Monday, July 31, 2017

Expo Crop and Shop

I got to go to Santa Clara Expo, ended up going by myself...but have found that scrappin' ladies are though I was a little 'bummed' ended up fine.  A couple of ladies shared my table and they were very nice and friendly and funny.

This is before, actually between 2 crops during the month of July....first time I left things unpacked, normally after a crop I unpack as soon as I get home.   I took this pic, cuz this cat aka velociraptor has an entire house to hang out and he chooses to squeeze into this small space.  

Did accomplish quite a few layouts.   Very plain, cuz I actually was able to make only one trip from the car!  Quite the accomplishment for me!   It usually takes me two to set up my space.

Shop!  Not that I needed anything.  But definitely did go through all the money I brought.  Let's just say coming home with $9 is pretty normal for me.

This is crop purchases...some vendors will set up tables to sell what they don't want to take back.  So, if you go to Expo, try to have some cash at night!  Though a few had their 'squares' so you could use your card (good thing for me)

Regular shopping, I did not include pic of papers...but you KNOW I bought a few.  Like Doodlebugs set with I call my youngest dgs my 'little dragon' as he makes a fun crinkle face right before he yells.    ALSO, the vendor that has bins of papers where the first 25 are .50 each...had really good lines...Bella Blvd, Websters...not just the lesser known lines.  So bought quite a few of these.  This is just the 'stuff'.   Queen and Co was a big one, they offered the cart for free with a $20 purchase and the box for free with 12 washi's.   

I was determined not to buy any stamps, but could not resist.  I have been buying so many stamps through a couple of Facebook groups.  Now, figuring out storage is my next step.  Yeah.  Help needed.  I absolutely need to stop buying stamps.  Stamp Freeze starts today.

It actually took me a couple of days to unpack from this crop.  Not just because of stuff, but because it was a busy weekend.  Lots to sort.  Right now, I have 'bling' out to sort out...going to go ROYGBP and Neutrals and Multi into containers.  It is time.  Also out for sorting are diecuts.  I like to keep collections together.  So need to figure out that storage. I have them in an Ikea Cart next to my desk.  Will keep them there, but need them organized.   

Still putting layouts away, slow progress, as I need to finish them.  Many are not really embellished yet.  For me, that is the hardest step...I don't feel like I do enough.  Need to figure out how to get to the next level in embellishing. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

finished unpacking my room...made some more changes

When we had flood scares earlier this year, I packed up and moved up my room.  DH declared us safe from potential flooding, so I have been unpacking and making some changes.  This is just half the room.

I have some of the changes in the previous blog post...

This is the 'stamping station'.  Just about all things stamping (except Stampin Up wood, they are still in the upper cabinets, other side of the room) .  including inks.  I need to figure out a way to 'inventory'.   Right now I have some together by brand.   Stampin Up, CTMH,  Fun Stamper's Journey, Unity, The Greeting Farm...and others by type..alphas, decorative, kids.  

This is my 'ah ha!".  I bought this 9" wide rolling rack from Amazon, and it is perfect for my Stampin Up Stamp collection.  They are organized by Neutral , R, O, Y, G, B, P and Pink.  My greatest 'concern' is when grandsons visit and they reorganize it for me.  But I can tuck it in behind the Ikea rolling cart.  So far so good.

More stamping supplies.  and my new Minc.  (used twice, but sure am collecting goodies for it)
Bottom rack is half stampin wheels and other half dgd #2's she now has her own space. 

Part of packing up for potential flood included putting stuff up off floor.  Well, I liked this table so much, I kept it and turned it into half dgd #2's space and the other a half, my current project space.  You know to lay out what I am working on.  That is what you see, been working on dgs #1's book. (I do have to move it when granddaughter is here)

and at the end of the table and shelf are  a couple of Ikea tables stacked on each other.  The larger (which was formerly my staging space)  has my Cricut and the smaller (pink one) has my new die cutter/embosser I purchased from a friend.
(I still have my cuttlebug but it has it's own space)

just a few pics of the changes.   Guess that is the 'fun' part of having to pack things up, when you unpack you can make changes and updating.  AND hopefully get rid of what you don't use...ha!  I made a funny!!

Right now, the room is a bit of a mess.  (I know, you mean those pics are not a mess?) 
As I am between crops.  I went to a crop in Madera earlier this month and then I am going to Expo at the end.  And did not unpack (first time ever) as for Expo I am going only for one day and will work on the same projects.