Saturday, October 31, 2009

well, yesterday was fun...

In the morning, I dropped off Bubba for his 'male surgery'..will pick him up today.
Went to the church to take care of checks and then took mom out to Modesto-land...Baby's R Us, a Halloween Store, Michaels (of course), Target, lunch at Applebees and Walmart. I found a Halloween costume for Adriana, the one Nyki liked at the W...

Then we came back home, mom had a couple more errands in town, drop off mail, pick up prescription, grocery store...such a busy day for my day 'off'.

Yes, I hadn't gone to work since Tues..but those were 'sick' days.

Then stopped by the kids' house to drop off the costume...Nyki did not get it cuz, 'they aren't going anywhere for Halloween"...hello!! scrapbooker...I don't care if she goes anywhere...I want the pictures!!

I got to meet their new puppy..I say 'puppy' loosely...he's a great dane and already bigger than our dogs! And he growled at me...for a loooong time. Now, animals generally like me, this was weird. (and Michele, I did learn from the episode with your devil dog, to not show fear) (but I was a li'l scared) I just talked to him, told him, "I'm the grandma, and I'm gonna be here a lot"...told Nyki, "I'd better not touch you or he'll think I'm attacking you"..she said, "actually, that may help" I hugged her and told him, "Seeeeee friends"..

Then Adriana woke up, Nyki got her and brought her down to I was holding her, Doofus (that is what I am calling him) came up to sniff me. I started praying, 'oh don't let him bite me when I am holding her...I don't want to drop her"
but he didn't, I'm thinking her acceptance of me, made him accept me. And by the end of the visit, we were all in the living room and he even licked my hand.

AND as I watched, Adriana went from her tummy to her bottom...a li'l wobbly...but she is figuring out how to sit on her own! yay!! and she loves to baby jabber.

The doctor says her weight is low, so they are adding more cereal to her diet..but I told Nyki, maybe she is just petite...she is 1/8 Japanese...but develepmentally she is coming along...

today, I get to spend a couple of hours with her while mom has a baby shower downstairs...yay!! and you know I'll be bringing my camera!!

came home and guess what? our water pump went out! we have no water!! isn't THAT lovely...

Oh, and the internet was off all day...and we haven't had an oven since Monday, when the winds took out our power. I LOVE this oven, its an LG double oven...but it is a P.I.T.A...this is the 2nd time its done this...I'm thinking cuz its sooo computerized? I dunno, just wish I had an oven to make some enchiladas.

and Michele, happy belated birthday...I left you a Facebook post...but I don't think you go on FB! Wish we were back in Venice to celebrate...and we've got to get serious about planning an Alaskan cruise with the boys..

oh, and watch the show "Pit bulls and Parolees" on the animal planet...wowza, I was in tears at the end...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

got to come home from work early...

let me set the stage, we are having some pretty high winds around here...
but I'm at work..sneezing, coughing, runny nose.. sore throat, which I think is just hyper allergies because of the wind kicking up all the allergens.

The only thing, is I did start to get chills and a bit nauseous...anyways, went to the boss, my dh, who I commute in with...and tell him, I'd like to go home. Somehow, bed, hot tea and cats...just sounded sooooo goood!!

So, we arrange for me to drive one of the company cars home. BUT I need to finish some credit memos I'm sitting there, sneezing..the Sales Manager tells me(from across the office).."go home Karen, we don't want your swine flu..and while your at it clean out the car when you are done!". Yikes.

Okay, I came home had some soup and a log. No flu quick visits to the, I really think its 'kicked up allergies' making me miserable.

My mom thinks its that with my lack of sleep over the weekend..I just needed some real rest. In fact, she would not let me snooze on the couch in front of the tv..she told me 'go to bed for real sleep'...soooo glad she did...

and the cats were so good. Both boys, Percy and Bubba, slept next to me WITHOUT they knew mom needs some rest and she needs us.

I had to give up a planned babysitting evening with Adriana...guess it is better to be safe than sorry...but seriously, I'm sure there is no flu here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

this weekend

We had a great retreat up in the mountains...great people to hang out with; fun times, hard work as we discussed solutions...but...we'll lets just say, do you remember the I love Lucy episode, where they are traveling to Hollywood and they stay at a hotel where the bed caves in the middle and moves around when a train passes by? that was our bed. As an older married couple, we were given one of 3 bedrooms..we had a double bed that dh says was missing the middle slats. Every time dh would toss and turn (which he does a lot) the bed would shake and dip to the middle. I spent the night holding on to the side, just knowing that mattress was going to fall to the ground. So, fun weekend...hardly any sleep. Now it worked fine, when it was only me (during an afternoon break)...I could sleep diagonally.
I don't even want to try to guess what critter was scurrying on the roof every night!

sooo fun! also a copy of Nights of Rodanthe was left there, so I read it during the breaks and before bed time. What an EXCELLANT book!! Then I was stupid, when we came home last night the movie was on...and I watched it. What a HORRIBLE movie...soooooooo much was changed. They took away the father, who even though he was in a nursing home with a stroke was integral to her character and healing. They kept it in present day...and the fact that in the book she was a 60 year old sharing a 15 year secret with her daughter...was soooooo important. They made Paul out to be a jerk...there was no fight scene after Tolliver's tossing of canned food...the changes in the movie ruined the story.

Though I thought Scott Glenn's portrayal of Tolliver was amazing..the highlight of the movie. The emotion in his calm voice and brown excercise in acting. (which Gere can use)

So, if you have not read the book. READ it! If you have not seen the movie...DON'T!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

love having a day off!!

Good day! got a lot done! including a dinner that my dd gave me the recipe for and was a hit with mom and dh. Like my mom said, "I don't know what was in that, but it was agood".
Dd called it chicken fettucine with pink sauce.

Got most of my challenges done, have 2 layouts left...the no patterned paper and one that should have a pic of me in it...yikes..

here's one, from our day in Monterey last summer. the challenge was to have ribbon and a song title. I used my slice to make the letters from a larger pic of the jellyfish...yikes. I had just reapplied the adhesive to the cutting mat, so it was hard to peel the cut up photo from it...the pic kept de-layering. But overall, I think its a cool effect.

and this one, the pp is actually from an ugly paper swap...but when teamed with the right pics and cardstock..its actually great pp!

Worked on my swap layouts...the journaling for one and made shrinkys for the other.
will take the journaling tags for stamping over the weekend. I had loaned out my black had to use Tsukinoko's Brilliante graphic black on the shrinkies...oh my!! when it was sooooo glittery! so, I used very muted colors to color it the glittery black would really show.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adriana's home!

"Adriana's home, YAY YAY YAY, Life is good again, the World makes sense again, cuz Adriana's home"...that's the song I was singing to Adriana last night at the airport.

Yesterday was pretty good...I got to pick up the kids and my li'l cupcake from the airport. But to be in Sacramento by 8pm..I left work at 4pm..stopped at the mega-Joanne's off of 8 mile Rd in Stockton and ALL Scrapbooking (except cricut and yudu) was 40% off. Spent an hour and $50 there...then went to the Ross next door.

Left there @6:30...went to Sac and stopped at the IHOP near the Arco Arena for, it was a leisurely drive avoiding rush hour traffic. Very nice,

and did I mention...ALL Scrapbooking at Joanne's 40%off!!!

I got the Tinkerbell stack (like Ashley's from the crop), a package of gel puff pens, some tinkerbell embellishments, photo transparancies, perfect medium pens, pad and refill... wish we had a Joanne's closer to home. (Modesto is the closest)

We are off this weekend, for a retreat with the church. I may bring small scrappin' finishing my swap pages...for the scheduled 'down' times. We'll see! I'm a li'l extra a li'l worried about my snoring. aye yi yi

poor mom...her Dodgers lost. she is very bummed this morning. but I'm not!! cuz my Adriana is home!! yay yay yay!!

when I came home @ midnight..I asked dh "What were you calling the kitten today". his answer, "Prince Albert"...aye yi yi..he is such a goof!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the 'other' sis and Texas family...

Nyki sent me this pic so I could have 'both' sister's and families on my blog.
The looking away is something J and Chris do....but dh and I had to laugh at Adriana and the dog looking at each other...teehee

well, I gues dh has kind of settled on a new name for the kitten.
He is now, Albert Murphy Einstein...yup. dh calls him Einstein...I call him Albert. He is going to be sooooooo confused!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

good weekend...

had fun cropping! got a lot, I hope to spend the morning working on the journaling for a few layouts and get some posted on the challenges I've been doing.

My canvas tied for first I got a set of foam alphabet stamps.
(It's of Adriana ... so I put it up in the kid's house)

We did an ugly paper challenge...I won a prize for bringing the ugliest was from DCWV's Downtown Loft stack. But Ashley won the contest for best use with my papers!! so there!!

Susan did not want to bring home her stack of she gave them to me...they will be Adriana's scrapbook training papers.

yesterday was pretty mellow...I took a loooooong morning nap, watched some Criminal Minds...and bugged the Texas family. My kids, all 4, ds, ddil, dd, dsil and my li'l cupcake went to visit both my sisters for the day. First Linda and Pierce; then Brenda and her family (don't ask why all could not get together)

Of course, my sisters think my kids are wonderful and li'l Adriana is adorable.
I am blessed, my kids chose great spouses and they are all simply 'good' people.
Wish I could have been there...cuz I am sure missing ALL of them!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

well, my face is red...

at the vet, I found out that our li'l Charlette, is a boy!!

so, Michael wants to stick with Charlie...but, dd has had a friend a girl named I still associate that with a girl.

how about Charles, or Chip.

but he is young enough to change it completely...always thought I'd like to name a future boy pet...Mr. Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice)

also like the name Finnegan (also from a book I've read)...

well, lets see....


yay! yay!
I've got 4 days this weekend, as I took Monday off also.

but each day has New Hope, then vet (little Charlette needs her kitten shots and we've got to plan her Spay appt) then packing....for tomorrow's...CROP!!!

Sunday - after church, its open...yay! Maybe I'll watch some of the movies on the dvr...or the episodes of NCIS LA. I've been taping them instead of watching, as I HAD to see Hell's Kitchen. I was pulling for Kevin, but am not unhappy about Dave.

Monday - find a place to get mom's flu shot, then clean the kids' tile floors. With the rainy weather and me going in and out of their house twice a day, the entry way needs some sprucing. and the laundry room (cat litter)

Tuesday - work

Weds - work then pick up kids! My li'l cupcake will be home!! (happy dance smiley face)

then, Friday I'll get to babysit her. Dad will be working and mom has a dr's appt!

soooo, things are looking busy, but good around here.

Crop...our group is getting together in Oakdale. there is a place owned by a gal named Karen, she has a seperate building on her property set up for croppin' and she sells basic supplies, cardstock and embellies. Most of our group is attending, except Gina, who thinks she should celebrate her anniversary with her husband. (silly girl)

I am lookin' soooooo forward to this!! Been packing bits and pieces all week. And yes, I'm going to take my Slice.

Oh, haven't talked about Charlette. She is honing her jumping skills. She hasn't made the top of cabinets or tv cabinet, yet. But she is up to counter tops...and light switches. Yes, too much fun. of course, Michael tells me "YOU should really teach her not to jump on the counters" Yes, he's decided HE doesn't want to be the 'bad guy', so it is up to me to discipline.

here she is on her 'condo'
as you can see, I bought one with a 'ramp' for the older cats..but so far, they have no interest. But, I think Percy LOVES it when she is up there..cuz when she is, she is not chasing him!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

hello, been a while...or it feels like it

got to spend my day with Adriana yesterday...she's traveling for the next 10 days...first Indiana then Texas to see family. I'm sure she is simply going to steal hearts. BUT I'm sure gonna miss her...and ds and ddil..

Right now, I even miss Charlette, she is visiting with her nephews..having a play date. So much fun for her...but miss her little presence. She's such a good companion, esp while scrapbooking..

Have a crop on Saturday...need to choose pics and stuff and get my act together for that also. there is a canvas challenge...really should work on that today...hmmmmmm

Thursday, October 8, 2009

not much, happening here...

just got my Scenic Route grab bags...oh wow, got some great papers. Almost want to go back for more....what do you think?

this week has been flying by. Wakeup, go to work, work, come home, watch a couple of shows...go sleep. No time for scrappin', bloggin'...pooey.

I did get caught up with P365 on Monday! waahoo! something accomplished.

this weekend is going to be busy..Saturday is 'booked'. A bbq, with very old friends, then dh is helping out at a fundraiser concert at church. Then NEXT Saturday is our crop. Our scrap group decided instead of the expense of going to Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento, we are going to crop locally instead.

My li'l cupcake is getting ready to travel. She and her family will be leaving Sunday night for 10 days...going to Indiana (I guess the other gma should get the chance to meet her)(hmmmmph)and then to Texas (to visit dd and dsil and my sisters)

I'm sure gonna miss them...I'll be having withdrawals, I'm sure. I've offered to babysit, ANYtime in the coming days...I'm simply gonna need my Adriana fix!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday night...

Good weekend so far. did accomplish some scrappin' swap (yay) and working on the Learn Something New...I've been finding quotes to go in my album.

Got to see Adriana this afternoon, of course, forgot my camera...but we had Nyki's!! Hopefully, she'll send the pics some funny ones.

took Charlette with me so she could have a play date with her nephews. Up and down, play, play...she was so tired. (nice to play with cats that don't growl and hiss at her) She was sleeping on the couch when it was time to leave..I was able to pick her up, without her moving from the sleep position. She only 'tensed' when she realized I was putting her in the carrier. She did not want to go home! and when she came home, she slept till 8 at night, just pooped. But don't worry, its almost 10pm and she is wide awake as I type, getting into everything she can find...siiiiigh.

Mom is in a better mood, the Dodgers finally won the game they need to 'clinch' the playoffs. teehee. It's been a lot of fun to tease her, actually.

okay, I'm starting to yawn...time for night-night. No work tomorrow, one of the minimum shop days, so tomorrow we are making a Wallyworld trip... have a bit of running around to do. Will stop by M's, want to get an album with my 40%off coupon. MAY have some portraits of Adriana. We'll see how that works out for Nyki.

Friday, October 2, 2009


doing the happy It's Friday dance.

gotta go to the church and cut checks, then its off for Pad Thai!!
I've also got Monday I plan to scrap, scrap and scrap.

my Texas swap is due soon, I have one more set. And gotta send my Ugly Papers today.

My back and knees have been achey, but I got on the treadmill anyways. Took it easy, but figured sitting on the couch is not gonna help, but building some strength would be a better idea.

leave ya'll with a pic, got the kitties one of those kitty videos...

she really seems to like the bugs and mice (last night she ran from another room, when the bugs came on) ...yuck!