Saturday, January 6, 2018


What we eat has been on my mind lately.  Not because I want it to be.  ha!  But my son has embarked on the "Plantstrong' eating plan...Engine 2 diet.  And has felt and  seen good results.  So, he has been nagging us, his parents.  And he admits he is nagging...because he loves us and wants us to be healthier.   On New Year's day, I did listen to a podcast he sent me...and it all is very interesting.  Though I did feel there was a strong emphasis on selling.

He and daughter in law  have cooked a couple of the meals for us, quinoa and kale, tempeh bacon...and they were very good...not nasty.   I liked them enough to get the recipe.

On the other side, my daughter and son in law have been making changes also.  Right now it is concentrated on finding healthier snacks for the boys.  Sweet potato crackers instead of Ritz.  Less carbs more veggies.  (fruits are not a problem).

Of course, hubby and I would like to add more veggies to our diet.

BUT, gotta say...

In my 56 years on this planet, I have seen so many diets.  and tried a few...that I am wary of something like Plantstrong...Keto...all that stuff.  Anything that declares one food group or the other is the 'enemy'.   They both have their studies, their testimonials...I am just not willing to jump in.

My own 'history'.  ha!

I was always the skinny kid growing mom used to try to 'fatten' us up.  Gave us cereal before bed, pie for breakfast...she used to call me toko-noko-pom-pom (my phonetic spelling) ...Japanese for bamboo shoot, cuz she said my legs looked like bamboo.   Growing up we ate a primarily Japanese diet (like the Okinawa diet)..rice and fish and tofu...were the staples.  With some homemade American taught to my mom by my Indiana grandmother.  We rarely had fast food or went out.

then I discovered pizza and chocolate and cheese cake and soda and Taco Bell as a teen.

then I had babies.  And I have not seen skinny since.  

Right after having babies, I did the Slim Fast plan, to fit into a dress for hubby's  10 year reunion.  I did fit into the dress, but ended up in the hospital ER with IBS.

Got diagnosed with high very easily gave up fried foods.

@2004, I remember doing a modified Atkins, and did lose @13 lbs...did this through Curves...but the first time I allowed myself a warm roll..that was all over.  I remember thinking how odd, on this plan a bag of potato chips was the same as a banana.

@2009, I did Sparkpeople and actually had success.  It took me a year and a half...but lost @40 lbs.  This concentrates on lifestyle change...not on any fad diet.  Counting calories, watching nutrients, exercising.... I liked it.  And it got me off a 4 to 5 can of Pepsi per day habit.  Now, I might have an occasional Pepsi, but cannot finish it.

@2011, because I was going to have a hysterectomy, decided to do Jenny's.   I had a fear that I was going to regain the weight after the hysterectomy.   When I was faithful to Jenny's, did see a loss...@ 13 lbs. But did not stay faithful...and  got so sick of the processed food.  (ever read the ingredients?)

then just got sick of living a life of planning and counting and obsessing about what I can and cannot eat.  Just did not feel like LIVING.     And now, beginning of 2018, find myself within 10 lbs of my highest weight in 2009...siiiiigh.

So, I have got to revisit this again.

I had a friend on Phen Phen, I've seen friends try the hormone shot that was popular a year or so know, the pregnancy hormone, then you ate like 500 calories....No fat diets, Eat for Your Blood Type...Overeaters Anonymous..Gluten free...they would have results...but nothing lasting.  Except Art, he did Atkins as his jump off...and has maintained for years.

 I just am not willing to jump on this newest....plan?  fad?

When it comes to Plantstrong, son has also been trying to appeal to the know, before the fall Adam and Eve only ate that is what we were designed for.   Yeah, but after the fall, before the flood people lived to 900, 1000 years old.

My goal is find the balance between all food groups.   Sparkpeople had that, and I liked the emphasis on lifestyle change.    My long term successes after Sparkpeople is that I do rarely drink a soda...or eat fried foods.  I don't want to go back to those... So, I'm not saying Everything is good or equal.

For Christmas hubby got a juicer.  (though I don't think that is the answer, cuz our bodies need the fiber in fruits and veggies as well.)  Side note,  green apple, kiwi, carrot and mango make a great though a little sour juice.

Right now what we are doing is each week we are printing and using the heart healthy diet from Sparkpeople.  We are not adhering completely, and logging calories, but we are using it to plan meals.   So far, pretty good.

And I know, need to add exercise to the equation.   Though doesn't chasing toddlers 5 days a week count?

Ugh, having to rethink food again....siiiiiiiigh.  

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