Sunday, October 19, 2008


got a couple of minutes!
Florence was absolutely gorgeous!

but we were there on a Sunday, so could not see the inside of the cathedrals. But the outsides were stunning.

We went to the Academia, and saw the David. No cameras allowed...but it was gorgeous! And to the Ponte Vecchio, the gold bridge, and though crowded it was great.

I took lots of pics of people, seriously, I felt like I was in the middle of Europe Vogue...gotta do a "fashion" page for the scrapbook. I got a simply gorgeous pic of a couple kissing...they looked so 'cosmopolitin'. Also got pics of gypsys and the black market this day was spent, not only looking up at the buildings, but trying to capture people.

So, Monday, is Sorrento and Pompeii...the Napoli Coastline.
Am expecting some wonderful pictures today.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Roma is Bella!!

Well, I absolutely LOVE Rome! Yes, it is busy and chaotic...but oh!! I love the archeticture and history. The little things! Our hotel was near the "Fontina de Trevi"..and overlooked one of the busy Piazza's. Sat morning, Michele and I woke up @4am..and had the lit fountain to ourselves!! It was great.+

We walked, and walked and walked. There is so much we could not do in one day, and I definately want to go back.

Today was Nice, France, Monaco, and Monte Carlo! the French Riviera!!
Talk about a beautiful place, the scenery is beyond words. But honestly, not a place I want to come back to...I just found it a bit too pretentious. ( a sprite cost 5 euros!!) (I was real thirsty!)

I've already taken over 100 pictures, good thing I got a 4mb card!! But the ship does offer putting your pictures on disc...I may use that one!

Tomorrow, is Florence!
Good Night!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is it...

Today is my last day home, I don't actually get on an airplane till Thurs morning, but am heading to Michele's for the afternoon/night. Getting very excited. But a lot to do (still not packed) YIKES!!

So, Bon Voyage ya'll!!

Here is a link to the Grand Princess Bridge Cam

Monday, October 13, 2008

am I forgetting anything?

despite the lists Michele has given me, I can't get rid of the feeling that I am going to forget something.

I want to bring books, knowing we have long travel days, but I don't want to take up space in my carry on. What if? What if? aye yi yi. What am I going to forget?

I've even had the thought, What if there is a flood while I'm gone...will dh save my scrap room?

Anyone else do this before a long trip? What is wrong with me? Don't get me wrong, there is excitement also...but........yikes!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My new computer system, area is up and running..and it is so cool!

There is so much I should be doing to prepare for the trip. Why can't I get in there? Guess I can pack tom night/ Tues morning. Instead I am sitting here, blogging.

I rented "The other Boleyn Girl", so guess I'll watch that tonight.

Chris, Jason and Nicole were here yesterday...Betsy and her dh, Francisco were here for the morning. Us girls put together the baby shower invites and the boys rebuilt the fence! Francisco was a 'sport' and worked out there, also.

Chris just left, to go back down south. He and C 'just missed each other too much' for him to stay the extra day. Thats so cool, to be newlyweds and in love. Like Betsy said, "give them a year, then she'll be telling him to go"..teehee.

Poor Chris, OU lost...Lucky me!! UT won!! I got a lunch out of it this afternoon.

gonna go look for a pic from Italy for my banner.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sat morning before my trip!

Here is the 1st draft of the card for Ana's shower. DDil is coming over today so we can make the 'elements' for 40 cards. There are a couple of adjustments, but this is the basic card.

Dsil is here to switch me to a new computer!! Here's hoping everything goes smoothly. Here is hoping for a smooth transition!!

OU and UT are playing today! (Texas won!!) so we are having a great time teasing him. esp, my mom!! So, I'd better go easy on him.

The guys are out there fixing our fence, right now. Us gals are going to make a Walmart run...still have some things for the trip and supplies for the invites.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Me and Mommy fight fires...well, kinda

Here is a pic of the fire damage in our corner,
When mom and I went out to take the pics, we noticed a spot that was still smoking.

So, we packed our buckets and a shovel into the car (hey, buckets filled with water are heavy) and went out there and took care of it. (I tell you, I smell like smoke right now) While out there, we noticed a pile of Whiskey bottles (on the other side of the fence) I took a pic of that too.
Our property used to be the teen party spot before we built. But all the bottles were the same brand, so I don't think this is the leftovers from those days.

That is the bad thing about living out in the country. People dump stuff. garbage, goat parts (barilla), tires, appliances, pets, both dead and alive. DH has even broken up a fight in that corner.

Okay, gotta shower, the smell is getting to me.

a li'l excitement...

Yesterday afternoon, dh got a call from a friend of his. "I hear there is a fire on your property"...wha??????? So, dh calls our neighbor, he saw it all.

We live on a corner property, where one road curves into another. Apparently, someone took that curve too fast and crashed and rolled his truck. It caught on fire, and the idiot and his passenger took off running. Luckily, my neighbor and his son were returning from a hunting trip, and saw it all. So he was able to call the police and fire dept. Geeee, anyways, the police caught the guys and the fire dept put the fire out before it could spread and endanger our home.

But just think, with those idiots running away, if the neighbor hadn't seen it the damage would have been even worse.

Was it a stolen truck? Kids joyroyding? Hopefully, we'll find out more when the newspaper comes out over the weekend.

So, we come home and see the damage. (I'll take pics when the sun comes out and post them) Got home and asked mom..."So there was a little excitement around here?"
"What?"...she did not see a thing. HA!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tues night, for Weds morn

So, its Tuesday night and I don't want to watch the debate. I've actually got Predator 2 on. Oh well. A young Bill Paxton, whatever happened to him.

Last night, I cheated. I took a Tylenol PM. I figured no matter what, mosquitos, cows giving birth..whatever...I was going to SLEEP!! Actually, felt a little groggy when I first woke up, but good through the rest of the day.

Got my shoes, I was lucky, the store was having 20%off on Keens Sandals. So I got 2.

So far, work is going well. Looks like I'm going to finish what I need to get done. (knock on wood).

Dsil is coming down this weekend...he is going to put together my new computer system. So glad dd married a computer geek. They are good to have around, right?

My pop was a computer geek, he was an IBM programmer. He got in during the early
60's and watched IBM grow. He worked on Nasa's lunar landing program, and on developing a 'thinking' programmers could use our language instead of the -0- and -1- vocabulary those computers had. As a child growing up, I would try to please him, to be 'daddy's girl' by getting good grades. I miss my dad, and wish I could talk to him now, with an adult's perspective... I didn't have the chance to fully appreciate him.

My ds takes after him in some ways. DS is very analytical and smart, but typically male, he did not push himself academically in school. Yet when it is important to him, like during the Corps and the police academy, he earns top spots in the class.

As other parents know, it is frustrating when your kids do not work to 'potential'. But ds is happy with what he is doing, married to a great young lady, and is going to make me a 'its all good'!!

okay, time to hit that treadmill. boy, I'd really like some rocky road icecream right about now.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

I'm feeling as blah as Wall Street this morning. Blah, tired and almost downright depressed.

Not much sleep, mosquitos, a cow 'lowing' all night, was stupid enough to watch part of "I am Legend" with Will Smith, so bad dreams (when I could sleep). Not a good morning. Didn't fall asleep till afer 1am, anyways.

But can't call in at work, down to my last week and a half, before the trip and have too much to get done.

Did do some shopping for the trip over the weekend. Even that was hard, as I am 'bigger than I wish" and having troubles with style choice. I want to be comfortable, but not frumpy AND so much out there is stretchy and has low necklines.
And just seems to be styled for 20 year olds...
BUT love the new colors for fall, the plum, teal, chocolates...

Then Sunday after church was a baptism and bbq...but after the bbq, I had the 'runs'. Now, dh wasn't affected, so I don't know if it was the bbq. Oh to add more pain, started my monthly. (good to have it out of the way for the trip? right?)

So, anything good? Did scrapbook a couple of circle journal commitments. Will mail them out today. So, its taken care of before my trip.

Did buy my 4mb camera card. It did not work in my I put it in DH's and it I'll take his with me.