Saturday, January 28, 2017


Long week, 4 out of 5 grandkids sick, including the 2 I babysit.  But, except for my son (who got it Thursday) all seems settled.   Keep praying.   My dd and I are the only ones unscathed, so far.

My Kyleighbear.   She is 3 years old and a pistol!  Gotta say it, she is so much fun, for grandparents, if not for parents!  ha!!!

My nicknames for her are Kyleighbear and Sparkle. As she sparkles from the inside out...even if it is mischief coming from her...ha!!   There are family members who call her 'Cobra Ky" but she is not a cobra!   As a baby she was kinda prickly, only wanted her momma.  I remember while she was in her 'klingon' stage (the clingy stage of the toddlers) I looked her in the eye and told her "I'm not worried, someday we will be best friends"...and yay!  we are!

  She did not start talking till she was 2 years old, like her daddy.  But once she started there is no stopping her (just like her daddy, who was nicknamed motor mouth)   and her voice is like music, ..just a joy to hear.  

Her big sis and I got into a conversation about Kyleigh's strong willed nature.  Adriana asked me, 'isnt' it annoying?" .  I told her, "NO, I think strong will is a gift".   I am loving every moment of I had a strong willed child and can now say (30 years later) that they can grow up to be marvelous, accomplished young women.  

Gotta remember (for the scrapbook) that she says 'lafamo' for marshmallow, when she was 2... "leepsover" for sleepover....and she will exclaim "boom shaka laka" and "i chihuaha", at appropriate moments. When I asked her mom, "where did she learn THAT" mom just said, "she has an older sis who goes to school"

Only recently, Nov 2016,  we had our first 'leepsover'...first solo then with her sis... let's just say that I was amazed at how such a tiny thing can take over a queen sized bed.  When Kyleigh 'leepsover' be prepared for a foot in your face.  I was constantly putting a blanket over her.

During our Tahoe stay, whenever she would see my son in law's sister, Sarah, she would exclaim..."There you are!!" and started calling her (and eventually everyone else) a 'scalliwag'. 

As a baby, she was not a tv watcher.  Just too busy, I think now, she will enjoy a cartoon...Elmo is a fave.    though, I have not yet seen her sit through a whole show.  

This little girl is an absolute joy.  

Friday, January 20, 2017


Continuing the notes about my grandbabies, though Josh is the youngest of the 'set' from my son and daughter in law...decided to start with him as he is part of the boy group.   The boys, Jase, Josh and Jax are aged @2 years, a little over 1 year and 6 months.   Don't know if they will grow up to be the Three Muskateers or the Three Amigos.  Did you catch the names, Jase, Josh, Jax...yes, I believe it is a conspiracy...I already find myself saying "Jaaaaaaaaaa...ase!" or "Jaaaaaa...osh" or "Jaaaaaaa...x".  Think I should call them 1, 2, 3...or Uno, Dos, Tres...or go Japanese and say Ich, Ni, Son...or just yell "Boys!".  siiiiigh

Grammy's nicknames for him are Josh-i-poo, Little Man and Mr. One Shoe.  (cuz he sheds shoes).  Before his first birthday his family moved from 10 minutes to 45 minutes away, so I don't get to see them as much as I would like.  Pffffffft smaller commute, better family time...pfffft, it is all about GRAMMY time!   BUT I am fortunate, though he is going through his Kling-on stage, he does allow Grammy to hold him  IFFFFFF momma is not around.  

He is such a little love. His smile (with those dimples) will melt your heart.

He was a 'fast' developer with the physical milestones,  just like his Daddy.  Was he walking by 9 or 10 months?   I figured  with 2 big sisters he was in a hurry to keep up.  

He likes to eat, in fact, if he feels you are too slow to give him his food, he can be very loud in letting you know what he thinks.  But food needs to be given to him slowly, as he has a tendency to stuff. He does know his 'more' and 'please' sign, but right now needs to be reminded to use it...hollering works better....ha!!!

From what I see, cuz I don't see them as often as I would like, he is the easiest to put down for a nap or night night.  When it is time, he easily goes to sleep. 

In the kitchen, he has a special cabinet to get into and empty out.  Mom may not have given it to him, but it is his.

Apparently, when Adriana (dgd #1) was asked what she wanted for Christmas, she asked for a V-tech watch and another baby brother.   

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Continuing my posts about my grandbabies...this is Jase's little brother and according to my kids my last grandbaby.  Both sets have no plans to have, I am making it a point to enjoy every baby moment with this little one.  The fact that I babysit him during the week, makes that a easier.

He is 6 months old this month.  His nicknames from Grammy are 'little little' pronounced 'witto witto', Mr. Droolz and Mr. Scootch.   So, as you can guess he is teething and very drooly and EVERYthing goes into his mouth...he especially likes his little toes.  He is discovering his voice, dd told me that the night before last, he woke up around 4:30 am and serenaded his parents for about an hour.  (isn't he a sweet boy).   In fact, from what I understand, his parents have not had a full nights sleep yet with this little one.   (isn't he a good boy) ha!!

He is very good natured, and smiley.   He is not a fuss-fuss, but he will let you know if he is hungry and tired.  Ooooooooh, I so love it when he falls asleep in my arms.   He is a bit of a chunk...last weekend dd weighed him (you know get on the scale with and without him) and we saw 20 lbs!  20 lbs, we did it twice and still got 20!   DD says he is at the top of the % chart at the doctor's office.

Like his brother, he likes Peppa Pig and Bubble least he stops what he is doing  to watch.  He also loves to watch his brothers remote control car when it is on the move.

And he really seems to enjoy/love his brother.  Always so happy to have Jase near.  (even though I caught Jase putting his socked foot on Jax's head yesterday)  so far, there seems to be a pleasant bond between them.  I say so far, because his mother and uncle appeared to get along when babies, but that all changed when the younger became 2...and got a mind of her own.

So, as y'all can see, I am just truly blessed AND I get to babysit these boys.  I wake up looking forward to going to 'work' and cuddling these little loves.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

my first process blog...ha!!

Not like I have a special technique, but I thought why not...maybe y'all can help me out by telling me what you I can augment my style.

I did get to scrapbook a little bit on Sunday, before and after church.

First step, select pictures and figure out layout.  This one was on the backside of a previous layout on a pocket page.  the vertical pic will need to be cut down, or spread between pockets as I don't have a pocket for it.

 Select paper, this time I was drawn to something kinda 'themey'....the fish and crabs, waves...
 I ended up cutting the waves, ala, Kiwi Lane style, but the color combo felt a bit flat, so I ended up getting on orange from Crate paper to insert behind the waves.  I am such a simple scrapper, when I feel a page is done, I stop and ask myself...what else can I add?....I used some twine that has been on my desk.  I love using contrasting color, orange with the blues. And before it went into the book also added some blue and orange sparkly enamal dots with the crab and starfish (I still do the groups of 3's).  
 This is the other side.  I am still a 2-page scrapbooker where I do my best to make sure the pages facing each other have similar elements.   Again have a couple of pics that did not fit the they get spread between a couple of pockets
 Then I came to a question...which stamp do I put on the bottom pocket...and ended up texting and asking Adriana.  (it is her book)

she chose "Life does not have to be Perfect to be Wonderful"
(too bad you cannot see it in the pic)

and for contrast, here is what I did for her sister's book with the pics from the same part of the trip. Did not use theme, used Illustrated Faith bits

Improvements I would love in my scrapping...layering embellies and journaling!!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

January subs...not really shopping...really

I am on a no spend, and it has been difficult.  I've had things in shopping carts...Unity Stamps and even HSN's deal of the day...but did not hit pay.  But here are the subs...which I love.

I guess this is 'club'...I joined a Stampin' Up monthly club.  The first pic is my purchase.  I LOOOOVE Background stamps.

This is my background stamp collection 1.5 of the shelves, the right side are not background....I completely blame Terry (my first Stampin Up gal).  She used to have monthly classes and would use background stamps (esp the itty bitty's, which is ANOTHER shelf)

This is where the Christmas background will go....have 2 shelves dedicated to Christmas.  You know, Christmas is the only theme I really have set apart.  I have an old kitchen cart with the Christmas embellies, Christmas papers have a cube to itself and these stamps.  

Gossamer Blue, I love that I get a set of stamps as well as these pretties.  These are kept on the left side of my desk in a small wire basket.  At hand.  I do need to concentrate on using more of these.  BUT I do love that they are original...and you can get the image horizontal and vertical.

Fun Stamper's Journey, Journey box...a monthly stamp with the goodies to make 3 to 4 cards ...I am enjoying this.   This is my newest sub.  Only one month was iffy to me...the rest have been 'just right'.

Scrapbook Circle, I have been subbing for a couple of years.  AND I need it.  I live in an area that does not have an LSS...just box stores, so getting a sub keeps me in current papers.   I do get to go to Expos to shop...The kits do tend to be 'girly', but no problem for me, as I have 2 granddaughters.
Also, each month, you get an acrylic 'word'.  And I do love them.  Keep them in a separate I had one break, once upon a time.   These are kept in a basket within arm's reach.  I am not good at matching papers, so love that it is done for me.

sometimes I think I have too many subs...and need to cut one.  But cannot think of one I would cut!  The Club is for 6 months and I probably won't sign up year round...but every other period would be interested.

Friday, January 13, 2017


I've been thinking, I want to 'capture' all these silly details of my grandchildren, before I forget... so here is Jase...

I have no other word for it, but Jase is a 'goofball'.  He approaches life with a joyful, silly energy.  He has one speed, "go" and one volume...'loud'...he is the embodiment of ADORABLE.

He will be 2 years old in March, and so is entering his 'terrible twos'...but I am calling it his 'tornado twos".   I have been fortunate to be able to babysit him since his mom went back to work.  

His first phrase was 'uh oh' as in 'uh oh' when food would drop from his high chair and 'uh oh' when he would drop food from his high chair.(usually with dogs waiting)   I would tell him "you cannot 'uh oh' when you do it".  His next phrase is "oooooh noooooo" as in "ooooooh nooooo" when he throws his toys all over the floor.  He will stand among them and say it.    

He is now saying "no, no, no, noooooo" and swinging his arms and wagging his finger at me, esp when I do something like, oh, take him out of the pantry.  As being a 'Pantry Pirate' is his new game.  Running in there to grab cereal or chips to sample, or run over to the gate to feed his dogs.

He also can tell us animal sounds.  He has most farm animals, except chickens, he doesn't quite want to 'cluck'.  He grunts instead of oinks for pigs, but that is because we watch Peppa Pig...and those pigs grunt.   His funniest is the sheep, he always 'baaaas' at the top of his voice.  Guess sheep are loud.

He loves books.  There are books that he will want read 4 or 5 times.  Zoom Zoom Baby, he can lift the flaps and tell me "noooooo" for the animals, and 'yeah' for the baby.   Brown Bear, he makes the animal noises and a favorite since babyhood is Who's Who at the Zoo.  a flap book.  the final page is a small mirror to show who the zoo animals see...and he always kisses his reflection...still does it.

He loves to dance.   His favorite cartoons are Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies (dances to the outside song), Mickey Mouse clubhouse (dances to hot dog song), and he likes Baby First...the crayons, Tick Tock Mice and Mio Mao...with Mio Mao it is not unusual for him to laugh, like the slap your knees laughing.   

He gives the best hugs, I mean full body, lean on you hugs.  He is getting picky about food.  Spaghetti is the favorite, or as his Dad has said, "he will eat cereal if you put marinara on it".  He avoids most veggies and chicken...yup, chicken.  But mom has a plan, she hides veggies in a lot of his foods, yes, even his spaghetti sauce....and muffins...and smoothies.   

He takes his toys and stashes them around the house, so I call him"Mr Stash".  And he can spend time playing quietly by himself.  Not long periods, but short bursts.  Usually it involves pulling toys from a container and throwing them, either  on the floor or around him, or stashing them in a new spot.   

Okay, just a few things so when I scrapbook them...I won't forget...ha!!!!!


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Scrapbook Sunday...

with the rain, it made sense...First of all, we have been very fortunate, so far.  The flooding is not in our area.  But watching the news and seeing the areas north of us...awful.   I was so suprised to see flooding in San Jose.   The storm related thing for us, so far, is loss of the local tv station through Dish.  But we will see and stay hopeful.

Today, was Kyleigh day...worked on her album...and can say, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas her 2015 is done.  YAY!

These are from the family trip to L.A in 2015
I have been using kits and stash...the pretties in the first layout is from Illustrated Faith..such fun colors.
 These are Stampin Up papers and  Darice mermaid...sometimes pics are not all you make do with the pockets...riiiiight??
 The printed papers are Pink Paislee (not the cursive in the middle( with oold embellies from the stash).  The mats under the bird pics are actually old packaging I've held on to.
 This page was a struggle, transitioning from her 2 year portraits  to halloween without being too halloweeny....the TGF stamp was fun to color ..really wanted to make her sweater blue..but ...found the coral red.
 And this is the first set for Adriana's LA trip in her book....did black and gold in the first page, so need to figure out how to bring it to the 2nd.

Getting there!!  Ordered pics for thanksgiving and christmas....then can close the 2015 books.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Got to Scrapbook...not as much as I would have liked

BUT I did get to go in my room and create a bit.  Only 3 2-page layouts.  And was able to make lists of the pics I still need.  Really want to finish my 2015 books, so I can move on to 2016.  

The embellie's on the left side are bits that were  in my 'bit' catcher.  We all have one of those right?  mine is a small bowl, think it was from the dollar store.   Whenever I have odds and ends ...that I don't catagorize I throw it in my bowl, it stays on my desk.

  Publishing this pic, I can see the right side page still needs a little something...maybe in the coral color of the card on the top Kraft section....
The pocket page on this layout was tough, putting together 3 random pics... And I did use some of my Gossamer Blue kit cards...,,,But I wanted pocket pages for....
 this side and the group of 8 month pics.  The other side was tough...ended up using scraps from Bella Blvd's Lucky Starz to put it I only had one 12x12 sheet.

 One reason the scrapping was minimal, is because I also had to put together my new home office for work.  The guys got the desk out of storage for me...I know, roll top with computer...But will make it work. (I hope)  It still is not plugged in and up and running...but I am one step closer.

After this weekend, I will be spending the rest of my Saturdays at the office (not my home office, pooh) as it is the End of the Year close and our CFO wants me to check out the reports.   Just give it an extra set of eyes, since this is the new gal's first year end close.  

So, we will see how that works out for my January scrapbooking goals.
1) on a spending freeze till Pleasanton Expo...only adhesives and pics when needed
2) and finish 2015 albums using some of the kits I have collected throughout the year...with my subs.

Easy goals, right????   

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 recap

2016 came in with so much promise, but it was a tough year.

I don't know if I can even honestly journal about it.

Early in the year, we had the loss of my father in law.  Though he had been ill for a while, and in a way we felt we were 'ready' to say goodbye...we were not.  My dh has been a champ, truly 'stepping up to the plate' for his family especially his mom.  We were surrounded by good friends and our church family.

then summer happened.  Very difficult and awful church drama.  I cannot even put words to what happened.  It created some broken relationships that I don't know if they can be healed.  But even after the explosion/implostion, for the first time (for me) I felt love for this group of people.  (if you know me, you know I am a 'bit' closed off when it comes to emotions...and to feel a flood of love is very unusual for me)

 But it was also a year of deep growth for me...thanks to Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias youtube videos ,Watchman Nee's book the Normal Christian Life, Bible study with a group of good friends, Sunday School with the young adults.

Now, the good things...a new grandson...I am so blessed, I get to babysit this sweet precious boy and his goofball brother...

With his birth, I was able to quit my part time job at the business...though I go in occasionally to help audit some accounts.  And am now a fulltime 'nanny grammy' and that is the best 'job' ever!!

Here they are...I am such a lucky grandma!!!  And yes, they are each 'perfect'.

@Sept we got... OUR new 'babies'....
Bonnie and Bella...when we got them, they were about 6lbs each..they are now over 30!!  Bonnie is the larger of the 2...dh says she has a bit of a 'galoot' personality, just wants love, love, love.  Bella is a li'l smaller but seems more intelligent and adventurous.     The one most likely to get into trouble.  Looks like our old dog, Rocky has taken them under his wing...and is teaching them some ranch dog skills.   Like sleeping on the chair cushions on the patio furniture (he gets the swing).  siiiiiiiigh
And digging out my garden box (it does have the best softest dirt).

We also remodeled the suite bathroom.  No pics yet.  But it is very 'girly'.   I think my son in law says he feels the testosterone drain from him whenever he walks into it.  Will take pics when I get the shower curtain up.

2017 is going to start out super busy,   Mom in law is moving.  She got a double wide in the local senior park.  She wanted something small...just doesn't want to maintain a 2000+ square foot home...and she is closer to us.   THEN my kids will move into her other is a little further out than their present home, so I will start commuting.   So, we will be moving 2 households for the first part of 2017.  But I think the new homes will be a better fit.

Those who are wondering, my mom is in a good place.  She is in a nursing home, luckily my sisters and nieces visit regularly...she even has her own instagram account...
The question is will she behave.  There already have been some issues.  siiiiiiiiiiigh.

So, Happy New Year to all!!
 Here is hoping that no matter the bumps we face ... we will grow in Grace.
  (ahhh y'all did not know I was a poet did ya?)