Tuesday, September 20, 2011

scrap spaces...

On 2 peas is a thread about scrap spaces, including pics. I don't think I have any pics of my set up...but in this pic from last August's Expo you can kinda see it. I'm the empty space in the left bottom of the pic.

Last weekend's crop I took this

Its an AutoExec collapsable file tote made for cars. I used it to pack my tools and put it on a chair next to me to keep everything at hand. I love that it is collapsable for storing at home, that you can configure it with the velcro'd walls and that it has a cover for transporting it. It kept my gypsy, punches, stamps, cropadile, a couple of magazines...and my travel journal and Rick Steve's all within reach. It isn't tall enough to transport paper, but I kept the 'kit' I was working on in it.

I've got another crop coming up on Oct 1st...yay! I do love to crop. I don't bring a lot of embellishments, I figure if I get the base page done, I can embellish at home.

Maybe I'll think to take a better pic of my space set up. ha! I do have a li'l crop buddy, a plastic karate smurf. He fell in my bag once...and he's been going to crops with me ever since.

Monday, September 19, 2011

wanted to post pics of my sis's scrapspace

to the 'untrained eye' it may look insane, but once you know my sister's organization, its a scrappers paradise.

This is 'my side' when I visit...love the middle island with the goodies. She is one who takes her scraps and premakes tags and such, she keeps them on a lazy susan in the middle and I was using them!! An idea I'd like to start doing.

this is her corner, I like how she has the corkboard so she can see all the embellies for the album she is working on. She had her Costa Rica trip out, so she had all her beachy summery embellies out. Under the desk are all her Iris containers filled with embellies organized by theme.

I don't organize by theme, but I do like her system. I tend to organize by type.

This is the 'tool' corner. Including her cricut create.

My sis does not go to crops, she has everything she wants at her fingertips. I LOVE going to her place...I usually just bring pics/ papers/ adhesives and I am set.

I do try to not use too many of her consumable embellies...unless she gives them to me....but I know how I'd feel is someone using my room used up my fave Primas or something, you know. She has been teasing me, that she is going to start charging me a scraproom 'use fee'.

Next June we are planning to go to the GASC Arlington, then to her place to crop.

Hope it works out!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

just back from Houston..

Spent 5 days in Houston visiting family. I was esp hanging out with my mom, who is 79 this year...and so at her house there was no internet access for me. My sis usually leaves me a laptop and her code for the wireless...but, this year the laptop had issues. I never got it to work. So, also took the week off from internet. Not Bad. I remember a friend had a no internet Sunday policy. Stepping away from the computer can be a good thing.

So, as you can guess, I scrapped and read. My sis has an outstanding scraproom. I took pics, so I'll post more later.

I finished Nothing Daunted. Good idea to take it to the airport. It's not a bad book, just a li'l hard to trudge through the history. But when she told about the gals and their adventures, it was quite interesting.

then I read, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer. Oh! I really enjoyed it. Now, it also was filled with historical facts, but the way the author wove it into the story, made it interesting. I actually thought the book was going to be tooo'campy'. but found it fun and interesting. I even started to 'buy' the theory, but reminded myself 'photoshop' everytime there was a pic.

then I read, The Winter Sea. I could not put it down. literally, the first day I read 260 pages out of @560. I had to tell myself to put it down so I'd have something to read at the airport. It was sooooo good. Another with history, but so ingrained in the story it was interesting.

gotta go, the dh is pacing, we gotta go to work.
have a great humpday!!!