Saturday, February 18, 2012

stress and drama...

Work has been filled with stress and drama. Us 'cubies" are acting like a bunch of 7th grade girls, I would like to say I'm not a part of it...but I am.

It all centers around one gal. She is in her mid 30's and is simply obnoxious. Loud on the phone, uses cuss words to the customers (in a conversational way), lots of personal phone calls, does not accept instruction (if you try to train her, she tells you, "Well, I'm going to your manager")...when she is confronted about some behavior called her own manager a 'liar'. It's been 'building' for a long time and is all coming to a 'head'.

But I have a question, most of us 'cubies' are more 'mature'. We are mostly 40 and above, and just come from a different school of thought about how you work. In our day, there was a professionalism expected of you. Even to having to dress in office attire. remember dress suits/panty hose/ pumps? Though I like the more casual atmosphere in the office, it seems to take away from a degree of professionalism. Is it too much to expect that a customer service rep be able to have a conversation with a customer without the use of the 'sh*t" word? Has that become such a part of everyday language that it really OUR problem that it bothers us? She has been 'talked to' about it, she even has a 'swear jar' in her cube...that simply does not work.

Now we do have a couple of girls in their mid-20's...but they are professional and do not behave like this. Were we just extremely lucky with them?

Should we lower our expectations. It could be different if she was getting the work done...but she isn't. siiiiiiigh

I only work 3 days a week, but those days have become h*ll. What is the solution?

On a lighter note, wasn't this week's episode of Raising Hope great! I had to rewind and watch the last part twice. And I'll admit, I was crying. There are some parts of the show that I 'fast forward' thru on the dvr...but overall I LOVE that show. Garrett Dillahunt (sp) is quite some actor. Went from the menacing terminator on Sara Connor Chronicles to this 'idiot with pecs'. And I remember him on an episode of Criminal Minds when he was the paraplegic using his brother to kill and experiment on people.

Okay, off for some scrap therapy. ATC cards, and its been a looooooong time since I've scrapped for myself. BUT next weekend is a crop...first of the year, can't wait!!!
insert jumping/dancing happy face!

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