Saturday, August 5, 2017

more scraproom pics

Ha!  I keep posting pics of my updated room...but rarely of layouts.  Am I a scrapbook organizer and hoarder with very little scrapbooking??? hmmmmm, actually.....

This is what you see when you enter the door.   My new worktable is forefront, I know I gave up some floor space...but I like it.  I gained some storage, can't really tell but there are cubby shelves in front...and doubled those tables for a 'cutting, embossing station"

ahhh, much better light.  The corner was a black desk, now more cubbies for embellie storage and the 'stamp station' desk.  That sweater has been waiting for a button for years.  Guess it is time to fold it away.  

These are the built in cabinets opposite the back corner.  Fairly clean.  The rolling cart holds my bling.  The surface is usually full of more scrapbooks in progess all opened up.  So, got the pic while it was fairly clean.

Kyleigh's new work area.  She has her own rolling cart, and most of the bottom shelf of a baker's rack.  She also gets to face our small tv.

and Adriana's.  Hers faces away from the tv.  She also has her own cart and the cabinets to her right are all hers.  

my Cuttlebug emboss, die cut center is still off in the small hallway to the left.  The cart is filled with Christmas embellies.  Michael finally put the door handles on for them.  Yeah, another story, I bought the cart off of Craigs List.  The seller said "we are keeping the handles'...uh huh, the holes were drilled so handles did not fit for easy installation.  Michael had to redrill.  Thanks!  but I do love the cart.  

That is one thing, I do love carts.  I find myself constantly checking out what is for sale, and trying to figure out how to add more to my home.  I even have 2 old microwave carts in the other room filled with my scrapbooking books and Iris cases filled with papers organized by brand.  There is another in the was not put together properly by the seller so a shelf is a bit wonky...but I have it holding some 'projects to be worked on' and the odds and ends type of embellies that don't really have another category.

And don't y'all just love back to school aisles at the stores ... I don't have kids, but find myself buying notebooks and pencil cases and ....stuff!!  Esp for organizing.  hmmmm.

I have an hour before an appt.  Afterwards I HOPE to spend some time actually crafting in that room.  I sure do miss it!  (you'd think with no kids in the house...there would be more time....hmmmmm)