Monday, April 27, 2009


my first moment with Adriana. The nurse was messing with her, and she did not like it. But her hollerin' was music to my ears!! tee hee. I told her, we'll get you voice lessons..cuz with those lungs, you are a natural!

ds holding his new baby girl. he was absolutely captivated.

After a long night, Adriana arrived this morning around 5:30 am.

I was at the crop yestereday when I got the call that dh was taking ddil to the hospital. Ds was at work, he is a police officer. So, I called my dd and dsil to get directions from the city I was in for the crop to the hospital. They are my home away from home "mapquest"...anyways, so dsil ended up calling ds...and that is how ds found out he that it was time! Now, ddil was going to call him...just when she was closer to the hospital. As it was, they arrived at the hospital parking lot at the same time.

I arrive at the hospital around 7pm. Ddil was very brave, I told her its cuz you know whatever you say is going to end up on my blog...teehee. After many hours, she finally did have an epidural put in.

I did not leave, hung out in the del room with the kids till it became time to push...around 2:30 am. Fell asleep in the waiting room...and woke up at 4am...has she been pushing all this time? I got a li'l worried, but at @6 am, ds came to get me. Yes, she did push for about 2.5 Adriana is a li'l coneheaded.
I told ds, "of all the things she had to take after you"..he was a 14 hour labor with 2 hours pushing.

7lbs 13oz, 21"...very healthy APGAR (?) scores...dark curly hair, dark eyes, her mom's mouth and a li'l dimple on her chin. (not the kind in the middle but curves a little under her lips) Nursed for 45 minutes her first attempt.

Ddil told the nurse she does not like the color pink. So they gave her a turq blue and yellow cap...the nurse put a bow on make it a li'l girly. The nurse make these caps for the newborns..I thought that was cool!

I left the hospital @8:30 as they moved to the recovery room. Came home and SLEPT!

And I'm finally at the computer...gotta go to Facebook and post pics for dd!

Oh, they are thinking...Adriana Danielle...I told them I'm going to have to start buying 2 packages of chipboard!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Skipilini's Pizza

here is the website...let me tell was awful!! For me it was the extra garlic, for her it was the slimy veggies she does not like. But dh loved it, he had 2 slices!!

I feel like I'm going to give birth!

This has to work!

cuz Nyki says she is not getting into the car with me again, until after Adriana is born, cuz she does not trust me.

the pic is of Nyki pouring ranch dressing on it, in an attempt to get it down.
We both got one slice down. To support her, I tried a piece without taking the stuff I hate off.

Photohunt ..Protection

This week's Photohunt theme is Protection..some people had cool takes. It was tough for me. My first thought was one of the pups, as they are our home protection.
then I thought of this one:

This is dd in Venice in St. Mark's Square..she has an odd fear of birds. When she was in 4th grade, she went on a daytrip to Monterey with her friend Vicky and her family...well, dd got hit in the head with a seagull here she is protecting herself from the pigeons in Venice!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I won!

I won something...that does not happen very often...but, I am a Scrapaholic is having their birthday celebration..and had a guess how many game...and I won!

the game

cuz of work, I thought I missed all the fun...but the guess I was able to give was just about right...yay!!

I was actually busy at work. It's been a long time since I've had to leave stuff at my desk to do tomorrow. kinda strange.

well, I'm a little crazy waiting for the baby. finally called Jason and told him to call me if Nyki burps!! aye yi yi!!

guess I should scrapbook, huh...that always soothes the soul...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my laundry room

there was a thread on 2 peas about decorated laundry thought I'd share a couple of pics of mine..

I really like it, the Spring Green and ikea cabinets, glass tiling and cork floors (which you cannot see) And Vogue Print..the other side of the room has a butcher block counter, laundry caddy and cat no pics of that.

Introduce yourself...

got this from 2 peas website thread, Scrapbook Obsession's thread

1. First name, part of the world you’re from, and about your family, your job, etc..
2. How long have you been scrapbooking and why/how did you start?
3. Are you now a paper scrapper, hybrid, or digital?
4. How often do you scrapbook these days?
5. Your friends and family would say you are…..? Give us 5 random things

1. Karen, Central Valley of CA is where I live, but grew up in Houston, TX. My family, all that is on the side bar (oh I thought it was)... my dad is a 6'3" Irish mix from Indiana, who joined the Navy and met my mom, a 5' Japanese woman. I am the single older sister followed by twin sisters. My parents divorced when I was 9 years old, and after that I became an IBM brat...moved to MD with my dad, back to Houston with my mom, then San Jose, CA with my dad again. 3 diff high schools. But its all good. Job, I am an accounting guru who is good at it, but hates it. Right now I specialize in general ledger accounting, but I've done it all.

2. Scrapbooking, about 5 years. Started after dd left for college. Took a class thru the city given by a CTMH demonstrater and joined a local scrap group a couple of years ago.

3. Paper! Actually have PSE6 to try digital, but too much a 'techno idiot' (guess the IBM genes skipped me) to figure it out. Do journaling on the 'puter (25+ years of accounting and squeezing my writing on those column sheets has left my handwriting rather illegible) ...and can manipulate pics somewhat....does that make my hybrid?

4. Pretty much as much as I want. I am an empty weekends and after work if there are re-runs. ha!!

5. 5 random things my friends/fam would say. hmmmm...

Shopaholic. (dh)and anyone who sees my scraproom...Michele says its a sickness

Book Smart but not World smart. (thats what my mom says)

Not Social, don't do well with the social graces and don't like to hang out in
groups. but not anti-social. DH is opposite, he'd have a gathering here every

LOVE and live for my kids (some may call it spoiling, of smother mother)

Rebellious (dd calls me that, cuz I do bristle when something is EXPECTED of me)

So guess what I learned this morning? you know, yesterday was Nyki's (ddil's) due date, she was out mowing the lawn! (its 90+ degrees around here) Is that extreme nesting? or a stubborn former Marine? Now, ds was working, he is a police officer...but was off today!!

geeeeee...that's my Nyki!!

I made cards...

One of the challenges at I am a Scrapaholic was to make 3 cards, with 3 colors and 3 diff embellishments on first, I was a little overwhelmed, I con't make cards very often. But really enjoyed making these.

the Stamp is from Stampin' Up, a set of sentiments in Espanol. I gave dh one to give to his parents for their first he said, 'these won't work, they don't speak Spanish"...I told him "write it in English underneath. We live in CA and everyone has to be exposed to a little Spanish"

Yesterday was actually a tough day, I took our old guy to the vet cuz he's had diarreha. Expecting he'd get tested for worms, given some fluids, but instead she found a heart murmer. He's been losing weight for the past year. I took him in at first, and we did a full round of blood tests, with nothing showing up. So, this past year has been finding him food he will eat (we did) and picking up his pooh (he stopped using his box) So, Ive known that his pooh has been looking healthy till a couple of weeks ago. It would go healthy, then runny...but after a weekend of liqued I took him in. Even at the appt, all signs were healthy, just skinny and running a temp and the diarreha.

Now, he is still active and vocal and a pain in the butt. He has not been laying around listless and lifeless. This is why I won't consider putting him down.

So, I had to leave him at the vet for basically an EKG. Anyways, what they found is that for every 2 beats his top 2 chambers of his heart beat, his bottom only has 1.

They would recommend a visit to the cardiologist and a pacemaker. Now, dh wants him put down because of the pooh thing. He is not going to pay a couple thousand dollars for a pacemaker...on a very old cat (14 years old)...

I am waiting to talk to ds. Now there is not a prognosis of 'he has 2 weeks, or 2 months, or 2 years" But the final decision has to be my son's.

Ds was working yesterday, he's a police officer, so no calling him at work to chitchat, ya know? so hopefully today, once he's rested we can talk. I haven't even told all this to dh...cuz I know what he is going to say.

Monday, April 20, 2009

been scrapping!

its been fun, just finishing up some challenges. The pic is from a challenge to use purple and orange. I hate being a flake, and if I sign up to do something, I'm wanna do it. (unless I forget or can not)
Sorry, Jeannie about Saturday...hmmmmmm..that was a forgot.

I signed up for a couple of circle journals also...and, well, there are a lot of flakes out there. Luckily, they weren't the type where you mail out your own book, but where layouts are supposed to be sent to you. One of them that started last year, we are supposed to get 12 layouts, so far I have rec'd 3. Even the hostess has not posted in a while. Ooooh Well..I only have one more to send and I am done.

I'm listening to Miley Cyrus's the Climb. Actually watching VH1's Fresh. I don't think she is much of a singer, but she sounds good here. It works for her voice.

Funds are tight around here and dh is watching like a hawk...all I can say is..No Bueno.

Today is the baby's due date, but she isn't showing any signs. The dr already told her if she hasn't delivered by the 23rd they are going to make an appt to induce by the 30th. Nyki came back from that appt calling doctor's 'dumb'. She was saying, "why won't they wait till the baby is good and ready?" I told her, "because they don't want you to give birth to a 12 lb baby?...." I mean, have ya'll seen her belly??? I think she get's bigger every day!

Off to do more challenges. I am a Scrapaholic has a few for their birthday celebration, oh, and need to do my P365 layout. Here is yesterday's pic:

dh was watching a cop's marathon, and the scene of the guy stuck on a fence...with his buttocks in the air was too funny to pass up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

due date is tomorrow...

Yesterday we went to Modesto to run around, gosh, 6 stops? We were exhausted, but one of the stops was Hanson's furniture where I saw this little display...isn't that the cutest little girl room? The lighting is a little off, the furn is a creamy white and the bedding is lavender w/ tulle...

and at Lowes, I saw this beauty...

wouldn't you just LOVE to design a room around that?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This week's Photohunt...purple!

how about my purple scrapbook room. This is from a couple of years ago when it was first set ain't so organized now. But I LOVE it, dh had NO SAY about the colors in this room...and it is my girlie-girl room.

Friday, April 17, 2009

very odd

There was a bird chirping outside my bedroom window at 2 am...2 AM!!
why would a bird be doing that? isn't there a rule, that they can't start chirping till the sun comes out? My first thought was, "Yay! It's Spring!!" But I could not go back to sleep, till it stopped around 3 am. UGGGGH

Then awakened at 5 am, dh had a friend spend the night...and that was when they left...

Followed by weird dreams. Do you remember your dreams in the morning? My mom doesn't, I wonder if that is a gift. Sometimes my dreams are so odd and disconcerting. This morning, dil going into labor, trying to keep their cat from escaping a new place, then my friend Cheryl going into labor (she's not preggo)and crying over her teenage son who died a couple of summers ago, then a young dd...all dressed up with big curly hair, trying to talk to me about a boy she likes...isn't that just weird. And it sticks with me... esp the sorrow about Cheryl's son.

I took today off, will leave in a couple of hours to help the kids prepare the house for move stuff from garage, paint...whatever they need. Also hoping to scrap a little. There is the 3 pm online crop at 2 peas..and some anniversary challenges at I am a Scrapaholic.

DD's car broke down yesterday, while she was in a Denny's. At first, she could not reach dsil so she called AAA...but as the tow truck arrived another patron at Denny's started her car for her (I'd forgotten how people do that in Texas). And as she drove home, dsil met her halfway, switched cars with her and changed the battery...but I was so impressed, that he would meet her halfway...I really like my dsil...he's my favorite son in law!! (HA!! he is my only dsil)

We really lucked out with our children's choices in spouses. We like and love both of them. I know that does not always happen. And our kids are good people, too...people we can be proud of...we sure are blessed!!

Or, I'm just one damned good mom! teehee!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

got my swap package today

Kinda surprised, cuz I never was contacted by her...but I love the package and am sure I will use every bit of it. There is BG's Sultry with cardstock, ribbons in pink, brown, green (really cool ones with little pompoms)...4 sheets of textured grungeboard, maya road journaling sheers, prima bling...a cool handmade card, glue dots, even a coupon for Mikes.

I also rec'd my April Stampin with Steph the colors. They are Nyki's colors for the baby's room..should I order another one?

blah, blah, blah

(insert whiney smilie) I don't wanna go to work!

Its Tuesday, and I should be getting ready for work instead of on my blog...but I don't wanna.!!

I did get to scrap yesterday, a layout for a Scrap the Men challenge I am participating in ... but that is all! Then I started organizing my space a little...could not find pictures for another 'non postal circle journal' I am participating, sad.

Went to the church to reconcile bank statements (they have Quickbooks, real easy, but for accountability, they want an independent 3rd party to do the reconciliation)

Did I mention that mom has decided to return to Texas?
We'll go down there June 3rd, I'll come home @ the 13th. She wants to be there for summer vacation. She is worried about my 12 yr old niece being home alone. BUT there are 2 teenagers, 12 and, all I can say mom will come back to CA. 2 teen girls? oh yeah, she'll be back!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

very mellow Easter...

but next year, we'll have a grandbaby to dress up and do Easter things with!

Today is very mellow, and a nap is sounding real good. My cat is laying in the sun spot in the office as I type , and it looks real good, almost want to join him on the floor.

on Thurs, I used my 50% Michaels coupon to buy the Prima Nursery Papers, and today, Nyki selected which ones to cover letters with. We are making a name mobile for Adriana.

I'm not much of an alter-er, but I'll give it a go.

I really need to scrap my P365 pics. Here is one from yesterday's baby shower. The girls are opening the blankets my mom made them...she also made matching sweaters and caps...and one pair of baby shoes. Nyki's in purple, Betsy's in pink..the girls seemed to enjoy them.

and here are the diaper cakes I decorated. I bought the actual cakes from Ebay, and the custom toppers were made by someone I met at a garage sale.. I just tied tulle and ribbon...but they came out nice.

It was a very good babyshower, glad we combined it for the girls..made Nyki more comfortable. aahhh, heres one more pic. The girls wore sashes, corsages, and crowns...cuz how else were we to know who the preggos were? HA!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photohunt Sat 4-11


went uhoh for this one also...but I hope the triangle in the A counts!
from Disney California...

this is my dil during her 1st ever trip..but she just found out she was pregnant, so no rides for her!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

too busy...

Yup, this week I've been too busy...
Work is busy cuz I am closing March, to be expected.

but I've also been helping Nyki with move stuff. Yesterday it was going to the apt to clean. Scrub the oven and racks, vacuum floors, wipe down dishwasher, fridge,, should be just the finishing touches.

We rode to work together yesterday, so here is my P365 pic for yesterday:

I could not resist!! She is due @ the 20th! sooooooooo, exciting!!

After coming home last night, I watched the ANTM 2 hours...not sure I agreed with Talia's outster...probably should have been Alison...I don't really think Alison can pull off any variety.

BUT the worst part was I had a bad dream...I dreamt that Betsy's replacement during her maternity leave was Sandra from ANTM. Oh Myyyyyy!!
To me she ranks up there with Jade and Monique as ANTM villians. (did not like Melrose or Renee either) I sooooo agree with Aminat, other girls were bullied in Jr. High and it is no excuse! Look at my own dd! She was the target of the 'populars' from grade 5 on...and she did not react by becoming one...or by becoming a 'victim'.

okay, off to clean those litter, joy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Crop on Saturday...

Got to crop on Saturday, from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. Sooo great! Learned something about myself, I have a tendency to 'embellish' on the right side of the page. Had to consciously tell myself to embellish on the left!

Got a lot of the album for Betsy done. Just about finished. Also learned how to cut paper to cover a paint can. Just need to get some permanent adhesive and decorate it.

Yesterday was helping the kids with their move out of the apt. We helped pack up the last of their stuff and mom cleaned both bathrooms.

Started reading Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" far, very interesting. But had to stop for Celebrity Apprentice. DH has gotten 'drawn' into the show...but yeah, the boardroom was a surprise...the people Donald chose to fire...oh my goodness. Had to agree about the commercials, they both sucked, but, wow, who he fired and why..yikes.

We also did not have internet on Sunday. Wow, the mail boxes sure do fill up when you are not able to cleanse them.

So, today,...hmmmm Kristen texted last night, her daughter is sick. So, I guess the morning will be working on the paint cans...then I need to meet the carpet cleaners at the kid's house (will be taking The Host) and then mom and I are back at the apt to vacumm floors and clean the kitchen. Nyki is preggo, so we'd like to do the hard work for her. Well, that's the plan...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Stripes is a tough theme for me in this week's Photohunt, but I eventually found this pic of dd while she was in Ireland at the Cliffs of Mohr. (you can even see stripes in the cliff...)

Friday, April 3, 2009

funny commercial I saw last night!

Funny Commericial!!

I wasn't able to post the actual commercial...but the above is a link!

oh my, I haven't laughed that hard in a while!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New SpringWidget

try again...

I started a post yesterday morning, but the internet went out on me during...lets see if I have any luck today.

With unreliable internet, I got to spend Monday scrappin'! Enjoyed it. Worked on dd's Europe Semester Album (its only been since fall of 2007) But I'm not starting my cruise till I finish them. Yes, them. one is for me, and a smaller one is for her. teehee.

Anyways, I was working on one for Berlin...and I loved how these baroque papers looked with the colors of the building, but the print was 'too much'. THEN I remembered the grid pattern layouts Janet from Of Cats and Cardstock has been doing, and is my layout! It worked perfectly for the overwhelming print...well, I think so.

okay, keeping this short, who knows when my internet window will close! ha!!