Sunday, July 29, 2012


Mommachan, she loved receiving dh's gift of 80- $1 bills...just tickled pink.  This is the bedroom she did not leave.  siiiiigh
Here is Tadum, aka fuzzball, soooooo adorable!  Yes, that is a cast, she fell off a chair and broke her 'growth plate'.
 My ATC's for this month, and a 6x6 calendar swap

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just got back from Tejas, Houston that is

Got an opportunity to visit family in Texas!  I LOVE any chance I can get to go there!  This time it was Houston, for my mom's 80th birthday.  We planned a li'l celebration, me, my Uncle flew in from Reno...met with my ex bro-in-law and nephew and my sis and her family....Because mom does not want to go anywhere, we decided to eat in at her place.  She stayed in her room.  She does not like one of the guests, I won't say who, and hid in her room.  FINE, we went out to Escalantes instead (if you are ever in Houston, go to Escalantes for that white queso...and the chicken enchilada suiza...oooooooooh myyyyyyyyy.

The rest of the week was spent with my sis, scrappin', shoppin', eatin' and nappin'...a GREAT vacation.  Mom did stay in her room most of the days, but since I 'bunked' with her at night, that is when we had opportunity to visit.  She told me to 'shut up' so many times, I finally told her, "I've heard shut up more times this week than my entire marriage" (28 years)...aye yi yi...gotta love her.

Oh, my neice, Lexi just got a maltipoo.   I spent a lot of time spoiling her...her name is Tadum...but I called her fuzz-le-ball...or just fuzz-le.   My sis started to call her cotton ball.   BUT that is the most adorable dog I've ever run into...all 3 lbs of her...I seriously wanted to bring her home.  But dh would never let me, and my 11 year old cat Percy would not like it.  Heck, at 16 lbs, all Percy would need to do is sit on her.

I did finish 2 scrapbooks, my dgd's 2011 book and my dd's and dsil's album volume 1.  

I take so many pics of dgd, I've decided to limit my yearly books to a layout (or 2 page layout) per month.

Also worked on some ATC swaps and the 6x6 calendar swap.  Will post pics when I upload.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE visiting Houston!  My sis took me to her fave restarant Eurasia twice.  and we went to Cracker Barrel for chicken and dumplings, and of course had to have a Kolache and Whattaburger run.   My last night, I went to Beaudroux's for etouffee...and brought home boudain for me and dsil.   I do Love visiting Houston, but it does nothing good for my waistline!  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

making plans

It's Sat morning, and I have no 'plans'..nothing on my calendar, so hoping to make it a big day in the scraproom.  Lots going on in there, I have ATC's to make for the July Swap...been working on those calendar pages ...and need to design some 6x6 pages.  

Our church is/was having a fundraiser called rent a teen - I signed up but never got a call.  I was going to have the teen help me assemble the pages.  Oh well, I'll be working on that today.  So far I've printed the pics for Adriana's 2011 book and I think I'm going to take pics for dd and dsil's first book...another one I started but haven't finished.

ALSO, I leave for Houston next week, and my sis and I plan to scrap 'a lot'.  Sooo, I've been printing pics and need to pick out papers to take.  Good thing I fly Southwest, I can bring an extra suitcase for free.  ha!

We are also going to stop at the By Design scrapbook store in Clear I am flying into Hobby...I'm so excited (insert happy dance smilie) as it has been a looooooooooong time since I've been to an LSS.  All the LSS's closed around here.  So, I have the chain stores, Michael's, Joann's, Beverly's for scrapbook shopping...and I do a lot of online and I am in 2 kit clubs (to get the new stuff) BUT it will be wonderful to go to an LSS...siiiiiiigh.

ALSO, I need to scan old family photos for my sis.  After my grandmother passed, a cousin sent us the pics from her collection.  Many of them 'unidentified'...

like this, the only 'clue' I have is on the bottom of the matt is imprinted "New Castle Ind"  Don't know if this is my Dad's maternal or paternal...also could by my grandma's...she was a step-grandma, as my biological grandma died when I was 2 years old.

I guess that is one reason I scrapbook, so my kid's kids will know...and not have these 'cool' old pictures not knowing who the people were.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Last night we finished a li'l Bible Study that my friend, Janelle hosted at her house. A study on The Forgotten God by Francis Chan (excellent, by the way). My dd mentioned that at one point she had a P.I.P (personal improvement plan) I laughed a bit, because just saying something like this is soooooooo like her dad... BUT she did get me thinking.

When I was having weight loss success, it was when I was following a written plan and had the discipline to keep it up daily. In the beginning it was just writing success on the five small changes. No Soda, No sweets, No meat, 20 min exercise, water intake. Just seeing those NO's on a sheet of paper was inspiring in itself, that I could do this. One reason I've been on this plateau is I've lost that discipline. Just now going back to logging my calories on Spark in the morning. I find if I do this, I stick better to my planned food (oh, you're already at goal, cannot afford that treat)

 So, I have experience and success with the lifestyle change (weight loss) P.I.P

 So, what can be done for a Spiritual Growth P.I.P

 there is the obvious, more time in the word and praying...but how often do we as Christians say we are going to do that? It's like the book said, so many of us invite Christ to be a part of what we are doing instead of looking to be a part of what He is doing.(my take on the concept) Keep our lives comfortable but give us salvation....hmmm,

 And of course, there is the Christian dilemma "what does He want us to do with our lives" "what is the grand scheme?" and so many of us are 'waiting' to have it revealed to us....

 One of the questions last night was "What would you look like if the Spirit was working in you" (again, my words, not verbatim) I think I would be a friendlier person. I am so introverted and non-social...I think I want to look more like a Mimi or a Terry (women I know who exude a welcoming, loving, friendly Spirit) So, if that is what I think that is the change I would see, what are P.I.P steps?

 Yes, add daily Bible reading. After all, this is our 'fuel source' much like breakfast gets our metabolism buring.

Yes, Prayer time...lifting others up will give me God's heart for them Continue in a Bible Study, our Pastor just started a study on the book of Acts. So after a study being challenged to live in the Spirit, we have a study on the Spirit...yay! This will also get me out of the house and interacting with others...yikes...something I haven't done in a while.

 So, what is the 'step out of your comfort zone' goals for me, the P.I.P? Make it a point to just say hello to someone I don't know? To start conversations with co-workers? To ask the 'new guy' to move to our table at lunch? I guess instead of waiting for the big 'reveal'..I'll take these baby steps and see where the Spirit leads.

Ya'll  have a happy and safe 4th!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

got to craft!

this is the final card for the swap, actually finished them a while ago, just haven't upload pics... Got to do one of the progressive challenges on They are like a Simon Says for scrapbooking. I enjoy these, many of the steps are tutorials to learn new techniques and new ways to make your own embellies. I feel like these challenges stretch me.
oooh, my pic is sideways, but its not in my album...hmmmmmm lets see how this works. I also put together the first draft of my "May" for the calendar swap.
I have a new crafting rule, "If you think its done, what else can you add". As I find I am such a simple, hmmmmmm, what else? Today I may be babysitting the Boo. Looks like all the young adults may be joining my Bro in law in his boat one a lake...yay!!! Hope it works out!!