Friday, November 30, 2007

goodness...and good news..

from 2 peas: Define Goodness...

I think goodness is ultimately practiced when we truly do put others before ourselves. When we think of someone elses needs, both physical and emotional and seek to fulfill those needs, even without reward to ourself.

Goodness is also in the first taste of fresh baked brownies, the smell in the air after a rainstorm, the feel of my cat's fur in the morning, the sound of genuine heartfelt laughter and the sight of a package delivered to me!!

Good news...

It's official, my son is a new recruit for a Bay Area police dept. Because he values his privacy, I'll only say its a town South of San Francisco and North of San Jose. Orientation starts Dec 10, the acadamy starts Dec 17...YIKES!!
I'm happy for him, because this is his dream...but...a police officer!

So, son and dil are making plans to move into an apt closer to his I can turn the suite of rooms into my library/crop room, right...But this morning I got the news that my sister is engaged!! Soooooo, my mom wants to move back to Ca with us!!!

My mommy is coming home!! poor Michael...

and I get to buy a new Christmas tree, Michael went to pull it out of the garage for me, and says it reeks of mouse urine. a reason to shop! oh, I never need a reason, do I?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

one skill...

What's one skill you've wanted but don't have?

Only one? I wish I could sing, dance, draw, paint...budget my spending, eat well and exercise... how do I pick just one? hmmmmmmmm

Above all, I wish I could 'say the right thing', I have a friend who is going thru a painful time...and I wish I could say something to help. (this is her first holiday since losing her 18 year old son over the summer) I leave her unanswered voice messages, I just don't know how to reach her. should I give her space, should I show up at her door...should I keep calling?

Usually, I'm comfortable with my social awkwardness...but sometimes...I wish I just knew the right thing for someone who is hurting.

I know how much it meant to me to receive the comments from yesterday's post about my dad.

Thank you to those who did.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a tough day,

Today is a tough day, Today would have been my dad's 71st birthday.
He was killed in a car accident 16 years ago on a Nevada highway.

He was an IBM computer programmer during the 60's and 70's,you know when a computer was a whole room of machines and they used punch cards to key info and got those big green and white computer reports...we kids had so much fun when he brought those reports home.

He was contracted by IBM to work on the NASA Apollo Projects...he was one smart cookie. You know, in the Apollo 13 movie when those guys pull out slide dad was one of those guys.

I remember when he said that he buys "on the obsolete edge of technology", because even 16 years ago, once you get the new computer product, there was a new better one coming out. I wonder what he'd think today with the laptops, ipods, usb key fobs, digital cameras...and that KIDS have these things.

My dad was also the kind of guy, that if he found out you were passionate about something like politics, he'd argue the other side, just to get a 'rise' out of you.

I do miss him,
Happy Birthday, Daddy.
I Love you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

holiday tradition

from 2 peas:
If there was one holiday tradition you could share with someone other than your family. What would it be and what does it mean to you?

I thought of 2... First, I send out family letters with Christmas cards, I would LOVE to receive some from friends and family (with pictures) . I love getting these (maybe thats why I blog)..maybe the why is because I am nosy.

And the second, is each year we participate in Operation Christmas Child


and Angel Tree


and both are a simple reminder of what Christmas should be about,
as opposed to getting swept up in the materialism...
(though I do love to shop, so I tend to overshop also)

I do want to decorate, but with our naughty grand-kitty, the consensus is he will climb the Chrismas tree.. the above pic was taken when he was a kitten (not a tree, but you get the idea) , he is now 3 years old..I am hoping he's outgrown the habit. Am I being naive?

I have the day off for a dentist appt, I think I'm gonna put up the tree (undecorated) and see what happens.

Monday, November 26, 2007

friendship essential. and a lesson learned

from 2 peas:

What is the essential core of friendship for you?

Honesty, I always appreciate honesty in a friendship...I find that I am drawn to people who are even very blunt in their honesty...some people are put off by that, may see it as rude, but I find it refreshing and delightful. Maybe because that is how my mom is. But I'd say my closest friends are those who will look me in the eye, and tell me when I am wrong. Some are subtle (like Michele) some are godly (like Lucy) and some are just blunt (like Francine). Even my dd and dil are honest with me, and I appreciate it.

well, I learned a little lesson yesterday.
We have 6 people living at the house for now. 2 over 40, 4 in their 20's...we are sharing one set of washer and dryer...and those machines were busy all weekend.

Well, I had a load to put in the when the dryer buzzer went off, I went to check..I thought it was dd's laundry (so no big deal). I see these red/green/white nylon shorts, so I thought, she got herself some shorts from I pull them out to see...

Oh, they were shorts from Italy, from Florence...yeah
there was a picture from the statue of David, a picture of his male-ness,
placed at the anatomically correct place on the shorts!

It wasn't disgusting, just surprising, so I let out a loud gasp!!
who should run in to check on me? DD and Chris! They thought I saw a mouse or spider. As soon as he realizes what is going on, Chris tells dd, 'she saw the shorts!' and started laughing so hard, he was doubled over. DD tells me, 'it was
just a joke....' in between her own giggles.

Lesson learned, when sharing a washer/dryer with young people..and the buzzer goes off, yell out 'the machine is done', do not open the door!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

last movie...and...

from 2 peas:
what was last movie you watched?
does High School Musical on Friday count? as far as going to the Theater...ummm, last May, saw Georgia Rules...or DVD, would probably be Transformers.

So, yesterday DH met 'the boy'(Chris)...he did very well, kinda.
He introduced himself and told Chris,"mi casa, tu casa"..then supervised while Chris worked on his brakes and rotors. DD and I had to leave for an appointment,
so by the time we got back, Chris and DS were in the "back forty" shooting at targets...DH was reading a paper in the garage. The rest of the day was spent with the 3 of them fixing a section of fence and Chris rode the horse. By the end of the day, the boys had bonded. DH even told DD, "when do you bring him back?"

We have a nice dinner, and right after everyone eats...DH pulls out his "Application to Date my Daughter"...Chris was a good sport and verbally answered each question.
We were laughing so hard..there was one question that said something about "What part of Don't Touch My Daughter don't you understand", at this time DD had her hand on Chris's DH gestured at her to move her hand...she responded, "it doesn't say I can't touch him!!"

After dinner, we are standing around talking and DH says, 'hurry up and have babies"
DD and I were so flabbergasted, we left..then he says, "I sure do know how to clear a room!" Chris simply explained he wanted to finish school before babies.

Just too much fun.. Watch out mothers of daughters!! Your Hubby's can become goofballs (oh, my dh already was one) when their 'princess' brings home a boy!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

creativity is important

from 2 peas:
Why is creativity important?
I think creativity is important because it takes us outside of ourselves, it is a way to express what is inside..I cannot imagine a world without the arts, without would be a very cold mechanical world.

My feet are still hurting from yesterday's shopping!! DD and I got up at 2:30 am to be at Mervyn's opening at 4 am. YIKES!! Then, I was so stupid, went to Wallyworld a li'l after their 5am opening...CRAZY-NESS...but some good doorbusters...but there was NO getting into the electronics dept. Then off to the mall, Macy's, Sears, Borders Books...C tried Victoria's Secret, but there was no way to even get in!!
The worst line was Express, curved throughout the store. So while C was in the dressing room I got in line...and their sale was only 20% off!! BUT we were done by 11AM...and had a nice Olive Garden lunch, our waiter was J's best friend in high school, so we gave him a mega-tip...and went home and napped!! Pulled out my credit card and told dh, 'its melting!!, see the smoke coming off this thing?"

I was so tired, my own snoring would wake me up a couple of times!!

I watched High School Musical, I wanted to see what the hype was about...
it was cute!! and the tunes were catchy...I just might get a cd!!

and around midnight, the 'boy' arrived, but it was so late, we have not officially welcomed him yet. DH (completely 'egged on' by DS) was going on about how he would step out on the driveway with his wife-beaters and boxers, pretend to have chewing tobacco and of course, his shotgun...but he slept.

I told dd that 'I'm sorry, I probably should have had 3 more daughters so you wouldn't be the only one, and they wouldn't carry on like that" Geeeeeee

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm back, airport fun and travel!!

> Hi All!!
I'm back from the 'wilds' of Los Angeles!

Monday, I arrived at LAX at 2:30, C's flight did not arrive till 6:10, but that was okay...I had my book. 3 hours later I finish my book and look up and guess what? the flight was delayed till 7:40!!!

but I did okay, and I was good, though assaulted by the scent of cinnabons...I did not cave. (at my weakest moment I just figured I'd drop it all over my shirt, and C would 'catch' me)

I finally saw her at 8:30, after she went thru customs...I was soooooooo happy...but I did not squeal and cry like the people around me. As you can guess, there were also groups of college kids and families to greet the kids as they got off the plane, the kids probably felt like rock stars...cuz people would cheer and squeal and stuff as they walked up the platform. C said after 24 hours of travel..from Greece to London then London to was a bit overwhelming and she just wanted to leave.

BUT waiting for her at the hotel,(her surpise) was a tall, cute Okie...and he is cute in she had a little space to get a little refreshed. It was a great surprise, he brought her roses and red pearls (her b-day gift)...

ANYways....yesterday was a long day before Thanksgiving drive, but not toooo awful. We left the hotel at 7:30 for an appt she had in Hollywood, then left that about was a "crawl" for a while but after the Grapevine (around 2pm) there was people around us, but we were moving pretty much at 75 to 80 mph, except for a few brake lights. so we were home by 6pm...

from 2 peas, what are you thankful for?

I am soooo thankful for my family and will be fairly small, just 7 people, us and dh's brother and girlfriend...but that sounds great to me...

and thankful to live in the USA...
after some of dd's stories, it just reinforces that we do live in the greatest country in the world.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

from 2 peas: What are you scrappin plans for today?

No scrappin for me, but there is a crop tomorrow I'll go to for a while.
Monday I leave for LAX to pick up DD...I haven't seen her since August and I am so excited! So, today will be laundry, cleaning, a little packing, yesterday was payday, so bill paying, shop for Thanksgiving (won't be home till Weds evening) and I'd like to settle down and start a Christmas list.

I got a call from her sweetie on Thurs night. He wants to plan a surprise for her... now, they have an 'odd''s the nuts & bolts...met last year at the Marine Corp ball...

up/down off/on relationship (to their credit when they broke up it wasn't cuz of fights or lying or cheating, it was cuz it was getting too intense too fast) because when they met in Novemeber (at the Marine Corp ball) they both knew he'd be leaving for Iraq in April and she was leaving for Europe in August.

So, they would try to cool it, then stay 'friends', then it would get 'intense', break up, try to be 'just friends'...well you see the cycle.

So, right now, after being separated, they have decided that they can't fight what they honestly feel for each other and are going to accept it...and be in a relationship. (actually I'm just a little dizzy, at one point told her I don't want to hear anything about them till they are having their first child!!)

So, he calls on Thursday, now I've been teasing dd, after he got out of Iraq in the beginning of this month, they were able to finally talk to each other as opposed to email and text, and she told me, "that she had forgotten how 'cute' he sounds". Now, after Thursday's call, I have to say, um,yeah, he does sound cute...he has an Oklahoma accent that is quite dreamy.

HA!! (oh, baby, I'm not gonna talk about the surprise!!) so there.

So I get to pick up my baby on Monday!! help Chris surprise her!!
But no 2 peas for 3 days, unless she hooks me up to her laptop in the hotel room.

If this is my last post till I get home, just want to wish all of ya'll a
HAPPY THANKSGIVING and hope that it will be just a blessed time for you and your families and friends.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

had a good time at my stampin up class, Terry taught us how to "diaper fold" to make paper holders (used Apple Cider paper) and we made coaster ornaments (using their Wintergeen paper)...wintergreen looks ho-hum in the catalog, but IRL very nice.
They are having a buy 3 packs get one guess who spent too much money, again!

So, I come home, only to find the above cat, Castor, in my craft room. (This is the only pic on my work computer..but you can tell his personality from it)
Anyways, yesterday during lunch I made a Walmart run, and had bought the mega-stockings filled with cat toys. Well, guess what I found out of the bags and on the floor of my craft room...the stocking of toys...and guess who was looking oh, so innocent. I tell you, Castor is worse than a toddler...but I sure will miss him when the kids move and take him...
But, then.. I can put my Scarlett O'Hara doll back on the entertainment center...I had to put her up on the mantle, cuz Castor was fascinated by the feathers in her hat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ya'll are probably wondering why I don't have many pics and layouts of ds and dil...well, let me tell you...Those stinkers don't take pictures!!

They went to a Renassaince Faire, "hey, kids, take pictures!!" "don't worry we will"
They come back with 12 pictures, they forgot the memory card, it was a new camera...okay learning curve!! Out of the 12 pics, are they in them? NO!!
pics of a sign, of the Queen, of acrobats, but none of the I explain to dil, I WANT PICS OF YOU AND J!!!...(good explanation, huh?)

So, last weekend they went to Oregon to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday with my inlaws..great time for pics, right? Pics I was planning to use in my yearly letter. So, "hey, kids, take pictures!!" "don't worry we will"...when they come home..."where are my pics?".."um, we left the camera in the truck"...

Now, they are going camping this weekend with a family from church...I am sooooo tempted to call the mom and ask her to make sure they take pics!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From 2 peas:
I spend a lot of time online because...
I'm addicted!!!

pure and simple.

I'm having a busy week, which I love, last night was a craft night with the girls, we learned how to make 'pinecone' ornaments from styrofoam shapes with folded paper and lots of pins...but they are so cute...even Nyki liked it when I brought it home.
Thinking of making a 'fall' one for the thanksgiving table.

Weds, is my Stampin Up stamp class...Terry always has cool projects and techniques.

Sat is potluck at church and Sunday is a crop (yay!!) and Monday...I PICK UP MY ANGEL from the Airport!!! insert happy dance. I'm even smiling at work and that causes my co-workers to wonder what I am up to!!

I haven't seen her since August!! and she hasn't downloaded pics since Switzerland,okay a couple from Ibiza and a couple from Italy, but not a lot!!
sooooo I am hoping she has a camera full to download...or I may send her back.

My baby is coming hooooome, my baby is coming hooooome...yay, yay, yay!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

from 2 peas:
Close your eyes and write about what immediately pops into your head.

Last night we had dh's best friend and wife over for dinner, when the topic turned to dd's boyfriend's visit in a couple of weeks, Don, dh's friend, said, "we need to take him to the back and shoot him...we'll shoot him in the foot, so he can limp for 6 weeks"...then dh and Don started in on WAS funny. BUT come'on are all dads like this? After they left, I asked dh, "what was that about?". Dh just said "He has daughters, he understands"

So, I'm including a recent pic of dd..she is getting ready for a night out in Ibiza.
I love this pic, but it also, takes my breath away...I still think of her as my baby, and to see this young woman takes some getting used to. Will I ever get used to her being grown up and yes, even looking a little 'gasp' s*xy?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Whatta week!!

It has been a long week! Work with minimal time at home. and what time is at home has been spent trying to put together a photo-less scrapbook for a baby shower I'm going to this afternoon. Computer time has been minimal. most unfun.

I am nervous about the gift book, cuz I know some people like them...some people don't. AND since for me, pages start with a picture, it is hard to do a page without pics.

BUT did discover this wonderful digital website. K-joi studios, lots of great ideas, kits available to download and yes, freebie and $1.00 this "chocolate" kit I can't wait to play with. I'll add a link to the sidebar

Though, I'm having 'odd' trouble with my PSE6...when I open a new element, it becomes my 'background' and I lose the previous layer. I've tried 'locking', I've hit the create new layer and highlighted it, before opening the new...but the same thing keeps happening....

2 peas question: If you could donate $1 million to any charity, which would it be and why...

I would choose Focus on the Family, because I know as a young mother starting out, they were invaluable to me. The books "Dare to Discipline" and "The Strong Willed Child" by Dr. Dobson, were at my bedside for many years. Also my kids grew up on and loved the "Adventure in Odyssey" series, I believe it could be a big reason why they look at the world and themselves the way that they do. And their counselors are terrific, when someone I know went through a traumatic experience a couple of years ago, talking to someone who understood, really helped and they also sent even more resources and recommended a counselor in her area who specialized in helping with this area.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In less than two weeks I'll be picking up Cierra from LAX...I miss her and can't wait till she is home. But I think I've already made 4 or 5 appointments for her in the first couple of weeks she is home. Hey, when you are gone so long, you need to take care of things. AND hopefully she'll have TONS of photos to download...she says it wasn't easy, cuz it was time consuming at the internet cafes. She is in Greece now.

I left work early yesterday, I think it may have been a 'reaction' to my decongestant, I took one, then I got all 'flushed' (you know red creeping across my nose and cheeks) and clammy so I came home had soup and slept. I don't feel 100% today, a little sinus headache, sore throat and all, but that is not contagious, and I can work, so I'm going in...just a little late. I'm going to take my time getting ready, have something hot to drink...take a tylenol sinus. there is too much to do to stay home. go...go...go

Sunday, November 4, 2007

my first digital layout!

It would have helped if I had the same version of Photoshop. but since I have 6.0 and the demo was 5.0...I had to translate the menus and clicks to 6.0...since I am sooo challenged, it was hard! I still did not get the elliptical cut, drop shadow and magic wand..oh time, right? Though the 'class' had 2 layouts, I don't know when I'll have time during the week to try that one.

I started around 8 am and finished it by 3pm...took a 'frustration break' around noon.

Cost $ 99.00 for adobe program, @$35.00 for winzip (to unzip downloaded files),
$20.00 for class and $ 4.00 for digital kit...

I am on the lookout for an "Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Dummies" book.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

class choice and well, a note about bugs

from 2 peas:
Let's talk classes at LSS
What is a class you would love to attend/see at your LSS?

I really enjoyed the Tim Holtz alcohol ink class I took and I would sign up for one of his classes again, what I liked in the class was how he concentrated on technique instead of doing a project. So, I'd like more technique classes.

Got a funny email from dd this morning, she is presently in Italy, she'll be home on the 19th...

"ALSO, can we PLEASE have the clark man come right before i get there... it will be SO nice to be in a bed where i am not being bitten... the garlic pills havent helped too much lately... PLUS, just the fact that everytime you itch in bed here, its usually because a bug actually is crawling on you! it would just be really nice to enjoy sleeping without freaking out everytime i have an itch... "

tee hee, is it mean to laugh? Traveling Europe as a poor college student, staying in hostels is character building, right?

When Michele and I go on our cruise in Italy and Greece next year, we are going to be in a stateroom on the Grand Princess, I don't think bugs will be a problem for us!! but we don't need to build character, cuz we are characters...ha!!!

Not brave enough to do...

from 2 peas...What is one thing you have always wanted to do, but are afraid to

Get surgery! I would love reduction on the bottom half and an increase on the top.
but the thought of way...I can't handle shots very well.

oh well.

I signed up for Scrap a faire!!
signed up for Digital 101 and Heritage...but I am so techno - challenged...I don't know, how its going to work out.

Thought I had Adobe Photoshop 4...turned out to be a 30 day went and bought Adobe 6 last night, went to install it and COULD NOT DO IT!!
went to get Michael, he changed it to another tray..and no problem!!

I bought the Sassy Digital kit from 2 peas, I know downloading is a push of a button...but where on my computer do I download it to? Do I put it in the Adobe file? should it be its own file? I am so lost, and class has not started!!

This should be interesting.