Wednesday, April 30, 2008

need your opinions please

here is the train case/purse mom and I have been altering. Sooo, do you think we should leave the bottom part white? or as dh suggests a blue stripe 1/4" from the bottom...or add more of the word paper from the top?

what would you do?

the flower border is from an old stretchy headband that dd had.

so cool to reuse stuff like that.

Well, actually got a layout done. Isn't this a marvelous pic from Portugal?
I used one of my I am a Scrapaholic kits. (gorgeous paper and ribbons) I used the rooster because a friend of mine, Michele, told me to. (she said the rooster is an important symbol in Portugal.

Mom and I have been working on that box..actually its altering one of those 'purses'..we are using a combination of paper, ribbon, fabric, and an old headband from dd's stash! We are making progress, it isn't perfect...but I think it will be okay.

(I'm not much of an alter-er)

Okay, off to face the day...
take care and have a great 'hump day'

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my best ideas...

from 2 peas...10 of my best ideas...
uh oh, I can't even think of 1 much less 10.

I could probably do a list of 10 things I lucked into.
But the last 'idea' I had, was how to make the alteration to dd's wedding dress.
She had the store put in a built in bra, but the seamstress added a wire, and it created a curved fold under the breasts...which dd did not like. So she asked my mom and me to take the wire out. Okay, with the wired bras, you can make a li'l cut and pull, right? uh our first attempt met with failure.

and when I 'slept' on it, decided to just turn the dress inside out, from bottom to top, luckily the bodice was not connected to the skirt in the underside. We did that and discovered the wire was sewn onto the underlayer and not in the bra!!
So I was able to slowly, stitch by stitch pull that thing off.

Now, if you ever want to see sewing craftsmanship, turn a wedding dress inside out.
wow, what beautiful straight stitches. My mom was a li'l disappointed that the raw fabric edges were not finished or even zig-zagged.

The pic above is my alcohol ink matting mentioned yesterday for the table pic, the pic inside is my dd's preschool picture. my li'l angel.

Yesterday was a bad electronics day around here, could not get on the internet on one computer, and the tv in my mom's room was on the fritz. But working so far this morning. I guess there was an electro-magnetic field... I don't know, but it sure was frustrating last night.

I tried the best and easiest crockpot recipe yesterday, I got it from SparkPeople,
the Salsa Chicken...oh my!!...if you like to crockpot..look it up!!

Mom and I are working on making a wedding box for dd. Those things range from 29.99 to 79.99 on ebay!! If it turns out cute, I'll post, If not...never mind.

Monday, April 28, 2008

crazy weekend...

Crazy weekend, I did skip the purse party, I was just too poop-ed after all the running around. Once I hit the couch on Sat night, I was done. Did not even hit the treadmill. What little scrappin/crafting Ive done is related to the wedding.

This morning, I was laying awake and couldn't sleep so I gave up and got up at 5:30, worked on the wedding party book and am now working on the pictures for the reception tables. DD wants to put pics of them growing up on the tables, she says she wants them in silver frames...but a total of 16 I bought $.89 acrylic frames and am doing alocohol ink background w/silver matting..hoping that will be okay. I'd post a pic, but the computer that has the pics is not connecting to the internet today.

Soooo, this weekend is NSD...our local group is having a crop and a goodie bag exchange. Just need to choose which project to bring to crop...still need to finish Europe and Christmas Journals...hmmmmmmm

From 2 peas: I remember when...oh, tough one, my head is so full of 'stuff' its hard to remember...but...let me try to slow down....hmmmmmmm

I guess, working on this wedding stuff is making me remember my own time as a young wife and mother. How crazy it was and non-ending. Remember when you had toddlers and people would say, "someday you'll miss this" and you thought they were absolutely NUTS. But now, that both my kids are grown, I do miss it. Of course, hindsight is 20-20, and I wish I was a more 'relaxed' young parent, that I did not let the 'little things' annoy me so much. (now I'm the one telling young frazzeled parents, 'you're going to miss this') Just told this to a friend yesterday, whose young teen daughter is going to the same dance school as my dd....the crazy schedules and seeing her daughter perform. I used to drive my dd about 3 times a week to a town 40 minutes was crazy, but oh so wonderful.

So, as you can imagine, I do cry during the Trace Atkins song. (I cry at a lot of songs these days)

Oh, side note to you scrappers, yesterday after church was a babtism...beautiful service, BUT being the addicted scrapper I am, I noticed one of the lady's was yellow and gray (not a color combo I like) with a french bird and scrollwork was so cool. I sat there wishing I had my camera..for the shirt!!! isn't there a way to make pp using clothing and a color copier?
Gee, its a sickness, I tell ya...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lida from Rainbow Crafter Tagged me for a list of lasts and here they are:
(sorry still haven't figured out how to link)

1.Last music you listened to - Jordin Sparks cd
2.Last thing you watched on TV - The Investigators on Tru TV

3.Last movie you saw - Elizabeth, with Cate Blanchet
4.Last book you read - started The Commoner
5.Last person you spoke to - mom

6.Last thing you ate - taco soup..haven't had breakfast, yet

7.Last time you laughed - this morn

8.Last place you visited - Dorlene's, she's going to help me w/ the binder clips
9.Last website you visited - ebay

10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted - altered binder clip for dd's wedding

I tag Jennifer Jo, Jill Ilene, StephaniePlum, Kate, Shannon, and ginam1...
since I can't link here, I tagged the last entries from yesterday's blog thread.

scrap trends,

from 2 peas:
What do you think of the new scrapping trends...
I love them, I love the birds and trees and chandeliers. The use of clear acrylic embellishments...I think 'trends' keep things fresh and new. Of course, don't want to be a 'slave' to trends but I do like to 'try' to incorporate them...though I haven't figured out a lo to use a chandelier on...any ideas?

Yesterday, my dh gave me an awesome gift. He hired a friend to come in and 'detail' our house. This is her business, I think she officially calls it Julee Spotless, and let me tell you, the house has never 'shined' like this. She tells me she specializes in cleaning the details for those who keep a clean house, things like the floors, window sills, window blinds,ceiling fans, shower stalls, kitchen cabinets and counters...she doesn't do the regular housework type stuff, like laundry and make beds...with my back and knees, I am not able to get on the floor and walking in to a sparkling house was such a gift. We've GOT to figure out how to afford her for regular visits.

Today, is going to be a busy day, have errands then dil is going to meet me for lunch at our favorite Thai restarant @20 min away...can you say Pad Thai!!

Then this evening I'm going to a 'make your purse' party...ever hear of those?

and I still haven't done the homework for our marriage class, I'm supposed to write dh a letter..wonder if I can 'scrap' it..hmmmmm

and dd asked me to alter 2 shoe boxes for her wedding reception, so guests can write 'marriage advise' to give them...and I forget what the other one was for..
maybe I can figure out a way to use the chandeliers on these.

ya'll have a great Saturday!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

my best friend...

from 2 peas: How did you meet your best friend

Well, during my junior year of high school, I got into a bit of trouble, lets just say I had to go to the extension school for a few weeks. So, my mom told my dad that she could not 'handle' I went to CA for my senior year. (They managed to make me think it was my idea) (so I was cool with it). I had to walk to and from the bus stop everyday, it was a windy path thru bushes in the subdivision I lived in. I noticed that there was this girl walking the same way I was..except where I turned right she turned left...after a few days of this, while walking home, I turned around and introduced myself. Her name is Michele, and we became inseperable, seriously, I think her parents considered surgery to seperate us.
(her older sister worried that I was a bad influence, remember I had gotten in trouble the previous year) But I am positive, it is the friendship with Michele that made the move to CA, truly a fresh start. The only trouble we got into was sneaking the car...when I was officially grounded from it. And boy did we eat, she introduced me to taco supremes from Taco Bell, and I gained 10 lbs that year!!

She has a wonderful Portuguese family,and I felt like I was a part of it.
(think Big Fat Greek Wedding, with a Portuguese accent) My kids call her Aunt Michele and her mom is Grandma Mary.

This was the fall of 1978, 30 years later, we are planning a cruise to Italy and Greece. Unfortunately, we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, but when we do, its like we've never been apart.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

give to charity...

from 2 peas: list 3 things you'd give to charity right now...

Funny, just saw a thread asking for Disney layouts for Make a I've been thinking about that I guess, one answer would be 'layouts'.

Money is also something we give. I wish I could say time, but our schedules are so jammed pack.

and goods when appropriate and needed.

Feeling the 'wedding crunch' a little. Today, I need to take her dress to the drycleaners...drop off binder clips and supplies to Dorlene (who generously offered to make some for me)...see, I'm drawing a blank...I do need to make that list.
(might as well make lists for others while I'm at it)(teehee)

A spot may be opening up for a crop at Big Bear in the beginning of June...I would LOVE to go...oops, that is Jim and Aurora's wedding..oh well.

Our local scrap group is having a crop for NSD...we didn't have a crop for April, so I am looking forward to this one. At the last crop, Dorlene was making a mini book out of greeting cards...I've got to remind her to bring it so I can see how it looked, she was figuring out a way to bind them...using a fan fold (?)

I have a co-worker who is getting married at the end of June, she did not set up a I put together an album? One she can put her pictures in?
but, she says its a combination American with traditional Mexican, what kind of papers do I use? Lida, can you help with that? I know her colors include, no pastels...

Speaking of registrys, I am one who LOVES to shop from a registry. When I have no idea of what is needed or of the person's tastes..I think these are great.

But DD and Future SIL's registry is kinda goofy. They got their little 'barcode guns' at Bed Bath and Beyond, She went to the dishes area and left him alone up front, he tagged just about everything in sight, before she caught him.
I think she has edited, but at first they had 5 different sets of pots and pans.
(lesson, if your fiance is a goofball Okie, take a girlfriend to set up registries)

Next year, when we have our 25th anniversary wedding re-newal, I intend to set up a registry. 25 years ago we eloped to Reno, so I never got to choose the china/crystal/silver stuff and I am looking forward to it.
My sis just got married, and she told me the key is to 'set a table' using your choices, so you can get an overall picture of what it looks like. We find we do entertain quite a bit, though rarely formally, usually impromptu bbq's, year round.

May 17th is a 'tea' at church. I joined the women's group, and last Sunday was told that the tables are set by each member of the group. Now I do have a tea set...but matching linens...uh oh. (Need to research setting a table for tea) I've been to a couple, at dd's former dance studio, and they are very NICE. So, I'm looking forward to this tea. I even have a floppy hat!!

This morning is workout day with Kristen, gotta eat some oatmeal for energy.
Last night on the treadmill I didn't even break a sweat...should I tell her?
No, she'll only 'up' my speed. If I'm still not breaking a sweat over the weekend, I'll tell...just let me 'coast' awhile, okay?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

turned out to be music..

from 2 peas: Close your eyes and write the first thing...

Well, just sitting here after my shower, squeezing in a little computer time before its time to go to work...I have VH1's countdown on the li'l tv...the girl's voice in A Fine Frenzy is very beautiful...

Dh usually has the tv on his news channel, but I always switch to music.
I just don't want to be overloaded about how messed up the world is first thing in the morning, I'd rather be 'transported' by music. Now VH1 is odd for me, I usually watch the country music channel...but everynowandthen I enjoy 'pop' music. Even in my car. Then it stops being 'fresh' to me and the channel gets changed...ya know.

But for scrappin' I do love upbeat music, like Fergie, I think she is a horrible vocalist...but the music is fun...what can I say. But I also listen to Michael Buble while talk about a voice...wowza.

I just shocked dil when I got the Santana compilation cd. I love the duets, esp with Rob Thomas and Michele Branch...the one with Steven Tyler was pretty darn cool also..oh, don't forget Tina Turner.

so, the last cd's I've bought: KT Tunstall, Jordin Sparks, Santana, Quimi, oh and the recent NOW, I do have fairly eclectic tastes...I even have a Rosemary Clooney in my pile...and of course, Toby Keith...HA!!

Some favorites are Big and Rich, a compilation of Christian hits, Christina Aguilara's that not one of the most awsome cd', she is one heck of a vocalist.

The only music I cannot stand is hardcore rap and metal rock...ummm no thanks.

okay, that's what popped into my 'noodle' to see what's in yours.
our IT fellow at work blocked the blogs, so I can only check these at home.
he's such a 'stinker'..ooooh, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown have the #10video...gotta watch it...hmmm he is kinda cute, ain't he.

Monday, April 21, 2008

So, its Monday. blah, back to work, and Kristen will be here in a little more than an
hour..wish I could be excited about it. DD and Chris left yesterday morning, I sure do miss them. She tried on her dress for me and mom yesterday morning, OOOOHHH, she is simply gorgeous...breathtaking...and oh, so, grown up..

As they were driving away, my ever-so-wise and outspoken mom told Chris (who she calls Mr. November)(another story) "Hey, Mr. November, you better be nice to her! You can't just pick up another girl like her!!" her way of reminding him that he has a rare jewel, and he is one lucky S.O.B... though when she spied his tatoo on his thigh, she did start calling him "Mr. October"...cuz he 'went down one'.
My mom is a 76 year old Japanese woman, very old school, and she thinks anyone with a tatoo is "Okozuna"

BUT, I just stepped on the scale, down 3 more pounds! but does it make sense, with company...we ate...well, tri-tip and baked potato (I had half)Friday night and packed hamburgers the next night, and I skipped the treadmill over the weekend...and I lost?
When I stepped on the scale, I really expected to "pay"...

Though I had some 'down time' I did not scrap much, just replaced some pics in dd's wedding party album. Also, I volunteered to make some table signs for the mother's day tables at church. Thought I'd use altered binder clips to hold them...need signs for "Oldest" mom, "Newest" mom, mom w/"Most Kids"...any ideas?

Instead of scrappin' yesterday, I watched some of the shows I had dvr'd,
a couple of episodes of "Reaper", one NCIS and the movie Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett. (I'm going to need a DVD of this one)

Ya'll have a great Monday, but then, is there really any such thing as a great Monday?...I know, its all in the attitude...lemonade from lemons...ya ya.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

uh, oh...

Saturday was fun. my brother in law and his gf came over and we all had a 'burger-fest'. The kids had started the movie "The Kite Runner" and man, is that a powerful movie, you will be so 'pissed off' at the beginning, but by the end...goodness.

It is a movie that will show you just how 'ugly' human beings can be to each other and yet how that ugliness can bring out what is 'grand' about us human beings.
(does that make sense)? and I've always believed, that "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" ...the kids and I got into a small political discussion in the car...and we have come to the conclusion that the problem with 'politics' are professional politicians. They are insulated from the everyday world of the general population, so how on earth are they going to know what is needed? They become millionaires and live 'rock star' lifestyles (often on the taxpayer's dime), and in the quest to keep their lofty positions, they offer more and more government programs...but who pays for them all...the working middle class.

Guess that's why the founding fathers tried to put 'reins' on the federal government and give more to the states.

And name one 'government' program that isn't abused and taken advantage of. You used to be able to say the post office, but ummm, we are having so many problems with the post office at work...mis delivery, no delivery of mail,..I tell the girls in the office, that its a conspiracy, they (and I don't know who they are) want us to do everything by computer!! What it probably really is, is that the main hubs (at least for ours) are in the cities not especially known for a highly educated work force,known for high drop out rates, crime and gangs... such as Oakland and Stockton.

What started it was my godson gave us the book, The Fair Tax, about eliminating the federal income tax in favor of a federal sales tax. Interesting premise. I kind of like the flat matter what your income level its the same percentage.

okay, rant over. back to the fun of a Sunday afternoon:

2 more weeks for the marriage class, its been good, but I am soooooo looking forward to having my Sunday afternoons back. Then comes dd's wedding, so many little details to pull together. Time for lists!!

I've been buying books, they are stacking up. (Need reading time, need reading time)
yes, Michele, a couple of travel books.. I'm starting to think 'cruise'.

well, back to the marriage homework...this week is about 'family commitment and admiration'.. it is difficult for me to verbalize admiration to my dh, but boy, can I brag about him behind his back.

Ya'll have a good, "pajama" Sunday!! Now, doesn't that sound GREAT!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

my kids are here...

The kids are here for the weekend, so last night, all 4 were here for dinner,
it was nice. but late, C and Chris did not arrive till 7..J and Nyki arrived @15 minutes later, so we weren't eating until after I was on the treadmill at, I'm too old for those kind of hours.

I've got Anna Karenina on the tv..with Vivien Leigh. what a beautiful, sad story.

I'm not working today, I was planning to, but with A.J. at work, I don't feel so far behind. BUT with mom here, I don't have any of my regular, darn, guess i'll have to go in the scraproom!!

C found some spelling errors and stuff in the wedding party book, and like a dummy, I did not save a I'm not sure of the font I used. That's okay, I'll find something close. Nyki is going to make bridesmaid's gifts for the wedding, turns out Nyki knows how to 'bead'...something I would really love to learn how to do.
But I had a book, and the girls chose a Nyki is going to make them for C.

The wedding is less than a month...they were talking about possibly going to Texas.
(guess he can put in a request for this unit)...boohoo, they grow up and leave too fast!! But I can see the wisdom of this move, guess it would be 'long term' and they would be 'settled' (its a non deployable unit) so they both can pursue their Masters. Though C will have a Bachelors in sociology, the careers that interest her require a Masters. and Chris is working on his Bachelor's degree and wants to pursue a career in engineering. Sooooo...this makes sense...but 2000 miles away!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

what color is your brain

Well, my Brain is Blue...

Of all the mind types, yours is the most mellow.
You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time.
You don't try to think away your troubles.
Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest.
You truly see things as how they are. (well most of the time)

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends,
your surroundings, and your life.

and that is pretty darn close.
I've always thought of the glass as half a glass,
not half full or half empty.
I do like the 'world' inside me head better than the real one.

here is a link to the quiz (if it worked) if not...see Sarah C or Aimeslee's blogs
Class was fun last night, we did the iron embossing on velvet and altered binder clips and made cards with ladybugs.

This morning I meet with Kristin, time to exercise!

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday! I'd still rather have a pepsi and big bowl of pasta...but I'll be good...for the most part.

Been getting emails from Michele, already time to think about flying out to Rome and what we want to do (Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps) and where to stay.
So, if any of ya'll know a smashing place to stay in Rome, near the fountain, let us know. Its kinda hard for me to be thinking the trip already, I've got travel books but haven't really looked yet.

Instead I've been reading Autumn Leaves' "Find Your Groove"...what a fun book!
My score was the first number to put me at Classic...but I think I was so close I'm somewhere between Eclectic and Classic. It was the Eclectic layouts that I was drawn to. BUT it was the Hip and Trendy ones I just I guess I'm an Eclectic/Classic with dreams of being Hip and Trendy.

The pressure is less at work, A.J. started last Monday and has taken over one of the company's invoicing and deposits...just yesterday my dil (who works with us) was giving me a hard time, because A.J's desk is already looking stacked and crazy. (like mine and Betsy's)(we are 3 women handling the accounting for 2 is nuts!!) Also, what can I say, she likes to keep busy.

okay, time to prep for my workout,
a little oatmeal, workout clothes, homework for the marriage class, and I am set!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Failure is not an option...

from 2 peas: What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?

oooooh, sing and dance, perform in musicals. wouldn't that be the ultimate?

I spoke too early yesterday, we weren't quite done with taxes. You know, how post offices stay open till midnight...well, here in CA NOT ALL Post Offices did yesterday....and of course the closest one was 1 hour away. So guess what dh had to do after work? Yeah, a lot of fun.

So, I haven't lost any weight in a couple of weeks. Can you plateu at 10 lb loss?...I thought it was the final 10... to say the least, I am discouraged.
But I am continuing. AND I am ready for a pepsi. I keep thinking maybe I should be like "Mimi" from the Drew Carey Show, you know, simply embrace what I am...wear the big red hair, flashy makeup and colorful mu-mu's, oh don't forget the big plastic jewelry.

Guess I just need motivation. Yes, I do feel healthier and am starting to see 'definition'...but poo-ey, I want to lose weight!! I want to shop for new clothes and throw away the old. I want to wake up and see dd's cute little figure in the mirror.!!!

Off subject, but have you seen the commercial for the singing group "Celtic Thunder"
the 4 Irish guys? What powerful voices!! Just might have to pick that one up.

I just bought a cd by one of the girls who went to dd's school. She was in the class a couple years after, her name is Quimi (pronouned Kimmy) and her voice is just so sweet and pure.

Tonight is the Stampin Up class, we are going to learn how to emboss on velvet...with an iron ...???

have a great 'hump day'!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy tax day!! HA!!

from 2 peas: With the economy today. Have you started to cut back on your scrap shopping? If so how?

Not yet, I know I need to. Right now, our cut back has been commuting together to save on gas. It was an adjustment for me, as dh, goes in early and stays late...but you make it work.

DH and I are in a 'budget' process as we speak, in fact, I recently confessed all the ways I'd sneak in my scrap purchases...sometimes right under his nose. So the how, would be being more accountable. Set my 'budget' amount and stay in it...

okay, joke over...I've never managed to stay within a budget...just does not happen.

Talked to dd yesterday, my poor baby, so much to do with less than a month to go.
I got my 'list' of what she'd like me to be on the lookout for.

Wine glasses, they can rent them @.50 each, but she'd like to go plastic, so she won't be worried about breakage. so, anyone know where one can get bulk 1 piece plastic wine glasses?

Well, taxes are done...what a relief. But don't 'they' say that until May, we work for taxes. Something about all our income till a day in early May goes to taxes.
The average American pays 30 to 40 % of their income in taxes...Federal, State, Local, Property, sales, ..... on and on. In California, we pay sales tax on online purchases. I keep track of my 2 peas purchases, so I can pay CA taxes on my state 540 form. Oh well, one of the costs of living in the great state of CA. also, the reason CA gas is higher than gas in other parts of the country...CA taxes and surcharges.

Monday, April 14, 2008

my 2 day layout...

Here is the layout of the theatre group mentioned in my last post,
finished it this morning, the butterflies are Heidi Swap ghost that I used alcohol ink on...papers are 7 gypsies, and the vanilla is my fave from stampin up

the layout is based on the scraplift challenge thread sketch.

2 peas challenge:
In the craft world.
Who do you envy and why?

ooooh, guess the natural answer would be 'the scrap celebs"...but no,
the people I envy, (tough word), are the grandparents...cuz grandbabies are the ONE thing I want right now!! and those who have enough money and time to devote to the hobby.

though, when I see some of the scraprooms posted, I do 'wish' I had a room like that, too.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

cardstock only layouts

On 2 peas there was a thread asking for cardstock only layouts. Here is a couple I have done, usually as part of challenges. The Berlin wall one I used an ink method taught to us by my stamping up rub the ink pad on the cardstock, then draw in wall lines.

Its been a long weekend, I like having this time to just kick back. After this I hope to get to scrappin. I'm working on a picture of the theater group, and its been a tough one, so I had to walk away. They are dressed in togas, and one of the guys has a sign saying "Zeus".... just not sure how to treat this one...

hmmm...maybe I should take the thread as a sign, to go cardstock only..

wish me luck!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pain is weakness leaving the body...ya right.

"Pain is weakness leaving the body"

That is a Marine Corps slogan...and oooooooooh, am I in pain!! Well, more sore.
Kristen has upped my weights and added ankle weights for my workout. She's even upped my speed for my treadmill time!!
I just have to remind myself that I have allowed myself to get to this shape and I have to work this hard. but the other thought this REALLY worth it!

yes, yes, yes!! ugh, ugh, ugh!!!

In many ways I feel like a walking zombie, so tired and sore and not able to even eat what I like...guess today is a 'discouragement' day for this diet...oops, lifestyle change.

I may scrap tomorrow, I'm so excited.
In the morning, I'll have to put in some hours at work, but at 4pm there is a get together at the church. I'm bringing stuff so that beginners can do a paperbag book...but I'll bring my own and see if I can have a li'l scrap time. We'll see!

So, I've been thinking about making Chris a little flyer using a picture like the one above...I'm sure he has buddies on the base he'd like to invite...!!!

what do you think?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a digi layout

did a digi layout last night, my dh had his graphic artist do a 'flyer' invite for the wedding, but it fell flat for us. She did a cut out of the kids layered over a plant then shaded blue...nah.

so, I did this on my PSE6 for my daughter. It ain't fancy, cuz I still don't really know what I'm doing, just pointing and clicking and hoping it works. It is a Parisian kit from 2 it was cool. Of course when I printed it to an 8.5x11 the side borders got cut off.

dd wants to give these flyers to her friends at she picked this picture that really shows her...well, you can see his ear... She is a little bit of a stinker, isn't she?

blah day...

Yesterday was definately a low energy day. Still sore from Monday's work out, did not get a great sleep and even the weather was 'bleh'. So I came home from work and did not go to my exercise class, but did treadmill, and worked some on my mini album.
Its coming along. got pics of the 2 little flower girls. and that page is CUTE!!!!

I got my secret swap package, and ... I'm not sure, the rules of the swap are new items, but there were stuff that looked out of her stash. MM noteworthy torn from the notebook, a handful of clear acrylic hearts, single maya road bird, tree and cloud chipboard...the thing is though they were obviously out of package, they are what I liked the best.

So, even that was a little... eh? But I don't want to lodge a complaint, maybe she's a poor college student and sharing from her stash is her best way to swap.

Tomorrow is my late morning, and this weekend we are scrappin with the church ladies, I'm heading the paperbag books for the beginners, so I'd better start getting stuff together.

ya'll have a great humpday...hope it ain't bleh, for ya'll...!

Monday, April 7, 2008

spring project...

from 2 peas:
Do you have spring projects your excited to do? If so what is it?

Just yesterday I noticed that dd's baby photo album is getting all yellow,
it is one of those fabric padded albums that were around in the late 80's. So, I'm going to switch from the old adhesive pages to scrapbook pages.

so, for me this is my spring project, maybe I'll do a li'l spring cleaning also.
or finish decorating the home, we have been in here a couple of years and not many pictures are up on the walls.

"Ruthless People" is on, so 80's..but it is so funny, so I'll 'dvr' it for later.

no scrappin' today, appointments at the dentist and dmv...and shopping for that lingerie luck, went to Macys, Gottschalks, Victoria's Secret and Kohls.
(did find a nightgown for new leaf..instead of coming to bed in whatever I worked out in, I am changing to nightgowns.)(one of the little 'me' steps I am taking, like putting on a little perfume in the mornings) Back to work tomorrow...whoohooo...

My cat tore up a corner of the carpet this afternoon. Because he sets off the home alarm,we have had the police out in the past, he gets locked into the bedroom when no one is home, apparently he did not like it today...came home to find carpet fibers, carpet strings and a hole...
poor baby.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

my mini album

I've been working on a mini album of dd's bridal party. I thought it would be nice to set up at the wedding, so people could get to know the girls. This is just a couple of the pages. I used Basic Gray's Two Scoops...I just need pics of the 2 flower girls and of all the guys to finish this.

Had a little time today, I did get to work on this today.

I also joined SparkPeople today, Sarah C recommended it last month, and I finally had the computer to I did it! It seems to be a good website full of advice and help and encouragement.

Tomorrow I'm off work, have a couple of appointments. Dentist and DMV, fun, fun.
Oh, though I got chills this morning, I did not get sick. So, I guess I'm not contagious, I hope, so I'll keep those appointments.

oh, dd is having a lingerie shower/bachlorette party, (I wasn't invited)(boo) but I'm looking for a classy peignoir set for her, you know something like you'd see in the old movies...silky white with a robe. Not any kind of Victoria's Secret naughty thing, Any suggestions as to where I can look?

from Steph at 2 peas: Does the weather have any impact on your desire to create? If so is there a season that makes you feel more crafty?

I never really thought about it, rainy weather would help keep me at home.
Oh, and I don't really want to go to a crop when raining, the thought of my stuff even potentially getting wet is a put-off.
But I'd have to say weather doesn't really impact my desire to create, but can sometimes create the circumstances in which I stay home and actually do!!

life is different for my kids...

from 2 peas: How is life different for your children than when you were growing up?
(great page idea as well)

There is the obvious, dvd players vs going to the movies (and seeing what's available not what you want), ipods vs turntables, satelite t.v. vs 3 or 4 channels (with rabbit ear antennas), microwave and convenience foods vs homemade and cutting your fruits and vegetables yourself!

We got to play outside all day and walk to the local 7-11, today you just can't let your kids do that!

But I am soooo glad I don't have young ones today, I think it is even harder now than even a few years ago when my kids were young...lets see, no pressure to let them have cell phones before 10 years of age, (my kids got them in high school)

Abecrombie just came out when they were in Jr. High, and wasn't the absolute must have that they are today, or any of these 'name' clothes.

MySpace, I think this just makes it sooooooo much harder to raise kids. This came out when my kids were already out of highschool, and had a little online maturity.
(though dd was propsitioned thru one of the Yahoo sites)

I see such young kids there and think it is horrible! (my neice lied about her age and was on it in Jr. High)
Remember the story of the young lady who committed suicide and the young 'man' she thought she was talking to was the mother of one of her former friends?!!!

Education is not what it was when I was growing up...what is it?
You need a jr college education to get what used to be a high school education?
and forget about working for the larger corporations without a bachelor's degree.

so, can I think about anything positive?
I do love the convenience and comforts of today,
I do love how the internet opens up friendships (for adults), like here, we are from all over the country and able to converse and share our ideas about our love for scrappin'. and how we can use the internet to keep up with friends.

dh is sick today, so I guess I'll stay home today, to make sure what he has is a food thing and not a 24hr bug. Hate to spread something possibly contagious, guess I'll just have to FORCE myself to scrap today.
(update, well, its 10 am and I can say its a bug thing...I've come down with feeling flushed, but with chills, slight fever and gurgly tummy)
(oh well, good choice to stay home)

take care ya'll and have a great Sunday!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

my floppy hat..

so, I bought myself a white floppy hat...from Avon...but I figure EVERY mother of the bride needs to wear a white floppy hat and short white gloves, right?

I think I'm going to add a blue ribbon and flower...maybe a nice bling brad in the center. (dd's colors are blue and white)

I wore it at work, with my UT t-shirt and my co-workers thought it was quite fetching, think it was my bil who said, 'it looks like a doiley on your head"

from 2 peas:
Do you have sites you like to visit and do their challenges?

yes, I like I am a Scrapaholic's website, and they are celebrating their birthday with a series of challenges. and I have done Scraptalk's challenges also.
I like challenges, they make me use supplies and try things I may not have thought of.

I've been organizing my scrap room this past week. 2 garbage bags went out, don't worry, not scrap stuff...old catalogs, tins (I've been saving to alter, but won't)
that kind of stuff. After seeing my sister's set up, I decided to take my stickers and that type of embellishment out of the drawer and onto a 'pseudo clip it up'. On the boards there has been a picture of a 'clip it up" on a paper towel holder.

I kept mine on an open binder,propped open. I don't have room for the full circumference of a paper towel holder, so this works for me.

but what about those misc rubber stamps..? I put them in the drawer the stickers used to go in...but not liking it there that much...gotta think this one out.

I'm working this Saturday, actually I like it, no phone calls, no interruptions,
and ds and dil will be meeting us...she's going to work...and we'll have lunch at Manpuku ( a sushi place) ( a real good one in Livermore)

AND bil, the one with the doiley remark, gave me his Michael's 50% off I gotta go to Michael's !!! (and he is forgiven for the remark)

Oh, Miss April (the picture in the header) is Cassandra, in the picture, she joined my friend Michele and I during a crop weekend a couple of months ago. She is giving us her, "I'm not moving" attitude. I think she actually did growl at Michele when she tried to move her. (she was on Michele's side of the table) Cassandra is almost 15 years old, so she's allowed to be a li'l stubborn and grumpy.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy List

Happy List

Sara C (2 paws desin) posted a challenge on her blog yesterday to list 10 random things that make you happy. Here's my list:

1)Stepping on the scale and seeing a little weight loss. even half a pound makes me happy.

2)My 'baby boy' Percy... esp when he sleeps next to me and purrs.

3)A day I don't have to go to work!!

4)Scrapbooking and hoarding and collecting, even going in my room to take time to organize is fun

5) Shopping!! on line or in person!!

6)(like Sara C)Comments on my blog. Proof that I'm not just talking to myself. ;)

7) Phone calls from my kids and their sweeties. and from my friends!

8) a long bubble bath with a good book.

9) the scent of the air after it rains.

10) getting my marriage class homework done...which reminds me...

Now, I challenge ya'll to make your own list. Let me know if you do, I'd love to read them. :)

my mommy is back!

My mommy came home with me. She lived with us, for about 9 months, then moved back to Texas to live with my sister for the last 15 months and she is back. (yay!!)

For now, it is a long visit, so she can take part in the upcoming wedding and graduations. Though she is saying that she is here to stay. We'll just have to see, because the last time, she was bored and unhappy. And things have not changed, we still live in the 'boondocks', with our cats, dogs and horse. We still work all day all week. So, we'll just have to see. We even do 'more', we have Bible study every sunday morning, and our marriage class Sunday afternoons...

Overheard a couple of days ago by dh, while I was unloading the dishwasher:

mom: "You go get ready for work, I'll do this"
me: "No mom, I'm not going to let you spoil me this time"
mom: "Oh, that's okay..."

Should be very interesting.
She's already found a Christmas ornament under one of the couches, "don't you clean?"...well, I guess not under the couch!