Thursday, January 31, 2008

trip down memory lane..

from 2 peas: Describe what walking downtown your hometown as a child....What stores were down there, etc.

I would not know, I grew up in Houston Texas and downtown even in the mid-60's was DOWNTOWN...we did not go there. Everything we needed was in our little subdivision.

Now, the downtown here in our little town in Central CA is different, esp when we first moved in, so I'll do this for my kids...there was the only drugstore, next to a video store, next to City Hall, a barbershop and a very old Hotel, ...across the street we had a bank, the Floral Shop, beauty salon, and 2 pizza restarants. That was the Main Street, at the end of the street is a circle and on that circle is a little town museum.

Things have certainly changed in 16 years.

looking forward to the weekend!! well, I'll have to work on Saturday, but Sunday!!
while dh hogs the tv..I want to play in my scrap room!!

here's an old layout, our pup Kema with his top ten.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

deep thinking..

from 2 peas: Sit quietly for a minute. Then ask yourself what needs to be expressed thorough your writing today. Begin there.

I have had something on my mind lately.
I recently saw a commercial, sorry can't remember who it was for,
in which there was a machine, people were going thru and they would all come out looking the same... blond, w/big breasts..then 2 people break out of the line and climb out of the machine.
the tag line was something about being an individual.

This reminded me of an article I read in a magazine at dd's dr. appt.
the article talked about common cosmetic surgeries for women based on race.
That the most common surgery for African-American women is to get their noses narrowed, for Asian women to get the fold in their eyelid...and it saddened me,
how caucasion features is the standard of 'beauty' women are changing and hiding their ethnicity for it.

Think about it, who are the "beautiful" African Americans in this society, Halle Barry, Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keyes, Beyonce...all have caucasion features... Can you think of any truly ethnic looking women who are considered beautiful by the media?

I know from friends who are Philipino and Thai that in their culture it is the women with light skin who are considered beautiful.

And of course, all women believe they have to be a size 0 with D-cups to be beautiful.

I think this is all very sad and wrong.

I'd like to see a celebration of beauty that breaks out of this mold.

(I was even a little sad to see Queen Latifa is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson.
Cuz she made big curves beautiful and cool)

Thankyou, cupidgirl!!

received an unbelievable package from my secret swap buddy on 2 peas.
Dawn aka bookreader sent me wonderful goodies. I don't know where to start,
the Love Elsie Zoe and Fancy Pants crush...perfect! there were chalky rubons and metallic Heidi Swap rubons, queen and co(my current addiction) collection of pink brads, mini glue dots, chalk eyes, package of colorful bling..all wonderful.
the homemade mini valentines book (complete with little beads hanging on the side, altered clothespins, crocheted small heart and dishcloth, (with a heart in the midd
le)...bag of M&M's and even the glass candle holder! Everything was individually wrapped, some in cello bags with ribbon, the ribbon even went into my stash!
I sat in the backseat while dh drove home so I can open it all!!
I'm such a spoiled girl...and I LOVE IT!!

Thank you so much!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

fave quote...

This is a pic of the signage at the Washington Mutual bank we went to..ain't it cool! doesn't it look a little like BG's Obscure?

When I pulled the camera out, dd asked "Are you Scrapbooking again?"
Oh, yeah, look at these color combos!

yesterday's 2 pea prompt was favorite quote,
mine is "What does it profit a man, to gain the whole wide world yet lose his soul"
I believe it is by missionary Jim Elliot...I think it is wonderful, truly puts things in perspective for me.

today's prompt:
Is there something you have seen with CHA release previews that you can not wait to get your hands on.....

I have not been looking, but I just saw an ad in Scrapbooks Etc for Prima's new paper for boys...wonderful!! I do want it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

earliest childhood memory..

from 2 peas:
What is your earliest childhood memory? And have you scrapped this memory?

my earliest memory is when I was probably around 3, it would be around the mid 60's,
and he had a poloroid type camera with I asked..what it was, and when he told me it was acamera, I told him...take a picture of me! he did, and someday if I find that pic, I will scrap it.

Well, things did not end well with my conversations with my sister.
Its painful but as my husband would say "it is what it is", all I can do is love her and not give up on her..right?
I did forward the emails to a friend who is getting a masters in psychology, maybe
she can give me some clues.
tell me where I went wrong.

my dd and her sweetie pie are here for the weekend!
so we get to celebrate Christmas with them. I'd better finish wrapping that last gift!

have a good weekend, ya'll!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

making valentines gifties...?

from 2 peas:
Are you making anything special for Valentine's Day? If so share it with us

Not really, did make bags of "cupid poop" in a recent stampin up class.
did buy a cute valentine mini album from Etsy, that I thought about doing for dh...
and am putting together a box for secret cupid. GOTTA buy that last item and send it out!!

watched WAY too much tv last night, watched Criminal Minds and NCIS NY
(is it bad that I was hoping the perp would kill the overly-ambitious cop...
and I was actually disappointed that they saved her?)

and of course, Project Runway...ya'll , I still like Rami...
(he did not 'drape and braid' last night)
and want to see him in the top 3.

I brought a big tin of shortbread cookies to work today,
its January, everyone is dieting so I was called 'evil', okay Monday I brought what was left of the weekend's chocolate cheesecake...but hey, if I keep it at home...
isn't it better to share your bounty?

I was tempted to bring dd's fondue pot filled with melted chocolate to go with these cookies, NOW that would have been evil (myaahaahaaa)

speaking of evil, don't you love those Capital One credit card commercials, where the villian is creating their own cards...Kittens...anyone?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

class I would love to take...and then some

from 2 peas:
What is one thing you would love to have taught as a class?

mixing printed paper..I truly admire people who can mix printed paper from different manufacturers and get stunning results. I am limited to mixing pp in coordinated lines, but would absolutely LOVE to be able to truly mix them up.

I am sitting here in a daze. I have been involved in an email debate/discussion with one of my sisters. It is amazing how people can be raised in the same home, but see things so completely different. (It helps to know we are not the only family like this) Recently on the discovery channel there was a show about a 16 year old girl, who shot her father in the back, then claimed she was abused. Yet most of the people in the family said, no, she was an out of control teen. And her 2 brothers testified against her. She was found guilty of first degree murder.

I know my best friend has a sister who is the same way.

I feel like I've been beating my head against a brick wall..
The rest of my family won't have any contact with her. My other sister asked herself, "If she wasn't my sister, would I choose her for a friend?" and when she couldn't answer 'yes' she made the choice to sever the relationship.

Where is Dr. Phil when you need him?

Monday, January 21, 2008


from 2 peas:
If you set a New Years Resolutions, how are you doing with it?

Better than usual, but not as well as I should.

I didn't get on the treadmill for one reason or another all weekend.
May have skipped a couple of days of Bible Study, but actually maintaning that one fairly well.

But, I have skipped the sweets from the vending machine at work...for my dried mangos and nut I see subtle changes.

Last night was a good night, former neighbors came over for dinner, it was great visiting with them again. It's been a while since we've had a chance to do that.
and Mary and I have plans to see the local play this coming Friday night.

Jason and Nyki also drove down. With J's acadamy schedule, he is so busy, its hard to catch up with him...but dad's 2" filet mignon w/raspberry reduction sauce did the trick. Oh, chocolate cheesecake for desert. (but we won't tell my new year's resolutions that one)

This week, C and Chris will drive up and we will celebrate Christmas with them...lookin' forward to it!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

If I knew I would not fail....

from 2 peas: What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?

wow, I simply do not know. I don't really have a fear of failing, I'm just too lazy to start anything...or finish what I start...

might like to write a book or start a home decorating business or learn to sing.

I hope I can accomplish some scrappin' today, but have housework, and friends are coming for dinner...sooooooo...could be an unrealistic goal Better get to it.

got CMT on, the guy in Lady Antebellum is a cutie-pie...and he's got the quality of voice I like...hard to explain, his voice is strong with that 'smokey' 'whiskey'
sound. (just can't stand nasal voices, like Maroon 5's lead singer and (blasphemy, I know) someone who sounds like they are gargling marbles like Alicia Keys.)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

from 2 peas:
You'll never do _______ again. And here's why...

wow, hmmmmmmmmmmm.
I will never be unforgiving again, it takes way too much energy and effort and the only person hurt is myself and those I love around me, not the person who hurt me or mine.

I've got to go to work today, boohoo
just too much to do and time is getting away from me.
January is ending...

soooo, I'm off!

Friday, January 18, 2008

life lessons...

from 2 peas:
Your biggest lesson in life came from...

life!, as you live it you sure do learn a lot, don't ya.
The daily happenings, the people around you all provide learning experiences.

watching how I respond and react, considering the consequences, then re-thinking how I should have responded and me my life lessons.

watching how the people around me live out the consequences of their choices also help me to learn life lessons.

mistakes are a great way to learn...well, its the hard way, but being able to put even them in perspective and learn from them is a gift.

I try to always keep the perspective that "I am never a victim, I am a survivor" and take from even the bad life lessons that better me. "poor pitiful me" has no place in my life.

The Faith Sisters Bible study prompt was the word "Kindness"
have you ever really thought about that word? What is kindness, really?

You think of giving without expectation of reward, of a gentle spirit, of compassion?. but is this kindness? This word has been a bit of a struggle,
and how do I 'scrap' kindness...

so, I asked dh if he could think of anyone who embodies kindness...and he thought of a couple from church. And he is right.

They quietly serve those around them..they are not rich, but they give and are open to all. They raised their grandchildren without bitterness, with gentle, loving spirit, And we (as a church) have seen their daughter come full circle out of her lifestyle and is now to the point where she can raise her own kids...they did this in a way that it brought healing instead of seperation to their family.

They are the perfect example of kindness.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

saving pics

from 2 peas: If you keep your photos on your computer. How often do you put them on a disk to back them up?

Not often enough. Thanks for the reminder. My dd lost her hard drive during her sophomore year...and lost all but what was in her photobucket. Don't want that to happen here.

One of our co-workers was sent home this morning, he has been coming in with a 'hacking cough'(many of us have brought cans of lysol from home)..yesterday afternoon, he revealed to his supervisor that HE has known that he is contagious since Friday but continued to come to work...I'm sorry...WHAT!!!

I still don't know what he had, one of the other sales staff said it was a respritory viral..something...all I know is he is sooooo wrong!!

If I start coughing, I am kicking some "ace"...


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

scrap ideas to decorate...

from 2 peas:Do you ever use scrap ideas to decorate a room in your home.

Not sure what the question is asking...
scrap ideas...hmmm...but isn't scrappin like decorating?
You start with an idea of what you want to convey in the room or layout. You choose your elements: whether it be furniture, floors, color in a room, or picture, cs, pp in a layout; you create your design and then you 'embellish' with your accessories.

But have I ever taken, say the colors of a Basic Gray pp to inspire a room? No

Do I use scrappin' stuff to decorate? not really, have a couple of pages in a frame in a altered clock in another..

dh and I had a little tiff on the way to work this morning, about decorating, (how funny is that) I like old furniture passed down from parents and grandparents, he wants new stuff. We have some old black lacquer dining room set from my sister, (think 80's) and I like it, its beautiful glass/lights china cabinet, and a table that seats I want it brought to the back suite turn it into a place we can hold bible study (starts in a couple of weeks) and occasional crops.
well....geee... He has no vision. He sees junk. I think with cool accessories, we can 'update' the look...see above pic...can ya'll see where I'm going with this?
lots of the wrought iron black, crystal, mirrors..I have dd's Vogue posters framed in black..the walls are a sky blue..I think it would be a very 'posh' and fun room.
Oh Well...I'll post pics if I win.

Okay, I opened my PSE6 for Dummies book and well, I just may need the PSE6 for Super-dummies book...just trying to understand the first page, oh my I guess the best thing is to take it and use it in front to the computer and go step by step...right?

have a great 'hump day'...yay, it is Stampin Up class with the new catalog is tonight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

trends...well, I like 'em

from 2 peas:Do you tend to find yourself always trying to keep up with the in scrappin trend? Or do you just go with what your flow is at that time?

I do like trends, I think they keep things fresh...however, I do not see myself as a trendy scrapper. My layouts are really simple with just a little embellishment.

Just love the present trend of bright single print like Tinkering Ink papers in my Bad Girls kit...think it was November...but am a little perplexed as to how I should use it, cuz I don't want to cover the print..hmmmm

also finally used a transparency had brick work like a wall...interesting.

I was a lazy bum last night, except I did spend my 40 minutes on the treadmill (added extra to make up for the weekend)

But I did get my PSE6 for dummies book yesterday!! whoo hooo!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

dream job

from 2 peas:

Describe your ideal dream job?
anything that requires shopping...but not with my money.

personal shopper

I'd love to assist a decorator or wedding planner

purchase for a scrappin store or boutique...

I'd love to be a personal appointments, events and SHOPPING.
I was hoping that if dd pursued acting, she would hire me...but...

Yesterday we had a total of 9 people over for dinner...I was stressed until they arrived, then it was fun. So what if there are still half packed boxes of Christmas decor in the great room? We had deep fried turkey and salmon and it was yummy.
One of our friends brought a fruit torte from Safeway for desert...okay, ya'll have to try this...a crispy crust, a chocolate layer, a custard layer, fruit and a glaze over about YUMMMM!! we were using marshmallows to wipe our plates clean of any chocolate and custard left...oh my goodness...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

FYI, I am not in these pics, they are my croppin buddies. And we had the quietest table there!! We're not boring people, we just worked!! but boy, this crop had all the elements of nightmare stories, loud people around us; someone having a hacking cough fit in the bathroom (amplified); crying baby in back; only 2 electrical outlets available; NO tables, chairs set up before start time; grumpy, bossy employee with attitude; someone playing 'her' music...But you know what, it was a great crop!

Just found out yesterday, my fave LSS, Youngplays in Tracy is closing...what was it 20,000 sq ft of scrappin heaven. So the crop I went to yesterday is one of the last if not last. There were signs, paper supplies depleted, fixtures gone, the crop being held downstairs (and not set up for when we got there)...but still, very disappointing.

Tracy worked out so well for me, only about 20 min from home and between work and home, oh well, Pleasanton is the 'other' way from work..but I guess I'd better find out about the store there. Modesto has a good store, but I don't go there anymore.
good thing we've got internet!!

but still, boo hoo!

Friday, January 11, 2008

From 2 peas:
What are your scrapping plans this weekend..

(happy sing song) I'm going to an all day crop at Youngplay on Saturday!! yay, yay.
Meeting some of the girls from our local group, there will be 6 of us...yay, yay"

This is one of the pics I hope to scrap, dd and friends being goofy in Rome.
I have saved a couple of kits from the fall, with warm colors for Spain and Italy layouts...and am looking forward to 'breaking' them out. I also ordered Jenni Bowlin's for Sept or Oct esp for one of these countries(I'm not a reg subscriber, but thinking about it!)

I won't feel guilty, no I won't, just cuz Christmas is 'not quite put away, and there are boxes in my living room, uh uh, not me...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

first layout

from 2 peas: Let's share our oldest layout. This should be fun

Funny after a thread on 2 peas, I did pull out my first ever scrapbook...from the early 80's..

so, the first pic is my first layout in the current style of scrappin.
Done a couple of years ago during a class offered by a CTMH demonstrator.

2nd pic is my old scrapbook, and the last 2 are my 'layouts' from conventions I went to as a Jr. College much fun. Lets see, we were the Alpha Gamma Zeta chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

gotta go and see ya'lls...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

greatest lesson...and the Lowes Effect

from 2 peas:
What is the greatest lesson you've learned so far in your life?

gee, I've had 46 years, which do I pick?

don't put anything metallic in the microwave?

don't wear flip flops in the rain?

I guess the one I've "gotten" lately is to not judge others. To not look at what they do, what they wear and think I know what kind of person they are. To accept that we all are going through our own "walk" and I am not anyone who can make a judgement about what others are going through. Something about 'walking in someone else's shoes". There is a tendency to look at others who don't have your same mindset and think that something is wrong with them. Learning to accept and care for others. These are the lessons I think I am finally starting to 'get'. I'm not talking about saying that all actions are equal, but I am learning to look past those actions and care about the person. We are told that the greatest commandment is this, "To love the Lord your God with all your heart and your soul and to love your neighbor as yourself"

hard to put that in words, but I think you know what I mean.

yikes, got a little heavy,

how about something a little lighter.
Dh and dd are in Las Vegas for the Electronics Gadget show, so I asked him if he is finding that having dd along creates the "Lowes Effect"

YOu know, when you are at Lowes, as an overweight middle aged woman, and you CANNOT find ANYONE to help you. But when you walk through the store with a pretty young daughter at your side, well, help comes out of the woodwork. You don't even have to be in a dept, just walking through the store and guys are asking if you need assistance...Yeah, you know how that goes.

DH just chuckled and said, "Yeah, I've noticed that"

Monday, January 7, 2008

wish I had more photos...

Do you ever think back to when you were a child and wish you could relive it to get more photos to scrap the memory?

YES, also dh' fact just today, I was thinking how I'd love a pic of our childhood Christmas to place on a tag with the childhood stockings we still have.
I was also quite skinny, so I think I'd enjoy those pics!

Busy day that started early, 6 am, thank you very much. DH is out of town, so the upkeep falls to me...going out to feed the horse and dogs...I am definately glad I was born in this century, I do like our conveniences and lifestyle. Can you imagine days without indoor plumbing, central air, grocery stores and all. I definately like this century.

But can you remember growing up without personal computers, digital cameras, microwave, ATM machines, satellite, calculators...yikes. Can you imagine what our grandkids will consider everyday? Boggles the mind...but you know what, I'm gonna enjoy it!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

current pic of myself

from 2 peas:Do you try to get current pictures of yourself by doing a self photo shoot or having someone take them of you? If you have recently taken some new photos share with us

I avoid all pictures of myself. In my head, I look like my dd, and the reality is unacceptable to me!! ha! lately, I've done it both ways.. trying to figure out how 'the kids' are taking their own pics with their do they get the right angle? So, here is a recent one taken w/DH.

I did get some scrappin' done on my Christmas Journal...I'm up to the 12th,
hey, thats pretty good for me. Just finished the one about our Christmas tree, which I added glitter to the photo mat edges...what is it about Christmas that I want to add glitter?...I make such a mess...I got this glitter at the Stamping Show I went to last fall, so it is big and chunky.

Also worked on my suite bathroom..spent hours on looking for that perfect print...and dd's closet was a book of Vogue posters..and there it was, perfect for the mood I'm going for. Don't it figure? Spend hours looking and it was here all along. Still considering the sheers over the window, and though I love the shower curtain, it is too short. Oh well, it will all come together, right?

Creating lately

From 2 peas: Share what you have created lately....

well, spent most of the day working on my Project 365 blog...I have a link under Fave Blogs on the right side column.

also have been working on my Shimelle Christmas album, and hope to get back to it!!

So, today is gloomy, been raining since Friday..we were out of electricity at the house for most of yesterday, good thing I was at work!

I was hoping today would be scrappin', laundry and relaxin'...but not working out that way so far. I've been cleaning, doing laundry, decorating a little...
The back suite is now my palette, with the kids moved out and mom probably not moving back...

I put pink up in the bathroom today, just need to go to to find that piece of art to pull my colors together.

The bedroom is going to stay with an Oriental theme, but the suite is gonna have C's art deco type vogue prints put on the had sunflowers.

Hey, though that's not scrappin' that is creating, right?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

inspiration..and my Sat

from 2 peas:
What helps you get some inspiration?

just about everything, these boards, magazines, everyday little things, the patterns on clothing, color combination and pattern combination in every day items.

so, I'm back to work today. it's okay, I don't mind working on Saturday, I have the office to myself, can play the music I like..take off my shoes and that chest restrictor and be comfortable.

I just don't like being in a position where I need to work the extra day, 2 weekends in a row (and possibly next Saturday)...But it is my busiest time of year, I am not only closing December, but also the 4th Quarter and 2007. (I work in General Ledger accounting and accounts receivables) sooooo, that's just the way it is.

Oh, also been seeing in your blogs about selecting a word for the year...
after some thought, I think mine will be "POSITIVITY"
It may not actually be a word, but it is an attitude I want to have.
DD has been pointing out to me how many negative comments I make in a given day,
I hadn't noticed...I so do not want to be like my 75 year old mom...who grumbles and doesn't seem happy unless she is I will work on being more positive in my outlook this year.

When it comes to the glass...I alway just thought of it as being "half a glass" thinking myself a 'realist'...but I am gonna concentrate on looking at it as
"half full"...cuz I want to move to that positive realm.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Do you try to join scrap/card challenges to keep you going on your projects? Or for inspiration from others?

Oh Yes, I do love challenges, inspires me to sit down and 'do it' also I get inspiration from others. I don't alway post my layouts, but I do enjoy doing them.
Over the holidays, I did backslide, but I do have my Shimelle Journal in progress.
And Jan 7 is the kickoff for Faithsisters...and there is talk about a "use your stash" on Scraptalk.

Also really want to do an "about me" type thinking the Project 365 would be help for that.

Thanks to Jill and rhyzmomplus2 who responded about the Project 365 and gave me access to your blogs. Jill, I do believe your blog is the one that planted the idea in my mind. And I do want to take this weekend, I'm gonna set up a photoblog and get started.

I do want to take part in Anna B's challenge.

So exciting, we are having storms, my co-worker just came in with his umbrella all 'pushed back' from the winds...good pic for today!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Where do you see this hobby in five years?
I think it will be predominately digital...I'm sure the digital programs will get more and more 'user' friendly, and printing a digi page to create a book will get less costly and easier, and younger people will discover will go more digital.

Happy Thursday!

already a crazy morning, woke up late, so in a rush.
ugggh...when do things start to settle down?

worked out on the treadmill last night, I admit, it was more low key than Tuesday's, but I still ended up with a heating pad last night. My back felt tweaky.

I watched the Make me a Supermodel kickoff after Project Runway...NOOOOOOOO
I do not want to watch another show. I WILL NOT!!!

So, does this Challenge 365 look interesting?
A picture a day...I noticed the photo boards have a Picture of the Day thread....
guess one goal today is to find a link and get more info about this.

Okay, ya'll have a good, unrushed day!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jan 1st..a good day..busy but good

I got myself an MP3 player, now its a it at Mervyns for @$30.00
but I like it...It was in the kids section and as I registered it, I named it "Pookie"...oh well. Only one CD on it, but am listening to it while at lunch today. dd said she would show me how to download...we'll see.

Yesterday was not what I hoped. I had hoped to sleep, read and scrap. All of us, dh, dd and I ended up cleaning and organizing areas of the house. Kinda dozed on the couch to Thats Entertainment, what beautiful dance numbers. You kinda lose sight about what was special about a Fred Astaire or a Gene Kelly...then watch something like that. I esp liked Fred Astaire's number with drums in Easter Parade, and Gene Kelly's with a newspaper...pretty cool.

Got to read a little bit of the new Julie Garwood novel, I'm such a dork, Amazon contacts me before they come out and I pre-order them. But it is good so far, kinda continues with the family in one of my fave book of hers, Ransom.

But did not really some journaling typed, and did a pic on a calender dil got me... but that is it! Was hoping to accomplish so much more, oh well.

But I did get my half of the office organized, started my Bible Study, bought stuff on Scrapgalz (a relapse!!...its the fault of the pea who linked the site in a thread about college press), got on the treadmill (certain muscles are achey today) Oh, and put up goodies on the display shelves dh built me in the great room. Lots of Gone with the Wind plates and cranberry glass...and stuff. Not done, but I like it.
stuff is still in storage, sooo...gotta make do, right?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

celebrate the New Year...

from 2 peas: How did you celebrate/bring in the New Year?

Shopped all day yesterday, met my friend and her grandson...he is simply adorable by the way. Went to the Great Mall..a mile round of shopping, shopping and shopping. Went with dd, dil...after shopping we went to Trader Joe's to stock up on lunches for the week...cuz we are going to be eating healthier this year...
one of many resolutions.

Then watched Stardust with dd and dh. He made it (he usually sleeps thru movies)
but went to bed right after. went to bed @midnight, but was quickly awakened by the sound of gunshots...we live in the country, so I guess thats how some people celebrate. dummies.

I liked Stardust...looked like a fun role for Michelle Pfeiffer. And I do recommend it. Some of you may be uncomfortable with Robert DeNiro's cross dressing pirate, or be uncomfortable about your kids seeing it, so be prepared.

BUT Saturday night dd and I went to see Sweeney Todd. a movie we both Hated...I spent a lot of time looking at my dd's profile (its very pretty by the way) while turning my head to avoid the gruesome-ness. The only good thing was that Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham can sing...who'd have 'thunk'... but in general, a waste of time and money.

so, I guess its time to write out the New Year's resolutions...

1) healthier lifestyle and lose weight. Got a couple of incentives, my cruise in Oct and a possible wedding.

2) Study my Bible, I've really let that one lapse.
I'm hoping Faithsisters will help with that one.

3) Stop buying scrap supplies and use what I have!
(gotta save money for that cruise!)

3a) Finish projects I've started!!

So, I'm hoping today is a day of Scrappin', readin' and sleepin'...

ya'll have a great one!!