Friday, February 10, 2012

blah, that's the word of the day

I've regained a pound, so that is discouraging.

dh watches the news every morning and that is disheartening.

the skies are gray...and its kinda cold. the kind of day where you want to snuggle under your fave blanket and watch dvd's.

one of my favorite coworkers had her last day yesterday. Work has been busy and stressful. We have a 'new' girl who brings just a ton of D R A M A. I've been using my MP3 in my cube, to try to drown her out. to stay in my 'happy place'.

have not been sleeping well. Now, I understand when my older friends talk about how difficult it is to sleep through the night.

I've been having odd physical symptoms and odd adrenaline rushes, could it be the 'm' word? or stress?

so, after my Jenny appt, I can come home and have the day to myself.
some of the things I'd like to do is download more music for my MP3...maybe good 'fighting' know, power songs. Or should I go the soothing route? ha!!

go play in my scrapbook room. Got an order from CTMH...and ATC cards to work on.


I will spend a couple of hours watching dvd's. OR I have taped episode of Big Bang Theory, guess I could watch those while folding laundry.

today is my 'day off' for exercise but who knows, may sneak in my Pussy Cat Dolls workout really makes me laugh. yeah, can you just see me rolling my hips and smacking my backside...yeah...its funny. (got it a couple of weeks ago for $10 at Walmart) Next thing you know, I'll be telling dh I need a 'pole' to exercise..ha!!!! (it all started with Wii Zumba)(such a 'slippery slope')

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