Wednesday, December 30, 2009

prepping for the New Year...

ha!! My mom is the Japanese tradition to have EVERYthing cleaned before New Year's NYD can be a day of rest. I think the mindset is that 'whatever you are doing on'll be doing all year'. That's why I like to go shopping!! ha!!

This year, I hope to be scrapbooking. Seriously, my sis, Linda arrived and she brought some, hopefully we can set up a crop area soon..and be scrappin'!! (her first time)(hopefully, I can get her to join the addiction) (teehee)

I am working today...just a quick 'stop' at the shop to prep a few things for the close.

Okay, off for the day...if I'm not back before...Happy New Year's Ya'll!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

fun!! but, is it over??

ha! What a great week. Having C and Chris home, all the get-togethers..yes, all the food. Christmas for us was extended, as we opened stockings and Adriana opened her gifts yesterday morning (so her Dad could be there)

Tomorrow, I pick up my sister and her son. So, at our house, the 'holidays' are continuing. But, I've GOT to get back to my 'lifestyle change' and stop eating the goodies. I may actually throw some stuff away, ya know. AND return to my daily exercise..I DO NOT EVEN want to get on that scale!

Wish us luck, this is the 'estranged' sister...we are hoping with this visit a 'bridge' can be built. We'll see!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

last night,

was our mini-Christmas. Ds works the next 3 days, he's a police officer, and dd and dsil arrived last night at 8:40 pm...sooooooooo, around 11 at night, when they arrived from the airport, we had our mini-Christmas gift exchange with the kids. (Adriana was asleep, so she will have hers sometime when her daddy is home with her)(luckily she is young enough that it doesn't matter to her what day it is).

It was fun...I got a cushy exercise mat (I've been putting a pillow under my knees for my sit ups), an ornament I can put photos in, a "Bella" scrapbooking set and 2 packages of pet-a-loo flowers. My kids know me so well!!

I had a li'l fun with of his gifts was a gift card to Game Stop. So, I put it in a dvd holder for a movie called "These Old Broads" should have SEEEEN the look on his face. He said, "I got These Old Broads..????", I told him "look inside"...teehee. He told us he was thinking... that he 'wasn't sure HOW to react', "is it an initiation?", "how do I say thank you?"..teehheee

Our little tradition is for the final gift..I give the kids clues and they have to hunt for it. (we've been doing it since they were little kids) Since this was dd's and dsil's first time at ds's and ddil's house, I set up the clues so it was a group effort. I think they had fun, dh and I did, watching them.

Anyways, the gift for each of the guys were more gift I put them in a shoebox with something heavy...ds had a hammer head in his, dsil had a 'salt lick' in his. They both open their boxes...ds starts laughing..dsil has this 'what?' look on his face. Teehee. Dh tells him, "I want my salt lick back"..

The girls got GPS systems...dd has a habit of calling me from Texas, "look at google maps, I took a wrong turn" and ddil...well, ddil is a blond, she can get lost even if you are in the car with her!!

very terrific evening, even if it was midnight before we got home!

this morning is the prep for the big family get together...gotta finish my mil's gift and cook for the pot luck.

here's a li'l pic...
we can be was after midnight..and for the Texans it was after 2 am!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Night..

was awesome! Michael and I joined the church's board for an evening out. Okay, he's a board member..I'm a 'tagalong'

We drove to Sacramento and ate at Fat's Dim Sum...oh my, chinese food. But I just ate small amounts and hopefully did not go over my calorie count by TOO much.

Then we went to Bayside Church...and what a service. Their worship and the songs and performance were amazing..the kids reading the Christmas story, adorable. And the sermon made you both laugh and cry. Then the candlelighting was just BEAUTIFUL!!

We did not come home till almost 11...and I got up this morning to babysit! Started @8 am...and though Adriana is now napping a li'l after 10...she has WORN me out! Constantly moving and getting into things. I know, I should take advantage of her li'l nap with one of my own..

esp since the puppy is napping also...he's a handful, also. aye yi yi

When the kids get back...maybe I'll go out and finish my last bit of shopping...then again..maybe not!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

almost done shopping!

a couple of gifts for the guys and stocking stuffers and I am done!

now, hopefully, it will all arrive in time.

I've taken next week off from work...hopefully I'll get to babysit one of the days so the kids can finish their shopping...hint, hint.

then C and Chris arrive on Weds..then big family get together on Thurs...then I'll babysit on Sat so the girls can go day after Christmas shopping...then Sunday the kids go back to Texas (boohoo)...then Tues, my sis and nephew arrive to spend a week.

so, busy and fun next couple of weeks.

Today, Michael and I are going shopping with his parents...and tomorrow is an all afternoon, evening event with the Church Board (Michael is a board member) thing, lots of pic opportunities for the Shimelle JYC and P365.

I don't know when I can scrapbook! Got my Shimelle and ugly paper challenge..also joined the Scrap Your _____ challenge. (this month the challenge is to scrap your love using a pic of an inanimate object)

Speaking of P365; I have enjoyed it...but do I want to do it again for 2010?...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

well, pooh!

I took today off...had a couple of projects in mind.

Send my Christmas cards, but, uh address labels. And what? Need printer ink??? Okay, on to the next project

Make my 'pet ornaments'. I've been using colored cd cases and basic gray papers. Down to my last pet!! So, I go to print his picture and what? Ink cartridge error, replace cartridge. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

so, I ended up wrapping gifts the rest of the morning. Had a li'l 'help', but finally had to put Winston in the bedroom so I can finish.

Then baked cookies for the exchange. I made Minnesota Munchers...ooooh whee..are they sweet. Yes, I had one to taste and then another that broke. After those 2, I'm done...the rest of the broken ones are waiting for Michael on a plate.

guess, I need to make a li'l dinner and head out to the exchange...

Monday, December 14, 2009

the weekend was busy and fun!

Friday, took mom out to do the running around...left here at 11 am...came home 6 pm..she said, she is 'never going to run errands with me again". But wait, its usually not this crazy. I came home, only to have Michael confiscate the credit card from me. He went online and saw how 'over budget' I am. teehee. Worked out well, cuz I was able to finish the majors...just have to get some stocking stuffers.

I handed it to him and told him "look, its still smokin'!!"...seriously, it did feel warm. HA! I love Christmas...and I LOVE shopping! and any chance to great by me!

Saturday, a much more mellow day..watched Julie and Julia...and I liked it. In fact, I now want that cookbook, so I can learn to make 'beef bourginan" sp? Anyways, I'm sure I'll get over THAT impulse. Me, want to learn to cook? HA!!!

Sunday, was our progressive dinner. Michael and I had the appetizer course...served spinach stuffed mushrooms, lime shrimp (both from the Sparkpeople website) and of course fresh veggies and ranch dressing (for the weight watchers like me).

We then went to Connie's house for the soup course, she had homemade cream of broccoli and cream of carrot soups...I had the carrot. It was yummy!! let's just say, Connie can cook!!! I did pass on the garlic bread...gotta minimize the calories, ya know. Oh, her home is simply gorgeous. It's an older home, and she has Victorian touches throughout and decorated for is stunning!

We then went to Lisa's...for salad. Here I could fill my plate without any worries.
lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes...yup, all on my 'good food' list. ha!
She does her home in Christmas Teddy fun!!

Then came the main course at Kathy's house...she and Corrina hosted that one (Corrina lives out of town)...YUMMY..Chicken Enchiladas, a Santa Fe Chicken (think marinated in lime w/cheese and homemade salsa on top, beans and rice! I had half an enchilada and a small chicken breast...skipped the beans and rice. Kathy has the tallest Christmas tree all done up in gold and red...she also has 'fruit' decorations, apples and berries...sooooo fun!!

Then off to the Pedersen's for the dessert course. They are the pastor's family and was having an open house / dessert social. Tons of people and wow, what a spread of desserts!! I allowed myself one lemon bar, then popped a piece of gum in my mouth.

They have two young daughters so on their tree was a lot of homemade kid's cute!!

my first progressive dinner and it was fun!!
Loooved getting the chance to see all the decorated homes. You know I took pics for my Shimelle album!!

We are talking about a game night for New Year's....hopefully...

Friday, December 11, 2009

productive day

Got quite a few of the household things done...

But at age 48..going thru boxes and decorating the house takes a lot out of me!
AND I could not find my favorite was from Christmas Around the World, I must have bought it 25 years ago..the colors were very rich and jewel toned. I used it last year, but this year, simply cannot find it. I have another one, but the colors are kinda dull.

Oh, and yesterday was my weigh-in...a li'l over a pound..making my total loss 9.4 lbs!! yay!! I've been trying to not post a lot about my 'lifestyle' change; as I maintain a blog on Sparkpeople for that. But, so far, steady as she goes.
AND hopefully, this will be last time on this weight-loss yo-yo.

Did work on my Shimelle Journal; this year I am using Stampin' Up's Holiday Lounge papers. I know, far cry from the baby's first Christmas style I was planning.

sooo, today is the run around day.
I have my exercise dvd, then church...then I have 6 or 7 stops...and its cold and rainy out there. But better to do it today, on a Friday, than try on Saturday, right?

Sunday is the progressive dinner for our Bible Study, We have the appetizer course...
I was thinking stuffed mushrooms and some fresh veggies and dip..

ya'll have to see Josh Turner's Why Don't We Just Dance video...soooo cool!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

soooo busy!

I feel like I'm just in a constant rush these, I took today off from work, need a 'catch up' day.

I've started decorating but am doing it in 'spurts', so, hopefully today I can simply finish.

so, I'm making my lists and trying to get organized...

finish decorating, shopping, scrapbooking!

I joined the Shimelle Journal your Christmas and all I've done is look at the website! Now, I have an excuse, my printmaster program 'blewup'...luckily I was able to pick up a newer version (I had gold) for $30 at the 'W'.

here are a couple of the trees..

without lights..its my fruit tree this year

a close up...

with the lights on:

and the dining room, pink tree:

my kitchen tree...hopefully you can see the s'more's and cupcakes...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

down 2 lbs..

that's the good news, despite Thanksgiving and subsequent leftovers, I lost 2 lbs this week! I also did not take the weekend off from the treadmill, like I usually do, so, I think that is what helped. but, yay!!

guess what I did at work...I crashed one of our computer programs. I tried to make some manual changes in Quickbooks and yikes! one of THOSE messages!! oh my, whatta dummy.

And last night, I tried step one of the Operation Christmas Tree. I figure, with our extra playful kitten, I would need a plan... so, last night, I put him in the bedroom, while I set up the tree. I figured if he is not playing with it WHILE I'm setting it up, he won't see it as a toy. That is also my plan with decorating. I think I was halfway successful...

He was curious, he did 'check it at' and bat at some branches...but he did not climb it or knock it down.

So, next step is lights...again he'll be in his room...I'll let it sit with just the lights over the weekend...and then try decorating. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

its officially December...

I'm excited about Christmas...Adriana's first...C and Chris will be here (its been 2 years) the only not so good note, is that Jason works that day.

This weekend is going to be fun - Michele, do you have plans to 'exercise' me...taking a walk...walking a mall or something...wanna do an exercise all works.

Got my new lifestyle goals for December. Hopefully, manageable...but I sure do need to do some studying about cholesterol. yikes.

well, time to go to work. Michael has a dr's appt this, mom and I are going Christmas shopping. should be good time to go, right? we'll see.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday after Thanksgiving, Christmas countdown begins!

We had a terrific Thanksgiving! the Butterball Turkey was perfect, the company was great.. did miss the kids...but, that is part of them growing up, right?
and yes, the kitten had to be put in the bedroom during dinner. He simply would not stay off the counters when there was food!

Cierra and Chris hosted their first at their new home, and sounds like it was 'awesome'...luckily, Chris's family are good people...even though they are "Okies", Cierra did well.

Jason had to work, so Nyki and Adriana joined him at the station for a dinner pot-luck.

So, now we get to plan Christmas!

I tend to think of Christmas in terms of a weekend countdown...

Yesterday, did some shopping, all online this year...a lot of!!
all I've got left are gift cards for the teens/tweens.

and the next couple of days will be decorating...hopefully the kitten behaves!!
(and yes, I'll buy your swamp land, too)

gotta try to get Christmas Cards and gifts to Texas out soon, also

Next weekend, is a weekend with my friend Michele...cropping and a Christmas tea!!

the 12th is kinda open...though sometime, we are talking about a progressive dinner with the bible study group..

the 19th will be wrapping gifts (uh oh, kitten!!) and prepping the house for visitors.

Also going to do Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas...this will be my 3rd year.
sooo, how will I do this book? First year was an 8 1/2" x 11" in a binder with fun contemporary papers. Last year, a 12"x12" with traditional papers. Since it's Adriana's first Christmas..wonder if I can find some baby Christmas papers...

Ooooorrrrrr, I do have the Tinkerbell cart for my cricut...maybe I can dress her and her friends in Christmas colors and use those??? hmmmmmmmmm

Monday, November 23, 2009

got to crop...!!

got to crop on Saturday with Dorlene and play with my Expression...I'd say Dorlene and I gave it a good initiation.
finished a book for ds..and made great progess with one of dh. (a book about dh, wow, go figure) teehee.

And I did a couple of layered diecuts. I really like her "Joy of the Season" cart.

and Sunday, got to spend time with Adriana!

she is soooo precious. I video'd her, but having trouble uploading it...she was playing with 2 pacifiers...pick one up, spit out the one in her mouth, see the one she spit it out, spit out the one in her mouth to pick up the other one...over and over...she must have spent 20-30 minutes doing that...and being grandma...I watched her!! I call it Adriana TV.

(don't worry the video isn't 20 min long, only 2)
well since I can't get the video, here is a pic of her...

oh, and the new blog header is one I took of Winston on Saturday...he was such a 'helper' with the scrapbooking. His fave..the glue dots mini paper off the role..yeah, such a helper. I had to grab him each time we used the cricut...nice of the manufacturers to give it such a fun, interesting chirp sound. uh huh...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

busy week at work..glad tom is friday.


sooo busy at work and barely have time for computer at home. I'm waiting for Wheel of Fortune to be done, so I can treadmill. (its in mom's room and that is her show)

feel like there is a lot going on...feel a li'l stressed...but cannot pinpoint what is bothering me. Ever feel that way?

hmmmm. I've been busy at work. I've been correcting some issues on the Safetruck website, if it wasn't for that project, I'd be bored.

hmmm, started my new lifestyle change in an effort to lose weight. Been 'cruising' the Sparkpeople website for ideas/articles/ inspiration. In fact today was the first day of phase 2 in the Spark diet I'm following. Guess there is stress when you are 'worried' about how much, what and when you eat. But I love their tools, like a calorie counter...input your food and its done for ya.

Not a lot of time for scrappin'. Hopefully, I'll get some done tomorrow BUT Saturday, Dorlene is coming over to crop. Gotta choose a project. hmmmmmm....

gotta include an Adriana pic...

I got to babysit her last night, and she is simply ADORABLE!!

Mom's been kinda grumpy lately...lots of 'muttering' and Michael can do nothing right, even his buying himself a new computer is 'wrong'..hey, its been 7 years since he's updated. And he bought it with funds he earned off his penny stocks, so I'm not complaining! but she is... aye yi yi..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

please help...

Natura Your World contest

please help dd and her dh stay in the top 10 of this contest. Until recently, they were maintaining that position, but have started to drop.

This is the first room when you enter their home. They got the pool table, like most of their furnishings from Craigs List or Pendleton's version of Craig's List.

They recently bought the home they were renting, and the entire house looks like this room. They sure could use the $250 to help purchase paint/supplies to spruce up their home.

you need to register to vote, but each time you vote, you will be entered into a draw to win $500.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

quite unintentionally,

Adriana did her first 'coy' look to a guy.

After running around all morning, we (me, Nyki, Adriana) stopped by the shop to say "hi" and see if I rec'd a fax. My co-workers were gathered, enjoying Adriana; when Bulent (our graphics guru) came up. A.J told Adriana, "look a man!"...sooo, Adriana, turned toward him...with her eyes down..then did the shy open eyes at him 'thing'.

she got the male reaction of 'wow, she is beautiful'...teehee.

wait till she has hair, she'll figure out the hair swing thing too.

I think dd first used that one in 4th grade..a young man named Anthony...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Mail day!!

my cricut expressions early Christmas gift.

was able to set up...but had a li'l trouble with it cutting all the way reset the blade and, I'll try again this morning.

Took the day off...(not COMPLETELY because of the cricut arrival) and hope to spend most of the day scrappin. I have not touched P365 layouts...and signed up for a few challenges.

need to also plan a menu, and shopping list...problem with new diet plan is you gotta plan. who'd have thought???

many years ago, when dd went 'vegetarian'...I bought a cookbook. Time to pull it out for me, a goal is at least 2 vegetarian meals per week. and since I'm home, tonight is it!

so far, kicking the pepsi has not been real CRAVINGS for it. And I do feel a lot better. Highly recommend it to ya'll.

Monday, November 9, 2009

T I R E D...

long day,

still doing well with the food/lifechange plan. No Pepsi. not even tempted.

spent some time on Sparkpeople..very inspiring to read the success stories and those who are 'just starting' like me.

ever just feel anxious? I dunno, but that is how I am feeling right now...

oh well, time to get on the treadmill and 'work it off'..right???

wish I could scrapbook...but blogging is good also, right?

something good, going to meet my friend Lucy (she lives in Florida, these days) and a group of other ladies at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch on Friday. It's all good, cheesecake factory also sells salads...right??? I invited Nyki so I can cough, cough, show her off. Yup, she can bring Adriana, if she feels like it...hmmmmhmmmm

Lucy and I have decided to 'betroth' our grandchildren. Her son had a son about a month after Adriana was born. So, this way, Adriana gets to meet her future grandmother in law!! My son says it is fine, but Adriana is not moving to South Carolina (that is where Jonah is)...he'll have to move here!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

much calmer today...

still not shopping at Savemart...but starting to try to 'see' the clerk's point of view...

Our morning Bible Study was excellant, we are going thru Proverbs and getting other people's perspectives is wonderful/challenging/ growing.

the verse that 'hit' me is Prov 15:19, "the way of the lazy man is like a hedge of thorns, But the way of the upright is a highway".. we had to pause, 'what does THAT mean?" and my John MacArthur study bible says "thorns. He is too lazy to remove them"

and it hit me, that is what I am trying to do with the new 'discipline' in my life, esp the eating/exercise goals..trying to remove the 'thorns' I've allowed to grow all around me, cuz I've just been toooo darned lazy to remove them.

And I am lazy. I can be a real couch potato, any chance I get!!

While creating these new habits, I should add Bible on the bottom of my daily diet journal is a spot for a verse...even if all I do is open the Bible and write a verse, it is still a step from what I have been doing...ya know?

okay, I get to babysit today!! There was 'an incident' with one of the kid's cars and it needs to be replaced. I will talk about that later, but I am still a li'l emotional...anyways, they are going out together to test drive. (J now works Thurs, Fri, Sat...and my day off is Fri's them having a day to be able to do this without the baby is rather limited)

and then the sermon was good too!! and seeing Adriana was wonderful!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

had an incident at the Savemart...

and I'm up at 3:40 am thinking about it.

I started forming my letter of complaint to the manager in my head, and it woke me up. I am soooooo non-confrontational...this is soooo out of character. I think most people would tell you that I am so calm you have to check if I'm breathing!

RUDE cashier, now, my mom is 77 years old..easily confused and, Japanese, so her English can be difficult...HOWEVER no excuse for how she was treated by this cashier. I did write a very shaky note on one of the 'how are we doing' cards; but intend to follow it up with a letter. And I mean shaky...I could not even print straight, I was soooo angry.

I wish I was one of those people who could look someone in the eye and call them out. But when I am that angry, I start to physically shake and my throat closes up...I did try to tell the gal, "My mom is 77 years old, you could be more patient" but I think it just came out as mumbling.

When I met mom in the parking lot, she had me finish the transaction, she said "Its okay, I AM Japanese"...sooo, my mom walked out of there thinking that this woman's actions were because she is a bigot? that is soooo not okay!

alright, guess I'll find the Savemart website, and see if there is a place I can email.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cold Season has hit!!

Adriana, J and N have colds! my poor babies! (Adriana's first...I feel so unhelpful, I don't really know what to advise the kids...but they are smart kids..they will do what's right)

Betsy gave me her recipe for homemade chicken was sooo yummy. Mom and I are going to make some today..I think I'll take some to the kids.

I wonder if Adriana can have chicken broth?

I'll leave out the cilantro from her portion??? (one of Betsy's secret ingredients)

okay, I , gulped, weighed myself this morning...lets just say it is more than I had in my head. Time to get serious. so, I created some short term goals for November... kick the pepsi addiction, no more indulging in sweets, take beef and pork out of the diet (I'm sure my intestines are quite impacted)...more fruits and veggies...steady time on treadmill. And in Dec, I'll add more goals...hopefully by taking it one step at a time...this time, I'll succeed.

dh says he'll buy me a Mustang if, sorry, WHEN, I reach my goal weight...and dd will pitch in to buy me new clothes if I meet my goal size..which seems so beyond me at this time, it means dropping 10 sizes. (One step at a time, right?)

oh!! happy news!! I got to buy the cricut expressions on HSN! after months of 'sharing'(I don't nag) with dh that I really want one, he agreed (thank you easy pay!) Of course, it is my early Christmas gift and I have to work more hours...but yeah! it should land @ November 18!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

he has a name...

it is Winston Thornapple the be called Bubba or Dude...though dh has been calling him Winston Thornapple...siiiigh

I just looked at dh and told him, 'seriously, I think you were dropped on your head'

his response, 'well, I do have 2 older brothers'.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

well, yesterday was fun...

In the morning, I dropped off Bubba for his 'male surgery'..will pick him up today.
Went to the church to take care of checks and then took mom out to Modesto-land...Baby's R Us, a Halloween Store, Michaels (of course), Target, lunch at Applebees and Walmart. I found a Halloween costume for Adriana, the one Nyki liked at the W...

Then we came back home, mom had a couple more errands in town, drop off mail, pick up prescription, grocery store...such a busy day for my day 'off'.

Yes, I hadn't gone to work since Tues..but those were 'sick' days.

Then stopped by the kids' house to drop off the costume...Nyki did not get it cuz, 'they aren't going anywhere for Halloween"...hello!! scrapbooker...I don't care if she goes anywhere...I want the pictures!!

I got to meet their new puppy..I say 'puppy' loosely...he's a great dane and already bigger than our dogs! And he growled at me...for a loooong time. Now, animals generally like me, this was weird. (and Michele, I did learn from the episode with your devil dog, to not show fear) (but I was a li'l scared) I just talked to him, told him, "I'm the grandma, and I'm gonna be here a lot"...told Nyki, "I'd better not touch you or he'll think I'm attacking you"..she said, "actually, that may help" I hugged her and told him, "Seeeeee friends"..

Then Adriana woke up, Nyki got her and brought her down to I was holding her, Doofus (that is what I am calling him) came up to sniff me. I started praying, 'oh don't let him bite me when I am holding her...I don't want to drop her"
but he didn't, I'm thinking her acceptance of me, made him accept me. And by the end of the visit, we were all in the living room and he even licked my hand.

AND as I watched, Adriana went from her tummy to her bottom...a li'l wobbly...but she is figuring out how to sit on her own! yay!! and she loves to baby jabber.

The doctor says her weight is low, so they are adding more cereal to her diet..but I told Nyki, maybe she is just petite...she is 1/8 Japanese...but develepmentally she is coming along...

today, I get to spend a couple of hours with her while mom has a baby shower downstairs...yay!! and you know I'll be bringing my camera!!

came home and guess what? our water pump went out! we have no water!! isn't THAT lovely...

Oh, and the internet was off all day...and we haven't had an oven since Monday, when the winds took out our power. I LOVE this oven, its an LG double oven...but it is a P.I.T.A...this is the 2nd time its done this...I'm thinking cuz its sooo computerized? I dunno, just wish I had an oven to make some enchiladas.

and Michele, happy belated birthday...I left you a Facebook post...but I don't think you go on FB! Wish we were back in Venice to celebrate...and we've got to get serious about planning an Alaskan cruise with the boys..

oh, and watch the show "Pit bulls and Parolees" on the animal planet...wowza, I was in tears at the end...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

got to come home from work early...

let me set the stage, we are having some pretty high winds around here...
but I'm at work..sneezing, coughing, runny nose.. sore throat, which I think is just hyper allergies because of the wind kicking up all the allergens.

The only thing, is I did start to get chills and a bit nauseous...anyways, went to the boss, my dh, who I commute in with...and tell him, I'd like to go home. Somehow, bed, hot tea and cats...just sounded sooooo goood!!

So, we arrange for me to drive one of the company cars home. BUT I need to finish some credit memos I'm sitting there, sneezing..the Sales Manager tells me(from across the office).."go home Karen, we don't want your swine flu..and while your at it clean out the car when you are done!". Yikes.

Okay, I came home had some soup and a log. No flu quick visits to the, I really think its 'kicked up allergies' making me miserable.

My mom thinks its that with my lack of sleep over the weekend..I just needed some real rest. In fact, she would not let me snooze on the couch in front of the tv..she told me 'go to bed for real sleep'...soooo glad she did...

and the cats were so good. Both boys, Percy and Bubba, slept next to me WITHOUT they knew mom needs some rest and she needs us.

I had to give up a planned babysitting evening with Adriana...guess it is better to be safe than sorry...but seriously, I'm sure there is no flu here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

this weekend

We had a great retreat up in the mountains...great people to hang out with; fun times, hard work as we discussed solutions...but...we'll lets just say, do you remember the I love Lucy episode, where they are traveling to Hollywood and they stay at a hotel where the bed caves in the middle and moves around when a train passes by? that was our bed. As an older married couple, we were given one of 3 bedrooms..we had a double bed that dh says was missing the middle slats. Every time dh would toss and turn (which he does a lot) the bed would shake and dip to the middle. I spent the night holding on to the side, just knowing that mattress was going to fall to the ground. So, fun weekend...hardly any sleep. Now it worked fine, when it was only me (during an afternoon break)...I could sleep diagonally.
I don't even want to try to guess what critter was scurrying on the roof every night!

sooo fun! also a copy of Nights of Rodanthe was left there, so I read it during the breaks and before bed time. What an EXCELLANT book!! Then I was stupid, when we came home last night the movie was on...and I watched it. What a HORRIBLE movie...soooooooo much was changed. They took away the father, who even though he was in a nursing home with a stroke was integral to her character and healing. They kept it in present day...and the fact that in the book she was a 60 year old sharing a 15 year secret with her daughter...was soooooo important. They made Paul out to be a jerk...there was no fight scene after Tolliver's tossing of canned food...the changes in the movie ruined the story.

Though I thought Scott Glenn's portrayal of Tolliver was amazing..the highlight of the movie. The emotion in his calm voice and brown excercise in acting. (which Gere can use)

So, if you have not read the book. READ it! If you have not seen the movie...DON'T!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

love having a day off!!

Good day! got a lot done! including a dinner that my dd gave me the recipe for and was a hit with mom and dh. Like my mom said, "I don't know what was in that, but it was agood".
Dd called it chicken fettucine with pink sauce.

Got most of my challenges done, have 2 layouts left...the no patterned paper and one that should have a pic of me in it...yikes..

here's one, from our day in Monterey last summer. the challenge was to have ribbon and a song title. I used my slice to make the letters from a larger pic of the jellyfish...yikes. I had just reapplied the adhesive to the cutting mat, so it was hard to peel the cut up photo from it...the pic kept de-layering. But overall, I think its a cool effect.

and this one, the pp is actually from an ugly paper swap...but when teamed with the right pics and cardstock..its actually great pp!

Worked on my swap layouts...the journaling for one and made shrinkys for the other.
will take the journaling tags for stamping over the weekend. I had loaned out my black had to use Tsukinoko's Brilliante graphic black on the shrinkies...oh my!! when it was sooooo glittery! so, I used very muted colors to color it the glittery black would really show.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adriana's home!

"Adriana's home, YAY YAY YAY, Life is good again, the World makes sense again, cuz Adriana's home"...that's the song I was singing to Adriana last night at the airport.

Yesterday was pretty good...I got to pick up the kids and my li'l cupcake from the airport. But to be in Sacramento by 8pm..I left work at 4pm..stopped at the mega-Joanne's off of 8 mile Rd in Stockton and ALL Scrapbooking (except cricut and yudu) was 40% off. Spent an hour and $50 there...then went to the Ross next door.

Left there @6:30...went to Sac and stopped at the IHOP near the Arco Arena for, it was a leisurely drive avoiding rush hour traffic. Very nice,

and did I mention...ALL Scrapbooking at Joanne's 40%off!!!

I got the Tinkerbell stack (like Ashley's from the crop), a package of gel puff pens, some tinkerbell embellishments, photo transparancies, perfect medium pens, pad and refill... wish we had a Joanne's closer to home. (Modesto is the closest)

We are off this weekend, for a retreat with the church. I may bring small scrappin' finishing my swap pages...for the scheduled 'down' times. We'll see! I'm a li'l extra a li'l worried about my snoring. aye yi yi

poor mom...her Dodgers lost. she is very bummed this morning. but I'm not!! cuz my Adriana is home!! yay yay yay!!

when I came home @ midnight..I asked dh "What were you calling the kitten today". his answer, "Prince Albert"...aye yi yi..he is such a goof!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the 'other' sis and Texas family...

Nyki sent me this pic so I could have 'both' sister's and families on my blog.
The looking away is something J and Chris do....but dh and I had to laugh at Adriana and the dog looking at each other...teehee

well, I gues dh has kind of settled on a new name for the kitten.
He is now, Albert Murphy Einstein...yup. dh calls him Einstein...I call him Albert. He is going to be sooooooo confused!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

good weekend...

had fun cropping! got a lot, I hope to spend the morning working on the journaling for a few layouts and get some posted on the challenges I've been doing.

My canvas tied for first I got a set of foam alphabet stamps.
(It's of Adriana ... so I put it up in the kid's house)

We did an ugly paper challenge...I won a prize for bringing the ugliest was from DCWV's Downtown Loft stack. But Ashley won the contest for best use with my papers!! so there!!

Susan did not want to bring home her stack of she gave them to me...they will be Adriana's scrapbook training papers.

yesterday was pretty mellow...I took a loooooong morning nap, watched some Criminal Minds...and bugged the Texas family. My kids, all 4, ds, ddil, dd, dsil and my li'l cupcake went to visit both my sisters for the day. First Linda and Pierce; then Brenda and her family (don't ask why all could not get together)

Of course, my sisters think my kids are wonderful and li'l Adriana is adorable.
I am blessed, my kids chose great spouses and they are all simply 'good' people.
Wish I could have been there...cuz I am sure missing ALL of them!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

well, my face is red...

at the vet, I found out that our li'l Charlette, is a boy!!

so, Michael wants to stick with Charlie...but, dd has had a friend a girl named I still associate that with a girl.

how about Charles, or Chip.

but he is young enough to change it completely...always thought I'd like to name a future boy pet...Mr. Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice)

also like the name Finnegan (also from a book I've read)...

well, lets see....


yay! yay!
I've got 4 days this weekend, as I took Monday off also.

but each day has New Hope, then vet (little Charlette needs her kitten shots and we've got to plan her Spay appt) then packing....for tomorrow's...CROP!!!

Sunday - after church, its open...yay! Maybe I'll watch some of the movies on the dvr...or the episodes of NCIS LA. I've been taping them instead of watching, as I HAD to see Hell's Kitchen. I was pulling for Kevin, but am not unhappy about Dave.

Monday - find a place to get mom's flu shot, then clean the kids' tile floors. With the rainy weather and me going in and out of their house twice a day, the entry way needs some sprucing. and the laundry room (cat litter)

Tuesday - work

Weds - work then pick up kids! My li'l cupcake will be home!! (happy dance smiley face)

then, Friday I'll get to babysit her. Dad will be working and mom has a dr's appt!

soooo, things are looking busy, but good around here.

Crop...our group is getting together in Oakdale. there is a place owned by a gal named Karen, she has a seperate building on her property set up for croppin' and she sells basic supplies, cardstock and embellies. Most of our group is attending, except Gina, who thinks she should celebrate her anniversary with her husband. (silly girl)

I am lookin' soooooo forward to this!! Been packing bits and pieces all week. And yes, I'm going to take my Slice.

Oh, haven't talked about Charlette. She is honing her jumping skills. She hasn't made the top of cabinets or tv cabinet, yet. But she is up to counter tops...and light switches. Yes, too much fun. of course, Michael tells me "YOU should really teach her not to jump on the counters" Yes, he's decided HE doesn't want to be the 'bad guy', so it is up to me to discipline.

here she is on her 'condo'
as you can see, I bought one with a 'ramp' for the older cats..but so far, they have no interest. But, I think Percy LOVES it when she is up there..cuz when she is, she is not chasing him!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

hello, been a while...or it feels like it

got to spend my day with Adriana yesterday...she's traveling for the next 10 days...first Indiana then Texas to see family. I'm sure she is simply going to steal hearts. BUT I'm sure gonna miss her...and ds and ddil..

Right now, I even miss Charlette, she is visiting with her nephews..having a play date. So much fun for her...but miss her little presence. She's such a good companion, esp while scrapbooking..

Have a crop on Saturday...need to choose pics and stuff and get my act together for that also. there is a canvas challenge...really should work on that today...hmmmmmm

Thursday, October 8, 2009

not much, happening here...

just got my Scenic Route grab bags...oh wow, got some great papers. Almost want to go back for more....what do you think?

this week has been flying by. Wakeup, go to work, work, come home, watch a couple of shows...go sleep. No time for scrappin', bloggin'...pooey.

I did get caught up with P365 on Monday! waahoo! something accomplished.

this weekend is going to be busy..Saturday is 'booked'. A bbq, with very old friends, then dh is helping out at a fundraiser concert at church. Then NEXT Saturday is our crop. Our scrap group decided instead of the expense of going to Scrapbook Expo in Sacramento, we are going to crop locally instead.

My li'l cupcake is getting ready to travel. She and her family will be leaving Sunday night for 10 days...going to Indiana (I guess the other gma should get the chance to meet her)(hmmmmph)and then to Texas (to visit dd and dsil and my sisters)

I'm sure gonna miss them...I'll be having withdrawals, I'm sure. I've offered to babysit, ANYtime in the coming days...I'm simply gonna need my Adriana fix!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday night...

Good weekend so far. did accomplish some scrappin' swap (yay) and working on the Learn Something New...I've been finding quotes to go in my album.

Got to see Adriana this afternoon, of course, forgot my camera...but we had Nyki's!! Hopefully, she'll send the pics some funny ones.

took Charlette with me so she could have a play date with her nephews. Up and down, play, play...she was so tired. (nice to play with cats that don't growl and hiss at her) She was sleeping on the couch when it was time to leave..I was able to pick her up, without her moving from the sleep position. She only 'tensed' when she realized I was putting her in the carrier. She did not want to go home! and when she came home, she slept till 8 at night, just pooped. But don't worry, its almost 10pm and she is wide awake as I type, getting into everything she can find...siiiiigh.

Mom is in a better mood, the Dodgers finally won the game they need to 'clinch' the playoffs. teehee. It's been a lot of fun to tease her, actually.

okay, I'm starting to yawn...time for night-night. No work tomorrow, one of the minimum shop days, so tomorrow we are making a Wallyworld trip... have a bit of running around to do. Will stop by M's, want to get an album with my 40%off coupon. MAY have some portraits of Adriana. We'll see how that works out for Nyki.

Friday, October 2, 2009


doing the happy It's Friday dance.

gotta go to the church and cut checks, then its off for Pad Thai!!
I've also got Monday I plan to scrap, scrap and scrap.

my Texas swap is due soon, I have one more set. And gotta send my Ugly Papers today.

My back and knees have been achey, but I got on the treadmill anyways. Took it easy, but figured sitting on the couch is not gonna help, but building some strength would be a better idea.

leave ya'll with a pic, got the kitties one of those kitty videos...

she really seems to like the bugs and mice (last night she ran from another room, when the bugs came on) ...yuck!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

great shot...

well, it was, but she moved just as I 'clicked'.

I got my HSN splurge today, the 3 birds Va Va Velvet embellishment pack...gee, I'm such a sucker. Not that they aren't cute, just not sure if its worth @$30 (with shipping)...but we'll seeeeee....

NCIS!! NCIS!! Tonight is NCIS!!!

guess what, I had Heroes on last night, and kept flipping it to other channels...uh it me or has the show just gone downhill? Its not keeping me interested, that's for sure. and where is Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles..pleeeez tell me its not over!!

another one for cat lovers...Cassandra and Charlette 'helping' papa with his salmon.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hey, Karen, where are you keeping Adriana's baby blanket?

Oh, On top of the Scrapbooks, so it won't get cat hair...

oh, yeah...good thinking!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

great Friday!

My favorite kind of day...did not have to go to work, spent a li'l more than an hour at church, no issues, went smoothly...then a phone call. "We'd like to go shopping, would you like to watch Adriana this afternoon?" "tell me what time!!" so, I got to spend the afternoon with my li'l cupcake. When the kids came home we picked up Mexican, I got to end the day with Chicken Enchilada Suizas..

basically, my dream day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

got my Thurs afternoon off..

left work early, got to spend my afternoon at home and actually got some scrapping done. Charlette is such a 'helping girl'. Everything, cardstock, glue dots, bling, she's into it all ...just such a helper.

I also finished watching The Duchess w/ Keira Knightley. Kinda thought the movie 'dragged'...but...I was crying at the very end. Nobody, not even the Duchess was especially likeable.

off to finish dinner!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

okay, NCIS was the BOMB last night..

I had to watch it late, cuz I went to a friend's daughter's Premiere Jewelry party...and had to watch it in mom's suite, as my dvr is presently not working...lets just say, I woke mom up with my cheering at the very end.

What a great show!

I finally feel healthy! Yesterday, was my first 'good' day since Weds..


I am so far behind with everything, my challenges, swap pages (well, got 1 down, 1 more to go) and P365 and Shimelle. I had a 4 day weekend, but with the headache, just could not sit down and start anything.

Hopefully this weekend will be more productive. Oh, and note, I hate not having access to personal email at work. Though I understand why everyone's was cut off (someone opened a virus that got in the system thru her personal email) but it is tough!!

And I am so glad I no longer bank at Bank of America. I'd be moving my account if I did.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Something I've learned...

when you buy a package of feathers from Michael's, do not leave the sack out on the kitchen table where a kitten may reach it.

I am hoping to use the feathers to mask a background for some swap pages I am working on. Want to use glimmer mist, but the feathers are very wish me luck!

This is my first morning since Weds where I feel a little major headache, just a teeny tiny one. So, hopefully, I'll actually get some things accomplished...besides imprinting my buttocks on the couch.

Friday, September 18, 2009

naughty little thing...

thats what my mom calls Charlette. Most cats learn to stay away, they actually run, when mom comes into the room. Well, Charlette hasn't, yet. She wants to play, and play is what she does, even when mom yells at her.

Charlette is so far the 3rd cat to show no fear at the presence of mom...Castor was the first. He was quite funny, when she first yelled at her, he looked at her, turned back and 'swatted at her' was like he was saying..."loud toy, but okay, I'll play"
she calls him "jason's naughty cat"

And the third cat is Colby...totally unflappable Colby...his attitude is "I'll do what I want, I don't care who is in my way".
What mom says about Colby..."he has a cute face, but I don't like him!"

I have not been feeling well the past couple of days. Started with a horrible sinus headache, centered on the right side of my head...but yesterday and today the pain is centered over my right eye...very weird.

Good news, my slice is home from the hospital! kinda funny, I sent it in a Stampin' Up box and this is how th box returned to me...

To show you how bad I feel, when I came home yesterday, I went to bed instead of 'playing with it'...hopefully, I'll get to play today after New Hope and my errands...

We are going to the kid's house tonight, mommachan is going to show Nyki how to make CA rolls....yummmy!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm home today...

but not for a good reason, because I have a massive sinus headache...its like someone is holding bricks on half my face. Since I'm so bored at work, I'm staying home today. I'll go to work tomorrow, my boss has a couple of projects for me and I'll have the labor distribution. so, today, its Tylenol Sinus, warm drinks and hopefully some scrap time.

I'm behind on all of it, Shimelle, P365, and a swap I'm in. Would like to spend the day working on them...when the Tylenol kicks in and I feel human again.

I got to see Adriana last night. She and Nyki came over for really enjoyed her also. She was doing her 'nonsense' talk and Adriana was laughing!! sooooo precious.

The news is so bad isn't it. Acorn, Cap and Trade, the incident on the school depressing...What have we come to?

So glad the 2 boys are facing criminal charges, but so should the ones who were cheering and the bus driver. That was the point of that Jodie Foster movie, the Accused, wasn't it??...that the people cheering the crime are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

Then you have Kanye West, proving what a douchebag he truly is. I am so proud of Taylor Swift and how she handled the whole thing and Beyonce showed she is one classy lady.

gotta change the channel, I am getting too upset.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the 'rube' in the city...

The seminar was actually very good and interesting. She, of course, had to make her obligatory 'digs' toward Arnold (our governator) but it was still very interesting.

After the lunch break, while waiting for the seminar to restart, some of us started discussing Quickbooks and I just thought, "what a bunch of nerds we are"

So, the 'rube' struck again. Some of you may remember what happened to me in downtown Sacramento a couple of years ago when I went to the Scrapbook Expo. I went the wrong way on a one way street and was actually driving on the tracks the mass transit cable car thingy goes on...yeah, a police officer actually pulled up to escort me to the correct direction...y e a h.

Well, today, I wasn't that bad. I actually stopped myself before making that wrong way turn. Though, I had to sit there with my car pointed in that direction...until the light turned. sooooo embarrassing. Then I found a deli, Beach Hut Deli (if you are ever in Stockton, stop by, it is soooooooo yummy) and parked in front of it. So, at the register, I asked the kid...can I park there? though the curb was white, there were no lines or meters. He said, 'actually, no. You are supposed to park in the garage across the street and I'll validate your ticket." Okay, so I left him my order and money, jumped in the car and parked in the garage...ran down 4 flights of stairs (got my cardio!!) and exited a door that did not face the street with the deli. Fine, I'll just go around this building till I find it. YAY!! got my change, my lunch (like I said YUMMY)...and head back to the EDD (seminar location). Got a li'l lost...but found my way proud.

(Here's a pic of their surfboard table )

BUT the good news, found an LSS!! Scrapbook Dreams on March. It was just a couple of turns from the EDD. Nice lady, told her my sob story about how since Youngplay's went out of business, I've been LSS less. Picked up June Bug and Abbey Road...and the cutest frog paper you can imagine. also picked up their hour away, but you never know.

And then proceeded to Michael's...SCORE!! the last letters of the Studio G alphabet stamps are now mine. I have the complete collection!! with a couple of extras, if anyone is looking for a T or a Y or a Z...let me know.

then the best part of all, a call from ds. Ddil will be babysitting for a friend, would I like to come over and help with Adriana. She got her shots today, so was not feeling we tag teamed it. Even fussy, I love being around her. I mean, who needs eardrums...right?

Here she is later...

always adorable. I told her, 'great lungs!!'

kinda dreading today...

Today I go to the 'big city' for a seminar on payroll taxes, all day, from 9 to 3. hmmmmmm
It's about an hour away from my haven in the boondocks and a city I don't normally go to. (its Stockton)...yikes!! I have been told that downtown Stockton has been fixed up, at least a small section looks very 'park like'. Though a co-worker was saying that if I go outside of the 3 block area, I'll need to hire a bodyguard. ha!!
I know he's just playin' with the country 'rube'. right?

BUT I am excited, found a Michaels and an LSS on a couple of the main streets...I figure if I am within sight of hiway 5..I won't get lost.

So, wish the 'rube' luck...she's venturing out to the big city!! ha!!
But hopefully, she'll be returning with some scrappin goodies.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm not a hoarder.

Last night we watched Hoarders on A&E...and wow!! I am nowhere close to that.
Yes, I do have some selected 'collections' but ....
of course, dh then proceeded to go into my craft room to make his case. Of course his numbers are exaggerated. (I do not have 83 bottles of glitter, I do have the doodlebug collection) pbbbbbblttt!!

Yes, I do have stuff still in 'storage' in the garage..but I simply don't have the shelving to bring them into the house. hmmmmph!!

speaking of glitter. The organize your stuff challenge is about glitter, stickles and paint. My storage system is good for these items. yay!

glitter and all things shiny...

stickles and smoochies!!....(I do hope to someday have all the smooch colors)


Sunday, September 6, 2009

now, that's a Saturday!


In the morning, I met Susan at Starbucks. We sat for an hour or so just having fun conversation and, for me, an Iced Chai w/ 3 pumps chai, 3 pumps hazelnut, breve and coffee cake.

Came home and started scrappin'! Worked on the Shimelle book.
Am using my pp scraps, computer for the journaling and a handwritten quote about the topic of the day. So, a li'l more complicated than I originally planned. Because it has a few steps, I also prep'd a few 'blank pages'...used the cardstock and during the week I can add my pic, journaling and quote.

here's a couple with quotes I love: the first is from Ben Franklin..."If rascals knew the advantage of virtue, they would become honest" Got this from a book called Wisdom Made in America

and this one: "Older women are like aging strudels - the crust may not be so lovely, but the filling has come into its own" Robert Ferrer Capon. got this from the internet

Then the rest of the afternoon spent watching some of the Criminal Minds I have dvr'd and doing my P365 album. I'm still keeping it up! This is another 'simple formula' project. I don't know if I'll do it again next year. Maybe if I get the kit. But it is interesting to look back. There are days where the pic is a pile of dirty laundry or dishes...but there are interesting days also.

Then, dh cooked me dinner. Steak, mashed potatos, corn...yummmy!! but, our agreement, is whoever does not cook, does dishes. I had to clean...3 big pots, broiler pan, frying pan, 2 small saucepans and 2 covers. and dishes.
he's a great cook...but I do believe he uses every pot/pan in the kitchen!!

and I even did a li'l treadmill.

so, all in all, a really good way to spend a Saturday.