Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today is Christmas Celebration #1

With my son working the next 3 days, today, Sat the 22nd is our celebration with him and his family.

This is li'l Bailey, the first pic taken with my new camera!!

Its gonna be a busy next 5 days.

Today, for me, a li'l more after breakfast (our 'We're still here" breakfast)   I don't really have anything planned.  HOPING to get in my scraproom and organize (gasp, did you say organize?)   Then dinner/gifts at the kids.  I am making green beans and bread for the dinner.   The green bean recipe came from The Food Network magazine, and were such a hit at Thanksgiving, my ddil requested them to go with her ham tonight.  

But for everyone else, sounds like it is shaping up to be a busy day.  DH is waiting for the delivery of our new stove and dishwasher.  (our old stove broke last weekend).  Which he and dsil are going to install themselves. aye yi yi.

Mil and Fil are awaiting the delivery of their double wide trailer.  Which is gonna be set up on our property and will be their home.  Mil came out of her surgery GREAT, and last night was a great visit with them.  As dh says the best we've seen her in over a year.   Last night, we had an 'end of the world' dinner of personal pizzas (homemade dough) and I watched the first 2 Twilight movies.  or should I say had them on.

Tomorow morning, I have nursery at the church.  Then dsil (son in law, here) invited some good friends over for 'taco bar'.   Homemade queso and taco bar.  May play a game like Battle of the Sexes as well.

Monday morning, NOTHING planned, but there is a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service we will more than likely attend.  DH is also cooking that night.  Roast Beef and mashed potatoes.

Tues morning, stockings, pancake breakfast and kicking back.   I am hoping to get away to see Les Mis. (dh says he will take me...but we will see what he says when the time comes)  He HATES movie theaters and hasn't sat at one for years.   

And of course, I took Weds off, to check out the after Christmas sales. 

This year, I have been taking pics but not doing the JYC album with Shimelle.  Maybe during one of the down times, I'll start.   I do have a trip to Texas planned at the end of Jan...may take the pics there.

Oh, just saw that there is an ongoing Art Journal challenge at 2 Peas...I've always wanted to do Art Journaling.   Also need to finish my reading books...(not gonna hit my yearly goal...the Oct book really threw me off)  But I bought myself "You're Not the Boss of Me" for myself, as I've been accused of spoiling my dgd.   and there is talk of a li'l Love Dare type of Bible study between my girls and I.  

So, it makes for a very extended Christmas holiday, which I don't mind.   It is not great that ds has to work, but part of the 'price' of being a police officer.   Always thankful, we got Thanksgiving with him.

Hope ya'll have a great Christmas.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

wow, been a while, how about a BF shopping tale

I mean December is always a blur, but November also.

I have been writing blogs in my Thanksgiving..and the day after.

We had Thanksgiving with my bro in law, it was all very nice...but I like to have my own Thanksgiving dinner, as I like have a weekend of leftovers.  

However, on Thanksgiving, I gave up on my principles and let dd talk me into Black Friday shopping.  We went to Michaels (no crowds) then Walmart..O M G.  Now, no lines outside, but they let you wait at the displays till the sale start..8pm.  So, we spent a couple of hours in front of the displays of the video games we in front of Wii and dd and Altje (ds's exchange student) in front of Xbox.  Ddil was free roaming, doing her own shopping and scouting the next display dd wanted to hit.

this is dd (short gal in white) and Altje (tall gal right next to her) at the X box display @6pm.

These were set up in the middle of a very wide aisle, from the front of the store was the X box, a small distance was the PSP'ers...the 2nd set of people in the pic...and last was the Wii.

Now us Wii'ers, were very civilized.  and a small group.  I mean think about it, most of us are women or children who do activities and exercise.  The hot games were the new Just Dance and Zumba...and a couple of girls has set up on that side of the display and were asking us what we wanted, as they were willing to grab for us.

There were a lot of PSP'ers..but it was a quiet group.

The Xbox'ers...Oh My...Rowdy, security had to step in...and Before the displays were unwrapped.  The woman you can kinda see behind the teen was making threats to my dd!!  But think about it, what do these gamers do?  Yeah, play shoot em up games.

So we get to 8pm and the wrappings are removed on the got crazy.  Even at Wii, the 2 girls popped up with arms full of games, and people are grabbing.  I got the next to last one.
When I was able to look up, I saw pieces of the PSP display flying in the air!! and these were the quiet people!  I was so worried for dd in the midst of the rowdies, and she was threatened.  I made my way to the Xbox display and it was gone.  there was the bottom left and a mound of games.  I could see that security was not 'reviving' anyone, no injured in the immediate area...but, I wasn't good till I could see my dd.

When I caught up to her, she told me what happened.  The guy you see in gray tshirt was next to the basketball game she wanted as soon as display opened, he grabbed her one and yelled "I got you, get out of here"...but her dh had called and wanted a headphone that was on top of the she had to reach over the back of a guy leaning down (he may have a shoe print on the back of his shirt)  and says she 'flew' over the leaning display..and got one.  Altje says she thought someone had pushed dd (as threatened) and she went to try to catch her.   All this happened in less than a minute.   They say it wasn't the people who were lined up around the display, but the crowd that pushed in from outside that made it dangerous.

We all checked out fairly quickly, I'd say by 8:05,  knew what we wanted and got out of there.  Ddil, being a a former Marine, had us walk out with dd in the middle.   Altje in front, dd, me and then ddil watching the flank, since there was a threat made to dd.  

Anyways, a Black Friday adventure.  Altje wanted to 'experience' and American Black Friday...and well, she got a pretty good  story to tell.

We've all decided no deal is worth it and next year, we'll be kicking back and eating pie.  Like momma said.

this has gotten long, I'll try to remember to tell you about my day after Thanksgiving dinner I made...think, 18 year old making her first dinner, Instead of 51 year old who's been doing this for almost 30 years...a tale of many disasters...ha!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

a REAL day off

I'm off from work today, and it is wonderful...but...I feel a bit lost.  I don't have any appts or pressing errands.  It really is a day off.  Now, tomorrow, I have appts and places and then babysitting, so that is a normal day off.

So, this morning has been litter boxes, laundry, dishes, a li'l sweeping (with 4 cats and 2 dogs indoor, the pet hair gets a li'l, well, 'hairy') and some dusting.  (which I seriously need to do more of)

So, now what?  Should get in my scraproom, but seriously low on 'mojo'  Do have a short crop on Saturday, can plan projects for that...hmmm. definately need to do some ATC's for the swap.

Even though Thanksgiving will be at a family member's (who said don't bring anything)...I think I still wanna do a mini dinner here.  I just LOVE having leftovers.  So, I could plan the menu/grocery list for that.

Also, gotta think Christmas lists and shopping.

But I dunno, just don't feel like doing anything .

 Maybe I'll pull out some dvd's and call it a 'do nothing' day...or make those lists first.  ha!!!

cuz this blog is 'no good without pictures' here is one from our Zumba class.  just finished week 8, 2 more weeks, then a break...hope they offer it again in 2013...cuz this has been fun.  I'm not losing weight, cuz I've been eating pretty much whatever I want.  (so off the  my game,, there.  (also lost my mojo), but the class IS fun!  dd is the cutey in front in the teal blue shirt...I'm the chunk in dark capris and black shoes behind her...ha!!!

Here is the spread dd and ddil put together for grandbabie's 'bug' party to celebrate her new swing set.
I did help with the cricut create a critter bee/butterfly and such.  DD (a non scrapbooker) was surprised I don't do more decor with the cricut (she loved it)...and couldn't believe "you just use it for scrapbooking?"


and I loved this, We went to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park with the women's group from church.  This was at Shakespeare Park...closed to the public for a wedding...this li'l guy was a part of that wedding...complete with his doggy tux.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

had to give up

I was reading the book "Bury Me Standing" by Isabel Fonseca.  It is about the persecution of gypsys in Central Europe of the 1990's.   I became interested in the subject when I went on the cruise of Italy and Greece a couple of years ago.  But I have to admit defeat.  Not that the book was boring or difficult reading, but the subject, I could feel was changing me.  Human Beings are capable of such  horrible behaviour and attitudes..  I don't know how else to put it, the 'human condition' is not noble.  I am starting to be so disgusted.  We are capable of such wrong doing and then justifying it.  I am 2/3 of the way through it, and just cannot read another word.  I was shocked that people are being killed/burned out of their homes in the 1990's...we aren't talking a hundred years ago.  And I don't think it has changed.  Our kids have a foreign exchange student, a 15 year old from Germany, who has made comments about 'Turks and Gypsies" that reflect a deep seated prejudice.

Is there a cure?   Is it Christianity, that teaches us "red, brown, yellow, black and white...they are precious in his sight?".   Is it the 'melting pot' attitude that the United States used to have.  I know, its changed to a multi-cultural 'salad'.  But wasn't the melting pot good?  The attitude that we were all Americans first.   I dunno.  I am just so disturbed by what I am reading...and seeing.

a few months ago, I read "The Warmth of Other Suns" and it was equally disturbing...but not as hopeless.

so, I've started a new Susanna Kearsley book...something I know I'll enjoy and something a whole lot lighter.

been working on ATC's, and have been  R E A L L Y  stumped...oh my, gotta go concentrate on them.

looking forward to the last installment of Breaking Dawn, cannot wait, don't know who I will be able to get to go with me...oh, and the commercials for Red Dawn...  Time to take care of some chores!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

had the chance to crop, twice this week!!

I had the chance to crop, that's what I call a fantastic week.

the first was on Thursday.  DD had a business trip to our shop in, I was able to pack a rolling cart and go to Scrapbook Paradise off of McCarran...for $5, I was able to set up and crop in the store.  Of course, had to do a li'l shopping....teehee.   For a crop like this, I do not take any embellies, as I really want to pack light and keep it down to one bag.  Also at a store, I don't pack very much cardstock.  As I will have access at the store.   I LOVED it.   So I do very simple, unadorned pages, that I bring home to embellish.  Like this one from our Mediterranean Cruise, oh, 3 years ago.   I tucked in a note to myself about where it was, so I can finish it.

Then on Saturday, I went to a 12 hour crop in Modesto.  It was a fundraiser for the California Youth Authority.   Very nice.  They had volunteers there to help you unload and load your car.  For this kind of crop, I pack a lot more...fill my li'l utility wagon and brought my cricut.  I tend to bring page kits, I subscribe to Scrapbook Circle and Scrapbook Nook (though Nook is no longer)  

 here is a 'monochromatic' layout I did of one of the statues of Achilles in Corfu.  (Michele, I'm doing Corfu pics!!!!)

I find that if I am just using the cardstock to border my pp, I will cut the center out.  This is the backside of Achilles layout.   Gives me an automatic matching matt when I use the inside!  The following gray layout also used this 'technique'.     

 and here is another layout of Old Town Corfu...made me think of my sis who uses a lot of say it with bling.

 This was my final layout, you can tell I'm getting tired when they get really, really simple.  I'll figure out what to add later.

and my stack of started, base, layouts that I need to embellish and put in books!

A few more Corfu pics, then some pics of the baked Alaska parade our last night on the ship...and then I'll be on Venice and can say I'm finally done with this trip!!   Maybe I'll do last October's Hawaii trip next...or San Franciso...or...well, you know.

Another funny thing at yesterday's crop.  They had hourly raffles, in which 5 women were called to pick their prizes off a table.  hmmmm, 20 to 30 women, 5 per hour...good odds, right?  Not for me, I was not called ONCE all day!  My table mates were each called 3 times, and for Megan, once after she left.  There were women being called 2 even 3 times during the same set of fact, the last raffle, they even announced, "Ok, we're hear to give Amber and Connie more gifts".  It was ridiculous, and at one point, I was really feeling down.   Even told my friend, I was going to start signing my ticket Tinkerbell.

Anyways, there were also 11 prizes out for a raffle, where you put your ticket in which prize you want.  I bought 6 tickets. There was one prize that I was the only ticket in the bag I got hopeful, but before the draw there were 2 more tickets...anyways, I won!!  I actually won 3 of those prizes, and was esp excited to get the CTMH basket...

yay!!   So today will be a day of unpacking, hopefully embellishing...but, since I've been gone the past 3 days...probably should concentrate on housework first.

Monday, September 24, 2012

family ...what can you say

We are in the midst of a family medical situation.  Can't say much as my dh's side is very private.  BUT a situation has come up, and the question of do you tell the estranged child?   There are 3 brothers, but only 2 involved in the family.   It seems to be by dysfunction/choice...all the above.  So, there is something going on,.. no one knows how it is going to end, can go 'either way' at this the 3rd son called?

Dh did call his brother, or convinced his parent to...and this brother 'cussed' that parent out.  Finally, dh took the phone and told him to stop.   This is a person who brings a lot of drama and that is probably why parent was hesitant/not up to/nor willing to call.

All the rest of us can get about the situation is that the hospital is testing...and it is not know what is going on, what is going to happen.

This is kind of an odd family also.  If it were my mom, I'd be on an airplane then at the hospital with her.  But this family is not.  Not even a visit at the hospital yesterday...just odd to me.  I know that is probably 'practical'...nothing anyone can do that the drs cannot do...but isn't being there important too?

okay, I'll stop talking in code.

Now, I've been in daily contact with my sis about this situation...just having someone to talk to, bounce your feelings with...has been so helpful.

Been spending a lot of time on Sparkpeople.  Signed up for the SparkCoach, and it has been really helpful.  By logging in everyday to see the short video, to log my day before and how I'm doing on my daily goals is very motivating.

Despite the odd week, and not so good eating, I've lost a li'l weight this past week.

We had the family over for a smoked brisket.  11 people in all, we had to bring out the 'kiddy' table.  Adriana 'picked' who she wanted to sit with her, it was me, my dd and my sis in law, Linda.  We had a good time at the kiddy table...ha!!!  oh, to be li'l Adriana.   The only grandchild, great grandchild and niece.  She is a li'l spoiled.  ha!!! and a li'l bossy...double ha!!

I've got the day off, been doing a li'l housework...after weekend clean up type of stuff.  And hope to work on my LOTW.   So, much fun.  I just plugged in my Slice...

and I'm ready to go.  ha!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

a morning to myself, well, away from home

So, what would you do with a morning to yourself?

Away from home, so laundry and dishes are not an option?

In a hotel in Reno?  hmmmmm

Dh and I are here on a quick business trip, we got a suite at the Silver Legacy ...already used the whirlpool tub and exercise room (last night)...have a couple of hours to myself while he goes to a breakfast meeting.

Got room service, playing on the 'net, no good shows on the tv...don't wanna pay 11 to 14 dollars for an in room movie...wish I had my scrapbook stuff (I'll remember for next time)...hmmmmmmmm

Speaking of scrapbook stuff, guess what I discovered yesterday?  Dh needed some aspirin so we stopped at the Safeway at McCarran Exit(as you enter Reno)....a couple of doors down....oooh la la...a beautiful and thriving and OPEN scrapbook store.  Called Scrapbook Paradise.  They were in the midst of a Sunday crop and YOU KNOW I did a little shopping.  With dh in the car, I only checked out one side of the store, but, oh yeah, great lines and stamps...okay, I did manage to spend @$65.  The Graphic 45 Birdsong is gorgeous in person...and they have a great Copic selection.  Did not pick up any stamps, but gotta admit one stays in mind and I'm wishing I nabbed it.  Too bad dh took the car...or I'd make a quick trip.

Also, had a yummy room service breakfast.  If you ever stay at the Silver Legacy, I HIGHLY recommend the ham and eggs and hash browns...and the oj is soooo fresh tasting and YUMMY!

but now I've got a couple of hours to kill...and I'm not a gambler so not interested in that...I SHOULD read my book...oh well, we'll head out ...and stop by Ikeda in Auburn on the way home.  ANOTHER recommendation if ya'll are ever that way.  I usually get an assortment of dried fruit and veggies for my mom, they also have fresh made pies...a wall of hot sauces...dips, fresh veggies/fruits, nuts, premade dips and salsas, pre-seasoned meats and a li'l restarant area for a lunch too.  I had a chicken pot pie once and it was YUMMMY!!

okay, lets see what can be accomplished...ha!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

so, here I am...up at 5 am

Yup, I was woke up at 5 am this morn.  The sound of a small dog yipping.  Now, we live in the country and that sound, to me, means one thing....that soon I'm gonna hear the 'death sounds' as the pup looses its life to a coyote or larger dog.   So, I got out of that bed as fast as I could.  Now, dh says it did not happen.  There were no 'pain' coyote victory howl...  I would have liked to look for the pup, and I asked dh to do that when the sounds first started...but with the way sounds carry in the country...he could have been too far to find.  So, I'm up...

That has to be the one thing I dislike about living out here.  Coyotes.  HATE them.

I have spent most mornings on SparkPeople.  They have a new option, well at least new to me, called the Spark Coach.  Check in everymorning to get motivated and stay accountable.

Now, yesterday was a, I did not do that well with the food.  BUT though it was a small crop, of only 5 hours, did have a good time.  A friend set it up at the library, and we may be able to have that facility every 3rd Saturday.  It would be a 'community' event, open to all...but that is cool with us, as we are always excited to meet other scrapbookers.

Exercise, okay, I got the Wii3, so I've been trying out all the options under the Just Sweat.  Last night I tried out the continous play...can't remember the game name.  Now, I hit the 1000 calorie option...and that thing kept after song...I figured that it would stop and say 'congrats, you made your goal' or something!  NO!!! I finally hit the Return to Menu button when I could not move anymore...went back to Just Sweat and my chart was at over 1700 calories!!  Okay, that was fun...and tiring...but ummmmm, yay.

I had a good week as far as the Jenny weigh in, showing a loss.  BUT with the weekend, the crop and an overnight trip to Monday morning (okay Tues, cuz I won't be home)...the number I use on Spark...I'm thinking won't be so good.  

have ya'll heard of LOTW's...aka Letters of the Word...I've been doing a "Name Your Own LOTW" swap at   The top pic were the ones I did last month...the bottom pic is the word I got back.  I just let the gals know the letter height I wanted and the color scheme...and they created this...aint' it cute!!

Here is a layout I did using the one I had rec'd the previous month.

So, I worked on a few of those yesterday.  Also worked on some ATC cards for the monthly swap on just a couple of pages of Athens for my Med Cruise album.   S o m e d a y, I'll actually finish that album.

As I was leaving, my son in law told me 'crop till you drop"....I told him "5 hours, we're just barely getting started"...but I do have an all day crop scheduled for in October...its a fundraiser for the CYC in Modesto.

okay, time to face logging my food yesterday on Spark.  siiiiiigh

Sunday, August 5, 2012

scrapbook expo, here comes the gazelle!

I spent yesterday packing for the crop at the Expo this coming weekend.  So, excited...2.5 days of croppin' and shoppin'...the perfect weekend for me!  Well, if Adriana was old enough to scrap, that would make it even better.

This week has also been a refocus on the weight loss.  My sis posted this pic of me,  whatta wake up call!  I've been getting too lax about my weight.  I am back to 178...2 lbs from obese!  So, gotta focus and not lose sight that I do have a goal...and being jabba the hut is NOT it.

This week while driving to work, dh, dd and I have been listening to Dave Ramsey.  Lucky for me, the day before my sis posted this pic...we heard the cd with the illustration of the gazelle.   (to escape from the debtors as a gazelle escapes from the cheetah)  So, now the gazelle is my 'mascot'.  When I am tempted to stray from the weight loss plan, I ask myself, "would a gazelle eat this chocolate?"   ha!!
(lets see how well the gazelle does at Expo weekend!!)

Today is a burger-fest at ds's home.  I plan to bring veggies to snack and share...and a Jenny's chicken sandwich to have instead of the burger...better bring my own desert also.    I've been logging my calories, in the hopes of reining myself in.   aye yi yi.

Get back to the basics, I know what works...just gotta DO IT and stop getting lazy.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Mommachan, she loved receiving dh's gift of 80- $1 bills...just tickled pink.  This is the bedroom she did not leave.  siiiiigh
Here is Tadum, aka fuzzball, soooooo adorable!  Yes, that is a cast, she fell off a chair and broke her 'growth plate'.
 My ATC's for this month, and a 6x6 calendar swap

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just got back from Tejas, Houston that is

Got an opportunity to visit family in Texas!  I LOVE any chance I can get to go there!  This time it was Houston, for my mom's 80th birthday.  We planned a li'l celebration, me, my Uncle flew in from Reno...met with my ex bro-in-law and nephew and my sis and her family....Because mom does not want to go anywhere, we decided to eat in at her place.  She stayed in her room.  She does not like one of the guests, I won't say who, and hid in her room.  FINE, we went out to Escalantes instead (if you are ever in Houston, go to Escalantes for that white queso...and the chicken enchilada suiza...oooooooooh myyyyyyyyy.

The rest of the week was spent with my sis, scrappin', shoppin', eatin' and nappin'...a GREAT vacation.  Mom did stay in her room most of the days, but since I 'bunked' with her at night, that is when we had opportunity to visit.  She told me to 'shut up' so many times, I finally told her, "I've heard shut up more times this week than my entire marriage" (28 years)...aye yi yi...gotta love her.

Oh, my neice, Lexi just got a maltipoo.   I spent a lot of time spoiling her...her name is Tadum...but I called her fuzz-le-ball...or just fuzz-le.   My sis started to call her cotton ball.   BUT that is the most adorable dog I've ever run into...all 3 lbs of her...I seriously wanted to bring her home.  But dh would never let me, and my 11 year old cat Percy would not like it.  Heck, at 16 lbs, all Percy would need to do is sit on her.

I did finish 2 scrapbooks, my dgd's 2011 book and my dd's and dsil's album volume 1.  

I take so many pics of dgd, I've decided to limit my yearly books to a layout (or 2 page layout) per month.

Also worked on some ATC swaps and the 6x6 calendar swap.  Will post pics when I upload.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE visiting Houston!  My sis took me to her fave restarant Eurasia twice.  and we went to Cracker Barrel for chicken and dumplings, and of course had to have a Kolache and Whattaburger run.   My last night, I went to Beaudroux's for etouffee...and brought home boudain for me and dsil.   I do Love visiting Houston, but it does nothing good for my waistline!  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

making plans

It's Sat morning, and I have no 'plans'..nothing on my calendar, so hoping to make it a big day in the scraproom.  Lots going on in there, I have ATC's to make for the July Swap...been working on those calendar pages ...and need to design some 6x6 pages.  

Our church is/was having a fundraiser called rent a teen - I signed up but never got a call.  I was going to have the teen help me assemble the pages.  Oh well, I'll be working on that today.  So far I've printed the pics for Adriana's 2011 book and I think I'm going to take pics for dd and dsil's first book...another one I started but haven't finished.

ALSO, I leave for Houston next week, and my sis and I plan to scrap 'a lot'.  Sooo, I've been printing pics and need to pick out papers to take.  Good thing I fly Southwest, I can bring an extra suitcase for free.  ha!

We are also going to stop at the By Design scrapbook store in Clear I am flying into Hobby...I'm so excited (insert happy dance smilie) as it has been a looooooooooong time since I've been to an LSS.  All the LSS's closed around here.  So, I have the chain stores, Michael's, Joann's, Beverly's for scrapbook shopping...and I do a lot of online and I am in 2 kit clubs (to get the new stuff) BUT it will be wonderful to go to an LSS...siiiiiiigh.

ALSO, I need to scan old family photos for my sis.  After my grandmother passed, a cousin sent us the pics from her collection.  Many of them 'unidentified'...

like this, the only 'clue' I have is on the bottom of the matt is imprinted "New Castle Ind"  Don't know if this is my Dad's maternal or paternal...also could by my grandma's...she was a step-grandma, as my biological grandma died when I was 2 years old.

I guess that is one reason I scrapbook, so my kid's kids will know...and not have these 'cool' old pictures not knowing who the people were.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Last night we finished a li'l Bible Study that my friend, Janelle hosted at her house. A study on The Forgotten God by Francis Chan (excellent, by the way). My dd mentioned that at one point she had a P.I.P (personal improvement plan) I laughed a bit, because just saying something like this is soooooooo like her dad... BUT she did get me thinking.

When I was having weight loss success, it was when I was following a written plan and had the discipline to keep it up daily. In the beginning it was just writing success on the five small changes. No Soda, No sweets, No meat, 20 min exercise, water intake. Just seeing those NO's on a sheet of paper was inspiring in itself, that I could do this. One reason I've been on this plateau is I've lost that discipline. Just now going back to logging my calories on Spark in the morning. I find if I do this, I stick better to my planned food (oh, you're already at goal, cannot afford that treat)

 So, I have experience and success with the lifestyle change (weight loss) P.I.P

 So, what can be done for a Spiritual Growth P.I.P

 there is the obvious, more time in the word and praying...but how often do we as Christians say we are going to do that? It's like the book said, so many of us invite Christ to be a part of what we are doing instead of looking to be a part of what He is doing.(my take on the concept) Keep our lives comfortable but give us salvation....hmmm,

 And of course, there is the Christian dilemma "what does He want us to do with our lives" "what is the grand scheme?" and so many of us are 'waiting' to have it revealed to us....

 One of the questions last night was "What would you look like if the Spirit was working in you" (again, my words, not verbatim) I think I would be a friendlier person. I am so introverted and non-social...I think I want to look more like a Mimi or a Terry (women I know who exude a welcoming, loving, friendly Spirit) So, if that is what I think that is the change I would see, what are P.I.P steps?

 Yes, add daily Bible reading. After all, this is our 'fuel source' much like breakfast gets our metabolism buring.

Yes, Prayer time...lifting others up will give me God's heart for them Continue in a Bible Study, our Pastor just started a study on the book of Acts. So after a study being challenged to live in the Spirit, we have a study on the Spirit...yay! This will also get me out of the house and interacting with others...yikes...something I haven't done in a while.

 So, what is the 'step out of your comfort zone' goals for me, the P.I.P? Make it a point to just say hello to someone I don't know? To start conversations with co-workers? To ask the 'new guy' to move to our table at lunch? I guess instead of waiting for the big 'reveal'..I'll take these baby steps and see where the Spirit leads.

Ya'll  have a happy and safe 4th!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

got to craft!

this is the final card for the swap, actually finished them a while ago, just haven't upload pics... Got to do one of the progressive challenges on They are like a Simon Says for scrapbooking. I enjoy these, many of the steps are tutorials to learn new techniques and new ways to make your own embellies. I feel like these challenges stretch me.
oooh, my pic is sideways, but its not in my album...hmmmmmm lets see how this works. I also put together the first draft of my "May" for the calendar swap.
I have a new crafting rule, "If you think its done, what else can you add". As I find I am such a simple, hmmmmmm, what else? Today I may be babysitting the Boo. Looks like all the young adults may be joining my Bro in law in his boat one a lake...yay!!! Hope it works out!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recital, 3 year old style.

Recital was fun! Little Boo was adorable. She started out dancing really well, then midway decided she was done and started to leave the stage (both nights)...she would go back...but did not dance much, just kinda stood in her spot and watched the audience. Here's the full outfit I made her, the top and the tied tu-tu. It was cute, BUT, the tu-tu strips kept sticking to her tights and between her legs....
so for the performance, she wore this:
lucky mom had a 'backup' plan. Today, I hope to work on my 12x12 calendar swap ... I cut out gnomes last week, and then being me, changed my mind on what colors I want to use. Oh well, back to it!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Creating feels good!

I've been creating again. Seems like such a long time, but this month is kinda a 'normal' month. No I have time to play in my scraproom. This is non scrap, DGD is going to be in a recital next weekend, her final production number is in white and gold. We were told to be her mom and I made one of those hand tied tutu's and I made her this to slip on top of her tank top. She may not wear it...I used binding tape around the arms and on the hem, but it may prove to be 'itchy'. We'll see. I did this without a lots of imperfections, but hey, it will be worn 3 times on stage. teehee. We'll see. kinda scrap, making some cards for a swap on These are for the 'tag' cards. Just fun to make such a mess with glimmer mists. here are the red/white/blue cards I made for the swap. I just love pinwheels. I'm also in a 6x6 calendar swap, chose the month of August...trying to figure out how to incorporate pinwheels for that also. then for the 12x12 calendar swap, I chose I'm making these hydrengeas...also plan to make a garden gnome. boy, these hydrengeas are hard work. The 2 shades of purple are so close, while cutting the top layer shade, I kept grabbing the lower layer shade. Turns out, under my room light they look the same..when I put them under the Ott...I could see the slight difference. aye yi yi. also in a Letter of the Word swap, but don't have a pic yet. So much fun to be creating again.

Monday, June 4, 2012

All are home

Whatta crazy month, but a good one. DD and DSIL are officially here. It was a crazy process, after her grad school graduation, dd and I drove her and her 2 cats and 2 dogs here from Texas. DSIL retired from the Marie Corps on May 28th, then he, DS and another friend took a roadtrip here. They got back on Saturday. All I can say, is it feels great to have all the kids nearby. Last night we grilled and had the family over for the evening. DS with Adriana (I don't know why this pic posted vertical, it isn't vertical anywhere else) Whatta feeling to sit at a dinner table with both kids, their spouses and granddaughter!! DD with Adriana DDIL with Sadie (one of DD's and DSIL's dogs) The first night was a li'l rough for DSIL, we do have a suite area in the back of the house that they can set up as their has a bedroom, bathroom (both very small) and a living area (no kitchen)...but the ac does not work real well it can get real stuffy. And it was in the 90's on Saturday...but he said, after waking up and walking the acreage...he decided he can 'make it work'. He loves the outdoors. He grew up in Oklahoma, so is quite comfortable with all our critters and stuff. DSIL with the tractor The Cats are adjusting. We've had a couple of weeks of doors closed...but when the dogs are outside doing their 'business', we've let our 2 cats mingle with their 2 cats. At first, lots of growling and hissing and puffy tails (I've re-nicknamed Winston, Puff Daddy) BUT now, they tread carefully, and 'talk' to each other...but no sign of, I'm hopeful.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home from Tejas

Just came home from a week long trip to Fort Worth, my dd graduated with her Masters in Public Administration from the UT, Arlington.
Can i just say, I LOVE Tejas! esp Q U E S O !!! We had tex-mex for 3 meals. 1st night -Posados, (my fave queso), 2nd day lunch - Yucatan Taco Stand (the tequila chicken nachos were AMAZING) and after graduation dinner - Papacitos. This will be my last trip to Ft Worth, as dd and dsil are moving here for 3 to 4 years. So, dd drove back to CA with me, she starts her new job in HR on Friday. Sooo....we got to drive 3 days with ...their 2 dogs and 2 cats. oh! what an adventure!
At night in the hotel room, it was Bailey (the doxie mix)...she would bark and woof at the different sounds. So, we did not get much sleep. Have a funny story about dd sleeping with pillows piled on her head, startling when Bailey began woofing, knocking over the Mt Dew on the nightstand...yeah, f u n. We did leave the maid a small tip with a note that it was Mt. Dew on the towels. teehee
The days, in the car, it was Colby the cat...he yowels for a good 3 or 4 hours, even WITH drugs.(we did not use the drugs on the last day, and it was a li'l better, he seemed less frantic) But by the afternoon he would tire out, then nap, then wake up an yowel a little, then go back to sleep. aye yi yi. Glad to be home, and get everyone settled. So the pet count is now, 2 inside dogs, 3 outside dogs, 4 inside cats. Include 1 horse and 6 cows...and you have the MJM abode.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Adventurous Week, well, kinda

On Sunday we had a b-day party for my li'l boo. She is now 3 years old. siiiigh, where does the time go. She has decided that gma can no longer call her all my li'l nicknames, she is constantly reminding me to call her "Adriana". Guess I'll have to make a scrapbook page about all the nicknames, g'ma used to have for her.
She's in another fun stage, the 'look at this' followed by making a face. yeah, that one.
ANd in the imitate everyone stage...gotta watch what we do and say!
I've been spending my spare time in the back guest suite, prepping it for dd and dsil's arrival. Oh My! I had a LOT of stuff back there! priority one was rehoming my scrapbook stuff that made its way back there. I have 15 18gallon storage bins filled with books, as the bookshelves have now become scrapshelves! ha! I am now in the process of going thru the stuff my mom left in her closet. Oh MY!!! This is what the room looked like this morn, think ya'll can understand why sometimes I walk in there only to walk out, feeling so overwhelmed.
and I did replace it(see prev entry)...haven't had time to really play with it, just test it, but I LOVE it!!
ay On Monday I got a tooth extracted. It cracked last week...been an interesting week as far as the odd pains, numbness, and inability to really taste and eat! But I think I lost a li'l weight. Told dh that next time I start to regain, I'm gonna have a tooth pulled. Don't think I'm gonna get any implants or anything, think I'll just enjoy my 'hillbilly smile'. Oh, next entry, I'll talk about dh's first days as a rancher. All I'm gonna say is we still don't have one of the cows on our property yet...she is over the fence with the neighbor's herd. teehee

Monday, April 16, 2012

my 'slice' died

This weekend, it's official, it just makes an odd long whirrr noise and does absolutely nothing else. I tried to 'hone' it, but get an error message. Its an older machine, so out of warranty. Plus reading the slice lovers machine, sound like customer service is not much help for the machines over a year old.

So, what to do, I've invested so much in cards and accessories. A part of me is kinda disappointed with the whole thing. Did I get $100's use out of it all told? Would it be better to sell what I have left? decisions, decisions.

I love the images and fonts. Even though most of the images I have are pretty one dimensional.

Now, it was the original machine and a 'calibration' card was helped with the original issues. I liked it, but never found it 'portable' as advertised. It really needed to be plugged in, just to give it the power to make a good cut.

So, what would you do, sell what's left or try again with the Elite?

3 more weekends till dd and dsil come out here. Soooooo looking forward to having them here/near. I sooooooo missed her. I know, I know, she's a married woman it isn't about having my 'baby' back.

Got to spend a lot of the weekend with Adriana, I just LOVE any time I get with that li'l girl. My li'l boo. I think I'm taking her to dance class tonight, maybe we'll stop and get a li'l spaghetti afterwards.

Been working on more ATC cards. The April set for an exchange at

And at a crop last week, on a Tues, spring break for the other gals in the group, but I got the day off...worked on my European Cruise...ALMOST done with the day in Turkey.

for books like this, I tend to do 2 page layouts...I like to use kits like the ones I get from Scrapbook Circle and Scrapbook Nook...but there is usually only one page of a certain, I need to 'spread it' to 2 pages...can get a li'l challenging. At crops I tend to get the pics down...then embellish later. So, I have a whole stack awaiting embellishment and book placement.

At this pace, I may be finished with the cruise this year. I'll be able to start last October's Hawaii album next year...ha!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March was a busy month...

did a couple of swaps...and a huge project for church..also went to the Expo.

Felt like I could not 'catch' my breath this month, and April is not looking any easier. Have a 'close' deadline at work, more training...looks like I'll be working a LOT in April. Then May is when dd and dsil will be moving here. Wow, hopefully things will be back to normal by June. Well, what is normal for a 3 day work week!!
Here are a couple of pics from the church project, did 10 of these signs for the Easter Fair. Good thing I have a cricut, but goodness cutting that may letters was still time consuming and crazy. Used the Don Juan font. Now, for the bigger letters all I had was Hobby Lobby's Paper Studio pack in black...oh my, that stuff is sooooo bad in a cricut, its fibrous and falls apart on the matt and does not come off very clean. Luckily, I made a trip to Michaels for their Recollection pack for the smaller letters.

My granddaughter did the backgrounds for the 'Pin it' and "Registration" signs...all I can say is 'she's a natural artist'. Really, I was working on other signs, and she was left pretty much to herself with the paint and brushes. The hand print was my funny, after we did hers...she told me, "now I get to paint your hands"

This project took quite a few days, getting the critters and letters cut, the sign blanks wrapped in kraft then the painting. A couple other kids helped. They each did a sign for me.

Earlier in the month, I did this Season's swap with a group at Splitcoast Stampers

I loved the butterflies so much I used them on an ATC swap at

then there was a page candy swap also at

That turned out to be a li'l harder than I thought, keeping to the theme, but keeping generic enough that hopefully it would be usable for other scrappers. phew!!

this month, with the upcoming work schedule, I only signed up for the ATC swap.

AND hopefully this month I can squeeze in some time to scrap some pages. Well, maybe not, still clearing out the back suite for the kids. We'll see how it all works out!!