Saturday, January 30, 2010

missing out...

I'm pretty much recovered...slept today also. There is a fundraiser dinner tonight, $50 a plate steak dinner...and I'm going to have to miss out on it. But I don't think its responsible to go out in 'crowds' while I'm on the tail end of this thing.

We'll see about church in the morning. If I'm not coughing...

BUT I am hoping I'm strong enough tomorrow to go to work and do that archiving!
(I know, backwards, don't work on a Sunday...but I made today my day of rest, so I think its okay)

Trying to select a book for Feb..I've got so many on my bedroom floor near my bedside table that I just kinda reached and took the one on top of one of the piles..

grabbed "Three Cups of Tea" but the review on Goodreads was mixed.

divided between finishing the layout on my desk and snuggling on the couch with the book...and don't deviled eggs sound good???

Friday, January 29, 2010

stayed home from work..not my fault!

I'm sick. It started yesterday morning with some sneezing...okay, I sneeze every morning, as I am allergic to mornings. But as I was at developed to LOTS of sneezing, runny nose, slight chills and HEADACHE!!! to the point, where Tom was telling me to "Go Home!!". Now, I commute with my dh, so, until HE was ready that was not an option for me. Finally at 4pm, told dh, "take me home, I feel like sh*t"..he told me "You look like sh*t, and I am taking you home" He bought me cans of soup at the grocery store and brought me home. I've been sleeping pretty much ever since. Except to harvest my Farmville crops. teehee

My mom, as soon as I got home, told me to 'stay away from her'...yeah, no maternal instinct at all. My 'companion' has been the kitten. He won't let me out of his sight. Sometimes, when he is sweet and mellow, that is good. But when he wants to play...not so good.

I think I've gone thru a whole box of kleenexes...and all I can say is THANK GOD for tylenol sinus!! I tell you at one point, I wanted to drill a hole in my head, cuz the head pain was sooooo bad!!

okay, gotta check on this morning's farmville crops...I've had my soup..then back to bed for me and the kitten.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

skipped work and scrapped and babysat...great day

got to scrap..just needed a couple more layouts to finish Adriana's first book.
This lo was, hmmmm interesting. Chose the purple by accident...while looking for a ribbon, kinda jokingly pulled out the purple, but when I held it up...I LIKED it!

the 'cuddle' is a Slice word...and the glimmer..yeah. While trying to.. oh, so, carefully.. trace the word with my smooch ink...the kitten comes up and 'bats' the can see it in the first 'd'. I always tell my dil, 'there are no mistakes in scrapbooking only opportunities to embellish'...right? could the only exception be kittens???

then I notice the paw smudge in the corner. so, what do I do? I chose to make a note in the corner that the smudge was Winston's...and made some other random smudges around the paper! what else?

then I spent the evening with Adriana...I haven't seen her in 2 weeks!!! And what a difference in 2 weeks...she shakes her head 'nooooo' (when you do); imitates you when you say "ah" or "oh"...pays attention (every now and then) to the tv (so I had Nick Jr) on...she really seems to enjoy the music. She is getting a she went to bed a li'l before 7:30.

I told her, "why don't you go to sleep like a 'normal' baby. Grandma will lay you down, put the covers ON you, put the bunny next to hug her..and fall asleep?"


She proceeded to sit up, kick the covers till they were bunched up...and then did a belly flop on top of fall asleep. (I was able to take the cover under her feet and put it on top of her...after she was asleep) Sometimes, I've seen her take a corner of a blanket (in that position) and hold it to her chest as she slept.

oh well, her auntie used to sleep in a perpendicular position across the crib, with her legs hanging out...and she turned out okay...yeah

Monday, January 25, 2010


yesterday I went to an all day crop...
one 'challenge' was that this place has a well stocked fridge full of sodas, but my victory was that I DID NOT HAVE ANY!! woot woot

before going, I called my dd and told her "if I have a pepsi, I'll send you $50"
hoping that the thought that this is a $50 pepsi...would stop me. But my cropping friends also said, "that would be one delicious pepsi! you'll enjoy every drop!" ha!! But, though I was tempted by the gals around me drinking pepsi (4 out 5)...I did not succumb. BUT i did have a sliver of cheesecake! very small, about 4 bites, but still...betting the calories were more than a pepsi!

I got a lot of pages done, first page was this one for the 'ugly paper' challenge at pp is what was sent to me this month. I thought 'heritage' so, I used this pic of my dad and his family in the early 1940's. I took a strip of the orange one and 'twirled' it on a pen to create the curly...kinda cool....

then I worked on Adriana's pages. Fun to do baby girl pages...don't have any pics.

my problem...I'm getting bored with my 'style'. Gotta figure out how to change it up. I pick a pp to go with the 'theme'..try to make sure it goes with the pic (though I don't matchy matchy) then matt the pic...then set it, then embellish or use a 'technique' and my pages are very simple...

I know the 'ways' to expand your style, scraplifting, challenges...books.
I do have the Elsie 'recipe cards'...maybe...I should 'break' them out.

oh, has anyone else been getting 'spam' comments??? aye yi yi...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

my poor li'l guy...

This is Percy, he is my 'baby' boy...almost 10 years old and as you can tell, a li'l overweight. I took him to the vet yesterday, and he weighed in at 17 lbs.

Those of you who have cats, know thats a li'l big and not so healthy...and the 2nd part of the vet's news was not good. He also has a bit of a heart murmur..she rated it a 2 out of 6. We are putting him a new 'lifestyle change' also (like his mom) ...and hoping he can lose @5 lbs. Hopefully, that will also take care of the heart murmur. He is pretty healthy..other than the weight. I need to check his weight every month..and will take him back in about 6 months.

We are having to change how all the cats are fed to accomplish this. We were just filling bowls twice a day and leaving them out all day and we have to feed them seperately and pick up the bowls. As you can guess, the li'l naughty one, aka Winston Thornapple, has already made his way into the cabinet where the bowls are snag himself an extra snack. And thats another problem, Winston is @8 lbs...still a growing, we've got to figure out ways for HIM to have extra servings...aye yi yi.

Speaking of weighing Percy, the vet suggested that I test our scale, by stepping on it with and without him...this morning I weighed in at 197.2...but on Thursday, I was 200.4...I don't believe I lost 3 lbs in 2 days. I WISH, but I don't think so.

Tomorrow is a crop!! yay!! I printed pics of Adriana..gonna work on her book. So packed a lot of baby and pink stuff...speaking of which...lets see if I have any recent pics...

there's my li'l angel..can you believe how light her hair is getting???? looks like mom's..oh my, gotta drop all the 'blonde' jokes and comments.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Wish I could say I LOVE exercising..but, I'm simply not there..yet.

Just finished my dvd with the leg isolation..can you say squats...UGGGH

Though I'm not at work today, it does not feel like a 'day off'. Lets see, went to church and cut the checks, reconciled bank statements...@2 hours of stuff today. One highlight, did see my ddil...though no Adriana...but still nice to see ddil.

Came home, had lunch, watched a dvr'd Dr. Oz show..eeeeewww!! He did the germs in dips and candy dishes...can you say YUCK!!! I'll probably never dip again...unless everyone involved puts a spoonful on their plate.

Did my dvd... and now need to finish a couple of things before taking 'the boys' to the vet. Cats that is. After his 'bad boy' sticker last week, I am taking Winston to Percy's appt. The vet thinks that if he can get used their smells, and go in without being 'poked and prodded', he'll be less 'feral' the next time. I don't know...

still need to plan next week's menu and grocery shop...

so, its not feeling like a day off!

But at least after all the dark skies and rain..right at this moment we do have some sunshine...that is nice. I don't know how long it will last...but for the moment..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my mom thinks I'm a li'l crazy...salad related

but since this lifestyle change, my life has become about side, I've started taking pics of them..

here are a couple of my faves...The Red Lobster side salad, it came with a ring of red onion, but I took it off. according to the Red Lobster table menu,the back of the small one at the table, these are 90 calories..

The Denny's side salad, also had a red onion ring...according to their menu...133 calories..guess the main difference is the cheese.

So far, I've had good experiences with both salads...fresh and yummy.
(yes I know 1000 island dressing is high in calories...but it is my fave...I am starting to change over to ranch...) And I appreciate the fact that both restarants have calorie counter menus available.

We are under the storms you may be hearing about in California...I know rain is needed esp here in the central valley, but it sure ain't fun!! And living out here in the 'boondocks' there is concern about losing electricity! Here is mom bundled up for her 'daily walk' to the gate...but, today the wind is blowing so, at 91 lbs..she'll probably stay in today!! ha!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

its almost time for our trip!

Me and mom are taking off for part of the weekend. We will be at Chukchansie for Sunday and coming home on Monday. We will be meeting Michele and her parents...figured since Mom likes to gamble (slots)..and she seems to like Michele's would be good for her to have a li'l weekend getaway, before going back to Houston.

Work has been a 'pill'. stupid little problems I have to think out. like how to separate the insurance for both companies being paid by one. stupid little transposing acct #'s , switching debits and credits...all done by ME!
I've given my boss at least 3 correcting entries that I can't blame on anyone else but me! UGGGGHHHH!!!

Mom is constantly grumbling...dh is not feeling real well, he's been working too hard on the company's move and then on the Homeless community group he is in. Hard physical work of moving the cubicles..they were supposed to open last night...the city shut them down. and the mental stress of planning...He is tossing and turning at night.

Soooooo, since I'm not into gambling, I am bringing a book, a craft project, bubble bath...and am spending some down time in the hotel room. (Michele and her mom got us free luxury rooms) Yes, I'll bring my workout stuff..Michele and I are planning some time in the work-out room also.

Oh,'s official, I have lost 15lbs.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I didn't go to work yesterday..

It was actually an unexpected day off.

My car has been getting 'shaky' on the freeway, I had dh drive it last week, he told me, 'stop by the dealership and have them balance your tire". He thought it would take a few minutes. So, its the next morning and I am still without a car.

So much to do, including work, once I get the car.

But, I tried to be productive yesterday. Found a home for the Christmas trees, dry mopped the hardwood floors and did some dusting. Cooked dinner, made 'miso cod' from the cook this not that book...and read a book. Sizzle by Julie Garwood, yes, read it all in one day. I love her books, the historical and the modern ...and how they tie together. As in this one..Sam Kincaid is descended from Alec Kincaid (The Bride)
and how the Buchanans (from the rest of the modern series) are descended from Brodick Buchanan (from "Ransom" the first book of hers I ever read)...just love it.

on Sunday, I watched "Texas" a movie based on the James Michner book. Its an older movie, with Benjamin Bratt, Patrick Duffy...but very good. Of all the movies I've watched about Texas and the Alamo...this is my fave. Have any of ya'll ever been to the Alamo. There is something surreal about that place. I'm not one who believes in ghosts and spirits...but...there is an energy there. Being a proud Texan, to me it is a positive feeling.. it just echoes from its walls.

But I don't always feel positive about places. Santa Cruz is one that comes to mind, the 'energy' there is very negative to me. It reminds me of a store that used to be at the Great Mall in Milpitas. It sold odd things, crystals and stuff. And the 'energy' came at you like a blast...even my children were uncomfortable and it was them who asked us to leave that store, many years ago. It reminds me of the Jr. High campus here in town.

What a weird thing to blog about.

We are having a 'goodie' exchange at the crop in a couple of weekends..what to bring?? the 'goodie' is open-ended...a scrap goodie, a treat. Gotta put my thinking cap on...any ideas???

Monday, January 11, 2010

weekend was busy, but I had 'help'

Friday was a little 'eh' but was able to get quite a bit done on Sat and, this morning feel like I accomplished something. I treadmilled 40 minutes on both days. Guess what, when you dvr a program to treadmill..and fast forward thru the commercials, you finish the program in 40 minutes.

I'm gonna be busy the next couple of weekends..but good stuff. Like the 17th/18th mom and I are going to Chuckchancie (think thats how you spell it) Casinos with Michele and her parents. Then the following weekend is a crop!

But, this week is work...waa waa whaa..oh well, have a lot to do there. And gotta get it all done. (to justify taking Monday off) (teehee)

Saturday was taking down the Christmas decorations. phew! down to taping up and finding the place to store my trees. I'm gonna keep them inside, tired of losing them to mice! Mom and I went to Walmart to buy some containers and cat stuff.

Sunday, I did 'scrapbook'; made my visualization page and a motivation page for my weight loss book...and a couple of bookmarks. Took my motivation prompts from the Sparkpeople website and turned that into a bookmark ...and a quote on a set of stamps, that say "The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes". I also organized my cricut some shelves installed.

and here is li'l guy, 'helping' while I scrapped. What is it about cats, all the places to sit...and this is where he HAS to be while I am scrappin'...

and here he is when my drawer was opened...why we have to be so careful about closing stuff!!

yeah, he's a lot of fun!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I have some time...hmmm

what do I do with it..

I'm done with my 'have to's' on this Friday..well, I do have to start dinner @1 (its a crockpot meal)...but other than that, today is MINE!!

so, scrapbook? read? lounge in front of tv? nap?

what should I do...hmmm...
start putting away Christmas decorations.
work on finishing JYC, think I'm on the 15th
my Spark visualization page...


just not feeling motivated here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


right? that is the name of the game.

so much I want to accomplish, gotta just sit down and do them.
or get off the couch to do them. so, gotta prioritize...

I do this so well at work..gotta bring it into my home life, also.

I've got to take a hard look at my computer time. I spend time on Facebook, 2 Peas, and Sparkpeople. I find I am spending less time on 2Peas.

But I do want to do the Bible reading plan that Pastor Kent gave us on Sunday.

so, to squeeze into the morning...Bible reading, food routine (starting daily journal), computer time (the things I don't have access to at work), shower..

go to work...well, the days I do work. (teehee)

and in the evenings...treadmill, book reading and my NCIS! Oh! that's right, tv should also be treadmill time. oh, and Farmville on Facebook!
AND I have an idea for a book I want to write (ha!!!)...yeah, it will be one of those computer books..what is that site called? but, hey, why not???

Its all 'do-able' just gotta have the discipline...

I look at my mom, she knows she wants to be done with her day before her she spends the morning - doing! She knows what she will be doing every day...

I used to be like that, if you can believe it, when I was a stay at home mom. I knew what chore I'd be doing each day..and did it! I maintained the kids' activity was good. It was going back to work that threw me off. But I can take back that discipline.

One of my sisters was here for a week. During the first couple of days, she organized my linen closet and my pantry. She was full of nervous energy, unable to sleep and relax. She has a lot going on in her life...a lot of drama...but I think this need to have everything neat and organized around her is her way of maintaining control. At least that is how I read it. By the end of the week, she started sleeping more and getting more relaxed. THEN it became a vacation for her.

okay, off to read that Bible...if you are interested in the plan, it is from it is a plan to read through the Bible in 271 steps, you can use it to read the Bible in a year..or more... it breaks it down..but doesn't give you 'dates' so you can do it at your own pace.

Monday, January 4, 2010

well, 2010

off to an interesting start...we'll see what it brings.

so far, I am 'into' Farmville! Like waking up early to harvest those cranberries.. yikes, how did THAT happen??

my 'lifestyle change' has been 'hit and miss', a couple of 'victories', passing on the Claim Jumpers Chocolate Silk pie a couple of nights ago and ice cream when my family stopped yesterday (luckily I had one of those 120 cal bags of caramel popcorn in the car)....BUT did not exercise or track my calories yesterday.

Tracking calories, though I'm doing it online is the toughest discipline for me.

and eating small meals 6 times...that is actually tough. Time gets away, you don't feel all that hungry..aye yi yi.

and the slooooow weight loss, averaging @ 1 lb a week...sometimes you wonder if this is worth it, ya know. But I try to picture myself next Christmas at my goal to wear cute, just gotta keep that in mind.

But I am surrounded by encouraging friends and family.

so, guess I'm determined...2010 will be the year I finally achieve this goal. And hopefully add other 'disciplines' to my life, like learning to within a budget (ha!)..daily Bible reading/devotions... reading the stack of books on my bedside table.

Okay, one step at a time.

I have been scrapbooking. My sis brought some of the sport pics of her son, and we were scapping them on Sat. She sat down and did one layout...spent the rest of the time on her cell or on the internet. Oh well!! I got to scrap!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!!

Being half Japanese, We've adjusted a couple of the Japanese traditions for New Year.

The Japanese usually give a gift of money...I give a Christian book every year.
I try to 'match' them according to what each member of the family is experiencing.

My mom believes that 'whatever you do' on NY's what you'll be doing all year.

So, this morning I worked out with my dvd...then plan to scrap/read or shop all day!

AND we are having a very traditional Japenese meal...Sukiyaki, CA Rolls (my mom does not like raw fish, so, no sushi)...Japanese sweet beans and a Carrot/Daikon salad.

So, Happy New Year, ya'll...!!