Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home from Tejas

Just came home from a week long trip to Fort Worth, my dd graduated with her Masters in Public Administration from the UT, Arlington.
Can i just say, I LOVE Tejas! esp Q U E S O !!! We had tex-mex for 3 meals. 1st night -Posados, (my fave queso), 2nd day lunch - Yucatan Taco Stand (the tequila chicken nachos were AMAZING) and after graduation dinner - Papacitos. This will be my last trip to Ft Worth, as dd and dsil are moving here for 3 to 4 years. So, dd drove back to CA with me, she starts her new job in HR on Friday. Sooo....we got to drive 3 days with ...their 2 dogs and 2 cats. oh! what an adventure!
At night in the hotel room, it was Bailey (the doxie mix)...she would bark and woof at the different sounds. So, we did not get much sleep. Have a funny story about dd sleeping with pillows piled on her head, startling when Bailey began woofing, knocking over the Mt Dew on the nightstand...yeah, f u n. We did leave the maid a small tip with a note that it was Mt. Dew on the towels. teehee
The days, in the car, it was Colby the cat...he yowels for a good 3 or 4 hours, even WITH drugs.(we did not use the drugs on the last day, and it was a li'l better, he seemed less frantic) But by the afternoon he would tire out, then nap, then wake up an yowel a little, then go back to sleep. aye yi yi. Glad to be home, and get everyone settled. So the pet count is now, 2 inside dogs, 3 outside dogs, 4 inside cats. Include 1 horse and 6 cows...and you have the MJM abode.

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