Tuesday, October 7, 2014

a 'mousy' day...

Yesterday we woke up to find a dead mouse on our door's mat.  Apparently Winston did his 'job' again.  We live in the country...in what could be called a sea of mice, so I do appreciate that if/when one does get into our home, we do have a cat who does not let them stay.  I hate all things 'mouse'.
well, except the cute ones on stamps and Mickey.  Luckily, this is only the 3rd or 4th mouse that we know of.

I went into the bathroom and found the 'scene of the crime'...our master bathtub.  See, I don't think Winston goes into it to kill , I think he plays with them...he likes to play 'mouse hockey' in the bathtub.  So I make Michael clean the tub.  (He used 'windex' because as he says 'windex' cleans 99% of all germs) guess he got that from the Big Fat Greek Wedding movie.. Oh, Michael's cat, and anything dead animal related is Michael's job to clean.

I spend the morning cleaning out the bathroom...and did extra wiping with clorox wipes and rinsing...in the tub.  @10 am I go to the  bathroom..and I hear an odd 'Winston' noise.  Winston rarely meows, but makes a motor rumble...I think, 'that sounds close, where is he?'   As I go to peek into the tub, Winston flings a mouse like a frisbee out of it...I scream...the mouse hits the wall next to the shower and runs and hides under Michael's sink.

Freak out, close the door that adjoins the bedroom...run to the phone to call Michael.  Of course, Michael says that's his good boy and I should give him (Winston) a treat.  OOOOOh my..

I end up putting a towel in the crack of the bathroom door, as I do not want the mouse running into my bedroom.  And  check on W and Mouse throughout the day.   I see it a couple of times, and move items to make it easier for W to get it.   Did this all day...till about 3:30.

My son calls. " would I like to babysit a while so he and dil can go on a 'dessert date'?"  "Yes!!,  would love to, but have not showered yet as W has a mouse and I'm afraid to go in my bathroom."

So I go in there and notice W is real interested in the robes I have hanging off a hook.  So I go and take down the top robe, and see Mouse hiding in the folds of the 2nd robe.  I start to show W the exposed mouse then thought..."this Mouse sure is enterprising and has a strong will to live.  I cannot be a part of his demise."

I went and got an old rubbermaid container, praying all the way to the bathroom.  "Lord, you know what I am going to do, please don't let the mouse touch me or run on my hand"  I was able to get mouse from robe to container without touching...oooooh my....and yes, I took it outside and set it free.   Now, I did tell it, "you are very intelligent with a strong will to live, I cannot guarantee you will do much better out here as we have owls and hawks, but here is your chance'

Now it was not injured, there were no blood smears...and it did run off when I opened the container.
a container that went directly into the trash.

after a couple of hours babysitting, I went home and cleaned the bathroom again (clorox wipes are my best friend) ...and threw away the robes and the towel on the hook next to it.

But I tell ya, I did not sleep well.   Whenever I heard W stirring, I startled.  At one point I thought I felt something run across my legs....why do we do that?

this is a pic of Winston, our troublemaker...his nicknames are "Kracken", "Tyranosauris Rex"...you get the idea.  Good thing he is so handsome.  and can be such a love.

I tell myself  this is part of the price of living in the country...but ooooh sooo creeped out, still.