dad)...525

suite...craft books for my scrappin and on the coffee table picked to read... 44

suite bedroom....a couple of shelves against the wall....192


great room...50 nightstand alone ...28
dh's closet...13
my closet...(cough cough)....120

scraproom...books to alter and stuff for my 'art'...4
books to toss....6

for a total of 1466 books scattered throughout my house

oh, I also carry one in my totebag that goes to work with me

so 1467 books!! Hopefully there weren't any calculator errors. HA!

Now, a lot of these were my dad's...he was so into books, but yeah, quite a few are mine. AND I cannot say I've read them all. BUT I have read a lot.

disclaimer, I did not include journals and yearbooks and magazines.

And the thing is, my kids and grandkids aren't gonna want them...they will be able to keep all this on a Kindle!! That may not be a bad investment. Sure would save space. But what to do with all these books! It is very tough for me to destroy, toss books. Though, I am willing, but if it bought for that express I have a dictionary I keep to tear pages out for scrappin and art exploration. (my ddil won't even do that)

Of course every area has that special book. There is the copy of Gone with the Wind that my dad gave me to read when I was 14 years old. And I have an American Etiquette book published in 1882. Just a couple that come to mind.

Which book am I actually reading?, George W. Bush's "Decision Points". Started it last night. Of course, I've always got a bookmark in "Twilight" (the first book is my fave)

oops, edited...found 30 more American Girl boxed set...creating a new grand total of 1497

my dr. appt...

Yesterday, I went to see the doctor for the follow up after my physical/bloodtests/xrays. I may have mentioned that a couple of months ago, I experienced some 'tingly sensations' on my left side.

ANYways, I have a degenerative disc in my spine, think she said #5, sooooo, she said there is no 'aggressive treatment' . The prescription, a set of back exercises every morning ("like brushing your teeth, something you just do every morning") AND a set of set-ups every day ("to strengthen your abdomen and core")

Hmmmmm, so keep exercising!! Good thing, I've come to the point in my journey where I enjoy exercising. So, I'm adding the back exercises to my morning routine...a series of basic stretches; and 20 min of Wii fit yoga at night.

Here is the tmi...for years I've had high cholesterol...I've known it. Pretty much ignored it, but its been in the back of my mind. Back in 2007, I tested at 262..that dr called me a 'walking heart attack'. I did go on Statins, but they left me feeling 'yucky with sticky pooh' I dumped them. Decided to bring it down the 'natural way'..uh huh..probably even gained more weight, till I was up to 215 lbs.

Fast forward to my next physical, in 2010...and after losing 35 lbs...down to a cholesterol count of 222!! BUT, my new dr was not so 'impressed'. (at least she did not call me a 'walking heart attack')

She said since this is obviously a long term issue (also genetic as my 90lb mom has high cholesterol) she wants to put me on Lipitor. I told her I want to lose 30 more lbs, but she was unfazed. I explained my issues with the other statin...and why I quit using it. Again, unimpressed. In fact she told me the 'sticky pooh' meant it was working...that it was pulling the fats out of my body and disposing them...OH!!!... oops. So, I'm on Lipitor.

So, I guess the news was not as bad as it could have been. I'm still a pretty healthy almost 50 year old. BUT I do have even more incentive to keep losing.

So, it is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving...and I can DO This!!

So, here's to a healthy Thanksgiving to us all...key word for me, MODERATION!!

(but, I am waiting till after Thanksgiving to go on a veggie-heavy, meatless menu) teehee

Monday, November 22, 2010

aging perspective

So, after submitting that blog, here is my daily devotion email...ha!!!

Aging and Living
by Steve Arterburn

Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding? Job 12:12

I have some friends who are adrenaline junkies. It's a drug they need to survive. They mountain bike, bungee jump, heli-ski, hang glide, surf giant waves, and parachute out of airplanes. I often wonder why they feel the need to risk their lives in the ways they do. Maybe they do these things as medication against depression and anxiety or maybe it's a way of proving that the inevitable isn't going to over take them.

We can jump out of airplanes to prove that we're not dead yet, but there's no avoiding the fact that you are getting older and with that comes limitations. Aging does that to everyone. You can see that as a death sentence, but a better way to look at it is as the beginning of a new phase or season of life.

Every end is a new beginning, and that's true for the seasons of our life. Just as Fall gives way to Winter, and Winter to Spring, there's something to look forward to with each season of your life.

"Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen." - Mark Twain (1835-1910)

making lists...

I've been up since 5 am or so, actually awake @2 am...finally gave up trying to go back to sleep. So, this past hour, I've been updating my calendar..and making lists.

I hate not being able to go back to sleep! I've also been organizing around my computer...its amazing how many little 'bits' of stuff you collect in the area. I jot down quotes, websites, keep mess!.

of course, I keep getting 'help' from Winston. he even stepped on the printer, causing it

to print a blank much fun...such a helper!

I go to the dr to discuss my physical and test results. Got a call reminding me of the appt and telling me 'not to take any of my meds' before the appt. huh?

I know she is going to want to put me on Statins for my cholesteral...but I wonder what else has been discovered. I'm 49, and all I can say, is getting old S*CKS!!

You really do 'pay' for your youth, don't ya? All the things we knew we 'should' be doing but did not pay attention to comes back to bite ya in the a*s...don't it.

I've talked about how I now carry around 4 pairs of glasses...well, one I leave at home for reading. I have bad hearing (don't talk to me when I'm not facing you, I won't hear you) Cholesterol...overweight...aye yi yi.

A few things I did 'right'..I wasn't a sun-baker...remember in the 70's tanning was rubbing on babyoil and baking yourself in the sun? Well, I did not do that, so skin-cancer is not a concern. I did not get into the smoking or drinking habit. (Just SUGAR in the form of Pepsi).

No drug use...a li'l experimenting with pot in high school...but luckily did not keep that habit or get into anything 'harder'. Just thought the whole culture/idea was plain stupid...and the best thing to happen to me was to get arrested for possession when I was new enough and young enough to say 'bye bye' to the whole concept.

so, I've been so healthy thru my 20's , 30's and most of the 40's, I never really thought about this stuff...but now as I approach my 50's...aye yi yi.

What would I tell any 'kids' reading this? Veggies, exercise, no sodas, sunscreen, floss... do the Do's...just know that you will 'pay' for the choices you make today!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


got hit with a toothache over the weekend. OH MY Goodness. How do people live with such pain! Started Saturday, during the dinner, I took a drink and 'oooh' a little pain, but by Sunday...HOLY CARP! We went in Monday...I asked my dh to drive me to the dentist...he did it, though he is very busy at work...but I could not think, much less drive. An emergency root canal, half my face was numb for most of the day...and still some pain. Last night, I was convinced we got the wrong much pain shooting through my jaw and ears. This morning, a li'l more manageable...took some vicodin and hopefully, I'll be functioning again.

"funny" thing, I went on FB to see a post by my sis, she cracked a tooth and was on her way to the dentist also. Funny coincidence. Maybe, since we are both 'not talking' to her biological twin, and have grown closer as adults...I'm now her 'twin' and we get the sympathy stuff. Cool! she's always been the 'pretty' sister..maybe I'll get prettier too! ha!! As long as I don't get her OCD...I LIKE my mellower lifestyle!

okay, feeling the vicodin, its starting to take effect. all of a sudden my head feels a little heavy and my blood feels lethargic. Off to the couch with my blankie, my cat...but, I do hope I can get some stuff done in a couple of hours...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


so, last night we went to a Lion's Club fundraising event. And present were our little towns 'movers and shakers'...ha! It was a big step for me, I am pretty anti-social and to have all these tables of people squeezed into a small area, can be quite an anxious situation for me....oh my! Like dh told me, look into the corner table and take deep breaths!!

It was cool! The table we 'happened' to sit at (we just looked for a table that had 2 unclaimed chairs) the 'matriarch' grew up next to the property we ended up buying and building upon. Our property sits on what was once a lakefront, till the levy was built in the 60's and redirected it. This woman's family lived in a small house on the lake, and her dad had a boathouse/bar...during the 1940's. (I've often thought a metal detector would probably be a good investment) ANYways, very cool. Oh! when we told her where we live, her comment, 'the house facing a weird way'...cuz we don't face the road. teehee. (guess that is how we are known by the Old-timers)

I'd say there is definately a 'mentality' about old timers toward us, new-comers. Though we've been here since 1991. BUT this was our first event with this level of citizenry. Our social life has been with the folks we go to church with or with the families of the kids my kids went to school with, BUT dh has gotten more involved...he helped with the 'groundbreaking' of the local homeless advocacy group, and that is how we got our invite to this event.

Friday, November 12, 2010

glasses found, and an odd convo with dd...

Glasses were found...and my keys...yeah, I don't wanna talk about it.

My ddil found my glasses, I had left them at the church the Sunday before the trip...she went the Saturday after the trip to pick up the bulletins...and found them next to the computer.

On Sunday, after taking dd and dsil to the airport, I was talking to my son...happened to reach into the side pocket (never used) of my purse...and there were my house keys. siiiiiiigh. I used to be so organized and smart! I was the one who found things and knew where everything was.

Monday and Tuesday were busy days. I had a dr's appt for a physical. Had an odd 'event' involving tingling sensations down the left hand side of my body. And other aches and pains. I do not recommend waiting 3 years between physicals...the dr will 'get you back'. So, at the appt. they did do an EKG, and my heart is whatever is going on is not heart related. BUT I had to go to a lab the next day for blood tests (4 vials), they are checking everything you can think of, including my my sis was recently diagnosed with a thyroid issue and some of my symptoms could be thyroid related. or pre-menopause. or ______________(you fill in the blank). Also, went and had x-rays done of my chest and spine. as the tinglies could be spine related. I'll go back in 2 weeks for those results.

And of course she brought up the need for mammo and pap. Those appts are later. Yuck!

So, my dd is getting her MPA, (Masters in Public Administration) and she is on the Accounting class. So, last night, we discussed a case study involving fraud and ways to prevent fraud. (I've been in accounting for @30 years, so I had some ideas/experience) was so weird, to be discussing these concepts with someone who's bottom I used to clean. BUT so cool also, she is such an intelligent and perceptive adult...she blows me away.

She is doing her research paper on the QE2...she said she is going to keep it 'fact filled', listing the pros, cons, effects on nations such as Japan who had done it. I told her I'd like to read it, as all I know about it is what the 'pundits' are saying. I did not even know that Japan has done this. But, wow, what a topic.

Hope to be scrapping this weekend, I opened the door to my room and the waft of that paper smell sure made me homesick. Today is a li'l booked. But hopefully tomorrow can be basically a pajama/scrapping can only hope!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


what is the saying? "of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most". In the past week I have lost my eyeglasses and my house keys. Gone.

Now, I do have 4 pairs of prescription glasses these days. My sunglasses for daytime driving. My regulars for distance (the pair that is gone). My reading for up close reading and my bifocals for forms/computer stuff. The funny thing about the missing pair, it seems like I was just using them when I noticed they were missing. Odd.

Now, my keys, I was passing them to my dsil all weekend, so we both can't remember who had them last.

I'm sure they will both turn up ... but what a 'lost' feeling... I used to be so darned organized and simply did not lose things! And yes, altzheimers does run on my mother's side... so, that makes it extra worrisome for me.

Yikes, with family here and then a big family trip, this has been my first 'quiet morning' all week. So far been doing a lot of laundry, computer stuff (we had wireless but I had to share a laptop with dh) and a little housecleaning. They young man who housesat did not leave much of a just very little sprucing is needed. When we first walked thru the house, I actually thought he did not was so tidy.

BUT my dd and dsil return to Texas on Sunday...then I have a dr's appt on Monday...maybe Tues I'll go order another pair of glasses...and back to work on Weds...siiiiiigh. Already shaping up to be a bit busy, but that is what happens when you take a week off. (we had a family reunion at Lake Tahoe for 4 days, 5 nights)