Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recital, 3 year old style.

Recital was fun! Little Boo was adorable. She started out dancing really well, then midway decided she was done and started to leave the stage (both nights)...she would go back...but did not dance much, just kinda stood in her spot and watched the audience. Here's the full outfit I made her, the top and the tied tu-tu. It was cute, BUT, the tu-tu strips kept sticking to her tights and between her legs....
so for the performance, she wore this:
lucky mom had a 'backup' plan. Today, I hope to work on my 12x12 calendar swap ... I cut out gnomes last week, and then being me, changed my mind on what colors I want to use. Oh well, back to it!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Creating feels good!

I've been creating again. Seems like such a long time, but this month is kinda a 'normal' month. No I have time to play in my scraproom. This is non scrap, DGD is going to be in a recital next weekend, her final production number is in white and gold. We were told to be her mom and I made one of those hand tied tutu's and I made her this to slip on top of her tank top. She may not wear it...I used binding tape around the arms and on the hem, but it may prove to be 'itchy'. We'll see. I did this without a lots of imperfections, but hey, it will be worn 3 times on stage. teehee. We'll see. kinda scrap, making some cards for a swap on These are for the 'tag' cards. Just fun to make such a mess with glimmer mists. here are the red/white/blue cards I made for the swap. I just love pinwheels. I'm also in a 6x6 calendar swap, chose the month of August...trying to figure out how to incorporate pinwheels for that also. then for the 12x12 calendar swap, I chose I'm making these hydrengeas...also plan to make a garden gnome. boy, these hydrengeas are hard work. The 2 shades of purple are so close, while cutting the top layer shade, I kept grabbing the lower layer shade. Turns out, under my room light they look the same..when I put them under the Ott...I could see the slight difference. aye yi yi. also in a Letter of the Word swap, but don't have a pic yet. So much fun to be creating again.

Monday, June 4, 2012

All are home

Whatta crazy month, but a good one. DD and DSIL are officially here. It was a crazy process, after her grad school graduation, dd and I drove her and her 2 cats and 2 dogs here from Texas. DSIL retired from the Marie Corps on May 28th, then he, DS and another friend took a roadtrip here. They got back on Saturday. All I can say, is it feels great to have all the kids nearby. Last night we grilled and had the family over for the evening. DS with Adriana (I don't know why this pic posted vertical, it isn't vertical anywhere else) Whatta feeling to sit at a dinner table with both kids, their spouses and granddaughter!! DD with Adriana DDIL with Sadie (one of DD's and DSIL's dogs) The first night was a li'l rough for DSIL, we do have a suite area in the back of the house that they can set up as their has a bedroom, bathroom (both very small) and a living area (no kitchen)...but the ac does not work real well it can get real stuffy. And it was in the 90's on Saturday...but he said, after waking up and walking the acreage...he decided he can 'make it work'. He loves the outdoors. He grew up in Oklahoma, so is quite comfortable with all our critters and stuff. DSIL with the tractor The Cats are adjusting. We've had a couple of weeks of doors closed...but when the dogs are outside doing their 'business', we've let our 2 cats mingle with their 2 cats. At first, lots of growling and hissing and puffy tails (I've re-nicknamed Winston, Puff Daddy) BUT now, they tread carefully, and 'talk' to each other...but no sign of, I'm hopeful.