Monday, May 31, 2010

back to work, pooey

my weekend is over. Today started out really computer is acting 'wonky', so I spent the morning making discs of my pictures. AND as I had pics highlighted to copy to would make a copy in the file...I would highlight to delete...and it would make more copies! After much pounding on the desk, and cursing..I just concentrated on those discs. Gonna take my computer to work, so the IT guy can 'blow it out'.

I cleaned floors...all the tile floors. AND then took mom to the Nat'l cemetary so we could pay our respects to my dad. The place has grown, and was busy for Memorial, I admit, I got lost. BUT we did find it. She placed some yellow fake Japanese mums..she wanted yellow cuz its her fave color; the fake, so they'll last a while..and Japanese mums cuz she is Japanese. She just wanted to let Dad 'know' she was thinking of him. I put a small American flag with them. It was tough, but I'm glad we went. It is hard to 'revisit' the fact that he is gone.

She will be leaving for Texas on Thurs. This is supposed to be the last time, we'll see how it works out. The cats are looking forward to 'hanging out' in her room! teehee.

Came home and a family from church and Bible Study was visiting. The daughter, Jessica brought some of her pics and we started a scrapbook for her. We only had time to do her 'cover page'...but it was fun. She is @7 or 8 years old, she left her stuff..and we will work on it Weds nights when her dad is here for Michael's bible study. So, I have a 'once a week' scrappin buddy! ha!!

Then went to church to help do some crafting for the Apricot Fiesta booth. We decorated magnetic crosses. It was actually kinda fun! We worked with glitter paints, hot glue guns, fake flowers and sequins. AND one of the ladies in the Helping Hands committee bought one of my chalkboards. The one with the pink, glittery butterfly.

okay, off to shower, I only did a mile on the treadmill..with my late was after 9...but, gotta work tomorrow..lots to do...end of the month close! fun, fun.

Friday, May 28, 2010

well, geee...tough computer day, but I learned alot

dsil helped me get the internet running last night, over the phone he had me do a couple of diagnostics...then 'run' a program. Got it going. While I was 'netting, a message came up thru my AVG program...2 files with a 'Trojan Horse'...EEEEEEk call dsil! So we hit the button on the AVG, he has me install 'Avast'...and while installing more AVG messages about more 'Trojan Horse'!! lets just say, I run complete scans with BOTH Avast and AVG....and ....just craziness! But I did learn alot...

so, hopefully, all my security programs 'caught' anything before bad stuff happened.

sooooo, beyond all the computer fun, here is the stuff I crafted on Thurs..

I made these to sell at the Fiesta, Helping Hands is having a hand craft booth, just took some Stampin Up chalkboard graphics, put them in old pic frames, and used my cricut to cut cute shapes.
I was supposed to sew aprons for the booth...but my sewing is not good enough to sell. My seams are not consistent and straight, so I made these instead.

I also finished the details on this lo of my aunt in her traditional bride dress...

aaannnddd, taaa-daaa!! finished my jean purse! Mommy laughs at me...cuz they are so BIG!! told her that's the point, it will be a constant reminder to not let myself get that big again.

I really like the fabric I used on the has a zippered compartment on one side and 3 pockets on the other...but its a mess...not 'sellable' but good enough for me!

today is the first day of my 4 day weekend...gotta do stuff around the house, cut checks, run errands in town...wonder if I can scrapbook today! would LOVE to finish that Japanese heritage album...and the last 2 lo's for C's dance/cheer album.

oh, and for Spark's Step 3...need to watch an inspiring/motivating movie...any ideas?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

no internet, on my computer

but its working on Michael's, we are connected to the same modem. What's up with that?

I've got one more day of work, then my 4 day weekend starts. Today is the payroll reports or I wouldn't bother. ha!!! But next week is a short one..and the end of the month. FUN!

No gain or loss this week, but I'm okay with this is 'that time of month', so NOT gaining is ALWAYS a plus!!

I get to babysit a little while tomorrow, J is doing overtime, Nyki is going to meet some friends to see Sex In The City I get Adriana during the 'overlap' YEAH

have I mentioned that mom is going back to Texas? She leaves next Thurs. We are thinking this is the last time, as Bre's new house is ALMOST DONE! So, Bre and the girls will move into their new home, mom will live in their old one..cuz Bre does not want to sell (and really can't in this market) (though TX may not be as bad as CA)... so mom will have a home of her own, her own garden, NO pets, and be close enough to the girls...sounds like the ideal setup for her...something that will work all the way around. She has neighbors she likes to visit, except she said the li'l old man once asked her for s*x. HA!!

Oh, I was good with the Biggest Loser finale, THEY ALL looked great. well, kinda. I thought they were all winners, except Melissa..she is still a byotch!! Did you see the way she walked on stage? I fastforwarded thru her weigh in, as long as she did not win...I don't care. My only, 'druther, was that the middle aged women seemed to look OLDER with the weight loss. I told Nyki, if losing weight makes me look older, I'm gonna put the weight back on!!

Wow, I have CMT on and Gloriana is one good group!! time to get a new cd!

did do some scrappin and crafting yesterday. finished my jean purse, I have a pic on the other computer...but can't post! ha, lets just say its HUGE! Mom laughs at me..BUT that's the point, to remind me not to let myself get that big again!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

well, the dog keeps leaving.

He left last Monday morning...came back on Weds to eat and drink...he did hang out Friday, spent the 'night' but was gone by Sat afternoon. I wish he would stay...but Michael does not have another fence collar to put on him. Guess we'll make the decision about 'collaring' him after we get back from our vacation in a couple of weeks. Last night we were 'startled' by the sounds of coyotes in a frenzy...we just hope it was not him. Kinda breaks my heart.

Have I mentioned that I HATE coyotes.

Went to a crop on Sunday...worked on my Japanese family album. These were tough pics, as they were pulled out of an adhesive album, so they were slightly curled and hard to glue down. Yes, I used the originals, but don't worry I scanned copies.
AND emailed those copies to my sisters. I really wanted to get this done before mom left, so she could tell me who was who and stuff.

Once this is done, hope to work on the Indiana side album.

EEEEEk! its almost 9 am! buetter get my butt in gear!! got work today, but need to eat my breakfast and exercise!! last week of the dance workout month, I'll switch to Jillian Michaels!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

got to crop on Sunday!

the best part is that Terry was there! Its been a long time since she has been able to join a crop.

I worked on C's dance pics. I did not bring very much, just paper 'kits' based on the photo, and basic embellies. So I basically got them matted and on paper...will embellish later. there are so many themes and colors, I couldn't pack embellies for all of them. AND it felt 'weird' to crop without a cricut.

There is going to be a crop next Sunday...think I'll go after church and work on the heritage album for mom's side of the family. I do want to go thru that while she is still here.

And then first week of June, mom leaves for Texas!

We may have a new dog. A German Shepherd has been appearing on the property for a week or so, this weekend, he has 'hung out'. We really like him, and hope that he is a 'fit'..and yes, that Kema and Rocks don't attack him. so far, so good. But you know how 'changeable' dogs can be, but the Shepherd, Michael is calling him Dude...shows the older dogs the proper amount of submissiveness.

did not exercise over the weekend...since I'll be busy the next two nights, gotta do it in the morning...too much fun!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

guest bed and bath

there is a thread on 2 peas asking for pics of your guest bedroom and bath...

went for a 'spa' feel in the guest bath.

Michael chipped the mirror when he installed it..but you know, I kept it, life isn't perfect so...

the 'princess room', my mom actually coined that phrase. At first everyone thought I was on 'crack'...the Carribbean teal walls were quite...yeah...but as soon as the chrome and white went in...they 'saw' it.

included this pic, so you can see the dark dd loves this dresser, cuz it is taller than her.

and here is the 'texas' room. when I had that quilt at the old house, dd asked, "you aren't going to put that on a bed at the new house, are you?" I could honestly say "No, I'm not putting it on a bed!"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my 3rd day...

of not going to work.

I don't know what is going on...I'll be 49 this month...does the body just fall apart?

I think its allergies...spigot nose, cough, sore throat..but also some other symptoms...slight fever, chills, filling the toilet, a general achey feel could I have a slight flu complicated by heavy allergy symptoms.??

On Monday, I sat down to scrap but could not focus and get anything done. On Tues, I went to work, for 30 min, but started to feel some chills and slight fever and went home. 30 min, my commute is 90 minutes total...yeah, whatta waste of gas.

and the worst thing for me, I had to cancel my Tues night babysitting. I sure do miss my Adriana!! though her mom says she's been a 'grumpy mess' this week also. Of course, I told her, Adriana just needs her grandma!! ha!!

I'm having soup as I type, then I guess its back to bed for me. another day of sleeping...I know that rest is good. But, man, it feels like such a waste!

I think what I'll do is go to work on Sat...if I'm makes sense. Then there will also be NO distractions and I can get my April close finished. I am one day from getting it done!! just have a few last frustrating. Hey, if I were done, I'd just take the week off and call it a vacation...ya know.

I have a crop on Sunday...supposed to bring "spring" themed goodies to exchange...I have an idea..BUT, when will I work on it? ha!!

okay, soup is done and bed is calling. One good thing, I get to spend more time with Percy, my cat. AND there is a mystery to be solved, Cassandra (our older princess cat) disappears during the day...I'd sure like to find her hideout!

the 'princess', she sleeps next to me at night...but where is she during the day?

This one is easy to find...just listen for crashing sounds...siiiiiigh

and here is 'momma's boy', very content to snuggle and nap-i-pooh with her...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

30 lbs!! woot woot!

been trying to keep the weight loss on my Sparkpeople blog..but just had to celebrate! I got a fun surprise last Thurs morn...30 lbs gone. I now weigh what my drivers license says I weigh (does that mean I gotta change it, cuz we women always underestimate)

and yes, went out and celebrated with that Red Robin Royal burger I've been promising myself since my 10 lb loss. Okay, had 1/2 of it, with no cheese and gave mom the bacon...also had a side salad instead of, kept it down to about 700 calories. (a lot for a single meal)

My first time to try the royal (with a fried egg) and it was YUMMY!!!!!

So, I guess I'll get another one after my next 30 lbs!

okay, here is the ugly...

I took this pic at @20 lbs pants are a li'l loose around 'Beatrice' (that's what I named my tummy)

took this one of her Thurs morn...sure ain't pretty, but it's PROGRESS!

so, my mom, being her usual outspoken self asked yesterday, "what are you going to do about your 'floppy' skin? I know there is surgery, but you don't do that"

I told her, "gotta exercise so it will tighten up", I guess for the next phase I'll be looking for good ab exercises..tempted to try some Jillian Michaels but also very intimidated. Feel like I gotta be in shape for her dvd's.!! But, I'm getting there!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

it's my fave month...MAY!!

In the past it was my fave, cuz you have Mother's Day followed by my I was always spoiled. BUT, since the kids are more all day shopping trips cuz mom loves it...siiiiiigh. Also, in the past, I did not have the miserable allergy symptoms I now have in my old age...poo-ey.

And its been a tough 2 days at know, the oddball mistakes that happen to screw up your numbers...yeah, 2 days of it so far. I won't go into detail...but, aye yi yi. Had to do 2 - number by number audits...and it turned out to be 'oddball' stuff. BUT it can only get better, RIGHT!!

We started our Biggest Loser at work...only 4 of us signed up, but that is okay. We will still lose weight. We decided to go for a 3 month period, $20 per 'pot' the winner gets $240. We are going by % lost...and I am the 'biggest' going in. Oh well!! I am hoping this incentive will help 'jumpstart' me. I've been averaging a pound a, far a total of 27 lbs...since November!! (if you are doing the math, in Feb. I didn't lose anything!)

we had our weigh in today, jumped on the scale in shipping...aye yi yi. I have to lose more have the same % loss as the other gals. gal 1 is starting at 2 at 3 at 169...and me, at ____, ha!

Went to a crop last weekend...maybe I'll post some pics of some of the pages. We'll see how motivated/lazy I am. I may, my sis likes to see my pages...

off to babysit!! and watch biggest loser!! ta-ta!!