Saturday, November 16, 2013


been wanting to post, you know, have been thinking blogs in my head, but none of it has 'made it' from thought to page.

It has been an interesting couple of months.

In Sept, I almost lost my Percy.  He came down with a bladder infection that went real bad real fast...some time at the vet, lots of medicine at home...and right now he is doing fine.   At the beginning of this month, I found more pink tinged pee droplets on the floor...took him in...they gave him some shots, but his urinalysis did not 'cultivate'.  So I take him back tomorrow for another one.   Dh was not 'into' the costs at the vet, but he said something while I was taking care of Percy.  He said, he once heard that if your cat loves you, he will wrap his tail around you...while he was watching me care for Percy, after giving him medication, I was carrying Percy and when I turned my back to dh..Percy's tail was wrapped around my waist and up my back.  DH said he'd never seen such pure love between human and pet before, and it brought him to tears.

At the end of  October, Kyleigh Savannah was born.   Grandbaby #2 for me.     and of course, she is perfect!!!  She looks so much like my ds, that holding her truly takes me back...ooooh, 29 years. ha!

Earlier this week I got to go to a crop retreat.  And actually, I am on my way to my scraproom to finish putting my projects away and take some pics.   It was from Sunday afternoon thru Weds morn.  and it was terrific.    BUT came home and on Thurs morning, I was sick.  Extreme dizziness, nausea and chills.  So Thursday was a 'lost' day...slept all but a couple of hours and only ate chicken noodle soup and sprite.   Friday, I did go to work, but was weak and lightheaded.   Very odd, we can't figure out if my equalibrium was thrown off by the trip down from the mountain (that's where the retreat was ) or if I picked up something.  As a couple of other people at work have had the same type of symptoms in the past couple of weeks.   Very odd, sooooo, I have not seen the grandbabies since my return.  BUT ddil has been sending me regular pics.      

sooooooo, I'm off to organize, take pics, prepare for the Sunday School class....and all that stuff that you have to do on a Saturday.   Did a couple more of the Julie Nutting paper plan to post them.  BUT I really want to learn how to layer elements...but I'll go into that in a later post.