Tuesday, October 7, 2014

a 'mousy' day...

Yesterday we woke up to find a dead mouse on our door's mat.  Apparently Winston did his 'job' again.  We live in the country...in what could be called a sea of mice, so I do appreciate that if/when one does get into our home, we do have a cat who does not let them stay.  I hate all things 'mouse'.
well, except the cute ones on stamps and Mickey.  Luckily, this is only the 3rd or 4th mouse that we know of.

I went into the bathroom and found the 'scene of the crime'...our master bathtub.  See, I don't think Winston goes into it to kill , I think he plays with them...he likes to play 'mouse hockey' in the bathtub.  So I make Michael clean the tub.  (He used 'windex' because as he says 'windex' cleans 99% of all germs) guess he got that from the Big Fat Greek Wedding movie.. Oh, Michael's cat, and anything dead animal related is Michael's job to clean.

I spend the morning cleaning out the bathroom...and did extra wiping with clorox wipes and rinsing...in the tub.  @10 am I go to the  bathroom..and I hear an odd 'Winston' noise.  Winston rarely meows, but makes a motor rumble...I think, 'that sounds close, where is he?'   As I go to peek into the tub, Winston flings a mouse like a frisbee out of it...I scream...the mouse hits the wall next to the shower and runs and hides under Michael's sink.

Freak out, close the door that adjoins the bedroom...run to the phone to call Michael.  Of course, Michael says that's his good boy and I should give him (Winston) a treat.  OOOOOh my..

I end up putting a towel in the crack of the bathroom door, as I do not want the mouse running into my bedroom.  And  check on W and Mouse throughout the day.   I see it a couple of times, and move items to make it easier for W to get it.   Did this all day...till about 3:30.

My son calls. " would I like to babysit a while so he and dil can go on a 'dessert date'?"  "Yes!!,  would love to, but have not showered yet as W has a mouse and I'm afraid to go in my bathroom."

So I go in there and notice W is real interested in the robes I have hanging off a hook.  So I go and take down the top robe, and see Mouse hiding in the folds of the 2nd robe.  I start to show W the exposed mouse then thought..."this Mouse sure is enterprising and has a strong will to live.  I cannot be a part of his demise."

I went and got an old rubbermaid container, praying all the way to the bathroom.  "Lord, you know what I am going to do, please don't let the mouse touch me or run on my hand"  I was able to get mouse from robe to container without touching...oooooh my....and yes, I took it outside and set it free.   Now, I did tell it, "you are very intelligent with a strong will to live, I cannot guarantee you will do much better out here as we have owls and hawks, but here is your chance'

Now it was not injured, there were no blood smears...and it did run off when I opened the container.
a container that went directly into the trash.

after a couple of hours babysitting, I went home and cleaned the bathroom again (clorox wipes are my best friend) ...and threw away the robes and the towel on the hook next to it.

But I tell ya, I did not sleep well.   Whenever I heard W stirring, I startled.  At one point I thought I felt something run across my legs....why do we do that?

this is a pic of Winston, our troublemaker...his nicknames are "Kracken", "Tyranosauris Rex"...you get the idea.  Good thing he is so handsome.  and can be such a love.

I tell myself  this is part of the price of living in the country...but ooooh sooo creeped out, still.

Friday, September 26, 2014

a new project....and news I've been waiting to say...

My poor room...this is what is is looking like at this moment.  I was traveling last week and took a project, so I need to finish unpacking and putting away.   I will be traveling again this week, so I need to pack up that project as well.   siiiiiiiigh

This is what dgd and I are 'working' on right now.  I am making a month book using Prima doll stamps, she likes faces on them, so I bought a Peachy Keen stampset while in Reno last week...Scrapbook Paradise!!   Honestly, when dh said we were moving to Reno ...not any time soon, the Scrapbook Paradise store was a big reason to be excited.  

Monday, dgd came over and choose some backgrounds ...this is the one she chose for June...it is in progress....she chose a tiger stamp to be June's 'pet'..
 This is January, well, duh...she liked it, but said "I don't like the word"...I told her, We have to keep the word, that is what makes it 'educational'.   I am hoping to find  poems or something related to each month...or write something...
So, that is what is splayed all over my room right now...though the first pile in the corner is some of the project life album I am doing for dgd#2...Adriana's li'l sister.  So, guess I had better go in there and do some straightening...and playing.

oooooh, I can now make it official...as dd and son in law just posted it on their social media sites...grandbaby #3 is on his/her way!!
Li'l peanut!!!  happy, happy, happy dance!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

attempt at project life

Been trying to do project life for dgd#2's baby scrapbook.  I did 3 albums for dgd #1's so I thought maybe pl would help me keep it to one book...get more pics per page type of thing.

I like it , but it is harder for me...just not used to thinking project life way...and because I am a li'l ocd, it still ends up being like a 2 page layout...  gotta coordinate somewhat.

this is my very first page of the baby shower, used a half page on the left...

Still struggling...as you can see with the fairly blank row on the right side
 And this one, still have to think of what to do with the blank cards...
 And a couple are one side a regular scrapbook page the other side project life....this page took forever...trying to keep it themed and color coordintaed...somewhat.  Those 'chalkboard' cards were the 'tie' saver.
 The flip side of the previous page..still having blank pockets.  And did use touches of Kiwi Lane...
So I've been 'stalking' inspiration boards, blogs and youtube.   I'm excited to get back in there and try some things out.  (esp like the idea of turning a pocket into a 'shaker')

Of course, I've been 'shopping'   Amazon's sale is a bit too tempting.  Most of my cards have been from the FSOT board at the former 2 peas in a bucket.Where core kits are split...  Last week, I bought my first core kit, holy moly...there are a LOT of cards in a core kit.

Gotta get ready for Sunday School, after a 6 week break we are back to class.  Today, I'm taking it easy...not a huge lesson...and a game.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

do you ever feel....


that is how I am feeling now.

I don't know why...things are going good in my life, but I feel ....hmmm, like I am not focusing on what I need to be doing.  Does that make sense?

I've been reading "Made to Crave" by Lysa TerKeaurst.  Very good book.  But it does make you think.

There has been a LOT of travel the past month or so...a 10 day trip to Texas, this past weekend in Oregon...and tomorrow I leave for  a couple of days in Reno with dh.  The 'good' thing about Reno is I do nothing while dh works.  So, that will give me a day to reflect.  And maybe lose some of this scattered feeling.

What has me unsettled?  The news is bad...it seems like things are just falling apart...on all levels

Should I be doing anything?  Should I get involved?  What? How?

Work is okay for me...but a lot going on...

The family is okay... I sure do love those grandkids.  I have no complaints.  Just read some stuff my 'crazy' sister put on FB...that probably has a lot to do with this feeling.  I just don't understand her and the accusations she makes and puts out in public.

Church is a li'l weird too.  We just took 6 weeks off from Sunday school...just no volunteers to keep it going.  Supposed to start up on Sunday.  I think I'm going to take it 'easy'...let the kids catch up on their art journals..play a game.  

I do miss the animals we 'rescued' over the summer.  6 kittens, all found homes.  and one small dog, Molly, and thank God she also has a new home.  But, boy do I miss them.  There is a sadness for me that I cannot be a part of their forever lives.  Though I do get to see pics of one of the kittens, thru facebook and of Molly...as a coworker adopted her.

My health, got a fairly high fasting glucose reading...so trying to cut down the sugars/carbs and work out more.   It is hard.  I'm good in that I still don't have the obsessive thoughts about food.  And pretty much just eat when hungry.   Just wanna make sure I make the good choices.  So thankful I did the caffeine purge, as I did add a lot of sugar to my teas.

Well, looking forward to some time 'off' in Reno.  Am bringing a couple of projects, not scrapbooking, but tags for an exchange and my Prima doll stamps.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a few projects

Been a long time since I've posted anything crafty, but here are a few things I've been working on.

these cards from the Prima Paper Dolls...I just LOVE these, now the Octopus is not Prima, but is Kaisercraft.  I'm thinking of doing a book of months using my Prima dolls....you know costumes kinda seasonal or something.

 A simple card, the hot air balloon is Lawn Fawn...
 Finally finished my book about our 2013 cruise to the Carribean...LOVE the li'l mermaid stamp I buy them at the Expo,  they are called Anya stamps, I have her and an angel, from the Greeting Farm
 This is simple but I am proud of this layout...only 2 of the towel animals are actual pics, I managed to use some of the stickers from the scrappin' pack I bought on the ship!  and the word paper, and top strip is from the pack...so excited on the ship to find a pack...then bring it home and eww.
 This is a fave color combo these days, teal and brown...also proud...I had no idea what to do esp with the sign on the bottom..it was in Florida...then I thought well, make a 'sign'...and I had mom eat a couple of popsicles for the sticks (don't worry, I cut off the part that had food on it)
 More of the Prima mermaid and Octopus.   I think I've already made 3 projects with her.  Just LOVE her, and of course am pinning anything I can find with her.  Oh!  For this and the card, I used subtle pp for her hair...the darker came right out of the skin tone pack you can get with prima.
 I picked up this paperpack from Hobby Lobby in Houston, it is a DCWV...I think it is already becoming a fave...also used this on a lo about one of my dgd's.

I've also been working on some project life layouts.  Now those I find a bit hard.   Will post some later, If I am able to take pics without an annoying flash spot.  This weekend dgd and I will be working on Christmas tags for an exchange in my group.  

Yesterday, I learned that winkflash has closed,  I'm gonna need a new place to print my 'project' pics.  I have a home printer but that is not good for a huge group.  I guess I'll give our local CVS a try, think I just need to load a (oh, wow, the word escapes me) you know the li'l URL stick thingy.

  aye, yi, yi, time to shower 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

good news!!! well, for me...

During the month of August, I have been 'hovering' in the 192 thru 190's...gotta say it is still good that I don't have the obsessive self talk going in my head about food. (previous blog)  But just not enough changes to actually lose weight.  THEN, after my trip to Texas (to mom sit)...I went in for a fasting blood test.  Now, I am running late on that test by a few months, and when I arrived I was told the dr's order had expired (did not know they expire)...but the young lady at the desk said she could order a couple of tests as long as I was there..okay.

   Got the results and my glucose was 120 out of 125...and I'm thinking 'that sounds high".  So, I 'googled' it and yes, a fasting glucose of 120 is prediabetic.  Wha???
I let it stir in my head for a few days...and then I made changes.  

Restarted the 2 mile walk with my coworkers...I have been vigorously house cleaning (what is vigorous...doing the stuff that makes you sweat! floor scrubbing, dusting every knickknack)  Eating more salads (we are doing the mason jar salads you see on pinterest).  And avoiding sweets.  not 100% but the obvious sugary stuff...and tadaaaaa...did lose 3 lbs this week.  And that put me out of the 190's...finally.  

I am reading a book on Prediabetes.  Very interesting.  I LOVE soft white bread.  Did you know that during the digestive process it becomes sugar in your body?  Well, I did not.  There is one bread, Orowheat Italian that I can eat the whole loaf in a week's time. And I am the only one eating it.   So, guess I just cannot buy it any more.

Well, gonna keep researching and learning.  Went back to logging nutrition on Sparkpeople.  Little changes.

Well, I won't go into details about Texas, except to say it was tough.  And this time, mom did not like the vegetarian dishes I made for her.  She and my sis did  love the salmon and frittata.  (mom: 'what is that? it sounds mexican!') A  high spot, I bought some Hanafudu cards...its a Japanese card game, we played growing up.  AND she did enjoy that.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

so, a rant...guess this is a safe place

here is a facebook post by a young lady I know through church...

Dear neighbors,
I know it's after 2 a.m. and we are playing our music pretty loud. But we are celebrating my bro in laws 30th and in four hours my nephew who is in the army and has been in Afghanistan for ten months will return back to Afghanistan for a long time. Am I sorry? Not one bit. Thanks for understanding.

my response:..."wow, I could not disagree with this perspective more"

I hate and do not get involved in Facebook 'squabbles'...but this just burns my biscuits.

It is good that this family has something wonderful to celebrate.  BUT thinking this gives her the RIGHT to tell her neighbors "Am I sorry? Not one bit. Thanks for understanding" is just too immature and self centered for me.   What if the neighbor has a newborn?  What if the neighbor works a swing shift and that is his only time to sleep, What if the neighbor is a police officer who just came home from a 16 hour shift and has to wake up again in 4 hours to start a new one (and that has happened to my son). What if the neighbor has a mom with Altzheimers who loses it if she does not get to sleep by 7pm (and that has happened to me)

How dare this young woman think her celebration trumps the needs of her neighbors.   

Thankfully I do not live near her, cuz 'friend' or not, I would have called the police!

okay vent over.

Sunday is gonna prove to be a busy day...that is why I am up before 6.

Gotta set up the crockpot for dinner. then,

Church, I'm not teaching as a group of young men and women from Ambassador Soccer Camps will be doing our church services...and I did not want the 5th and 6th graders missing out.  

Switching cars with my son, as he is driving to Yosemite with a couple of the Soccer coaches.  He has been hosting Victor a young man from Brazil and Matt a young man from England.  My son drives a Hyundai commute car...I (recently) have something a li'l more comfortable for such a long trip.

Fremont, gonna drive to Fremont to deliver a kitty to an old friend of mine, Lori.  She is adopting one that, well, actually the above woman's husband posted on facebook....and Fremont is a little over an hour away...But it gives me an excuse to visit...it has been a good 20 years since I have seen Lori.  And, dgd, Adriana just may be going with me.

That means probably won't be home till early evening.

Still need to pack projects for Expo.  I leave on Thursday.  sooooooo excited.  I am actually working a booth!  I'm to work the Kiwi Lane booth on Friday...

Okay, get crockpot done, charge camera for the Yosemite group, worksheet for Sunday school, get off computer....and maybe squeeze in a bit of exercise before church.  

Saturday, August 2, 2014

update on a 'few thoughts'

That was a 'heavy' post for me, not comfortable putting so much 'out there'.  But this has been an amazing week and I really want to share it, though I may not have the right  'words'.

For some reason, I am not accessing comments on the blog...finally found one that someone told me 'disappeared'.  I'm not ignoring any comments...just haven't figured that out.

But thanks to those who have commented...here and on my facebook.  Your words and encouragement have meant sooooo much to me.

So after the rather heavy thoughts and reflections in the blog, and the comments by my sisters in Christ...I went to church with the kids on Saturday night.  The pastor did a sermon on Mary, mother of Jesus and concentrated on the announcement and her response.  So, at the end of the sermon he asked us to pray as she did "I am your servant, Lord.  May everything You say about me come true! Amen!"...and I could not do it.  I could not say those words out loud.  I was "I am your...mmmuumobmmmnnn?"

I came home and really thought about it, Why was I so uncomfortable about saying it.  I LOVE God, He is my Savior, I do think of Him as Lord...but why was submitting with words so uncomfortable?
Really examined my heart...and then started saying the prayer.  Wake up in the morning and saying it...to mean it...and the first day was 'awkward'...but  there was a change.

My 'head' was quiet.  Gone were the obsessive conversations in there, esp about food.  I ate because I was hungry.  I mean I'd be going along with my day, then my tummy would growl, and I would think "oh, I'm hungry, time to eat"...Now for some of you, you'll be thinking, "so?  That is how it works", but not for me, not for a lot of years.

This week... Monday, there was a cake for sharing in the office...I walked by it without being even tempted for a slice...I had breakfast and just was not hungry for cake.  (the old me would have at least saved a slice for later)

Chris asked if I wanted to go to Togos for lunch one of the days I was off.  I said no, it just sounded like it was way too much.

Yesterday, we went to Rockhouse Grill in Livermore for lunch.  I let Cierra pick our burger and we shared it...it was sooooo yummy.  When I finished I wished I had a full one...and then it happened...I started to feel full.  and was thankful I only had half.  Now, again some of you are thinking 'that is normal'  all I can say it hasn't been for me...noticing my body's cues about being full and satisfied has not happened for years.

I only exercised twice this week, been a busy after work schedule...but weighed this morning to 3lbs gone!

Are all temptations gone?  No, I was watching an episode of The Shift and when the guy was eating a donut...the old thoughts came back.  That donut looked soooooo goooood.  But I recognized what the thoughts were and was never tempted to go buy one.   AND Cierra reminded me of what Michael and I do with thoughts like that...we have a tradition of acting out physically taking 'arrows' out of our head and breaking them and giving them back to Satan.  (yeah, we look pretty silly, but it is effective for us)

Was every choice perfect?  Nooooooo, we had Chinese food Thursday night.  And I ate too many cream cheese wontons...but did not keep eating and stopped myself at 'full'.

I feel free, I don't know how else to put it...It isn't just pounds...but a tremendous weight is off me.  I do feel like a new person.  I've been a Christian for almost 30 years...and I am just now discovering this?  Did I need to come to this point in my walk to finally 'get it'...or am I just slow to understand?

Anyways, exciting week for me.   The 'prayer' works in other areas also.  But I won't go into that here.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

finally posting some disney layouts

Finally took a few pics of disney layouts... this is a trip for dgd's 5th birthday that the kids took.  I finished the book and asked Adriana, 'do you want the book at your house? or my house?"  She told me, "I know you miss me a lot, so you can have the book at your house"  We did buy a 'disney' 8x8 album and we will create layouts (together) for HER book.  

this layout uses one of the backgrounds from the CTMH artbooking cartridge.  I can see this cartridge becoming a 'staple' in my scrapbooking.

psssst, finally used one of the fox wood veneers from freckled fawn...kids recently went to Yosemite, so maybe I will use the rest.   Oh!  Jason is planning a Yosemite trip that I can go to.  Adriana asked me "How are you going to go on the long hike?"   I told her, "We will need your wagon and you can push me"... ..."Grammy!  you are too old for my wagon!"...well, I guess Grammy had better work out and build some endurance...and get some good shoes for hiking.  
 Do you remember the Stampin Up shimmery inks...this is in platinum...a li'l hard to catch in a photograph...

 Don't you love this pp...I can't remember the maker...BUT the kids (C and Chris) are going to a country wedding next month...the bride posted a pic on facebook of herself cutting down a log with a chainsaw for her decor...I am looking forward to using more of these for those pages.  
My 'normal' formula is printed paper, cardstock matting and a small amount of embellies, so I challenged myself to do a layout without printed paper.  This is a very basic layout, but love how the colors work...just cardstock with touches of pink.

And I recently got to do a li'l shopping at Scrapbook Paradise in Reno...just love these colors...but had to restrain myself, I have sooooo much .  I am drawn to 'summer' type paper collections.  Don't you love that top paper, it is Bo Bunny...

During that Reno trip I also worked on 3 more of the Prima paperdolls...including the mermaid.  I seem to be in a mermaid phase these days also.   Mermaids and Fairies...whenever I find stamps with them...I pick it up.
I will get some pics.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

a few thoughts...

As ya'll know, I've been trying to lose weight.  At my highest I was 215lbs.  Then in November 2009, started a serious lifestyle change with the help of Sparkpeople and with it lost a little over 40lbs.  Then went on a plateau....while facing a hysterectomy...and had the fears of regaining the weight and then some after surgery, I went on Jenny Craig.   Was that 2011?    With Jenny lost @12 more lbs...putting me at a 50lb weight loss.

Then regained that 10...then another 10....and I've been on Jenny...but not strict.   And I find myself back in the 190's.   Yesterday, 195....soooooo, what do I need to do?   How do I get it back in my head to DO the changes I know I need and not just KNOW the changes.

I would say in 2014, I've really been looking/noting what is going on in my 'head' that leads to the eating/sedentary lifestyle.  Why?  What am I telling myself?   So, I've been more diligent about that self talk.
At least trying to notice it, so I can stop myself.

And there is a LOT of self talking in there.  Just recently, Svensons danishes were on sale at Savemart...ooooooh, I really wanted them.  Not just one, but one of every flavor...so the mind is telling me "So if you get those where can you hide them?"... then I caught myself and told myself, "If you have to hide them, they are not worth getting'...and I walked on by.  Thursday at work I was tempted to have a pepsi, I'm standing in front of the vending machine with quarters ready....then I thought of the caffeine detox I just did...did I really want to throw that away?  And , I got water instead.

I have been reading "Reshape Your Life" by Candace Cameron Bure.  And as a Christian, I have struggled with seeing my overeating as sin.   In the back of my mind, I can think of the many reasons why it could be considered sin.  and I've had discussions with Cierra and Nicole about it.

- destroying the Holy Spirit's temple
- sin of glutteny and sloth  (yes, I can be real lazy, esp in front of the tv)

How I can hurt others
- dying early or getting a disease that my kids are going to have the responsibility of caring for me as I age
-setting a bad example, esp have my grandkids be as obsessed about foods and sweets

I don't really eat for emotion...I feel something and grab the __________ to make it better.  So I don't think it is emotional or stress eating.  In the past it was 'geographic'...you know, I am shopping at Tracy Walmart so I stop at the Weinerschnitzel and get a corn dog and soft serve.  THAT was a habit I could get a hold of and break.  (happy to say that now days, I do not even like the taste of fastfood and it is no longer even a temptation)

But I do have a lack of self control, I find that if I get the thought that I want something, I usually get it.

In the book, the author says something to the effect that if you consider this a moral issue not a spiritual issue, you will  continue to try to control it with your actions.  If you see it as a spiritual issue, you will bring it before God and repent...not an exact quote but something along those lines.

So, the question has always been, Why do you want to lose the weight.  answer, to be healthier and to be able to wear cute clothes.   But is that really enough?

Is there something essential I am missing because I have not invited God to point out my sin?  To bring me to the place of repentance?

I remember when I struggled with people I had issues with, some of ya'll might know of the famous neighbor feud on Pitscottie , God directed me to take those angry thoughts and use them as a reminder to pray for that person.  And it helped.

Where do I go from here?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Caffeine detox and 2 Peas withdrawal.

Interesting week.   After a day of overdoing the caffeine, and thinking I was going to have a heart attack.  I decided to go on a 'detox'.  Yesterday was the day with NO caffeine - whoa... the headaches.  I could not decide if blood was going to spurt out of my head or if my skull was simply going to fall off my shoulders.  Then by evening, after a tiff with dh, I started to get TMJ, you know that head/body ache from clenching your jaw so you won't say what you are really thinking?  The nausea wasn't too bad, I felt it more this morning.

So day 2, for a week I am allowed to have half my regular amounts of caffeine, then that gets cut in half next week and by week 3, I should be off.

So, this morn I made myself a very weak cup of tea...with lots of milk...and did not even finish it.  Gotta say, even before the tea, I did feel better.  Headache this morn was limited to my right temple w/ a li'l of the tmj feeling.

AND 2 peas is closing, the boards were just shut down.  2 peas was my 'guilty pleasure'.  I was not real active, and yes, there were some 'mean girls' over there (I had put most of the name callers on ignore)...but I will miss the boards and gallery.

Their scrapbooking gallery was awesome...wonder if I can 'pin' some of my old favorites.  And the scrapbooking discussions really kept me 'on top' of what was new in the hobby.  I got my cutterpillar pro after it was discussed on the boards (and I still LOVE it)

But even the political threads could be 'enlightening'...those that could articulate without the name calling really helped me to see the perspective of the 'other side'.   And I think discussions like that help to de-polarize...helped us to see the humanity of those wrong headed others...I am going to miss that.  Even the religion threads were that way.  I just loved MoveableFeast and her ability to articulate the Christian Faith.

And despite the aisle you were politically, I could see genuine compassion for those who were hurting.

 And the discussions about fun stuff...tv shows, the weekly book thread (got lots of reading ideas from that), threads with puppies/kitties....  Yeah, I'm gonna miss that board.

But when shipping got astronomical, I was one who stopped shopping.  And you could see the lack of product, so kinda knew this was coming.

Hopefully with a decrease in headaches, I can get in my scraproom today.   Just a couple more layouts and finishing the cover I will be done with the Disney book....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

cards! and plans for my next visit to TX

I got to make some cards during the retreat,
and guess what, I actually used them!    The top left was a card I made my sis, the top right part of a 'swap', bottom left b-day card for ddil...and bottom right anniversary card for dd and dsil.  The prima doll card was sent to a gal who needs a li'l encouragement.  

Can I just say, I love these Prima dolls...I have quite a few, and yesterday I bought 3 more.  They are the only reason I started buying 6x6 pads...so the patterns would be good for their clothes.  

I started a new book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body" by Dr. Daniel Amen...don't see anything new about living a healthy lifestyle.  But gotta say it adds new motivation for just doing it.  Well, what is 'new' is his recommendations for supplements that target where your wrong thinking just may be.  I am one who does question the Dr's science...seems a little subjective...and the book does have a li'l bit of a selling focus.  BUT it is motivating me to keep/make/maintain the lifestyle changes that I KNOW work.  And to stop the slide back to the bad habits/foods/emotions that bring me down.

I took the day off from work.  Toward the end of the month, just not much for me to do...it picks up at the first of the month.  BUT I am going to Tx to 'mom' sit, so that will throw the 'close' off.  (I do accounting) 

ANYways, inspired by this book, I've decided to take the days in Texas to concentrate on vegetarian meals.  Looks like that would be good for mom and her Altzheimer's also.   When I went in March, I made her smoothies every morning.  She hated them.  She told me, 'what is this ookey stuff!"...so, we will see how she responds to vegetarian meals.     When I first started my lifestyle change in 2009, I went without meat for 2 weeks, and I do remember I felt great!  If it were up to me and dd, we probably would be primarily vegetarian or pescatarian...but, we married carnivores who are against it.

so, what shall I do with my day off?  Can play in my scraproom...do need to plan for Sunday School...orrrr, make a Hobby Lobby and Burlington run.  DH does want me to buy some new clothes...hmmmmmmmm

Will take pics of a some of the Disney layouts I did at the retreat.   Disney is such a fun book to do!

Ooooh, cuz this house is in 'kitten' mode, here is a pic I took last night.  sooo much fun, sooo hard to get a pic...soooo adorable!

Monday, May 26, 2014

a new priority...

For the past month, yes it was 4 weeks to this day, my life has been pretty much centered around...


While horseback riding, DH found these kittens which had been dumped right off our road.
We live off a one way road, so the side is often used so oncoming cars can pass thru...so, we consider it real lucky that these kittens were not smushed.  Also, we have packs of dogs, hawks, coyotes...they would not have made it.  Dh admits, he debated letting me know...but he did and I went back with a box and picked them up.  He knew, that I would LOVE nuturing them...but also knows that letting go will be real hard for me.   There were 6, but my neighbor took 2...so that leaves me 4.  They were @ 2 to 3 weeks old when dh found them..so it did start out with bottle feedings.   And the first weekend was hard!  This is my first time bottle feeding kittens!   BUT we got through it, and we had flea baths that took over 4 hours on the 2nd day...thank God for dd...crazy. 

Up till last week I've had a kitten sitter while at work.  She has been invaluable...as she has done this before and can give me tips on the process.  They are now eating dry food, drinking some water...use their boxes and I am down to 2 feedings (no bottles) per day.  ALMOST at a 12 hour schedule, so they can stay home while I go to work...siiiiiiiiigh. 

4 weeks later and they are the most adorable kitties ever.  No, I'm not biased.   They are so playful, have their own fun personalities...and yes, I love them all.  I do have them signed up with a rescue, and in a couple more weeks they will be fixed and ready for adoption.   

I posted 4 pics cuz I wanted ya'll to see how HARD it is to get a group shot of these babies...omg...all those cartoons about people trying to herd kittens...yup.  

They have like 3 to 4 names each, yup, We started out with 6 kittens...so we gave them Stark kids names from Game of Thrones.   Then down to 4...then found out we had a couple of genders wrong...so, we chose a couple more Game of Thrones names.  BUT d-son in law, thinks the GOT names are stupid, so he gave them "Oklahoma" style cat names, names I call their 'Country Bumpkin' names...then dd decided we should do Hunger Game names...and I've given them names that I think fit their personalities...oh, and dgd has also chimed in...siiiigh....

This is our only girl...her original GOT name was Bran..but oops, she's a girl, so we changed it to Ygritte (after the wildling girl, cuz let's face it, this little girl is not one for tea and crumpets).  She is a very active little girl, but always the first to approach me when I enter the room for loves.  Her Country Bumpkin (CB) name is Scampy, Her Hunger Games (HG) name is Katniss...My name for her is Callie and dgd has chosen Lacey.
(of course I call her Callie)

This is our sealpoint boy, he is a little love...His original GOT name was Sansa, cuz he was so gentle during the bottle feedings.  but oops, he's a boy, so it got changed to Rheagar (the silver Targaryan with violet eyes)...CB name is Waffles, HG is Peeta, but I am calling him Oliver...and dgd calls him Tom-Tom

This is our big boy...He was the least affectionate, but I have made a point of giving him loves and now he does approach me and gives me 'motor' purrs.  He is a very active boy (even the kitten sitter called him 'the wild one')...GOT name is King Robb...when we first got them, he would pace the container we had them in...and 'make speeches'...very vocal.   CB name is Boo-Kitty, HG is Finnick...My name is Arnold (yes after Schwarzennegar...cuz when one of his brothers was misbehaving ...being possessive over a toy...Arnold leapt in and took care of business)  

This is my little cuddle bug, from the beginning when bottle feeding he would make eye contact and melt in my arms.  His GOT name is Rickon, CB is Bandana, HG is Haymitch...but mine is Arthur.  Because, I have a Winston and a Percy and IF I got to keep him, I think Arthur would fit right in.

BUT as of now, there is NO sign that DH is going to let me keep any of them.  To be honest, I love them all, and if he said okay to me keeping one, I would keep the one that does not get adopted.  

So, this has been my days for the past month.  I LOVE every moment of it, but it is driving dh a li'l crazy, he cannot wait till it is done and they have homes.  

I also got to go to a Crop Retreat on Mother's Day weekend. You should have seen the mad scramble to get kitten care...but with the help of a scrapbooking friend and her church, it happened.  But the retreat is for another post, another day.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fit to Win group, let's see if it helps any

Fit to Win is a group I am joining today.  This is their 2nd round, there is a $10 buy in...and if you gain weight during the time period...a $1 per lb pound.  The stakes are divided by the top 2 winners (loss of lbs by %) at the end.  This one will go till May 2nd.

I was a li'l nervous about joining.  AS I am traveling to Houston next week...and those trips don't tend to be good for weight loss (too many good restaurants I don't have out here in the CA boonies).   But perhaps this will provide an incentive not to eat my way thru Houston...ha!!

This week I kinda lost my 'eye of the tiger" I had last week.  Too many 'over-calorie' days ...siiiigh
But no gain.   hmmmmmmm.    

need a plan, need a plan, neeeeeeeeed a plan.  

I have been finding healthy foods here on Spark and putting them  into next week's tracker, then I hope to 'use the create a shopping list' feature. ...  and stick to it.  

I hope to find healthy foods good for my mom's diabetes...and that she will like, cuz my mom is soooooo small and skinny.   She needs a li'l weight, I need to lose.  So planning that balance has been a, well, difficult.

A friend, who was diagnosed with pre-diabetes told me NO STARCH!  But, my mom is Japanese...no starch, no rice?   YIKES!

my sis has a wii, so that will be exercise.  I can do short walks with my mom...but she is very old (81) and does not have much strength...at least for a brisk mile walk in Houston humidity.

aye.  yi. yi.

My sis is finding signs on the internet that she is being stalked by the awful family member.  Guess we all have one of those don't we, the one who circles like a vulture looking for any vulnerability she thinks she can profit from.  siiiiiiiigh.

oh well, today is not about family drama... I get to go to the kids' house and see the grandbabies.

But I did get a Winkflash order in so I will be scrapbooking .... and Saturday is Pleasanton Expo...and a couple of friends and I are going.  So far, we are riding together (we can split the parking fee)...sooooo looking forward to checking it out.   WISH I was cropping, but that is okay.  We have the crop in May...a cabin rental...with 12 crafting gals.  (happy dance, happy dance)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

had a good day yesterday...and some generational baby pics

Gotta admit, been getting discouraged with dgd #2 (4 months old)....she has not seemed to warm to me.  Usually when I hold her, she cries .... I just can't get her preferred 'football hold' correct.  I LOVE her, but the last time I had her for an hour, gotta admit, I did end up with earplugs.   (my ears were ringing...ringing, I tell ya)

So, when I was approached about spending yesterday, Fri morning with her, I was a li'l concerned.  Mom had volunteered to be a part of a police dept training (think she played 'hostage') and was up till 4am or so.
And we were hoping to give her a chance to sleep.

So, arrive 7 am...dgd #2 is still sleeping.   Take big sis to school, come back and dgd #2 (Kyleigh)....wakes up a li'l before 8:30...mom feeds her and then gives her to me, "while she is still happy".   We pack up the stroller and go for a walk.  To Walmart, as Catching Fire is released...and then took the long way home.   All I can say, is we had such a good day.  I learned that she is ticklish and laughs when you give her belly zerbits...and we took a load of pics...and she fell asleep in my arms while we had P.S I Love You on.   (I think she likes Gerard Butler)

Anyways, I was a li'l sad when the morning was over.  But never sad to pick up her big sis from preschool.

 Oh!! here is a pic of Adriana @ the same age......
And here is their daddy.... a definite family resemblance...ha!!!

And here is Auntie C.C.....hey, at least I did not do barebottom blankie pics...ha!!!!!

wish I had pics of Nyki at this age...cuz she would not be 'safe'....

Sunday, February 23, 2014


remember that old saying?  WWJD, what would Jesus do?   In our Sunday school, the kids and I have been talking about God's love.  We started with an agape love, a story about John T Ferrier, who sacrificed his life...it is in Night Light a devotion I am doing.   Then we talked about Loving your Neighbor as YOURSELF, loving your enemies, that love is a verb (1st Corinthians)...and last week talked a little bit about what loving our brothers and sisters in Christ. And it came up that...

"For a Christian, love is a person.  Love is Jesus of Nazareth.  If you want to know what love is, look at what Jesus did, what Jesus said, and what Jesus refused to do, and you'll know how love works and how it doesn't.  Take your life and set it u next to Jesus's life:  How does my life compare to the life of Jesus of Nazareth?  Do I get mad at the things Jesus got mad at?  Do I weep at the things Jesus wept over? If you want to know what love is, Jesus is it"  from The Jesus of Suburbia by Mike Erre...(as I read this section, I was thinking ...why am I not reading this book?.. My dd went to Mike's church and got this for me years ago)

So, I asked the kids to spend the week looking thru the book of John and noting what Jesus did and said.


And I sit here Sunday morning wondering what I am going to 'teach' ... wha,wha,wha....uhhhh (yes, that is the sound of a brain sputtering and overloading)

okay, let's break it down.

there were  a lot of miracles and healings and prophesies  that I don't think we can do.

but there was humility and serving...can you imagine my bringing foot washing stuff to class?

there was forgiving of sins and redeeming sinners...the story of the adulterous woman and the woman at the well...and speaking of woman at the well, how about talking to those who are looked down upon.

not only Samaritans, but children....

He always spoke the truth, even when it would 'cost' him.

obedience to the will of the Father, time taken in prayer...

can ya'll think of anything else??

Saturday, February 22, 2014

gotta make the changes

Just got back from a 2.5 day trip to Reno.  Came home a touch sick, intestinal disturbances...yikes.  I'm simply not healthy in that dept.   Go from one extreme to the other.   I just slept after getting home last night, and skipped dinner.

I know when I was on a healthy eating plan thru Sparkpeople, I did not have these issues and know that it is my body saying "What the Hell are you doing?".   But, I just wanna.  I just wanna eat the things I love and taste good to me.  I know, I know...

Did get to scrapbook in the hotel room one of the days.  Got quite a bit done of Adriana's 2013 book...but need to embellish.   Could not pack a lot, so quite a bit still needs to be done.

Sometimes, I kinda get ...hmmmm, not tired...but, uninspired.  Sometimes, I feel like all there is ...is a vertical or horizontal layout of pics and papers.   Do you ever get that way?   Guess its time to spice things up and try something different.  

any ideas?

In the effort to get my lifestyle change going again, I am trying to spend more time on Sparkpeople.  I guess for a while, I'll need to give up my screen time on 2 Peas and go to Spark.   I joined a reading challenge on Sparkpeople's bookworms' group.  Plan out 12 books to read this year,  Never preplanned a book reading list...just usually grabbed what interested me as I went.  I have sooooooooo many books in my 'to be read' piles in my closet.  and the sad thing, I have even bought more this month.  siiiiiiiiiigh.

I did re-read Jesus Freaks by DC Talk and Voice of the Martyrs while traveling.   Wow.  Soooo inspirational, how bravely and with love and joy the martyrs met their deaths/torture for being Christians.  And it goes on today.   It really makes you think.

Okay, gotta unpack the scrap stuff, embellish those pages and put them in the book.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

siiigh, family...

Feb so far has been, well, same old same old and dull...pretty much the same daily routine.

 BUT a few things ... huge discussions about attending the wedding of a family member's stepdaughter.  Half the family is going, the other half not.  There is an interesting twist, that I cannot discuss online.  Some of the non attenders cannot deal with the twist and won't.  Some are going to be out of town, and some not interested in attending, twist or not.    The discussions aren't bad, angry or anything...and actually kind of good, as I believe that when you have to defend your point of view, it really makes you think about your point of view.  Esp in what is a controversial family issue.

FIL went in for surgery a couple of days ago, and recovery  is not as good as hoped for.  He is still at the hospital. (though progressing in a good manner) Another something that makes you 'think'...of potential loss and what is important in our lives.  What does it come down to?  This was esp hard on dh as he loves his parents, and though his mind knows goodbye is possible...it is still hard for him to accept.

Travel and trips are coming up and being planned.   If FIL recuperates in time, at the end of the month is a family reunion in Utah.  DH is planning to go.  I'm not, I get to go to the Endodentist to have my infection over my root canal taken care of...BUT there is a trip to Houston for me mid-March.

With my mom in the state she is in (Alzheimer's) , my sis is taking care of her...but I try to get down there and "relieve" her as much as possible.  So far, Mid-March, (her dds' spring break, so they can get away if possible)...Late May (her dd graduates)...just want to be available so sis does not have to miss out on these events.

Beginning May, DH is putting together a fisherman's retreat for the church guys at Hume Lake, then Mother's Day I am off for my own retreat (crop)...whoot whoot.  Wow, May is gonna be busy.

AND, dh and I are looking at a potential move for his business.  Dsil (son in law, here) is graduating from his Master's program in Nov...and going to move back to Texas quickly after. (siiigh, lucky kids, wish we were going to Tx)    2014 promises to be crazy.. busy... all the above.

Oh and over the weekend I did finish 2 books...nice, easy quick reads.

Now, IF only I could go into the craft room to do my scrapbooking, instead of only going in there to plan a Sunday School craft...siiiiigh.   Speaking of Sunday School, good news there.  With our potential move, we have been looking for a potential candidate to take the class.  Tweens are a tough age to find volunteers for, it takes a special person to work with them. I kinda think it has to be a grandparent, someone who has BTDT, you know, who understands this is a phase...  BUT we do have one ( a great guy) who is interested...and another who may like to move from the younger kids...  yay!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wasn't I supposed to....

Stop buying book?  yeah, that worked out.
These are the books I have bought so far in 2014.

Amazon's recommend feature is just wrong...they know what I like...and siiiiiiigh...

here is my pile of to be read...yes, there is another pile behind the first one..

and how many books did I read in January?   Well, started 2...finished... none.

I'm off today, which means I will be doing the grocery shopping, litter boxes, laundry
and going to the bank.  Hope to scrapbook also.

but, dh is home from work.  Sooooooo, it is not going to feel like a day off.  You know whatI mean?   already I've been having to listen to cable news....I hate that stuff.  The samestories over and over again.   Depressing.   If he wasn't home, the tv would be on musicor ID tv.  oh well. 

I've got my 2013 receipts out, need to organize for taxes.  BUT I REFUSE to do that today.  Today is supposed to be my day off.  (stamping foot).   

Sunday school was a little awful yesterday.  It went long and I had 5 boys and they gota bit out of control.  I ended up telling them that they were getting out of control, and that they could go join their families downstairs.   A couple stayed and helped me clean, then ran the upstairs halls till Fred told them to stop. A couple did go to their dad, saw them leave early.
And a couple went to the main classroom with the little kids, know this cuz that is where I went
after loading up my car...to hang out with Adriana.

Gotta rethink this class.  Do need help.  

Speaking of Adriana, while doing the craft with the kids, I cut my finger on my paper cutter.Now it wasn't bleeding when I showed it to Adriana, but here is what transpired...shewas sitting on my knee, watching the Veggie Tale video...

Me:  "I cut my finger"
Adriana:   "Well, don't get it on my new tights!!"

now, isn't a grandbaby supposed to say, Poor Grammy, let me kiss it better...NOOOOO not my boo, now when we got home after church, she did help me put a bandaid on it  (A Doc McStuffins bandaid.)


Saturday, January 18, 2014

just a li'l recap ...

Nothing important to say,  worked all week...well, Tues thru Thurs...though Monday was a busy day of

7 loads of laundry, 5 thank you cards, 2 cat boxes ...and one load of dishes and dinner cooked. (sand in the tune of the 12 days of Christmas)

  So, gotta say, my day 'off' ain't really a day off.  But you moms know that.  We only wish we could sit on the couch, watch soap operas and eat bon bons.

We have company, Son in law's sis and her fiance are visiting from the wilds of Oklahoma.  Yesterday they went to Yosemite and made it official...they got engaged.  (funny story, after she said yes, she hugged him, hit the hand the ring was in and yes, it started rolling down the mountain top....don't worry they got it, and we got a great laugh)

All the kids took of for the City (out here that means San Francisco), so Mjm and I had the house to ourselves.   just one load of laundry and dishes and scrapbooking!!  whoot whoooot.   Mjm got a nap in, and after we watched Red 2...I don't know why, but I love these movies.  I loved the 80's action movies, so these new ones with the old guys...what can I say.  When Chuck Norris showed up in Expendables 2, my heart started bumpity bumping.   siiiiigh

Well, have Sunday School to teach tomorrow morning.  Going over I Corinthians 13 a bit...then going to work on an altered canvas.   Then the afternoon, the 49er playoffs at the kids house.  Don't worry dil says she will set up Netflix in the game room for me and the non football fans.  Siiiiiigh, can't wait for the season to be over...though son in law is planning the Superbowl party to be here.   and has already said I cannot rent a hotel room for the day.  pooey

Sunday, January 12, 2014

yesterday's shopping and cropping...well, kinda

I did get to go to Hobby Lobby and Michaels armed with coupons and did pick up Project Life supplies, well, sortof Project Life.   I ended up getting an American Crafts album (the blue with stitching) and ...I just went blank...is it We R Memory Keepers refills...cuz the package had more variety.  I was worried if the mix would fit...but they do fit in the binder album.

and of course, Hobby Lobby had 50% off paperpacks ...so I picked up a couple more.  siiiiiigh
paperpacks is just one of my scrapping addictions.  Always telling myself no more...

Then I did go to the crop, but forgot my paper cutter....did make these 2 Prima Paper dolls...one for me and one for dgd  (she picked the one in the flower dress)...and I made a few stamped images to make cards with.. 

Still enjoyed hanging out with the girls, but siiiiiiigh, NO paper cutter?  

Today after church, the kids came over to watch the 49ers game.  We live in Central CA...so this is basically 49er or Raider country.  Well, we are a 49er house...But with the Okie addition to the family he is a Bronco fan...So,   we had our Bronco
and our 49er contingent.... (yes, those are Bronco jersies on the dogs, too)

They tell dgd Adriana to make a face like "Harbough" and this is what she did...

When I saw dgd Kyleigh in this onesie, I told her "don't worry, soon you'll be old enough tell tell Daddy 'no'!!"

too much fun, can't WAIT till football is done...siiiiiigh.