Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday after Thanksgiving, Christmas countdown begins!

We had a terrific Thanksgiving! the Butterball Turkey was perfect, the company was great.. did miss the kids...but, that is part of them growing up, right?
and yes, the kitten had to be put in the bedroom during dinner. He simply would not stay off the counters when there was food!

Cierra and Chris hosted their first at their new home, and sounds like it was 'awesome'...luckily, Chris's family are good people...even though they are "Okies", Cierra did well.

Jason had to work, so Nyki and Adriana joined him at the station for a dinner pot-luck.

So, now we get to plan Christmas!

I tend to think of Christmas in terms of a weekend countdown...

Yesterday, did some shopping, all online this year...a lot of!!
all I've got left are gift cards for the teens/tweens.

and the next couple of days will be decorating...hopefully the kitten behaves!!
(and yes, I'll buy your swamp land, too)

gotta try to get Christmas Cards and gifts to Texas out soon, also

Next weekend, is a weekend with my friend Michele...cropping and a Christmas tea!!

the 12th is kinda open...though sometime, we are talking about a progressive dinner with the bible study group..

the 19th will be wrapping gifts (uh oh, kitten!!) and prepping the house for visitors.

Also going to do Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas...this will be my 3rd year.
sooo, how will I do this book? First year was an 8 1/2" x 11" in a binder with fun contemporary papers. Last year, a 12"x12" with traditional papers. Since it's Adriana's first Christmas..wonder if I can find some baby Christmas papers...

Ooooorrrrrr, I do have the Tinkerbell cart for my cricut...maybe I can dress her and her friends in Christmas colors and use those??? hmmmmmmmmm

Monday, November 23, 2009

got to crop...!!

got to crop on Saturday with Dorlene and play with my Expression...I'd say Dorlene and I gave it a good initiation.
finished a book for ds..and made great progess with one of dh. (a book about dh, wow, go figure) teehee.

And I did a couple of layered diecuts. I really like her "Joy of the Season" cart.

and Sunday, got to spend time with Adriana!

she is soooo precious. I video'd her, but having trouble uploading it...she was playing with 2 pacifiers...pick one up, spit out the one in her mouth, see the one she spit it out, spit out the one in her mouth to pick up the other one...over and over...she must have spent 20-30 minutes doing that...and being grandma...I watched her!! I call it Adriana TV.

(don't worry the video isn't 20 min long, only 2)
well since I can't get the video, here is a pic of her...

oh, and the new blog header is one I took of Winston on Saturday...he was such a 'helper' with the scrapbooking. His fave..the glue dots mini paper off the role..yeah, such a helper. I had to grab him each time we used the cricut...nice of the manufacturers to give it such a fun, interesting chirp sound. uh huh...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

busy week at work..glad tom is friday.


sooo busy at work and barely have time for computer at home. I'm waiting for Wheel of Fortune to be done, so I can treadmill. (its in mom's room and that is her show)

feel like there is a lot going on...feel a li'l stressed...but cannot pinpoint what is bothering me. Ever feel that way?

hmmmm. I've been busy at work. I've been correcting some issues on the Safetruck website, if it wasn't for that project, I'd be bored.

hmmm, started my new lifestyle change in an effort to lose weight. Been 'cruising' the Sparkpeople website for ideas/articles/ inspiration. In fact today was the first day of phase 2 in the Spark diet I'm following. Guess there is stress when you are 'worried' about how much, what and when you eat. But I love their tools, like a calorie counter...input your food and its done for ya.

Not a lot of time for scrappin'. Hopefully, I'll get some done tomorrow BUT Saturday, Dorlene is coming over to crop. Gotta choose a project. hmmmmmm....

gotta include an Adriana pic...

I got to babysit her last night, and she is simply ADORABLE!!

Mom's been kinda grumpy lately...lots of 'muttering' and Michael can do nothing right, even his buying himself a new computer is 'wrong'..hey, its been 7 years since he's updated. And he bought it with funds he earned off his penny stocks, so I'm not complaining! but she is... aye yi yi..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

please help...

Natura Your World contest

please help dd and her dh stay in the top 10 of this contest. Until recently, they were maintaining that position, but have started to drop.

This is the first room when you enter their home. They got the pool table, like most of their furnishings from Craigs List or Pendleton's version of Craig's List.

They recently bought the home they were renting, and the entire house looks like this room. They sure could use the $250 to help purchase paint/supplies to spruce up their home.

you need to register to vote, but each time you vote, you will be entered into a draw to win $500.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

quite unintentionally,

Adriana did her first 'coy' look to a guy.

After running around all morning, we (me, Nyki, Adriana) stopped by the shop to say "hi" and see if I rec'd a fax. My co-workers were gathered, enjoying Adriana; when Bulent (our graphics guru) came up. A.J told Adriana, "look a man!"...sooo, Adriana, turned toward him...with her eyes down..then did the shy open eyes at him 'thing'.

she got the male reaction of 'wow, she is beautiful'...teehee.

wait till she has hair, she'll figure out the hair swing thing too.

I think dd first used that one in 4th grade..a young man named Anthony...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Mail day!!

my cricut expressions early Christmas gift.

was able to set up...but had a li'l trouble with it cutting all the way reset the blade and, I'll try again this morning.

Took the day off...(not COMPLETELY because of the cricut arrival) and hope to spend most of the day scrappin. I have not touched P365 layouts...and signed up for a few challenges.

need to also plan a menu, and shopping list...problem with new diet plan is you gotta plan. who'd have thought???

many years ago, when dd went 'vegetarian'...I bought a cookbook. Time to pull it out for me, a goal is at least 2 vegetarian meals per week. and since I'm home, tonight is it!

so far, kicking the pepsi has not been real CRAVINGS for it. And I do feel a lot better. Highly recommend it to ya'll.

Monday, November 9, 2009

T I R E D...

long day,

still doing well with the food/lifechange plan. No Pepsi. not even tempted.

spent some time on Sparkpeople..very inspiring to read the success stories and those who are 'just starting' like me.

ever just feel anxious? I dunno, but that is how I am feeling right now...

oh well, time to get on the treadmill and 'work it off'..right???

wish I could scrapbook...but blogging is good also, right?

something good, going to meet my friend Lucy (she lives in Florida, these days) and a group of other ladies at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch on Friday. It's all good, cheesecake factory also sells salads...right??? I invited Nyki so I can cough, cough, show her off. Yup, she can bring Adriana, if she feels like it...hmmmmhmmmm

Lucy and I have decided to 'betroth' our grandchildren. Her son had a son about a month after Adriana was born. So, this way, Adriana gets to meet her future grandmother in law!! My son says it is fine, but Adriana is not moving to South Carolina (that is where Jonah is)...he'll have to move here!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

much calmer today...

still not shopping at Savemart...but starting to try to 'see' the clerk's point of view...

Our morning Bible Study was excellant, we are going thru Proverbs and getting other people's perspectives is wonderful/challenging/ growing.

the verse that 'hit' me is Prov 15:19, "the way of the lazy man is like a hedge of thorns, But the way of the upright is a highway".. we had to pause, 'what does THAT mean?" and my John MacArthur study bible says "thorns. He is too lazy to remove them"

and it hit me, that is what I am trying to do with the new 'discipline' in my life, esp the eating/exercise goals..trying to remove the 'thorns' I've allowed to grow all around me, cuz I've just been toooo darned lazy to remove them.

And I am lazy. I can be a real couch potato, any chance I get!!

While creating these new habits, I should add Bible on the bottom of my daily diet journal is a spot for a verse...even if all I do is open the Bible and write a verse, it is still a step from what I have been doing...ya know?

okay, I get to babysit today!! There was 'an incident' with one of the kid's cars and it needs to be replaced. I will talk about that later, but I am still a li'l emotional...anyways, they are going out together to test drive. (J now works Thurs, Fri, Sat...and my day off is Fri's them having a day to be able to do this without the baby is rather limited)

and then the sermon was good too!! and seeing Adriana was wonderful!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

had an incident at the Savemart...

and I'm up at 3:40 am thinking about it.

I started forming my letter of complaint to the manager in my head, and it woke me up. I am soooooo non-confrontational...this is soooo out of character. I think most people would tell you that I am so calm you have to check if I'm breathing!

RUDE cashier, now, my mom is 77 years old..easily confused and, Japanese, so her English can be difficult...HOWEVER no excuse for how she was treated by this cashier. I did write a very shaky note on one of the 'how are we doing' cards; but intend to follow it up with a letter. And I mean shaky...I could not even print straight, I was soooo angry.

I wish I was one of those people who could look someone in the eye and call them out. But when I am that angry, I start to physically shake and my throat closes up...I did try to tell the gal, "My mom is 77 years old, you could be more patient" but I think it just came out as mumbling.

When I met mom in the parking lot, she had me finish the transaction, she said "Its okay, I AM Japanese"...sooo, my mom walked out of there thinking that this woman's actions were because she is a bigot? that is soooo not okay!

alright, guess I'll find the Savemart website, and see if there is a place I can email.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cold Season has hit!!

Adriana, J and N have colds! my poor babies! (Adriana's first...I feel so unhelpful, I don't really know what to advise the kids...but they are smart kids..they will do what's right)

Betsy gave me her recipe for homemade chicken was sooo yummy. Mom and I are going to make some today..I think I'll take some to the kids.

I wonder if Adriana can have chicken broth?

I'll leave out the cilantro from her portion??? (one of Betsy's secret ingredients)

okay, I , gulped, weighed myself this morning...lets just say it is more than I had in my head. Time to get serious. so, I created some short term goals for November... kick the pepsi addiction, no more indulging in sweets, take beef and pork out of the diet (I'm sure my intestines are quite impacted)...more fruits and veggies...steady time on treadmill. And in Dec, I'll add more goals...hopefully by taking it one step at a time...this time, I'll succeed.

dh says he'll buy me a Mustang if, sorry, WHEN, I reach my goal weight...and dd will pitch in to buy me new clothes if I meet my goal size..which seems so beyond me at this time, it means dropping 10 sizes. (One step at a time, right?)

oh!! happy news!! I got to buy the cricut expressions on HSN! after months of 'sharing'(I don't nag) with dh that I really want one, he agreed (thank you easy pay!) Of course, it is my early Christmas gift and I have to work more hours...but yeah! it should land @ November 18!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

he has a name...

it is Winston Thornapple the be called Bubba or Dude...though dh has been calling him Winston Thornapple...siiiigh

I just looked at dh and told him, 'seriously, I think you were dropped on your head'

his response, 'well, I do have 2 older brothers'.

Sunday, November 1, 2009