Friday, February 29, 2008

its the little things...

Thanks to all of ya'll who responded to my call for help.

I'm going to print these and put them in my weight loss journal.

Reading the responses, I've come to the conclusion that its the little things. Things that make sense, and I know in my head, but its the willpower to actually do that counts.

Things like choosing:

wheat over white,

green tea over my Earl Grey w/sugar and milk,

smaller meals thrughout the day,

don't eat late

the one that gave me a small heartattack was to drink water, oh my, half my weight in ounces!

then I calculated it, and I already am very close to that amount right now.

Here are the changes I have made this year:

cut the Pepsi, I was up to 2 or 3 per I'm averaging 1 every 3 days, and its gotten so its no big deal. Whereas, my mindset used to be I HAVE TO HAVE it to even function.

so, Water intake has gone up, up to 4 to 5 16.9 oz bottles a day.

my treadmill is much more regular, averaging 4 to 5 days a week. and averaging 20 to 25 min per day

and have been very successful in avoiding the vending machine at work. More fruit, yougurt, oatmeal ( I have high cholesteral) during the 10 am break. Keep trail mix at my desk for those in between energy snacks.

Perhaps I'm not doing quite enough, or haven't been consistent long enough.... and there have been birthday cakes (small piece) a coworker went to Hawaii and brought back chocolate covered macadamia nuts (indulged in 1) .... sooo, after talking to dh... the step I've taken is ....

On Thursday morning, I met with a personal trainer/nutritionist. She is a young woman who we've known since she was a child and is getting her accredation. And what she told me was a lot of what ya'll said above. (Her fee is very reasonable.)

I'm going to be meeting her Monday and Thurday mornings. And hopefully, with this kind of 'accountability', I'll be able to make some progress.

I do have goals, my dd graduates college in May, ds graduates from the police academy in June,

dd is talking of a Sept wedding, and my cruise in Oct..

so, my goal would be an average of 10 lbs per month. So, by Oct, I'll be 'slammin'!!

It was a little later than 9am (my co-worker was in the conference room working on a project that HAS to go out today) but the RAK goes to...

Sarah C (2 paws design) I'm off to email her.

(only after Betsy picked the name did I think, "yikes, I hope she's in the USA!!)

Again, thanks to all!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hoarder, and proud mother..teehee

from 2 peas:

Are you the type of scrapper/card maker that buys things to use on items your creating now. Or do you buy with the future project you could be creating?

I buy and buy, for present, future and someday projects. I'm a major hoarder and love it!
now, I try to buy stuff on sale, like the baby papers I don't even have a grandchild for....

well, my dd is evil...yup, and I bow down to her.
Tuesday, she went shopping and the clerk at this particular store, would not look up from her magazine to even say hi, much less 'may I help you'...dd said the only thing the clerk told her was , 'turn out the light' after dd used the restroom. So, dd is walking around with a couple of items in her arms, when a slightly older woman walks in..clerk is all over it. "May I help you", "May I start a dressing room for you", according to dd, though she just got out of class, she wasn't dressed like a slouch...but she does look young. Anyways, dd puts the stuff on a rack, and walks out. She calls me, upset, she used to work retail and is frustrated about being treated that way in a store. I tell her 'welcome to my world'... I am overweight and I don't dress I tend to get ignored in shopping situations.

Here is where I am so proud of her, she calls me back and tells me, 'here is our future plan of action, next time there is a clerk like that, we will go around the store and grab a huge armful of stuff, take it to the counter and tell the clerk..."you can put this back" we walk out."

tee hee.


okay, a reminder about my RAK,
would love more weight loss hints. (hint, hint)

and even skinny people can help...tell me what you do!!


Monday, February 25, 2008

an RAK ...

I've put together my first RAK!
these are duplicates of my stash and stuff I just won't use.
I have an extra set of Stampin Up stamps I bought on Splitcoast, sight unseen...
there's a Heidi Swap 9x9 album I got at a NSD crop, a Doodlebug small chipboard house I got at a scrapbook fair class (I'm just not into altering) and some scrap floss, stickles, sequins...and more.

Since I am trying to lose weight, how about ya'll comment me with weight loss tips, what you have seen really work...longterm. I had a friend who tried Atkins, was okay short term, but not long term. Also friend who tried Nutrisystem...umm, no go.
(she said the food was really quite nasty) A friend who had great success with "Fit for Life" years ago ...but, not long term. I tried the Curves diet and excercise program, lost 17 lbs, but regained 30...(its a modified Atkins, and let me tell you, I was DREAMING about bread) and I really do not want to spend every day thinking about food. (though all women really do, no matter what shape we are in, don't we?)

So comment on those diet plans, if you know someone who has really succeeded. or not. Help give me a 'concrete' plan, a direction.

So please let me know what you've seen and know to work really well.
I've been successful in making small lifestyle changes, more time on my treadmill and less of the stuff I love...pepsi and chocolate...but I've had no results, yet.

oh and make sure your email is included so I can contact you for a shipping address.
So, how about I open this till Friday morning, 9 am PST, will take the names and have a co-worker draw, contact ya Friday and send out package on Monday...

I think that's how this RAK thing works.

Thanks in advance for any help ya'll can give me.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

scrappin plans...

from 2 peas: what are your scrappin plans
There was talk of a crop but though the hostess said she wanted to have a crop, I have not heard any particulars (like her address) I guess its scrappin at home today.

So, lots of housework, little scrappin (I hope) like to do some of the Basic Grey challenges.

My head is 'spinning' know when you have so many thoughts but can't seem to 'catch' one. Last night was spent watching crime solving shows and then Tru Tv's Most Shocking Videos. It is so unbelievable the level of cruelty criminals have sunk to. There are just nothing to really restrain them. They don't respect property, life and esp the law. My son is training to become a police officer, so it was just especially painful for me to watch.

Been organizing my scrap room a little this morning.
read on one of the threads, that someone said the dis-organized their embellies and now have to go through them and is finding stuff and is actually using more...hmmmm sounds a little tempting..also the method of organizing by color...

I recently reorganized my pp. This could be a good next project.

ya'll have a great weekend

Friday, February 22, 2008

Who is the one person?

I've overbought and duplicated a set of stamps, so you know what my first thought RAK!! So, I'm putting together an RAK from my rather abundant stash of stuff. Of course, I'm such a 'hoarder' its gotta be stuff I have 2 of.

soooo. as soon as I get a pic, I'll post it.

from 2 peas: Who is one person who changed your life? Why?
its kind of cliche, but that would be my first child, my ds.
because for the first time in my life, I experienced truly loving someone before myself...before him, I was self-centered, but he showed me that I could feel a love for someone that transcends myself and my own needs.

Another would be my neighbor while growing up, Renee. She and her family exhibited and lived Christianity...they did not just go to church on Sundays, but lived it (not perfectly). I was raised in an 'anti' Christian home, but as a young mother, I went back to this family and knew they had something, (their 4 daughters went thru the late 70's- early 80's and did not drink, do drugs, have premarital sex, and that was something very impressive) and I wanted that something for my young family.

Ya'll have a great Friday!! YAY, tomorrow is work...time to play!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How old?

from 2 peas: How old would you be if you didn't know your real age?

I am constantly being told that I look younger than I am. The last time I was 'carded' I was in my 30's and a couple of years ago, I was asked if I was a student while visiting my dd on campus! But I doubt I look like I"m in my 20' I'd say, physically I look to be in my mid 30's. BUT I feel older. My knees creak, sometimes I breath feet hurt... oh well!!

I was without my camera today, my dh wanted to borrow it when he went to Reno for business today. But he did not take any pictures! All day without my camera, I felt naked...I told him that I think its time he got his own camera.

I got my package from Emma's Paperie today...oh, so pretty!
I do love Jenni if I could only get myself to use it...hmmmm

ya'll have a good 'hump' day!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I've been tagged!...(my first time)

from 2 peas:
If you could go on a dream vacation where would it be and with whom?
Going to go in October, a cruise thru Italy and Greece with my bf Michele.

I have been tagged by one of my blogging friends, Janet (Lilly's mom)! Here goes...

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C: At the end of the post, the player then tag 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago: I was homeschooling my son for 8th grade and dd was in the 6th grade getting her first taste of adolescent girl drama...horrible stuff. (We ended up leaving the school and starting over for jr. high...and the same drama, with different girls started there too.) Oh, and for ds's 8th grade graduation, I got to
put together the yearbook for the homeschool association, so much fun, like an intro to scrapbooking!

Things on my to-do list today: Finish my scraplift layout, get through work, go home and let dh and his friend spoil me with a great dinner, followed by treadmill

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: pay off debt; put funds in trusts for the kids and future grandkids; forget scrap room, buy myself a scrap house!! and donate to charity, to several!

3 of my bad habits: drinking Pepsi (its an addiction, I tell ya) shopping too much,
(another addiction) and not keeping up with my reading like I should

3 places I have lived: Houston, Texas; San Jose, CA; Rockville, MD

5 jobs that I have had: bank teller, hostess at Bonanza/then Sizzler, a department store 'flyer' (worked whatever dept I was assigned for the night), cocktail waitress, and accounting clerk

5 things people don't know about me: For a short period of time I was a 'gel' in high school and went to many rock concerts; I used to drive a 1971 Camaro ( I miss that car); I made good grades in school and graduated in the top 10% of my class;
I don't wear (but collect) jewelry...not even a wedding ring; and I went to 3 different high schools, one in MD, one in TX and graduated from the one in CA.
(called myself an IBM brat)

I'm tagging Lida, Jill and Jess. (the last 3 besides Janet who have commented on my blog)...hope ya'll don't mind! Have fun!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today was a good day,
We had bible study at our house, working through "The Quest".
Then went to church, to find ds and dil there...what a nice surprise...they were there to talk about a marriage class they took last fall. (Dh and I are going to take it when it starts in March) (aye yi yi... I need to get in touch with feelings...gee, gonna be hard). Anyways, we went to lunch and afterward I went shopping. Used my 50%off coupon to buy a scrap station at Michael's, and organized the last of my pp. Also went to Big Lots because of the peas talking about their 'finds'..but not much there..found a little...

But I did get to work on some scrappin', a new layout for the Scraplift Evolution.
worked with grungeboard again...I really like that does smell a bit, but it is so cool...used my crackle paint on them.

Got back on the treadmill (took some time off while sick),
watched my dvr'd episode of Gone Country,
that Bobby Brown sure is a complicated fellow isn't he?
last week he was such a drunken jerk,
and this week, he was so beautiful with those kids and so real.
I hope he is able to defeat those demons and be the man he was tonight.

happy monday, ya'll!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

still sick...

Yesterday I stayed home from work, you'd think I'd do a little computer and scrappin', but no, I did literally stay on the couch (watched The Right Stuff) and bed...still not feeling great today, but dh (did I mention he is also my boss) made me come in a lot of invoicing that needs to be done.

oh well, hopefully I can get thru it, without getting my co-workers sick.

all the icky's have settled in my chest, I am now coughing and into my sinus headache time.

Good news,well, for me... read about the Love Elsie Stack on sale at Hobby Lobby, called my sis and she bought me one. Poor thing, I call asking for a $10 stack and she spends over $90 while there...teehee. BUT LUCKY her, her fiance scraps and he spent over $60 also...can you imagine how cool that would be? To have your honey also into scrappin'? My bf Michele's, brother in law has also taken up scrappin', and I think her sis is lucky.

Michael (the mean dh who make me come to work all tired and achy) only goes in my scrap room to try to calculate how much money I've spent. or to find my chocolate stash. (well, he is also proud of the pages), whatta concept that he would actually scrap with me! That would be something.

from 2 peas:
Your unfulfilled dreams. Why so?

Why are my dreams unfulfilled? hmmmmm, I'm pretty content, I don't feel like I have a lot of unfulfilled dreams. A desire of mine since I was a teenager has been to go to Greece and that is going to happen this fall with Michele. But other than that, I just don't have any big time dreams and wishes.

Except that I wish I could have stayed home from work one more day!! HA!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

sick girl...

take being tired, stressed by deadlines, always on the go, go, go..
add a slightly sore throat..and what do you get within ONE day...

yup, a case of the full Blown fact Aimeslee described it perfectly in her blog (well, except my boob isn't hurting)her link is here....

"" (can't get link to work)(pooh)

I came to work (because of the deadline) AND YAY between Betsy, myself and Art,
and my co-workers have been great, taking on a lot for me...
and at the same time trying to stay away from me, so I won't breathe on them.

If I am not better tomorrow morning, its the couch and blankie and hot tea for me.

Oh, should I tell ya'll about my meltdown yesterday...picture 46 year old woman throwing a tantrum!! (maybe that's another reason the coworkers are so helpful today)

(better than crossing themselves as they pass me)

from 2 peas: Where do you see yourself in one year...
Thinner...a grandma (don't I just wish)
wearing dd's old clothes...hmmmm
and retired so I can scrap, shop all the time!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

been a while, or it feels like it...

work has been BUSY, trying to make a deadline for the CPA.
and computer access at home has been a challenge. With the kids moved out,
we are down to one computer for me and Michael...and well, he's hooked to the
penny stock boards.. if he's on, I don't get the computer all night.

That was last night.

Mornings have been basically out of the shower, into the car...oh, I am sooooo tired all the time.

even though I was such a 'couch potato' on Sunday, just do not feel rested at all.

so, anyone watch Sarah Conner Chronicles, is the guy playing Derrick Reese yummy or what?

speaking of yummy think I'll link a new blog to my list, the Prima Blog...wonderful and beautiful...

ya'll have a great Tuesday, time for my Butternut Hot Chocolate and to start the work day (poo-ey)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

fave childhood book?

from 2 peas: What was your favorite childhood book?
loved Little Women and Eight Cousins by Louisa Mae Alcott.

yesterday was fun,
crop was good got some pages started for my journal
last night's dinner was fantastic!


we were chosen for 'the Newlywed Game"...oh, my, goodness!!

put Michael in front of a crowd and with a microphone...
we lost the game, but had a lot of fun!!

off to work on the journaling for the Christmas journal!

Friday, February 8, 2008

my back hurts...

Inspired by the organizing thread, I decided to organize my pp.
So I took all my pp out and stacked them on the floor.

Then reorganized...they are still the same order, vertical files by manufacturer, and horizontal by theme. Wowza, I've been at this for hours, and still have a last bit to decide on. Got a pile of the ones that I simply am not crazy about and will probably get rid of. Funny thing for all the organizing I can think of lines I cannot my BG Obscure and it is driving me CRAZY!!!

from 2 peas:
What are your scrapping plans today?

going to a crop! I'll only be able to go for about 4 hours, but plan to make some pages for my Christmas fill in w/pics and journaling later.

so, ya'll have a great weekend!!

2 fer list...

Saw this on Scrap3mom's blog and decided to jump in. If you want to play too, leave a comment so I can come read yours.

Two names you go by
Karen & Karen Sue

Two things you are wearing right now
Houston t-shirt and new clogs from Avon

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship
Honesty and laughter

Two of your favorite things to do
Scrapbook & shopping

Two things you want very badly at the moment
Ice Cream and PEPSI

Two pets you have or have had
my spoiled boy "Percy" and his predessessor "Kitty"

Two things you did last night
Helped decorate at church and shopped

Two people you think will fill this out
hmmm..son't know

Two things you ate today
leftover lasagna, goldfish pretzels

Two people you last talked to
Gordon and Eric (at lunch break)

Two things you're doing tomorrow
croppin and going to a dinner at the church

Two longest car rides
from Texas to Indiana...from CA to Oregon

Two favorite holidays
Christmas and Mothers Day

Two favorite beverages
full octane Pepsi and bottled water

Two people no longer alive who you'd like to talk to
My daddy and dh's grandmother Honey

*** Edited to add these great ones from Cathy Z's blog:

1. Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics:
my kids and my kids

2. Where are the two best places you’ve been to?
The Galleria in Houston and South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa
(malls, I even keep the maps at my desk at work)

3. Name two things you do every day:
check email & drink lots of water (same as Scrap3mom)

4. Tell us two things that pretty much everyone knows about you:
I grew up in Texas and I am one half Japanese

5. Tell us two things that everyone DOESN’T know about you:
I studied Kenpo Karate (many years ago) and wanted to be a stripper (as a child)

6. Tell us two things that got you into the hobby of scrapping:
CTMH class

7. Tell us two things that you want to accomplish in the next six months:
lose weight for busy year and finish some scrap projects

8. Name your two favorite scrapping tools:
patterned paper and elmers glue stick

9. Name your two favorite sources of scrapping inspiration:
scrapbook websites & magazines

10. How has your scrapping changed since you started?
learning more techniques along the way

11. What scrapbooking project have you yet to try but would love to?
'project'? an all about me type book

Thursday, February 7, 2008

talkin' or scrappin'

from 2 peas:
When you attend a class or crop do you feel you do more talking then getting projects done?

Nope, I'm one of the quiet ones who is working away...I visit a little, but not to the point where I'm not scrappin'. In fact, our group had a little ring the bell as you finish lo's...I'd go so fast...I had to ring it every 2 layouts.

Pic above is dd and other cast members goofing off backstage during last year's production of "How to Succeed in Business"...isn't she gorgeous all dressed up
in 60's garb. (she's the one holding the book)

Our computer is acting up, acting all sluggish and freezing...uh oh...I have all the Europe trip pictures and pics from C's acting/dancing (like the one above) its scaring me. So I am semi-frantically trying to get things on a disc.
But some of the files are 'too big'... okay, Karen, breathe and take it one step at a time.

wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

a different time period...

from 2 peas: If you could choose a different time period to live in, when would it be?

Nah, too spoiled by the conveniences of this century...and in previous time periods/cultures women were kept uneducated and subservient...nah, I'll stay right here in this one, in the good ole U.S.A... thank you very much.

I have been getting packages the past couple of days,
Close to my Heart...2peas...ebay purchases...emmiespaperie...
a lot of Cherry Arte, Urban Lily, Jenni Bowlin and Melissa Francis papers...
I just want to go play!!

I've become quite addicted to peanut butter, in sandwiches, on apple slices and by the spoonfull. I wonder what is going on. In fact typing about it..I'm gonna have to go get a spoonfull..and check out some blogs.

have a great humpday!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Monday!

What a weekend!

worked Saturday, but DH invited freinds over for dinner, so came home to a completely cleaned home and dinner...very nice

Sunday, was church, followed by lunch with new friends and an oh-so-needed nap!
(I was so zonked, I woke myself up with my own snoring a couple of times)
and when I heard the kickoff woke up and scrapped.

Made some v-day cards, but really, kinda felt 'stumped' by them...and my Christmas Journal(up to the 17th)...and a lift for 2 peas Scraplift Evolution Thread. I really like how this turned out, always nice to 'lift'.

I do have QVC on, as I 'computer' before work...but I have to admit, I am getting so tired of Lisa Bearnson's "How great is that!" phrase.

ya'll have a great Monday!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feb 2...

from 2 peas: What are your creating plans this 2nd day of February

I wish!
today, I need to work, go to W, then we have friends coming over for dinner.

BUT I got my new SU "Smarty Pants" stamps last night, so I'm hoping to work out
V-day cards with them...and tomorrow, I want to scrap away.

Have ya'll noticed that a lot of the magazine covers are 8 1/2 x 11 layouts?
our LSS was closing so I bought some back issues of MM magazine, which I am enjoying, BUT every cover layout is 8 1/2 x 11....hmmmmmm

And, that Feb Scrapbooks Etc..IS a goldmine!! Wowza!!