Saturday, August 29, 2009

I guess I should feel a li'l guilty..

yesterday, my day off...was busy!

morning at the church, cutting checks. More mistakes, but that is how you learn a system..right???

Then ran to Modesto to pick up my fun new reading glasses, go grocery store, get lunch...and a li'l stop at Michaels. Anyways, bought a slightly damaged album (I was given a nice discount) a set of Tim Holtz stamps with my 40%off disc...and a handful of the Studio G alpha stamps. Then to the bank to sign up for the church's online banking. Did not get home till 3pm.
Loooooooong day!!

When I got home, I found that I did not have a couple of the alpha I called my sis in Texas, she has a Michaels around the corner....and asked her to pick up a couple. It isn't my fault she ended up spending @$50 there!! I just asked for 3 - $1 stamps. teehee but SCORE, she found 2 out of 3 of the letters...and my sis says she can look for the third letter today!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

my baby...

is 23 years old...and her birthday present? her grumpy 77 year old grandma is coming to live with her and her husband for a couple of months...oh my...

I sure do miss her...but I am very happy for her...she is accomplished, intelligent, talented and has done alot of wonderful things and is in love with her Okie...

what more could a mom want...? oh yeah, more grandbabies..but I can wait...uh huh

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

but mom...

EVERYbody plays with the computer!!

a lot going on...centered around my mom...we'll see how all this works out.
She may go to live with my dd and dsil for a little while. We'll see... YIKES!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

kitties and crops...

First off Friday lunch with Tina was wonderful to catch up. And Nyki and Adriana joined Tina got to meet my li'l cupcake. She agreed with me, Adriana with her strong abs (kept sitting up) strong legs (trying to stand w/ mommy holding her up) and long feet is a natural dancer. Ballet, here we come~!!

Saturday, Michele and I met at Nyki's. I also brought Charlette. Gave my Percy a li'l break...and she enjoyed herself. Her nephews, though as big as Percy are younger, so they all played and played. Charlette found a blow up chair in the craft loft and made herself at home for her naps. She was so pooped, when we came home in the evening, she settled herself on my computer chair and was out. Nice to play with someone who isn't hissing, growling, whacking you down and sitting on you. I think I'd like to take her there once a week. DS says she is welcome, cuz she knew where the box was and used it. Nyki did 'show' her a couple of times...good thing she 'learned' it. One thing J can not stand is a cat who goes outside the box.

Cropping was fun! I actually did get some stuff done...the cover for the last (I hope) Am Crafts Modern D-ring album for dil's Europe Semester.(I have 3 albums)
2 - 8x8 layouts and 4 12x12...

not bad for someone absolutely distracted by her li'l cupcake.

Introduced Michele and Nyki to my Slice. Michele loved it, but toward the end of the day it stopped cutting!! I tried all the troubleshooting steps. But I have a ticket in to cust service. We tried the embossing tips, and they did not work, and after switching back to the blade, it stopped making contact with the paper. Hopefully it can be fixed...cuz I love it.

But I was exhausted. After eating, I went to bed...@7:30...just like Charlette!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

the next couple of days...

giving me her 'mean' mug. guess I disturbed her...but I think its funny that she naps behind the pillows.

yay! its Friday, my day off. But the morning is at the chuch cutting checks, then the afternoon is meeting an old friend (Tina) for lunch. I haven't seen Tina in quite a while. There is a group of us who usually meet as a group in May and Dec to celebrate birthdays. There were 5 to 6 of us. but the past couple of times it just did not happen. Schedules, illness....taking care of elderly, I'm gonna go to Turlock, where Tina works and we'll have lunch.

and tomorrow, yay! yay! Michele and I are meeting with Nyki and her friend, Sara to crop at Nyki's!!
So, of course, my photo printer started acting up last night...kept claiming to be 'jammed' and had to turn it off then on. It may be time for a new one...I sure do use these. that's okay, I put them on a cd and will stop by T's after my lunch.

yay! yay! a crop and Adriana too!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, all ready??

jk, its a slow week. I'm cross training on payroll...yuck...too many things to remember. We use a service, but it all seems kinda archaic...ya know.

Home is fun. Getting to come home to a kitten who is fully rested and ready to go..while we are simply pooped from a long day at work...and lack of sleep. She's a cutie, but I sure have forgotten how kittenhood is.

Last Night, she actually got into my purse and took something out of it to play...I've had cats for the last 34 years of my life. and have not had one who has gotten into my purse!! My kids have...but I hadn't..until last night.

This week's scrap your stuff challenge is stamps! I LOVE stamps, don't use them like I should considering my collection...but, boy do I collect. I have one shelf of acrylics. semi-catagorized in my dollar store baskets.

all 4 of my glass faced ikea cabinets have 3 shelves of stamps, primarily wood mount Stampin Up sets...that I don't want to seperate. I won't show ya'll all 4, just this sample.

I have loose stamps displayed on my open shelves of the cabinetry...and the older ones in a drawer...any ideas?

I actually don't mind how they are stored, I'd just like to clean it up and figure out a way to know what I they can be better utilized. Wookiemouse showed her rolodex system...where she keeps stamped images...and has a storage code to know where to find them...


Friday, August 14, 2009

a good week!

i got to see Adriana 3 times!!!

Monday, they stopped by work. When mommy went to get a couple of things from the dr's office, rather than take Adriana back out in the 100 degree heat...she left Adriana with me!! So, I got to babysit her at work!

here is dh taking a li'l cat nap with her Monday afternoon

Then, she called me Tues night...she needed to run an errand (daddy works Tues swing), and I got to watch Adriana for a couple of hours that evening. Adriana is 'rolling over'...I did not get to see her do it...but here she is giving me a li'l grin when I asked her to do it so gma can see...she didn't!

Then the kids came over last night, it was dh's birthday. Ooooooh, she is just perfect...yes, she was a li'l grumpy and tired and only wanted her mommy.

But that's okay, she is still my li'l cupcake.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Organize you Stuff

I'm still doing it..
last week was stickers and rub-ons. I have a 'homemade' clip it up, the one with a paper towel holder. I like it, the stickers are available and sorted by theme. I use them a lot more than when they were in a drawer, however it does take a bit of room.

I love my rub-on holder...its just a pink file folder holder. the rub-ons are catagorized by type.

This week its ribbons...I have 3 shelves of ribbons. I do love the ones that are in jars, I have misc lacy/silky by colors - and some by type..grosgain, sheer, polka dotted. And then some by manufacturer. Esp the Am Crafts rolls.

On Monday, Nyki gave me a small is perfecto for the keeping of scrap ribbons that I just had laying on the shelf. But there is a bit of work to do in this area!

Monday, August 10, 2009

the past 3 days were good,

made up for the prev 3...ha!!

Sat was the Expo...did not crop or take classes, but shopped. In the morning, I was joined by Michele, she picked up a nice MME Fall stack (good thing cuz they later sold out) for her Italy pics and some camping kits. Then after lunch shopped with Ashley, she had Gavin in a stroller and he was soooooo good! And saw Yvonne and Dawn (they were there to crop, lucky gals) and Dorlene and Katie...rode home with Dorlene. So it was a fun day of shoppin and seeing some of the gals.

here are some of my goodies, the new lighter shades of alcohol inks from the Scrapyard, and a fancy pants stamp set...petaloo dazzlers, I bought 3, Michele bought get one free from Pugnacious Stamps (fun booth)

cupcake papers and stickers from Cricut Dan and fancy pants sticks and SEI papers from a discount booth..

polyshrink from the Cat's Pajamas and I don't remember where I got the glue, but it was a booth with lots of sparkly stuff and the metal stencils...

Sunday was a good day at church...followed by a day off of croppin' and organizing. Got my brads and eyelets seperated and put into containers. ha!
and played with the polyshrink and fancy pants stamps

Today, went to work and Adriana stopped by...okay, Nyki, too. And Nyki had to go back to the doctor' she left Adriana with me. Well, Nyki fed her I got to cuddle, and coo and I was in heaven!! (don't worry, I did it off the clock.)
Coworkers were talking about how content she was to hang out w/g'ma...but it wouldn't have been that way if Nyki hadn't fed her first. (remember, she is now officially not taking the bottle!)

Then she visited g'pa, and they ended up taking a li'l 'catnap' in his office:

so, today I picked for my RAK...well, I let Charlette pick..I put your names on pieces of paper, folded them up, threw them on the ground in front of her and she picked...Heather.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

RAK update.

oopsie, its DCWV Taj Majal and Downtown Loft I have to share...and yes, I overbought some Petaloo dazzlers yesterday, so you'll get a can of those also.

just leave me a comment today. I'll draw tomorrow morn.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

whatta week!

it was a most unusual week...ending with...

but I guess I should start at the beginning...
DH lost his wallet. He noticed on Sat/Sun...thought it might be at work, but when it wasn't there Mon morn...had to start making the phone calls, reporting credit cards lost, getting new insurance cards. Then on Tues night he gets a phone call. He had left it at the Ace Hardware in town. ooooookay...good news, right?

Tuesday night, our water pump stops working. We live in the country. We don't pay monthly water bills, but we need that pump for running water. So, I stay home on Weds, to await the repair guy. He arrives at 4pm. the whole thing must be replaced. So, I stay home on'd think I'd be 'happy'...chance to lounge and scrapbook. Not so much. Not fun when you are a virtual prisoner. And can't even cook, cuz there is no running water. You don't realize how much you miss stuff like that. Didn't even scrapbook. pooh.

Then Friday...I was home, as I cut checks for the church on Fri morn. (even that was difficult, but won't go into it) and due to the issues I was having at church, ds ended up taking Kema to the vet for us. whoa!! Kema got a couple of foxtales in his ears, which got infected. $458 later. he comes home with his ears wrapped up and open stitches...and that is why he is sleeping on mom's couch. This morning, he is still feeling/looking lackluster..he will probably spend the day there.

now, those who know us, know that the house is for the cats, the outside for the poor Kema..when we came home, he did not want to get out of my car.

what a week!! tell me its over!! now, today, I'm going to the Scrapbook Expo.

REMINDER, leave a comment for a li'l RAK...see the previous post.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

made some changes...

finally checked out The Cutest Blog on the Block and their free fun!

I'm home today, but not for a good reason. Our water pump has to be replaced. So I am waiting for the repair guys. Can't leave, cuz if I do, will have to leave parts of the house unlocked and un-alarmed. something DH does not want. So, I'm home but running water...and can't cook...cuz I can't clean afterwards. I was home yesterday, did scrap a little. I hope I do more lo's today. But gotta admit, feelin a li'l 'not in the mood'.

had some luck with RAK's lately.

a while ago I got picked for Cosmo Cricket Early Bird, by Mandie at A New Someplace.
whoo hooo, I rec'd it. and it is gorgeous.

I also 'won' a $10 gc from Pages in Time for participating in an online crop...gotta say, though I've emailed them a couple of times about using it...have not had a response. So, a li'l disappointed.

Then this past weekend, I participated in Memories Always - Forever's blog hop..and got picked for a couple of the RAK's.

And Renee was in the mood to give away on her blog...Crazy thing called Life, and I got picked!!

wow, I know, now its my turn. but, but I don't have anything to give away!!

I neeeed my stash!! hmmmmmm, wait I did buy a couple of DCWV stacks, Marakesh and
Downtown Loft...tell ya what...when it arrives, I'll split them with one of ya'll.
lets' keep it to the US...don't wanna deal with customs. unless you are FPO/APO..that's easy.

just leave me a comment before...Sunday? who knows, maybe I'll double buy while at the Expo on Saturday...and have something else to send..ha!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

for Carita..

g-gma Carita asked for more Adriana pics...since she doesn't have FB..I'll post a few here...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

yay! got an Adriana fix!!

well, been scrapping her over the weekend...

and, yay! they did just stop by. DH made spaghetti, he makes really good spaghetti, so DDIL stopped by to pick some up on her way home from a shopping trip. She dropped off some items, then took some shelves and stuff from the garage.

I got to hold my li'l cupcake. She is sooooo adorable. Her hair is getting lighter, starting to see quite a bit of red. AND, DDIL says she started something new... a 'baby' screeeeeech... she does it with a smile on her face! She started last night when they had friends over. Just this quick 'aaaaahhh!!!'..of course, g'ma and g'pa..thought it was the cutest thing. Mom says 'this is going to get old, real quick'...I told her 'that's okay, work your diaphram'. Maybe she's a future singer!! ha!!!

We had friends over for dinner, to share the spaghetti. I tried to keep the kitten up, so she'll sleep tonight. But our friend, Kathy, is just so she let the kitten sleep on her. aye yi yi.