Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a dr's appt

have a dr's appt this morning, still my infected thumb...good news, it is no longer purple and glossy..now it is just pink and tender. Stupidly I called and asked if they just wanted to extend my prescription...cuz its healing not healed...and I got a very pissy fellow, who told me he 'can't diagnose' over the phone. I almost don't want to go, I'm afraid he'll do painful things (like lance it) cuz he's pissed.

I hung up and thought, "Hey, this isn't federal medical care yet. You can't treat me like they do at the DMV! Once this issue is taken care of, I'm switching doctors." At LEAST I still can do that.

But, its that time of month, and I'm a li'l pissy...so, I'll make allowances. ha!!

So appt at 9:30..I don't know if at this office (I'm new there cuz of a recent insurance switch)..that means 9:30 or 10:30 or 11:30..something else I'm about to find out. I'll bring a book.

It's cool and rainy outside, REALLY just want to stay home. Should go to work after the appt, but we'll see how late it goes. My back and legs are soooooo sore! Spent the weekend unpacking boxes...found a lot of 'treasures'...but I'm too old for it!

The in-laws are here for a quick visit, so got to see the kids and Adriana 3 nights in a row! Am I in heaven or what? Kinda funny, last night, after everyone else left the kid's house, I stayed to help with dishes, Nyki had taken Adriana upstairs for her bath. Adriana was in a very good, happy, loud mood. "AAAAAAAAing" in delight, and I could see J grimace...so, I told him, "just wait till she's old enough to bring friends over, then you'll have 2 or 3 girls running around making that noise" teehee, I do LOVE being a grandma!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

rough week

had some intestinal issues that started on Weds. So, I took yesterday off...I did watch a 2 disk Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. And slept a lot. And went to the 'throne' room a lot. So, the highlight of my day was Colin Firth. I did not even scrapbook....but I did pull out some pp and pics for a page. Found the cutest li'l monster pp during my last stop at Richard's in Livermore. Reminisce Monster Party...so, we'll see.

I do have one more layout from Michelle's book.

the flowers are Prima and so is the pic matt...don't you just love Prima's packaging?

My mom will be leaving me soon...at least by June, she will be back in Texas with my sis and her daughters. Of course, Bre and I are trying to co-ordinate it so Bre picks mom up in Arlington...on June 3rd...yes, at GASC! teehee

Mom likes to go there for summer break, as Bre works full time plus some and Mom does not like the idea of my neices being 'home alone'. This time, she may stay permanently...but we always leave that 'in the air'...unless there is another hurricane and power is out and she can't watch baseball..ha!!!

Bre has 2 teen daughters, one who's going to be a High School Senior...the other starting HS, or ending Jr High (not sure) So, as you can imagine, its a li'l crazy over there...ha!! BTDT!!! (teenage girls and hormones and drama...yes, I remember the days, with a certain amount of fondness ... pbbbbbbbllllttt!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

finished Michelle's album..

Michelle is my sis-in-law who passed away almost 2 years ago. After her passing my bro-in-law gave me a stack of pictures. I hadn't been able to look at them until now. So, I made a book for her...and here are just a few of the lo's for it.

this one tells the story she told us of how they met...Gordon was still with his previous girlfriend, but Michelle told us she would look at him and think "someday, Gordon, someday" The lo was done as part of a progressive challenge on Scrapbooks.com.

Another progressive challenge layout..used tissue paper to make the flowers.

I did a lot of my lo's while at a crop, then I picked up this picture of their shadows and the heart...it is my fave pic and nothing I did at the crop felt right.

This is a complete lift from a lo I saw in the Scrapbook.com gallery...Karen W.'s Grow... you should check out her gallery... simply gorgeous.

And though this is not the final page in the book it is the last one done, for the Build it Bingo challenge.

I'm not sure what to do with the book. We are in the midst of this crazy move, so I don't think Gordon wants it now. But I'll let him know and let him decide if he wants it or not... we will see.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

rough night...

DH's company is in the midst of a move. He was up today and yesterday at 5am and got home late...last night, he was tossing and turning...moaning and groaning...and yes 'snorting'. (when he takes a deep breath at night, it ends with a snort)

ANYways, for only the 3rd or 4th time in our marriage, I ended up leaving our room to sleep in the guest room aka 'the Princess room'.

When I woke up this morning my first thought was, "This room is NIIIIIIIICE!"

I have Caribbean Teal walls, white linens, silver and dark wood. The mattress is mid-grade (not the cheapest not the most expensive) and the sheets are 400 count.

so here is a tour:

this is actually the first thing you see when you wake up, it was an inexpensive Walmart find, with the small collection of Gund on top

this kidney shaped vanity was an Ebay purchase, I got it plain, and mom and I covered it and made the skirt with an old sheet. I got the mirror at Urban Outfitters and I love train cases.

This is the Art Deco art..I don't remember the artist...but I looooove these. And the headboard was another ebay find.

this is the dresser my dd LOVES as it is taller than her!!!
I loooove that sepia dance print...

and here is the faux fur rug...I love the addition of this textile in this room (I took the pic with the light off...oh, and haven't made the bed yet)

The all white idea was inspired by a pic I saw on HGTV.com...the designer for it said in an all white room, you need to bring in various textures...so I got the furry rug, the taffeta bedspread, the sheer curtains and the cottons on the vanity...
I was going to do a shade of white on the walls, but FELL in love with this teal color. Before everything went in and only the walls were painted..dh and my mom thought I was CRAZY!! But when the bed was made and the white brought in...my mom is the one who christened it, 'the Princess room'

I was also inspired by a statement dd made many years ago, about how she'd like an all white room with her black cat...of course, the reality is black cat is banned from the room...the fur is too hard to clean!! ha!!

Hope you enjoyed my li'l tour of one of my fave rooms...since I have a house of 30 colors...I'll probably post more...ha!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

think its gonna be a good weekend!!

I have today off! (Thurs) as our company is moving...I finished packing my area yesterday, so I have today off...everyone else is finishing their packing.

Tomorrow, everything gets moved. They hired movers, so most of us employees have the day off.

BUT over the weekend, we all need to make an 'appearance' to set up our areas...so we can be up and running on Monday...

So, my plan, is to go on Saturday...mom will come with me and after I set up my cube...we will go to Manpuku for lunch (if ya'll like sushi, I highly recommend Manpuku in Livermore)

So, today off...prob go to Modesto with mom (she is down to her last carton of cigs)
hope to scrapbook also

Friday, after church...PLEASANTON Scrapbook Expo!!

Saturday, work...then Manpuku!!

except for babysitting Adriana, pretty much my 'dream' weekend.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm hooooome....

and I'll just say it! I miss that li'l girl!! I miss her smile in the morning, the happy dance we do together and watching her eat breakfast with both hands!! ha!!

Guess my back got real used to their temperpedic mattress. I woke up with a back ache.

Today, off to the church to finish cutting checks...Fri I only did the essentials, as mom was with Adriana...and at 77 years of age, I was worried that Adriana would be too much for her. Then gotta make a dr's appt. My thumb is infected and inflamed, a while ago, one of Winston's claws got 'stuck' in the area between nail and skin...yeah. Its been 'tender', but yesterday it is now shiny, puffy and an odd shade of red/purple. Gotta get it looked at and get some antibiotics.

I HATE going to the dr. And we just changed insurance, so this will be a new one. They'll make me get on a scale and tell me I'm overweight...blah, blah, blah.

This is what I saw for most of the weekend:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

some observations, after 2.5 days...

My mom-in-law used to say, that, "taking care of the babies is for young women..they have the energy for it"...she was correct.

I don't know if baby monitors are good for grandmas to use. Of course any li'l sound makes you 'startle'...then she just sounds so cute you want to get up and cuddle her anyways.

My knees don't like stairs.

Both Adriana and I like Costco Animal Crackers for our afternoon snack.

Winston is very clingy (I brought him with me) and he wants to BE the baby!!
(follows me around, meows at the door) (he is sleeping on Nyki's desk as I type)

GreatGrandmas..G.G., is worse than grandmas when it comes to spoiling. At least I'm willing to let her cry a li'l in the playpen..G.G. not so much.

As adorable as Adriana is...Patience is NOT her middle name.

And I think after 2.5 days, Adriana is missing her parents and is gonna be one HAPPY li'l girl tomorrow afternoon...and gma is gonna be one exhausted gma...for the next couple of days!! (good thing I took Monday off)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Farmville Addict....

so, I'm up to the Plantation...where do I go from here?

I do 'only' have 3 houses...


also playing Petville...so CUTE!! I'm having fun decorating my pet, Truffle's house..teehee

This is a big week for me...from Thurs to Sunday I am babysitting Adriana while the kids go to Vegas!! They are boarding the dog (whew!) so for almost 4 days, it will be me, mom and my li'l angel. I am a li'l nervous...Its been a few years since I've lived with a baby. And she is a new 'walker'...good thing about being grandma, she is the ONLY thing I have to worry about...so, I can keep an eye on her the whole time she is awake. I don't have to worry about housekeeping or laundry or that dumb dog! ha!! We are staying at her house...and..I will be bringing my workout videos...and some scrapping for naptimes and after she goes to bed. But I'll probably be so exhausted...

I'm also having some packages sent there..

yay! yay! I get to miss work and see my li'l angel!! yay! yay!

We've had some practice...I've stayed the night, spent mornings with her and have put her to bed...so, hopefully, we'll be okay. I KNOW she is going to miss her parents...and will probably be pretty clingy when they get back...but I hope she doesn't have problems while they are gone...ya know?? But this is the first overnight/weekend trip. We'll have to see.

Friday, March 5, 2010

been a while..

not much going on..weather is yucky...lots of rainy days...but it sure is green!!

Did a bit of scrappin' last weekend, esp worked on a memorial book for Michelle.

today, after going to the church, I started dinner in the crockpot, cleaned boxes, did my new dvd (ouchie) abs and legs are in pain...but its a fun workout!

and have lounged a bit watching some of the NCIS I had dvr'd.

Oh, do have some pics to share. I think I shared with ya'll that the 'powers' at work, let me pick some of the colors for the new shop...teehee...well, here they are!

this is the Lobby area...

the story behind the general work area. I had to work with the ugly gray/blue cubicles. I saw an orangy color in a Lowes magazine and loved it...so, Monica and I went to Lowes, but found the magazine color a bit too 'rosey orange'...so we grabbed a few chips and chose these...

last week as dh was taking me to see it, he told me he did not like the blue on the column. So, I walked into the shop prepared to tell him, ok..paint it all brown...but when I saw it...I LOVED it!! And on Thursday, my boss, the Gen'l Manager, told me he thought I was a li'l off...but now that doors are stained..he's really starting to like it also.

I wish they'd let me continue with the conference room and offices...and bathrooms.
and I wish I could paint the ceilings...oh well!