Friday, April 29, 2011

Cropping Saturday...

I'm also the 'hostess' though it is at our, I've been making lists and packing pretty much all day. We are having a taco bar for lunch,so the food is 'shared' but I'll be bringing a cooler for everyone to put their drinks in with ice...paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins.

bringing my cricut ...oops, almost forgot the matts!

I asked dh to do a 'vinyl graphics' application brought vinyls, my car decals cart and some extra containers just for in case.

also bringing my cd player and an assortment of cd's.

Being the hostess away from home is hard...a lot of packing. But I simply do not have the space or lighting to host at home.

and of course my own project...Florence and Sorrento, from the cruise to Italy in 2008. Feeling a bit 'eh' by the pps I chose and of course am worried about bringing enough and the right cardstock. My colors in the pps are mostly browns, greens...kinda neutral colors. a fall type pallete...kinda want to do something just a tad more playful and fun. Know what I mean? but does Florence really lend itself to cutesy, playful papers? hmmmmmmm, I may pack some in the morning. I did take quite a few pics of the fashions I saw...I wonder...

OH! I bought a new pair of jeans today, in a size 14...oh my, cannot tell you how many years its been since I've worn a 14...but I've lost about 45 lbs to only go down 2 jean does that happen? Oh is what it is...right?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

can you say 2!!

As in 2 lbs!! stepped on the scale, 2 more lbs this week...can you say, woot!! woot!! I'm at 170.8, so close to a total loss of 45lbs!! So, does that put me about 12 lbs since I started Jenny Craig? hmmmmm

As in 2 am? What an adventure. It started out nice, Winston was sleeping cuddled against me, but, he suddenly gets up. No biggie, he does that every night. So, I decide to go to the 'facilities', no biggie, with my tumor I do that a lot...while in there I hear dh yelling "Boys!!". No biggie, he does that when Percy and Winston start fighting. So, I step out of the bathroom, and there is Winston sitting in the middle of our bedroom, hunched over and growling. He then runs into our bathroom, into the tub, still growling. No sign of Percy. .

This is odd behaviour, even for a rather odd I check. Yes, he has a MOUSE!! In my BATHTUB! So, of course, I ran out of there and screamed. DH gets up, finds a Jenny Craig box and catches the mouse to release it outside. He said Winston was 'just playing with it', no signs of puncture wounds...and of course he is so PROUD of Winston, "good boy... that's MY boy...we have an official mouser" You know what I told Winston, "you are going to have to BRUSH your teeth, before you come back to bed!!"

Yuck, so, I check the tub this morn...yup a couple of poo, (he did scare the sh*t out of the mouse) and some blood smears. So, guess what I'll be doing this morn...wiping down my tub with Lysol wipes!!

I guess we are lucky, if this is the first mouse in the house...we do live in the country, and with the river as high as it is...but, yuck, in my BATHTUB!! Michael, of course think that was so smart of Winston, cuz the tub is one place the mouse could not escape.

So, I've taken the day off. Betsy is not only easy to train, but she has 'taken off' even doing things without me being there (YAY!!)...and there really isn't anything to do today. I spent yesterday orgainzing my excel files and cleaning my email of 2008 emails. So, I'm home today...after exercising and cleaning the tub...the day is M I N E!! yay!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

yay! got to do a li'l crafting yesterday..

Made a few of the cards I need for next month.

this is a graduation card for my son-in-law...don't you LOVE that October afternoon paper? I also used the pp on a couple of layouts, might have one tiny square of it left.

this one is for my neice, did an alcohol inks background, the chandelier is embossed and what did not photograph was an Italian poem embossed with glitter next to it...

this one for my dil's birthday used the same alcohol ink background, the same Italian poem...but embossed with black instead...and the butterflies are SEI.

then, there is this birthday card...used a blue jean background stamp, the horse is a cricut Wild West and used shimmer inks on it...thinking this is a little young looking, so may save it for later. I do struggle with cards for men.

Right now, on my desk is this potential layout...

that is dd's graduation program...thinking of doing a mosaic with the blue and word pp on a dark brown background...hmmmmmm.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gotta make cards

for the month of April/May...I have 5 birthdays, 2 graduations and 2 anniversaries...gotta get started making some cards! but when?, the schedule is booked till my surgery. I told dh, I only have one Saturday open...all the rest are busy...and work wants me there as much as possible. ugh wait!!, one of those Saturdays is his schedule, a men's retreat...hmmmm...I am envisioning a pajama day!!

but, in May/June, I'll probably be on here talking about how bored I am...nah

too much scrappin and reading and even sewing I want to do!!

this past weekend, women's retreat at Twain Harte...yes, that is snow! which meant mud and slush and cold...the things I truly dislike...yikes

the retreat was wonderful...the theme was removing the masks,

so, this week will be work, work and more work..

after all my time watching Ebay premade scrapbooks...I bought myself mulberry paper and a water the hopes of learning to make tear bears. they are so darn cute!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

a week of ups and not bad downs...

here is an 'up' moment, I got my cutterpillar! Before you think, "wow, she has a lot of disposable income"....this is my combination, 'lost 40 lb reward/bday present'.

also, my Uncle Duck has been visiting. He leaves Sun morning. He is sooooo like my dh, needless to say, they have been getting along 'famously'.

The kinda but not bad is soooooooo boring! I am training a couple of co-workers to take over my job during my surgery, so, I spend time waiting for them to be available. I think I'm averaging 3 to 4 hours of actual working per day. I try not to be 'clocked in' during the wait period, but I've been spending quite a bit of time on the internet and I brought a book to read. I found myself looking at 'premade layouts' on ebay! The book I'm reading is "Behind the Veil, being Muslim in America" co-worker even offered to bring me her Kindle!!!

btw, there are some super cool layouts on ebay! I now wanna learn how to make tearbears! But I wonder about those who sell lo's that feature disney and other trademarked characters. I would think, if you are selling something, it should be your own design.

Off for a women's retreat, bringing my Jenny Craig for all but dinner. Looking forward to the 'retreat' part...but its supposed to be wet and cold up in the mountains this weekend. aye yi yi

Friday, April 1, 2011

so far, I love Jenny Craig and planning my down time

When I stepped on the scale on Weds, 175.2...which means...I have lost a total of 8 lbs on Jenny AND 40 since I started in Nov 2009. 40lbs! Now, usually, 40 lb means at least a couple of jean sizes, unfortunately, for I've only gone down one jean size. I'm just not losing in my tummy. I can get size 14's up, but can't zip them. I'm hoping, once the tumor is tummy will start shrinking in proportion to the weight loss. But we'll see.

Am I crazy? I just bought some fabric from I'm thinking of trying out a li'l sewing during my recovery period. I've also got a stack of books to read and of course, plenty of scrappin'. Even joined a new kit club. Scrapbook Nook. So far, I am really pleased with the kits I've rec'd.

Will 6 weeks drag? or will it go by so fast?? I know, right now, I truly LOVE my alone time. Like last night, dh is out of town, so I had the house to myself...siiiiiiiiiiigh. After work, I dried some laundry, did dishes, fed animals, settled in for a viewing of New Moon, did Zumba, watched CSI and was in bed by 9.

a wonderful evening.

Today, dh arrives with my Uncle Donald aka Uncle Duck. Uncle Duck will be staying here for 10 days, before heading for the Philipines where he lives. For many years, since I was 18, the family lost contact with my Uncle. Only this past year, have we 'reconnected'. We've only emailed, and I have seen him twice. So, we don't really know each other AT ALL.

Uncle Duck is my dad's youngest brother, I think there are 10 years between them. Of course, being so young when we were little, he was the 'fun uncle' and our favorite. I have good memories of my Uncle Duck.